Rotation is the flavour that wins titles. Can Wenger use October well?

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What were you doing, Pedro? Selling dreams people. Mobility dreams.

What have I been doing today? Regretting starting the night with Manhattan’s, fuelling the 5 hours in between with Manhattan’s and capping the night with a Manhattan.

Those things are more potent than beer, but decadent in the right environment.

What’s been going on with Arsenal?

My Gooner friends are on the #InternationalBreakInjurySweepstake at the moment. Things are going a little too good at the rn and the way the story usually plays out is as follows…

  • Santi slips in the shower, hairline fracture on some bone that basically renders you unable to compete
  • Theo Walcott pulls a hamstring like Michael Owen in the 1998 World Cup
  • Mesut Ozil forgets how to assist and heads straight into a creative drought dryer than Alan Shearer’s MoTD banter.
  • Lucas Perez has a Navas bout of homesickness and extradites himself to the Spanish hills…

Surely we don’t get out of this international break alive? Surely something is going to happen?

Yeah, I’m being negative. Back in the day, the good years were marked by our best players staying fit. Could Freddie make it? Could Bobby? How about Paddy?

We need one of the good years. A fit squad, no stupid injuries… all the best play happening all the time. That’s the way we need it to play out.

Next window, we have a very simple run in all competitions. Key for me is that Wenger uses this month to play it smart… don’t chase points with a one team vision. Chase them by using that sweet squad you’ve assembled. Be smart. Rest older players, rotate in peripheral names to motivate them and make everyone feel part of it, be brutal with Sanchez and use psychology to keep him feeling like being rested is part of the bigger picture, not a slight.

Do that, and magic could happen.

The best teams keep the best players fitter for longer.

That’s been a massive weak spot for Wenger… can he learn?

Who knows.

Right, me done. Today is my year anniversary of being out here. Massive thanks to all the amazing New York Gunners I’ve met (12 of you, close af). I look forward to more good early morning drinks sessions over the next year!



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  1. WengerEagle


    I know mate, I only pop in myself now but I barely ever see many of my favourite posters on here anymore, N5, Romford, Midwest, Sal, Cesc Appeal, gambon, Vicky, Underrated Coq, Carts, Gunz, TYAG, Nasri’s Mouth, Keyser, Champagne Charlie, GoonerinNY, Paulinho, Louis Almeida, Arsene’s Nurse, Klauspoppe, Wallace, Jim Lahey, and much more only tipped the iceberg there, you’d honestly learn so much about the game from these guys and I miss the debates even though some of these guys were on opposite sides of the fence, made for some great battles.

    I know a few of these still pop in sporadically but it’s not the same.

    Without mincing words, half of the comments these days are filled with Joe’s/Sam’s and a few other’s bile and slagging matches that peak at ‘your Mum’s a slag’.

    If I were Pedro I’d be keeping an eye on it tbh, comments section could be pure toilet before too long.

  2. WengerEagle


    What are you on about? If I post it all the time then go ahead and produce the last time I posted it. I wasn’t even talking about you, think you’re a decent poster.

    Fed up with the blog? Yeah, because the comments section has become shite…

  3. steve

    “Sam is our ‘idiot savant’.He may be potty but he’s nearly always right.”


    Sam ‘nearly always right’. Bwahahahaha my sides.

  4. WengerEagle

    For the record Pedro, this is the only blog I happily waste my time on, it’s the best place on the web to talk Arsenal hands down and I’ve learned a shit load in this comment section over the years.

  5. tom

    No secret.

    I’m staunchly pro Wenger.

    I know that’s provocative but somebody needs to stand up for him around here.

  6. ArseneisaFraud

    F’ck’g phone and very sensitive screen….


    But you should be more pro-Arsenal than pro-Arsene. This is exactly what is being said over and over (when one can read in between the slagging matches).

    The whole point is that a manager has to be accountable one way or another… hence what happens at clubs when they see their team turn to shite. If everyone puts the top person on a pedestal everytime then there would be very little change and things would get rancid very quickly.

