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What a day. I’ve taken myself off Twitter. Since I’ve left, ALL the news has happened. I feel so disconnected. Naked almost. No one has called me a piss bucket for 3 days. Cold sweats. Must. Resist. The hell.


Firstly, Sam Allardyce was well and truly busted by a Fake Sheikh when sharing his views on how to game the transfer system. I can tell you for real, the Fake Sheikh involved was a concerned England fan who questioned whether the exBolton manager had the tactical and personal acumen to lead England to glory.

They took one for the team… and god bless their sweet, sweet entrapment. Well, I was game for Sam moving on until I heard the new favourite is Steve Bruce. Sweet Jesus. Has it come really come to this? That’s like firing your school caretaker for having weird stuff on his harddrive then giving Ian Huntley the job.

DON’T DO IT. At least give the role to someone who has had a modicum of success, somewhere, in the last ten years. What about Harry… no wait?

The Telegraph are also claiming there’s more to come. At least 8 Premier League managers past and present who’ve engaged in bad things. I mean, I have a list in my head. I think generally, you have to look at older names, people who’ve been in and around the shite clubs over the year and I would suspect a friendly face who has stunk out the league with rumours for years will be having difficulty with his granola this morning.

We’ll see…

I hope Wenger isn’t involved. Imagine the banter. I mean, if he was ever implicated, you might nod your head, in the same way you do when a celebrity is implicated into Operation Yewtree.

‘Oh come on Dave, you didn’t suspect? A great manager like Wenger buying Bischoff, Chamakh and Park-Chu Young? It was obvious’

Luckily for us, Wenger has more integrity than the universe combined. He has so much integrity, when you’re around him and think about a lie, your nose starts to bleed like that little girls does in Stranger Things.

Bigger picture here is that when you flood a game of thick people with mountains of money, you’re going to have this happen. I mean, more to the point, when smart vultures circle a game of dimwits, this is what happens. One of the quotes from the Italian agent was something like…

‘… and I thought the Italian’s were corrupt’

Big slap in the face for the English. We do generally think we’re salt of the earth and above corruption. A pretty embarrassing notion really. Shameful anyone would do such things in football, but hey ho… as long as it’s not happening at Arsenal.

In Arsenal news, some are saying Ozil has signed, some are saying he hasn’t. Whatever is going on, it seems he’s about to lend us his best years, which is lovely. He might even earn more money than Arsene Wenger. Which means Wenger is  about to push for a pay hike, or Arsenal are finally admitting that your manager doesn’t need to be paid the most when he’s not the best.

I love Ozil, he really owned the game at the weekend. We need more of that. He needs to be more to the team than just fancy passes. He needs to lead when the chips are down and he needs to fight like we know he can.

Jamie Vardy has come out in the press to give his side of the summer story.

“With people like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil creating chances, Arsenal felt they could benefit me as much as I could them.

“But I also thought about the tactical aspect. You look at Arsenal’s style of play and they don’t get the ball forward quickly in the same way Leicester do for those runs I like to make in behind the defence.

“One thing that didn’t worry me was the idea that I wouldn’t be the ‘main man’ at Arsenal.”

I mean, mildly amusing someone like Jamie Vardy is making tactical decisions Arsenal should have been. But a fair point. I think we dodged a bullet there. I think I’m happy with Lucas Perez. He’s younger, looks a similar player but perhaps has more room to grow and perhaps has a bit more suitability to our game which doesn’t involve long balls over the top. Fairplay for Vardy. Living your life out in Leicester… I mean, whatever. London is way cooler. But whatever. Stick to your Nando’s and that fancy Asian place (Wagamama’s Jamie, it’s no big deal)

Theo Walcott is back in the press after a few good games… talking up his attitude.

“I want it more than anyone else, but that’s just me and the way that I work now. It’s a shame that it only hit me a few years ago because there’s been a slight change in my attitude ahead of big games.”

… he also said, ‘I want it more than anyone else’, which is fucking lovely. However, it was only last year he was saying the same things. This is October last year whilst talking about Alexis.

