Arsenal still not looking comfortable

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How are we today?

I’ve had a MAD week. Making marketing dreams people, selling product, product, product… so good.

Thanks to Alex for dropping some rampant deputisation in my absence.

Feels like Wenger really is having a final season to remember. I didn’t catch much of the PSG game, but my lord, Wenger has gone into full blown troll mode.


David Ospina, for me, is not a good keeper, but look, I’ll take it that Petr Cech is not doing well of late. But here’s the thing, David was responsible for us finishing second in the CL group stage last season with his horror show in the opening games, and Wenger revisited that mistake for pretty much no data driven reason. Just because.

Anyway, he had a good game, so I should STFU.

But other moves were more perplexing. Playing Coquelin against PSG, a very smart side, made no sense when he had fresher better players on the bench. Why is he not playing someone who can play in a system like Xhaka? Why is he not playing his best team? And don’t give me the ‘Coquelin presses from the front’ stuff… I really don’t buy it. His weaknesses greatly out weigh his strenghts. Plus, Xhaka is f*cking great.

Then the craziest of all crazy decisions was to start Santi again. I mean, I love the guy, but you have to be honest here, he’s an impact player at best these days. He doesn’t have the legs to carry games, he’s no good at defending… it just doesn’t make sense to keep playing him at 31 years old, twice in three days. Amazing that he kicked off at Wenger for not playing, and now he’s playing all the games? Jack does the same, gets thrown out to Bournemouth.

I mean, I don’t mean to go back on this… but if I knew Wenger was going to be all about Santi-Coq axis of woooooooot, I’d maybe not have been so keen on Jack being moved out. When he’s fit, at least he has the legs to play. Very odd.

Then you have Chamberlain starting again. He really is a mystery to me. Especially when you see Serge G being shipped out, who looked very sharp for Werder in his first game (not to mention in the Olympics) and Joel Campbell, arguably our most potent option being shipped out as well.

As for the striking options… Alexis back through the middle, working super hard to make us BEG to get Giroud back in the game?

It’s a mess again. No real clear vision of how we should play. A squad that feels full enough, but not structured properly. A manager further away from being competitive tactically than ever before. It really is amazing he’s survived for so long.

A lot of people accused Alex of being too negative, because we landed a point. Look, he’s just calling out the issues now, because if he called them out in 4 weeks when things go bad, he’d be called reactionary.

You really do have to hope that the board recognise the malaise that’s set in at the club. Not just with Wenger, but with the fans and the players. It’s dull. It’s uninteresting. It needs a shot in the arm.

Good to see Thomas Tuchel dish out a spanking Warsaw. That’s your man right there. Get him replacing Wenger. Exciting, quietly charismatic, bringing back buzz to Dortmund. What a manager he looks like!

… and Spurs. HAHA.

Right, that’s me done. More tomorrow.

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  1. Champagne charlie

    Jeff – in case you missed it

    “this because I dared to say Aguearo has scored more goals than we have. Well I’m glad it upset you. It should upset you but you’re taking it out on the wrong person. If you stopped praying to him once in a while inside that candle-lit shrine of yours you might see where this season is going AGAIN!”

    Nobody argued the fact Aguero has 9 himself to our 8, that’s the bit you’re missing. I said what’s your point and you came back stating it means we won’t be competing this season…

    I have since presented the fact that Aguero has scored equal to or more than every other team in the league so your original nonsense aimed at Arsenal was entirely that….nonsense.

    Meaning none of what you said has any bearing on our abilities this season, but here you are now trying to deflect and suggest people are getting annoyed at facts regarding Aguero. We aren’t, just as usual having to spend time correcting your twisted logic that attempts to undermine Arsenal – as you pretend to be a fan. Hope you finally follow

  2. Batistuta

    All the mention of Coquelin who was one of our better players and no mention of the passenger that was Ozil

    Maybe Alex should do posts on games you didn’t catch pedro

  3. Rambo Ramsey

    Oh look, a dig at Ospina. You’re a fucking predictable writer, Pedro.

    I guess you’re never letting that ‘game in the CL last season’ go are you? Hilarious that you entirely blame Ospina for us finishing second in the group. Cause we usually always finish top of the group, right?

