Happy anniversary Mr Wenger | Tantalising contract negotiations | Midfield car crash unfolding

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Too early for Jaeger?

Too early for Jaeger?

Hull City are next up, but firstly, we must congratulate Arsene Wenger on his 20th Arsenal anniversary. I don’t want to labour on it for too long, but it’s quite an achievement. He’s seen off many great names, Owen Coyle, Jose Mourinho twice as well as Sir Alex Ferguson.

You can’t argue with that longevity. When he started I was 12 experimenting with hair gel and copper dial up internet porn. Remember that? Spending many hours working out how to clear those history folders… then finding the old mans computer stash. Bad times. I digress.

Well, you could poke holes in the last decade, you could say that his longevity has owed a lot to indebtedness of an owner who loves the consistency of top four. The stale collapse of his tenure isn’t a sight to behold, I’m not clapping him teary eyed wondering how time passed so quickly, I’m bored, wishing away his final season.

It’s a shame that as a fan, I can’t be excited about his AFC birthday, because for me, he’s outstayed his welcome.

But look, we’re stuck with him this season. We just have to hope he pulls a rabbit out the hat again this year… and by that, I mean keep us kicking hard to stay in the top four.

Interestingly, Diego Simeone has taken a two year reduction in his Atletico Madrid contract. He’s signed a reduction. Yeah, I know, weird… even weirder it made me twitch like that 12 year old boy 20 years ago firing up his Intel Pentium 1 desktop when the parents left to go to Tesco.

So Diego’s deal expires at the end of next season. Why would you do such a thing? Madness. A tantalising one. If the club are serious about competing next year, and Wenger does finally decide to do one, you’d think it a pretty crazy notion we wouldn’t consider the Argentine, the best coach not in the Premier League. It’d also be crazy not to consider Allegri and Tuchel. Even Lucian Favre who was a bit unfairly fired from Gladbach.

Anyway, the stars are aligning…

Back onto the Hull game… Wenger has pushed us into CRYING OUT FOR GIROUD. He’s given us Alexis Sanchez up top, which hasn’t really panned out. He’s given us Perez who is very new, very green and likely has a future out wide. Now we’re all praying Giroud lands a start, because at least he’s an outlet.

It’ll be interesting to see what Wenger does tomorrow. Will he stick with Coq and Santi? Likely, when people kick out at his decisions that fail to deliver the goods, it’s customary for him to dig his heels in, in an attempt to make us see the light. He’s also come out with a new idea to quell us thinking his current favoured CM pairing not weird and stupid… and that’s the notion that Xhaka is actually a ball playing DM.

‘I personally prefer him as a box-to-box player, because he has the engine, he has the power, he has the long pass, he likes to come deep and distribute the game’

I am all for experimentation, I really am. But we have an actual issue with Coquelin not being very smart tactically / rubbish on the ball. Which was solved by Xhaka. Now Wenger is pushing the solution further up the pitch, in direct competition with Aaron Ramsey, who now is what? A really good sub? Same happened with Jack. He wanted to play in the deeplying playmaker, a position he was owning for England, but Wenger insisted he was a 10, then shunted him out on loan?

Sell someone if your midfield is so fucking confused.

Jeez, I guess I’m just looking at the decisions Wenger has made with his squad this year… and, well, I don’t know… I’m baffled. Santi taking a starring role when his legs have gone? Coquelin usurping two better centre midfielders? Joel Campbell and Jack Wilshere sent out on loan? Gnabry sold £4.3m? Very strange decisions.

But hey, Wenger is a strange manager.

So, let’s see what happens against Hull. We need to start racking up the points because City are on a lovely run with a manager who sees the game through the lens of the future. It’s always risky to put so much promise on a team and its early form, but this is Pep, not, errr… Claudio Ranieri?

Anyway, see you tomorrow. x

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  1. Sam


    I am sure you are just like Joe the Eskimo, please stick to Ice hockey or support your local soccer team if you have one.

    Chuba Akpom is a local lad, he’ll wear the shirt with pride.
    We’ll give up on him if he leaves or failed when given chance

    This is Arsenal football club not Vancourer Grizzly bears hockey club

  2. Sam

    It must be frustrating typing about Arsenal overdressed like a grizzly bear
    I see why you always post negative stuffs, your windows laptop freezes all the time, minus 45 degree cold

    miserable cunt

  3. Joe


    I know why you talk like a cunt child all the time.