“He wants to win and he wants to achieve things. And, with that work-rate, if he can do it, then why can’t I do it?”

“Maybe that was missing a few years ago. Now, I’ve really thought, ‘I need to step up’ and players like that help.”

So the lesson here? Theo Walcott is all talk until he does this consistently. He has the right attributes to be a very potent player. But does he have the consistency? Does he have balls? Up to him. He needs to make it this season, because if he doesn’t, well, there will be another 3 year deal, but many questions from fans. No one likes questions, especially if they’re sent to your Twitter account under the hashtag #CuntFlap. I hate the internet.

Finally, if Hector Bellerin wasn’t already one of my favourite players, he’s just upped his game by dating an actress 9 years his senior. What a champ. Can just imagine the dinner date chat about FIFA 17 going down a dream.

FINALLY, big game against Basel in a few hours. They might play a little and large combo of Janko (LOL) and Doumbia. Are our centre backs ready to take them on? I know it’s sometimes confusing for players to deal with more than one striker. Hopefully we have a plan there. Also, a correction from yesterday, no Giroud for today. So I’d guess it’ll be Alexis up top, because it’s too early for Perez?

Catch ya’ll later… also, Ryder Cup this week. CANNOT WAIT. x

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  1. Rambo Ramsey

    Ozil’s ‘chances created’ stats have fallen off a cliff. From averaging something around 4 per game last season, now its 2 per game (yet to register an assist this season). With Sanchez coming deeper and occupying attacking mid positions, Ozil should step it up a notch and start scoring more often.

  2. Paulinho

    As long as Iwobi stays in the team and keeps his level then this team can actually compete major competitions this year. He just elevates everyone around him, drops deep and helps out Cazorla and Xhaka with his nimbleness, and then the next second he’s linking with Sanchez and giving him someone to dovetail with.

    If Iwobi gets injured or his level drops, our level drops significantly. Walcott and Alexis at Old Trafford would be disaster. Ball simply won’t stick. Sanchez has been excellent but be interesting to see how long he can keep it up. Still think as the season goes on he will drop deeper and deeper. His comfort zone is dropping deep and lacing the ball, not running in behind and quickly sorting his feet out to slip the ball past on-rushing keepers.

  3. Romford Ozil Pele

    The position changes have been very interesting. Özil is basically playing on top of Alexis now so on a heat map it’d look really weird. It doesn’t even look particularly balanced but it works for us as Özil and Theo make runs in behind. Özil has to score more this season as we’ve diversified our creative threat (a good thing). He can stay higher up and focus on the final ball, getting into goal scoring positions himself. He got into two positions last night but finished poorly. Think that’s what we’ll be looking for him more to do. Iwobi is coming in off the wing now into central spaces to create overloads so Özil either drifts out when this happens or runs in behind.

  4. Sam

    Iwobi has a deputy

    He’s called Jeff Reine-Adelaide
    We’ll probably see him get his minutes on the pitch soon
    I am worried more about Sanchez’s deputy, hopefully Lucas will try his best if we need to rest him( Sanchez)

  5. Leedsgunner

    Wasn’t Dembele at Fulham before he went up there? I believe we were linked with him before… in January last year.

  6. Sam

    I am not Pedro

    time to enjoy a Gad dem game of game of soccer
    or get a hell out and watch your gad dem ice hockey

    GAD DAMN IT!!!!!!

  7. Paulinho

    Scary how many we options we have with the team that played last night. The opposition simply have no idea whether to press or not, because they get burned either way

  8. Bamford10

    A supporter on Twitter has asked how Ramsey could get back into the XI, if at all.

    My basic thought is that his best chance would be replacing Cazorla as the CM, but to do that, he would need to bring much more discipline, consistency & efficiency (in passing/distribution) to his game.

  9. Dissenter

    Wenger : ‘Of course. But my priority has always been this club. Until the end of this season I’m here.’

    The very prospect of the FA offering Wenger the England job will force Arsenal’s hands.
    Wenger will have a contract offer from Kroenke by mid-October. He’s going to milk this situation for all that’s worth. He’s going to make it hard to critique him if he stays.
    How do you criticize the manager who turned down the England job to stay on?

