Arsenal in the big boy salary leagues | Commercial revenues still lacking comparably

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Ugh, watching the Ryder Cup on American TV. The commentators know the crowd are embarrassing, but won’t call it out. It’s like watching a Donal Trump rally out there. Where do they find these people?

I mean, should really keep quiet… American’s literally everywhere right now (Sergio Garcia & Bello making miracles happen as we speak GO EUROPE).

Onto the Arsenal. The open top bus parade for the financials dropped. Not really that much of interest this year. Our cash pile, plus our debt equates to about -6m right now. The lowest it’s been for a long times.

Other notable additions. Ivan Gazidis is raking in 50k a week. Slight pay rise to him. Ken Friar picked up 11% for reasons unfathomable. It’s all part of the, ‘take this money and keep quiet’ routine. Our board is embarrassingly old these days. How does it work with bringing in fresh thinking? Does Ken stay forever?

Other notable points. Our commercials are flat. We’re tier two in the world of global powerhouses. This will mostly be because sponsors don’t see the benefit in putting the mega bucks behind a team that doesn’t win the mega trophies. We’ll only hit United levels of revenue when we start winning things.

The only thing Stan can do to open up opportunity like that is to move the manager on and bring in someone who can deliver consistent success year on year.

… which might be an issue if Robert Pires is to be believed. He reckons Wenger will step down when he wins the league next. Which is upsetting if true. The Frenchman also has his eye on becoming a Sporting Director for the club. It’s a nice notion, but let’s be real here, what power would he have under Wenger and what qualifications would he have post Wenger? Surely you’d want him to have been around the game since he retired? Maybe I’m missing something?

Love the man, but do you not have to have something going for you beyond just being a world-class handsome hero of an explayer? Maybe that’s enough?

Our wage bill now sits at £195m! CRAZY. Especially as we don’t have any mega stars like City or United. I don’t mean in terms of talent, I mean in terms of salary. Just goes to show, all this, ‘we can’t match United for £200k a week wages’ is bollocks. We have massive fire power to compete with most clubs.

Ivan is confident…

“Our ultimate ambition is clear: to win major trophies and make Arsenal fans at home and around the world proud of this great club. Proud of our values, proud of the way we act and proud of our team.”

There you have it. Basically mission complete from an Arsenal perspective. Everything is in place for Wenger to make it happen this year.

Starting tomorrow… with Burnley!

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  1. STV

    “Unbelievable achievement for wenger although he probably shouldn’t have lasted this long”

    Hence the unbelievable achivement but not nesseserly a great one.

  2. psymon001

    Yeah it was a careful choice of words, can’t believe he has played this long with all the fan hostility and the trophy drought.

  3. Sam

    Arsenal will win the league

    then there will be a banner at the emirates

    asking for 5 more years

    wow!!! born in 1996 kids will graduate n Wenger still in power

  4. Batistuta


    Also sure Romario and Brazil had Roberto Baggio to thank for blazing that penalty into the american skyline no?

  5. Sam

    oh yeah

    remember Wenger came when that silly place used to be called North London university

    now its metropolitan

  6. psymon001

    Would like to remember the good times for today at least. The days of Henry and Bergkamp were what turned my support of Arsenal into love. What a time to be alive!

  7. STV

    If you like Romario you should have liked Messi. Sure he failed many times with NT but equating himself to Heskey is a footballing crime..

  8. STV

    It’s amazing how cult followers will voice themselves as loudmouths against dictators when things go tits up. Deep down they’re programmed to be ruled not to be realistic.

  9. Goonereris

    To be fair, United has been in much earlier on the commercial revenues thing, long before most English sides, culminating in them having about 70 commercial partners who look stuck with them, trophy or no trophy. After Arsenal’s 5 year Emirates’ £30m a year deal looked to be the largest deal, United pulled all the stops to push for the £75m/year mega shirt deal with GM/Chevrolet. It is pertinent that when this deal happened, United had not won a trophy and wasn’t even in Europe. Point is United’s deal had little to do with the trophies they won that year and more to do with the club’s commercial appeal borne out of a more global and united fan base. I feel seeing where the club is coming from, the potential to keep growing commercial revenues exists as we can renew the major kit and stadium rights deals in the next 3 years, while a few trophies in the bag will do no harm to unite the fan base and get them buying merchandise again.

  10. Goonereris

    I didn’t say that Red. Just saying that United had the Americans in much earlier and were into this commercial partner thing longer. We will get there. The deal that resulted in the surge in revenues was sealed when they were trophy less. Arsenal will have its own appeal because of the club’s values, which still includes competing for trophies. And please, quit with the AKB tag as what is we are discussing here is the Club and not the manager.

