Happy anniversary Mr Wenger | Tantalising contract negotiations | Midfield car crash unfolding

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Too early for Jaeger?

Too early for Jaeger?

Hull City are next up, but firstly, we must congratulate Arsene Wenger on his 20th Arsenal anniversary. I don’t want to labour on it for too long, but it’s quite an achievement. He’s seen off many great names, Owen Coyle, Jose Mourinho twice as well as Sir Alex Ferguson.

You can’t argue with that longevity. When he started I was 12 experimenting with hair gel and copper dial up internet porn. Remember that? Spending many hours working out how to clear those history folders… then finding the old mans computer stash. Bad times. I digress.

Well, you could poke holes in the last decade, you could say that his longevity has owed a lot to indebtedness of an owner who loves the consistency of top four. The stale collapse of his tenure isn’t a sight to behold, I’m not clapping him teary eyed wondering how time passed so quickly, I’m bored, wishing away his final season.

It’s a shame that as a fan, I can’t be excited about his AFC birthday, because for me, he’s outstayed his welcome.

But look, we’re stuck with him this season. We just have to hope he pulls a rabbit out the hat again this year… and by that, I mean keep us kicking hard to stay in the top four.

Interestingly, Diego Simeone has taken a two year reduction in his Atletico Madrid contract. He’s signed a reduction. Yeah, I know, weird… even weirder it made me twitch like that 12 year old boy 20 years ago firing up his Intel Pentium 1 desktop when the parents left to go to Tesco.

So Diego’s deal expires at the end of next season. Why would you do such a thing? Madness. A tantalising one. If the club are serious about competing next year, and Wenger does finally decide to do one, you’d think it a pretty crazy notion we wouldn’t consider the Argentine, the best coach not in the Premier League. It’d also be crazy not to consider Allegri and Tuchel. Even Lucian Favre who was a bit unfairly fired from Gladbach.

Anyway, the stars are aligning…

Back onto the Hull game… Wenger has pushed us into CRYING OUT FOR GIROUD. He’s given us Alexis Sanchez up top, which hasn’t really panned out. He’s given us Perez who is very new, very green and likely has a future out wide. Now we’re all praying Giroud lands a start, because at least he’s an outlet.

It’ll be interesting to see what Wenger does tomorrow. Will he stick with Coq and Santi? Likely, when people kick out at his decisions that fail to deliver the goods, it’s customary for him to dig his heels in, in an attempt to make us see the light. He’s also come out with a new idea to quell us thinking his current favoured CM pairing not weird and stupid… and that’s the notion that Xhaka is actually a ball playing DM.

‘I personally prefer him as a box-to-box player, because he has the engine, he has the power, he has the long pass, he likes to come deep and distribute the game’

I am all for experimentation, I really am. But we have an actual issue with Coquelin not being very smart tactically / rubbish on the ball. Which was solved by Xhaka. Now Wenger is pushing the solution further up the pitch, in direct competition with Aaron Ramsey, who now is what? A really good sub? Same happened with Jack. He wanted to play in the deeplying playmaker, a position he was owning for England, but Wenger insisted he was a 10, then shunted him out on loan?

Sell someone if your midfield is so fucking confused.

Jeez, I guess I’m just looking at the decisions Wenger has made with his squad this year… and, well, I don’t know… I’m baffled. Santi taking a starring role when his legs have gone? Coquelin usurping two better centre midfielders? Joel Campbell and Jack Wilshere sent out on loan? Gnabry sold £4.3m? Very strange decisions.

But hey, Wenger is a strange manager.

So, let’s see what happens against Hull. We need to start racking up the points because City are on a lovely run with a manager who sees the game through the lens of the future. It’s always risky to put so much promise on a team and its early form, but this is Pep, not, errr… Claudio Ranieri?

Anyway, see you tomorrow. x

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  1. Bamford10

    “Can’t take anything away from Walcott”

    Four of his touches in the first half were fucking woeful. A couple of decent plays doesn’t make him a top player all of a sudden.

    There is his level: terrible pass. Poor footballer.

