Winning ugly in September. Good sign, or a worrying one?

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Gosh, where to go with that game?

A win is a win is a win. We took the match by a margin, but so many things about the whole thing just make me feel very uncomfortable about the season ahead. And look, you have to call these things early, because burying your head in a victory now will only leave you disappointed later down the line when it typically goes to shit for the reasons I’ll call out now.

Firstly, the line up really has started to baffle me on a game by game basis. Talent aside, you have to say that in the end, Arsene Wenger purchased the right sort of pieces to say that he finally had a squad that could work. So when we head into our third game in a week with Santi and Coquelin in the middle, it really was a head banger of a moment.

Firstly, Santi Cazorla is now 31. He’s well into the back 9 of a Premier League centre midfielder. He’s never been an athlete and that’s really starting to show now. He’s getting outpaced on the pitch and he’s racking up minutes like Wenger is trying to force an injury on him. As for Coquelin, I’ve never watched an Arsene Wenger centre midfielder reject the ball so obviously. If it wasn’t Mustafi trying to break the lines with ambitious through balls, we had Ozil dropping deep to pick up and make things happen.

This would be fine, but we have Elneny and Xhaka sitting on the bench.

Wenger also rolled with Alexis up front. A player that’s looked erratic more often than not, a player who is increasingly playing for himself… a player who showcased that perfectly when he stole the penalty of Santi… then missed it. A very, very worrying act for a senior player to be seen engaging in.

Good news is that Hull were absolutely atrocious. They had a centre mid in central defence, and not in the Pep Guardiola kind of way. We took the lead after 16 in a weird mish-mash of errors. Coquelin duffed a shot at goal, it rebounded back to him, he played to Santi, who slipped the ball out wide to Theo who played a first-time cross that forced a save because it wasn’t accurate, Iwobi fired back at goal, Sanchez nipping in and getting the final touch.

The penalty incident happened, Livermore adjudged to have handled, Sanchez hit an appalling shot low, the Hull keeper saved… the attempt was so tame it almost caught Jakupovic out because it rolled at him so slowly. A bad mistake.

The second half opened with a bit of Iwobi magic, he laid off a back heel so perfect, Theo Walcott managed to finish it with a lovely chip.

At this point, I was hoping for a bit of aggression. Looking for Arsenal to kill a shellshocked Hull. But we didn’t make it count. Hull debuted Mbokani, he broke our line (was it offside?), Cech came wading out clattering him… the ref oddly waved on, but pulled it back to the spot, with Snodgrass converting.

We lost all our shape, had a few mad moments, but we pushed our lead again when Alexis Sanchez picked up Theo’s leftovers and fired into the top corner. A lovely finish that made me forgive his penalty indiscretion. Xhaka had time to give a big middle finger to the manager when he fired home from 35 yards out. He doesn’t realise that’s not allowed under Wenger, he likes opposition defences to know they can stand off them outside the box, a big mistake.


Vision: I watch Liverpool at the moment, with their pretty average players, doing wild things on the pitch. They know what they’re doing, they’re motivated and they’re performing really well. We have better players, but it’s all a bit of a mess. Players don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing, there’s not clear vision and the selection process is really confusing. We’ll get away with this against poor teams, but come on, we’re supposed to be competing for the league this year… and we’re in no shape for that.

Player Attitude: I know it’s sacrosanct to say anything against Ozil, but his fucks given counter was pretty low yesterday. His stats will come back and say he ran 48miles, but he didn’t look fired up to me. And he didn’t look particularly disciplined. I mean, it must be pretty depressing having to come back into deep midfield to pick up the ball, but jeez, you chose this man.

Also, someone needs to get a grip on Sanchez and selfishness. He plays for himself and when we’re doing badly, he plays even more for himself. He shouldn’t be allowed penalties if he’s not the penalty taker. Such an idiotic thing to do.

Team Selection: I don’t understand the mentality. The Xhaka thing is perplexing. He’s a DM, we’re electing to move him up the pitch when we have a clear issue with Coquelin? Makes no sense to me whatsoever. If it’s about ‘settling’ then put Elneny in there?

We’re moving into another season where the manager doesn’t seem to get rotation. Another season when he doesn’t know his best mix of players. Another season with midfield like a colander. He’s making the same old mistakes, even when he has the squad to do things differently. Crazy.


Iwobi: Guy looks a class act. Superb touch, he has the magic and he’s gearing up to be a threat in front of goal. I really like him. Hleb with end product. Can’t argue with that!

The Score: I mean, we won. I can’t be too despondent. But I think you can tell a lot from these sorts of games. When people are busting out the ‘win ugly’ card in September, you generally have problems, especially when it’s against 10 man Hull.

A lot of work to be done to get us up to speed this year… Chelsea next. Who also haven’t been that impressive. A big test upon us for sure!

