Winning ugly in September. Good sign, or a worrying one?

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Gosh, where to go with that game?

A win is a win is a win. We took the match by a margin, but so many things about the whole thing just make me feel very uncomfortable about the season ahead. And look, you have to call these things early, because burying your head in a victory now will only leave you disappointed later down the line when it typically goes to shit for the reasons I’ll call out now.

Firstly, the line up really has started to baffle me on a game by game basis. Talent aside, you have to say that in the end, Arsene Wenger purchased the right sort of pieces to say that he finally had a squad that could work. So when we head into our third game in a week with Santi and Coquelin in the middle, it really was a head banger of a moment.

Firstly, Santi Cazorla is now 31. He’s well into the back 9 of a Premier League centre midfielder. He’s never been an athlete and that’s really starting to show now. He’s getting outpaced on the pitch and he’s racking up minutes like Wenger is trying to force an injury on him. As for Coquelin, I’ve never watched an Arsene Wenger centre midfielder reject the ball so obviously. If it wasn’t Mustafi trying to break the lines with ambitious through balls, we had Ozil dropping deep to pick up and make things happen.

This would be fine, but we have Elneny and Xhaka sitting on the bench.

Wenger also rolled with Alexis up front. A player that’s looked erratic more often than not, a player who is increasingly playing for himself… a player who showcased that perfectly when he stole the penalty of Santi… then missed it. A very, very worrying act for a senior player to be seen engaging in.

Good news is that Hull were absolutely atrocious. They had a centre mid in central defence, and not in the Pep Guardiola kind of way. We took the lead after 16 in a weird mish-mash of errors. Coquelin duffed a shot at goal, it rebounded back to him, he played to Santi, who slipped the ball out wide to Theo who played a first-time cross that forced a save because it wasn’t accurate, Iwobi fired back at goal, Sanchez nipping in and getting the final touch.

The penalty incident happened, Livermore adjudged to have handled, Sanchez hit an appalling shot low, the Hull keeper saved… the attempt was so tame it almost caught Jakupovic out because it rolled at him so slowly. A bad mistake.

The second half opened with a bit of Iwobi magic, he laid off a back heel so perfect, Theo Walcott managed to finish it with a lovely chip.

At this point, I was hoping for a bit of aggression. Looking for Arsenal to kill a shellshocked Hull. But we didn’t make it count. Hull debuted Mbokani, he broke our line (was it offside?), Cech came wading out clattering him… the ref oddly waved on, but pulled it back to the spot, with Snodgrass converting.

We lost all our shape, had a few mad moments, but we pushed our lead again when Alexis Sanchez picked up Theo’s leftovers and fired into the top corner. A lovely finish that made me forgive his penalty indiscretion. Xhaka had time to give a big middle finger to the manager when he fired home from 35 yards out. He doesn’t realise that’s not allowed under Wenger, he likes opposition defences to know they can stand off them outside the box, a big mistake.


Vision: I watch Liverpool at the moment, with their pretty average players, doing wild things on the pitch. They know what they’re doing, they’re motivated and they’re performing really well. We have better players, but it’s all a bit of a mess. Players don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing, there’s not clear vision and the selection process is really confusing. We’ll get away with this against poor teams, but come on, we’re supposed to be competing for the league this year… and we’re in no shape for that.

Player Attitude: I know it’s sacrosanct to say anything against Ozil, but his fucks given counter was pretty low yesterday. His stats will come back and say he ran 48miles, but he didn’t look fired up to me. And he didn’t look particularly disciplined. I mean, it must be pretty depressing having to come back into deep midfield to pick up the ball, but jeez, you chose this man.

Also, someone needs to get a grip on Sanchez and selfishness. He plays for himself and when we’re doing badly, he plays even more for himself. He shouldn’t be allowed penalties if he’s not the penalty taker. Such an idiotic thing to do.

Team Selection: I don’t understand the mentality. The Xhaka thing is perplexing. He’s a DM, we’re electing to move him up the pitch when we have a clear issue with Coquelin? Makes no sense to me whatsoever. If it’s about ‘settling’ then put Elneny in there?

We’re moving into another season where the manager doesn’t seem to get rotation. Another season when he doesn’t know his best mix of players. Another season with midfield like a colander. He’s making the same old mistakes, even when he has the squad to do things differently. Crazy.


Iwobi: Guy looks a class act. Superb touch, he has the magic and he’s gearing up to be a threat in front of goal. I really like him. Hleb with end product. Can’t argue with that!