  10. Leedsgunner


    Would you rotate versus Burnley or keep the same team? I know that with Theo being so hot and cold, there’s merit in striking while the iron is hot… what I’m worried about is the iron getting broken.

    Theo doesn’t do short injuries either. When he becomes injured he’s out for months! Having appeared to have made some headway back into good form, I would hate for him to get injured and set the whole process back again… frankly at 27, he doesn’t have the time to go through that merry go around again.

  11. Bamford10


    I agree that Iwobi has been excellent, but I’m not sure I’d go as far as you do and say that absent Iwobi the system falls apart. I actually think Theo and Alexis were more essential to our quality of play last night — everyone played a role, though, obviously — despite Iwobi also having a good game.

    I agree that someone else in that spot will not give us the same, but I’m not sure I think it all hinges on Iwobi.

    I think it all hinges on MOVEMENT, and at moment our players are giving us tons of this.

  12. Sam

    “Chris Willock is better than Jeff man”


    But Jeff is more mature
    Willock now seems to be falling for the usual English hypes
    He needs to get serious or he’ll fall behind

  13. Bamford10


    Agreed. A couple of games ago, I almost remarked that we were playing with a false nine of sorts — someone said this here last night, I think — because Alexis spends so much time away from the pocket in front of the CBs. Whatever it is, it’s difficult to defend — largely on account of movement, interchange and interplay — and it’s working.

  14. Romford Ozil Pele

    I still think Wenger wants to play a Xhaka-Ramsey pivot. With the way Coquelin has been positioned this season and how Santi played next to Xhaka last night, they’re basically #8’s which is Ramsey’s position. Rambo has a high work rate so it’s essentially replicating his partnership with Arteta. My worries, of course here are Ramsey’s positional discipline and the fact we’re building through one player (Xhaka). I liked last night because either Santi or Xhaka built well through the first and second phase. Anyway we’ll see how it pans out. Ramsey is a huge goal threat so it could work.

    Generally speaking, however, I’m a fan of this double pivot that keeps two CMs behind the ball and positions us well in case of a turnover.

  15. Leedsgunner

    “He can stay higher up and focus on the final ball, getting into goal scoring positions himself. He got into two positions last night but finished poorly. ”

    Maybe Xhaka can give him shooting from distance lessons. 🙂

  16. Romford Ozil Pele

    Anam Hassan (Arsenal Column) on Twitter pretty much earmarked this the other day. This current strategy has confused teams as to whether to push up or drop deep against Arsenal. There are pace options behind if you try to push up but if you don’t you also give the playmakers more time to pick a pass. It’s the quality of the football the last couple games that have impressed me. Obviously the challenge is now to keep it up and remain consistent. Whether we can do remains to be seen

  17. Dissenter

    We play on Sunday.
    There’s no reason why Theo shouldnt get a substitute appearance.

    Perez ought to start.
    Theo is bound to run dry at some point and we ought to give the new lad his opportunities.

  18. GoonerDave

    Conspiracy theory about Kroenke?
    When a conspiracy theory has a money-trail and obvious hard evidence, it moves from theory to reality.
    AW has his good and bad points, but neither have much to do with Kroenke using our club as a profit making machine. Ticket prices were raised. Players were sold to pay down debt. Cash reserves rarely touched. Focus was put on CL money. All this happened during the tenure of an owner who never put his hand in his pocket, despite having the resources to easily help out. There is plenty of evidence that the most important thing at our club in recent history was share price. Nothing else. Share price has boomed, Stan has made another billion. Are these just delightful coincidences for Stan?
    Kroenke’s ownership shouldn’t be used to defend or bash the manager – its a separate topic, worthy of discussion. As long as Stan Kroenke owns our club, sporting ambition will play second fiddle to share price. That, unlike the manager, is a permanent problem that will not go away.