See you tomorrow!


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  1. ADKB

    I’m struggling to enjoy our games because I don’t want to be disappointed later. I won’t start thinking we’ve arrived after thrashing Hull. Let’s beat the big boys first then I might listen to those who think Wenger has finally got it right.

    The better we perform, I’m afraid, the more likely we’ll be stuck with Wenger for another 2 or 3 years.

  2. Childish Gambino

    Was so scared before kick off. Wenger needs to bench Ozil against Chelsea.
    elneny and Coq behind Santi. Theo, Iwobi and Alexis up top.

    I really hate we dont have any passable CF this season.

  3. Leedsgunner

    I missed the game… 🙁 Were we as dominant as the scoreline said?

    Motm? Chelsea will be much tougher test.

    Play the youngsters and fringe players for Nottingham Forest… keep the first team fresh for Chelsea.

    Let’s put our marker down like Liverpool did over them last night!

  4. gonsterous

    Alex Henry

    Supporting your team during a game.. I thought that’s a fans job.. you want to moan and be a pundit ?? Do it after the game !!

  5. Stanlee

    The line up baffles me too. I know there are still lots of games to go round but I expect Xhaka and Perez games now.
    We under utilise Sanchez as a striker. His games shows when he plays from the flanks.
    Ozil has been disappointing so far. I don’t know if it is the line up or he is just terrible. 3 points though.

  6. champagne charlie


    “It was YOU who made the assertion that it was somehow a “jibe””

    That selective “genuine” memory lapse is back with you again mate, might want to see a professional about it. Let me refresh via the medium of copy/paste, where lying about what was said is avoided…

    From our conversation 2 days ago:

    ME: “So instead let’s compare trivial statistics and present them as meaningful? Aguero scores goals, and has scored in gluts early this season. What’s your point?”

    JEFF: “What is my point? Well let’s see now. Since you are a renowned devotee with a certificate to prove it, you must surely be deluded enough to think we have a chance of winning the PL. So my point is that those “trivial” statistic should give you an early indicator that it isn’t going to happen.”

    ME: “You compared agueros 9 goals this season to our total of 8 and said it serves as a marker for how we won’t be competing. Well he’s scored equal or more than all other teams in the league so allow me to call you a fucking moron with absolute confidence for using that as any kind of genuine barometer of the season ahead.”

    So would you like to continue your attempt to misconstrue fact? You talked shite, I said you’re talking shite….it was evidenced in the next game you were talking shite. End of story for most sensible folk, but you keep verbally swinging and trying to alter the course of conversation by suggesting fixation on a point from “5 days ago”, my “childishness”, etc.

    It’s easy to avoid this type of thing jeff, don;t talk utter bollocks on the internet because someone will call you on it.

  7. Alexanderhenry


    I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about this season. We have a stronger squad, Yes, we have ridden our luck a bit so far but I am convinced the team will continue to improve.
    Apart from city , none of the other top sides scare me particularly.
    When we play city, if we have something like a fit first XI, I think we may surprise a few people.

  8. karim


    Thanx my friend !
    It will be a pleasure, I like Basel, that’s where I used to buy my weed when I was a student back in the days.
    Very nice city.

    Hop Suisse !

  9. Joe

    everton have better striker than us. Better manager.

    They will challenge for top 4 this season

    That make Liverpool. Everton. Totts and us for 4th place

  10. Goonereris

    Pedro, you are hard to impress aren’t you, or you just like a good moan about anything Arsenal. Same Hull city started with 2 wins, one against defending champions and United needed all of 93 minutes to get a goal against them at home (?). Yet, we beat them without getting into second gear and somehow, we are lost all shape and made wrong selections. There is a name for such a disposition, you know…

  11. DivineSherlock


    Arsenal were tentative and lacked urgency. Its only after they scored the penalty , that we woke up . Xhaka is a monster though . Lovely goal and Celebration. Coquelin was good . Sanchez made things happen despite the apparent selfishness. Iwobi is a powerhouse , Rashford who ?

  12. Rambo Ramsey

    “As for Coquelin, I’ve never watched an Arsene Wenger centre midfielder reject the ball so obviously.”

    Yes, his rejection of the ball was very obvious from the 100+ touches he had or the 98 passes he made.

    I see that you’ve completely ignored the Cech issue. He went in wild and completely missed the ball, lucky not to be red carded.

    I can imagine the outrage you’d be spitting had Ospina done something like that. You’d probably still be taking about it up a year later.

