Arsenal still not looking comfortable

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How are we today?

I’ve had a MAD week. Making marketing dreams people, selling product, product, product… so good.

Thanks to Alex for dropping some rampant deputisation in my absence.

Feels like Wenger really is having a final season to remember. I didn’t catch much of the PSG game, but my lord, Wenger has gone into full blown troll mode.


David Ospina, for me, is not a good keeper, but look, I’ll take it that Petr Cech is not doing well of late. But here’s the thing, David was responsible for us finishing second in the CL group stage last season with his horror show in the opening games, and Wenger revisited that mistake for pretty much no data driven reason. Just because.

Anyway, he had a good game, so I should STFU.

But other moves were more perplexing. Playing Coquelin against PSG, a very smart side, made no sense when he had fresher better players on the bench. Why is he not playing someone who can play in a system like Xhaka? Why is he not playing his best team? And don’t give me the ‘Coquelin presses from the front’ stuff… I really don’t buy it. His weaknesses greatly out weigh his strenghts. Plus, Xhaka is f*cking great.

Then the craziest of all crazy decisions was to start Santi again. I mean, I love the guy, but you have to be honest here, he’s an impact player at best these days. He doesn’t have the legs to carry games, he’s no good at defending… it just doesn’t make sense to keep playing him at 31 years old, twice in three days. Amazing that he kicked off at Wenger for not playing, and now he’s playing all the games? Jack does the same, gets thrown out to Bournemouth.

I mean, I don’t mean to go back on this… but if I knew Wenger was going to be all about Santi-Coq axis of woooooooot, I’d maybe not have been so keen on Jack being moved out. When he’s fit, at least he has the legs to play. Very odd.

Then you have Chamberlain starting again. He really is a mystery to me. Especially when you see Serge G being shipped out, who looked very sharp for Werder in his first game (not to mention in the Olympics) and Joel Campbell, arguably our most potent option being shipped out as well.

As for the striking options… Alexis back through the middle, working super hard to make us BEG to get Giroud back in the game?

It’s a mess again. No real clear vision of how we should play. A squad that feels full enough, but not structured properly. A manager further away from being competitive tactically than ever before. It really is amazing he’s survived for so long.

A lot of people accused Alex of being too negative, because we landed a point. Look, he’s just calling out the issues now, because if he called them out in 4 weeks when things go bad, he’d be called reactionary.

You really do have to hope that the board recognise the malaise that’s set in at the club. Not just with Wenger, but with the fans and the players. It’s dull. It’s uninteresting. It needs a shot in the arm.

Good to see Thomas Tuchel dish out a spanking Warsaw. That’s your man right there. Get him replacing Wenger. Exciting, quietly charismatic, bringing back buzz to Dortmund. What a manager he looks like!

… and Spurs. HAHA.

Right, that’s me done. More tomorrow.

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  1. Champagne charlie

    United bossed the transfer window, they were the standard and we were garbage by comparison supposedly.

    Just goes to show how football cannot be equated in the manner so many continue to assert. Ibra, Pogba, Mikky, Maureen have done fuck all so far and saying they’re in better shape than us completely ignores reality.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    Manchester City have scored 15 goals so far. (11 in PL+4 in CL)
    Arsenal have scored 9 goals so far(8 in PL+1 in CL)

    Aguero has scored 6 goals(excluding the qualifying match) 3 in 3 PL matches, 3 in 1 CL match.

    Those are your hard numbers. What exactly can one analyse out of these numbers?

    1)That Arsenal are struggling in attack? Erm, yes, you don’t need a special statistical analysis to reach this conclusion.

    But you can’t just extrapolate a 5 game data to make definitive predictions about future,Not when you know we haven’t played with a proper striker and proper winger and we have also a midfield in flux.

    2) That Sergio Aguero is a superior striker to anything we have? Yes, he’s the best in the PL and will probably finish as top scorer again. Everyone knows.

    Does his high rate of scoring early season mean its curtains for every other team? Maybe or maybe not.