  19. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bamford – yeah Alexis has been dropping off just infront of the CBs so it’s harder to pick him up. Walcott has also been playing alongside him so it’s a front two of sorts. Theo is taking up the positions that Alexis is vacating which is making him very dangerous. And if the defender then goes with Theo, Alexis has space to drive into with the ball. As Paulinho just alluded to, it’s iptions that are making the team dangerous. Arsenal could’ve hurt Basel from a myriad of positions last night, that was the most impressive aspect. We’re playing a lot higher up which means we’re able to box opposition teams inside their own halves and constantly force them into mistakes. Again, let’s see if we can keep it up but so far so good

  20. steve

    Thing is Ozil has always been a limited player but what he did he did very good. Now he’s not even doing that. He’s just making short passes in the middle. He’s basically a glorified Arteta now.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    Ramsey’s probably having sweet dreams of all that space up front that he can run into. The way Cazorla’s playing though, nobody has a chance of replacing him.

    Is it coincidence that that one game Wenger decided to bench Cazorla was our worst performance so far this season? We struggled badly after he got injured last season as well, Ramsey completely failing to fill Cazorla’s shoes.

  22. Paulinho

    Dissenter – Yep. I have always liked the type of player he was, but was doubtful that he could keep up the close control and decision-making (clowns like Chamberlain to blame for that skepticism), but he’s convinced me he is very, very good and is capable of producing it to the point you can rely on him for certain things he brings the team.

    The one thing he has to do now is go to Old Trafford and Spurs and show the same ability. Likes of Hleb were able to do it in those games and that’s the final step for me.

  23. Louis Almeida

    We struggled badly after Cazorla got injured because there was no creativity from deep. For example if Cazorla got injured now, Xhaka could pick up the slack and we could slot Ramsey in next to him.

  24. Paulinho

    Bamford – Everyone is playing very well, but we’ve seen similar from Wally before, and others as well. United at home last season we saw Ozil, Sanchez, Wally looking sharp and we know what happens to them once the grind of the season kicks in; their idiosyncracies start to appear, and our engine splutters. Iwobi for me acts as a medicinal aid to come to the rescue when that happens. He can keep the oiling the engine, and keep the collecting ticking while those players regenerate themselves. The nature of explosive players like Sanchez and Walcott is that they will go through slumps and then rise again.

  25. peanuts&monkeys

    its so sad, Perez didnt get a chance at home against the lowly Basel. How could this dumbo Oxlade play, and not Perez? this is so typical Wenger. he plays the players no one in the world are interested in, hoping he will prove everyone wrong, at the cost of Arsenal.

  26. Micheal

    Ramsey out of the Wales upcoming internationals. This will make at least two months out. Wasn’t it supposed to be a slight niggle ?

  27. Dissenter

    Ramsey is going to have to reinvent himself to get a regular role in the team.

    As for Jack…He’s gone for good.
    He’s been ordinary for Bournemouth. Hudson was really dumb to take him to the Euros.

  28. Red&White4life

    Glad to see I’m still on your ignoring list Sam…
    (big talker with no balls)

    But I still don’ t get your obsession with ice hockey…

  29. Sam

    Footballers are not supermen they all have their limits
    but focus n prioritize on what they do best
    Arsenal legend Henry couldn’t or wouldn’t use his head
    Alexis Sanchez doesn’t use his left foot
    Giroud can’t run
    Wenger doesn’t rotate etc……. etc……….

    we are all humans, we have things we can do n cannot do

  30. Dissenter

    The most bewildering thing about these season is the inordinate amount of chances that Oxlade keeps getting ahead of more consistent options.

    I just can’t wrap my mind around that.

  31. Paulinho

    “The most bewildering thing about these season is the inordinate amount of chances that Oxlade keeps getting ahead of more consistent options.”

    Imagine Iwobi gets injured and Chamberlain takes his place. Just pure dysfunction all the over the team.

  32. Sam


    just been to bathroom to check if I still have my testcles

    you can guess

    I Still have them, that was scary you shouldn’t say that again

    you scared the hell out of me gad dem it

  33. Steveyg87

    Feel that Wenger should have rested at least Santi ,kos and maybe sanchez last night.. I can understand why he didn’t. ROP raises a fair point on Wenger possibly viewing Ramsey and xhaka as his long term CM options, quite frankly, this pairing scares me to the core. Ramsey is very hit and miss in his style of play and would leave us vunerable in the middle when he bolts up field. I think our attacking options are sufficient to not have to resort this this option.