The Score: I mean, we won. I can’t be too despondent. But I think you can tell a lot from these sorts of games. When people are busting out the ‘win ugly’ card in September, you generally have problems, especially when it’s against 10 man Hull.

A lot of work to be done to get us up to speed this year… Chelsea next. Who also haven’t been that impressive. A big test upon us for sure!

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Rambo Ramsey

    “IIt’s then difficult to acknowledge anything good the player does as it means changing their view point and they lose face.”

    Tunny, yep, its why I have much respect for Bamford esp on his position re Coquelin. Gives him credit when its due.

    ” Crikey. When is Ramsey back. He’ll have a headache then. Someone isn’t even going to make the bench. ”

    I was thinking the same yesterday. Unless Wenger throws Ramsey out wide again, its going to be a massive pain-selection wise. There’s no way we can have three Central mids on the bench. But knowing Arsenal, what are the odds one of Santi, Coq gets injured around the same time Ramsey returns?

  2. pat

    iwobi’s decision making for a 20 year old is just so wonderful..simplistically skillful..hardly misplaces a pass. .But like most of our wingers or should I say players in general doesn’t have the consciousness of defending and in his case when he realises it doesn’t like to do’s even worse than ox’s. But going forward he’s brilliant..I dare say he’s more intelligent than any front three players we play..ox ,walcott giroud Sanchez (yes! not the brightest just very technical and a diehard ), perez(haven’t watched him play often but I feel iwobi is)
    He’s going to be one of the best inside forwards in the next 3 to 5 years of nature doesn’t mess him up

  3. du vi

    There is an entrenched narrative with Coquelin and the fraud Mezut Ozil and its consistent re-echoching is making it appear like informed reason.With Coquelin its going against the tide of basic common sense and trying to create the impression that he should be benched because he is having bad games even though he is beasting games and together with El nenny still remains the best defensive mid at the club.

    In Ozil case i am simply perplexed as to how the adoration from what i can only adduce to the sheepish ignorant but vocal majority that characterizes the typical Arsenal fanbase as to why this Fraud has not yet been gotten rid off.Totally anonymous game in game out season in season out….. weak lazy,cant drive play forward cant recieve the ball under pressure and is the complete antithesis of what a modern creative midfielder should be.

  4. Bamford10

    Good to see Iwobi play well again, but Arsenal only have a chance to do interesting things this season if all three new signings (Mustafi, Xhaka, Perez) are in the XI and improve our level of play.

    Why Wenger started Xhaka against Watford but not against PSG or Hull is a genuine mystery, but it’s not a good sign. Whatever their strengths, a Coquelin + Cazorla midfield is simply not good enough.

    Further, as long as Sanchez or Giroud is the CF, we will do nothing of note. We’ve known this for years now, so there is no reason to forget this now. If Perez does not improve us through the center and start, then we didn’t improve in attack over the summer.

    After all, this is a decent XI, but it’s not going to win the league and it’s not going to do anything in Europe:


    And no, replacing Elneny with Ramsey or Cazorla doesn’t get us there either.

  5. du vi

    This armed robber Ozil is stealing a living at Arsenal yet even though his one of the highest players at the club no one seems to reference his shocking performance since he came to the club English pundits who classed him a failure after his first three seasons at the club now seem to have adopted the stance that “if the ignorant Arsenal fan-base can tolerate him and a vocal minority idolise him because he c ame from Madrid he cant be that bad”…..My god this is a club whose large sections of its fans despised and booed Alex Hleb who Ozil cant hold a torchlight to or good enough to lace his boots…..Ala Walcott and his fellow band of do nothings one of the greatest travesties if a new contract is offered to him.

  6. Bamford10

    Ozil was invisible yet again yesterday. Talented player, but simply not enough to his game to rate him a great player. De Bruyne is the best attacking midfielder in the PL at moment by some distance. (Aside from an on-song Payet, of course.) Better than Ozil in every facet of the game. Sorry, Team Ozil.

  7. Bamford10

    ESPNFC gave Wilshere a 3/10 for his performance yesterday and Craig Burley thinks De Bruyne is the best player in the PL at moment.

  8. du vi

    I watch Liverpool at the moment, with their pretty average players” This is the kind of watered down intelligence and mentality that has the club where it is at today.Years of not paying over the top for players seems to have created a new fanbase that thinks the more you pay for player,the reflection of the players true value and ability .Like it or not Rodgers and Klopp have created a better squad and in the transfer market have gotten more right than wrong that can be said for Arsenal. Coutinho was bought for less than 12 million i think,yet his a throwback to kind of shrewd signing Arsenal used to be known for.yet his is head and shoulders above the fraud we have wearing our number 10 T shirt.