  13. Goonereris

    Oh, and I am sure Xhaka and Perez will get their game time but the manager is only trying to ease them in slowly,. Clearly, they aren’t in disagreement. In case you missed it, one of the qualities Wenger mentioned about Xhaka is his sweet left foot and shooting, so don’t make it out like Wenger ever stopped anyone taking shots; that’s how Iwobi has scored or made goals for the team. Theo had 3 shots I can recall; Coq has been trying his luck too. Let’s see what the team does against Chelsea and what you make of it when they are beaten. Didn’t we complain about how predictable we are? Now, even you can’t predict the team sheet. Every manager will have the same problem, I think.

  14. Jeff

    Charlie, I have news for you – no one’s interested in your adolescent words. We’ll all see what the stats show come February. You and your AKB brethren want to wax lyrical after a win against Hull, go ahead. leap for joy. The fact that you think this game has any effect on stats in the past just goes to show you’re a sandwich short of a picnic. He who knows not and knows not that he knows not, shun him for he is a fool.

  15. Alexanderhenry


    ‘So Alex after this post , I guess Pedro fails your Arsenal fan test as well??’

    Not quite.
    He has an axe to grind. He’s been blogging for years now that arsenal fc’s most successful coach is in fact incompetent. Therefore, he will tend to downplay any positives or suggest that it’s got more to do with the fitness coach or an assistant.

    His assertion that because we look a bit patchy five games in is a worry is of course wrong. It’s the opposite. We’ve made a decent start and we have yet to fully bed in Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez. Also a -hopefully- rejuvenated Ramsay is still to come back. All the signs point to the team improving as the season progresses.

    However, he does manage to give some credit to the team and he doesn’t jump for joy when we lose or abuse other fans for supporting their team.

    Unfortunately you do.

    So, you fail the Arsenal fan test Joe. Sorry

  16. Stevanovic

    Celebrate now Pedro, there will be time enough to moan when the team inevitably mess up… They will at some point but today cheer the fuck up.

  17. gonsterous

    Alex Henry

    I’m not optimistic at all and I have my fears that we haven’t seen the last of Wenger !! We really should put Sanchez back on the wings.. predictable but deadly.. should have bought back cesc when we had the chance !! We have a squad capable of fighting for 4th spot nothing else.. I’ll be pleased if we managed to get into the semis of the champions league !!

  18. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Pedro, you are hard to impress aren’t you, or you just like a good moan about anything Arsenal. Same Hull city started with 2 wins, one against defending champions and United needed all of 93 minutes to get a goal against them at home (?). Yet, we beat them without getting into second gear and somehow, we are lost all shape and made wrong selections. There is a name for such a disposition, you know…’

    Good post. It’s five games in. City look great but they looked great this time last season. No one else does except possibly and sporadicly, Liverpool, but I can’t see them winning it.

  19. champagne charlie


    You can spot a moron a mile off when he retorts in the manner you do. You look for vindication in what you say irrespective of it’s sense, that makes you an idiot. Crack on now asserting I’m an AKB (another tell tale sign of a moron), and suggest I’m giddy over a win against Hull.

    I’ll maintain what i always have, we will compete this season and anyone who is negative after a 4-1 away win just screams plank. I support Arsenal, I’m a season ticket holder, and I enjoy when we win.

    Don’t know what you’re in it for if you’re flapping your gums about “we’ll see where we are come feb” etc. Might want to surround yourself with actual fans to get an idea of what it’s all about. There’s no medals for calling for doom and gloom being right about it. You love a stat so here’s an obvious one for you….we’re more likely NOT to win the league than win it. If you get your jollies off of predicting we won;t win then you’re a sad little man. I focus on the percentage that governs the likelihood of us actually winning, and that’s 3 more points this weekend so get it up you.

  20. Alexanderhenry


    Fair enough. Where arsenal is concerned, I am optimist. City look the team to beat but the rest don’t scare me. We have a chance and we can definitely do better than fourth.

    Look, I know you’re a WOB but that’s ok. We disagree on certain things.
    However, don’t be scared of losing credit with the other WOBs just because you’re happy when Arsenal win.

  21. gunnergetyou

    Champagne Charlie

    From what I’ve seen Slimani is class.

    Wenger would rather spend £17m on a player who can’t get into the team. He’s done it with Welbeck and now maybe Perez.

    Stock piling average players is a waste of money. Far worse than taking a risk on a potential world beater.

    Leicester kept Vardy and even strengthened in that position whilst we went for the cheap option.


    Giroud never turns up against big teams. I can’t remember him ever having a half decent game against Chelsea. His size means nothing if he doesn’t use it to his advantage.

  22. Alexanderhenry


    ‘I’ll maintain what i always have, we will compete this season and anyone who is negative after a 4-1 away win just screams plank. I support Arsenal, I’m a season ticket holder, and I enjoy when we win.’

    There you go everyone. Well said CC

  23. The Godfather

    We have an overrated shrug and jog waste of 42 million doing absolutely nothing to influence a game and Le Coq is taking pelters? Someone needs to take a look at Kevin De Bruyne and see what. Big time playmakers produces

  24. champagne charlie


    Seen when? Slimani has played one game for Leicester and you’re calling him another miss by wenger. Not only that but now Perez is supposedly bang average just because.

