Happy anniversary Mr Wenger | Tantalising contract negotiations | Midfield car crash unfolding

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Too early for Jaeger?

Too early for Jaeger?

Hull City are next up, but firstly, we must congratulate Arsene Wenger on his 20th Arsenal anniversary. I don’t want to labour on it for too long, but it’s quite an achievement. He’s seen off many great names, Owen Coyle, Jose Mourinho twice as well as Sir Alex Ferguson.

You can’t argue with that longevity. When he started I was 12 experimenting with hair gel and copper dial up internet porn. Remember that? Spending many hours working out how to clear those history folders… then finding the old mans computer stash. Bad times. I digress.

Well, you could poke holes in the last decade, you could say that his longevity has owed a lot to indebtedness of an owner who loves the consistency of top four. The stale collapse of his tenure isn’t a sight to behold, I’m not clapping him teary eyed wondering how time passed so quickly, I’m bored, wishing away his final season.

It’s a shame that as a fan, I can’t be excited about his AFC birthday, because for me, he’s outstayed his welcome.

But look, we’re stuck with him this season. We just have to hope he pulls a rabbit out the hat again this year… and by that, I mean keep us kicking hard to stay in the top four.

Interestingly, Diego Simeone has taken a two year reduction in his Atletico Madrid contract. He’s signed a reduction. Yeah, I know, weird… even weirder it made me twitch like that 12 year old boy 20 years ago firing up his Intel Pentium 1 desktop when the parents left to go to Tesco.

So Diego’s deal expires at the end of next season. Why would you do such a thing? Madness. A tantalising one. If the club are serious about competing next year, and Wenger does finally decide to do one, you’d think it a pretty crazy notion we wouldn’t consider the Argentine, the best coach not in the Premier League. It’d also be crazy not to consider Allegri and Tuchel. Even Lucian Favre who was a bit unfairly fired from Gladbach.

Anyway, the stars are aligning…

Back onto the Hull game… Wenger has pushed us into CRYING OUT FOR GIROUD. He’s given us Alexis Sanchez up top, which hasn’t really panned out. He’s given us Perez who is very new, very green and likely has a future out wide. Now we’re all praying Giroud lands a start, because at least he’s an outlet.

It’ll be interesting to see what Wenger does tomorrow. Will he stick with Coq and Santi? Likely, when people kick out at his decisions that fail to deliver the goods, it’s customary for him to dig his heels in, in an attempt to make us see the light. He’s also come out with a new idea to quell us thinking his current favoured CM pairing not weird and stupid… and that’s the notion that Xhaka is actually a ball playing DM.

‘I personally prefer him as a box-to-box player, because he has the engine, he has the power, he has the long pass, he likes to come deep and distribute the game’

I am all for experimentation, I really am. But we have an actual issue with Coquelin not being very smart tactically / rubbish on the ball. Which was solved by Xhaka. Now Wenger is pushing the solution further up the pitch, in direct competition with Aaron Ramsey, who now is what? A really good sub? Same happened with Jack. He wanted to play in the deeplying playmaker, a position he was owning for England, but Wenger insisted he was a 10, then shunted him out on loan?

Sell someone if your midfield is so fucking confused.

Jeez, I guess I’m just looking at the decisions Wenger has made with his squad this year… and, well, I don’t know… I’m baffled. Santi taking a starring role when his legs have gone? Coquelin usurping two better centre midfielders? Joel Campbell and Jack Wilshere sent out on loan? Gnabry sold £4.3m? Very strange decisions.

But hey, Wenger is a strange manager.

So, let’s see what happens against Hull. We need to start racking up the points because City are on a lovely run with a manager who sees the game through the lens of the future. It’s always risky to put so much promise on a team and its early form, but this is Pep, not, errr… Claudio Ranieri?

Anyway, see you tomorrow. x

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  1. gonsterous

    this game looks like a boring 1-1… unlike the chelsea liverpool last night. that was a thriller !!! cant remember the last time arsenal played with that much passion against a big team !!!

  2. Wenker-wanger

    The shame is that against hull, this deluded fckwit can play Alexis upfront and leave the talent on the bench and still get a win. I wouldn’t fancy our chances against top prem opposition with this selection.

  3. Bishop

    Iwobi is 20 times the player OX is.

    Am so happy am not getting to watch useless OX.
    He would have been running like a headless fool.

  4. useroz

    These guys just need to look for opportunities to shoot, not to make another fucking pass in the finaly ‘fourth’. Sure goals would come…

  5. useroz

    Sanchez should have taken a shot! Why another pass to Ozil who aint going to shoot anyway and was near the baseline?? Ump…

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    September 17, 2016 14:18:01

    Giroud hurt his precious little toes…
    Ta, just got in and had no time to look.