  2. champagne charlie


    ” the notion that playing him (xhaka) against Hull is some kind of risk is ridiculous.”

    Not at all, Hull pre-game was a tough away tie given their start to the season, more than valid to think he didn’t want to risk Xhaka being green. No reason not to play him now though 2-o, Hull down to 10, and Santi trying to get an early bath.

    For the record I would’ve started Xhaka, but I can see reason for the hesitance if he doesn’t feel he’s integrated just yet. Vindicated too given the result so far so guess your Wenger bile will have to roll over to next week

  3. champagne charlie

    60% possession and 16 efforts (albeit very few on goal) is a good display away at Hull. Starting to string some games together now and only a few tweaks needed to have this team looking like a challenger domestically.

    No Giroud so far this year, Perez yet to get amongst it proper, Xhaka being eased in, Mustafi settling more and more. All positive signs moving forward

  4. Bishop

    Guys Ozil not getting the goals not even getting the assists..just strolling around making short passes for 4 games now..its becoming worrying for me.

    If anything he looks the one normally who deserves to be dropped. Then up his game.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    We are very crap at scoring goals. That’s why we lost the title last season to be honest. Problem is still there. Liverpool City et al pile on the goals. When our forward line can’t get the goals, the pressure is not on defense. 1-0 at west Brom and we couldn’t score our chances and go on to lose 2-1

  6. Akilan

    Today I thought Walcott played to his ability. We know he’s not a top player and is clearly not good enough to start but garbage? Nah mate, he’s useful. I don’t mind keeping him in the squad as long as he works hard and cover his fb. Still an useful player to bring vs tired legs and is a goal threat. No need to imply he’s shite every time especially when he has contributed. As long as he scores, we can actually sell him. Fuck Wenger instead…

  7. champagne charlie


    Ozil made our goal vs PSG mate, simmer down and stop the hyperbole because he’s not assisted one in every game he’s played so far this season. Alexis is adjusting to playing CF and Giroud/perez haven’t featured. Who are you expecting Ozil to serve it up for?

  8. champagne charlie

    “Are you suggesting we look like City’s equal?”

    You’re a City fan really aren’t you? They were the “cream” last season according to you and now you comment about them more than any other ‘Arsenal fan’ I know.

    City have some early form, and if the league was decided next week I’d say it’s likely theirs. But it’s not, so yes we’re challengers to them.

  9. useroz

    Don’t know who walcott spotted and wnated to pass to instead of taking a shot. Typical.

    Late late penalty call … The ball went away fr the guy anway and he fell over cech. NOT a pen

    See what happens when u dilly dally and not going for goals. Bullshit.

    1 – 2 with 11 min + added time…

  10. champagne charlie


    You;re as bad as bamford, City have started well and you’re both hero worshipping. They started well last year too and bamford blew his load over them. Some fans will never learn, early days

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Better late than never to wrap the game up…but seriously, wrapping the game up when you have the chance early on would be nice every now and then

  12. Joe

    Slimani with 2 goals on debut.

    He’s not being bedded in slowly like Perez and xhaka.

    Gundogan after missing all of preseason with injury has played last 2 games.

  13. useroz

    Playing 10 men and wenger putting perez on at 85″ ffs. Why not at HT? Perez needs time to adapt and u want to do it playing Man city? Idiot.

  14. DaleDaGooner

    Does anyone talk to Monreal about the amount of space he affords wingers or fullbacks to cross?? Every fucking time he never gets close or close up the space and allows a cross

  15. Joe

    Everything we’ve played a half decent team this season we’ve dropped points

    Liverpool. Leicester. Psg

    Lucky penalty vs soton
    10 men v hull.

  16. champagne charlie

    “Not hero worshipping just saying city look miles above every other team in the league this season”

    Well 4 games into the league season is plenty of scope to judge I’ll give you that….

    As ever, 10 games in will let you know who’s looking like what. If you think we’re nowhere near City then I suggest you pick up a racket or something as this season might bore you. Or put a ton on City and pick up that easy money.