  4. Champagne charlie


    See now it’s this I fail to understand mate, Ozil has proven his quality time and again. 20 assists and X amount of goals last season, amongst it again this year and for some reason his poorer games are under such scrutiny?

    Coquelin has never proven to be more than adequate, then someone like Xhaka turns up and even without adjusting to the league you can already see how much more he offers than Coquelin but the defence of him is as stout as ever.

    Coquelin serves a purpose, but not as a starter for this side end of. Ozil is our “best” player but will have plenty of poor games this season as that’s the nature of football. Worth noting however that he was a passenger yet he created the opportunity for us to score.

  5. Joe


    In case you missed it

    Ignore aguero goals vs us

    How about the fact we’ve been absolutely shit in the first 5 matches of the season bar 30
    M v watford. And we haven’t even faced any top teams.

    That’s what makes us , bar Akbs , think we won’t have a good season.

    Spent and we look as bad as we have in the last 10

    We are not that good. Sorry to say. And no evidence proves otherwise.

    Same story as last decade.

    The manager is a useless cunt. Spend. Don’t spend. It don’t matter.

    The fact aguero had scored more than
    The offensive genius wenger says it all.

    But it’s our play that tells all.

  6. Rambo Ramsey

    Actually Arsenal have scored 9, not eight. Three each against Liverpool and Watford, 2 against S’hampton and 1 against PSG.

    And 3 out of his 9, Aguero scored in the qualifying game. Take of that what you will.

  7. Champagne charlie

    Joe you’re a spud so I’d rather just avoid interacting with you altogether, you’re not coherent, not measured, and not at all likeable so I’ll tag someone else in to engage with you further and likely talk George Graham or some other bullshit you find interesting.

    Thanks for the opportunity though

  8. STV

    “David Ospina, for me, is not a good keeper, ..blah blah blah…

    Eat your shoes moron!

    You’ve been proven wrong over and over again. Ospina is a very good keeper and your take on him means shit.

  9. Joe

    if wenger thought as highly of xhaka as Cc does , why didn’t he start a psg

    Pep had no issue starting gundogan after missing all
    Preseason with injury.

    Coq is the least of our problems as is oZil.

    The one and only problem
    We have is wenger.

    The players aren’t playing for him. He can’t motivate or prepare them. Even for a match vs psg

    Joke of a manger

  10. Batistuta


    Yea yea Ozil has a gazillion assists BUT somehow he goes missing in games he should be dominating as the proven superstar of the team he is

    At least coquelin for all his limited ability shows up in big games and contributes while ozil sulks away like a little kid

    We all know Coquelin shouldn’t be starting for us at all but if ozil is gonna keep his ghost performances and i turn up when i want attitudes up then I’d rather coquelin who at least shows up and puts in a shift

  11. Joe

    Haha CC

    It’s ok

    You know
    I’m right so you’d rather not engage.

    Fair enough.

    Go pedal
    Your akb bullshit somewhere else

    Even spuds have more sense than Akbs like you

  12. Rambo Ramsey

    It is pretty weird that Pedro never misses an opportunity to trash certain players like Ospina and recently, Coquelin (irrespective of their performances). But when it comes to Ox–a player who has stunk the place out for straight years now–Pedro’s comment is ‘He is a mystery’.


  13. STV

    Peter Chech, Coquelin, Alexis,Lucas Perez, Chamberlain and Ozil should be dropped for the next game.

    Walcott Giroud Iwobi
    Xhaka Cazorla Elneny
    _______Back 4___
    ______ Ospina___

  14. Dissenter

    You can’t help yourself wih this Ospina fixation.
    Ospina is a very good goalkeeper.
    I dare say we would have lost to PSG if Cech was in goal.
    Cech hasn’t been world class for us.

  15. Joe


    Players stop
    Playing for managers all
    The time. It’s what’s happening at Arsenal.

    5 matches into the season
    And it’s blatantly obvious.

    They couldn’t even give a fuck vs psg

    They’ve had it with wenger.

    He can’t motivate them. Prepare them.

  16. Wayne

    Your Comment Here alot of fans don’t know anything other than Wenger, here lies the problem.
    yeah coz we were fucking great before Wenger weren’t we.

