Oh Benzema, leave it out

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‘Arsenal revive bid for Benzema’

Mate, we don’t even need you. Yah get me?

We have Lucaz Perez who is basically Suarez you see.

Jokes aside, why would we drop £40m for a player of 28.7, who has serious injury problems that would likely be exacerbated by a new, faster league? It’s just paper fodder in my opinion. And look, my opinion is always right.

Apologies for the website downtime. A plugin I didn’t want to install crashed it. Marvellous. I really have zero tech skills to fix these things, shout out to the team at Tagadab for understanding the internet and stuff.

I was looking at some stats, we’re having our best year for uniques so far and it’s only September. 1.3m people have come to the site so far this year (uniques, not reads), which is pretty damn cool.

Worrying news about Aaron Ramsey. Wenger is ‘increasingly alarmed’ about his persistent brokenness. This time, it’s about his hamstring, which hasn’t recovered in time for the Chelsea game. I mean, no problem, we have a backlog of names to fill in for his consistent absence… worry is that he’s a very good player who can’t stay fit.

I’d say that’s his fault, but I’d heard that he was bitching about being unfit in the build up to the Liverpool game… and we also know that his complaints were ignored at halftime. Doesn’t really set you up well to defend the manager here.

I love Aaron, but in my opinion, we should have sold him in the summer. He’s at the peak of his powers, he’d command a mega fee, he’d make way for us to land a superstar Wenger knew how to get the most out of. Shunting him out on the right doesn’t do him justice and it upsets him. Give him to a manager who could work with him, beat the discipline into him and make him the powerhouse we know he ‘could’ be.

Oxymoron there, what a treat.

There’s an absence of team news about. Chelsea the talk is about how Cesc feels frozen out by Conte. Also some LOL that Courtois wants to leave Chelsea because he feels half Spanish. The article I read pointed to selling Cech a mistake… maaaaate, not sure I’d go that far based on 2016.

Right, I am heading off… in PITCH AND on a very exciting brand that is VERY relevant to my life. So I’ll be in and out of this over the next few weeks.


Big love. xx


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  1. SUGA3

    For me Ramsey is petty much in the same ‘do or die’ category as Theo and Ox, or at least currently not a first XI material. Not too sure who he would be benching with everyone fit.

  2. Geekaybee

    It’s nice to know that I’m the only person who wants to comment on the article does that make me number 1? I agree with the view that Ramsey is quality but he seems to have too much match time missing….shame.

  3. Akilan

    We’re back bitches.
    The league cup draw was excellent. Poor mourinho, has to face pep again. But TBH, he might have figured out how to use that squad like we expected he would. And drop Rooney. But, who cares? Grab the popcorn and enjoy the show coz either way arsenal fans can’t lose. And I think we have a genuine chance this year in this cup. IMO We have arguably the best second string team. And this year we seem to have the lady luck with us. What’s with all the pens and the favorable draws? And I bet the untold lot are still complaining…

  4. tom

    Ramsey will be back.

    He’s a wonderful player who Wenger rates highly.

    Only fitness can prevent him continuing to be a very influential player in our squad.

    I look forward to seeing him partner Xhaka in the future. A lot of dynamism in that pairing.

  5. Frankie T

    I do not get how anyone can rate Ramsey. I cannot see anything at all that he brings to the team. What is he actually good at? Doesn’t score, doesn’t assist, can’t dribble, can’t shoot, can’t hold the ball under pressure, can’t play incisive passes, has a very basic predictable game so I have no idea who on this planet would pay a “mega fee” for his services. The man being a superstar is a myth.

  6. tom

    I love watching the league cup for a glimpse of the kids and am not particularly fussed about winning it but agree our second string is strong and the draw tasty.

    Sure it would be nice to win but Wenger’s habit of sticking with kids into the later rounds has always meant we missed out the prize.

    I have no problem with it.

    I think the experience for the kids and the chance to assess them in meaningful competition outweighs the value of the prize.

    What do others think?

  7. jwl

    tom – hard to believe its been twenty years, I remember when Arsene was announced and all gooners going who Wenger?!?!

    And now there must be many supporters who’ve known no other manager at Arsenal.

    I wish we could still sing happy songs about Wenger but apathy or anger seems to be main emotions now.