    Your ugly buck teeth keep getting in the way do they?

    Too bad you can’t afford to get them fixed.

    No wonder you’re so lonely. Foking Ugly cunt innit

  4. Joe


    Can’t wait for kick off. Be interesting to see the line up.

    I reckon holding starts.

    Can’t see him playing Sanchez. And he said giroud still isn’t fit so Perez slides in?

    The big question is xhaka or coq

    Coq really doesn’t deserve to lose his spot

    Ox shouldn’t even be on the bench

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here

    Watching Ian wrights goals earlier , one thing that struck me early on is that a lot of his early goals were made by anders limpar.
    Got me thinking that is the kind of right winger we need now,
    limpar an overmars are two players that style of play Walcott an ox would do no harm in learning from…

  6. Joe


    Lots of pitchers on here

    No one likes catching

    Bunch of whining bitches

    It’s like you’ve never played team sports or been in a locker room before

  7. China

    Someone on here was having a go at Indians last night

    Can people not talk about Arsenal without racism or saying fuck your mum?

    Playground shit is more mature

  8. China

    I’m exhausted thanks mate!

    I’m with my wife in hospital as she’s getting the first signs of going into labour but my son is slow as hell and we’ve been here almost 24 hours with little progress

    Fingers crossed he and the wife are both going to be fine when things finally happen later.

    My line up would be

    Bellerin mustafi kos monreal
    ———-xhaka elneny


    I think mustafi needs more time and we need to provide pace and goal threat from the wings if we have a not-settled Perez up top. Xhaka and ozil should have something to aim for with two quick and direct wingers and I think if we play well that’s where it will all come from. Midfield should be keeping the ball along with the fullbacks then be looking at dragging the opposition around before feeding either ozil or xhaka to fire in behind the lines into runners

    If they sit deep agains us then we might not have much room to get in behind and we may need a special dose of ‘tippy tappy’ to find a killer one two around the area and make chances

    That said I think they’d be foolish to sit back against us knowing how easily we can be got at defensively

    I’m predicting a good performance and an Arsenal win. 2-1. But this is Wenger and this is Arsenal so it will be ox with Sanchez up front and a lot of angry camp walking on the touch line pretending to be interested in the game

  9. China

    I’m also predicting a shock city defeat too though. Pep can’t win forever and one of these days the challenge of the premier league will show itself properly

    By the end of the weekend I’m calling it that we’ll be 3 points closer to them and AKB will begin booking national express tickets to London for the invitable open top bus parade when we win the league by 45 points

  10. Joe

    Congrats on the new baby? 1st one?

    I think he will rest mustafi or kos.

    And Perez will
    Start. Can’t see him persisting with Alexis. Like you said , it is wenger so expect Alexis at CF and ox to start. I wouldn’t have ox even on the bench

    Bellerin Holding kos/mustafi Monreal

    Coq ( he doesn’t deserve to be sat) or xhaka

    IWobi Perez Sanchez

    But I wouldn’t be surprised with

    Ox Alexis iWobi

  11. China

    Somewhere across the street from this hospital there’s an air raid siren wailing out and no one here seems to know why

    Unsettling is an understatement

  12. China

    Keep in mind I live within the evacuation zone of the tianjin explosion last year so I’ve had enough frightening experiences to last a life time this last year

    Air raid siren please stop 🙁

  13. Sam


    Jokes about Canadian whether is now racist
    but disrespecting mothers is ok
    I have been to Canada many times, when I mock my friends n family that they dress like Eskimo in winter i am being racist, fok me!!

  14. Sam


    hopefully i wouldn’t back from Canada with a foking black eye
    I thought political correctness crept in again

    no i don’t know anything about Indian racist joke

    expect I had an Indian today
    I went to my local curry house n brought home a whole foking feast for my family, they even gave extra Palak Ghosht with Naan for free

  15. S.Asoa

    Hope the fly in the brought ( Wenger ) will go away and the minds of the fabulous Gooners will be back in track and intelligence flowing .
    Particularly look out for Bamford , EmirateStroller ,Louis Amnesia, China . Great posts guys
    Wish some troll hadn’t snapped at Goo ergirl. She was getting there.
    Hope next season will be THE CHANGE

    Until then
    Wenger Out

  16. S.Asoa

    Sorry Louis . Blame the Amnesia on Spellcheck .
    You do remember everything
    Will list up the rest of the balanced intellectuals some other time when net is decent

  17. DivineSherlock

    Midfield car crash , wtf Pedro ??

