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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Guys, gotta tell ya, I hit that age… you know, 3 days drinking and you develop breasts. It’s like, for some reason, my body is telling me that beer is not a good thing these days? Thing with man breasts is they creep up on you… you can’t see from the front, one day get a side glance and you’re like… fuck, I wish someone at work would have told me.

So anyway, good news is I’ve spent 2 weeks destroying myself to get back on track.

No man breasts. But look, I have a pavlovian fear of beer now. When I see a bottle, my chest aches. What does this mean for me? Kale smoothies? The two finger diet? Who knows. All I know is I do not want my friends buying me training bras for Christmas, regardless of how comfortable they are.


Right back in the mix. Tried to buy UFC 205 tickets earlier. Connor McGregor is the most spectacular character in sport at the moment. I logged in, expecting a Glastonbury like internet meltdown… no such issues. Ordered my two tickets. $2100 dollars… I was like, hmmm… could be ok. Then I realised. It was EACH. Fuck me, no wonder the UFC let him do as he pleases. I shall not be complaining about the price of the season ticket at Arsenal I do not have anymore.

Ok, 230 words in, no Arsenal? ARSENE FUTURE TALK. Asked whether he’d battle Steve Bruce for the England role…

“My priority is to do well here. This has always been my club. If I am free one day, why not? But I am concentrated on my job.”

No joke, the FA should chuck the bathroom sink at Wenger. Give the man whatever he wants. Give him the keys to ALL of the assets. For me, he’s the best choice available next summer (fingers crossed). He can build beauty into our training methods, he can bring pride back to the nation, he’ll create wonderful football and he’s already basically an honorary Englishman anyway, so he’ll get time.

What a way to duck out of Arsenal as well. Moving onto England. Away from the club so the Thomas Tuchel or Malky Makay can get on with reshaping the club.

Arsene’s never-ending 20th-anniversary celebrations continued into the Burnley Press conference. Fair play to him, I think he finds it a bit embarrassing. Asked who helped him the most over 20 years, he took a slight dig…

‘My resilience and passion’

Weird word to use as your first. But there you go. He also spoke about values, new world views of change and stability. I’m not sure the modern world demands new. The modern world demands success. Generally, football has always demanded success. At least in my lifetime. The fact he’s held on for so long is impressive, but also that’s come with caveats we don’t need to go into right now.

What is interesting is how hard journalists are pushing Wenger on his future. They won’t leave it alone. He’s not going to drop the news in a press conference. You can imagine the reporters are all slobbering to land the exlusive that he’s leaving. It’ll be interesting who lands it… David Ornstein, a man who has a job for about 2 weeks a year as the Arsenal go to for confirmed transfers. Jeremy Wilson, the go to for Stan Kroenke? John Cross, who penned a book? Amy Lawrenson who also penned words him?

I do hope that Wenger doesn’t play out the end of his career like some sort of will he won’t he cliff hanger. Well, actually, if he does, at least let the board know the deal so they can plan for next year. I really don’t want us to make a terrible last minute decision like United. It’d be good to nail Simeone or Tuchel early… rather than pump for someone who’s been out of work for 19months because we’re option-less. Go City style, land your man early…

Back to the game. Good to hear Wenger push caution over our recent form. We forget too easily how good we’ve been at stages in the past, then screwed it all up. Over playing, not rotating, unlucky injuries, predictable injuries… big beatings.

Team news for Sunday is Giroud is NOT fit. Coquelin is NEARLY fit. A player coming back early? Aaron Ramsey will be after the international break.

Burnley has been in shocking form, but they did win their last game. We have a good record against newly promoted teams, so hopefully not too much of a problem.

More on that game tomorrow, have a terrific day / evening.

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  1. Daz


    I don’t know if you have seen the premier league show about the wenger years, but wrighty says “ask Adams he will tell you wenger saved his life” lol

  2. steve

    It’s so predictable. They were just waiting for Arsenal to hit a run of form to start the Wenger propaganda to justify another deal. Complete joke.

  3. Sam

    I believe the sell Walcott brigade should find a new job
    Not need to hang around coz Chamberlain will throw eggs on their faces soon

    No more lolcott

  4. N5

    Walcott has 2 games of an OK standard and he’s Romario. FFS Sam this is why people don’t take you seriously.