    Arsene Wenger’s magic,
    he wears a magic hat,
    and when he saw The Double,
    he said I’m having that!

  8. SUGA3


    Regarding EFL Cup, I think by giving Elneny, Xhaka and a few other senior players a runout he gives himself a leeway to mix and match accordingly if we happen to be drawn against someone more challenging.

    I think letting kids out to be thumped in such a game serves their development no purpose whatsoever. Only teaches them the glorious defeat bolllocks. And this is a result business.

  9. karim

    4 goals in 2 games for Balotelli with Nice !
    2 braces v Marseille and Monaco ( 4/0 last night ! ) allowing Nice to be top.
    Monaco had won their 7 last games in all competitions.
    Great story ! ( so far… )

  10. tom

    Xhaka behind Ramsey.

    For me, Ramsey’s key attribute, beyond his all-round football ability, is his drive to get forward.

    He makes things happen by pushing us forward with his shortball running game.

    Xhaka’s ability to control tempo and pick a pass, mixed with Ramsey’s pressing game could be effective, I reckon.

  11. tom


    Agree with your points on mixing it up in ELC.

    Also can accept exposing kids to humiliations is not healthy.

    On the other hand, if they get you so far, it can be argued there is a value in letting them see it through.

    I think mixing young and more seasoned players ( though not necessarily A team) is the right line.

  12. Leedsgunner

    Remember when Benzema publicly mocked us, Arsenal fans two summers ago? Plus, any idiot who is willing to blackmail a teammate is a tool of the highest order.

    Stay well clear.

  13. tom


    Definitely been a long , strange journey with AW.

    I love him and feel pretty warm and fuzzy today.

    Whatever your opinion, no doubt he’s made his mark.

  14. tom

    I’m sure Benzema could be successful in the short term but he is not the way forward and is a bit of a twat, it seems.

    I’d pass.

  15. SUGA3


    I am not a big fan of Ramsey, he is way too inconsistent and like I said, he often slows our play down in infuriating fashion. He does also shirk away from tackles quite a lot, thus his pressing game is just a lot of running around like headless chicken with not a lot of real purpose or effect.

    Hollywood passes make for a nice YT highlight reel, but they do not come off more often than not. Which in game of small margins is unacceptable.

  16. The Iceman

    Well done Arsene.

    Happy 20 years service….
    Here’s to another 20 old bean.

    Whatever you may think of him now, he’s an arsenal legend no doubt.

  17. bacaryisgod

    It’s still absolutely baffling to me that Mourinho could have sold De Bruyne and Lukaku.

    Whatever flaws he has, Arsene has never pushed a player out of the door that went on to greater things. The top players that left (Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie, A.Cole) all forced their own exits.

    Arsene might have been too loyal on occasion (Diaby, Senderos, Djourou etc) but he’s never made a monumental mistake like Jose did with players that were keen to stay at the club.

  18. Samesong

    Ramsey be back to his back heels soon don’t worry. Frustrating the fans with his dead end runs leaving a hole for the opposition to counter. Great player!

  19. Sam

    I think we have a billionaire here we are trying to get rid of
    We don’t want our club fully owned like Chelsea either
    I really cursed that Lady Smith n Peter Hill-Wood that sold our club out.
    Money Arsenal are generating should help develop local community
    not build a range in America
    I am sure Dangote can afford Tottenham

  20. Samesong

    It’s still absolutely baffling to me that Mourinho could have sold De Bruyne and Lukaku

    These players wouldn’t have got game time at Chelsea so it’s good he ushered them on or we wouldn’t see the players they are today.

  21. bacaryisgod

    Unless we have a rash of injuries, there’ll be absolutely no January signings and nor should there be.

    We have 36 squad members who could either play a part in the first-team this season in competition or are on loan elsewhere.

    That’s over three teams worth of talent and our first XI is loaded with international and, in some cases, world-class talent.

    It’s Arsene’s job to get the best out of this group of players but there’s no doubt we have a squad to challenge for the title and other trophies. We might fall a little short of Man City but there’s no reason we can’t compete all the way.

  22. SUGA3


    If we realistically compete for the trophies, I will be very happy.

    I am under no illusion of us being favourites to win any of the competitions we are in, but I think for as long as Wenger utilises the squad wisely and cuts out the favouritism and experimental ego tripping bullshit, we should be able to give anyone a game.