    Coq has been fantastic in his break up play and offers more steel in the middle, which is something the team has been crying out for, for years. Our balance has always leaned towards the attacking side, its about time we got the formula right. Wenger is on to something for a change, lets hope he doesn’t cock it up and resorts to playing favourites

  34. China

    My personal criteria for satisfaction comes very closely back to the quality of the football. I enjoy a hard fought 1-0 but Wenger of old built teams of such fluidity and dominance that anything less of any regularity bores me to tears

    I have barely enjoyed watching Arsenal for about 5 years because besides the shit results all over the place, the quality of football really hasn’t been there often at all.

    If we don’t win anything this year but we COMPETE and play this cracking football I won’t be complaining come May. I never did when we came up short in the year Eduardo broke his leg. We had a brilliant season despite the lack of trophies.

  35. Sam


    Some people really need spoon-feeding
    Wenger will leave his £8M job to coach England job for £3M
    then gets sacked on the spot for doing a bang bang with Chinese girls in Hong Kong.
    Is Wenger really that Daft?
    quit your unsackable job to take up sackable one.

  36. Romford Ozil Pele

    Stevey, I wanna hold off on the rotation for the moment mate. Kostafi need to continue to build their rapport and as of now we need results if we wanna top the group. Would’ve of taken Alexis off for Lucas at 60 though. The explosive players are the ones who need to be treated with care.

    The balance is spot on right now. If we are gonna rotate, and I’m not against it, it needs to be sensible without breaking up the balance

  37. Paulinho

    “Xhaka was okay yesterday, nothing exceptional. Unless he steps it up a bit, I don’t think he’s gonna be a guaranteed starter.”

    He’s generally a bit underwhelming for me,however in the context of the team and the players around him, his ability to pick out players from deep adds another dimension that tips us over the edge to being from being very good pass and move side, to a side that is verging on impossible to contain.

    Really interested to see how Burnley try and deal with us.

  38. Sam

    WOB people are getting desperate Lol!!!

    Arsenal job is bigger than England job, in case you didn’t notice
    the FA only have chance will Alan Pardew

  39. Romford Ozil Pele

    I’m almost 1000% sure Xhaka will be a long term starter because of his range of passing and his positioning from deep. It’s the range which he has in addition to his physicality which will see him start nearly all the time. He isn’t the quickest in transition but considering what he brings going forward it’s a great addition. He also covers a shed load of ground despite him not being very quick.

  40. Red&White4life

    Sam is like wenger, he always knows best.
    So please don’t contradict him, or he adds you to his famous “ignoring list” lol

    The kind of s*ckers I really love…

  41. Rambo Ramsey

    Paulinho, yeah that’s true, but if I have to pick the one signing that’s made a difference to the team, its gotta be Mustafi. What a player.

    The guy made 2 keypasses yesterday ffs, a Centreback!

  42. steve

    Romford Ozil PeleSeptember 29, 2016 10:48:53
    Lol Steve stop trolling and go and focus on your own team’s limitations.


    Lol surprised you would show up to defend your lover boy. Ozil with zero assists so far this season. As I said a glorified Arteta.

  43. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Steve did you enjoy Saturday’s result or….?

    Come on bruv you’ve been posting on here as a Chelsea fan for time. Do you not have anything else to do. And we’ve already discussed Özil’s changing role this season. Keep up, bruv.

  44. Bamford10

    I have been very hard on Walcott over the years, so I just want to reiterate how impressed I was with both his effort and his quality last night. That was one of the better individual performances from an Arsenal player in some time, in my opinion.

    Hats off to you, Theo, and a thousand apologies for anything negative I’ve said about you in the past. Keep playing like that, and I promise no one will sing your praises any more highly than I do.