    He’s had 10+ years of being average and 2 games of being just above!! he’ll be back to his old self in no time. You wait and see.

    Those who fail to learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

  5. STV

    Sam you mean Xhaka is the your new Pep Guardiola I thought Wenger is lol..

    Btw Pep was an above average player. I hope Xhaka will be more Alonso like not Guardiola

  6. STV

    Just say Wenger is new Pep Guardiola and that’s another insult to the oldman!! Still time to learn though. But Wenger is a pigheaded one.

  7. grooveydaddy

    Guardiola an above average player??

    He was one of the most gifted midfielders of his generation.

    There’s a reason the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, and Cesc considered him an idol and role model.

  8. Sam


    Xhaka will be our new pep as a player to feed our new Romario
    Wenger is new Pep as new manager for getting Arsenal to play good football this season

    its just logic, you don’t need 100% comparison

  9. Sam

    # Alas You can’t think of Romario without his dribbling. Where’s Bamford?#

    Once again, Its Logic
    you’ll never find a solution with 100% comparison

    Walcott’s speed and new found strength are enough

  10. Dream10

    Swansea should be at least two goals up. They might regret this. Two weeks in a row they’ve played good football against City and Liverpool.

  11. EN1AFC

    Ah I see AlexanderHenry was back on top form yesterday talking bollocks like he did all summer. Pedro, good luck trying to convince him Wenger has control of the finances at the club, he thinks Wenger’s given budgets and has no control over players wages despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. Paying Chamakh £60k a week, Squillachi £50k, Bendtner £52k a week and Diaby £55k a week for 5 years spent on the treatment table, all the clubs decisions and not an ounce of Wengers input? Nonsense Alex and you know it.

    As for tomorrow, it will be a tough game I have no doubt about that. I watched Burnley on Monday night and they will make it a battle, I hope Wengers done his homework as crosses into the box are their biggest threat. Need to stop them at source. We should have far to much for them, get our passing and movement going and I’m confident we will win. October looks very kind to us, need to win every game if we are serious about winning the league.

  12. STV

    Sam he was shit last season and the best part of many seasons before. So he got what he deserved.

    He’s playing good so far but the season is only 6 games old. You simply can’t come up with ‘I told you so’ line because

    1. You didn’t say so
    2. He’s cost us so much in the past. Time to look down and serve the club with his best efforts.

  13. Sam

    LeRoy Fer finally found his foot in the premiership
    People called him crap
    of course they didn’t see him in Feyenoord shirt
    We should have bought him n patiently develop him

  14. STV

    If you want to equate this team to Cruyff’s dream team, you need someone remotedly close to Cruyff in the touch line. This team don’t.

  15. Sam

    Its Arsenal’s injury management thats rubbish
    players suffer long term injuries then fail to perform after they recover
    Every Arsenal fan know this but still blaming the players

  16. Sam

    We sent our best young player Gnabry to WestBrom n Pulis said he’s not good enough

    why did he go there in the first place?
    He should have stayed here n play in the reserves till he’s fully fit
    nope Walcott wasn’t sh!t last season, He was just being mismanaged during post-injury period

  17. Dream10


    yep. Now Swansea are trapped in their own half. Need to go long to get something out of this. Old school 4-4-2 needed

  18. EN1AFC


    There you go Alex… Wenger’s socialist wage structure. Not the owners, Wengers. HIS wage structure.

    The man runs the show top to bottom, he shouldn’t but he does and that’s been a big fucking problem for years now. If he just concentrated on the football side of things we may have won and competed an awful lot more than we have done in the past 5-6 years.

  19. Alexanderhenry


    From the self same article:

    ‘it’s not only me, it’s in co-operation with the board. When we want to go ‘far’ I ask for the authorisation of the board’

  20. Pedro

    Alex, you really need evidence to point to Wenger controlling budgets and how they’re spent? Countless books, quotes from him and stories in the press haven’t given you that?

  21. Bamford10


    “Sam he was shit last season and the best part of many seasons before. So he got what he deserved.”

    Absolutely correct. Everyone who criticized Walcott was right. Good for him for seriously upping his game, though.