  17. STV

    “If Ozil is going to keep playing in passenger mode then he is a problem”

    He was passenger yesterday and still involved in our goal. I don’t mind a skillfull passenger in my team.

  18. Champagne charlie


    Disagree, Ozil isn’t nearly as ineffective as you suggest plus his reason for being in the side is for his creative spark….which he continues to display. Tough ask for us to be all that potent with Iwobi and Ox either side of Alexis, that’s not our first choice trio going forward, I’ll bet my house on it.

    Also, the inclusion of Coquelin has a significant bearing on Ozils influence remember. Xhaka can find the balls through the lines when Ozi. Makes space, Coquelin doesn’t. I thought the XI was utterly abysmal but I’m wondering if there were other reasons for leaving players out as it didn’t make much sense, even in the context of Wenger dropping a few senseless teams.

  19. Jeff

    Charlie, you still don’t get it do you? You just don’t get it. Nobody else had any trouble understanding what I was saying apart from you.

    We are 7th in the league. Those stats have contributed to us being 7th in the league. They are therefore an indicator of our future regardless of what it says about other teams. Your inability to understand the word “INDICATOR” is not my fault. It is you who brought other teams into it – not me. There will be 19 teams that won’t be winning the league this season and we will be among them. If you believe otherwise then you are just plain old deluded.

  20. Joe

    6 trophies in 8 seasons with GG including a euro trophy and a one loss season league title

    I think
    We were doing ok.

    Thanks for your input Wayne hahbaa

  21. Jeff


    It’s hard enough trying to explain to Charlie that we won’t be winning it never mind that we won’t be competing either and we won’t be. How can we compete when we have the world’s only human handbrake (or even hand-job) that calls every shot at the club.

  22. Sam

    Hardworking Coq cannot be dropped

    If Xhaka is in the team


    Cazorla plays AM

    If else
    echo “Iwobi” = $10

    “Ozil” = $Bench



  23. Champagne charlie


    Nah you’re just rambling on at this point. Agueros goal tally vs ours as a team means fuck all for our prospects. If it meant anything then City will definitely win the league because Aguero has scored more than any other team on his own so far. It’s an argument or logic that’s reserved for the simple mind, the same simple mind that only comes on here to pick at and dissect the team he supposedly supports. That’s all you

  24. tunnygriffboy


    Rope a dope means to me that you come away from a game with something you don’t deserve

    As usual anyone who is objective and can see any positives in anything Arsenal is greeted by your usual venom and sarcasm. I don’t hate the club and always want to see them do well irrespective who is our manager


    So saying that the team selection was wrong, the performance wasn’t great but I’m happy with a point is giddy ? Ok. Fine 🙂

  25. STV

    Ospina is the only positive from PSG game and at current form (and past year’s) he deserve to be our no.1.

    Chech was great years ago. This is a washed up version.

  26. Rambo Ramsey

    “We are 7th in the league. Those stats have contributed to us being 7th in the league. They are therefore an indicator of our future regardless of what it says about other teams. Your inability to understand the word “INDICATOR” is not my fault.”

    Jeff, I have to say, your usage of statistics is fucking bizarre. Just like the other day when you used that one ‘chances created’ stat to defend Ozil against every criticism.

    Anyway, regarding your use of goals scored so far as ‘indicator’ of our chances,
    (1) Most of the matches have had Sanchez as our striker, an even worse CF than Walcott.
    (2) Giroud, our top scorer of past seasons, is yet to start a match.
    (3) Our midfield is not settled, Wenger is still testing all his options.
    (4) Even if we had somehow scored 15 instead of 8 in the PL, would you use that as ‘indicator’ that we’ll win the title or even compete for it?

  27. Jeff


    Go back and read my comments from yesterday’s blog. In my explanation I used the word “indicator” but you chose to read that as some sort of certainty that City will be winning the league. You have some issues haven’t you? How dare we say anything like that? How very dare we?

  28. GunnerInNY

    Charlie: “only comes on here to pick at and dissect the team he supposedly supports”

    This attitude drives me insane.

    If one thinks that Wenger is doing a bad job as manager and is, thus, damaging the club, someone who loves the club has a responsibility to voice opposition to the manager.

