Ozil on Bayern radar | The Welsh mystery | Swansea appointment takedown

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Arsenal vs Bayern

Arsenal vs Bayern

… so yeah, when you’re a blogger you can just grab their…


Good morning everyone! How are we doing today? I’m exceptional. Some casual beers last night after gym session #5 this week. It’s been good. I am in fine fettle.

I’m trying to long out the opening because there’s not really that much to talk about today. Mesut Ozil landed an assist against the Czech Republic making him the assist king of Germany. That led The Express to write an article about Bayern making a move for him in the summer. I mean honestly, has The Express had a decent lead on anything in the last 10 years? Complete waste of time as a newspaper. Last time I opened one of their papers, they had hailed some sports journo I’d never heard of as ‘THE VOICE OF SPORT’… imagine seeing that as a normal human being and not asking the paper to yank it?

Anyway, I’d imagine Ozil will stay with us. Apparently he loves London, he’s done the Madrid thing and do Bayern really need him? I’d be very interested to see what a Klopp or a Pep could do with him. I know he runs a lot, but sometimes his game lacks consistent intensity. It’s sacrosanct to call him out on it, but he really did go missing last season when we needed him. Maybe it’ll be different this year… I mean, who thought you could teach Theo strategic pressing and good defending?

Anything is possible…

Aaron Ramsey has taken up clay pigeon shooting… yep. For real.

There’s a really interesting article on the NYT from Rory Smith about Swansea’s appointment of Bob Bradley. It’s like football finally grew up. They ran a proper interview process that put reputation and glamour to the side. It’s that sort of approach that moves the old boys network out of the game. It’s that sort of approach that likely hasn’t existed over the year in the Premier League. Jobs for the boys, back handers under the table and dodgy dealings happening in backrooms. Good for Swansea. Would love to know how Arsenal run their interviews when the times comes.

Robbie Savage had something pretty embarrassing to say about Giggs not landing the job, so rather than read that, take a look at this beautiful takedown of his words. Clinical.

Marca asks the question we’ve all been pondering… why do Wales have weird team pictures?



Finally, big thanks to those in the comments yesterday. Much more fun!


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  1. Graham

    Arsenal has a wonderful brand of football and has done it until now without big spending. Arsene has been brilliant for the club and Mark of the South should not ever be taken seriously.

  2. Hitman

    Paint dry…like… watching…
    Just got to hate international break.

    Looks like the establishment pulling out all the black ops to get Hillary elected.
    Trump may be a misogynist but at least he isn’t he’ll bent on starting WW3.

  3. Duzie

    Mark of the South,

    What a great run. Keep trying.

    The break is boring, as usual.

    Trump is distracted at the moment

  4. Chi Tom

    Unless Putin makes fun of his tiny hands and then it’s on.

    Just out of curiosity, what cabinet positions do you think Guliani and Christie might be getting if Trump wins. Those two are even bigger Hawks than Hilary.
    Not to mention Gingrich .

  5. Pedro

    Hitman, reckon there’s more chance of war under Trump.

    Also not sure it’s the establishment pulling the strings here… apparently the shit he said on The Apprentice was even worse… this is Andy Gray and Richard Keys.

    What a race… unreal.

  6. Joe

    TomShould a club not Arsenal not be prepared for wenger’s successor. Should they not have a list of top candidates.Should they be scouting managers already ?What if wenger falls ill tomorrow or next April and can’t manage anymore?? A club a stature of Arsenal should always be prepared. Wenger should have stepped aside for klopp or pep. Our loss. And he should step aside for Diego or tuchel who Arsenal should already be sounding out

  7. China

    Quite curious as to what the ozil lovers will say if he doesn’t sort out his assists this season (he probably will)

    Creating goals was the one number his fans point to which supposedly overrides every big criticism of the guy, so if he isn’t assist king anymore is he still their darling?