  9. tunnygriffboy

    A theory why Xhaka and Elneny haven’t played much yet

    He wants to ease Xhaka in to get used to the intensity of the PL

    We had an iffy first two games

    He’s gone with a trusted and tried combination in midfield

    Santi/Coquelin have been the best combo in midfield the last two seasons

    He’s given them a run together for stability and to get some results

    We have a game v Forest where Xhaka and Elneny can get minutes under their belt

    The Chelsea selection will be interseting

    After Chelsea we have a run of winnable games and I would expect Xhaka and Elneny to get much more game time. Ditto Lucas.

    Wenger talks about combinations in CM. I think Xhaka could play with most of our CMs as Wenger says he could play b2b as well.

    Interesting times.

  10. tunnygriffboy


    Ozil didn’t have his best game and stand out. He kept recycling the ball though. I’m happy that others are creating atm and all the expectation is taken off Ozil

    He’ll perk up and go on a run of creativity as he’s too good a player not to. He needs and can improve but I’m not slating him after 2 or 3 games. That would be reactionary. Ooops I forgot, it is LG 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. du vi

    Whoever is in charge of player scouting at the club needs to be sacked…do a like for like comparison as to the dross we have bought from Southampton and those Liverpool purchased.There is no better encapsulation that this is a club that fundamentally does not know what it doing.

    Clyne and Lllalana have been tremendous successes with exceptional technique ,particularly for English players whilst the scammers Walcott,Chambers and perhaps to a lesser extent chamberlain are all on the dole at Arsenal.Like Wiltshire found out yesterday once Arsenal have a manager with the balls to get rid of this category of dross there football careers would be pretty much over .. and they all would find thier levels at the lower tier of the premiership and league One.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    Yes the Chelsea game is a big one. Once again we’ll probably go ott after the game either way.

    Crikey we won 4-1 at a canter yesterday and there were people frothing at the mouth after it

    Alexis story white noise methinks. Alexis in middle contract talks atm 🙂

    Out of interest do you ever read the Guardian newspaper Arsenal reports ? Theyusually pretty good but wwhat’s better is the comments section. Plenty of pro and anti Wenger opinion. A lot of sensible discussion, no abuse and well worth a read. Lot’s of talk about the game, football, tactics etc …

  13. tunnygriffboy

    Team v Forest


    Debuchy Holding Gabriel Gibbs

    Elneny Xhaka

    Ox Ramsey (if fit) Lucas


    Not a bad 2nd string. It gives players an opportunity to have a run out and for some to force their way in for Saturday game.

    I think the fixtures after Chelsea will allow some rotation.

  14. du vi

    @ Pat In Ozil’s supposed brake out season 90% of his assists came form either set pieces,corners or crosses ….rarely from open play and never as result of him driving play forward,take players on and orchestrating play..If unlike the vast majority of stat slaves you actually watched the full games like i do for every single game you would realised that last season was not dissimilar to his other seasons at the club lazy, ineffective and completely anonymous game in game out.

    @TBWhy not? They are both meant to be creative attacking mids!!!

  15. Ashley

    Looked like cech was trying to do an ospinaaaaa lol , got that wrong didn’t he !

    Thought we looked alright , Santi was in full blown joey Barton mode for some reason , looked a bit weak at times on the ball , alexis gave the ball away the usual amount , iwobi is amazing , but yeh we should be beating hull by about 4 goals that’s what is expected … It’s next weeks game that will tell us how good/bad we really are , but we should be beating Chelsea Aswel , they are shit but you just know that scum bag Costa (who I would love in our team) is gonna run riot and this will be the game that Chelsea kick on from …. Sooooo predictable

  16. Jeff

    Unless a player just doesn’t have what it takes and is awful playing for other teams as well as playing for Arsenal, it isn’t wise to write him off as a lost cause. This goes for many players currently in the Arsenal first team.

    The best example is Sterling. He was abysmal last season and yet this season he doesn’t even look the same player. So it is possible for players to improve under a different manager. And it’s not just Pep, we’ve seen it at other clubs as well both past and present.

    At Arsenal, there is a definite pattern. A good player comes to us, does well at the start and then tapers off. I don’t claim to be able to explain fully why this is but there seems to be a correlation between Wenger’s methods and a deterioration in form. Until and unless we see the same personnel under a different manager, I don’t think it is wise to write players off.

