Warning signs of fatigue clear against Burnley, will Wenger react after the break?

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Very late to the report today because I’ve been traveling to St. Louis where the weather is a steady grey.

What to make of that game yesterday?

It wasn’t exactly creatively explosive, but there are a few things that might have led to that. Their narrow set deep set up was a struggle to break down. We didn’t create much and we nearly dropped the ball on a day City did… 

It wasn’t just a bad day at the office. You have to look at our rather intensive schedule, baked against the back drop of Arsene basically picking the same team every week. Certain players looked heavy legged out there. Wenger needs to start thinking about rotating in additional bodies, rather than go the route he normally does, which is to play players until they are ineffective, or play them until they breakdown with a 3-month hamstring issue. We’ve already lost Ramsey for an extended period of time when we didn’t need to and you can’t help but think there will be others that’ll head down that well-trodden path… Santi Cazorla is being given all the games… and fans will say he’s been integral, and I’d agree, but I’d like him to be integral all season, not just the first three months.

Good news is, we took three points, even if it was in controversial circumstances. That tees us up very nicely for the next run of games which are basically the lead into Arsenal / Spurs… a ‘near’ top of the table clash last season, based upon the form of both teams, it could be a similar story this season.

Arsenal have momentum, if we can avoid injuries, use some of the easier games to bring in peripheral players to motivate and get some game time into their legs, rest some of our star performers so they’re fighting fit for December, we could be a very good position heading into a bit of a nightmare period post the next international break.

At the second international break of the year, we’ve learnt a few things. Pep G is not immortal. He lost his first team against a Spurs team that hustled his players hard. We’ve learned that we can beat the big teams, taking down Chelsea was a big moment for our campaign, particularly as we did it with such style and panache. We know now that Liverpool might be a little more interesting than first expected. No Champions League is massive for Klopp because he has a small squad he can focus on one game a week. Spurs have added well this summer, so the additional depth might see them last the course without dying… but the Champions League affect might counter that. Leicester are not going to contend this year, but Everton might be a problem, though very doubtful.

So, another season with an atrocious start, followed by a massive winning streak. We’ve been here before. Has Wenger assessed where it went wrong last year? Is a more mobile front line a good solve? Hopefully. Will a deeper squad help? Definitely. Can we deal with key players dropping out of our starting line up. TBC.

It feels different this year, but I’ve said that so many times over the last 6 years. So I’m not getting too excited just yet. But at least we’re very watchable this year and at least it feels fresh. 

Bring on the end of this international week. Gareth Southgate managing the national team… the uninspiring appointment since Stuart Houston took over from George Graham.

Right, just landed… off to eat a steak bigger than Wayne Rooney’s head. Good times.

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  1. Pierre

    “Wonder why we have been terrible in building a team since he left and wenger has done it all himself”

    I wouldn’t regard the team with ces, rvp, nasri, song, cliche , Hleb etc as terrible and I wouldn’t regard the team now as terrible …. But I do think that if David Dein had stayed at Arsenal he would have encouraged Wenger to go for broke and buy the players we needed to win the league instead the club became too money orientated and were afraid to gamble on players …. Was that wengers fault or was his hands tied by the owners, who knows ……

  2. Joe

    Of course it’s wenger’s fault.

    He made a 40+1 pound bid.

    You don’t think if wenger said we need another 10-15 to land Suarez they wouldn’t give t to him


  3. Joe

    Wenger’s fault : “We don’t buy superstars , we make them

    That says it all right there

    The man believes his own false hype

  4. Mr B

    Personally, I am greatful in hindsight that we never fell out of the champions league.

    That being said people underestimate our players when they say that it is all because of Wenger. We have consistently had a first team that is a match for anyone in the world.

    Fab, rvp, nasri, vermaelen, clichy, sagna etc., went on to win trophies or compete at the highest level. Our squad quality and depth has been hindered by Wenger’s dithering.

    CR7, Alonso, Ibrahimovic, Schwartzer, Mustafi etc.

    Again I say this recognizing the level of managerial talent. Its not just the most talented teams that win trophies but the best drilled units give themselves a great chance of winning, esp. If the drills are targeted at the opposition’s patterns and weaknesses.

    Greece, Portugal, inter, juve, etc are recent examples of the above.