    Realistically we all know the score. So long as he isn’t actively passing to the opposition and is willing to drop his shoulder and beat his man once or twice a game then he is immune from criticism

  8. Brooklyn,

    All those things you mentioned are his on the ball game…50% of his game is off the ball moment and that is always on point….on top of that few silky passes, drop of shoulder and assists should mean he is pretty much immune to criticism from me at least unless he fluffs good goal scoring chance or fluffs good pass which could have been goal….that is seeing over all quality of Arsenal of course…

  9. Brooklyn,

    It is not assist for me though….it is his quality of linking or facilitating offensive transition which is among best in the world…so I said yesterday even without single goal or assist he easily is top 3 player in our squad….

  10. Mark S

    We have 7 matches in all competitions before the next International break in a month. Seriously…this just blows. The good thing is the next break is until February after the one in November. The new FIFA President wants to expand the World Cup to 48 games. Let’s just continue to water down the product. It’s been hard to get a grasp of the season so far since there already has been one month of it missed by International Football. The other thing that is sad is that Aaron Ramsey hasn’t featured since the opening weekend.

  11. tom

    Not sure its your fault, Ozy.

    Appreciate the sentiment though.

    I think Trump finished himself tonight anyway.

    What a shit show.

  12. Rhys Jaggar

    I’m sorry Mr Wood, but Bob Bradley has no credentials to manage in the EPL. None. You are working in the US so you are kissing Americans’ asses. Americans would net hire a foreigner with no track record in the NFL, the NBA or the NHL. NEver. But we have to hie an unqualified Yank because Americans are buying the EPL.

    Bob Bradley managed the US National team Big deal. 12 to 15 matches a year with short get togethers. In the EPL he does one or two matches a week. No comparison. He has managed in Norway. BIg deal. That gets you a job in League 1. He managed in Ligue 2. THat gets you a job in the Championship if you are lucky.

    Let us see what all the foreign coaches had done on arrival.

    1. PEp – titles in Spain and Germany, UCL champions in Spain.
    2. Klopp – Germans titles and cups without the biggest budget. UCL finalist.
    3. Mourinho – seven trophies in England, trebles in Italy and Portugal, La Ligament in Spain.
    4. Wenger – French titles and a European final.
    5. Koeman – trophies in Holland.
    6. Benitez – two La Ligament titles with Valencia.
    7. Poccehitino – La Ligament experience with Espanyol, leading from relegation worries to mid table.
    8. Claude Puel – Ligue 1 champion with. MOnaco.
    9. Claudio Ranieri – La Liga and Champions League experience with Valencia.

    Etc etc.

    Every one of them had major top flight experience and most had either won trophies or come very close.

    Bob Bradley has none of that.

    Both you and Rory Smith have made career decisions to give blowjobs to the USA. Your choices. But your reputations for truth and discernment are gone.

    This is not a matter of old boys clubs, it is a matter of good British coaches not being given chances. Nowadays, even if they bring a team up, they must half expect the sack to bring in the foreigner.

    Bob Bradley may succeed. Time will tell, but no UK manager with his lack of experience would even get a chance.

    That is what is wrong.

    Bob Bradley should have managed in The Championship to earn the right to an EPL tilt. BEcause he is American he has avoided that. I hope he is extremely grateful for his passport…..

  13. Wallace


    “Creating goals was the one number his fans point to which supposedly overrides every big criticism of the guy, so if he isn’t assist king anymore is he still their darling?”

    huh? that’s like saying of Aguero ‘if he’s not scoring all those goals he barely contributes’. Ozil’s main job is to create the opportunities and provide the final pass, and at that he’s as good as anyone. certainly the best in the PL.

    “Realistically we all know the score. So long as he isn’t actively passing to the opposition and is willing to drop his shoulder and beat his man once or twice a game then he is immune from criticism.”

    you make him sound like he’s a German Joey Barton. he’s been one of the most highly regarded talents in the world for almost a decade now. crazy how so many on here turn on him so easily.

