Wenger won’t sing for a contract | Ozil & Sanchez holding Arsenal to ransom

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Back in the game people. Had a bit of bad news yesterday. Nothing shakes you quite like a beautiful person being cut down in their prime. Live in the now, because the future hanging around the corner might be an unpleasant piece of work.

Onto the Arsenal.

Ozil and Sanchez have still not signed new deals with the club. The Times are reporting that we want to give them £180k per week, by they actually want a bit more… to the tune of an additional £70k.

£250k per week is scary numbers. Like, big club dollar. But then you look at our revenue, the fact other clubs have been rocking £200k+ for a while, and realise this is what you have to pay for top talent these days. I still think our squad is overpaid when you look at the lack of mega names. But hey, they might not be hugely marketable, but they finished 2nd last year, so they earn their keep without the context of the shit show the league was last year.

Ozil and Sanchez are about to give their best years to us. Pay them what they want and be done with it.


If Theo comes into the boardroom and demands the same, take his Playstation 4 away from him and slap his wrists in a way that won’t bruise and alert social services. He’ll soon learn.

… and that’s the thing. If I go to my boss and demand $500k a year, he’ll laugh at me and send me packing. This weird notion we have that you can’t tell a player they can’t have a rise that no one else in the world would pay them is amazing.

Top players earn top dollars. Players that sell shirts, sponsorship deals and tickets get the best cash. Arsenal know this and I’ve no doubt there’s absolutely no way we’ll let our two best players leave because we won’t pay them the cash.

Wenger went all xeno-faaacking-phobic on us with his declaration that he would not sing the English national anthem if he were our coach.

“If you think that tomorrow you’re coach of France and you play against England and the national anthem is played of England, you cannot sing it, and you cannot sing the anthem as well of the team you’re leading…it looks to me a bit strange, you know? I like what is logical. I think it’s better [to have an Englishman in charge].”

You fu*king what son? Did you see the Brexit? You want to come over here, drink our sparkling Vimto? Use our public transport? And you won’t even take over our national team and save us from Gareth Southgate?

Please. This is too much.

Anyway, I think that’s Wenger politely saying, do one on the England job. You know what he has his eye on… that notorious upstairs job. That’s where he wants to be. Same money, lording it over an Eddie Howe sort. You know the deal.

Interestingly, Tomas Tuchel, who is one of the best young coaches in the world right now, has been having problems with the board at Dortmund. He’s apparently a bit of a hot head, as all the best are and he’s taken issue with Zorc’s lead scout.

Tuchel fell out with Sven Mislintat earlier this year over the failed signing of Atletico Madrid midfielder Oliver Torres and the two men have endured a difficult professional relationship.

Nevertheless, despite interest from Bundesliga rivals Hamburger SV and second division neigbours Fortuna Düsseldorf, kicker report that Dortmund are determined to retain Mislintat’s services and are even set to offer him a promotion.

Mislintat has been Borussia Dortmund’s chief scout since 2009. His department is credited with successfully negotiating the transfers of Shinji Kagawa, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang,Raphael Guerreiro and Ousmane Dembele, making the 43-year-old one of the most respected scouts in professional football.

Now, clearly Dortmund don’t want to let either go… but if they were to, I’d hope Arsenal would have a conversation. Not that our scouting team hasn’t done what looks like a good job this summer… but Dortmund have done a wildly excellent job. I’m a massive fanboy, obviously… really hope if Wenger leaves we look to Germany for our next coach. Roger Schmidt did an excellent job nullifying Dortmund the other week. I’m not saying hire him, more that the German league is a bit of a hot spot for coaching talent.

So far on the #InternationalInjurySweepstake, the only scare we’ve had is Bellerin… BUT, he’s actually ok. So far, so good…

Right, that’s me done. A word to the comments section. It’s been getting out of hand recently. It’s supposed to be a place for decent conversation. Not a place for slagging, trolling and being unpleasant. I’m back on it over the next few weeks, and if you can’t play ball, you can’t play.


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  1. Wallace


    “I agree with you re Iwobi. He’s got something about him.”

    yeah, waiting for him to hit a wall, but he keeps surprising me. an important player in the first eleven these days.

    if Rooney’s been on 300k+ for the last 2/3yrs we can definitely pay Ozil & Alexis 250k.

  2. tom

    I’ve mentioned before that Iwobi reminds me of David Rocastle both in his physical style and character.

    The more I see, the more I feel this comparison has weight.

    I think anyone who remembers Rocky can see an echo in this boy.

    Of course, AI has far to go but there’s enormous potential.

    He’s a terrific young player and Arsenal to the bone.

    Very excited to watch his progress.

    Let’s forget about Draxler for a while.

  3. Wallace

    everybody read swiss ramble’s latest Arsenal post last week? the most bonkers bit of information was that Utd can afford to outspend any of their nearest rivals by 100m EVERY summer. 4yrs of ropey football and results and they’re still miles and miles ahead of everyone else when it comes to the financials.

  4. tom

    Also, Iwobi looks very strong and physically developed.

    I reckon there is a lot of football in him and he’ll be hard to dislodge from this team.

    Extra pride that he’s from the Academy.

  5. STV

    Pay 200k for Ozil n Sanchez because they’re worth if. Pay 20k for Walcott and Ramsey. Pay 2k for Chamberlain, for the sake of paying.