  17. tunnygriffboy


    We should be beating Hull by 4 goals any way? Crikey you wonder why supporters from other clubs think we are an entitled bunch, really arrogant and don’t rate our support very much

    Hull have made things very difficult for all their opponents this season. Ok they went down to 10 men but even before that we were all over them. Even Shearer said we played well.

    Also Chelsea are sh.t. A team that pundits think could win the league when we are expected to drop out of the top four

  18. grooveydaddy

    Not to beat a dead horse, but how the f@ck was Alexis allowed to take the penalty yesterday? Did he go rogue? Or was it a collective decision, with Santi somehow voluntarily relinquishing responsibility.

    Where was the captain in all of this? Isn’t it his job to ensure directives from the touchline are followed??

  19. Rhys Jaggar

    I think the key question is not whether Arsenal are in top form right now or not (obviously not) but whether they are improving steadily, game by game. I’d say they are.

    Next weekend is a crucial match: if Arsenal beat Chelsea, they can realistically target going into the NLD on the back of 8 straight EPL wins, 25 puts from the first 10 games. That would be a title contender’s start. To do that, they need to step up again. And then be professional through October…..

    Cech, Koscielny, Cazorla, Ozil And Sanchez should not be involved midweek. Play Xhaka and el Neny for 75 mins+, the pair need game time together as Arsenal’s most solid defensive midfield pair. There are games when that solidity will be required. Obviously, Perez and Giroud get the same.

    Yes, highlight the unacceptable, but don’t prejudge the season just yet.

  20. gnarleygeorge9

    90 minutes on from PSG & the CH’s starting to gel.

    I tend to yell “have a shot” or “shoot FFS” as they try to walk the ball into the back of the net.

    Then along comes Xhaka 🙂

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea selection will tell us a lot, though Wenger did go with this Coq and Caz thing in PSG Chelsea’s middle usually consists of Matic, Kante and Oscar up against Coq, Caz and Ozil.

    I mean you can see ours is technically better in terms of ball playing, but I don’t like that match up at all.

    I think we will see a different line up next weekend, you cannot be that weak in the centre of the park especially when your fullbacks are not playing well at all and will have to deal with Hazard and Willian.

    At the moment I’m sort of getting the same feeling I did last year when we were getting past teams like Bournemouth, Newcastle and Sunderland at home…it is a win, and some of the scorelines (I think it was Sunderland) sort of flatter us a bit, but lots of worrying signs that the side is not clicking, is labouring a bit and is vulnerable to being cut open.

    Ozil needs to pull his finger out big time, getting a bit sick of this whole routine/debate we go through every year around him, the whole ‘plays like a tortured genius’ thing.

    For all the stick Sanchez got in this post, not sure why, he really is leading at the moment whilst being played in a position he does not want to be in, four goals and an assist in five games. That is what you want your big players to do, even when played out of position, even when not really hitting the highnotes yet, which Sanchez is not.

  22. Alexanderhenry

    Just watched the game on arsenal player- most of it anyway.

    Two things:

    1) MOTD highlights never seem to show all the best moments of arsenal’s play. Don’t know why that is.

    2) The performance yesterday was very good indeed. I have no idea why Pedro describes it as ‘winning ugly’. We looked sharp and played some excellent stuff away against a Hull side who have made a good start. We should have been two or three up before the sending off and the Walcott and Xhaka goals were outstanding.

    However, we need a regular, better penalty taker. Sanchez although excellent- why Pedro is criticising him is a mystery- shouldn’t take penalties, and I’ve never been convinced by Cazorla’s efforts.

    I very much like the look of Elneny and Xhaka in midfield especially when we have to be solid.
    Walcott has impressed me so far, especially considering how poorly he finished last season. He hasn’t been fantastic but he has quietly gone about his business and it looks like he has found a bit of confidence. A confident walcott is always a threat.

  23. Alexanderhenry

    Cesc appeal

    Agree on the chelsea line up. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t play Xhaka for that one and possibly elneny too.

    Also agree on Sanchez. I think criticism of him is unfair. Make no mistake, he is absolutely essential to us this season and when he’s on form he is a one man wrecking ball of a player.
    He can be a little selfish but I like that. It’s what we need.

  24. grooveydaddy

    one part of his selfishness he’s got to curb is his instinct to drop deep because he needs to be on the ball all the time.

    stick around up top where you can do some damage!