  14. Wallace


    “I’d like to apologize to the entire world on behalf of America should Trump win.”

    first brexit, now Trump…2016’s really plumbed the depths. politicians jumping up on stage and just talking bullshit and watching their numbers soar… scary times.

  15. gonsterous

    Anyone know if we have a buy back clause on gnarby ?? The lad is scoring goals for fun at the moment. Could be better than ox..

  16. Steveyg87

    So apparently we couldnt afford Mahrez? How???

    Reading shit like this gets to me.. While PSG are pursuing players like Neymar, we cant even afford Riyad fucking Mahrez

  17. Leedsgunner


    Theo on video freely admitting that he has given some club secrets away in training… to England colleagues… for the sake of creating a “club like” atmosphere for England.

    Honestly who seriously cares about England? Especially at the expense of Arsenal?

    He might be in good footballing form at the moment but his intelligence hasn’t improved. In any other line of work, this would be a disciplinary matter at the very least.

    It’s one thing to try to build rapport with people but you don’t give it away club secrets?!?! Isn’t this common sense? How old is he? A 16 year trying to impress the popular kids?

    I really hope his indiscretion doesn’t cost us during the season.

    He’s supposed to be a “seasoned” pro. Lol.

    What a lemon.

  18. Wallace

    lots of mid-table sides around Europe knocking back huge bids for their best players in the summer. clubs, in England especially, just don’t need the money anymore. they’d rather keep the player.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    At the moment there is not a lot to criticise about Arsenal’s team performances since the first two games of season when it was quite clear that we were ill
    prepared in teams selected, levels of fitness and of course conclusion of transfer business which should have been concluded before start of season.

    It is also true that the team did not play particularly well against Burnley, because some of the players looked rather tired and lethargic.

    However, we should be able to cope with the next four fixtures in schedule and
    I would suggest that there should be a degree of rotation. For a start I would
    start playing Giroud and Lucas in these games. Sanchez should be rested on
    Saturday, because he will not have enough time to recover from the Columbia
    game early on Wednesday morning and subsequent flight. At best he should
    sit on bench.

    The fact is that only two players in first team squad are currently still injured
    and unfit to play. Those are Mertesacker and Welbeck. The rest subject to tom morrow’s international games are all fit to play.

  20. Sam

    Mahrez would have been a waste of money
    probably end up like Debuchy, getting benched by Academy player.
    Iwobi on the rise, Jeff n Chris Willock trying hard to impress the boss for their first senior game.

    If you really follow Arsenal you’ll know the Mahrez story was exaggerated.
    Mahrez wouldn’t bench Iwobi for sure. Jeff n Chris look like No STUPID LOAN for them. they’ll follow Iwobi straight to the first team.

  21. Leedsgunner


    It’s extremely bad enough, that you do it in the first place, but then to openly admit it in a press conference? What’s he expecting people to say… well done Theo?

    Frankly someone from Arsenal needs to have a chat with him about professionalism. You wouldn’t be allowed to get away with such indiscretions at any other multimillion pound company.

    Whose his first loyalty to? England or to the Arsenal?

    Not the brightest.

  22. HillWood

    80 000 at Wembley. Against Malta. Biggest attendance in Europe.
    All after a shite Euro campaign
    TV audience of millions

  23. Red&White4life

    That’s more than 3 words.

    “Stop making sh!t up”

  24. Leedsgunner

    Just a friendly poll…

    If you had a chance to see just one of the following sporting event happening — (and it wouldn’t occur again in your lifetime) what would you choose?

    1. Arsenal winning the Champion’s League


    2. England men winning the World Cup.

  25. Sam

    I like the way Wenger is slowly but surely building our own Gunnacticos.
    its like synchronisation, one signing a window plus one academy player a season.
    it started with Ozil, then Sanchez, Cech, Elneny then this summer is Xhaka plus Mustafi as bonus.
    from the academy we got Coquelin, then Bellerin, Iwobi n this season we have Jeff, Chirs n Chuba as bonus.

    is Arsene Wenger an architect?

    it looks like it

  26. Leedsgunner


    “Lol Mahrez joining Vardy in having more interviews about Arsenal than good games this season.”