  6. Redtruth

    Sad how Wenger’s cheerleaders hijack this blog and then call into question someones loyalty for not joining them in their over the top celebrations…….

  7. STV

    “Crazy how rich United are”

    They have bigger sponsorships and greater following. Kit deal worth 75m pa while Arsenal have 30m for instance.

  8. tom

    United are bigger than AFC for a number of reasons but they are all rooted in history.

    From Munich through Best, Charleton and Law.

    Old Trafford.


    Not sure if Ems move lessened the gap or not.

    Am sure we are in decent shape, relatively.

  9. grooveydaddy

    They’ve (United) have got this Asian market sewn up. Literally hundreds if not thousands of commercial partners.

    You see their name on everything – crisp packets, energy drinks, etc… even on bags of peanuts!

  10. tunnygriffboy

    Shockingly bad performance from my boys tonight. To much for Bale to do on his own

    The workman like nature of our side was exposed tonight. We were lucky to get a point. Technically they were far superior to our tryers. A couple of workhorses is ok but a midfield of them won’t win games against any half decent side and Georgia have had handed out a few upsets recently.

    Bad enough we’re without Ramsey ( still not back in full training ) but we then lose Joe Allen as well after Austria.

    Anyway this is a group where everyone can take points off everyone. Hopefully Ramsey and Allen will be back next month giving us half a fighting chance.

  11. tom

    People realize we were obliged to enter into long term deals as part of the Emirates loan.

    The timing proved unfortunate and it set us back on the commercial front.

    I believe that today we have moved on and made better deals but admit we still lag.

    Winning more prizes would help but Arsenal still enjoy a very strong brand.

  12. STV

    Tom, History is important but not much for money. More success leads to more sponsorships and more revenues.

    I think we’re in a perfect position to rival United. FFP is a reality and it’s closer to level playing field be us more than ever.

    But we need to start winning trophies.

  13. tom

    If we measure the end of austerity at five years ago, you see a steady progression.

    Two cups, incrementally improved finishes, high calibre signings and now, what is generally accepted as the strongest squad since the Invincibles.

    No doubt we are finding our feet again.

  14. tom

    I think whether Wenger signs an extension will depend on the situation of his successor.

    If the right person is ready , identified and available then maybe AW steps aside.

    If not, he’ll continue.

  15. STV

    “If the right person is ready , identified and available then maybe AW steps aside.If not,

    he’ll continue.”

    Tom,Unfortunately tgat sums up the difference in attitude be Arsenal and the top clubs. Were not ambitious and it stems from the Manager and the culture he instilled at Arsenal. We need to change that. starting was with the next season I hope..

  16. Redtruth

    Weaker Premier league may have something to do with Arsenal’s so called improvement…

    Champions league says Arsenal as a team have not improved one jot these last 5 years….

  17. tom

    ,Unfortunately tgat sums up the difference in attitude be Arsenal and the top clubs.

    What’s unfortunate about being organized and prepared?

    You think AW should step down without having his successor sorted out?

    That’s a crisis move.

    This is no crisis, however you spin it…..

  18. bacaryisgod

    It would be quite funny to hear Ivan tell Arsene that the club can only offer one year contracts to managers over 65 as there is clear evidence that managers tend to perform better at a younger age.

    I wonder how he would handle that?

  19. bacaryisgod


    Being serious for a second, there’s another word for ‘weaker’ and it’s called parity. It’s why they have a salary cap in U.S sports. Parity is other Premier League teams having the finances to afford to take chances on players like Mahrez and Payet when the big clubs prefer more sure things. Because of the TV deal, nearly all Premier League clubs can outspend all but the elite European clubs.

  20. Arsenal not Arsene

    Red is right. Wenger gave rise to this lot who are more into finance than the actual football side. No wonder other fans mock us for being more concerned about finances when our football is lacking.

  21. Wallace


    unfair to compare young Iwobi to Arsenal greats like Jimmy Carter & Perry Groves. give the kid a chance to settle & develop before you start putting him up against your favourites of days gone by.

  22. STV

    Pedro agreed. Plus he always says he ‘respect’ his contract so another 2/3 year deal means another 2/3 year of Wenger no doubt.

  23. Joe


    Should a club not Arsenal not be prepared for wenger’s successor.

    Should they not have a list of top candidates.

    Should they be scouting managers already ?

    What if wenger falls ill tomorrow or next April and can’t manage anymore??

    A club a stature of Arsenal should always be prepared.

    Wenger should have stepped aside for klopp or pep. Our loss. And he should step aside for Diego or tuchel who Arsenal should already be sounding out

  24. tom


    Totally agree.

    We ought to have things in place before the change.

    Ridiculous to claim that we missed out on potential candidates.

    No way to know if ambitions matched.

    To take Klopp or Guardiola is not a matter of desire .

    There much more at play.

    Ultimately you have to convince that the project is viable.

    The facts are there are a dozen clubs who can offer more.

    The trick is to remind there are other priorities for an ambitious footballer than money.

    Arsenal will pay you more than enough but if money is your primary desire , Arsenal are the right fit.

    You better have a desire to play the beautiful game and value Club life and team endevour.

    You better be able to find satisfaction in a shared objective or AFC won’t fit.