    If you watched Perez lasts season you’d have seen that class you;re on about, to expect or compare at this stage is ridiculous at best.

  25. Mr B

    Who the f told Coq to lose weight. If anything he should be a stone heavier and close to essien physique wise to be able to do his job effectively.

    Also Mustafi seems a good replacement for Kos and holding should mature into a superior version of per (much quicker and athletic. But beyond that we really have very little reliability.

    I don’t understand why Gabriel has not learnt decent English by now, specifically because there is a lot of shouting Ahmadinejad.. communication going on in defense and he probably understands non of it.

    I am getting a bit miffed at ozil’s attitude and output in games. Its a stark difference for his recent outings for Germany. Really doesn’t look like a guy going for the jugular to get a new deal.

    Sad as it is but Wenger is the cause and arsenal like many British institutions persist with tradition over logic. We must have some of the most late nineties-early naughties training routines in European football. This is in an era where Russians are hip with technology.

    You could get better bang for your buck by introducing interactive tech/touch based educational modules then grammar schools esp. considering most primary and secondary school students are digital natives. Its like trying to enforce a foreign culture on them.

  26. Batistuta

    The minute Pedro said negative stuff about Coquelin then this post became lame and dumb

    Yea coquelin is our weak link while that teenage 41million pound midfielder continues to go missing

    Seems there’s an agenda against Coquelin on this site

    Yea we’d all love to see xhaka and el neny start but at this point 31yr old santi and can’t pass the ball coquelin are contributing more than assist king ozil, he needs to fuck off the starting 11 for sometime

  27. Batistuta


    Agree about Giroud though but what’s the use of the new man if he’s not getting a run out when our supposed star striker isn’t in the team

  28. Goonereris

    Mr. B, ” this is an era where Russians are hip with technology”. To be fair, the club with the reputation for too much reliance on technology is Arsenal. The analytics in use by the club is top range. Unless of course, you are referring to some other kind of technology.

  29. The Godfather

    “champagne charlieSeptember 17, 2016 18:16:46
    ” Kevin De Bruyne and see what. Big time playmakers produces”Yea he was fucking mint in the Euro’s.”

    Based on your great reasoning, Lewandowski is hopeless as well and Ramsey is a world beater ….. jeez it never ends here lol.

    Go ahead and try and compare Ozil to KDB and see what happens

  30. Batistuta

    Ozil needs to be benched if we are all being honest, its not like he’s even racking up the assists we brag about him with

  31. champagne charlie

    godfather (cringe)

    I thought De bruyne was the gold standard? He was shit in the Euro’s, normally shit for belgium, and MIA for a large chunk of time last season for City.

    You’re right I best not compare Ozil and De Bruyne, because Ozil is on another level.

  32. Sam

    Our front 3 did well and worked hard only their number 10 let them down
    If I was Wenger i will set them to work together n try Cazorla until Ozil regains his form.
    Coquelin and Xhaka will give us strong midfield no doubt
    Welldone Iwobi, hopefully this season Adelaide n Willock will shine in cup games

  33. The Godfather

    Your Comment Here

    Champagne Charlie,

    It’s clear you must be downing some real cheap bubbly lol…

    KDB is carrying City, Ozil is being carried by Arsenal. A sloth stealing a living … Hey lets pay him 200k per week, he has justified it with his play

  34. gunnergetyou


    I don’t have a clue what Wenger’s plans are for Perez. Does he not rate him? With no recognised striker in the squad he could barely make it off the bench. Maybe Wenger doesn’t think he’s ready, but he could have at least given him more time to impress against a 10 man Hull team.

    I think it’s asking too much at this stage to throw him in at the deep end against Chelsea.

  35. Carts

    Gnabry’s goal v Monchen’

    No doubt in my mind that if there isn’t already an agreement in principle for Gnabry to join Munich, he’ll be bought by Munich,, BvB or Wolfsburg.

    To think we kept Theo and Ox over Gnabry trolololol

  36. Joe


    A handsome victory at a former cricket ground is welcome, but claims that Wenger’s men are flat-track bullies will linger.

    Daily Mail agrees with you

  37. gunnergetyou

    To think we kept Theo and Ox over Gnabry trolololol

    Think Gnabry snubbed a new deal. Can’t blame him really. His career had stagnated in England and sending him on loan to Pulis’s West Brom was more than enough to have him running back to Germany in fear.