    Hmmmm, why could that be? Maybe the penny has dropped that turning down Arsenal wasn’t such an bright idea.

    Reading between the lines, it’s regret speaking I think.

    One good season in the EPL and Vardy and Mahrez bought into their own hype… rather than thinking clearly and moving for one of the best clubs in England.

    No matter, it’s not like we’re missing them anyways. The mere fact that they turned down the chance to work with stars like Sanchez, Özil, Kos and Cech tells you all you need to know about their ambition.

  27. Sam


    Julian Draxler to come in the summer
    Academy will supply us Donyell Malen with maybe Zelalem as bonus


  28. Leedsgunner

    We have more cash reserves than any other club on the planet… and Mahrez expects us to believe we couldn’t afford him? It looks like his ego has grown bigger and faster than his bank balance.

    No, Mr. Mahrez, it’s not that we couldn’t afford you… it’s that you’re not worth what you think you are.

    Give me a break. Who is this guy trying to convince? Himself maybe? 🙂

  29. Romford Ozil Pele

    Leeds, wasn’t too fussed about Vardy mate but Mahrez I really wanted as he would’ve helped build the quality of our football. That said, his loss has been Iwobi’s gain. Lad got his first international goal yesterday and is growing by the game. Still only 20. Seems a grounded lad as well, has good people around him so it bodes well for the future. Would love Iheanacho here too, shame he’s at City though.

    Back to Mahrez, it’ll be interesting to see how he fares this season. He’s locked into a long term deal so anyone wanting him is probably gonna have to pay £50m which I don’t think many will so we’ll see.

  30. Leedsgunner

    Happy Birthday to my all time favourite Arsenal Captain — one Tony Adams 🙂 (Back when the Captaincy actually meant something)

  31. Wallace


    “1. Arsenal winning the Champion’s League
    2. England men winning the World Cup.”

    Arsenal all the way. I might watch England in a World Cup final, but even then it wouldn’t be guaranteed. haven’t really cared about int’l football since i was about 7yrs old.

  32. Wallace


    if Iwobi continues to develop would you still want us to buy Draxler in the summer? assuming he’d be coming in to fight for that spot in the team…

  33. Romford Ozil Pele

    Wallace, 100% man. Love Iwobi but the fact he’s become so crucial so quickly is also quite worrying. Young players are bound to have dips in form so I hope people don’t jump on Iwobi when this inevitably happens. I think we could easily accommodate him and Draxler in the same team as well. People are loving the way we are playing right now but we don’t actually have enough players to keep that style going so for me that makes Draxler (or another of that ilk) a necessity. Draxler is versatile and can play in a range of positions too.

  34. Leedsgunner


    “Would love Iheanacho here too, shame he’s at City though.”

    Are you Bamford
    Are you Bamford
    Are you Bamford in disguise…
    Are you Bamford in disguise?


    Agreed though… the boy is a special talent… and the Super Eagles will have a deadly duo in him and Iwobi for years to come if they keep working hard and hungry. Shame we didn’t picking up after the 2013 U17 World Cup… he owned that tournament.

    No doubt Wenger tried to sign him 🙂

  35. Emiratesstroller


    I think that England’s current team is amongst the poorest I have seen for a very long time. There is not a single “world class” player in the squad and quite a few who would sit on the bench at most major clubs including Arsenal.

    Beating Slovakia 1-0 and Malta 2-0 and losing to Iceland in summer says it all.

    The only player who played on Saturday that would be of potential interest to Arsenal is Ali who looks like a decent player.