    And this is exactly what some Gooners here are fed up of seeing. The same thing being rehashed over and over (top 4) instead of an actual attempt of going for top (a train that we missed last season).

  7. Wallace


    “For the record Pedro, this is the only blog I happily waste my time on, it’s the best place on the web to talk Arsenal hands down and I’ve learned a shit load in this comment section over the years.”

    yes, agreed. I like the Guardian’s football comments section, but keeping track of the interesting debates is a real ballache. I’ve missed the day to day-ness of le grove, although some days, especially recently, even if I wasn’t seeing out my suspension I doubt i’d have been contributing.

  8. tom


    I’ll always put the Club above any manager or player.

    I simply see things differently from most people here.

    For me AW has been, and continues to be, an excellent manager.

    For me its not simply about results, – but even if it was, his record is extraordinary – its about his commitment, ethic and vision.

    As far as I’m concerned he can stay as long as he wants.

    However, when he does leave I’ll be right behind his successor and on we’ll go together.

    I’m an Arsenal fan whatever.

  9. Wallace

    and a lot sure has changed in two months. Xhaka was going to be our only signing ,and we were going to be lucky to finish top 8 when i left.

    the pick up in form over the last 3-4 weeks has been great to see. Walcott f*ckin’ repaying some of my faith in him after flushing me down the toiles last season.

  10. tom

    For the record, I understand many of the standard arguments against AW, though I don’t think they stand up.

    What I don’t understand is the level of personal animosity and character assassination that goes with it.

    I find it offensive and its the one thing that earns my disrespect.

  11. STV

    Tom that’s extraordinary!

    ” commitment, ethic and vision”

    His commitment has been a huge problem His vision was flawed and he lacked football ethics where he sacrificed the idea of winning.

    The only plus is his results and it’s mediocre at best. He don’t deserve your full admiration at all.

    All I can say he’s lucky he had thousands like you staunchly behind him excusing his failures.

  12. Wallace


    “Wallace, Good to see you.”

    thanks, tom. good to see you’re still winding people up with your positivity.

  13. STV

    Also it’s not overly personal. When he retires I don’t think there’s any supporter who doesn’t recognize his contributions for tge club. He lived through his peak and it’s been a downward spiral for about a decade.

  14. ArseneisaFraud


    I understand where you come from but for me when the vision is not to go to the top when a clear opportunity is becoming increasingly visible then there is a problem. For me Arsene was all to happy to continue what he has done so far which is in retrospect very lazy.

    This is for me the difference between Arsene and Fergie. Fergie was the man who made sure that he was upto scratch with the latest ways of training and he did this by changing his backroom staff 3 times. Fergie was such a winner he bought himself the premier league with RVP as his final hurrah as manager. That is what I call ruthlessness. Something we do not see in Arsene who is all too happy to continue with his same backroom staff and same training methods which for the last 10-12 years has only brought 2 FA Cups.

  15. Wallace

    only 7 games in, but i wouldn’t be surprised if the current top 4 is the top 4 come the end of the season.

    I like the look of Conte, but think he’ll need two windows before he has a side that he’ll be happy with. and genuinely thinking/hoping/praying that Mourinho’s lost some of his magic. things he used to try that would come off are no longer working. it’s fantastic to see.

  16. ArseneisaFraud


    Re Maureen: I agree to the extent that he effectively is a real a**hole. But this guy was a real sly MF in his early days. I still recall the CL semi-final (?) with Porto vs Barcelona where one of his players got red carded. I recall seeing a wry smile from him and implement the team tactic to slow the game down completely which destabilised Barca to the point that they lost the game. At that point I respected him. That was until his antics at Real Madrid and the infamous eye-poking which showed what total lack of class this cunt has. For me that kind of attitude has no place in football and this cost him dearly in his second stint as Chelski manager. Whether he can regain this type of ruthlessness remains to be seen.

  17. STV

    *Inter, yes.

    I do feel that his ways are no longer working as it were before. Maybe we can say he was a great manager once like Capello or Van Gaal.