  38. Batistuta


    Its astounding really the way Wenger uses his players

    But in my opinion Wenger doesn’t rate him enough,don’t think its about bedding him in cus the really good players are off the mark almost immediately,don’t think any other club is still bedding in new players at this stage, with Xhaka not starting you know its Wenger trying to prove to everyone he knows best but with Perez, it has all the trademarks of a flop signing, early days but it just feels like it, sign a player, see him in training, realise he’s not good enough and hardly use him so people don’t get on your back for signing him in the first place

    I hope im wrong though

  39. Carts


    I can’t say verbatim what was discussed on the eve of Gnabry leaving, but I can guess it went something like this:

    AW “Gnabry, an offer has come in for you from Germany.

    I want you to stay, but I can’t guarantee you first team football this year, and probably not for this season unless we suffer with injuries.

    I want you to sign an extension and go out on loan insted.”

    Gnabry “But Wenger, I’m fit! I scored half a dozen goal in the Olympics and was voted player of the tournament, What happened at West Brom was not my fault. Pulis prefers long balls and slow lethargic football.

    There are certain players in the squad who you’ve given ample opportunities too, to no avail. I believe I am better than those individuals.

    Either you guarantee me a place in the 16 or I’ll run down my contract and leave on a free. I will not entertain ANOTHER loan”.

    AW “as we can’t come to a compromise, I’ll have no choice but to let you leave this summer; and accept the offer from Bremen”

    Gnabry “That’s fine by me. Thanks you”.

  40. WengerEagle

    Find it bizarre how Pedro and friends criticize Coquelin week after week when he turns in good performances.

    And it’s pretty obvious that he is playing favourites at this stage, not one bad mention of Cech today when Ospina would have been crucified for the same mistake.

  41. gunnergetyou


    Hahaha, you’re probably not far off the mark.

    Either way it’s pretty clear that the Gnabry situation wasn’t handled properly. Loaning him out to a non footballing team was a stupid decision in itself.

  42. champagne charlie


    Ozil was the best creator in the league last year with Giroud as his converter whilst De Bruyne has Aguero and even Iheanacho but he can’t produce the chances.

    Pointless debate anyway, you have a hard on for De bruyne so I won;t stop you mid-stroke

  43. The Godfather

    Cheap Champagne Charlene, no manager in the footballing world would take Ozil over KDB. I mean whatever you are mixing that cheap bubbly with, pray the police don’t catch you with it.

    I mean you Ozilites are nuts. Sorry with all due respect this is like trying to herd a bunch of cats. Totally pointless so have it your way at the altar of Mezut.

  44. Mr B


    Since you seem knowledgeable might I suggest you provide me 10 decisions that the manager has made based on in game analytics other than gauging player fatigue.

    If that is all these analytics are helping him with, I am afraid he might as well use an abacus, as he sticks with 65-70 minute routine zealously. Would it be too much to presume that player conditioning fluctuates more than that during a season.

    Part of the reason that arsenal became a captain (these are players that the manager deemed gifted and leadership material) selling club, was out inept and unfathomable decision making and processes.

  45. champagne charlie


    That’s it, make stupid immeasurable statements in an attempt to serve your narrative. You like KDb, there’s a cookie with your name on it. For me he’s not a patch on Ozil who continues to show he’s the best creator in football, and that’s what I value from a number 10 over other attributes.

    Is KDB pony? Anything but, he’s just not as good as Ozil. Have a paddy about that all you like.

  46. The Godfather

    Your Comment Here

    Lol, I love the clowns whose only recourse for the Droopy eyed one is to for bogus stats. What are chances created? Throwins into the box? How many chances did he create today? How many players did he dribble by and score or set up teammates. How many defense splitting passes did he deliver?

    How did he impact the game aside from missing an open net that could have totally altered the tactics and strategy of Hull.

    Again how many teams have come in with bids for Ozil?

    Mourinho is now at his second stop in England since coaching him at Madrid and has not even had a sniff in his direction.

    What can he do on the field that Santi can’t do and more?

    You are deluded so. …. Keep swooning over those eyes

  47. The Godfather

    Your Comment Here

    Again stop mouthing off on Legrove and log on to another fan website and dare say that you would rather have Ozil as a playmaker rather than KDB. You would have paramedics or others with white lab coats en route to your basement location

  48. BacaryisGod

    So much to enjoy about today’s performance.

    -Iwobi’s class
    -Kozzer/Mustafi partnership improving
    -Good pressure in opponents half creating constant turnovers
    -Alexis’ s work rate and encouraging badge celebration with fans
    -Xhaka’s rocket
    -Theo’s stronger physically and it shows

    The negatives

    -Cech is showing his age a little
    -Ozil not yet firing on all cylinders
    -Iwobi’s switching off on defence
    -Walcott’s headless chicken moments including a terrible, terrible cross and a brutal pass that had Ozil in despair.

  49. Al

    Bizarre post. We actually played well today.

    Only thing you could fault Alexis with is taking the penalty but I’m kind of glad we have a player hungry/ eager to score goals.

