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Good news to start the day, Francis Coquelin is going to be back in the game in three weeks time. Spectacular turnaround. I think the injury curse generally only happens with the British players. I mean, if Danny Welbeck was out for three weeks, you’d suggest Wenger go out and buy a new Striker in January. Not that it matters, we have plenty of options in the centre of the park.

I mean, if you’re honest, we’ll need injuries to keep players happy this season. Wenger isn’t exactly master of rotation at the best of times, what the hell he’s going to do when he has Aaron Ramsey back in the fold is beyond my blog pay grade.


What else?

Champions League against Basel. Home of the Lord Xhaka and the Egyptian God, Elneney. It’s also the current residence of Xhaka’s Brothers, Squire Xhaka, or something?

Talking of Elneney, when asked what he learnt from his days in Switzerland, he said

“I was there for three years and also learned how to be more punctual both on and off the pitch, and not to fear any opponent we face. I liked the club and enjoyed my time there.”

Say what Mohamed? Punctual on the pitch? Like, out of the dressing room on time? Weird comment.

Anyway, Wenger thinks we’re up against tough competition tomorrow, which we likely are. Doesn’t mean we should accept a loss. We’ve hit a nice streak of form. The team looked committed and smart. We have fit players. We have way more experience in the competition than them. It’s a big game, we win, it sets the tone for the group and allows us to put pressure on PSG. We really do need to top the group this year. We can’t drop out at the last 16 again this February. We need to make at least a quarter-final dent this season.

Basel has been in great form, they’ve won 9 in a row domestically. So should be a good game. I’d imagine Wenger will bring Giroud back in from the dark to stretch out his legs, but with Sanchez in such good form, who knows? We’ll no doubt see David Ospina between the sticks, the guy gives me heart palpitations, but I guess in the Champions League where they’re not quite so hot on the crosses, he should be fine. Plus, not like Petr Cech has been pulling up trees.

Right, I really don’t have much today, so have a great day and I’ll see you in the comments.


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  1. DivineSherlock


    It was due to Walcott believing in his own hype . Not due to bad management , agent filled his head with nonsense probably.

  2. Louis Almeida

    Third-party ownership is whereby private investors, it can be an individual, company, or fund, own part of a player’s economic rights.

    It’s very popular amongst South American players which is why it’s hard to get them to come to England straight away. The most popular case was with Tevez and Mascherano at West Ham nearly 10 years ago. It’s now banned in England which can make it difficult to get the best South American talents.

  3. Sam

    Well the Fa sacked someone for talking about rules that don’t even exist in England.

    you buy third party owned player by getting agent to buy him out first
    Even Usmanov wanted to do it with Neymar but he already decided to go to Spain also Arsenal blocked him from paying any money for our transfer activities.
    He wanted his company to buy him then loan him or resell him to Arsenal.

    these so called journalists also know this
    but England manager cannot talk about it, pathethic

  4. Daz

    “Third-party ownership is whereby private investors, it can be an individual, company, or fund, own part of a player’s economic rights.”

    Yeah barbosa was owed three ways, his parents had a portion an agency another then the club, not sure how it is now with inter Milan I doubt they paid for all three parts of him lol

  5. Bamford10

    OK, so club A owns 50% of player B’s rights and entity C owns the other 50%; if we want to sign player B, we have to pay 50% of his fee to the one and 50% of the fee to the other. Is that the basic idea?

    How and why does this complicate things for English clubs? Aside from the fact that I guess you have to get two parties to agree to a valuation rather than one.

    Further, when and how do these third parties buy “a stake” in the player? Does this happen before the player signs his first professional contract?

  6. Sam

    I don’t really like Sam Allardyce but i will not jump the bandwagon n enjoy anyone losign his job.
    Even though he’ll never miss out on rent payments like me, still its his livelihood, causing grief n embarrassment to him n his family.

  7. Leedsgunner

    Why did the FA ban third party rights for players?

    On moral grounds, does it invite corruption because the commercial relationships become convoluted?

    Commercially if the player is treated as a commercial asset, I don’t why third party ownership can’t work if guidelines are followed and enforced. Consortiums gather together all the time for huge loans and infrastructure projects.

    Are transfer fees now gotten to the point now where the most talented players are akin in value to an infrastructure project or a multilayered facility?