  23. Samesong

    I don’t think anyone can think ahead Chelsea is a big test and we need to beat them forget about challenging and talking up the squad with world class and internationals. Chelsea know how to beat us will we will match them on Saturday? That’s the question.

  24. Samesong

    Will Wenger choose a team that is balanced enough to win?

    People on here debating our best midfield pairing.

    But will be disappointed on Saturday when he picks his team.

  25. Ozy

    “These players wouldn’t have got game time at Chelsea so it’s good he ushered them on or we wouldn’t see the players they are today.”

    LOL. They’re the players they are today cause Mourinho sold them? I’m sorry, can you repeat that without his dick in your mouth?

  26. BigCheese

    Ramsey is good enough for Arsenal. Every midfield needs a powerhouse player with endurance and stamina on tap. He’s ours.

    Show me one other midfielder who can match him for the above in this squad? His lung busting late runs into the box even up until the 90+ minute cause chaos for the opposition.

    Such a fickle bunch we Arsenal fans are. There was few seasons ago when some on here were comparing him with Yaya Toure and Vidal and now he’s surplus to requirements as we have two new shiny midfielders.

    How about fixing him and keeping him fit first? Then we have a very nice blend of players to choose from for our midfield each game.

    As for his fitness? Coleman and the Wales fitness team managed to get him through 5 games on the trot with minimal rest. Perhaps he’s the not issue?

    Also play him in a position that gets the best out of him? He played fantastically for Wales in the right hand side of a front three. Coleman had no problems with him and he managed to score and assist plenty from there. Why can’t he do the same at Arsenal with far better players ( bar Bale of course)?

  27. BigCheese

    No chance of it happening but would love to see Wenger surprise Conte on Saturday with a diamond formation.

    Personally I’d go for;


    Frees up Ozil to shine further up plus plenty of pace up top.

  28. SUGA3

    I think the key to getting the best of all players is giving them all playing time whilst not reassuring anyone of starting the next game outside maybe CB pairing + GK.

    IMO, with everyone fit playing Ramsey wide right should not be the primary option. He is a B2B, rotate him with Xhaka, boom, done. Healthy competition. Elneny to rotate with Coquelin, there are games where their respective qualities can be more appropriate. Ozil rotated with Santi.

    Front three should be all about horses for courses too and healthy competition. We actually have a good squad, we just need to be able to squeeze out the small percentages to be called true competitors.

    Competitiveness starts from within. And if you are selected if you are fit, no matter how shit you play and you definitely get 67 minutes playing time, it takes away these small percentages. And even bigger percentages who don’t get a look in. Football management, fuck, any management 101.

  29. Angry-Fan

    Anyone who see,s B****A (can,t even type the pricks name) as a top striker who can come in and do a job for us, should hold their he———– blah, blah, blah.

    last season he played us, and all but wiped he,s ass with our pre-season contract deal which was on the table, showed us such disrespect, when that knob of a manager of ours wasted the whole season waiting on a response that he forgot a plan B was needed,, which ultimitely cost us the title.

    He,s most probably is coming to the end of his use at Madrid, and is the putting the feelers out, for a new decent contract, If he came, you can already imagine the false bullshit narrative he,d spout, “Arsenal have always been a big club, and have always been a club that someday, I would love to play for”, yabba yabba yabba,

    It,s simple, fuck off Benzema, your not wanted at this club, and on the way out take that dickhead Wenger with ye!!!!!!!

  30. Tigerz

    Ramsey brings grit and fighting spirit, the sort that is some what lacking a bit in this current team. The sort that helped Wales overachieve in the last tournament.

  31. The Iceman


    A cult? No it’s what you call respect for what he’s done for the club over the last 20 years.

    To say you don’t hate Maureen goes to show what an imbecile you are.

    The football world is really starting to see what a prized cunt he is and is getting far less tolerant of his bullshit but not you lol.

  32. Steveyg87

    “Ramsey brings grit and fighting spirit, the sort that is some what lacking a bit in this current team. The sort that helped Wales overachieve in the last tournament”

    Mate, give it a rest… The lad doesn’t bring grit, when teams press us, he disappears and he cant keep the ball under pressure. The problem with Ramsey is that he only cares about his own interests.. Give him to a team that is prepared to accomate his lack of defence( most dribbled past player last season) and prepared to play him in a free role, something we cannot allow at Arsenal (ozil)

  33. Samesong

    Ramsey is so overrated on this site its unbelievable a back to back midfielder that play for himself and his Hollywood flickhe only scored like 5 premier goals last season I think. Average player at best.

