Arsenal vs Chelsea preview: Time to turn the tables

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It’s very difficult to replace the passion of a North London Derby, but for me, playing Chelsea is right up there for pure hate stakes. At least with Spurs of late, you could kind of respect their playing style… and we normally beat them. Chelsea? Mostly getting the better of us, mostly under horrible circumstances, mostly with a nasty air of arrogance.

Today, we have make a statement. I kind of feel like Wenger team talks find their way into the press. Like there’s a push to tell the people that he’s thinking about the opposition. What I’m taking from the read around is there’s a plan to finish the game with 11 men and we’re worried about their counter attack.

Pretty deep stuff.

I’d imagine based on the confidence we showed in the week, factored with the decimation of Hull, we’ll go all out to attack them. They don’t have the fastest back four and I’m not sure they’re in a world of confidence at the moment. Being taken to extra time by a Leicester currently being spanked by United tells a story. This game is a chance for Conte to showcase his skill as a manager. He’ll have looked at our midfield being fairly open and I’d imagine he’ll have some sort of plan to take advantage of our high press.

We need to be alert to the pace of their players and also the new found confidence of Diego Costa and Eden Hazard, two players largely responsible for the demise of Jose Mourinho when they switched off massively last season.

You all know my view on midfield. I’d be playing Xhaka. His ability to open the game from deep could be a huge asset. I’d probably go with Coquelin to strengthen the base, but I’m not sure I’d have him in a high press against a team we think will counter. I’d be using Santi as an impact sub.

However, the manager rested his favourites this week, so we know it’ll be Coq-Caz.

Perez looked good in the week, but I’d imagine Wenger more likely revert to type and go with Alexis or Giroud (if he’s passed fit). It’d be nice to think Wenger might try something interesting or new that could have the impact of wrecking Conte’s plan (because he’ll know exactly how we’re going to play)… but that’s not his style.  Imagine Wenger dropping a 3-5-2… or even a Giroud / Griezmann like frontline.


I don’t want to come out the back end of this game complaining about Diego Costa, moaning about the referee or bemoaning midfield discipline. We are a very good team, more than capable of defeating Chelsea. No excuses today, we need to set the tone for the rest of the year. I also want us to send a big middle finger the way of Rob Beasley. Fuck his book and his PR campaign designed to destablize the club.

Here’s to the 20th anniversary going better than the 1000th one…

Statement time… see you on the other side!

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  1. Ishola70

    Pathetic post Vote Leave.

    Lessons learned to certain fans? What the fvck does that mean?

    As another poster said the victory should be enjoyed by everyone. The doubters as well as the fans that continually walk in the Wenger Wonderland. But no we have the condescending posts from the “loyalists”.

    What you should be asking yourself Vote Leave is why there are so many doubters around. It’s not just a trickle is it. There are plenty that do not believe and will continue to probably not really believe that Wenger can win another EPL title.

    And you say the players will be “walking on air” now. That’s exactly what they should not be doing. They should remain grounded. That’s exactly the problem after Leicester were beaten at home last season.

    Arsenal played well yesterday but at the same time to totally ignore the big problems Chelsea have at this time still having a hangover from last season is naive and sticking the head in the sand.

    Some posters here were being berated for voicing concerns before the match re: the midfield. Ex-Arsenal players were voicing concerns about the midfield prior to the game. Ian Wright was voicing his own concerns about the midfield before the match. Maybe you want to tweet him and berate him as well for stating a view?

    Pathetic. Shame that the win is being used in such a cheap way by some.

  2. Emiratesstroller


    You have absolutely nothing positive to say about Arsenal.

    Moreover my last post did not suggest whatsoever that everything is perfect at
    the club or within team, but I did suggest that at the moment we appear to have resolved our goalscoring issues.

    We are averaging more than two goals per game and that is a reasonable return. Moreover we are less reliant on one player to deliver those goals.

  3. STV

    Hey let’s pretend all is well and there wasn’t anything wrong with the club or the manager ever just because we’ve won against Chelsea at home after years..

    Give the great man a ten year contract!!

  4. SUGA3

    I don’t think anyone is pretending all is well, but it does seem like he does deserve some credit for this game. Now let’s see how he does with games that should be won on paper based on this display. This would be all the games in October. Then there is our bogey month of November, where we don’t play a single ‘easy’ game. This includes Spuds and Morinho’s United.