  45. Paulinho

    Rambo – Agree on Mustafi. Him and Koscielny are vital if you have Xhaka playing deep as well. One instance in the first half last night when Xhaka was too slow to get a ball and one of them saw it and bailed him out by stepping into midfield.

  46. Sam

    The FA is weak, they don’t even have the balls to stand by their man against dirty politics.
    they washed their hands quickly n get rid of him with a pay-off
    A strong organisation will at least buy time claiming they are investigating it

    Do you really think Wenger will talk to them?

  47. Leedsgunner

    Two clean sheets and two games where we came out with the same fire and intensity — plus 4th straight victory, 8 game unbeaten run — consistency is the key here. We need to take it a game at a time and Burnley shouldn’t be underestimated… and they’ll be buzzing after beating Watford…

    Complacency is our biggest enemy. If we don’t throw 3 points away against sides like Burnley and perform well against our rivals… who knows what we can achieve this season. 🙂

    Biggest change for me this season? I’m looking forward Arsenal matces, rather than dreading what is going to happen next! 🙂

  48. Guns of Brixton

    Iwobi and Iheanacho got hella nigerian fans excited for the future lool.

    I think we ll lose Iwobi to this years AFCON in January / February time which is a bummer

  49. Sam


    I am not obsessed with Ice hockey

    just wouldn’t trust a judgement of anyone who call football soccer
    then their hands in their so called “Football” instead of foot

    Gad Damn Oxymoron

  50. Sam

    Well I hope Iwobi doesn’t win that young player award
    what happened to Hazard after winning it?

    We should learn how to keep our young talents from limelight

    let Rashford win it, He needs it

  51. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Biggest change for me this season? I’m looking forward Arsenal matces, rather than dreading what is going to happen next!

    Agreed, it’s nice being able to look forward to watching the Arsenal.

  52. DivineSherlock

    I think most people on here would agree that this season is definitely looking different than most ? We look better in attack and even more awesome in defense . This certainly feels like the one season where we were close before Eduardo’s leg break . Surely feels as if all pieces have fallen into places , no major Injuries , Having options off the bench . The only major issue is complacency. I hope that we take every game seriously.

  53. DivineSherlock


    Sexy football has everyone excited , I look forward to Burnley . I want more of that sexy football . The only confidence killer fixture we might encounter is ManUtd , Maureen will try his level best to unsettle us.

  54. STV

    “Xhaka was okay yesterday, nothing exceptional. Unless he steps it up a bit, I don’t think he’s gonna be a guaranteed starter.”

    Had Coquelin played instead of him and done more or less similar, We’d have won the match because of the ‘defensive solidity’ and ‘hardwork’ offered by Coquelin.

    I think it’s a great chance for Xhaka to cement his position in the team and for us, not going back to the recurrent mediocrity that hurt so often in the past.

  55. Leedsgunner

    Call me a philistine — I don’t care if the football is sexy… I want three points on the board… I’ll take boring boring Arsenal if it means winning winning Arsenal.

    Win more three points than anyone else — we can have a sexy trophy to admire at the end of the EPL season…

    Arsenal then could do a special parade right outside Mourinho’s house with Arsene holding the trophy…

  56. Red&White4life

    “Call me a philistine — I don’t care if the football is sexy… I want three points on the board… I’ll take boring boring Arsenal if it means winning winning Arsenal.”

    Spot on!!
    Too many times, by the past, we have played sexy football, but with zero trophies on arrival

  57. Rambo Ramsey

    Look at these stats detailing Sanchez’s performance yesterday

    Total passes attempted:48
    Pass completion percentage: 92( second highest on the pitch )
    Chances created: 4( highest on the pitch )
    Assists: 2 ( highest on the pitch )
    Dribbles attempted: 4 ( highest on the pitch )
    Dribble completion percentage: 100
    Tackles attempted: 3 ( second highest on the pitch )
    Tackle success percentage: 100
    Interceptions: 2

    Jeez,talk about a near complete performance.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    I have to disagree slightly, I didn’t think Xhaka was great yesterday but you can see what he brings to the side, he plays nice long passes that he gets off early and puts us on the front foot, when you have players like Iwobi and Sanchez and as of right now Walcott who are receiving the ball well and then pressing forward, interchanging, that ability for us to win the ball back deep and immediately fire a ball forward with Kroos like precision instead of what we would have usually done (take three to four passes to achieve the same gains) will be invaluable.