  36. Romford Ozil Pele

    Leeds, yeah we did try and sign him though the move was blocked on their side at the time. Shame. Like Bamford, I really rate Ihenacho highly. Proper striker as well. This Alexis experiment is working but only really because he has Theo next to him to create and open up space. We’re essentially playing the style we had in 2010/11 which is like a 4-2-2-2 with two creators and a wide striker attacking like another striker (Theo next to Alexis).

  37. Dream10


    Agree with the concern that Iwobi becoming integral so quickly. On the other flank, you have Walcott, who will inevitably go through a prolonged spell of drop in form/injury. We have Chamberlain as a back up for both, and he’s in patchy form as well. Decent results so far, but a delicate balance.

  38. Wallace


    “People are loving the way we are playing right now but we don’t actually have enough players to keep that style going so for me that makes Draxler (or another of that ilk) a necessity.”

    yeah, I see what you mean. if Alexis continues to grow into the role up top with (hopefully)Welbeck & Lucas providing the depth, it really leaves us with just Iwobi & Walcott Mk II for the wide roles. I’m a huge fan of Reine-Adelaide, but my feeling is Wenger sees him in a central role, so a new wide player would be the obvious addition.

  39. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream, yeah it’s well documented I’m not a Theo fan but credit to him he’s started the season well. And with Alexis up top he’s needed as a runner in behind. Let’s see if he can keep this up though. Iwobi is definitely a talent. Very much in the Nasri/Hleb role and is performing as a connector/helping to accelerate play. We could do with another like that tbh to ensure the football doesn’t fall off if Iwobi gets injured.

  40. Leedsgunner

    I agree with Romford. Re Draxler and Iwobi….

    Draxler would be a quality signing… I suspect if Draxler comes Wenger would work hard at transforming him into another RvP… and not play him on the left.

    I really really hope the days of Wenger refusing to sign WC players because it will stunt the growth of homegrown stars is truly over. The truth is, as Romford has already said, youngster progress faster with WC stars around them to learn from and compete with.

    In this Wilshere and Oxlade have badly missed out from learning from world class stars to learn from… because they were told too soon and too young that they were the entire package… when in fact they were in reality just pieces of flat pack furniture which needed to be assembled.

    If Draxler come though I fear it would mean Sanchez would be out though.

    A great player… love his fight. A 21st century Rocastle in the way he harries people.

  41. Romford Ozil Pele

    Wallace, can’t lie I’m not as big on Jeff as others are. Kind of the same reason I don’t like Zelalem. If we’re talking Arsenal youngsters who play in similar positions, I’m more keen on Crowley, Willock and Nelson.

    All our CMs/DMs are under 25 bar Santi so I don’t see anyone breaking in there anytime soon.

  42. Romford Ozil Pele

    Leeds, would prefer Draxler stay as a creative option rather than try turn him into a striker hybrid. We have strikers like Welbeck and Perez who suit our style. While neither are elite they could both score a suitable amount providing we are creative and fluid enough, hence my championing of a Draxler type

  43. Leedsgunner

    Leeds, would prefer Draxler stay as a creative option rather than try turn him into a striker hybrid.

    Agreed. I’m not saying I would want Draxler as a striker but voicing what I think Wenger would do. 🙂

  44. Uwot?

    Sam,love it!GUNNACTICO.perfect for whenever we want to screw barca/Madrid for an extra £20 or 30 million over and above..but he’s a GUNNACTCO you have to pay the asking price.p.s don’t tell wenger!

  45. gonsterous

    I dont think drax can play as a striker.. regarding mahrez, was never convinced he could step up for us. Nor was vardy. We are better off without them. If I wanted anyone from the Leicester team it would have to be renieri ( or how his name is spelt )

  46. Romford Ozil Pele

    I think Leicester were always gonna find this season more difficult. They’ll still finish around mid table though which isn’t bad. Mahrez is still young enough to get a top move but that’s it for Vardy now.