    What we do know is he’s scored three in three games in the PL, he has a history on fitness issues so its foolish to extrapolate his 5 game competitive data over 38 games, but history tells us he’ll definitely be good for 20+ goals.

  3. The Iceman


    Nice come back.

    Nothing to say call someone a paedo.

    LOL get back to the poetry my man, you’re evidently more suited to it than football.

  4. tunnygriffboy

    Jeff Aguero is probably the best out and out striker in the world. The whole of the PL should be thankful he’s been injured and missed a part of seasons. If he stays fit no one is catching City this season

    Put him in our side and we’d have a good chance of winning the title. There wasn’t one available this summer.

    Problem is :

    * We’ve had years to get one since Rvp left
    * If one had come available loads of teams would be after them
    * Would we compete for his signature?
    * Would we pay the fee?

    I have a suspicion that had Griezeman been available this season Wenger would have spent the money to get him

    It’s so important that we have a good season, better than we have had, particularly in CL so we can attract top players and retain players. We don’t really want a new manager having to deal with a sh.tfest.

  5. Jeff


    “But you can’t just extrapolate a 5 game data to make definitive predictions about future,”

    Nobody made a “definitive prediction”. I said the numbers are “indicators” of the future. The prediction is simply my opinion based on experience of similar starts in previous seasons.

  6. Jeff


    “Put him in our side and we’d have a good chance of winning the title.”

    That statement is one of the reasons why you come across as (I’m going to be polite) naive. How many season did we NOT win the league when the likes of Henry and Van Persie were on our side? Too many is the answer.

    You missed the main point I was making. It’s not just about Aguero, it’s about who’s managing him. Under Pellegrini he seemed very ordinary, especially last season but this season, so far, he’s been pretty devastating.

  7. Joe

    OZil and Sanchez have been made shadows of thier Former selves playing with no passion and. No heart

    But tunny thinks we win the league with aguero with wenger still here


    Wenger had a much better squad than Leicester last season and still didn’t come close.

    But aguero is going to make us champions

  8. tunnygriffboy

    I didn’t realise Pogba was 6 months older than Xhaka.

    Who will provide best value and have biggest impact on their new teams this season ?

    Southampton side of players who have left the club in the last 3 seasons


    Clyne Alderwield Lovern Shaw

    Wanyama Schniederlin

    Mane Lallana

    Lambert Pelle

    Mad ain’t it.

  9. Joe


    When you’ve been wengerized, can we really expect more from oZil. He’s stopped playing for wenger.

    Xhaka will be wengerized soon too.

    Mustafi already looks like he’s been to wenger defence school.

  10. Joe

    Wenger couldn’t win the CL with the invincibles, the best team in Europe at the time but pep gets ridiculed for taking on the best teams and winning with them

  11. tunnygriffboy


    It’s not naive. Sorry. Rvp was never bloody fit bar one season. Henry played with a side and squad that isn’t of the same quality as we have now. For years we’ve all been calling for a WC striker which would make us competitive

    I didn’t say we would win the league but merely that we’d have a good chance.

  12. Ashley

    We’ve never needed a new manager more than we do right now , but not Eddie Howe tho , a serious top class manager to galvanise these players like pep has done at city … Look how amazing sterling has been , the same guy people were saying should never play for England again and starting go fund me pages to raise the ticket money for his flight home from the euros ! And do I need to talk about augero , no I don’t …. Wenger can’t motivate these guys anymore , they just aren’t bothered

  13. Jeff

    “Henry played with a side and squad that isn’t of the same quality as we have now.”


    What manner of statement is that? Are you peddling the same rhetoric as Wenger who says this is the best squad! He always says that. How can you say the current squad is better than the one Henry played in? Which year are you talking about – this is bizarre!

  14. jwl

    I think Wenger finds it extremely difficult to make big decisions like benching players who been at Arsenal for while, santi coq chamberlain play because our manager more worried about hurt feelings than he is about winning games.

  15. STV

    The first round of Champions league was all about Europe’s top clubs.