    Not sure where this selfish stuff has gone from.

    Really bizarre post.

  50. Sam

    Queen Henriette,

    I never said Toral is better than Xhaka
    I might have said things against him in the past but he’s wearing red n white shirt now
    Can we please move on?

    Thank you!

  51. champagne charlie


    See I already said you can have your view and I’ll have mine but that’s not good enough for you is it?

    There’s no stat you can produce that means KDB is a better player than Ozil, period. Stats themselves can be used in a number of ways, I prefer Ozil for reasons I stated. If you can’t accept that I couldn’t give a shit.

    Cute keyboard warrior antics, you so masculine and superior… YAWN

  52. Ozy

    So first it was Ozil vs Eriksen.
    Now it’s Ozil vs DeBruyne?

    You people are fucking jokes.

    And the post today? Odd position to take after a 4-1 win. Coquelin put in a great performance.

  53. Sam

    I actually changed my opinion on Ozil getting dropped
    We can build up from today performance n force him to work hard with our strikers
    You know Wenger see Ramsey as number10

    Be careful what you wish for

  54. tayo

    Nice scoreline but Arsene is a bad rotator, I hope Chelsea won’t expose his wrongs all season in the next fixture!
    Cazorla and Coq is a joke…..

  55. Ashley

    were we really that bad ? Not watched it yet … Waiting for match of the day … sounds like Wenger is coming across like a substitute teacher who isn’t really in control of his class ….

  56. Chika

    I’m glad I watched the game, lots of misleading comments on here.

    We won today and you’d expect every arsenal fan to be glad at least.

  57. Joe

    I really really hope and pray Man city begin to wobble soon

    Why sam? Don’t you think wenger and Arsenal can win it on their own merit without other teams having to wobble??

    Without actually having to hope and pray other teams wobble , 5 matches into the season? Bit early for that innit?

  58. Redtruth

    Liverpool with two good away wins in London.
    Imagine Arsenal with two away wins in Manchester.
    AKB’s would be calling for a Wenger knighthood and crowning Arsenal the greatest team to ever play the game….

  59. Bishop

    I won’t support the Ozil have seen so far this season..He should go and work harder behind the scenes to live to the hype we know.

    Just like OX gave us shit for long but some had inner eyes to se what we couldn’t see.

    The Ozil have seen so far this season can’t lace the boots of the KDB have seen this season.

    Football is all about now not yesterday.

    Even Pep hyped KDB today to be behind Messi.

    So for me, Ozil should up his game to the level it was before cos it seems he’s been complacent which is a Wenger’s thing cos he plays who he likes not merit.

  60. Bishop


    Debuchy Gabriel Holding Gibbs

    Elneny Beliek
    Ox. Perez. Wilcock

    My team for Tuesday. Ozil must b played back into form and match tempo.

  61. Sam

    Eddie Howe looks like a proper Arsenal coach

    you can drive a bus through his defense

    maybe bournemouth need Coq in the middle

  62. The Godfather

    Guardiola on KDB:

    Your Comment Here

    MANCHESTER, England — Pep Guardiola said Kevin De Bruyne is among the best players he has managed after he helped Manchester City to a 4-0 win over Bournemouth.

    De Bruyne scored a 15th-minute opener from a free kick in a blistering victory at the Etihad and set up the fourth with an exquisite pass for Ilkay Gundogan to finish on his Premier League debut. In between, Kelechi Iheanacho and Raheem Sterling scored either side of half-time as top-of-the-table City maintained their 100 percent record with eight wins out of eight in all competitons.

    Guardiola said Barcelona star Lionel Messi is the only player he has worked with who is significantly better than the Belgian, telling a news conference: “I think he is a special player — an outstanding player.

    “He makes everything. Without the ball he’s the first fighter, and with the ball it’s clear he sees absolutely everything. He decides what he has to do in the right moment every single time.

    “Sometimes you have to pass with the first touch, sometimes you have to control. Sometimes you have to attack the ball. Every time he makes the right decision.

    “I am lucky, we are happy. Hopefully he can enjoy with us to play his amazing football.

    “He is one of [the best players I have managed]. Messi can sit alone in the table, it’s not allowed anyone else, but in the table beside, Kevin can sit there, there’s no doubt.”

  63. Sam

    This long boring post should have been posted in Man city forum

    Guardiola said Kevin De Bruyne is the best player ever


    Who gives a fok?

  64. Joe

    “At some clubs success is accidental. At Arsenal it is compulsory.”

    Wenger forgot the compulsory part. Top 4 is success now I guess. Goal posts moved

  65. Joe

    I build a team, and we compensate by creating a style of play, by creating a culture at the club because the boy comes in at 16 or 17 and when they go out they have a supplement of soul, of love for the club, because they have been educated together. The people you meet at college from 16 to 20, often those are the relationships in life that keep going. That, I think, will give us strength that other clubs will not have.”