    Totally ignored the part where he mentioned why he was playing Coq Santi together . They have played more than 50games together. He also said Xhaka is going to be big player in this league. The shit you come up with daily is admirable Pedro.

  18. Wenker-wanger

    Midfield “much of a muchness”. I couldn’t select the best 4 or 5 out of the whole crop!
    This someone theory is starting to fill me with an inevitable false promise feeling……. Is this bony-arsed arrogant fraud going to call it a day? ……I would be so chuffed to replace this 3 legged donkey with a racehorse like someone.
    I ain’t thinking about it because you can’t really imagine this fraud not being here next season.. It’s what he does, he won’t go away.

  19. peanuts&monkeys

    Perez is not a striker. Neither is Giroud. Wenger punishes Arsenal fans with his despise for the fans airing their demands by NOT buying a striker for 6 years now. The last time he purposely bought a striker was Eduardo in 2008. Eight fucking years. Can you beat that?

  20. Spanishdave

    Nice watching Klopp embracing his players, thanking officials, thanking his supporters, our sullen old dick fumbles on the touch line and slinks off to the dressing room.
    One day he will bugger off

  21. Batistuta


    hector mustafi kos gibbs
    Coq Xhaka
    iwobi santi Sanchez

    Ozil needs to fuck off from all the anonymousness and ox should never play for Arsenal again

  22. Bamford10

    “Klopp made his intentions clear with a bold claim when Liverpool opened their new Main Stand at Anfield recently.

    ‘We want to go to the best teams in the world and give them hell,’ said Klopp as his managerial mission statement – and he has made good on his promise on the domestic front at least.

    Liverpool’s three trips to London this season have yielded seven points from this win at Chelsea, with a 4-3 victory at Arsenal and a 1-1 draw at Tottenham that should have brought the maximum return.

    While it may be stretching the point to call this a hellish experience for Chelsea, it was certainly uncomfortable from first to last on a night when much of the early-season optimism around the new Conte regime was suddenly tempered by a heavy dose of realism.

    Liverpool’s win should have come as no surprise given the manner in which they have performed against the teams that are widely accepted as the Premier League’s most powerful since Klopp was appointed manager.

    In 14 games against Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Spurs since arriving at Liverpool almost a year ago, Klopp has lost only twice. He suffered a 1-0 home defeat by Manchester United in January and lost the League Cup final on penalties to Manchester City at Wembley in February.

    The sequence has included a 3-1 win at Stamford Bridge and a 4-1 triumph at Manchester City last season – as well as victory over two legs against Manchester United in the Europa League, which included a 2-0 win at Anfield and a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford.

    The only flaw in Klopp’s masterplan is when Liverpool throw in the sort of dismal performance that saw them deservedly lose 2-0 at Burnley this season.

    This latest win at Chelsea was Klopp and Liverpool putting down another marker that they are more than capable of competing with the best – and if they can put things right against the rest then their growing momentum will become even more ominous [for other top teams].”


  23. China

    Asoa thank you very much sir!

    Baby Charlie has decided to be slow at arriving (perhaps he’s practicing a Robert pires arrive late smash the ball into the top corner from outside the box tactic already?)

    I’ve had to head home to take care of the dog and when my Mrs gets closer to the big time I’ll be back.

    I haven’t had a cold for 9 months and the day my son is due I get this massive stinking cold. Absolutely bollocks timing!

  24. Bamford10

    “High flying Everton face Boro in BT Sport 5.30 kick off. Could Ross Barkley be dropped after being hooked at half time on Mon?” – @IanDarke

  25. Bamford10

    Xhaka plus Elneny should be the midfield base. Play Cazorla as the CAM or wide if we need his influence. If Wenger doesn’t start Xhaka, an intervention is needed.

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here

    Meanwhile back in football world….

    We need a modern day player in the style of anders limpar ….

    A winger who is generous as he is selfish …

    All great teams have one..

    Forest – Robertson
    Munich – robben


    That style of player …

  27. Bamford10


    Coquelin has played a ton and Xhaka + Elneny are feisty enough and make up in possession what they lack in defensive running. I don’t have the stats, but if those two play I bet we keep 10-30% more possession. You don’t have to defend if you have the ball.

  28. China

    Whilst the simeone theory is exciting I don’t have confidence in Arsenal to do the right thing and make it happen.