    Literally can go from defence to a lethal counter with one swing of Xhaka’s boot. Also, defences won’t be so keen to sit back against us this year, you’re just inviting Xhaka to find his range and then punish you.

  59. OleGunner


    Spot on!!
    Too many times, by the past, we have played sexy football, but with zero trophies on arrival

    We’ve also been playing shit, boring football for a couple years and won sweet fuck all.
    I’d actually rather play nice footy and lose.

    But then that’s like picking between a giant douche and a turd sandwich for President.

  60. STV

    The biggest difference between this season and past 8-9 seasons is that we have a stable defense. We have came some way having a good squad and- ideally without Wenger, we can build on this hopefully.

  61. STV

    No one really cares about sexy football these days. Even Barca fans don’t rave about I so we can give that notion a rest.

    Let’s win something big preferably this season, or the next, without Wenger.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    Sanchez did waste a few, but also their keeper had a very good game I thought, that one handed save from Sanchez’s dinked finesse finish in the first half in particular was great…literally took one to the balls for the team as well.

  63. OleGunner


    Barca still don’t put fans to sleep with their football which is nice.
    Of course winning is the most important thing, totally agree.

    Just semantics really of what style of play I’d like to see.

  64. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, agree bro. There was a pint yesterday where he won the ball then played a 50-yard diagonal almost instantly out to the left flank, think to Özil. Just another string to the bow and makes the team more dangerous

  65. Rambo Ramsey

    ” Also, defences won’t be so keen to sit back against us this year, you’re just inviting Xhaka to find his range and then punish you. ”

    Tbh defences sitting deep nullify Xhaka’s long balls, Sanchez and Walcott won’t be winning many aerial duels.

  66. DivineSherlock

    Guys I’m only saying that its really exciting to watch , thats all . After years of drab football on show this team really look like its clicking . This team looks like a machine . No square pegs in round hole . And I think people need to cut Xhaka some slack , let him get used to Premier league’s pace . Once he gets going he can be our Xabi Alonso 😉

  67. grooveydaddy


    what’s your take on Theo thus far?

    you’ve always been (rightfully, for the most part) one of his harshest critics…

  68. Leedsgunner

    The full Golden Boy 2016 list:


    Iwobi’s valuation just went through the roof.

    Why is it worth having a strong strong academy? Ask yourself, if we had to buy Iwobi on the open market, how much do you think he would cost?

    In my mind he is equal to Leroy Sane who Man City bought for £30m this summer. In his present form he is probably worth more.

    On another note I see, that a certain Mahmoud Dahoud and Andreas Christensen from B. Munchengladbach are on the list…

    Bearing in mind we’ve signed Granit Xhaka from them this summer, would they be willing to do a deal with us?

    If Özil extends his contract, I would get him to have a friendly chat with Schalke youngster Breel Embolo. I think he could be our Dybala, we need to get in there before Bayern Munich do. Nothing like a past legend of your present club inviting you to join him 🙂 (Plus he’s Swiss!)

    My point is we need to use our existing stars to draw in others more. For example, who is the brightest Chilean talent coming through… surely with Alexis at our club we would have a step up from the competition…

    Tapping up? Nah, just giving friendly advice. 🙂

  69. China

    I think the real point is about nice football and competing.

    If you compete on multiple fronts in a meaningful way year in year out you are going to win some trophies along the way.

    That’s why if we don’t win anything one year but we had a really competitive season with good football I can accept that. Because put in a similar season the year after we’ll probably pick up some silverware.

    It’s like in the early Wenger days. Sometimes Utd won but we had the consolation of knowing that if we kept going then maybe next year it’s our turn

    The problem was for the last 5+ years we didn’t compete at all. We didn’t have the consolation of entertaining football even.

    There was nothing to smile about

  70. Sam

    Theo Walcott only thriving for playing alongside Sanchez

    So what?