  22. Vote leave


    I love Wenger. I really do. And most of the time I agree with your posts but it’s pretty obvious Wenger has final say on money.
    At least post stadium years.

    The post stadium years have yielded
    Sanchez ozil cech welbeck Perez elneny xakha mustafi paulista
    An around £200m spent in three seasons.
    2 fa cup wins
    A charity shield win against Chelsea and jose
    2nd place (our highest finish since 04)
    And now a promising team ready to compete an all fronts

    It’s painfully obvious he was hamstrung with stadium Payments after 06
    Now he isn’t and he’s showing it

  23. Bamford10


    Not sure what your tone was above, but Romario wasn’t a great dribbler. He was quick, simple, utilitarian and dangerous; but nothing flashy, fancy or pretty. Just a smart, sharp, bulldog finisher.

  24. Alexanderhenry


    Wenger has absolute control of football matters at arsenal. He is given a budget to work with but he doesn’t decide how much that budget is.
    If he owned arsenal he could decide how much the club spends. He doesn’t own arsenal though. He is an employed by arsenal to manage the team.

    Financial decisions are made by the club’s majority shareholder.

  25. Bamford10


    Please do not respond to Sam. This only encourages him. Ignore his posts and he might take his brain-dead graffiti elsewhere.

  26. Bamford10


    “He is given a budget to work with but he doesn’t decide how much that budget is.”

    Holy Christ, this moron is still at it.

    Dipshit, yes, he is given a budget, but decides how much of that budget to spend, and he has often in the past spent very little of his allotted budget.

    Kroenke et.al. don’t give him widely varying amounts to spend each summer. Indeed he has had much the same budget for the past 5-6 years. It is Wenger who decides to spend widely varying amounts, largely based on his whims, “principles” and occasionally certain pressures.

    Now please fuck off. You are a moron.

  27. Alexanderhenry


    Sorry but that article is confused and nonsensical.

    We may well have a higher wage bill than spurs, but when was last time they finished above us? How does their record compare to ours over the last 20 years?

  28. Bamford10

    Vote Leave

    “Now he isn’t and he’s showing it.”

    The annual debt payment for the stadium has been the same every year since inception, and it is a very manageable 30m or so.

    Wenger has had ample money to spend on signings since at least 2010 or so. When he hasn’t spent this money, he has done so on account of his own hang-ups re frugality, spending and valuations.

  29. Bamford10

    Vote Leave

    Which is to say, the notion that he only recently became un-hamstrung is nonsense. He has been un-hamstrung for some time.

  30. Sam

    Well I hope Xhaka play for us like Pep
    Especially tomoroow, expect Burnley to try to park the bus

    just one pass then a quick goal they won’t know what hit them

  31. Alexanderhenry

    I really didn’t want to get dragged into this yet again, but there seems to be some confusion here concerning how football clubs work.

    The manager is employed by the club to manage the team. He is given a budget for transfers and wages and he works within that budget.

    The owner or owners decide overall financial policy as the club belongs to them.

    In arsenal’s case, because Wenger has been such a dominant figure over a 20 year period, some fans seem a little confused. They see arsenal as somehow belonging to wenger.
    This is not the case.

  32. Bamford10

    And by the way, I read on Twitter this AM that the cash figure just announced EXCLUDES the 30m cash on hand requirement of the debt agreement. Which is to say, we actually have some 30m more in cash on hand than that, but that amount is set aside per the debt agreement.

    Those with the patience to pour through our financial statements can confirm or correct this.

  33. grooveydaddy

    there is just no way on God’s green earth that Wenger was only given enough money to sign Cech and no one else last summer…

  34. Bamford10


    Of course he wasn’t. He was given more or less the same amount last year he was given this. He just didn’t spend it, as he thought he could get by, be in the mix, without much spending.

    Last season’s poor results and fan unrest persuaded him to spend a bit more this year.

  35. Alexanderhenry

    This is my last word on this:

    I think we all agree on one thing:

    Arsenal fc could and should have spent more money over the past ten years.

    There are two possible explanations for the club’s unwillingness to spend:

    1) Wenger refused to spend money made available to him on principle because he thought spending to win was vulgar. Instead, he tried to prove he could win with kids and cheap buys. Arsenal were happy not to win because they somehow felt obliged to allow wenger to realise his dream. This explains why they didn’t sack him and replace him with a manager willing to spend the money.