    Do they allow third party rights then in Portugal… where many Brazilians seem
    to end up? Or is that more for cultural reasons (Portugal being the mother country… or both?)

  8. Louis Almeida

    Leedsgunner, TPO is banned everywhere now but it was commonplace in Portugal for a long time. It was part of how we acquired Di Maria and Ramires as youngsters knowing they’d develop here before moving for bigger fees. Read the above link I sent to Bamford10.

  9. BigCheese

    I think the FA banned it as it has some links with criminal activity and some players can be forced into being owned.

    As a result it restricts the players free movement.

    Essentially a form of people trafficking..

  10. The Iceman


    ‘What exactly is third-party ownership, btw?’

    There’s this thing called Google, you might of heard about it.

    The all knowing all knowledgeable banford doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.

  11. Leedsgunner

    “As a result it restricts the players free movement.Essentially a form of people trafficking..”

    A very very good point… I can see that… especially with young boys from the developed world. Thanks Big Cheese. I was looking at it solely with my commercial hat on — but at the end of the day we are dealing with people, flesh and blood… mustn’t forget that.

    Suitably chastised and repentant. Sorry.

  12. BigCheese

    Leeds – no chastising from me fella you carry on as you are.

    Yeah I agree with you; we forget that there is this dark side to it all behind all the rolex watches andFerraris.

  13. Red&White4life

    “Sam Allardyce claimed “entrapment has won” after facing the media for the first time since losing his job as England manager.”


  14. Carts

    Allardyce conducted himself unprofessionally and got caught. Was it in the public’s interest? yep.

    The thing is, if you turn a blind eye to this, a precedent is set whereby some other manager will go a step further and who knows what that could mean.

  15. Red&White4life

    “Arsene Wenger has stressed the importance of Arsenal winning their Champions League group ”

    Arsène, are you tired to see your team of being ripped apart by bayern or barcelona ?? lol
    (yes, I’m loooking at you)

  16. STV

    “Arsène, are you tired to see your team of being ripped apart by bayern or barcelona ?? lol”

    True it’ll be nice to see a proper run in to qf and not hearing bullshit like we have 50-50 chance against Barca / Bayern

  17. Leedsgunner

    Allardyce victim or idiot?

    You earn £3m a year — in your dream job. For a chance to earn a few bob you say unflattering things about your predecessor, your employer and give advice on how to break your employer’s regulations…

    Then you get found out.

    The only thing Big Sam was trapped by was the size of his ego.

    Allardyce, a victim? Give it a rest.

  18. Sam

    Maitland niles mum not really cute but she’s hothead feisty baby mama
    guarrantee hot action for sure

    ooops! let me keep quiet before prude Joe n his uncle Redtruth get upset

    and complain to Pedro

  19. Sam

    Usmanov wanted to spend on big players with his own money

    Arsenal board rejected it

    if you didn’t know this please dont waste my time

  20. Sam

    Entrapment should be made illegal

    not just about fat Sam
    luring someone flying him around the world just to get him to commit a crime

    what kinda job is that?
    they call themselves journalists ha ha ha ha

  21. Red&White4life

    “Usmanov wanted to spend on big players with his own money
    Arsenal board rejected it”

  22. Joe


    Someone calls wenger a decent and honest man and I tell you why he isn’t and the akbs get all in a lather that I’m talking badly about their messiah.

    I don’t need to get desperate to bring down wenger’s legacy. His last 10-12 seasons will do it for him.

    One win over Chelsea and the akbs sure have their chests puffed out.

  23. Joe


    It’s not a crime what fat sam did. It’s not illegal.

    Just doesn’t look to good using your position to make money 3 months into your tenure and the comments about “woy” and Neville and transfers

    FA just didn’t want an ugly mess to deal with

    It’s more the perception of what he did rather than any legal issues

  24. Louis Almeida

    “It’s not a crime what fat sam did. It’s not illegal.”

    Telling people how to get round regulations your own employers have enforced isn’t exactly good practice I would say, especially when you’re already earning £3m per annum. All this for £400k extra seems a bit much and just greedy really. Anyway I’m interested in the other 8 names the Telegraph names. This is very good journalism.

  25. Carts

    “Anyway I’m interested in the other 8 names the Telegraph names. This is very good journalism.”

    GFew managers sitting in front of Sky Sports news with their assholes twitching like a rabbit’s nose.