    Real Madrid comebacks
    PSG shortcomings
    Resurgent City under Guardiola
    Leicester’s CL story
    Barca rout
    Dortmund under Tuchell
    etc.. etc..

    For Arsenal it’s the usual. Its All abt Wenger.

    Wenger’s team selection. Wenger satisfied with a point. Wenger’s prediction of this year’s CL winners. Wenger’s snubbing of PSG managerial post Wenger’s subs etc..

    Wenger has become a joke and he doesn’t know it.

  16. Redtruth

    Should of kept the £35m and stuck with Holding and drilled into him the art of defending …same with Coquelin …that £70m then goes towards an unbelievable striker….simple…

  17. Joe

    But Red

    Perez is the Spanish Vardy! We been scouting him for a year and even though we considered him
    Not good enough in July , he’s a great buy in August.

    So good he didn’t even feature against psg when we couldn’t even a muster a shot on goal until the 83rd minute

  18. loyika

    Been catching up on all that has been posted since yestrrday. Some hilariously funny shyte.

    As Red would say; Lol! Lol! Lol!

  19. loyika

    No STV

    It’s only Arsenal fans that make the narrative about Wenger. PSG supporters couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Arsenal’s team selection or if Wenger picked Ospina ahead of Cech (i would think they would be more worried about the direction their club is heading)

    Or do you think all those Spuddies that went to Wembley give a flying fcuk about anything we say here or how we played? (Seeing as they have their own issues to deal with in terms of their squad)

    Or hey Leicester fans are not occupied from enjoying being in the CL but spend their time discussing the rights and wrongs of playing Coq ahead of Xhaka!?

    Or Citeh fans are more bothered about Ozil’s contribution far more than their “Shadow war” with UEFA!?

    People should take a chill pill ffs!! The footie world doesn’t revolve around Arsenal and whatever we discuss here. It only generally affects us. Other fans couldn’t really give a shyte how we feel (most even wonder why we fcuking moan alot? Because that’s what the average neutral football fan sees us Arsenal supporters as; A bunch of moaners)

  20. loyika

    And that includes so called “AKBs” and “WOBs” alike.

    Just do a random sample of other footie fans and ask what they think of Arsenal supporters? The key response would be; Bunch of fcuking moaners the lot of them. Most times no one even knows what the fcuk we are moaning about. WIN, LOSE OR DRAW – Arsenal fans will always moan.

    That’s the joke STV, not Wenger alone but the whole football club, the board and supporters inclusive.

  21. Sam

    Forget football!

    What happened in East Finchley today was disgusting
    Young uni student shot while he was sleeping n his 52 years old Aunt killed by Gangsters
    Mistaken Identity again! Gangsters are stupid

    Get guns off the foking street

  22. loyika

    @ Joe

    Did you read the part where he acknowledged Arsene’s past achievements!?

    Once again, no one is saying we played well against PSG (especially in the first half) but hey we came out of it with a draw (it’s not our business if PSG can’t take their chances and put us to the sword is it?)

    It beggars belief why you all are still going on over this game. First off you had us to lose and always said we won’t do shyte in the UCL eitherways, so I am surprised why you keep making a fuss over this game and any other game.

    You have predicted we won’t win anything and finish double digits behind the eventual winners, so why bother if we win, lose or draw any particular game since you already know how it will end up? Just curious why you spend your time going over the same shyte every fcuking day (regardless of how we play or the result, your narrative won’t change so what’s the point?)

    I think everyone and his or her mother knows by now how you hate and want Wenger gone so why the constant repetition!?

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here

    Meaning what red ?

    You like good mangers , and hate bad ones like the fella at Decca…

    Early stones were good
    Now they are just greedy cunts who would not be out of place sitting on the Arsenal board .

  24. Sam

    Tough law is needed

    If you know your parents or family members will be jailed, evicted or even deported if they are foreign borned you’ll think twice before even joining a gang

  25. left testicle

    Feels like Wenger really is having a final season to remember.