    If one supports a manager who is obviously past it and is being outmanaged, outprepared and outmaneuvered week after week, how is that person supporting the club?

    The AKB argument that those who want Wenger replaced are not supporting the club is illogical and, quite frankly, stupid.

    I strongly support Arsenal. I sincerely believe that the club would be vastly healthier if Wenger was fired today. But, to someone who supports Wenger more than Arsenal, I’m the one that is not a real supporter.

    How do you argue with someone like this?

  29. Joe


    You have no fucking idea what rope a dope means do you?

    Here it is in
    Boxing terms where the phrase come

    a boxing tactic of pretending to be trapped against the ropes, goading an opponent to throw tiring ineffective punches.

    You’ve just made yourself look like an idiot.

    So please don’t tell
    Me what kind of supporter I am

    All I know is your an akb fool

  30. Marc

    It’s not even bad tactics from Wenger it’s piss poor team selection. Being clueless tactically is one thing, not quiet knowing your best most balanced first 11 early on in the season is one thing, picking players who are squad level when you have players of a far superior ability available is something else.

  31. Champagne charlie


    No how about you comprehend what is being said and more importantly how what you say is inferred…

    Read carefully: You suggested Agueros goal tally being higher than our teams goals is evidence that we won’t compete, if applied to all other teams it’s the same, so by virtue of that you must clearly think City are certain for the league.

    Either that or you’re just using arbitrary stats in an attempt to critique Arsenal, but you wouldn’t do that right Jeff?

  32. Joe

    Uses rope a dope without even knowing the meaning. This is the problems with Akbs

    They use every think to defend wenger without having a clue with what’s going on

  33. tunnygriffboy


    I don’t think there is anyone on here who purely supports Wenger. There are some who try to be a bit objective, who don’t agree that the manager is the devilincarnate.

    They also try to analyse and discuss things objectively and are pro Arsenal and the team. When they do this irrespective of whether they wish for Wenger to stay at the club or not they are given the quite frankly ridiculous label akb and are greeted with abuse, vitriol and general unpleasantness

    People support the club in different ways. Some want us to win and be successful others want us to lose because their hatred for Wenger has taken over us doing well. They are usually extremely angry when we win.

  34. Champagne charlie


    Except you’ve just extrapolated what I’ve said in short to represent something entirely different. There’s always place for criticism when due, I criticised team selection myself despite supposedly valuing the manager over the team so your bs is debunked right away.

    My point was levelled at the people who come here to criticise for the point of criticising, born today through Jeffs idiotic assertion that Aguero having ,ore goals than Arsenal means we won’t compete. That’s not criticism, that’s just hurling mud like a fucktard for the sake of it.

    Also, hard to take your stance too seriously given your assertion we’d be better off firing Wenger today. That’s just several levels of dumb.

  35. STV

    CC I know different discussion. But do you think Aguero stats further reiterate the fact that having a prolific forward can be a great advantage?
    (If you’re aiming to win something)

  36. Jeff


    Statistics is a branch of Mathematics which oddly enough governs the entire universe. Probability theory (which again governs the deepest findings in quantum mechanics) is what regulates the innermost workings of the building blocks of matter. You are suggesting we abandon it when it doesn’t suit us and to support this notion, you have listed some unrelated statements in order to somehow try and gloss over the simple fact that the more goal-scoring chances one creates the higher is the probability of a goal.

    You have brought back Ozil’s stats we were talking about the other day desperate to prove that our subjective, emotive observations are more valuable and reliable than cold numbers. Yeah good luck with that.

    Ozil’s stats from last season are to a large extent why we came second – something you AKBs like to get moist about. So you ought really to be thankful to Ozil for that otherwise without those 19 assists we’d be around 10th in my estimation.

    The stats about Aguero (in your attempt to ride to Charlie’s rescue and implicitly proclaim you also didn’t understand what is meant by the word INDICATOR), are just numbers that should be ringing alarm bells. But they’re not are they? No. Wishful thinking and deep self-deception is the order of the day for those who still have a soft(ish) spot for Wenger.

  37. Jeff

    Charlie, “suggestion” and “indication” are synonymous in this context. You are therefore right. Those stats definitely do SUGGEST we won’t be competing just like they also “INDICATE” we won’t be competing. Do they actually suggest to you that we will be competing? If so, what is it about those stats that gives you that impression?