  11. Marko

    RedtruthOctober 1, 2016 17:35:28
    My love affair with Arsenal began with watching Pennant in full flow…

    Ultimate troll. You are brilliant sometimes Red

  12. alexanderhenry


    ‘This will mostly be because sponsors don’t see the benefit in putting the mega bucks behind a team that doesn’t win the mega trophies. We’ll only hit United levels of revenue when we start winning things.’

    That’s quite right.

    ‘The only thing Stan can do to open up opportunity like that is to move the manager on and bring in someone who can deliver consistent success year on year.’

    It’s curious isn’t it? If it’s wenger who’s been holding the club back all these years, why hasn’t stan replaced him?
    Recently, Guardiola, Klopp and Mourinho have all been available.

    Why didn’t kroenke replace wenger with one of the above and allow them to spend all the money wenger has refused to spend on principle?

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here

    Me an me mates went to final in hey sel

    Fucking Mario kempes winning it on spot kicks after overtime …

    Train an boat home that night ….terrible night ,,,

  14. Sam

    I won’t be surprised if RedTruth’s uncle George took a bung to sell Andy Cole

    That was stupid n it cost Arsenal Fc

  15. Ken

    Trumps brilliant you liberal globalist cretin. It’s libtards like you that are helping to screw the world over with their “progressive” bullshit.

  16. alexanderhenry


    So, you’re saying the reason why stan won’t sack wenger is because wenger refuses to spend the money that stan is willingly offering him and knows will probably bring success, thereby increasing the club’s commercial revenue.

    Interesting logic there.

  17. leon

    I like the way arsenal are playing right now part, Abingdon lots of pace and movement p,ayi g sanchez in false 9 is really working at that pace and movement and they are lethal on the break as well

  18. leon

    I am worried about what will happen when ramsey comes back I don’t want him anywhere near this team frankly xhaka is a far far better option his passing we can turn defence into attack in instant with his passing range plus he has the discipline as well something ramsey does not have either, for the first time this team has really good options I the midfield which is why I was never that fussed about jack wilshire going out on loan.

  19. Vote leave


    Can’t moan about the team so let’s moan about the clubs finances
    This site is getting worse and worse each year
    Only the comments sections make it worth visiting
    Pedro maybe you should start employing the services of a tactical writer or something
    Just for variety.
    The doom and gloom come hell or high water is growing tiresome

  20. Vote leave


    Ozil will need to be rested.
    I think Ramsey in his place could work really well
    He played no10 for Wales in the summer an looked the bet I’ve seen from him.
    He can play with less defensive responsibility
    Make driving runs off the ball and support Sanchez.
    His passing is hardly terrible either
    He just tries too hard to replicate his 2013 form
    Once he simplifies his game again he really flourishes

  21. Henry Root

    Couple of corrections
    Marinello was signed from Hibernian in January 1970
    There was a non- football reason that Arsenal sold Andy Cole. If you knew what it was you’d probably see why George Graham did it

  22. Marc


    Something to do with watches and the changing room?

    Vote leave

    Ramsey cannot play in the 10 position for us. We play a completely different style to Wales and it just wouldn’t work. If you want to rest Ozil move Iwobi or Santi to the CAM position and utilise one of the many CM we have including. Ramsey.

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here


    Went to that game with me mate ( God rest his soul)
    On way back thou seven sisters road we saw a geezer pulled in to a bookies an get akicking we were only 16

  24. Sam


    you are not the only one living in the past, the dumb media too
    you can’t even tell this Arsenal team is totally different from last season’s
    Theo of this season is fitter n playing with Sanchez n Iwobi, not Ramsey n Giroud.
    We should be biting our fingers how we will cope without Mertesacker n Gabriel. Hey We have Mustafi and Holding.
    We have 3 good goalkeepers, at last.
    A real fan will ignore all the prophets of doom n enjoy beautiful football

  25. Marc


    I agree we can’t / shouldn’t get too excited regarding the last couple of results but we should feel more optimistic about our chances we you look at our squad this season. It’s been a long time since we had such a balanced and filled out squad.

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here

    Full on Marc tru

    Ok revised
    Let’s just get passed November the historic dodge month …
    Then if successful get past March the season ending season …

    Sam is correct to a point we do look stronger this season
    Fingers crossed

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here


    At Highbury I had a good seat in the upper west central had the pleasure ogpf sitting behind Frank who a a good looking bird in tow… Until some actor from the bill came up to him just before half time …
    He never came back …

  28. Sam

    Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle entertained the country with great football n they were great to watch they never won anything

    Are you telling me I should ignore good football and stay miserable till I see Arsenal win something?

    who are you people, really?