    Why so confident Pedro? Wenger will still be here next season.

  26. loyika

    Tough laws only make the Gangsters tougher!! If that makes sense.

    @ Joey

    Just making an observation bro. Anyways what’s your take on United so far? Are you impressed by Le Pogs!? And please don’t compare him to any of our players (as hard as it might be for you not to do. Lol!!) I am talking about Pogba on his own against what is expected of him, big money signing and all.

    Also is it me or does it seem Mahrez might only turn on the style during the UCL to put himself in the shop window.

  27. Joe

    Says Pierre who has not made one relevant post about anything


    Guess I’d be a dickhead too like Pierre is my parents named me Pierre

    Tough to stay straight when you start life with a name like pierre

  28. Joe

    Red was right about ospina the whole time

    Seems he knows a lot more about football than you do

    But no one would know as you’ve never had a relevant football related post


  29. tayo

    This PSG game was so funny….Auerier on Monreal was a testament that nacho is lightweight…. Same goes with the formation… lightweight.
    Arsene has lost that genius coaching style….1996 and 2016 is a long while.
    Time to get a good coach in Tuchel or Someone!

  30. Joe

    What’s more likely.

    Teams realizing Monreal and bellerin can be attacked this season and taking advantage of the weakness of our fullbacks


    Wenger somehow working on it and fixing it.

    I know my answer

  31. Dissenter

    Who would be your goaltender this weekend ?Ospina or Cech?

    Cech has had more calamitous games for Arsenal in one season than he had had Chelsea for 11 seasons.
    It could be the defensive coaching or Arsenal not allowing his goalkeeping Coach Christophe Lollichon to join him.
    For whatever reason Cech is only world class on paper not on current form.

    I would divide responsibilities; Cech league and Ospina for all cup competitions. That’s how big clubs do it now.

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here


    I disagree slightly

    At chelsea he had a few wobbly moments having a couple or few bad games in a row, but he played through…
    Plus he had terry in front of him…

    Good defender

  33. Mysticleaves

    “Suddenly, Ospina is world class.”

    just like you people suddenly turned him to garbage on le grove.

    ospina was nicknamed “the wall” in Nice.

    he has actually being a wall for his country to.

    he has also had more good games than cech has for Arsenal.

    he has also has less shaky games than cech has had for Arsenal.

  34. leon

    Wenger still doesn’t know how to get best of players he has playing sanchez is utterly madness just suit him game.

    When it comes to coquelin I think he is very good player he is very athletic and dynamic and is very good tackler but his passing is the greatest against PSG playing games a very physical team you needed some dynamic and athletic players and that not cazorla.

    It’s frankly very concerning the managers lack of ability get best out players plus his not very tactically sound

  35. Jasongms

    Elvis Presley was not the forerunner to rock and therefore the Beatles etc .. stick to football guys ffs…
    Now if youre thinking commercial value then yeah, but definitely not musically. 12 Bar blues which was concurrent in 99% of rock tunes was not an invention of Elvis ,youre thinking Robert Johnson and the like and you want to go back Futher look at the arrangement s of one Johann Sebastian Bach…

  36. STV


    The point Iam making is when it comes to Arsenal it’s always about Wenger. Look up the press, see what the pundits say. See the reactions online. I am fed up. Admit it. Our manager has grown bigger than the club.

    Agree with you. As you say the joke is not just Wenger, fans too. The entire hierarchy of Arsenal is laughed at. It’s sad.

    All thanks to Wenger.

  37. rollen

    Nothing wrong witch Cech, goal you all cry about was great save and unlucky deflection. With Wenger skill van der Sar and Khan toughener would struggle.
    Ospinia is in Fabian or Szczesny class.

  38. leon

    Another thing that really baffles me is how on earth could he let Joel Campbell and Sergey Granarby go, partially Campbell I see a very good squad player who is far more intelligent player than Thoe Walcott he looks so dangerous when he plays it just makes no sense.

    All round I feel this squad is really good but wenger lack of tactical nouse will cost this team I feel.