  34. vicky

    Ramsey is the most overrated footballer on Le Grove. Grit and fighting spirit? In his case it’s kind of an euphemism for saying he runs around all over the pitch with little to nothing to offer from football perspective. His passing is atrocious, he does not move the ball fast, can’t dribble, doesn’t score or assist enough, lacks positional discipline and even his fancy flicks amount to nothing most of the times. So much is made of his performance in Euro but Ramsey played his matches against average teams and Euro 2016 was overall a poor tournament anyway. Most of the players looked like they couldn’t wait to board their flights to their favorite holiday destinations.

  35. arsene's used sock

    While i will agree that ramsey could do more, and i don’t mean that wunder season he had where he scored all those goals, just half of that would be good, i don’t agree with moving him on as he’s often found himself playing on the wing recently and if anyone is willing to be honest with themselves he’s done a good job for us there.

    He’s a functional player, and is also willing to play wherever the manager tells him to which is something jw10 simply didn’t have going for him as he bitched after being played outwide.
    That aside it just makes no sense to let him go when santi is aging and jw10 has likely played his final game in an arsenal jersey already, would rather see him transition into santi’s current role and have xhaka playing next to him as i believe that’s what the future midfield looks like right now.
    there’s better candidates for a transfer away from the emirates anyway and they’re both English and play on the right and both of them came from soton, iwobi’s current form has put some serious question marks over chamberlain and while i don’t like walcott’s game at all he does at the very least score a goal every now and then.
    perhaps chamberlain transitions into central midfield but he lacks the vision for the position, perhaps iwobi gets moved to center forward and chamberlain can carve out a role for himself outwide, i don’t know, but i certainly wouldn’t be looking to offload ramsey just yet, i have a feeling that xhaka can unlock his positional discipline and get him to sit deep if he isn’t needed in attack and can let him push forward when we aren’t vulnerable to counters

  36. Rambo Ramsey

    “Ramsey is the most overrated footballer on Le Grove.”

    Nope, that’d be one-Mohamed Elneny. Atleast in Ramsey’s case he has had plenty of games where he’s looked one of the best mids in the PL.

    Whereas this Elneny chap has barely played and when played been largely underwhelming gets praised to the sky- bizarre.

    And the Fucking irony of people complaining Ramsey’s lack of goals/assists when the guy has comfortably been our best contributing midfielder in recent seasons.

  37. arsene's used sock

    elneny gets praise because he is metronomic, he is essentially what ramsey was before he had his superstar season, he does the basics well and keeps the ball moving in possession

    could he do more?
    well, it’s likely that what he could have contributed has been removed from his game by the manager, so neny won’t be adding to the goal difference with the odd long shot goal, although seeing xhaka do it might get him to try it again, problem when neny takes long shots is that there’s generally better options available.

    but i digress, as a cm he is solid, not spectacular or magical or any of those nice things, he is solid and one should know what they’re gonna get from him when he plays

    his problem is that all our other midfield options do their specialised jobs better than he can and he is more or less a utility mid who is very unflashy and doesn’t do what our other options do as well but he can do all the jobs to some extent

  38. vicky

    ‘ when the guy has comfortably been our best contributing midfielder in recent seasons’

    Best contributing midfielder and that too comfortably – proves the point he is massively overrated. Care to explain Sir why do you think je

  39. arsene's used sock

    ramsey would be better appreciated if he focused on doing the basics again and not so much on getting into the box and making a highlight reel with flicks

    do i mind the flicks? not really, a footballer willing to improvise generally works well for attacking football, but at the same time the positional indiscipline he displays when playing central points to him not quite knowing what it was that enabled him to score so many goals that season ozil arrived, and of course the manager is only ever going to encourage him to express himself instead of instructing him to do the basics of the position

    ah, i got it, ramsey divides opinion because he is a player who excells at the fundamental aspects of the game but for whatever reason since his wunder year he rejects those fundamentals now, albeit that’s only when playing central, on the right he is pretty diligent with his defensive duties and simplifies his game more often

  40. Rambo Ramsey

    The problem with Ramsey is he doesn’t give you that level of intelligent game play of conventional midfielders.