  7. Frost

    Only joy I’m getting from this is iwobi starting. P.S. Iheanacho, 10 goals from 14 shots on target in the Premier League. Absolutely prolific player.

  8. Vince

    Cazorla is our playmaker by the look of things. And Coquelin is so far from shielding the back 4. Someone enlighten me on that exactly Oshit is doing on the pitch aside missing empty net.

  9. raptora

    Ozil’s goal scoring skills don’t correspond to the calibre of player he is. Why he can’t or won’t improve on that part of the game for me is beyond me and it’s such a pitty.

    We are not playing bad doe. Should have been 0:2 and whoever is badmouthing Feo, he’s been playing very well since this season started. Hope he keeps up the good job and make the right wing a working one. We gonna need it if we want to put on a good shift this season.

    Nacho is making me worry. Hopes he improves.

  10. Galaxygooner

    There is a culture of indulgence and sense of entitlement amongst the so called “arsenal kid”.
    Just look at Iwobi’s defensive duties. He is doing nothing.

  11. steve

    Wenger being a lucky cunt. You just knew Arsenal were going to win this game. Flat track bullies. Some more time for Wenger *smh*

  12. vicky

    Walcott has been absolutely shocking, hasn’t done anything right in 40 minutes so far. Iwobi’s half turns while receiving the ball is absolute class, a bit like Santi in that regard.

  13. Bamford10


    Yeah, the one thing he can do is play ten yard passes across the face of goal when wide open. He’s complete garbage when it comes to everything else.

  14. useroz

    Didn’t shoot again. And can’t pass either. Not goof enough when u r trying to get 200k pw mate

    Did u say u r at messi’s level??

  15. raptora

    Well I think Feo’s doing well. I mean getting them assists is not that bad no matter the way. It’s hell of an improvement to last season and way better than clueless Ox.

    Our team being that wasteful isn’t good doe. It should have been 3 goals by now.

  16. Samesong

    vickySeptember 17, 2016 14:46:13
    Santi is becoming an indispensable player in our team. With Ozil going missing as usual. we just can’t do without him.

    Won’t be if he gets sent off will he?

  17. Danny

    Tippi tappy bollocks as usual plus always so bloody slow.
    Shit this is fuckin’ Hull.
    Santi lucky to still be on the pitch.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Decent first half, though we should have capitalised on our dominance and Hull’s poor showing more.

    Though with that man advantage now I doubt there’s much to worry about.

    Iwobi played well going forward, but has been poor defensively. Coq I thought played well, playing almost a Ramsey type game of being box to box which might make it interesting to see him with Xhaka who most certainly should not be a box to box player.

  19. Bishop

    Wasteful idiots as usual.

    No team is as Wasteful as this Arsenal team. No urgency ever to kill games big time.

    Reflection of the lunatic that manages them.

    This is is game to build GD.but watch them struggle to break them while tippy tapping.

  20. Wenker-wanger

    Hull proving they are likely candidates for returning to the championship. Arsenal will charge up the table tonight and be close to Wenger’s treasured 4th place position.
    With no real leader on the pitch it’s an inefficient decision making situation that a looser Alexis to take the penalty when surely cazorla should have taken it.
    But that’s Wenger’s democracy players co-,op society. Just a culture of failure throughout.

  21. raptora

    Hull’s been having a good start of the season. They are a tough nut to crack but I guess we are playing well if real score should have been 0:3. Need to put the game to bed though.

  22. Bishop

    I would rather get that goal by Coq and go 2 nil up playing 11 V 11 if not for the cunt Livermore.

    Wenger gets more clueless playing 10 men

  23. champagne charlie

    Absolutely tailor made for Lucas to come on and get amongst it, need someone with some composure in the final third.

  24. DaleDaGooner

    Ok, I’ve noticed this since Iwobi’s debut, he’s shit defensively. I was hoping it was just nerves last season. In this game he’s lazy defensively. Cazorla should be giving him an earful!

    Sanchez and Ozil for the big pay they are asking are not exactly carrying this team. They are not exactly showing world class play. Ozil had his hand on his hips throughout the penalty to the miss, he wasn’t even going for a possible rebound. And when Sanchez and Walcott are dropping deep and advancing, I expect Ozil to get in the box, instead, he hides away.

    Sanchez playing as a lone striker is garbage! Wenger will flog this to death. It’s not working old man! He’s no Suarez and by the looks of it, Perez is no Vardy! Use the players as you should, stop putting square pegs in round holes Wenger!

  25. Samesong

    Though with that man advantage now I doubt there’s much to worry about.