  47. Wallace

    Spurs aside, interesting that the teams looking most impressive thus far this season are prefering mobility over size in the attacking third. used to hate our being so small during the project youth years, but now seems like most sides are embracing technique over brawn.

  48. GoonerDave

    The news today is full of Forest Trump and Henry Clinton.
    As if it makes a blind bit of difference who is elected. President of USA doesn’t even have much security clearance and will be refused access to most of the military and other files. This has happened throughout history. He is there to do the bidding of those who sponsored him – little tax laws, maybe even healthcare. Never anything as big as their promises.
    USA is run by unelected people, mostly tucked away in CIA and military. Some very, very simple arithmetic proves that USA will go into almost immediate financial collapse without the war industry.
    In a real democracy, the will of the people would happen.

  49. Romford Ozil Pele

    Wallace, like everything in life, for me it’s about balance. I have no problem with smaller players but they have to me mobile. When you have small players who are static you’re always gonna struggle. The balance needs to be right. You’ll come up against a myriad of challenges so need to be equipped with the right sort of skills. I like the fact that Iwobi is big though and has such a good first touch. Xhaka has size and presence too so all this helps to balance out the smaller, weaker types.

  50. Wallace


    yeah, I do like the bonus of Iwobi & Xhaka giving us some size further up the field. my only concern re Mustafi was w/r/t his height as Koscielny is also small-ish for a CB, but they’re both such good headers of the ball that I don’t think we’re missing Mertesacker’s height at all. although if Giroud only plays a bit part this year I think his aerial ability in both boxes will be missed.

  51. Romford Ozil Pele

    Wallace, L’Oreal still has his uses for certain games. He would’ve been a great option to bring on at Burnley but for the most part he’d be a bench player as it’s quite obvious we suit a faster style

  52. S.Asoa

    Being a Specialist in Failure.
    Wenger tried to see every great player we never got
    That’s successful failure

    Wenger Out

  53. Bamford10


    “one signing a window”

    Except that he signed three players this window — Xhaka, Mustafi, Lucas — which is the reason there is optimism around the club.

    One signing a window was never going to get us there & will never get us there.

  54. Bamford10

    A number of relevant questions, for me, at the moment are:
    1. What is our best CM pairing? (long-standing argument here)
    2. Is the current XI good enough to compete for the PL?
    3. Is the current XI good enough to compete for the CL?
    4. Where can the XI be improved?
    5. Would we be better with Alexis wide and a different mobile CF through the center? If so, is Lucas good enough to play this role, i.e., start?

  55. Sam

    May be we could have signed Mahrez for our bench

    again, Jeff can sit on the bench with no transfer fee involved.
    I know drums were beaten all summer here that Mahrez is better than all our frontmen (proper bollocks).
    They ignored Iwobi hoping Mahrez will come in n starts ahead of him (more bollocks).
    Mahrez transfer was a non story all summer, Iwobi is much better player n a free transfer from Arsenal academy

  56. Bamford10


    “Iwobi is a much better player than Mahrez”

    Really? Is he? Well that’s great news, then, because Mahrez had 17 goals, 11 assists and 10 MOTM performances in the PL last season.

    He was also voted PFA Player of the Season.

    I look forward to Iwobi duplicating or bettering this. That would definitely help us.

  57. gonsterous

    If we wanted anyone for a bench player, we would have kept gnarby, would cost less than half the cost of keeping mahrez In the team !!

  58. Sam

    # One signing a window was never going to get us there & will never get us there#

    We need 3 new signings
    If Chamberlain n Lucas still wobbling, Giroud and Sanogo should be written off n driven out of the club.
    Welbeck might need to be loaned like Wilshere or keep him benched till summer.
    We still have too many players with IF on their heads

  59. Bamford10

    I also look forward to Iwobi having a season of highlights like the below. I like Iwobi, but he’s nowhere near this level, guy.

