Arsene Wenger Birthday Present: 3 points and the league

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Here it is. Burnley away. What a place to celebrate your 20th season.

Quite astonishing to put 20 years into perspective. I was 12 years old when Wenger dropped. No one had a clue who he was, it took me a while to remember his name. It took me even longer to remember the names of the players he started to sign.

Wenger was like a real life Championship Manager. He wasn’t messing around in the British Isles, he was powering at names I’d seen on computer games. The excitement he brought to the league was spectacular. There were some names you had no clue about who came good… kick-starting the ‘Arsene knows’ mantra I’m so fond of. Then there were the names you knew that he revived.

Some my favourite signings came from the latter batch. Nwankwo Kanu was a pure party of a football player. I’d never seen a man so unorthodox, languid and incrediblskillfulll ply his trade in England. Marc Overmars still is one of my favourites was brought over by Arsene. A bit of a crock at Ajax, Wenger managed to get him fit and firing. Overmars cutting in from outwide and bobbling the ball low and hard… great memories.

Then there’s the ultimate revival story, Theirry Henry. What a powerhouse. Charisma, good looks, lightning pace and finishing to die for. That man gave us all so much joy over his 8 or so years of incredible service.

You also had the characters. Giles Grimandi. Always good for a yellow card after 68 seconds on the pitch. Pascal Cygan, what a hopeless signing… I’ve no idea how he attained a weird cult status, but he did. Alex Manninger, played an integral role in the close of one of our seasons. I think it was West Ham in the league cup where he bossed some seriously stunning saves. Freddie Ljungberg and that red hair… so many good times singing that song at Cardiff!

I think outside the trophies, the greatest part of Wenger’s tenure has to be our utter dominance of Spurs. No one has been worse for the scum than him. Total brutality. They even tried to copy us with Christian Gross who was utterly diabolical. Wenger made going to school much easier for me. I didn’t really have to tolerate that horrible feeling of failure you’d get after losing to Spurs. I’ll forever be thankful for that. Genuinely, that last minute toppling of Spurs last year was one of the best things that’s happned to us in the last ten years. It’s Wenger’s thing.

The main memory I’ll thank him for is the joy he created by allowing me to connect with my family. My youth, growing up with my dad was basically a whole bunch of good times at the Arsenal. When he’s gone, in like, 60 years, I’ll always remember the life lessons I learnt from him around Arsenal… swearing, beering, escapism and total commitment to game. Even in the bad times, Wenger still dominates conversation, which means there’s never a dull conversation.

Under Arsene, we even connected with a different part of the family, in totality down to the fact that Arsenal was the common grounding. That still bonds us to this day. I’m forever thankful that my upbringing wasn’t built around misery, like it was for West Ham or Spurs fans.

There’s gotta be some weird life lessons in there that I’m not aware of… Arsene in his early days was about getting shit done to the highest quality, on a budget, with class.

… nope, that’s not impacted my life, but damn… I’d love to be able to say that.

I guess as well, Wenger was the reason this blog started… so there, I stole a career off the back of it. Cheers Arsene!

The second 10 years, well, the stadium, sure… but I think the decline was disguised partly by the financial issues. But look, it is what it is… if he can finish off on a league win this season, it’ll be a fairytale like no other.

… and that has to start today. No pussying around eating birthday cake. We need to dish out a spanking to Burnley and we need to continue to build pressure on City. Who look incredible at the moment.

Also worth noting that a lot of teams look good at the moment. Spurs are playing well. Liverpool keep winning, which I hope will fall to pieces. Chelsea picked up 3 points (against Hull, so whatever). It’s imperative we don’t fall asleep today. We’re pretty good with promoted teams, so three points and no injuries would be lovely. It’s also important we head into the international break with confidence.

After that, our next 7 matches culminate in a game against Spurs… we have a pretty sweet run heading into that game. If we come out of that with 10 points, we’ll go into the Christmas period in positive shape.

… and boy, that period looks mighty tricky!

Enjoy the celebrations today, happy anniversary to Wenger, let’s make it a season to remember!

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  1. tunnygriffboy


    You’re in a contrary mood tonight. From watching the games (on tv ?) you can tell whether or not players have leadership qualities ?