  38. Champagne charlie

    Hey genius, you must also be aware of sampling too? In which case reeling off nonsense over a 5 game period of the season has you looking a mug in double quick time. Lacazette has more goals than PSG after a few games do you think anyone gives a shit? Only the French Jeff.

    Everyone in world football knows the value of having a St at that level, but they’re not in the numbers you suggest they are and Aguero belongs to a level of St of which maybe 6 belong. So let’s not dance that dance

  39. tunnygriffboy


    Not being a boxiing expert I bow to your description. Still we got something out of the game we didn’t deserve. Rope a dope, sucker punch, nicking a point. It’s allpretty similar imo.

    This akb bullsh.t is tiresome. Because people want the team to do well they are given this ridiculous label.

    You can be extremely unpleasant. Massive keyboard warrior who wouldn’t say half of what you say to peoples faces. Dare I say you ought to grow up a bit.

  40. Joe

    Also, hard to take your stance too seriously given your assertion we’d be better off firing Wenger today. That’s just several levels of dumb.

    No. let’s just keep him. Let him
    Sign a new deal

    You fire a manager when he is longer useful. No matter when in the season it is.

    Wenger should be fired now. Last year. For 10 years.

    What a lame ass excuse to keep
    Wenger in a job

  41. Champagne charlie


    Don’t be discouraged by Joe mate, best to simply keep contact to a minimum or ignore him. Massive keyboard warrior as you say, but ignore him long enough and he starts talking to himself.

  42. Batistuta

    CC and STV

    You all would rather a player who makes one meaningful pass all game as against someone who actually gets involved in the all round play of the team

    Push santi further up the pitch and he’d have almost if not the same kinda effect ozil has in games and he’d show up more

    Its not like assists have always been Arsenal’s problem before Ozil came and in santi we had someone who even chipped in with meaningful contribution goal wise

    Now I’m not saying santi is better than ozil but in certain games, I’d rather Santi as the CAM than Ozil

    Ozil needs to wake the fuck up in my opinion


    I thought the narrative was that the players are all average except maybe 2 of them so where does the not playing for the manager angle come from

  43. Rambo Ramsey

    Jeff, you really ought to do something about that chip on your shoulder. Predictable that you bring out your ‘oh you AKB’s….’ narrative.

    For someone who attempts to sound smart about using statistics, you have a pretty shite understanding of it.

  44. El Tel

    Your Comment Here

    Not saying we are going to win anything but I have seen starts like that of Citeh and Mancscum before. Was it last season when the title
    Was being given to them afte the first 10 games? Where did they end up?

    It is too early to predict this years Champions apart from knowing it will not be us under Wenger

  45. STV

    “Aguero belongs to a level of St of which maybe 6 belong”

    And Giroud /Perez belong to may be, outside top 20.

    Let’s dance the top 4 dance. Cause Wenger failed to bring us a decent striker again. Not scoring a lot? Ooh what a surprise!!

  46. tunnygriffboy


    Find one post through and since the summer I’ve defended Wenger. You won’t find one. I’ve defended the team and certain players when imo they’ve been unfairly criticized. You may equate that with defending Wenger. That’s your perogative but that thinking is skewed due to your obsession with Wenger.

  47. GunnerInNY


    AKBs use “objective” to mean that their arguments are right. I think there are a lot of posters here who do support the manager above the club. We will have to agree to disagree on that point.

    You can hurl insults at me all you want. I don’t care. I (and many others here) know that nothing I have written is “bs.”

    First of all, I have seen your posts here. I don’t post much, but I read a lot. You say stuff like that often. You can try and explain away that one instance, but you call people spud fans and the like, when really their only crime is not thinking the manager is doing a good job.

    Second, it is not dumb to say Arsenal would be stronger if Wenger has fired today. If you believe, as I and many others do, that for the last several years, he has been so thoroughly exposed as being not up to the job in every facet of managing, it is logical to believe the club would be better in the long run if he were fired. Would they be better off the next game? I’m not sure. Would they be better off this season? Probably, since a new manager could actually competently select and prepare a team for a game, but I acknowledge that the change could also cause some destabilization in the short term.