    Andy Cole grew up n developed better with Peter Bearsdley

    Football is like foking education , you learn from someone better before you earn your foking Phd

  71. Leedsgunner

    THeo says he’s learning playing with Sanchez. Not rocket science is it? Players who play with better players than themselves become better.

    For Theo’s sake I really really hope he blossoms and kicks on… because to be honest he can be the finest English winger of his generation, if he wanted by now. He should be one of the best by now, and we shouldn’t be talking about his potential anymore.

    To be honest,he looks like the player who was thriving next to RvP back in 2012.

    In retrospect RvP’s departure really stunted Walcott’s development… you can see that now.

  72. Leedsgunner

    Point taken Eagle 🙂

    My point remains that we should be using our stars to attract others… I know Embolo hasn’t had a good time of late but hasn’t he been knocked back with injuries? He can’t be all that bad if he’s still made the long list! 🙂

  73. WengerEagle

    I’ve been one of Feo’s harshest critics on here for a long time- justifiably so in the past seasons but credit where it is due, the lad has started this season like a freight train.

    I don’t expect him to sustain this type of form for long but if he can even revert to his 2012/13 performances, he’ll be an important player for us.

  74. Rambo Ramsey

    ” In retrospect RvP’s departure really stunted Walcott’s development… you can see that now. ”

    Don’t know about that, Walcott had his best season in an Arsenal shirt right after pursestrings left. I’d say the ACL he sustained the season after, coupled with the stupid idea of reinventing himself as a striker( like Henry ) stunted his growth.

  75. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I’m not a big fan of his, I’m certainly not buying into the hype because we’ve seen this before, will only be convinced when I see consistency…however, I am very impressed with his attitude, his laziness is something that has always irked me, but he’s tracking back, making good runs, harassing the opposition a la Sanchez, being purposeful with the ball, actually using his brain when he receives the ball.

    Long may it continue, at the end of the day my personal grievances with players are trumped by the success of the team, I would rather Walcott finally step up and I say ‘he proved me wrong, good for him’ than for us to suffer the Walcott of the last decade.

    Though as I say, I’m still not convinced just yet of the longevity of these displays.

    Will say though, I don’t know if it is the summer of fitness work, or whether it was just how he was playing but he looked a bigger physical presence yesterday and against Chelsea. Perhaps if he feels confident in his strength, presence and his body that might filter into performances.


    Yeah exactly, Arsenal have always been so one dimensional, now people look at Xhaka, Caz, Ozil, Sanchez, Iwobi and Walcott (if it continues) and there’s intricate passers in there, dribblers, speedsters, long pass specialist, distance shooters. You really have to plan for everything when playing that side.

  76. salparadisenyc

    I’m with Eagle, i’ve slated Theo for ages and rightfully so.
    But we must give the dude some props for putting in the work and fighting for his place, after nearly everyone wanted him sold this summer.

    Reborn at the moment, looks a real threat. England recall next.

  77. Romford Ozil Pele

    Have to say though, Theo does seem to have an awesome record against Chelsea. In fact his goal scoring record in big games generally is pretty good. Again as CA has said let’s see if he can maintain his consistency though I guess that applies to the whole team. This is where the squad comes in because certain players will get tired at certain stages so others will step in and fill in.

    Ramsey, L’Oreal, Elneny, Perez, Ox, Welbz (when he returns will all have a role to play).

    Still would’ve liked a Lacazette in this squad but let’s see how far we can go.

  78. China

    We may yet have to hold our hands up and credit Wenger for the weird decision to not buy a top striker and use Alexis instead. Every ounce of me says it was the wrong decision and every week he scored or assists….

    If he maintains a good record this season in the current role I’ll hold my hands up. It seems really weird for arsene to be so poor are team selection and strategizing for such a long time and to suddenly wake up and do something smart with his resources, but it’s looking like he *may* have done

    Even more so the position change reminds me of early days Wenger who left people guessing what he was thinking regularly but was usually proved right. Memories of Henry being fit but left on the bench against United and us winning anyway. Fucking good.