  25. tunnygriffboy

    Alex Hen

    Yes Theo has done ok so far this season. Yes a couple of his crosses hit row z but he was involved in 3 of the 4 goals and in getting us the pen. More confidence he gets the better.

    I don’t like the idea of Santi and Coquelin in midfield v Chelsea but I’ve a horrible feeling that is what we’ll see. I’d rather match them up physically with Xhaka/Elneny or Xhaka/Coquelin tbh. Could then bring Santi on if needed


    I don’t understand the Alexis or Coquelin bashing in the post. As you say Alexis is putting a shift in, being a bit more of a team player and his numbers are good.

    I think Coquelin has been playing well as well. His defensive work is very good and yesterday I think he had 98 touches and was quite good on the ball.

    I think post Chelsea we’ll see more rotation with Xhaka/Elneny/Lucas and the forgotten man Ramsey getting more game time.

    A win v Chelsea would be a massive boost for the boys

  26. china

    I don’t rate santi’s penalties either. recently they’ve all been really poor despite going in. he keeps going down the middle, which is a novelty party trick rather than a regular sustainable choice! anyway hopefully he’ll stop doing that if he stays penalty taker

    sounds like a decent performance yesterday and the result was good. as far as i’m concerned that’s enough for me to be happy until the next game. i don’t expect arsenal to dominate for 90 minutes in 38 games of the season, getting cricket scores, but we need to play well regularly and get good results the vast majority of the time. sounds like yesterday we did that so i’ve nothing to be grumpy about this weekend (odd team selection aside)

    the chelsea game looks absolutely massive. if we play well and get a win that would be a great day for us. my only fear is being arsenal we’ll do a number of chelsea then go and piss points away in the game after by thinking we’re the dog’s bollocks already

  27. tunnygriffboy


    Alexis drops deep for a reason. It either means the CBs have no one to mark or if one follows him then it leaves a space for us to exploit. This is where Walcott come in and the reason I think he’s been kept and played. He’ll make the runs in behind exploiting space or the fact the back 4 are static

    Ozil needs to make late runs into the space as well and Ramsey is really good at it.

    That’s what I think he is going. It’s not perfect by any means. Could Lucas do that job ? I think he plays on the last man. What’s happening re Giroud ?

  28. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be clear Cazorla is a quality footballer, but he has no longer got the physicality and energy to play in starting line-up of our team either in EPL or CL. He has also a tendency to slow down games with his short passing.

    Arsenal need to bring into the team Xhaka whether he plays alongside Coquelin, Ramsey or Elneny. He adds an entirely different dimension to the team, because he is physically strong with a very good passing game. Also he is clearly not frightened to shoot from distance!

    The case against Ozil presented by some of the malcontents is wrong. Ozil has
    vision and in the right team is going to be a major asset as was the case with
    Germany and Real Madrid. The idea that you get rid of your most talented player is fatuous.

    However, there is one component of our game, which does need to be resolved
    if you do not include Cazorla and Giroud in our team and that is the taking of
    penalties. We have seen over the last three seasons that there is no-one else
    in our team who is reliable when taking penalties. Both Ozil and Sanchez have
    a terrible record not only for us but in case of Ozil also for Germany as well.

    Finally my view is that the best combination in midfield is Xhaka, Ozil and
    Coquelin if we need to be defensive and Ramsey in place of Coquelin where
    we need to be offensive.

    Cazorla and Elneny should be bench players.

  29. tunnygriffboy


    No reason Santi should be on the bench all the time. He’s definitely good enough to start and play games. He can dictate certain games as well. However he needs rest now at his age and should be rotates carefully and smartly.

    City started supremely well. Fixtures though. Sunderland, Stoke, West Ham, Bournemouth. 4 of bottom 6. They beat man u after an exceptional first half. 2nd half man u had them rattled in periods and could have got a point.

    Crikey. Mr optimism. Why not 🙂 🙂

  30. tunnygriffboy

    Liverpool have had a tough start to the season. Arsenal, totts, Leicester and Chelsea. Remarkably they lost to Burnley.

    They will be dangerous. No European football. I hope their defence collapses and is their achilles heel.

  31. vicky

    Yes Emirates, Santi is not good enough even though he performs better than all our other midfielders on a regular basis and Ozil can’t be benched even though he has been below average because he has played for Real Madrid.

    Santi slows down our game because he makes short passes while Ozil speeds up our game with his 5 yard easy passes strolling around.

    Santi physically is not suitable for EPL whereas Ozil is a beast dominating most games using his intimidating physical presence.

