Mourinho a nasty little man. News?

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EXPLOSIVE news in the press yesterday as journalist Rob Beasley DROPS some severe TRASH on the internet about JOSE AND WENGER.

I’ve read the snippets and I’ve watched Big Rob in action on the box many times in the past. The Sam Allardyce of writing.

Here’s the short version. He’s not making stories up. Most of what you’re reading is true. But here’s the reality, who didn’t know most of those things?

Jose Mourinho wanted to meet Wenger in a dark alley? I mean, hardly shocking, this is a guy who eye gouged the late great TitoVillanova in a Classico. He has no class whatsoever. I wish I could print what I was told about his shenanigans when he was at Porto, but again, unsurprising. The guy is grim beyond words.

‘Behind the scenes, he’s very much loved’

Big deal, most of the worst people you can imagine that hold power have a charming side to them, it’s how you make it to the top.

So let’s take on the stories outside the ‘I’m going to punch him’…

Wenger had nothing to do with the tactical display against City a few years ago.

FACT: Wenger came out and said as much after the game.

“At some stage you cannot go against the feelings of the team because it’s detrimental.”

“The team sometimes needs to be reassured and reassurance comes first from feeling solid and strong, and then you can express your talent.

“Our confidence had been damaged,”

“Of course I listened to the players. Your tactics have to be aligned with the feeling of the team.

“That’s why you hear so many times ‘Let’s get back to basics’.

I’m pretty sure Giroud also came out around the game and corroborated that Wenger hadn’t done much in the week in the build-up, I can’t find the quotes.

Anyway, these stories about Arsene’s lack of tactical nous have been part of the bread and butter of this site, but also, part of our everyday Gooner lives when we head into the grounds to watch him do nothing. It’s not new. There’s a reason we’ve not made it past the last 16 of the Champions League in the last 6 years. It’s not because Wenger is a tactical genius.

Point number 2: Mourinho could have made Walcott and Chamberlain better players. I quote…

‘Mister Wenger wants Cech and he thinks about money…he is wrong!!! What I want is to f*** him…Want Cech? OK, I want (Theo) Walcott or (Alex) Oxlade-Chamberlain!!! Want a top goalkeeper? OK, I want a young player, s*** with you but I can make him top.’

Again, hard to argue this point. Chamberlain is a wet dream of physical attributes. He’s powerful, direct, incredibly quick over 40m… Theo Walcott, outrageously fast and good on the snap finish. Neither player has really made it under Arsene for whatever reason, both would probably do a better job at a club where the football dimness they both possess could be turned into football intellect. I’d also throw Aaron Ramsey in that pile.

Arsene Wenger is very good with certain types of players, this is not news. I’m sure Wenger would have done better things with Lukaku, Schurlle, KDB and Juan Mata (POGBA LOL). Such is life.

My biggest gripe with all these kind of unexplosive stories dropping is that they’ve been timed perfectly to disrupt our game against Chelsea. One would imagine Jose has had some allignment with the book and it’d suit him down to the ground if this ballsed up Wenger’s set up this weekend.

More to the point, this sort of salacious gutter journalism really does shine a light on certain elements of our press. Honestly, who cares about these things? I mean, we all do. But we’ll care about them for a week, then we’ll forget about them. The childish ramblings of a manager and the gossip that surrounds him is nowhere near as interesting as the story that sits behind his style. His thinking on the game. How he motivates millionaires.

If all 10 years of access landed me was a few gossipy bits about a faux thug, I’d be pretty gutted. Give me Ballague’s Pep book, or Honigstein’s Das Reboot or Quiet Leadership on Carlo.

The book might contain surprising insight, but I’m not sure the snippets leave me curious enough to part with cash to find out.

I’d rather buy Ian Wright’s book. In fact, I’m going to go and buy it now. You can too, click the picture below.

Have a great day!






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  1. tunnygriffboy


    As I said Arsenal fans are his harshest critics. Hence Wenger out chants.

    The football world is a large place. Even though there are now journalists who have come to the conclusion that it is time for him to go it doesn’t mean that the don’t respect him.

    He’ll be respected for any number of reasons and will continue to be long after he leaves Arsenal.

  2. Bamford10


    I’m not saying he’s not respected. I’m saying he’s not as highly-respected as AKBs imagine, nor is his respect in the football world something Mourinho pines for. Mourinho has his demons, but none of them are his envy for one Arsene Wenger. The opposite: he has nothing but contempt for Wenger.

    (Note that none of this is to give any support to Mourinho.)

  3. Bamford10


    No, I’m not changing the argument. I never claimed he wasn’t respected (at some level). That would be a silly claim.

  4. Bishop

    Jim LaheySeptember 24, 2016    11:47:12
    Also total man crush on Riyad Mahrez… Would have sold both Walcott and the Ox to have him in our team!

    He’s been the definition of rubbish in the premier league this season so far…not saying he is rubbish..its so far

  5. S.Asoa

    Baily reliable and places himself well. Sound. Even Blindt improved in his presence. Looks like ManU fragility at back is corrected .