    Arsene will dither on signing a new contract until the very last game of the season, by which time regardless of what he decides, simeone will have a pre contract agreement with another major team that sacks their manager. The question is which one. My gut tells me it will be the new psg boss.

    Also if we do get simeone I can’t see Arsenal breaking £70m on a single player to sign griezman. I’ve always maintained that Stan doesn’t appear to restrict finances that we have available – but £70+m is pretty staggering on a single player and I wouldn’t blame him for having raised eyebrows about the prospect of such an expensive player being a flop

    That said we’ll see. If simeone actually makes it then that might be one of his requirements to join…

    But we’re getting way ahead of ourselves. Is either going to be arsene or someone really underwhelming next season. This is Arsenal 🙁

  29. Sam

    no early game today


    I liked Pogba I wished we signed him but that fee is too much
    I can only hope he flops there maybe we can nick on the cheap

  30. GuNZ

    Oh wow! Just noticed I’ve got a new pattern thing in the top right-hand corner of my posts. It’s not my colour.

    Anyway, prediction time:

    Hull City 1 Arsenal 4

    I haven’t got a single prediction anywhere near yet this season so I wouldn’t bet on it if I were you.

  31. GuNZ

    Wenger has been gobbing off about why Nougat Boy hasn’t had a start yet this season. It is simple. Wenger is a cunt and Nougat Boy is shite. I don’t know. Sometimes you just have to ask the right people.

  32. LegendMax

    This would be my line-up:
    Bellerin Holding Koscielny Gibbs
    Xhaka Elneny
    Iwobi Ozil Sanchez
    Subs: ospina, mustafi, monreal, coquelin, cazorla, Walcott, giroud

    Play ozil cos cazorla needs a rest. Holding deserves a game. Monreal should get benched.
    Perez needs a run of games so we know whether he can cut it or not. If he doesn’t , go back to Giroud.
    Walcott should be a sub player at best.

  33. grooveydaddy

    leg Max

    agree with that line-up except for Holding. him and Gabriel can play midweek.

    Kos and Mustafi need to develop their partnership.

  34. Sam

    Weekend starts with Chelsea losing
    now we need 6 points in the next 2 games to overtake the cunts
    we will accept only victory tonight

  35. Jeff


    I’d be in favour of putting Giroud and Perez both up front. Change our formation altogether and for once in our miserable life (at least against he more defensive lower sides) go with a 4:4:2. We find it so difficult to break down defensive sides these days. With two up front it should make the job easier and with Perez and Giroud together we stand a better chance and maybe one of them can get under the crosses we keep putting in. That’s my view. I know nobody ever advocates a 4:4:2 because Wenger will never try it but he’s tried so many stupid things in the past – why not this?

  36. Sam

    # Kos and Mustafi need to develop their partnership.#

    This is bcoz Mustafi cost £35M

    people can’t see Lolo n Robbie developing a partnership with Mustafi on the bench
    We shouldn’t look at the price tag once the player is signed
    Fee is what his club asked for, not exactly what he’s worth

  37. Sam

    Hmmm Hardworking Coquelin won’t be dropped
    unless he’s being rested not sure today coz we need 3 points
    Your dream midfield will have to wait a lil longer

  38. Sam

    Wenger should work with Coquelin, Xhaka and Cazorla
    the result will be a solid n consistent midfield

    Ramsey, Ozil and Elneny for the B team (rotation)

  39. LegendMax

    Haven’t been too impressed with mustafi. He’s very good on the ball but his defending does need working on.
    Agree tho that he needs time to develop a partnership with koscieln cos that ‘ll be our likely cb pairing going forward.

    If we’re playing 442, then Sanchez will be a better partner for giroud. Don’t think a changein formation will improve performances tho. better tactical instructions, positional discipline and playing players in their right positions will go a long way.

  40. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here

    Instead of calling out bolt. Bellend would be better calling out postition so to his team mates.
    The honeymoon period had gone for him I’m afraid …

    His defensive naivities are glaring open game by game..

    Don’t like him but give debauvhy another chance

  41. Jeff


    I would only advocate the 4:4:2 against the more defensive sides where we rely more on crosses to create chances than trying to go through the middle. We just don’t have enough guile in midfield to break down teams that play like that so we have to rely more on longer passes or crosses into the box. Sanchez’s best position is on the left. So something like:

    Cech or Ospina (don’t mind which)
    Bellerin Mustafi Kos Monreal
    Coq Xhaka Ozil Sanchez
    Perez Giroud

  42. DivineSherlock

    Apparently we were trying to sign Reus , this transfer window. That was the madness they were referring it to. Arsenal going for the best players.