    Like Pogba, he offers you good passing, a goal threat and also puts a defensive shift in but he’s not the guy you build your side around. They work best as supporting mid to players who are good at dictating the run of play.

    No surprises that Ramsey and Pogba have looked their best when paired up with intelligent, experienced mids.

  41. EN1AFC

    20 years then.. First 10 were amazing, memories to cherish and nothing will ever take that away from us. The last 10 have been painful overall apart from the 2 FA cups, he should of gone out on a high after the 2014 win Imo. I think even the most die hard Wenger fans must see that we need new direction, ideas, approach. This isn’t a slant on Wengers achievements in any way. I take my hat off to him for the achievements but there is no doubt in my mind it’s time for him to step aside and he should of done 2/3 years ago.

    Chelsea Saturday, need to get over this losing streak we have against them. I remember the days it was the complete opposite! In fact I think we went 15 years without losing to them in the league?! Xhaka simply has to start.

  42. Carts

    Is Moutinho’s brain ok?

    Revelations of wanting to break Wenger’s grid made me laugh.

    Similar to what Keane said about Alfe Inge Haaland in his biography will renders those comments as bringing the game into disrepute, no?

    I’m not asking he be charged by the FA, but something tells after further investigation that could well be the outcome

  43. arsene's used sock

    i think one should definitely build their side around a pogba, the key is to pair him up with cm’s that allow him to roam from his position without having to worry about what happens behind him.

    he has the legs to make the odd recovery run in a game but the key is to make his defensive contribution as minimal as possible while still giving your team an outlet for playing out the back, juventus had it easy when pirlo was there cause he is one half of the perfect base for a midfield trio that includes pogba, after that you get vidal who can go box to box and puts in a shift defensively and you’ve given pogba a midfield he can flourish in

    in our team we have ozil who gets license to roam and as a result ramsey pushing forward when playing central just leaves us exposed on the break…and i would be very surprised if there was one central mid that could stop counter attacks with just two cb’s behind him as our fullbacks basically function as wingers when in possession

    so yeah, touch more discipline from ramsey, maybe some strength and technique before he can play central, but one shouldn’t tell lies, the boy is a solid player, he is perhaps given too much freedom by the manager when playing central but it’s expected from arsene really

  44. Leedsgunner

    Our perceptions, are so coloured by results… understandably. (I’m guilty of this too!) Elneny is being proved for his industry now but would he engender such praise if we had lost or drew against Nottingham Forest?

    I think a better gauge of a player’s worth to the team is found ironically when he doesn’t play.

    When the player is out, does the team suffer in its ability to mount attacks, create goals or score goals? Does it suffer in its ability to defender well?

    By that criteria — Cazorla was clearly missed last year…. yet by that same criteria, this season — Ramsey isn’t being missed. The team has adapted without him. Ironically, both Aaron and Jack’s appalling injury records have made this a necessity.

    If I was Aaron or one of his advisors, I would be definitely worried about this. Aaron’s n’s fitness record is making him redundant.

  45. Carts

    Frankly, imho, both Ramsey and Wilshere’s (even Ox & Theo) time at Arsenal is fast depleting.

    Wilshere, sadly has been found out; selling him this summer is definitely a possibility.

    But my counter issue is that under a pragmatic manager there could be a revival, not for all 4, but certain for two.

    I suppose what I trying to say is a lot will be decided based on what whether Wenger signs on for another mediocre 3 years

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Looking forward to the game today, should be a good one, provided we don’t see any weird selections, I really will be disappointed to see us going with the same 4-2-3-1 set up with Coq, Caz, Walcott etc.

    Change it up a bit, make sure the middle has enough bodies, defensive nous and willing to help cover the wide areas where Chelsea can really hurt us.