  6. S.Asoa

    Mourning won’t sell Mata this time. Superb skill to keep the ball.
    Pogba pulling strings every time with his chips. Fabergas used to do these

  7. WengerEagle

    In all seriousness it has been the Joe show around here lately to a scary degree, I pretty much know the blokes’ life story by now.

    Don’t have a problem with you in general Joe but tone it down fella.

  8. Bishop

    Jim LaheySeptember 24, 2016    12:06:03
    @Bishop – You’d still have brought him in instead of Ox or Walcott though??

    Of course Ox is a nothing player..Walcott has been OK this season but of course Mahrez is a far better player.

    Leicester city’s new system is destroying them.Slimani can’t do what okaxaki does with the hard work. They look flat upfront.

  9. WengerEagle


    As refreshing as last season was from a neutral standpoint, it was a freak season where everything went right for Leicester, Kante is also a huge loss as he basically did the job of 2 Centre midfielders last season.

    Plus all the bigger teams have improved their squads and most have upgraded their gaffers.

  10. WengerEagle

    Mid table finish for Leicester this season is probable, I still think that they’ll finish top 8 once they get their act together though.

    Last 16 of the UCL would be the highlight of their season, achievable given their weak group and their opening performance.

  11. S.Asoa

    Rashford 3rd goal but superb touch by Mata. Our dinosaur is truly an Imbecile for not having taken him when Fabergas left . Remember Mata indicated he was fan of Arsenal in the run up.

    Wenger Out you FRAUDULENT CUNT (an arsehole disguised like one shit spewer – Def )

  12. Bishop

    This same lot were destroyed by Liverpool…lost 4 – 1 as well there.

    Raneri Vardy Mahrez can face reality and start packing points off the weaker teams.

    Also Huth Morgan will never repeat last season. Never ever

    Against Chelsea Liverpool and Man Utd ( still counting) they have conceded 4

  13. Bamford10

    I have been saying forever that both Mata and Herrera need to play. Now he has to find a way to get Mkhitaryan involved, I think.

  14. Rambo Ramsey

    Bamford, you’re talking nonsense.

    Only Arsenal fans give a hoot whether or not Wenger takes their team to glory; likewise with United fans and Mourinho. Why would the neutrals care?

    Like I mentioned yesterday, being successful in your profession doesn’t guarantee you respect but having a questionable attitude definitely guarantees you don’t get respect and adulation.

    As to your insight about Mourinho’s ‘contempt’ for Wenger, yeah, what about it? You think Wenger doesn’t have an equal amount of contempt for Mourinho?

    Its nothing uncommon, there will always be colleagues who don’t like each other in every working environment.

    The difference between most of the normal,mature people and twats like Mourinho is that the former handle the differences better and find a way to get on with it without making scenes. In other words, they behave like adults.

    This is why Mourinho is hated more so than Wenger, because nobody likes a twat who doesn’t know how to behave like a grown man.

  15. Ishola70

    Will Rooney be doing the half time team talk? He is captain of the club after all loool.

    Keep it up lads. I’ll be off down the road by January.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    United looked very ordinary until that Smalling goal, suddenly came to life after that.

    They look much better without Rooney, hardly a surprise, but I still don’t think that team is right, balance wise.

    Very surprised at how makeshift their defence is given that Mourinho is their manager, that Bailly was their only defensive arrival, always thought Fabinho and Fonte were on their way.

    Still, it is only a matter of time before the set up clicks for United, because quality wise they have an abundance of talent.

  17. Ishola70

    “I have been saying forever that both Mata and Herrera need to play. Now he has to find a way to get Mkhitaryan involved, I think.”

    Mata is the key one there in who you mention.

    The hated one drops Roonster for Mata on a permanent basis and United find themselves in a better place.

  18. WengerEagle

    Everton wouldn’t even have Rooney back funny as it sounds.

    Lukaku and Barkley are their two best players, why would they want a fat overpaid pikey to curb their on-field involvement?

  19. STV

    “Last 16 of the UCL would be the highlight of their season, achievable given their weak group and their opening performance.”

    How about last 8?

  20. tunnygriffboy

    I really can’t work this game out

    I don’t fee l man u have been scintillating. They’ve been good mot brilliant. Leicester though have been horrendous. Really poor.
    Tough season ahead for them.

  21. Daz


    I would say you are wrong about the respect wenger holds within the football world, in the grand scheme of things he is more successful and consistent than the vast majority of other managers.

  22. Sam

    Mahrez lovers still making excuses for him
    So lame to make him look good they have to compare him with Theo haha ha
    Theo is doing well for Arsenal, so far
    How is Mahrez doing for his small midtable club?

    Y’all need to fok off, SERIOUSLY!

    and Fok Mahrez!!!

  23. STV

    In the grant scheme of things Wenger is no more than a fraud who got lucky.

    The question is can the current crop win a big game today despite the negative influence? I hope they can.