  43. Bamford10

    For the Yanks on here, Christian Pulisic is making his first Bundesliga start for Dortmund today. Kid can definitely play.

  44. LegendMax

    Jeff. You have a point there.

    I’m sure he will. My predicted lineup:
    Bellerin mustafi koscielny monreal
    Xhaka cazorla(maybe elneny)
    Walcott ozil iwobi

  45. Bamford10

    Is Wenger now reading Le Grove and trolling us specifically? I’m reading that Alexis is the CF again and Xhaka is on the bench. What is dipshit playing at?

  46. Vince

    Wenger the madman does it again:


    Jakupovic, Robertson, Davies, Meyler, Huddlestone, Hernandez, Snodgrass, Clucas, Livermore, Diomande, Elmohamady



    Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Walcott, Coquelin, Cazorla, Iwobi, Ozil, Alexis

    Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Holding, Xhaka, Elneny, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lucas

  47. Vince

    I’m not mad at Coquelin starting. It’s Cazorla that borders me. Do we want to loose him for half the season again? That’s 3 games in 7 days if I’m correct. This is pure madness. Send Winger to the asylum pls

  48. Bishop

    At least We all know now Wenger is mad.
    No doubt.

    But am glad I won’t be seeing Oxlade useless.

    Why play Cazorla every 3 days when you have good players u can rotate with.

    There is something about Wenger no one in this world knows except himself.

  49. Joe

    Fuck am
    I jealous of Liverpool. They are the exact opposite of us right.

    Great manager. Play exciting football( may not win them anything but it’s fun to watch), players dying for their manager on the pitch. Tactics. Preparation. Motivtion

    Don’t care if Klopp gets them any trophies this season, but thier fans would be loving this and enjoying it. A whole fan base supporting the manager and team.

    And we are stuck with le fraud. Possibly for another 3 years

  50. Leftsidesanch

    The coquelin/cazorla partnership served us well two seasons ago, when we were so depleted we has to resort to it.

    Also last season until november when performances began to dip. However, considering we have more options why are we still persisting with the same partnership?

    What is this about pushing Sanchez at CF? I read a worrying article stating he was told he would play many games there this season and he has to sacrifice himself for the team. Again, feels now another power trip which will result in Alexis leaving our club.

    Why sign Perez if we can’t give him a go in a game like today? Why isn’t Xhaka playing today to gain more experience of English footy and understanding of his teammates ahead of a tough game v Chelsea next week?

  51. Majestic gooner

    What’s up with Giroud? He gets sent off so it wasn’t an injury , plays 90 mins for France yet is not making the starting line up, in today’s case not even making the bench. No xhaka as well and he persists with not giving Santi a rest. No one knows what’s going on in wengers head even himself. At the moment apart from mustafi all the other signings were not to improve the first team.

  52. Joe

    Xhaka must have been a gazidis signing. Like Arshavin when wenger sat him during the fa cup semi to prove a point


    No Perez either. Guess he isn’t the Spanish vardy or whatever .,,

  53. Jacko

    Team Selection!!!

    Anyone who thinks we are challenging this year must be mad. We are basically the same team as last year and we all know how that turned out.

    Wenger is master of the anti-climax!

  54. Leftsidesanch

    We’ve seen this movie, but its not likely to provide the same ending. Every other team that can legitimately be called a title contender/top 4 contender has at least put together a good 90 mins to lay a marker down.

    We turned in a good 35 mins v Watford and since then, Mr Wenger is hell bent on not playing that side again it seems.

  55. S.Asoa

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger reveals plans to turn Granit Xhaka into a box-to-box player as he urges £35m man to make ‘huge impact’ on Premier League – Daily Mail

    All his life forcing to fit good square pegs in round holes..
    You think maybe Wonkie is a homosexual considering also his inexplicable patronage of undeserving young boys all his tenure ?

  56. Bamford10

    “Wenger’s thought process really is a car crash these days. Cazorla again? Coquelin ahead of Xhaka? Alexis up front? Perplexing.” – Pedro

  57. Bamford10


    We needed to improve the XI, dipshit, not the bench. And Xhaka wasn’t signed for 35m to not start. You’re a fucking moron; please go elsewhere.