    This is Arsenal Cesc where fairytales are made. Would put it past Hull to score.

    The commentator said if Cazorla scored penalty it would of been some kind of record that makes the penalty taker decision even more baffling.

  26. DivineSherlock

    Am I watching the same game ? Walcott has been decent , hes a threat . Ozil is involved in the attack . Sanchez is the problem he has the tendency to drop deep . There is no one to fucking pass to in the final third . Good movement from Iwobi . Bellerin doing some awful defending , letting them take crosses and shit .

  27. Rambo Ramsey

    “Coq I thought played well, playing almost a Ramsey type game of being box to box which might make it interesting to see him with Xhaka who most certainly should not be a box to box player.”

    Coq almost always plays B2B when he starts with Cazorla these days.

    Wenger sees Xhaka as B2B too apparantely so we have Ramsey, Xhaka, Elneny all vying for Coquelin’s current role? Its bizarre

  28. DaleDaGooner

    I hear Wenger want s to force Coq and Xhaka to play them box-to-box. Coq is a destroyer, Xhaka is a deep laying playmaker….why change that??? Mental. But like the obsession of Sanchez as a lone striker. Why did we buy Perez then?

  29. Joe

    Sterling’s dribbling skills have caused Bournemouth no end of bother this afternoon.

    In contrast, Jack Wilshere was bypassed completely on only his second Premier League start in 18 months.

    Wilshere has not been able to stem the flow of City attacks in a one-sided game and looks destined to finish on the losing side.

  30. Bamford10

    Raptora & Divine

    If Walcott has touched the ball six times, four of those touches have been shamefully poor. Two have been quality — albeit simple — passes across the face of goal. Guys like you see only the latter, but it is the former which make Theo such a limited and underwhelming player, ultimately, one who simply isn’t good enough to start for a top team.

  31. champagne charlie

    Coquelin has always been a b2b player, and Xhaka is the same way. Coquelin can’t pass from deep so Cazorla has to switch that part with him in this partnership, whilst Xhaka starts from deep and still has the legs to go b2b.

    Xhaka – Elneny/Cazorla still our best partnership. Wenger being far too cautious with our new guys, but some poor results early doors has us under pressure to get the points on the board. Xhaka is a mainstay in this team going forward though, bet my house on it.

  32. Jeff

    Wow that team selection was a bit surprising. We’ve adopted Sanchez as our lone striker. What are Giroud and Perez then? And what about Welbeck when he returns? Will he be a third striker on the bench? No idea what the hell is going on. Anyway the fact that we missed the penalty will give heart to Hull and they might just come back and nick one even with 10 men otherwise this should be 3 points no problem.

  33. Bishop

    Before this game Hull were 2 wins 1 draw and 1 loss to a 93rd min Man Utd goal. What the hell are you guys talking about them?!

    Maybe expect Hull to win the league then

  34. Cesc Appeal

    I’d make a couple of changes now, Xhaka on for Caz and Perez on for Walcott, stick Perez down the middle, Sanchez back out to wide with Iwobi the other side.

    No need to risk Caz with a second yellow, get Xhaka out there to shut down the middle and look for killer long passes to Iwobi, Sanchez or Perez on the break against a tiring Hull side down to ten men.

  35. Sam

    what would happen to Xhaka when Wenger’s favourite son Ramsey comes back?

    Well he can still play for under 23 team

    Bossin da yuff midfield with Vlad Dragomir and Rene-Adelaide

    Ha ha ha ha

  36. jasongms

    “Absolutely tailor made for Lucas to come on and get amongst it, need someone with some composure in the final third.”

    the first thing you’ve written that I can agree with , you win one cookie 🙂


    Still no urgency in this team, strolling around the field like it’s a day out in the sun picking daisies

  37. DivineSherlock

    Am I the only one who noticed that the penalty should’ve been retaken ? Livermore hadn’t walked off the ground .

  38. Bamford10


    We looked best against Watford with Xhska in the XI, and he was excellent. Plus he’s s 35m international; the notion that playing him against Hull is some kind of risk is ridiculous.

    Wenger is simply being a dickhead, as is his wont.

  39. champagne charlie


    put the straws down mate, it was a shit pen and we deserved the miss. If it went in I doubt you’d have concerned yourself with it

  40. Paolo

    @ Cesc Appeal

    Sounds like a smart move any decent manager would make right now!!

    So you know with that c##t in charge it ain’t gonna happen

  41. useroz

    Playing a 10 man Hull and Wenger has not changed tactics nor team mix??

    Another sanchez mis pass…

    We should be pressing and look for goals wot r they jogging around for??