  39. Rambo Ramsey

    I think we give too much grief for Ozil’s penchant to disappear in certain matches. Look at 100 million Paul Pogba, doesn’t show such bias, he disappears in all matches.

    Mourinho? Looks like third season syndrome will arrive two years early.

  40. Thanos

    Mourinho’s problem at united is he has to play a certain brand of attacking football which he actually is not good at. He won’t last more than 18 months. He has to go to a club that does not mind playing negative football like the chavs and inter.

  41. Jim Lahey

    @Pedro – “Jack does the same, gets thrown out to Bournemouth.”

    Please not tell me you just compared Santi Cazorla to Jack Wilshere?! Its like comparing apples and shit.

  42. China

    Mourinho may not have settled yet but you’d be a fool to write him off!

    He’s won the league with all of his teams, including a less exciting Real Madrid vs supposedly the greatest ever club squad managed by Pep at barca. I don’t expect him to win the league this year, but if he can try not to piss everyone off before the summer (a genuine challenge for Jose) then I’d expect him to win the PL next year

  43. Mysticleaves


    am not sure anyone has dissected that goal and people aren’t blaming him.

    but if you want to peddle it, then the goal is his fault.

    cech is 6’5″. the ball wasn’t played to the side. almost at the centre. that ball has no business making Cech dive so hard only to get fingertips to it if he had positioned well.

    if it was 0spina, it would have made headlines for Alex and Pedro

  44. Red&White4life

    “How are we today?”
    Well Pedro, considering that le cunt one will stay in charge until the end of his life, and that our club is slowly dying, it’s a funny question. (lol)

  45. Ishola70

    Mourinho may have problems at United but again people making assumptions and commenting after they lose in a secondary competition they don’t really even want to be in the Europa League.

    Best to judge him in the EPL not Europa League.

  46. Ishola70

    Why the universal hatred for Mourinho btw in relation to Arsenal?

    He dissed Wenger. Has he ever dissed Arsenal football club itself?

    When he said that Wenger was a specialist in failure he was in effect respecting Arsenal football club in implying that Wenger was failing in just getting in top 4 and never seriously challenging for the title. All he was doing was having a go at Wenger himself not Arsenal FC.

    But does it boil down to Arsenal FC being Arsene FC again? Or fans of Arsenal can cuss and curse Wenger but not outsiders especially one that had a good record against Arsenal on the football front?

    Can’t see how people who claim to want to see the back off Wenger and are sick of the sight of him being Arsenal manager can also despise Mourinho. But it seems a disproportionate do loathe him in comparison to Wenger inner/outers/fence sitters/flip-flopers

    What Mourinho said about Wenger was great. Superb put down.

  47. Steveyg87

    Hoping we see the reintroduction of Giroud the weekend, our team is still set up to have him up top and Sanchez back on the wing, where he belongs. xhaka has to come in along with Holding for Mustafi who was absolute garbage against PSG, also hope that Ospina retains his place and knuckles down and makes no1 his own

  48. Ishola70

    “Hoping we see the reintroduction of Giroud the weekend

    with Holding for Mustafi who was absolute garbage against PSG”

    Shows the shit-show options doesn’t it that fans are pining for the return of Giroud.

    How bad was Mustafi then? What was he doing wrong or not doing right?

    Didn’t see the full match.

  49. Ishola70

    Oh dear.

    But he is a German international so everything will turn out roses for him eh lol.

    The way some fans were talking about him you would think he was/is a seasoned international player but far from it.

  50. Red&White4life

    He’s a top world class player, because that’s the ONLY kind of players wenger is targeting during the transfer windows.