    But in the long term? To me, if Wenger were fired today, Arsenal would be in a far, far better position in 2017-2018, and I’m willing to deal with any short-term problems this season to get there. And I’m not sure things would get any worse.

    But by all means, start throwing some more insults at me.

  48. Jeff

    “In which case reeling off nonsense over a 5 game period”

    You see Charlie, this is your problem. I was stating a fact. Actually if you go back to my original post in yesterday’s post I made no judgement about the fact that Aguero has scored more than we have in the last 5 games. I simply stated:

    Aguero 9 goals in 5 games
    Arsenal FC 8 goals in 5 games

    But then you thundered in and started world war 3 on the back of it. Those stats mean nothing to you do they? They don’t ring any alarm bells, they don’t bring back any memories from the past, they don’t INDICATE anything to you right? Well, they should and the fact that you’re so upset over a little fact like that actually speaks volumes about you.

  49. Joe

    cc also
    Said we can’t fire wenger in the summer

    So according to cc no time is good time to fire wenger

    Let’s just sign him for life. Until he dies

    And we should take you serious. Haha


  50. The Iceman


    The only person making themselves look like an idiot on a daily basis is you.

    You have absolutely nothing meaningful to offer or contribute to anything football related.

    And your Wenger fetish is quite frankly embarrassing.

    Keyboard warrior digging out people that have genuinely something interesting to say.
    Tunny at least contributes and understands what being a supporter is about, he’s critical when needed but like a small minority on here still do, obviously gets enjoyment from watching the team we support win.

    Nobody will learn anything from a plastic cunt like you posting the same shit constantly.

    Maybe you’d be more coherent if you took that Mounties cock out of your mouth.

  51. Batistuta


    Don’t let them get to you mate, its the reason some just read the post and leave without commenting cus you dare say even the slightest positive thing about the team and you get labelled and that’s just childish

    Any sane fan wants Arsene out that door voluntarily, in a wheelchair whatever just him out of our club but the fact that some of us don’t go gong ho negative after every win,draw or loss doesn’t mean we want Wenger to stay

    You can still want the club to win and still want the manager gone,its football a game, a passionate one at that not a matter of life and death cus if if it is for anyone here then they need to get out more

  52. Jeff


    Oh yes? I have a shit understanding of statistics now because it exposed your ineptitude when it comes to associating facts with observations. I don’t blame you, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Little knowledge and all that..

  53. STV


    Santi himself have had a lot of ineffective games may be hard to notice because he’s always running around.

    Ozil cañ be ineffective at times like Sanchez or Cazorla. But the manager needs to bench him or lit the fire up his arse for being a pony at times not helping to let it go.

  54. Rambo Ramsey

    Jeff, no, it isn’t hard. Yes, we have had low scoring numbers so far but I listed the reasons in that earlier post. Unsurprising the point flew over your head. Once we have our striker playing CF again, our best wide player going back to his position and a settled midfield, odds are the numbers will pick up. Simple enough.

    But hey, you continue your write-ups attempted at being the cleverest man in the room, they make for hilarious reading.

  55. Champagne charlie


    Dry your eyes I called what you said bs, which it was as I immediately gave evidence of my criticism .suggested never came forth from someone like myself. Then I called your idea we’d be better off firing Wenger now dumb. It’s the Internet, if those “insults” are getting to you I suggest a thicker skin. Also I don’t call people on here spuds, I call Joe a spud – which ironically is less to do with the Tottenham connection and more to do with his brainpower, alas it simply fits with him.

    I maintain it is dumb to suggest we would be better off firing Wenger now. With him in charge we achieve a level of performance and a certain criteria of “success”, to risk that for the pipe dream of something greater this season is as I stated…dumb. Not logical whatsoever, Wenger may need replaced but it should be thought through and executed at the end of the season when the transition affects the clubs operation as little as possible. Also, there’s not one long term candidate I’d appoint who is available tomorrow given none of the favourites would leave their posts until next term at the earliest. That would mean firing Wenger tomorrow would only serve to disrupt the team until the summer when a viable successor can take over.

    Or as I said in short, it would be several levels of dumb.