    Have you noticed there are 19 other teams fighting for one stupid Silverware?

    you can actually play great football all season n still miss out

  29. Joe


    Sam comparing Arsenal to Newcastle and west ham

    This child is some some kind of stupid. And unfortunately you can’t fix stupid.

  30. Sam

    #Sam comparing Arsenal to Newcastle and west ham#

    Glory Hunter please stick to watching Ice hockey

    Surely you never heard of Bobby Moore n Geoff Hurst

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here


    If we were an Aston vill, Everton Southampton kind of club just participating is acceptable ,
    However we are Arsenal we have tutored football into a business and in business you have to be the best to survive …

    Wenger on last orders please gents

    I’m afraid to say

  32. Pedro

    Sam, you have to stop acting like a child. Calling people glory hunters is really silly and saying things over and over again really comes across as mindless.

  33. STV

    Redtruth does give an insight into our past but he should also appreciate the first 8 years of Wenger, despite the mini draught between them. That’s an era where we had the most exciting players playing for us I think.

    Sam 13 pl trophies, record 12 FA cups, 2 European trophies 14 community shields 2 league cups, 2 European trophies and we had the bragging rights in London.
    Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in England and goes long way back than Wenger. It’s not like supporting Westham and the expectations are normal. Nor the club is “ruled” by anyone.

    Sure we had our barren spells but that shouldn’t be the case now as we have been one one of the richest clubs in the world for about a decade. Our failures are down to a hapless manager who’s best years are well past him and disapproving him got nothing to do with one’s support.

  34. Joe

    Still, Wenger feels comfortable that when he eventually does leave the club, he will be remembered for his entire two decades in charge, rather than just the last few years.

    ‘I am not obsessed by that (winning another trophy),’ he said. ‘Would (Alex) Ferguson have not have gone out on a high after the history?
    Wenger’s Arsenal record
    ‘Time makes a difference with what the guy has done. He would still be the same great manager had he not gone out on a high. You don’t just keep the last year.’

    IS he for fucking real??? Fergie kept winning and winning until the end.

    Comparing himself to fergie. Hahahaha the delusion is too much.

    Like sam comparing us to Newcastle and west ham.

    Wenger has to go. NOW

  35. STV

    “I am not obsessed by that (winning another trophy)”

    Did he really say that? He should be sacked for that alone. Fucking loser!! Fuck loser AKBs..

  36. Joe

    Jose was right.

    Specialist in failure.

    What the fuck is he at a top club for if he isn’t obsessed with winning the league or CL ???

    He should fuck off to Newcastle or west ham. More his level.

  37. Bamford10


    “Are you telling me I should ignore good football and stay miserable …”

    We’ve been playing good football for a couple of games now, guy. Maybe one game last season. Maybe. Before that, maybe one game a season. Otherwise you have to go back to 2010 or so — if not earlier — to find a time when we were regularly playing good football.

    You lot are somehow under the impression that we have long been playing the kind of football we have witnessed in the past few weeks. We haven’t. It has been some time since we have played genuinely attractive football.

  38. China

    Where was that comment about not being obsessed with winning trophies from?

    If that’s real that’s absolutely nuts

    To Alexander Henry and co, do you seriously, seriously believe this kind of attitude is acceptable?

    He’s paid 8 million reasons a year to be obsessed with winning trophies and still doesn’t find it in him. What the ACTUAL fuck

  39. China

    And yeah we’re all enjoying the current form but let’s be serious. Arsenal haven’t played good football over the course of a season for half a decade now.

    Even when we win in recent years it’s generally being pretty boring and unremarkable. Occasional wonder goals aside we’ve been bang average to watch for ages now.

    The last couple of games have been great but it’s funny that 5 years is undone in 2 weeks

  40. Alexanderhenry


    I disagree. There have been plenty of seasons over the past ten years where arsenal have played some wonderful football.

  41. Leedsgunner

    “There have been plenty of seasons over the past ten years where arsenal have played some wonderful football…”

    What do we have to show for it? where’s the EPL trophy? Champions League?

    8-2 at Old Trafford 6-0 at the Stamford Bridge… losing to Bradford, Sheffield Wednesday — we took ineptitude to an art form.

    Sure we’re doing well at this particular moment but let’s not pretend all has been well. It’s how we finish this May that counts.