  47. Sam

    I don’t think Wilshere performance at Bournemouth matters
    He was sent to a Yo-Yo club to play low level football for fitness reason
    just like send a player to reserves team

    so don’t be surprised if he scores 5 own goals n still an Arsenal player next season

  48. Brooklyn,

    Best lineup I think will be,
    Bellerin/newRB, Mustafi, Kos, Mon/Gibb
    Elneny/Caz. Ramsey
    Walcott. Ozil. Sanchez

    Ozil as false nine, Walcott and Ramsey as runnerr, Sanchez likes to come to ball, midd-field 3 along with Ozil and Sanchez droping deep with the help of Wing backs should be able to hold onto possession, no soft belly with Walcott tracking back….no defensive duty for Ozil, he can interchange or make space with/forr Ramsey, Sanchez or Walcott whoeever is high up the pitch with him durring counters….when opponents are packed in box Ozil makes play, Sancheez, Ramsey and Walcott all turn pseudo forward and take their turn occupying deefenders inside the box.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    I’m a big fan of the 4-3-3 style that PSG frequently play, that sort of spread but staggered middle three that almost looks like a tick of sorts, a deep player, one of to one side of him who is slightly further forward, and then on the other side another who is even further forward, sort of CDM, CM (box to box) and then a more attacking almost CAM who still drops in and does CM duties.

    That would have been how I’d have tried to take Arsenal forward, adding a wide playmaker to offset any loss in central creation.

  50. Brooklyn,

    Being I was impressed with his false 9 play last season against Olympiacos afteer Giroud was sent off…also his lack of defensive duty should not matter…he can run off wherever he wants in search of space as CB’s can’t follow him and he is intelligent enough to make false9 role work for him as his physique won’t hamper him like in traditional 9 would and I think he can run in behind tirelessly and not like headless chicken, he actually makes quality run in behind and has decent acceleration, all that if not given any defensive duty…

  51. Rambo Ramsey

    Wish Wenger would try something like this


    Solid midfield; Plus Walcott & Sanchez’s movements will be a nightmare for opposition defenders.

  52. Brooklyn,

    That midfield can be stretched with solid possession based wing back play, Sanchez, Walcott will have to drop deep against opposition wing backs and if we don’t control the game then that formation won’t remain same as game goes on..

  53. Brooklyn,

    Looks good on paper though and will be perfect counter attacking formation if we play like Southampton did against us using same formation…but forward’s will have to drop deep so that one of midfielders can support our wing backs against opponent’s wing backs…

  54. arsene's used sock

    That would have been how I’d have tried to take Arsenal forward, adding a wide playmaker to offset any loss in central creation.

    its surely not a coincidence that you have cesc in your username here seeing as arsene attempted to do this when we had cesc

    i love the 4-3-3 but I’ve said it before here that i don’t think we have players who are creative enough to make it good, although if özil could be played in a cm position then it wouldn’t be a problem i guess

  55. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    As it stands now we don’t have the personnel to make it work. I’m so mixed on Ozil, on the one hand he’s an absolute world class talent, incredibly gifted, but there’s another side of me that does think he’s a problem, he restricts us in terms of formation flexibility, we know he has to play No.10, cannot really go wide, and then we know his style of play means presence and effort wise, he is not going to do a whole lot.

    Difficult player. Great, but difficult.

    I’ve always been a fan of a very solid centre, as I say a CDM who has good distribution ability (Xhaka is just great for that) and then a box to box workhorse who can carry the ball and gets around the pitch, I would have liked Kante this summer, sold Wilshere and brought him in.

    Then a wide playmaker to compensate for say losing the creativity of Caz in the centre in replacing that with more solidity.

    I agree though, as it stands I don’t think we could make it work.

  56. Bamford10

    Ramsey is overrated by certain folks here but not by Le Grove in general. I’d say most here are more critical of him than not.

    Some of the glowing comments above about Ramsey are a bit embarrassing, frankly: he hasn’t been that player for Arsenal in years. And he only was that player for a short period of time anyways.

    Ramsey is a talented footballer, but he is undisciplined, inconsistent, self-enamored and overly-Hollywood. Elneny is a better pairing for Xhaka on account of his tidiness, efficiency and consistency, but I do like the idea of playing Ramsey ahead of those two, with Ozil wide. Three CMs, like so:

    Xhaka Elneny

    But Ramsey is mostly garbage. Sorry, Team Ramsey.

  57. Cesc Appeal

    Ramsey is incredibly frustrating, you can see he’s got it in him to be a world class central midfielder, he’s got the engine, he’s got the willing, he doesn’t mind getting stuck in, you can see in flashes the technical ability he possesses, he’s more than willing to provide an overload into the box, can drift out wide when he has to.