    I’ve read what numerous top class coaches in Germany have said about Xhaka and his leadership qualities. They’ve worked closely with him so no a thing or two about him

    Theo did an interview about Mustafi saying he’s a German international and has come in and been vocal about what he expects and isn’t afraid to tell people if they’re not doing things right. He’s also good in geeing the boys up before they go on the field. That along with the way he plays would suggest he’s gaining respect.

  2. London gunner


    I was right about welbeck he has been god awful since we have bought him

    And Walcott the Walcott
    Whose currently one of the best attacking players on the team whose having a better season than hazard..

    You ain’t very good at timing are you…

  3. London gunner

    Wenger eagle has to win the award for the most egocentric in his footballing knowledge despite being utterly wrong.

    The divide between what you think you know and what you actually know is vast.

    Your views and comments are so shamefully bad yet you act as if you are a wise sage. It’s quite hilarious

  4. Arsenal not Arsene

    Lucas is as shit as welbeck. Both shit signing at best. For the love of bargaining he had to buy two shit strikers at a combine fee of approximately 33mil instead of going hard for higuian back in the day for a fee of 35mil. Now he has got the whole fan base hoping Lucas turns good forgetting how they were duped just recently that Welbz will be that striker. You lot are one of a kind.

  5. Arsenal not Arsene

    selfie enforcement group or not, it’s really telling when you find it ok when players tasked with winning matches during an entire 38 match league plus cup matches take selfies every time they win a match. Take any number of selfies when you have just tasted glory. They did it after winning the two f. a cups and it was ok.

  6. The Iceman

    A n A

    ‘Take any number of selfies when you have just tasted glory. ‘

    Ok grandad whatever you say. Should they just get the Polaroid out when it’s a birthday or a wedding?

    Getting bitter when young lads are taking photos behind the scenes lol..,why does it bother you? Do you look like Quasimodo?

  7. WengerEagle

    London Gunner

    Well no, you were in fact utterly wrong on Welbeck seeing as how he was comfortably our best forward for the last few months of last season and our only one with a pulse, did more from Leicester onward than Walcott managed the entire season.

    ‘And Walcott the Walcott
    Whose currently one of the best attacking players on the team whose having a better season than hazard..’

    Lol yeah let’s forget how pathetic Walcott has been for the best part of 2 years because he’s played well in his first 5 odd matches of the season, you’re the most delusional Walcott fanboy I’ve ever come across. You were also on here calling him shit like the rest of us only a matter of months ago,LOL.

    Hazard is so much better it’s become a running joke at this stage on here.

    ‘Wenger eagle has to win the award for the most egocentric in his footballing knowledge despite being utterly wrong.The divide between what you think you know and what you actually know is vast.Your views and comments are so shamefully bad yet you act as if you are a wise sage. It’s quite hilarious’

    What really is hilarious is your lack of self-awareness, you’re literally talking about yourself here without even realizing it.

    You get personal because someone doesn’t share your raging hard-on for KDB, you couldn’t make this shit up, haha. Never in all the while I’ve been on here have I come across such a flute that pretends to know so much about football and beyond but really knows so little and is proven wrong time and time again.

    Used to have a lot of time for your posts, preferred you when you were ‘hackneylad’. I’ve lost count of the amount of usernames you’ve had by now, which is probably because you chat so much embarrassing shit.

  8. STV

    Tunny I am happy with the way they’re playing just not convinced of their leadership qualities because Mustafi talks to players or Xhaka praised by ex coaches, And yes you can analyze a player’s leadership qualities vON THE PITCH by seeing them play or analyzing them on TV.

    I am not saying they can’t be captains of Arsenal, they surely can especially Mustafi but saying anyone in the current Arsenal lineup wouldnt make a very good captain who can influence games or Fellow players with their leadership.

    Koscielny and Mustafi does seems like the best option though.

  9. N'Gambo

    If Pedro can’t post a daily, why doesn’t he a crew who can do?

    It’s ridiculous that days go by with nothing as a topic of conversation.

    The blog has really lost its point – Pedro should do a weekly newsletter from America or something.