  5. Mr B

    ‘The two traits that wouldn’t normally coexist !’

    Exactly my thoughts at the time of reading but communists disagree. Mao, Kim and Stalin are pretty nasty in their own right.

    Great minds and all that jazz!

  6. Sam

    I actually wasted a good 40 minutes searching google n youtube no joy
    If anyone can find a video of Bellerin first interview in his parents house in Spain please don’t hesitate to post it here for Joey the Arsenal soccer fan

  7. freddylekgunner

    If Pedro don’t bin Joe I’ll go on a cursing posts protest. The comments section has been toilet these days coz of him and he’s always here.

  8. Mr B

    I don’t want Wenger to rollick the boys every day but he could definitely communicate more.

    His postmatch analysis is hardly wrong when we loose. My question is if he notices major problems during the game, why doesn’t he influence games often enough.

  9. Bamford10


    Joe is spoiling this place. Rarely if ever says anything about football, constantly quarrels with others in puerile squabbles, hurls embarrassing insults.

    Sorry, Joe, but it’s true.

  10. The Iceman

    Du vi

    ‘Ian Wright is such a pandering ass licker..’

    Du vi you sir are an idiot. Wright is a fucking legend.

  11. Mr B

    If we had bough Mustafi early and saved 5-10 million, we could have bought Milik instead of Lucas.

    Giroud will last at max 2 more seasons and we will again become a one dimensional team.

  12. Joe

    Give it a rest bam

    It all started with my posts comparing Arsenal results this season compared to last

    It’s iceman who led it down the toilet

    So mind your business bam

  13. freddylekgunner

    Telling people their mother was a drunk during their pregnancy, calling people cunts, muppets, imbecile e.t.c. Most posters avoid posting when you are on, but someone have to tell you and Pedro have to do something.

  14. Joe


    If every one got binned for calling someone a muppet , bellend, cunt, imbecile then their would be no one left

    And why don’t you check
    The people posts who I’m referring to and see what they are saying before you critisize

    If people
    Want to throw shots, they better be able to take them

    Now go whine to someone else

  15. The Iceman

    Little Joey

    ‘It all started with my posts comparing Arsenal results this season compared to last’

    Which you couldn’t do and fucked up as per usual lol

    You didn’t even respond this morning to the fact we’re 3points better off than at this stage last year….even though we’ve only had lucky wins.

    Look up schooled in the dictionary this is when it was appropriate to use.

    Joe does ‘research’ gets his numbers together gets all confused and ends up looking like a plum because he was proven wrong and he couldn’t analyse shit lol

  16. Sancho Monzorla

    Rather than using other poster’s behaviors and comments to justify our own, can we like, act like adults and simply admit once in awhile “Yeah guys, I’m being obnoxious, I just get carried away when it gets to the club I love sometimes, sorry about that I’ll try to tone it down?”

    Please remember that however you decide to justify your own shitposts is of no interest to the rest of us, just because a few have been insulting before doesn’t make it okay that the rest of us have to endure all this childish namecalling and bullshit. A number of posters have complained about people on both sides of the spectrum, this is not an AKB or WOB matter, some of you take it too far regardless of your beliefs. A number of regulars have complained, I wish the community would respect that much at least and try to police themselves a bit.

  17. freddylekgunner

    “If every one got binned for calling someone a muppet , bellend, cunt, imbecile then their would be no one left”

    I disagreed, their are many decent posters here that doesn’t abuse despite their different opinions.

  18. Mr B

    Perez scored 17 in his best season. Best outcome is for him to repeat that in a new team.

    Milik is scoring at almost a goal a game levels. Someone mentioned wrighty is a legend and I agree.

    Wrighty scored 70 goals in his first 100 games. He was almost single handily winning 1-0 games for the arsenal and had a better goals to games ratio than Henry in what was a competitively drab attacking team.

  19. Joe

    Mr B

    Perez won’t make it. He hasn’t seen the pitch in ages. Even chamack played right away for us so the settling in bit is nonsense.

    He’s 28 years old and needed to hit the ground running.

    Waste of 17m. That’s obvious already

  20. STV

    Every season in La liga there’s someone or other notching up big stats most of them ends up where they were. Let’s be honest Wenger didn’t see great things in Perez He wanted someone to compliment Giroud and Welbeck.