    Stop pestering lies perpetuated by Ozilites and judge a player’s performance on its merit, not by the mental picture you have of players concerned.

  32. china

    i would love to see ozil benched for a game to give him a bit of urgency, the problem is that his nearest equivalent is santi who is playing too much and is going to pick up an injury very soon

  33. Ashley


    Hi mate , yeh I do think we should be beating hull by about 4 goals , we’re supposed to be a world class team , they’ve just been promoted , it’s about right for me …. If we are supposed to be serious about challenging , regardless of the fact they’ve made it difficult for previous opponents , we should be dispatching hull without any noise , plain and simple

  34. Pierre

    China “i would love to see ozil benched for a game to give him a bit of urgency, the problem is that his nearest equivalent is santi who is playing too much and is going to pick up an injury very soon”

    China, Santi has played 5 games… He has as much chance of picking up an injury as any other player in the prem who have played 5 games …… As for ozil , yes his final ball and shooting is not there yet but yesterday he made a personal record 104 passes in the game so obviously he had urgency otherwise he would be hiding on the pitch and would not be on the ball…. Ozil is a team player first and foremost , he will keep trying to feed balls to the forwards and if there is no ball on then he won’t just give the ball away he will play it simple to a team mate . Believe it or not it helps Arsenal control the game . He will never please everyone because of his languid style and he makes the game look easy .

  35. tunnygriffboy


    We did put 4 past Hull. However this notion that teams should and will roll over for us is misplaced. You have to work hard for victories like that. Yesterday our attitude was spot on. You go into a game like yesterdays unprepared thinking we’ll win easily you come unstuck.

    It’s the attitude that gives Arsenal fans a bad name. Every team deserves respect in the PL and there are very few easy games. On their day any team can beat anyone

    Very few fans of other teams bar man u think like that judging from the blogs I read regularly.

  36. Sam

    Iwobi never went on loan, hopefully Adelaide n Willock wouldn’t
    how would a player progress when he spent a year or 2 training with sh!t team
    Iwobi is training Cazorla, sanchez etc… last season he spent some times with Henry

  37. Sam

    just training with Arsenal first team then playing with under 21 team is better than playing a whole season at Glasgow Rangers

  38. China

    Pierre Santi is a CM in his 30s with a less than spotless injury record and less consistent influence and involvement that before

    He’s got loads of talent and I love him in and around the team but to imply that ever player who has played 5 games has an equal chance of injury is patently not correct

    Human bodies are not as stable as Fifa likes to make out! Especially in old age haha

  39. Sam

    today task is Gns3 installation on CentOs server today
    I compiled my own packages in the past, just have to verify is they are all latest version before work begins.

  40. du vi

    Mezut Ozil has been shit for the last three seasons yet all we keep hearing is his out of form…No shit!!!! When is the fraud ever on form!!!!

  41. Sam

    today is Iwobi celebration day

    please, If you want to talk about De Bruyne or any other un-Arsenal cunt you support please post it elsewhere

  42. Rambo Ramsey

    Another interesting stat: Alex Iwobi is joint top of the assists chart alongside Kevin deBruyne and Dimitri Payet. Despite playing fewer minutes(152) than both deBruyne(434) and Payet(203)

  43. tunnygriffboy


    Yes but that sort of stat won’t make you the toast of LG and you might get some stick for it 🙂 🙂

    As I said earlier with Alexis dropping deep it leaves a static defence not marking anybody. If a defender follows him it leaves a space for us to exploit. It’s why Theo has been retained and plays as he makes good runs behind. This was the case for yesterdays 3rd goal and to some extent his goal

    Ozil should be making more runs into that area a la Watford. Ramsey is yet to play and his late runs are one of his strengths.

    It remains to be seen if Lucas will play like Alexis or will play on the last shoulder more. Wherr does this system leave Giroud ?

    One other noticeable thing from yesterday is how high our line was. We were trying to get the ball back and pressing at the top of their penalty area. Great if we can regain the ball in such a dangerous area.

    We also now have a CB who passes beautifully who can find players through the lines.

  44. Sam

    Solution for Chamberlain is to write him as a winger
    there were games we tried him even as holding midfielder n he did well
    time to rebuild him in cup games

  45. Ondgooner

    A fool at 40 is a fool forever…. This saying is so true of Wenger. How can he change now? It will be like asking Mohammed to rise from the dead now when he couldn’t do it the first time. Enough said! Get short of him!!!