  60. STV

    Wenger addressed the the need for a defensive midfielder and a Central defender this helping to sort out the need of Arteta and Mertesacker. We needed a striker to start ahead of Giroud. Working ok atm because of Iwobis current form, allowing Sanchez to play there.

    It’s not rocket science how the squad looked better although Wenger lacks the cutting edge to help them get over the line unfortunately. The players have to perform harder despite the negative influence of the manager.

    He’s been proven a totally shit manager over last 10 years so whatever the positives with the squad maybe, Wenger isn’t one of them.

  61. Bamford10


    That’s probably right. The improvement we need is at CF, which would allow Alexis to play off of said CF and to roam. Imagine an Aubameyang through the center, with Walcott and Alexis playing off of him.

  62. STV

    Bamford we might end up not regretting Mahrez but we might end up with Perez signing.

    Mahrez was great last season but there were much better and proven options available some of them which in theory we could still purchase. Rodriguez, for instance still the great player, he looks to have added bit physical play this season. I’d still love to get him.

  63. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bamford, let’s have a go at answering your questions:

    1) Still Xhaka-Elneny for me for security reasons even if it is a bit unspectacular.
    2) Yes but not favourites. Liverpool having no Europe is a real benefit to them.
    3) On a good day we could give anyone a game but short answer is no. There’s 4/5 teams better IMO.
    4) Would feel uber confident with an Aguero, so 100% a top class striker.
    5) This was my initial hope. There’s so long to go in the season so we’ll see how Lucas integrates. For now though it’s not worth upsetting a winning set-up

  64. STV

    Bamford true. Almost every title winning sides have a top striker who scores 20+. Who’d turn up when the team needs them. Not sure Sanchez can work like that, but yeah, imagine Aubemeyang thru middle!!

    You just can’t win titles without a goal scoring CF unless you’ve a Messi or Ronaldo scoring goals left right and centre.

  65. Sam

    Ha ha ha ha

    I can also cut some images to make video of Iwobi
    Mahrez plays for small club, let him stay where he is
    we’ve dodged bullets in the past with his kinds like Fellaini, Schneiderlin etc… After moving to big club they wobble

  66. Sam

    # Almost every title winning sides have a top striker who scores 20+.#

    mystery man Lucas Perez will start his season this weekend
    He’ll make us forget about striker for few seasons

    pray for our Lucas

  67. Ozy

    “Giroud and Sanogo should be written off n driven out of the club.”

    Giroud written off and driven out of the club? Seems harsh. The man has performed very well given his price tag. He is a very capable back up.

  68. Sam

    I was just about to say Lucas Perez should also retire from international football o help Arsenal

    Wenger sure knows where to find them

  69. Carts

    “Vardy was the real dodged bullet. Garbage player just had a season of his life. Remember lot of people wanting to sign him !!”

    Credit to Vardy, he knew his level hence why he stayed.

    His hot streak was always going to send people wild, especially the media. Hence the alleged film coming out about his rise from non-league to the prem.

  70. WengerEagle

    We’d get flattened over two legs by any of Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. Don’t think some people fully appreciate just how much higher a level these clubs play at, Barca strolled past us without getting out of 2nd gear last season.

    As far as the BPL goes I don’t think that we’ll win it.

    Could we compete for it?

    Yeah, why not.

  71. Carts

    “Not quite sure Vardy was a flash in the pan… he’d have done well at Arsenal.”

    You honestly believe that, Pedro?

    Vardy had the rub of the green for 80% of the season. Everything was simply clicking.

    Tbh, he and Perez are pretty much a clone of one another. And look how Wenger has used Perez till now..

  72. WengerEagle

    I think Vardy is a very good striker tbh, Carts is absolutely right that he got the run of the green last season though. Don’t expect him to replicate 24 league goals in a hurry but he’s well capable of 15 per season I reckon, he’s been a little bit unlucky this season so far with half chances.