  24. Spanishdave

    Maurice hates Wenger because he has earned the same money without any pressure and no results . All managers are hired and fired on results.
    Wenger is the luckiest, manager in the world

  25. Jim Lahey

    “Why don’t you can’t compare Mahrez with Sanchez or Iwobi”

    I’m guessing you’re trying to say why not compare Mahrez with either Sanchez or Iwobi.

    Yeah fine, Mahrez is certainly a better player than Iwobi but not Sanchez, yet had a far better season than Sanchez last year.

    If I had a choice I would have both Mahrez and Sanchez in the same team.

  26. Redtruth

    It’s an illusion Wenger is respected at any level..
    Journos should do their job properly instead of toning down their questions for fear of being ejected or ignored from future Wenger press conferences…

  27. Sam

    I meants CUNTS

    Yes badly composed sentence but you got the message

    This happens when someone can’t answer, they turn to gramma polis

    Sanchez is better than Mahrez

  28. Tippitappi

    a poor result/ performance later today could cause untold damage to the confidence for the rest of the season despite the clubs though late efforts
    this summer, its imperative they put this Chelsea thing to bed , not going
    today as I promised myself I wouldn’t after witnessing that shit fest of a
    performance last season and the two before that but a shitty win is all I’m
    asking with the cock given a time out and maybe costa carried off with a broken leg

  29. Leedsgunner

    Normally I’m a pessimist when it comes to derbies — I don’t know why, I have a good feeling about this one.

    2-0 to the Arsenal

    Sanchez and Perez to score with Özil to assist on both 🙂

    Any sight of the team sheet?

    Up, up the Gunners!

  30. The Iceman

    STV stand for Shit Talking Virgin?

    ‘In the grant scheme of things Wenger is no more than a fraud who got lucky.’

    Must be after this comment.

  31. Spanishdave

    Jeff one day, one day he will go. Finally we can move on. The AKB s will light candles outside his house and mourn . He will crawl back to France and probably be the French team coach.

  32. Jeff


    Sometimes I think he’ll outlast us all. I think another 2 or 3 years ore is definitely on the cards after current contract. He doesn’t look like he’s about to walk away.

  33. STV

    That is themost important reason. Another manager, Wenger, gets away with failure year after year with one of the biggest clubs with a top contract, while he just gets sacked from the clubs despite the titles..

    It should be noted that in Wenger’s case, it has got nothing to do with his managerial or personal ability rather the inability of others..

  34. Sam

    Sanchez vs Mahrez no contest

    Iwobi only has few games but he’s better and much more solid and versatile

    no you can’t have Mahrez in an Arsenal shirt anytime soon
    coming from a small club, He’ll even drop behind Adelaide who’s still waiting for his first league start.

    Arsenal don’t need Mahrez

  35. grooveydaddy

    Arsenal winless in last 8 games Oliver has reffed, while Chelsea unbeaten in last 13.

    Another trend that needs to be bucked today…

  36. tunnygriffboy

    Do man u worry you ?

    If we get a result today it sets us up for the next month

    Burnley, Sunderland, Dwansea, Middlesborough, Basel, Ludogrets and Reading.

    Good result today and a good run is possible and surely to goodness Wenger will get his combinations sorted so he can alter them for different games.

  37. The Iceman

    SHit talking Virgin

    Speak English it would help.

    A manager can get lucky and win 1 trophy but 9 by being lucky and fraudulent?

    I think you need to find a dictionary to find out what those words actually mean.

  38. STV

    Lucky is what a j league low grade manager installed at Arsenal for 20 years. Titles will come at a team like Arsenal but he failed big time when situation demanded..

    Lucky fraud

  39. The Iceman

    Shit Talking Virgin

    Of course titles will just fall in to your lap when you become arsenal manager. Of course they will…

  40. The Iceman


    Take it the sun has frazzled what few brain cells you had?

    Don’t need google to call you tedious cunt in English.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    Agree. Selection is critical. We need strength in midfield. Santi and Ozil can play tohethet v Bsdel on Wednesday. I would have no problem with that.

    Hope Theo makes those good runs and gives Cahill and Luiz a headache all afternoon

    Are we sitting back and looking to counter or are we playing a high line like Hull and trying to nick the ball just outside their penalty area ?

  42. The Iceman

    Shit talking Virgin

    ‘It means Shut the fuck up Voyour..’

    What’s a voyour? You mean voyeur?

    Even that’s the case shouldn’t it be STFUV then?

    It’s blatantly stands for Shit Talking Virgin.

    Dopey cunt.

  43. tunnygriffboy

    Well well well

    That was a very good performance.

    Pressed them high in first half the didn’t know what to do. When we had our chances we were clinical.

    Second half we sat back deeper and hit them on the counter and had we been more clinical in the second half it could have been 4, 5, or 6. It would be churlish for me to moan about that

    I think they had one shot on target as well.

    Loads of positives to take out of that. I’m concerned about Coquelin’s injury though. Hope it’s ok.

    Well happy with that performance. That should be the benchmark.