    Been saying this from day 1. It’s unfair to expect too much from him.

  21. The Iceman

    Perez was playing and scoring those goals in a shit struggling team, if he gets 10 this year that’s a decent return.

    Wright had a great scoring ratio for us and he’s a legend but he didn’t have a strike rate as good as that at crystal palace before he came to us and played in a better team.

  22. Redtruth


    You can blame our keepers horror show on the opening game of last season for having more points at this same stage of this season to last season.

  23. Du Vi

    Watched Wengers Interview with Sol/Gallas and and its clear that he realises the power he wields in contract renewals and in the trajectory a players careers would take and is the logical explanation as to why players like Walcott have undeservedly spent as much time as they have at the club.I get the distinct impression that he understands that if certain players left the club there careers would be over and by virtue of his affinity to and knowing some of them over an extended period of time feels he owes some of a job well into thier late twenties and would not want thier departures on his conscience.

  24. Redtruth

    Ian Wright 29 goals in the League Cup for Arsenal..

    Wright joined the Champions of England and Arsenal never won a title again with Wright..So much for being a Legend…lol

  25. The Iceman

    Little Joey

    Wrong again. You were trying to shit on our performance so far this season and you got it wrong.

    Points after 7 games 2015/16 – 13

    Points after 7 games 2016/17 – 16

    Go to bed.

  26. freddylekgunner

    Anyway I believe Perez will be good for us, atleast he can’t be worst than Giroud with his Pace and finishing, can he?

  27. Du Vi

    Ian wright is a patronising football intellectual lightweight.The kind of guy who feels by telling the boss what he wants to hears makes him deserving of a raise or a promotion.

  28. Batistuta

    I hear you Joe and i know it kinda gets heated up on here sometimes BUT maybe you could lay off the mum calling aspect a lil bit,other than that you good pal, we’ve all got agendas on here one way or another

  29. Joe

    Jokes are said in jest. No malice intended. And the drinking while preggo was a shot at ice douche not his mom

    But maybe I’ll lay off the mom banter

  30. Mr B

    Hey RedNickers get of your period man. I was comparing Henry and Wright and their comparative teams.

    It wouldn’t be the first time but you would look pretty dim for suggesting Graham’s teams created as many chances as Wenger’s.

  31. Redtruth

    Arsenal’s goals dried up when Wright joined the team and they became a one man team relying on Wright totally for goals.. .Graham’s biggest mistake was signing Wright…

  32. Ashley

    Did Arsenal win the title with him in the team , did he get a medal and did he not break cliff bastin’s record that season Aswel ?

  33. Dissenter

    Oxlade Chamberlain; “I felt strong so I was disappointed. You shouldn’t just be able to walk into an England squad. But having been involved in a fair few, especially under Roy Hodgson, I guess it was a bit different for me to be left out.”

    This lad is one of the most over-rated doofus in the modern game.
    Overrated pile of horse you-know what.
    It just goes to show England’s lack of real quality when he’s getting called up.
    I would play Andres Townsend and even Nathan Dyer ahead of him.

  34. Ashley

    Red , i don’t think it’s me that’s the dim wit , you said Arsenal didn’t win a title with wright … We did , you were wrong ya dim wit , at least Google stuff before you bore us with your drivel

  35. Sam

    Did Ian Wright miss a penalty or something
    what did he do? I thought he retired longtime ago
    why is he getting bashed?

    International break is driving people crazy

  36. Redtruth

    Like Keown won a title when Wenger kept bringing him on in the last 5 minutes of games so that he could reach the required amount of games to qualify him for a medal…..now jog on Ashley you dimwit…

  37. Pedro

    Joe, if you continue to abuse people, you’ll be binned.

    This is the blog of love, behave accordingly.

    New post.

  38. Mysticleaves

    “I’m glad the penny seems to have finally dropped for
    Theo… but why did it take 10 years for it to do so?”

    it didn’t take 10 years mate. Walcott has being bad for just something like 2 seasons? the first season because of injury after the spurs game. the second season, which was last season was his failed experiment as a 9.

    Walcott has being very good winger for arsenal since he signed, especially when injuries permitted.