  73. Pedro

    Carts, sure, it went well last season for him… but a fast marauding fox in the box would have worked in our system.

    Don’t get me wrong, happy we didn’t land him, too old to my mind… but think he’d have banged in 20 for us.

    Also think Perez will be used more in the next batch of games when Sanchez gets injured because Wenger over plays him.

  74. Ozy

    Happy we didn’t land him despite thinking he’d score 20 for us? How old was Van Persie when he won Man United the league, again?

  75. Red&White4life

    “Also think Perez will be used more in the next batch of games when Sanchez gets injured because Wenger over plays him.”

    The good old “Arsenal logic” lol

  76. Carts

    Ha! You can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll ose Sanchez to a non-impact injury.

    Agree with Eagle, I can’t see him getting 25 goals this season. I think Leicester we’re simply catching teams cold forthe majority of the time.

    Looking at their games thus far tells you all you need to know about how teams have gone about their business against them.

    Incidentally, this has rendered Vardy almost ineffective.
    Mind you, I’m surprised they haven;t used Musa more.

  77. Carts

    “Was quite peeved Wenger didn’t use Perez against Basel tbh.”

    Same. You’d have thought a game like that would’ve been almost ideal.

    I find that when certain things like that don’t happen, it’s an indication of Wenger’s lack of trust in said player.

  78. Romford Ozil Pele

    Carts, yeah sometimes his logic is really baffling. At 2-0 and cruising it was a perfect time to bring on Perez and hopefully he could’ve scored again. Who knows really. We have a batch of games coming up now so rotation will definitely be important.

  79. Carts


    Agreed; and also, what does that do to a player’s confidence?

    I mean, has he even featured since his debut?

    Very odd, but maybe Wenger wanted to rest him then, and throughout the intl break, to make sure he’s fresh for the next tranche of games -____-

  80. Romford Ozil Pele

    Carts, he played the league cup game but then was on the bench since. Gonna need him confident for when he is called upon. He and Coq were both injured for the Burnley game but are back now.

  81. Carts


    Ah, ok. Completely forgot about that game against Notts Forrest.

    Let’s see how it goes in the coming weeks.

    From an injury perspective, we’re doing ok. Only Ramsey and Giroud, from the first team, are injured.

  82. STV

    Vardy could score 15 a season as a first choice maybe but so could Giroud but he lacks some of the attributes Giroud brings. He lacks movement across the front and is more suited to counter. He wouldn’t link very well with our players. Plus he looks like reverting back to the type this season. Something which is not unexpected given his age and previous career. We’re lucky not to have him if u ask me.

    Agree with Carts. Perez had Vardy written all over him but he’s younger and faster and doesn’t have any hype which is good because we know what to expect from him. But he needs to get his chances to prove his worth.

    Sanchez would be absolutely battered you could tell after matches against Peru and Brazil. He might be fit but his performances could drop. That’s a worry Wenger needs to rest him.

  83. WengerEagle

    And Chile are doing pretty shite lately in the qualifiers, think that they sit in 6th place atm a few points off the qualifying spots behind Brazil who look amazing lately, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Ecuador who just smashed them 3-0 last week.

    The next couple of matches will be no joke, expect Sanchez to run himself into the ground as they desperately need to win.

  84. kc

    I hate Trump like the rest, but Hillary is the Establishments choice. Even one of the Koch Bros is supporting her. In case you don’t know, those are Republican sponsors. Have you even watched an episode of SNL lately? The whole show is one big commercial for Hillary. The good choice for President was Bernie, but the establishment backed Hillary because she’s big Pharma. The truth is their is no good vote to make here. I expect voter apathy to set new records.

  85. London gunner

    “It is not assist for me though….it is his quality of linking or facilitating offensive transition ”

    Translated as this means fuck all

  86. London gunner

    draxler 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 15 appearances……

    Not blowing me away tbh. Think the lad has abilities but is way way way overhyped over here. Much prefer Sanchez.