    But he’s total lack of discipline and maturity are a real issue, he plays for himself and seems to just want a floating role doing whatever he feels like.

    If he could go back to doing the basics, making sure his positional game and passing game were tidy first and foremost, he could be a tidy player.

  58. Bamford10

    I’d go with one of the two XIs below this weekend, but Wenger will obviously not be doing these things.




  59. Bamford10

    Wenger on Ramsey’s injury: “It’s not a bad injury, 2-3 weeks. He should be back after the international break.”

  60. Leedsgunner


    “Wenger on Ramsey’s injury: “It’s not a bad injury, 2-3 weeks. He should be back after the international break.”


    Did you copy and paste from the first injury… during the first game of the season?

    It matters squat who we sign if we can’t keep people fit and/or get them back from injuries quicker.

  61. vicky


    Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t those Ramsey numbers you posted deceiving given that famous 6 month spell in which he scored I think 15 goals. He has been ordinary ever since.

  62. arsene's used sock

    As it stands now we don’t have the personnel to make it work. I’m so mixed on Ozil, on the one hand he’s an absolute world class talent, incredibly gifted, but there’s another side of me that does think he’s a problem, he restricts us in terms of formation flexibility, we know he has to play No.10, cannot really go wide, and then we know his style of play means presence and effort wise, he is not going to do a whole lot.

    exactly this, you sir are speaking my language.
    with ozil in the team we have to play a formation that accommodates him, whether right or wrong.
    and the sad part is arsene tried to play other formations and fit him in where he thought he would be effective and if just proved that he would either play as a cam or be ineffective seeing as outside of creativity and vision he isn’t going to offer anything else

    really like ozil but this season i have started wondering if we would be able to build a more cohesive team without him

    if arsene benches iwobi once ramsey is fit and he hasn’t lost his form there will be some hard questions to answer for the manager if results are not positive.

    tangent, i am really excited to use iwobi in fifa17 and fm17

  63. Leedsgunner

    What are we treating our players’ hamstring injuries with? Sellotape? how is it that our players seem to get injured more often, and then take longer to heal more than anyone else. What are we using? Sellotape? Witch doctors?

    Time to ask for a refund because it’s clearly NOT working.

  64. Angry-Fan

    20 years, 10 years a genius, revolutionary, 10 years a stubborn, egotistical knob.
    we will have to try and overcome Chelsea with referee Michael Oliver in charge,he has overseen eight consecutive matches with our side not winning.
    On the flip-side, Chelsea have not been beaten in any of Oliver’s last 13 meetings, picking up seven wins and six draws.
    We also have the demoralising records of having failed to beat the Blues in the league in any of our last nine encounters, as well as having failed to find the net against them since January 2011 in any of our last six match-ups.
    Truly awful stats, say what ye like about Mourinho, he definitely had AW in his pocket.

  65. Barking Arsene

    I’m not saying this is what we should do but –

    It would be an interesting experiment to have Ozil as a (false) 9 but then play Ramsey in behind him.

    Then two from Coq/Xhaka/El sitting deeper protecting and dictating play/tempo.

    Would afford both Oz & Rambo the freedom they like and Ramsey could make runs beyond Ozil.

    Would have to be Alexis left and maybe Perez on the right though to provide goals/runs in from out wide.

    Both those wide players have a decent work ethic as well for tracking back.

    Could well be a total car crash but it would be very different and possibly quite hard to defend against (Ozil able to pull over to the left & Ramsey to the right to cover the spaces if and when the wide players move inside)

  66. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Billy Big Bollocks works for Wales as he is afforded the freedom to run around like a headless chicken. We can’t afford that luxury, especially with Ozil in the team.

  67. Carts


    Re: PSG’s 4-3-3

    Nice post;

    However, a team of PSG’s caliber shouldn’t need to play 3 in MF. Yes they dominate 90% of their game, but I wouldn’t call their style exciting considering the amount of talent they have.

    The squad disparity to all the others is so wide. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t use 4-2-3-1.

    Their issue is that they’re so overstocked in MF that they have to keep everyone happy, or at least try to.

  68. Spanishdave

    If we had a decent manager who told players clearly what their role was and benched them if they did not do it the Ramsey would be a better player.
    Wenger is clueless at management.

  69. Rambo Ramsey

    Leeds, you’re kidding right?