  51. Vince

    Ishola. Don’t mind these lot. Mustafi did nothing wrong aside trying to compensate for the lack of shape that Arsenal fc has become. Ffs aren’t you guys surprised everybody looks bad in our team? We played like a flock without a shepherd. Everybody was all over the place. The midfield was porous – I’ve never seen our only ballwinner Coquelin play that up the pitch. The attack was dysfunctional. how on earth does anybody expect the defenders to look good then. Keep ignoring the elephant in the room. I can’t believe seasoned professionals can be made to look so miserable. Cech has gone bad overnight. Sanchez don’t look the same again. Cazorla looked lost. And don’t even start with Ozil whom I think we can gladly sell and won’t miss, even though Wenger’s suicidal tactics or lack of it made him look even worse than he is. My team for the weekend will be.
    Bellerin Kos Mustafi Monreal
    Xhaka Ellneny
    Iwobi Sanchez
    Watch Wenger get dumber again anyway.

  52. Rambo Ramsey

    Utter nonsense. Mustafi had a good game, was caught out for PSG’s first goal( factor in that Koscielny was nowhere to be seen) but grew into the game since. Our best defender on the night, I have to say. Monreal and Bellerin had shockers.

  53. Sam

    yeah don’t judge Mourinho in the Europa league but moan endlessly when Arsenal get a draw in France

    many people here suffer from selective amnesia

  54. steve


    Akbs are salty because Mourinho dissed their god Wenger. Would love to have Mourinho at Arsenal just to piss off the akb cunts.

  55. Ishola70

    “yeah don’t judge Mourinho in the Europa league but moan endlessly when Arsenal get a draw in France”

    The Champions League and Europa League are not comparable.

    And you know as well as everyone else that Man United do not want to even be in the Europa League and to even be in it is an embarrassment for them but they are getting a bit used to this embarrassment now after having to play in it last year as well.

    But fans love to judge and make assumptions about every game. Big games as well as the less important ones.

    You get the same with international friendlies.

  56. Sam

    All our new signings are good including Robbie Holding n Lucas will settle soon

    Weirdos will moan about Mustafi’s fee
    fee mens nothing once the player starts playing as they all have only 2 legs
    compare that to Pogba’s

  57. Sam

    Poor Man yoonayted

    they are being being forced to play in Europa cup n they don’t want to be there

    give Mourinho a hug, he needs one

  58. Bamford10

    I would just like to point out that I was one of the few here who did not think United were going to be the bee’s knees. I also said that Pogba was an inconsistent and uncertain work in progress. 😉

    Power rankings:
    1. City
    2. Chelsea

    everyone else

  59. S Asoa

    United defeat against run of play, but a defeat nevertheless seems to have brought the AKB Worms out of the woodwork.
    Think we should LIST them , so their post can be straightaway ignored, and no indignation in normal fans
    Here is a start
    1- Champagne Charlie
    2- Ughelegunner

    The field is open. Let’s count them on one hand and see their noise is so disproportionate

  60. Sam

    # Power rankings:
    1. City
    2. Chelsea #

    Honeymoon period will soon be over n They’ll suffer defeats before xmas, you’ll be surprised to see Leceister sneak back in if Arsenal still wobbling

  61. Sam

    #United defeat against run of play, but a defeat nevertheless seems to have brought the AKB Worms out of the woodwork. #

    Man City supporters are also AKBs

    Actually the AKB jibe is nice, keeps exposing stupidity
    Non-AKBism growing into treachery
    hate everything Arsenal n love n praise all the cunts

  62. Admir

    My guess is, Xhaka didn’t play because his experience against Krychowiak haven’t been the best around. The Polish enforcer dominated over Xhaka when Borussia won 4:2 against Sevilla last season (Xhaka made a penalty on Krychowiak) and repeated it in Polish victory on penalties at Euro. Coquelin and Cazorla were supposed to reply with mobility to their physical power. It didn’t quite work out for us though but I can’t see how the Hell anyone could complain after a point from Paris. In some earlier years, we would concede four of five.

  63. Sam

    They symphatise with Spurs, Man Utd n Chelsea

    They moan about everything Arsenal do even after a win

    Arsenal fans? I don’t think so

  64. China

    Lol the difference between us judging arsene and is not judging mourinho equally is that one of them has form stretching a decade of identikit disappointment whereas the other has won multiple champions leagues, league titles with every single team from Porto onwards and won the PL only two years ago

    So yeah the classless bellend Jose has actually earned the right to not be defined by two matches. We aren’t judging Wenger because we had a couple of poor games. If you think we are you are reading with your eyes closed.