  17. Danny

    September 17, 2016 15:47:34
    That’s how Wenger gets top 4 every fuckin’ year

  18. Joe

    Hugh Rodger: Guardiola making a mockery of excuses like “transition period” and “needing time”. 5 games in and City are blowing teams away

    True post

  19. Bamford10

    City look miles above us, but we are going to contend because we beat a 10-man Hull 3-1? That makes sense.

    Let’s be clear: we have a slight chance to contend, but it’s only slight, and we only have said chance if Xhaka and Perez start. If Wenger continues to play Coquelin and Cazorla, and if he sticks with Alexis or Giroud as the CF, we have no chance whatsoever. None.

  20. DaleDaGooner

    Lol, Liverpool spanked Chelsea at home yesterday. Leicester are champions and have had few good games especially CL. PSG are a superstar filled team.

    Lucky penalty, ha ha do me a favor a goal is a goal

    Joe how about Xhaka’s top draw goal? Lucky too???

  21. du vi

    Being saying it since he came in but by My God Mezut Ozil is atrocious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dude is stealing a living at Arsenal

  22. Arsene's Nurse

    Now we know why Xhaka isn’t allowed to start – the fucker strikes from distance in training and Wenger doesn’t like it. 😉

    About time Arsenal started scoring a few of those.

  23. Bamford10

    “as this season might bore you”

    Yes, just like the previous 7 or 8 seasons, as in all of these it was obvious from the get-go that we didn’t have what was required to contend.

  24. champagne charlie

    “City look miles above us, but we are going to contend because we beat a 10-man Hull 3-1? That makes sense.”

    Classic ignorant comprehension from Bamford. Nothing of the sort said anywhere, but roll out the bs. City fan in disguise

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Is there anything more delicious to an Arsenal fan than an absolute long range rocket?

    The way he rolled the ball along and loked for pass and then almost look to have thought ‘f**k this s**t, have that.’

  26. useroz

    Wenger looked pissed when walking off the pitch. Xhara would probably be fined a week’s wage!! How dare u taking a shot so far out of the 6 yard box. Lol.

    Great ending with a genuine shot that haven’t seen for a LONG while from arsenal…..

  27. kc

    Iwobi and Xhaka are the future of this club. Very impressed with those two. Sanchez starting to get going now. Nice feeling after this one.

  28. WengerEagle

    We haven’t had a player that could put his foot through the ball like Xhaka just did since Van Persie, great goal.

    Podolski was brilliant at it but he wasn’t really a first teamer.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Haha, good point, Coq and Caz for the foreseeable, no way Xhaka gets selected after that.

    ‘Yes it was a good goal, but did you see Monreal next to you? You could have passed it to him, looked up and then he pass it to you for you to pass to Ozil who would pass back to you.’

  30. champagne charlie


    You going to treat us to another stat attack involving Aguero and Arsenals goal scoring exploits this week mate?

    get your calc out and cook up some more bs for us to laugh at.

  31. Arsene's Nurse

    When Liverpool scored a blinder last night I thought, “I wish we scored a few goals like that”. It’s always nice to see those go in. Bearing in mind how much possession we have I’m surprised we don’t line a few more up.

  32. raptora

    Iwobi gets my vote for MotM too with Feo in close second.

    Both Nacho and Bellerin need to finally start playing. They’ve been a big weakness so far this season.

  33. DivineSherlock


    No one is suggesting Walcott is a top player . He played well today , crosses weren’t good but he was a threat all day . Credit where its due mate .

    Iwobi is the best Arsenal player right now , ignore the lack of defensive nous. Xhaka is top class . What. A. Goal. !

  34. izzo

    Ive seen no reason to gloat over beating Hull who are on a downward trajectory. They are relegation fodder who might escape but belong down near the bottom of the table. They started off punching above their weight but lets not kid ourselves they are nowhere near Leicester as a team. Enjoy the predictable victory. Imo Wenger is still hampering this teams development and you can see why when you look no further than the last game against PSG. Anyways i’m out see you all next game.

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    Great performance by the team, dominated from start to finish.