  18. ArseneisaFraud


    For me, they are totally afraid of change. As long as we are somewhere in the top 4 it seems to prolong this myth that we are still great, forgetting in the process that winning silver is the true barometer to how great a manager/ a club really is. It really is as if they are still living in the past, a time where Arsenal was still feared and respected and cling on to the hope that this may come back. Funnily enough it is the same with Arsene who still clings on to his old methods, believing that this is the only way to be successful, or as I see it a way to do the minimum, which is what he does.

    For me

  19. jwl

    Joke Friday:

    An older couple, who were both widowed, had been going out with each other for a long time. Urged on by their friends, they decided it was finally time to get married. Before the wedding, they went out to dinner and had a long conversation regarding how their marriage might work. They discussed finances, living arrangements, and so on.

    Finally, the old gentleman decided it was time to broach the subject of their physical relationship. “How do you feel about s*x?” he asked, rather tentatively.

    “I would like it infrequently “, she replied. The old gentleman sat quietly for a moment, adjusted his glasses, then leaned over towards her and whispered, “Is that one word or two?”

  20. Wallace


    “Tom mentions Wallace and moments later…”

    we aint the same. i agree with maybe 90% of what he says, but he’s even more Wengered than me.

  21. ArseneisaFraud


    And you would think that a manager with some pride would have rectified this. It seems that AW is more than happy with this status quo. Truly sad.

  22. Wallace

    nice to see Cazorla come out and say he’d rather sign a new contract with us than go back home and play for Atletico. I’m hoping Xhaka & Elneny at some point tie down the central midfield positions, but no question the little Spaniard’s a wonderful footballer. i can understand Wenger’s reluctance to ever leave him out the side.

  23. somerandomperson

    ” forgetting in the process that winning silver is the true barometer to how great a manager/ a club really is.”

    If trophies are the only things which matter why do non trophy winning clubs still have supporters ?

    For e.g. Spurs’ last trophy was league cup 9 years ago . So all the spurs supporters are losers for supporting them ? Or is it only that Arsenal supporters are entitled for trophies ?

    I am not taking a dig at you. But I am just trying to understand the relation ship between trophies and supporting a club.

    There are 4 trophies available. 20 teams compete for EPL and 1 winner. And I dont know how many teams compete for FA cup/league cup . Directly or indirectly 100s of teams compete for CL places and the trophy.

    Then why do people support the clubs ? There are lot of talks about let us see in May , every season there are only few clubs win silverware. What happens to the supporters of the rest of the clubs ?

    So many on here endured 8 or 9 year trophy less season. I am pretty sure most will be supporting Arsenal even if we go 10 years trophy less after Wenger.

    It looks like trophies are some of the least important factors in supporting a club.

  24. Joe

    RedtruthOctober 7, 2016 22:06:10
    The irony is AKB’s use trophies to justify their claim of Wenger being Arsenal’s greatest ever manager…lol lol lol


  25. goonerkitt

    Some of the posters on here constantly complain about going years without a trophy and being happy with top 4. Have you only supported Arsenal since the 90’s. Before Wenger the football we played was mostly boring, punctuated with a couple of good seasons under George Graham. We regularly got beaten by lower league clubs in cup matches and were shit if and when we got to Europe. We endured all manner of dross on the playing staff, players like John Hawley, Lee Chapman and Jimmy Fuckin Carter. Get over yourselves, enjoy when we play well, moan when we lose but remember Arsenal were here before you were born and will still be there when we all get to the pearly gates….except Joe, who’s going straight to hell!

  26. Sam

    Becoz RedTruth is a hypocrite
    Where was he when Arsenal was called boring

    Burnley reminds me how Arsenal used to play
    Thats why we won our cup winners cup, we parked the foking bus n were totally outplayed n Alan smith scored a lucky goal

  27. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Only a fan uprising will stop Wenger from signing a new contract…and that ain’t happening…’

    You might as well give up then. There’s absolutely no point in you being an arsenal fan or posting on here.