    How has that worked out for you wenger?

  66. grooveydaddy

    good win, sure, but somewhat tempered by the fact that we were playing against a newly promoted side who were down to 10 men for 2/3’s of the game

    questions still arise over the midfield pairing, striker choice, isolated FB’s etc.

    we’re still getting the results, while we find our way, and that’s fine. but it just looks like there is a lot on show that will be exposed against better sides…

  67. Sam

    these fake fans make me laugh. they are only lying to themselves
    they play down Arsenal win away from home, they praise Man city home win against a totally sh!t defense.
    these slappers claim to love Arsenal but their lips always around rival koks.
    they dumped Conte this weekend now they are milking Guardiola

    buncha foking floozies

  68. goonerboy

    It may comes as a surprise- but there are people who aren’t idiots who are neutrals who rate us- you won’t find them in the English media or on this site. Craig Foster gave an argument on SBS the free to air channel in Australia after the Hull game- basically stating that beating mid table sides especially at home is where we have come unstuck in recent seasons-that Wenger can and has got results against other top 6 sides- last year his record was good.
    Foster is not an idiot AKB- trouble in England is the media are dominated by ex pros who are as biased and incapable of balanced analysis as the average fan- they talk up Spuds, United, City and Chelsea and especially Liverpool as if they don’t have any flaws.-of course we are flawed-defensively and against physically intensive sides-of course Coquelin’ passing js flawed at times- but don’t talk as if Matic, Ivanovic, Cahill and the City back 4 don’t make mistakes.

  69. Gommit

    I must say this post is a bit off mark. Usually I agree with Le-grove.. And I think AW’s time is up.. But I like what AW is trying to do with his favourite Coq that is to press the other team as soon as we lose the ball up front and it works well when it works.. but the down side when it does not work is terrible.. we are so open in the large space between midfield and defence. It showed a few times against 10 men Hull side.. I am afraid the bigger teams with tactical managers will exploit this weekness of ours badly. But you never know maybe AW will change style in those games and use Xhaka/Eleneny with the Coq or instead of him. But PSG game did not give indications in that way.. And we should have lost it big time.. AW got lucky there

    There are issues with the way we play but you can see that AW is trying to build a new way to play.. but to play the same CM in 3 games in 7 days is crazy when we have enough of quality players to choose from.

    I am more hopeful of a good season than over the last few years.. but I think AW won’t be able to pull it off this season – even though he finally has the squad to compete. For me the most positive from the game was Iwobe.. what a player we have comming through – and it is pure enjoyment to be excited about the b-team games again midweek! I think we have to give le Coq the credit he deserves.. he is simply doing what he is told to do – and I think he does it well.. but whether it is a good tactic is another question..

  70. Joe

    The clowns are championing wenger and bashing pep


    It’s all the same crew

    Although coq has no reason to lose his starting spot regarldless of xhaka goal

    Coq is the least of our problems

  71. JJ

    Wenger’s definition of rotation is play them until they break and then replace them with unfit, out of form and confidence shattered players who haven’t touched a competitive ball in months… and then play them until they break.

  72. DivineSherlock

    Some real shit show this comment section here is , so we win against hull and we’re flat track bullies and people are creaming over ManCity win over Bournemouth ? Ozil bashers are basically stupid ignorant dimwits. The guy has not found his groove yet , once he does all the KDB comparison will vanish. Just like Eriksen , Hazard .

  73. tunnygriffboy

    Well. Nice away win after a midweek CL away match. Only had to really get out of second gear a couple of time once we got two up

    Please with Iwobi
    Theo was a lot better and involved in the goals and pen incident
    Happy with Coquelin and Santi
    Another game for Kos and Mustafi to play together

    On other hand

    It was a chance to rotate though I can see what Wenger is doing
    Would Ooooooospina been out quicker to smother the ball that Cech was lateto?
    Theo. Some good but some bad crosses
    Alexis as a striker. Not sure. In 5 games he’s scored 4 goals and the team 11

    Big game next week. City look very good. Long way to go though

    Host of changes v Forest

  74. Joe

    Haha the league winning and league MVP hazard??

    Maybe you should have waited until after next weekend to make that comment

    And I love oZil. But de bryune has been great this year and last.

    Not even comparing the two. The football will speak
    For itself.

    And I’d say hazard was more influential during Chelsea’s league winning season than oZil ever has been for us.

    And again. I love oZil. Just playing for the Arsenal at the wrong time under the wrong manager.

    Hopefully next season under a new manager oZil will
    Win MVP en route to the league title.

    It’s cute though , how happy Akbs get after a week in over relegation fodder only to be sad despondent cunts come January. Keep getting your hopes up.