    After watching the tripe that’s served up on a week to week basis from Ox, what a pleasure it was to see young Iwobi’s attacking display.

  36. champagne charlie


    Just makes you appear a bigger bellend to suggest superiority even after looking a complete mong for your previous misgivings. Romford or Rambo already schooled you in what relevant statistical comparisons were, just further pointing out your idiocy – but you leave no doubts about that already anyway.

  37. MacDaddy

    Herein lies the problem with Wengers Arsenal and his supporters:

    Players that bust a gut or do something worthwhile i.e. Xhaka, El Neny, Campbell,Sanchez have to fight for the right to play to their obvious strentgths

    However lacklustre floppers and wastemen like Walcott, Ozil,Ramsey and Oxlade are given chance after chance while not trying or justifying the tag ‘Professional Footballer’

    This has nothing to do with our current form so shut it AKBs

  38. DivineSherlock

    If the Xhaka goal was scored by Pogba , some posters would’ve jizzed themselves over it . So apparently we shouldn’t celebrate a win over Hull now? Last I heard it gets 3 points in the league . Fcuk me some posters are real dipshit here.

  39. jasongms

    Another Arsenal game where you think to yourself what the hell is going on here.
    Show build up/ poor in possession, little or no tactical edge, Alexis coming deep too often and playing more as a false nine, Iwobi vacating the left for most of the game and leaving massive spaces that a decent team would have taken advantage of, no width which means we play narrow and suffocate the middle and the endless tippy tappy.

    All this does is paper over the cracks until we eventually get found out by a well-managed team and everyone looks around perplexed….

    Lovely goal by Xhaka though

  40. Jeff


    What a complete ret@rd you are. No sense of understanding at all of what I was talking about, no comprehension of what it meant, no appreciation of the explanations I gave – you just want to have a go and the only reason for starting it again is because it was you that came away looking like a dick with no brains. Go and feed the chickens or something you thick turd.

  41. champagne charlie

    Anyone carving some negativity out of a 4-1 win away from home is a special breed of moron.

    Arsenal fans? Do me a favour

  42. BacaryisGod

    Based on all the comments, there’s no way we could have won 4-1 away after a tough Champions League game. No way. All the players are useless, Wenger has lost it, blah blah blah.

    I thought our pressing in the Hull half was excellent and Coquelin plays a huge role in breaking up opponent play and then allowing us to attack from their third.

  43. champagne charlie


    Standard response from a self important simpleton. You tried wriggling out of your statement but more than one person called it out for being senseless. I just found it apt to mention it once again given the team have just responded to your impotency jibe with an utterly hilarious goal glut. But as a every fool does, they stick by their ridiculous convictions and blame those around them for everything else. As you were window licker

  44. DivineSherlock

    I dont understand the Ozil hate . There is no proper CF in the starting line up , how is he supposed to create chances ?? Sanchez regularly dropped down to midfield , didn’t anyone notice that?

  45. Jeff


    I didn’t wiggle out of anything. You want to pat yourself on the back go ahead – only fuckwits like you do that.

  46. DaleDaGooner

    Honestly, if anyone can’t speak positively after this game and based on this sole game, I implore you to get a life outside Arsenal. Yes lowly Hull, who Mourinho couldn’t break down easily. City has had rather easy running until they play tougher games, and NO Utd was poop in that game.

  47. ArseneisaFraud

    What I hate about AKB’s is how they always resort to calling someone as not being a Gooner…. look, we all know that you are brainwashed to think that Arsene is the best for the club but if your supposedly sense of superiority allows you to make you think that name calling is what separates you from the rest then you are very wrong. It makes you look like an idiot just a much as the person you name called.

  48. Bishop

    Positive of the night

    No OX
    No injury
    Defence were relaxed
    Xhaka showed he has something different from all ou me MFs.
    Sanchez double will only improve confidence.
    We scored 4

    Ozil strolled around again.
    If we can call out pogba,let’s call out Ozil too.

    Cech isn’t filling one with confidence anymore.
    No clean sheet.