  42. Dream10

    The biggest myth is that we have consistently been playing beautiful football as a collective. Aesthetically speaking, Man City have been by far the best footballing side in the country over the five years

  43. Dream10

    Hope we can establish a comfortable lead before halftime. We usually start the second half slow, so the a nice two or three goal cushion will come in handy.

  44. alexanderhenry


    I’m not disputing that.
    Given the choice, I’d rather we played ugly football and won. However, claiming that arsenal have been playing unattractive football for the past ten years is false.

  45. Ethan-gunner

    Oh see Walcott got a couple ( so far)
    Not bad for a player who’s toss – or so I was told last year whilst being belittled for knowing fuck all !!!

    Most of you guys are fucking great at flapping your faces .. but leave the football to the experts

  46. Dorobucci

    Coming to le-grove and still seeing so many moaners is actually pure comedy, What the hell fuels this hatred towards a football club, supporting a club is optional, when ever arsenal starts fucking up I always stay away, and when they are doing well i watch them and don’t keep regurgitating what happened in the past, Only one team will win this league this season, i pray its the arsenal but if not, there will always be football to play next season. Moan when we are doing badly but when we are doing well enjoy it, Life is too short for all this negativity.

  47. SUGA3


    ‘There have been plenty of seasons over the past ten years where arsenal have played some wonderful football.’

    Last season we played football that was pleasing on the eye throughout the season was 07/08. Then we had been reduced to unwatchable, drab crab football for a season or two. Then RvP had a great season, but we still actually played like shit.

    Then RvP had left and bar an odd run of five games, we were simply boring. You knew who is going to be picked, what formation we will play and mostly you could also predict subs. I still think Wenger won’t utilise the current indisputedly better squad properly now, but I like it so far this season.

  48. alexanderhenry


    I think you’re exaggerating. The one thing you can say about arsenal over the last ten years , is that the team on the whole do play attractive football, especially compared to most other premiership sides.
    However, as a result many sides park the bus against us, which leads to dull games sometimes.
    Do I think playing attractive football is preferable to winning trophies?
    No I don’t.

  49. SUGA3


    No, I am not exaggerating. The thing is that for some time we had neither. No good football and no trophies.

    It is not about teams parking the damn bus. It is all that indecisiveness, passing back where there are more prospective attacking options available, not taking shots, but going all ‘no, after you my dear sir’, all petting no penetration nonsense. It is actually very predictable and easy to defend against.

  50. Ethan-gunner

    We lacked the ability to compete back when I complained anyhow , -a drastic gap between us and the chavs /Man U .
    Drogba and Rooney and co dominated the top 2 spots and back then you could see the rift between us and them , some couldn’t ..

    But now things have changed and our chances look good …

    But there WAS real concern back in 08-09
    We looked like we took 2nd best in recruiting and couldn’t even pull top players …

    That was the most difficult to take , that top players chose Man U and the chavs over us !!

  51. SUGA3


    No, we just would not spend the money. Take Xabi Alonso case for example. We would not cough up extra £2M, yet we would spend this sort of amounts on kids you never got to see playing in the end.

    Or being subjected to Championship grade Almunia for a few seasons and not coughing up extra £400K on Schwarzer.

    Granted, we could not afford top drawer players. But the fact of the matter is that we invested a lot of money very badly, by paying real wages to speculative talent. Denilsons of this world who would later stink out the place seeing out their fat contracts.

  52. Ethan-gunner


    If it was lack of available funds or the inability to spend , we shall never really know,it was always up for debate.
    But for me having a back ground in developments , I’m sure it was more based on using the funds off field creating the stadium and various other projects like highbury park and all the various shops and restaurants. To borrow money you need to show cash in the bank, if we spent it on players back then I doubt we would have the infrastructure of all these new amenities

  53. Sam

    Welbeck should follow Wilshere
    he should be given a year off from top football even a loan to a one game a week club till the end of the season

  54. Vote leave

    Vincent kompany said Wilshire is the hardest opponent he has faced
    These are the words of one of the greatest defenders to ever play in our country and I’d take him at his word over a few spoiled brat “arsenal fans”

  55. Bob N16

    Pedro- glad you picked up Joe on being unpleasant but should you have not additionally said to him, the same words you used on Sam :
    ‘saying things over and over again really comes across as mindless.’

  56. Bob N16

    Jason- we won! – 5 in a row. Isn’t that something to enjoy? We now play the bottom 5 in the league in our next 5 games. Is it deluded to be hopeful