  56. Dissenter

    an excessively cheerful or optimistic person.

    I apologize for using the word “giddy”. I ought to have have used pollyanna 🙂
    We played badly considering that our wage bill is higher that PSG’s and we pay the manager much more than Unai Emery earns.

    We would have lost by a five goal deficit nine times out of ten.

  57. tunnygriffboy

    Gunner ny

    Where are the akb’s ? There hasn’t been one on here today. I’ve been on the blogmost of the day on and off (I’m off work, sad I know)

    Every poster has moaned about the selection and the way we played. However a few of us have had the ttemerity to suggest that consdering the performance we were happy with the point against a side that has lost one of their last 40 European matches at home and we weren’t playing a pub sign

    Because of this people have been abused and given the ridiculous moniker of akb

    It’s getting to the point that people with any sort of objectivity and positivity re the club aren’t bothering to come on anymore and the blog is much the poorer for it. It’s just becoming an irrational, obsessive Wenger hate fest. It’s exactly like ‘Untold’ with similar posters

  58. Batistuta


    We both know we have a dinosaur as a manager who won’t drop him

    Dunno what will happen but he has to do better unless its as Joe says and the players are not playing for the manager anymore

  59. Rambo Ramsey

    “Oh yes? I have a shit understanding of statistics now because it exposed your ineptitude when it comes to associating facts with observations. ”

    Hahaha, ineptitude is getting the number wrong. Arsenal have scored 9 goals, not eight. Arrogance is being blind to it even if the mistake has been pointed out.

  60. Joe


    Trust me. I’d call you an akb to your face. No problem.

    Are you saying you’re such a tough guy that i wouldn’t dare.

    I take that as a threat.

    And how is calling you an akb being a keyboard warrior ??

    You’re the idiot who didn’t know what rope a dope meant but tried to use it as an analogy for the match


  61. Redtruth

    Champagne charlie is a dumb cunt if he thinks risking a top 4 finish is in anyway harmful to Arsrnsl….No faith in life without Wenger ..disgraceful tourist fan


  62. Jeff


    I understand your confusion but I’m getting tired of explaining it over and over again. The reasons you give don’t matter in this context because explanations are largely subjective. Who is to say that had the conditions you stated been in place things would have been any better or worse? The final fact is that those simple stats indicate something very familiar that we’ve seen many times in the past. It was not an open invitation to discuss the whys and wherefores because they are unprovable and therefore irrelevant.

  63. Goonereris

    First off, Jeff, Arsenal has 9 goals from 5 games. Secondly, Aguero’s 9 goals include the 3 scored in CL qualifiers, so try to compare apples with apples. Maybe, best to look only at league goals, in which case, Arsenal has 8 and Aguero’s only scored 3. Or isn’t that fair?

  64. Joe

    Tunny hides his akb status with shit like
    ” I’m
    A glass half full kind of guy”
    I’m an optimist bullshit

    it’s just a way to hide the fact he’s an akb

  65. tunnygriffboy


    I admit I try to be optimistic about things. Is it wrong ? Does it make me an akb ? I just think it’s more productive than being angry, bitter and twisted though I had my moments the second half of the season and for most of the summer TW

    However today

    Have I been over optimistic in saying that the selection was awful we played purely but in the end I’m happy to take the point ?

  66. Champagne charlie

    Think we’re at a point in the community where anyone who uses the term AKB toward another fan instantly outs themself as an idiot.

    Beyond hope are some on here but others really should think before inviting others to hold them in this regard. AKB is a term used by those with no view or ability to express their view – it’s a childish and tired moniker that should be left to the knuckledraggers

  67. Champagne charlie


    Seriously just ignore joes latest abuse, tried calling me out as a tough guy for saying he couldn’t fight his way out of a paperbag and now he’s saying that shit to you hahaha

    Genuinely think the guy is mentally challenged or a teenager.

  68. Jeff


    Wow, you’re right. Aguero hasn’t scored more than we have, he’s scored the same. Thank fuck for that. Yeah I take it all back.

  69. Joe


    So when the season unravels. And it will.

    Please keep to your glass half full kind of guy. Optimistic guy crap.

    Please don’t flip flop and start getting angry like you did just a few months ago

    It’s called a hypocrite.