  65. steve

    The IcemanSeptember 16, 2016 10:39:41
    SteveThe only thing salty is Maureen’s jizz in your mouth.


    AKb cunt detected.

  66. Sam

    Liverpool fans celebrate Man yoo defeat

    They are also AKBs

    Btw, Pogba is Great player he needs time after coming from italian league n he’s not worth 100M

  67. grooveydaddy

    Chelsea supporters must be the biggest AKB’s around.

    I swore I heard a stadium-full of them singing, ‘Arsène Wenger – we want you to stay!’

  68. Ishola70

    “Liverpool fans celebrate Man yoo defeatThey are also AKBs”

    Are you comparing Liverpool’s rivalry with Man Utd to Arsenal?

    It’s not even close.

    Arsenal had a big rivalry with Man Utd when Wenger was challenging Fergie for a period for titles. Just for a period. Now as before that period Man Utd is just another big game for Arsenal just like it is for most clubs.

    Liverpool are proper rivals of Man United. Arsenal aren’t. Would be surprised if we didn’t hear Liverpool fans celebrating a Man United defeat however insignificant the loss. But for Arsenal fans to be jumping around because Man United lost a Europa League match is a bit naff.

  69. STV

    Groovy daddy so are spuds. They loveArsene Wenger and his sheepish followers. The rivals and haters know the Wenger and his true supporters are destroying Arsenal.

    Have you ever seen an Arsenal hater not singing praise for Wenger?? Those Wenger cult should know better!!

  70. Alexanderhenry


    The most relevant statistic on mourihno is this: in the last ten years he has spent more than any other manager in football.

    At man u so far, he’s what he always does: spend a lot.. and he’ll probably spend some more in january. I actually think he will struggle there.

    He’s inherited an over priced mish mash of a squad and he’s added Ibra who although excellent, is 34 and Pogba who I don’t actually rate that much. Don’t know much about mikirytan. Also Rooney is still their main man and the guy is clearly passed his best.

    What mourihno is good at is taking an already balanced, settled and successful squad , adding a few more top players and winning a league, playing risk averse percentage football.

    What he is not good at is developing and building a squad with clear deficencies over a period of time.

    Also, the appalling way he behaved at chelsea last year has damaged his reputation amongst players I think. and his reaction after the city defeat shows that he hasn’t learned his lesson.

  71. STV

    Sam don’t forget that we have Wenger apologists stating Newcastle, Spuds,Villa and the likes are our ‘Natural rivals’ not ‘Money spinning’ Utd, City Liverpool or Chelsea.

  72. Ishola70

    ” and his reaction after the city defeat shows that he hasn’t learned his lesson.”

    What was his reaction then? What happened?

  73. STV

    “The most relevant statistic on mourihno is this: in the last ten years he has spent more than any other manager in football.”

    Alexander That ‘should be’the ‘second most’ relevant statistics. First should be he had won multiple league titles, Champions leagues and domestic cups with different teams.

    20 years from now football gonna be so immeresed in cash that nobody cares or look for such stats. It’s not relevant for the fans may be for the clubs but they were ready to spent so why should their fans care???

  74. Sam

    I actually side with Akbs if they exist against these weirdoz who rejoice our defeats n sympathise with our rivals

    Treacherous cunts

  75. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    If even Wenger and Mourinho were on a par with each I would sooner have Jose as our Manager.

    He is proactive. Wenger is reactive.

    Mourinho does tactics. He makes makes substitutions when needed rather than at 70 minutes. He changes formation. He has passion. He leaves dross on the bench or ships it out.

  76. STV

    Sam. Maybe thats because you do not have a spineand loves the spineless managers. Maybe you’re too brainwashed to follow the cult.