    We now have a pretty good squad of players and there is no panic when we lose one or two players because we can replace like for like in most cases. The quality is there and it is all about the right mentality. Firing up the team for Chelsea is arguably easier than doing so for run of the mill games we should be winning. If Wenger can root out the complacency approach, we can be up there.

  5. Ishola70

    I agreed with another poster here last night that the club compared to others looks in a good place to kick on in the future. Chelsea look in a shambles, Man Utd still big question marks about them. Only problem is other clubs do not stand still or look like they are regressing and look to be improving themselves such as Man City, Liverpool.

    If Wenger were to leave tomorrow then he would have left a good base to work from for any incoming manager.

  6. SUGA3


    I have to agree with the notion of AFC being a healthy base to build upon. What it needs now is vision. Compared to previous years the main product, i.e. the squad of players we have looks like it is more or less adequate numbers and balance of quality wise. Now we should do OK with signing one or two players every summer for the sake of natural age related rotation. Sure, we can also promote from within, but this should be reserved for talents with the right attitude like Iwobi so far.

    With an adequate squad, now it is for the whole club setup to show what they are made of. This includes aspects like man and fitness management through appropriate rotation, devising individual training regimes for players with patchy fitness records, etc. It will be interesting to see how Bournemouth will handle JW’s fitness this season.

    What I want to see is no more favouritism a la Ramsey. Sure, give him some minutes as a sub to prove being worthy of a start. But don’t put him in the team for the sake of doing so, let alone in positions he should never play in, like wide right.

  7. The Iceman

    Shit Talking Virgin

    ‘Hey let’s pretend all is well and there wasn’t anything wrong with the club or the manager ever just because we’ve won against Chelsea at home after years..’

    Can always rely on the village idiot to say something fucking ridiculous.

  8. TallestTiz

    I really hope Coq comes back within a month.

    We have to get maximum points and wins in all competitions in October coz looking at our November fixtures, without Coq, it MIGHT be meh!!!

    There is a reason Wenger sticks with Coq

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here


    I disagree with you but your mind is yer own …
    I like his posts , I like what he brings to the table …

    People arguing on here is part of the fabric of the blog if we all got on it would be boring I s’pose ,


    I reckon malen should be blood earlier in the first team .
    The club went through a lot of hard work to get him, keep the boy sweet an his agent sweeter … Way it is now days …


    I know it’s full on turd, but a sort of watchable …
    To me it’s better than having day to day unrealistic soaps which is all we get I bewteen the reality shit …

  10. The Future Is Jeff

    An observation from yesterday’s game.

    Ozil had a great game, but more importantly also seemed more happier and motivated than I’ve seen him for a long time.

    Is this possibly down to the fact that with Sanchez in front of him providing pace and intelligent movement (something Giroud has neither of), Ozil is starting to revert back to playing his more natural game, feeling comfortable that he can play clever balls forward and there’s actually someone in front of him on his wavelength that will run into the right position, actually control the ball and use it not lose it?

    Wenger talks of pairs (Coquelin and Cazorla), are we seeing a new pairing evolve with Sanchez forward of Ozil?

    Could this year be the season that Ozil adds goals to a possible bumper crop of assists?

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here

    Vote leAve

    Yesterday good but let’s not dwell

    Can’t still be dining off that result all week …done n dusted let’s move on to next Sunday burnely ….

    More important to me the the champions league

  12. Vote leave

    We as fans can dine off that result all week and more

    The players have to focus on the next game but not us.

    I’ll be celebrating this win for a long time



    Merely stating concerns…..???

    Na. Our manager and players were being berated as usual.
    Now they’ve shoved those words downs your throats.
    Hopefully they will continue to do so throughout the season and bring us a trophy.
    I for one will be gloating non stop
    How pathetic it will be my fellow “arsenal fans” that would resent it most.
    And no. It is not a problem that our players will be walking on air.
    It is not a problem that they beat one of the best teams in Europe comfortably resulting a timely morale boosting win at the start o our campaign
    None of what our players are feeling is negative. So stop talking shite anus breath

  13. BigCheese

    Ozil (when in the mood) looks like he’s eager to get in the box at every opportunity. Wenger did say he wants him to add more goals to his game.

    Playing Xhaka definitely helps as Ozil doesn’t need to drop deep to start play as he often as he does when Coquelin plays.

    Hell of a prospect when he’s integrated into the team properly.