  58. China

    I’d be curious to read Untold’s fantastic justifications for Wenger’s player selection but I’m worried I might throw up in my mouth

    On a side note I absolutely guarantee you we will win this game and Untold and the sympathizes will be calling it genius. We know how Wenger works, the closer he is to pissing off the entire fan base he either pulls a result or some luck out of his ass and all is forgiven

  59. Joel

    Until Wenger finally leaves.. this Club will continue to underachieve.God forbid the idiots on the Board extend his contract.The only people who can force a change are the fans who…sooner or later..will finally unite and say enough is enough!.How many times in the last 12 months have Arsenal played more than one half of good entertaining football?
    It’s galling to see the difference that Klopp, Guardiola and Koeman have made to their new sides.Each prepared to ship out the deadwood;motivate their squads to the max and full of ideas and tactics which are tailored to create results whilst playing entertaining gootball.Compare each Wenger who repeats the same mistakes time and time again hoping each time that the result might change…quick to smugly congratulate himself when his side fluke a home win followed by an away draw against sides who are nothing ire than average.

  60. Frost

    I cannot begin to tell you how much i despise Wenger rn. Xhaka on the bench again? Is he fucking kidding me? Perfect game to prepare him for Chelsea & he’s in the bench? Wtf is wrong with him and this Alexis as a cf experiment

  61. Joe


    I wouldn’t be so sure it us winning it. They have played great vs Leicester and Man U

    We are in for a match today. Nothing would surprise me. A win, a loss or a draw

  62. Bamford10


    If he signed him to start him — as he did against Watford — can you please explain why he didn’t start him against PSG or why he is not starting him today? He was MOTM against Watford, so please don’t talk to me about his needing more time to adjust.

  63. Sam

    These moaners are turning Le grove into Le miserable

    Even moaning before the game kicks off

    after final whistle it will a whole foking funeral


  64. Sam

    Xhaka just brought his fiancee to UK

    Wenger is giving them time to enjoy their new home

    Welcome home Granit n your new wife-2-b

    hope you settle in quickly

  65. Red&White4life

    “for those who don’t believe we are stronger than last season”

    Sam, unfortunately city and chelsea are much more stronger than us this season
    You’re a pure dick.

  66. Gelbs

    Hi you cunts.

    Arsenal will still unfortunately, win today. Be three nil I reckon. However, if they lose, I’m gonna upload a video, of me pulling my tight foreskin back! Risk I’m willing to take!

  67. ADKB

    Why Cazorala-Coquelin?
    Why Sanchez up front?
    Why Walcott?

    Don’t support the team. Support the manager.

    Where am I? What am I doing in this Untold theatre for brain transplant?

  68. Nigel Tufnel

    Sam i often agree with you, but even if we win, i hate the starting eleven selections. So i can complain.

    Im not a miserable fck like JOE who hates the world and himself.

  69. Goldinho

    Wenger is a spiteful cunt of a man.
    These team selections are a big fuck you to the fans.
    He would rather see the team lose than have to admit he got it wrong.
    He needs fucking off out of the club before he does any more damage.

  70. S.Asoa

    These moaners are turning Le grove into Le miserableEven moaning before the game kicks offafter final whistle it will a whole foking funeral

    Some foking cadavers so foking deluded, infatuated

  71. Bamford10

    Someone mentioned that Wenger bristled in the presser at a question re why Xhaka didn’t start against PSG. This is his reply. What a petty, vain little cunt.

  72. DUIFG

    For what sane reason can you start cazorla again???

    He ran him into the ground last year and injured him for the entire season.

    How much evidence does he need that rotation is key, xhaka on the bench? Wilshere at Bournemouth , it’s horrific management.

    He’s literally taking the piss now

  73. Goonergirl

    Can’t believe Xhaka doesn’t start and it’s Alexis up front again. What is honestly going through Wenger’s head

  74. Red&White4life

    “I don’t give a fok about City and Chelsea”

    You should, because they will finish above us.
    Oh you didn’t know ?? Sorry for you…

  75. Follow the money

    The Invincibles made sense. Every player hsd a position they were great at. Then Wenger got obsessed with this interchangeable positions crap, and lately has doubled down with the bizarre team selection. It’s pure arrogance. He has to prove he knows more than anyone else by making these bizarre lineups and hoping they won’t backfire. Longevity is overrated. The really big teams change managers all the time. Wenger out!