    Anyway great to know you cares abt the rivals losing. If only you cared abt us winning!..

  77. Ishola70

    I hope Mourinho didn’t storm off after the final whistle without shaking Guardiola’s hand or at least acknowledge him after that City defeat.

    That’s the worst thing you can do to a fellow professional. Snub him like that and ignore his existence.

  78. DaleDaGooner

    “The Champions League and Europa League are not comparable.And you know as well as everyone else that Man United do not want to even be in the Europa League and to even be in it is an embarrassment for them but they are getting a bit used to this embarrassment now after having to play in it last year as well. But fans love to judge and make assumptions about every game. Big games as well as the less important ones.You get the same with international friendlies.”

    What a load of shit sacked excuse ….. Insert this for Arsenal and you’re an AKB

  79. China

    Except to only look at the cash spent belies the reality of what he’s achieved.

    When barca were untouchable good he won the CL with inter. When everyone and their uncle was saying that pep’s barca were the greatest team ever he came and took the league off him in only two seasons.

    Nobody thinks that his Madrid team were better than that barca team. They took the league off them anyway.

    And unlike the much celebrated pep (who does deserve a top reputation) he’s won lots of trophies in actual competitive leagues. Jose came and took the title off the invincibles. He kept Ferguson out the same year. He came back a few years ago and once again picked them up the league.

    Jose is a prick. He is a twat with zero class and a terrible attitude which is the main reason he can’t stay anywhere for long – but he’s demonstrated that he can be considered one of the top 3 managers in the world beyond any question and this has been the case for a decade now.

    Jose spends a lot of money but so do all the top teams apart from Arsenal – and even we did this year. To say the only statistic that matters is how much he spent is absolutely ridiculous.

  80. Rambo Ramsey


    “The acronym AKB is becoming a joke on here. It’s used about 400 times a day!”

    Can always rely on you to be the sane voice on here, mate. Its getting ridiculous, not sure some of these cunts even know what being a football fan is about.

    Apparently we always have do do overtly-critical analysis of Arsenal, and heaven forbid you take joys in the small victories! Nope, you always need to be a miserable downer. What’s worse, we can’t even poke fun at the expense of our rival team/manager/players anymore.

  81. Ishola70

    .”What a load of shit sacked excuse ….. Insert this for Arsenal and you’re an AKB”

    And why would I be making excuses for Man United? And why is the word excuse even expressed?

    You try to point out to people that Man United losing in a Europa League match means fvck all (Liverpool and Man City fans excluded) and this seems to be all too much to register for some people.


    Arsenal are not rivals of Manchester United.

  82. DaleDaGooner

    Last I’ll respond…..

    Ishola, if Arsenal lost to Feyenoord, this place would explode. There are some who even want such just cause they think it’s what the club they support deserves…. I digress

    Just cause you say “Newsflash” doesn’t make a word you utter fact.

    Ask any pundit or even any United fan, without Banter, Arsenal, City, Liverpool are top rivals, since the 80s (before Wenger), during the 2000s (with Wenger) and now (especially when they’ve finished behind Arsenal in the last 3 years) so do me a favor, want Wenger out, but stop giving us bs excuses.

  83. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger presser

    On Xhaka:

    “Every week he’s stronger and better. I think he will play a big part this season.

    “He has the stature, the power, the strength.

    “For many players it took some time to get into the team, it happens.”

    He adds: “I prefer him as a box-to-box player. He has the engine to have an impact with his runs.”

    On team news:

    What team news is there for tomorrow’s game?

    “Walcott could be back in the squad. He will be assessed. Ramsey is still out. Gabriel is back in training. He might play on Tuesday.

    “Cech will be back.

    Will there be many other changes?

    “No. Olivier Giroud has a knock on Tuesday night, I have to check if he is alright.”

    What knock?

    “Big toe. He has been a bit behind fitness wise. He’s slowly getting there.”

  84. Red&White4life

    “Arsenal are not rivals of Manchester United.”
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ????????

    (works also with chelscum and shitty)