  75. LegendMax

    I’m happy we won today but what counts is what we win at the end of the season. I’m not optimistic we’ll win much. Nevertheless, let’s see.

    Observations thus far:
    *Those who worship ozil don’t seem to know what a world class 10 looks like.
    Anyone who takes ozil over debruyne atm is just not very smart… wise
    *Coquelin has justified his inclusion in the eleven thus far. What he lacks in finesse he makes up for with hard work and steel. Gives us some balance.
    *Iwobi is a fine attacking player but he needs to up his defensive contribution.
    *There is no plausible explanation for leaving xhaka on the bench. Play him with coquelin and rotate cazorla with ozil.
    *Full backs need to improve defensively. Actually looking 4ward to debuchy and Gibbs on tuesday which says a lot.
    *Enough with this Sanchez upfront experiment. Give Perez a go. Let’s see if he can cut it.
    * still not completely sold on kos-mustafi partnership. They seem quite similar and their lack of height could be a big minus. Let’s see how they perform against Chelsea.
    * Line up for Chelsea would be:
    Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Xhaka Coquelin
    Iwobi Ozil Sanchez
    Sub ozil for cazorla after 45 mins if he goes missing again.

  76. grooveydaddy

    De Bruyne is capable of a 20/20 season.

    While Ozil might notch up the assists, he’d never come anywhere near scoring 20 goals.

  77. rollen

    So KDB is the new Ericksen/Silva.

    You guys are embarrassing. Ozil have Wenger and OG. KDB have Guardiola and Aguero. Today Ozil should have 2 assists.

  78. DaleDaGooner

    Anyone remember Pedro and Geoff’s constant Alex Song bashing? Well Song’s gone and Coquelin is now the punching bag.

    How old is David Silva? I don’t see Pep dropping him, so why cant Santi handle such rigours?

    Reading the post, you’d think we S quizzed by Hull 1-0, a Hull team that spanked Leicester and Utd struggle during regular time to beat.

    Fair enough, lets temper our expectations about Wenger, but I don’t get Pedro sometimes.

    I like Cech, but call it like it is, not when Ospina fucks up only.

  79. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with much of what you say

    Mustafi and Kos are similar. I worry about their height from crosses/set pieces. Howevet they have pace which means we can play a very high line and pressure teams in their own half. Not been able to do it that close to our opponents goal with Mert in the team

    Agree Xhaka could have started today. He will be an excellent player for us. I do see what Wenger is doing though. He’s easing him in gently. He’s talked about partnerships in cm saying Santi/Coquelin works well together and he’s used that before while Xhaka is getting used to the intensity. He’s said Xhaka can play B2b as wellas CM

    Lucas needs a bit of time as well. Has to get use to our style of play. I’m sure he’ll be ok once settled

    Would Ospina have been quicker to the ball than Cech was when he gave the pen away ? Would Ospina be a better bet if we playing a really high line ? Does Cech communication, organisation and experience trump this?

  80. Rambo Ramsey

    The problem with Ozil fanboys is they are sensitive souls. Every other player gets criticized regularly but Ozil should apparently be exempt from all of that?

    The guy has not started the season well–yet to get an assist– nothing wrong in pointing that out. Iwobi is the assist King as of now, 3 in 150 minutes of play.

  81. tunnygriffboy


    People have agendas. They dislike certain players and no matter how that person plays the only look for the negative parts of the performance no matter what good things he has done. Once they’ve seen the negative thing they have done then they are happy that their theory and opinion was right.

    IIt’s then difficult to acknowledge anything good the player does as it means changing their view point and they lose face.

    Players are human. They make mistakes and have good games and bad games. Some do more good things than others. However when a player you don’t rate does have a good game or does something good surely you should be brave enoigh to acknowledge it.

    An example is Theo. Hugely frustrating. Some of his crosses yesterday were awful. By the same token he was involved in 3 of the goals and in gainig the pen. For Theo he a had a good game.

    Coquelin was good yesterday as well. No reason he couldn’t play with Xhaka in certain games

  82. tunnygriffboy


    Agree that Ozil not been at his best but he’s still valuable to the team as he recycles the ball relentlessly. Imo it’s good that assists are coming from elsewhere and that we’re not totally reliant on him

    Sooner or later he’ll hit a purple patch. He’s to good a player not to.

    Crikey. When is Ramsey back. He’ll have a headache then. Someone isn’t even going to make the bench. What was wrong with Giroud yesterday ?

  83. Emiratesstroller

    It is very clear to me that Xhaka must start playing regularly in team, because
    he adds dimension and purpose to the passing as opposed to the meaningless
    tippy happy football played by most of our other midfielders.

    Also he is prepared to shoot from distance and scored a spectacular goal.
    No-one else in midfield seems to be prepared to take that responsibility apart
    from Ramsey.