    2) Ostensibly because of the stadium move, wenger was deprived of adequate funds necessary to compete seriously with man utd, City., Chelsea and the European giants . Money was stockpiled, and the club cashed in on the better players already there. . Having to make do, wenger’s directive was to finish top four three seasons out of four.

    Over the past four seasons there has been some sporadic loosening of the financial shackles, in part due to fan unrest. As a result of this, wenger has been able acquire better players which explains why our current squad is the best we’ve had for ten years.

    I’m going with 2)

  36. Joe

    I’ll go with 1) and because he was making them money with his principles and the fabled top 4 trophies

    Thanks for your input Alex. Wrong as usual but we are all used to that

  37. ArseneisaFraud


    The problem is that Arsene does exactly that: he thinks he is Arsenal.

    You say that the manager is employed by the club to manage the team (which is true) but do you think it normal for a manager to: a) be part of the interview process for the CEO’S job. b) for a manager to be making statements such as that he would spend £300 million on a player if he could but shouldn’t as they have 600 employees to care for.

    Do you think this what any other managers does/say at a club which employs them? It’s effectively none of their business yet Arsene has done it/ said it.

  38. Joe

    Arsenal is not run like a normal club

    Wenger has way more power over everything than any manager possibly in the history of the sport.

    That’s what you fail to understand Alex.

    He even hired his own boss. Ffs

  39. jwl

    Wenger’s biggest mistake was not replacing van persie with a proper world class striker. If Arsenal had striker who scored 25 league goals per season, the whole conversation around Wenger now would be entirely different.

    Last five to eight years have been diabolical – Wenger not buying equivalent striker to rvp or henry, over reliance on constantly injured players, dire goalkeepers – all the while Arsenal’s cash on hand increased annually.

  40. China

    Was that before or after he and every member of the board at the club came out every summer since forever saying there was money to spend if arsene wanted it?

  41. China

    Let’s reframe your two options Alexander

    1) he’s had money but he’s chosen not to spend it to the great detriment of our success, treating the fans with disdain in the process of not trying to get them value for their money


    2) he didn’t have any money and he lied constantly about having money every year in order to trick poor season ticket holders into renewing

    I only see a cunt whichever one I choose.

  42. China

    Also lol at people going all gooey and soft on arsene for making it to 20 years and still being in the title race by October

    People forget so quickly how he treats them as cunts.

    Literally the only leg arsene has to stand on to garner anything resembling support right now is that he’s been at the club so bloody long half of us have never even known Arsenal without him. He’s like that racist uncle who keeps checking your wife’s arse out every Boxing Day who, if he hadn’t been there since before you were born, you’d have decked him years ago

  43. Galaxygooner

    We have to sell Wilshere ASAP. He is just making a living doing nothing. I would rather give zalalem a chance.Pretty average player and with that injury record, that fella is not built for the big league.

  44. STV

    Alexander Henry you put 2 options and went for the second one so there’s there’s 50% chance you re wrong. So stop selling your opinion as facts and try different topics each day.

  45. STV

    Bamford I think Romario was a very good dribbler but not especially pacy. Anyway I didn’t see many his games so not looking for an argument.

  46. Sam

    ha ha ha ha

    just like old women gossiping about anything they can think of…. boring!!
    Arsenal is not run like a normal club?
    what is your normal club? the one 100% owned by oil gangsters or the one undergoing daily threats of bankruptcy.
    no one actually know how much Wenger is given every summer
    but you can surely tell the difference now, we don’t face anymore bullying by other clubs to snatch our players.
    have we had muscles then we wouldn’t lose Van Persie but its all good
    one less cunt to be called Arsenal legend

    move on!!

  47. Sam

    Arsenal is run like a proper football club
    taking years to build n adding few additions every summer n the team get to know each other well plus the academy supplying 1 or 2 players each season.

    a not so normal clubs are the ones you are calling normal, Lol!!!
    a squad mercenaries with big ego, they can refuse to play to have ther coach sacked, they have no love for the club

  48. Pedro

    Bamford, keep it civilised. People slagging each other is not how one treats a fellow Arsenal fan, even if he is having problems with the budget issue.