    So Mourinho has this ‘secret player turned mole’ who gives him explicit information about Arsenal?

    Hey maybe this is how he holds his impeccable record against Wenger in head-to-heads. He’s had moles sneak him secret information regarding player selection, preparation etc? Haha

    Looks like this new book is going all out to prove Mourinho is a grade A obsessive psycho lunatic.

  70. vicky


    As I said, he had an amazing season in 2013-14, he was banging in goals and raking up assists. But bar that one season or rather 6-7 months in that season, he has been average at best. if you look at his last season, he scored 6 goals in all tournaments in 40 matches. For someone like Ramsey who plays mostly in and around opposition third and most often neglects his defensive duties for that, that output is not much to write home about. His lack of discipline also costs us a few goals every season. In totality, those numbers are average at best if you take one amazing period of 6 months out of the picture. Besides, as you know it very well, for a proper analysis of midfielders one needs to take in to account several facets of his games apart from goals/assist.

  71. Rambo Ramsey

    vicky, the numbers are in full view. Why you keep banging on about ‘6 months’ when he had 15+ (goals+assist) in two separate seasons? And yeah, everyone and his dog knows he was very average last season.

    Re defensive contribution
    2013/14 season- 6 defensive actions/game
    2014/15 season- 5 defensive actions/game
    2015/16 season- 5 defensive actions/game

    He’s maintained about the same level.

  72. Redtruth

    Ramsey scored 10 Premier league goals in 2013-14 with only 2 of those 10 goals coming against top 10 opposition while the remaining 8 goals came against relegated and struggling against relegation teams

  73. Rambo Ramsey

    “What stats don’t explain is all the shit sides he scored against in 2013-14..”

    Those stats didn’t include his FA cup goals, how about that match winning goal against shit side Hull in the final? Probably saved Wenger’s Arsenal career, maybe that’s why he loves the player to a fault.

  74. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Whilst it would be funny to see Mourinho give Wenger a slap – I can’t imagine Jose in a fight – all mouth and no trousers.

  75. N5

    Another classless moment from Maureen. What an absolute cretin.

    He spends more time winding up or talking about other managers (especially Wenger) than he does coaching his teams.

    Big gob needs to concentrate on not getting back to back sackings, rather than embarrassing himself.

    PS I’m sure some of you Maureen fanboys on here will now come to his defense about how great he is for saying this, but save it. He’s not great, he’s a cunt.

  76. gonsterous

    We should switch to 4-3-3..
    The formation at the moment is a pain to watch. The team can’t break the opposition’s defense and we don’t really have a striker ( apart from giroud who can work there )

  77. gonsterous

    Lol mourinho.. doesn’t look like he’s going to get top 4.. Wenger may do nothing but mou can be blamed for over doing things !!

  78. Leedsgunner

    ‘Looks like this new book is going all out to prove Mourinho is a grade A obsessive psycho lunatic.’

    Rambo R

    The truth is we don’t need a book to tell us that… after speculating whether Arsene’s past it, I’m starting to think the same about Maureen. I mean how unprofessional can he get?!?

  79. Leedsgunner


    “Mourniho: He’s not great, he’s a cunt.”

    If that isn’t a born catchphrase I don’t know what is. 🙂

    Slap that on a T Shirt — you’ll sell thousands.

    The funny thing is if you set one up in a stall this weekend by the Emirates, you’ll probably get as many Chelsea fans buying it as the Gooners 🙂

    The guy burns more bridges behind him than Rommel…

  80. salparadisenyc

    Mourinho’s a house of crumbling cards at the moment. The rise and fall Jose.
    He’s pissed the wrong people off and there coming back to wreck him, sounds Russian.

  81. Joe

    Congratulate wenger on 20 years. Bollocks

    96-97 0 trophies
    97-98. Double
    98-99. 0 trophies
    99-00. 0 trophies
    00-01. 0 trophies

    01-02. Double
    02-03. Fa cup
    03-04. PL
    04-05. Fa cup

    05-06. 0 trophies.
    06-07 0 trophies
    07-08 trophies
    08-09 0 trophies
    09-10 0 trophies
    10-11 0 trophies
    11-12 0 trophies
    12-13 0 trophies

    13-14 fa cup
    14-15 fa cup
    15-16. 0 trophies

    Doesn’t look like such a good 20 years now does it