  28. steve

    @dimwitted sherlock

    “STV Wenger is a fraud ? Wow pretty dim statement. You know it takes nothing to say that on a blog , try saying that in a packed Emirates stadium. You’ll get to know who he is.”


    lol of course he would know who Wenger is. Emirates Stadium – the mecca of akbs. What a joke.

  29. China

    ‘Somebody needs to stick up for Wenger around here’

    He gets paid 8 million reasons a year not defend himself. If he’s not managed to do that very well I’d suggest the problem may lie at his door…

  30. China

    Wenger may well need some things but sympathy is absolutely not one of them

    Poor arsene, the victim of an £8 a year deal that has no requirement to perform particularly well, the poor guy who cheated on his wife, the poor guy who lost a percentage of the fans by not being competitive despite some good squads for best part of a decade, the poor guy who lies constantly to the fans about having/ not having money depending on his mood, the poor guy who can’t ever be questioned because he’s made 999999999 68th minute subs.

    My heart absolutely fucking bleeds for him

  31. Ankle-biter

    who do you guys think has been the best buy of the season so far?

    Mane has been brilliant so far, so has Mustafi, kante? Benteke? Zlatan and Matip for free? Nolito?

  32. Wallace

    “who do you guys think has been the best buy of the season so far?”

    yeah, Mane, Mustafi, Gueye at Everton has apparently made a great start.

    also interesting to note a couple of players in their second season have also made a big impact after struggling last year – Sterling at City, Son at Spurs.

    early indications are that we’ve had a very good summer though.

  33. ArseneisaFraud


    I suppose it is all about perspectives. If we want to class ourselves as an elite club, I find it curious that after the stadium move we have not strived to reach that level. The case in point is last season, where from my POV, we’ve really blown an opportunity to actually push to win and nearly found ourselves behind spurs (hilariously they blew that one!).

    On the other hand on a pure footballing level of course if we compare ourselves to all other clubs in the British league, we are of course the far superior club.

    I have only supported the Arsenal for the last 10 years and truly relished my experience of having seen Arsenal win those 2 FA Cups. I naturally would like to see Arsenal continue on this trajectory instead of seeing a manager/ club continously blame the superior financial fire power of other clubs for not being able to achieve top spot.

  34. Wallace

    is Kante doing well at Chelsea?

    I’ve only seen his games against ourselves and Liverpool. was stunned at the half-assed way he tried to get back after being turned by Ozil, and against Liverpool his limitations with the ball were very apparent. two crossfield passes under no pressure that went straight out of play. and not just over the head of the teammate. I’m talking clearing the first 10-12 rows of seats comfortably.

  35. grooveydaddy


    yeah there were doubts about his ability on the ball even last year

    I think when he’s pressed to do any more than ‘the Makalele role’ (covering the pitch with high energy, breaking up play, and a simple 5 yd pass to a teammate – which he is very good at to be fair), he struggles.

  36. gnarleygeorge9

    Stamford Bridge is falling down, falling down,falling down
    Stamford Bridge is falling down, bye bye Conte

  37. STV

    Makalele could pass through a player and provide a key pass despite his limitations with movement. Kante cannot do that yet. But he’s doing well at Chelsea , barring the Arsenal game.

  38. Sam

    So Both Coq and Santi are having 2 weeks break
    you can tell which midfield pair will start against mighty Swansea


  39. Kelvin

    Hey Sam, are some of your posts deliberately just to get trolls like Red and his kinds banging their heads on the wall. I smile most times i read your posts… You a troll also Sam but on the good side.

  40. grooveydaddy


    Coq is very good but also limited and leaves us exposed tactically against better sides.

    He will be a squad player by the end of the season.

  41. Kelvin

    Sam you are the kind of guy i would like to be with when we win the league or champs league. One can only imagine the crazy things you would do out of cheer undiluted happiness… Would steer clear from you though if Wenger then gets Manager of the year, cos your celebrations could go extreme.