  49. Pedro

    Redtruth, Romario was an incredible player… but more skillful than the greatest of all time? Don’t be ridiculous…

  50. Rhys Jaggar


    the 2016 accounts are pretty boring. Revenue went up by less than 10%, way down on Man Utd. This is due to a lack of significant growth in commercial revenues, which are still well under £100m, when competitors are pushing £200m. The expensive American imports are not paying their way.

    Both P+L snd cash flow are almost neutral, which means that those cash hoarding stopped last year and a balanced budget was executed.

    Finalists, it is likely that there will be no net debt in next year’s accounts, equating to the cash pile covering outstanding stadium debt plus debenture debt.

    To compete financially with Utd, Barca and Real, Arsenal need a glory story to woo the sponsors into bigger deals. An EPL title, or doing a Leicester in the Chsmpions League. Stadium revenues are maxed out and media is mostly pooled, so it is UCL prize money and commercials where revenue growth can be achieved….

  51. Sam

    Arsenal fans can tell their billionaire to fok off, we don’t need him

    Chelsea n Man city can’t

    I always repeat this:

    Arsenal still a bigger club than Chelsea n Man city

  52. raptora

    Oh, something all of us should give to Wenger: no one saw Alexis being a regular CF for us coming. And then when Wenger started trying it game after game we were all sceptical about it. It sucked for few games but right now we’re just flying.

    You could see that Wenger wanted to change our style with the donkey football we were playing with a heavy CF infront, that was obvious with the Vardy bid. Probably why Vardy wasn’t worried being a sub cause Wenger probably told him he wants deep pressing, fast passes, quick change of pace and deadly counter attacks. Also explains why we were intrested so heavily in Lacazette. And atm we are such a pleasure to watch.

    So gotta give him those two things. 1. Identifying the need for a change of our playstyle and actually changing it; 2. The Alexis being our CF idea.

    Chances are that in normal circumstances, aka no injuries to Per and Gabriel, we would have went balls deep for a way more expensive forward than Perez and land up Lacazette or Aubameyang, and after identifying Alexis as a valid choice for a CF (Arsene probably came up with this in his mind at some point in the summer) spend the money for a winger like Mahrez or Reus. Who could believe at that time that Alexis will fit in so well (so far) and that he is probably a better CF than the £65 mil Lacazette (who is out for months with an injury) and that Iwobi AND guess who –> FEO?! will play the way they do from the start of the season. And yes, ofc that the transfers are helping, especially Mustafi who thus far looks like Kos’ brother from another mother, and for having a deep squad without worrying if we miss players (other than Cazorla who is sublime and maybe Alexis), but the way that we look – deep pressing, fast movement, quick passing, deadly counters.. this is Wenger. And the boyz ofc. People saying there might be a change in Wenger’s mindset this season I think there is. We will see how long will it last.

  53. jwl

    Way back when Arsenal arranged loans to build Emirates, one of the covenants was that Arsenal had to reinvest a certain % of annual profits into the club.

    Institutions that loaned Arsenal money wanted to make sure some of the profits were spent on new players to ensure Champs League money and loans would then be easily repaid – banks didn’t want Arsenal owners to asset strip the club like glazers at manure have done.

    Instead of spending money on new players, Wenger decided to invest money in existing players by giving them large salaries that they hadn’t earned yet. That’s where this socialist wage policy has come from, Arsenal paid huge salaries to young players who were supposed to develop together into the next Barca.

  54. Sam

    True leadership is about getting people do things they never thought they could

    I remember Van Persie saying he never thought he could score that many goals, in one season the boss kept pushing him

    ungrateful cunt left us the following summer

  55. Redtruth


    I take it you mean Messi…?

    Romario makes Messi look like Heskey.

    Romario also single-handedly won the World Cup for Brazil which is more than what Messi has managed…


  56. Vote leave

    Well said

    It wasn’t the right time to convert Sanchez into a lone forward
    He needed to acclimatise and we needed him more on the wing due to injuries.
    He was a revaluation there anyway.

    There is no need to be so critical.
    Only Alex Ferguson had fared better in the premier league than arsene and most of his competitors had far better means to compete with