  42. Sam

    Just one summer signing changed our midfiled this season
    now we have so many options, we dont have to worry about Xhaka after interlul break, He can rest then play in midweek against that CL team don’t ask me to spell its name

  43. STV

    Thanks grooveydaddy for talking sense. It’s a relief amid stupidity and delusion. Coq has long way to go before being considered as a reliable first choice for a team with ambition of winning pl.

  44. Sam

    If Wenger can do the same for the attack in January we’ll be fine
    in my opinion we just need one big signing then make Donyell Malen our very own Iheanacho/ Marcus Rashford.

    We’ll finished the season well, at least
    and avoid last season’s horror show

  45. grooveydaddy

    looks like Sagna could be sidelined for a bit??

    hopefully it’ll cost City some points – Zabaleta’s been suspect this year…

  46. Sam

    hardworking Jon Jensen makes Coquelin look like Busquet

    but we loved him

    Coq is an important player for Arsenal

    get used to it

  47. S.Asoa

    Daily Mail
    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger rules himself out of England job: ‘It’s very important’ the next manager is English

    Yeah . 8.2 million is 5.2 million more than England Manager salary. Real avaricious prick.

    His priorities are to coach Arsenal and stay on in England.

    Wenger Out

  48. Sam

    Asoa would you leave a job where you have complete control to an insecure job where you can sacked any day? and chop off 60% of your salary

    not even funny some people want Wenger to do what they wouldn’t do

    the FA should appoint Southgate
    A younger guy to start everything like a new project that include scouting n develop young talents.
    Wenger doesn’t even go spy on the opposition team do you think he’ll have time n energy to go watch Newcastle-Sunderland to spot new English talents?

  49. Pedro

    Sam, to Kelvin’s point, you’re going to have to start playing the game on here.

    Engage with people, rather than just posting things you think will inflame other people.

    This is supposed to be a conversation, not you firing 400 comments, scaring people off getting involved.

  50. Sam

    My comment here!

    Sell ozil and Buy Coutinho or Mateo Kovacic
    Sell Sanchez then buy Draxler, actually bring him in January to prepare him for next summer


    dont sell them, just pay the fokers their salary and still spend on 2 players in the summer

    big squad

  51. Confidentgoner

    Watched an interview of Arsene Wenger with Gallas, Wright, and Campbell. Quite revealing:

    Stadium move meant no money to buy proper experienced players

    Older players left

    Had to always sell best players

    Needed to come top four in at least 2 out of 5 years

    Legacy: honest, committed, loyal, was not ashamed for the club, leave the club in a position to move on,

    My Analysis

    I think Wenger was not being honest with these ex Arsenal players. Nobody asked him to buy the best players: surely there were players better than Dennilson, than Daiby, than Senderous and many of the calamitous players we had to put up with.

    I think if he gets interviewed properly these truths will come out. This is a kind image laundry by Wenger using the EPL to tell a lie.

    We could have bought properly and we did not need to give Daiby those contracts, nor did we need to buy a Kalstrom.

  52. Confidentgoner

    He also told his interviewers that he was approached by many clubs in the period.

    Now assuming that is correct, we know Wenger would never leave Arsenal where he had all powers, to pick up a job with less powers, and for which he could be sacked based on performance. This is a no brainer.

    What Mr Wenger didn’t say was that he had a youth experiment going on. He had also lost his touch of discovering fresh talent from France, the last good one he discovered from France was Nasri.

    After we were thrashed 8-2 at Old Trafford, Wenger bought and loaned about 5 first team players all at once! This was the same guy that told us that buying so many players destabilizes a team!

    Nobody was saying we should go and buy Messi. No. But clearly, we had opportunity to buy better players than Sanogo or broken back Kalstrom. We could not buy Suarez, to replace RVP, but what about the Argentine Gonzalo Higuain? We would have won the league with him.

    But we persisted with Giroud, inspire of his clear limitations.

    The Wenger early years will be remembered for so many good things, trophy, playing style, etc. However, he should have done much better in the so called lean years. In 2008, we had a real chance to win the league. We failed to add in the window, even with loan players available. I think Gallas had an emotional breakdown, and it all went south from there.