  70. Joe


    You’re an akb

    And you are you and tunny are the keyboard warriors.

    Saying I couldn’t fight my way out of a Paper bag or wouldn’t say it to your face

    You cunts are the ones who think your hard and that I wouldn’t call you an akb to your face or call you on your akb bullsht


  71. Jeff


    I hope I’ve spelt your name correctly – goodness knows what you were thinking when you chose it.

    Anyway, the fact that you want to miss the point about what the stats indicate and point out that in fact we’re neck and neck with Aguero really says more about you than it does about me.

  72. STV

    AKBs and WOBs will continue untill the old man’s departure. He’s devided the fans..

    After that it will always be

    Victoria Concordia Crescit

  73. Wengaball

    Great minds discuss ideas, mediocre ones discuss events and small minds discuss people.

    Have a look around this place. Just saying.

  74. Jeff

    One of the great mysteries of this blog is why are those who clearly are AKBs tend to be so offended by the term. It stands for “Arsene Knows Brigade”. You should be proud to be labelled as such. It’s like the term Christian or Catholic or Muslim. Why are you so offended? What is it that offends you – Charlie?

  75. Wengaball

    Pete – your blog is really going down the tube.

    Please do something to elevate the level of the discourse here.

    Can we not discuss anything beyond AKBs and WOBs? Jesus!

  76. Rambo Ramsey

    “I understand your confusion but I’m getting tired of explaining it over and over again.”

    Awww Jeff, that’s why you shouldn’t overwork your brain, keep it simple. Leave the spinning to Keyser.

    Here’s how you actually do a statistical analysis/comparison that makes some sort of sense
    Man City- 4 games played in PL, 11 goals scored
    Arsenal-4 games played in PL, 8 goals scored

  77. Wengaball

    Jeff – what offends is the constant name calling and attacking each other.

    800 comments everyday on the same shit for years gets a bit tiresome.

    I only dip in and out of this place occasionally and even that is becoming insufferable.

  78. Champagne charlie


    Doesn’t offend, it’s boring to have to hear people resort to it when they are either challenged on an opinion or they challenge your opinion. It’s a form of prejudice in a way which is entirely understandable given the source and fact that prejudice is a result of ignorance or lack of intelligence.

  79. Dissenter

    Tunny is not an AKB [whatever than means]

    He’s just one that tends to see the glass half-full rather than half-empty. He’s just as frustrated as most people here.
    I read his scolding of Wenger all summer.
    Tunny just wants to get on with it.

    There! I just stood up for one the counter-weights of Legrove. He’s there to bring balance when people like me get despondent.

  80. Joe

    I remember Charlie saying it doesn’t matter when the signings come in and the first few weeks of the season don’t matter

    Who here really thinks the 5 dropped
    Points don’t matter?

    Who really thinks wenger has it in to make up the dropped 5 points?

  81. The Iceman


    ‘Statistics is a branch of Mathematics which oddly enough governs the entire universe. Probability theory (which again governs the deepest findings in quantum mechanics) is what regulates the innermost workings of the building blocks of matter.’

    LOL it’s football you twat.

    Along with you posting poetry (without any sense of irony at all) you really are a special kinda guy.

    That’s not a compliment FYI.

  82. Wengaball

    Our football has been disjointed Jeff.

    No fluidity and no understanding between players yet. Maybe because many are new. Maybe because we are trying to change our style, with Alexis up front.

    What I’ve noticed is the space between players this season seems bigger than normal. That makes it more open in defence and more disjointed in attack.

    Not sure if we are trying something deliberate and it’s not working, or it is a positioning harakiri.

    Beats me.

  83. Jeff


    Alright then. You prefer those figures to my ones. Why? It still shows you haven’t understood a single bloody thing I’ve said have you? You still don’t know what the word “indicator” means. If we don’t like the numbers let’s reduce the number competitive games played. After 5 games Aguero has scored the same as we have. What does that indicate to you? Is it something good – for example or is it something to be alarmed about? If you are not worried, that’s fine. What sort of stats would you accept as being worrying? Can you answer that?

  84. The Iceman

    Joe / joke

    You’re that much of a moron you didn’t even realise.

    Here you go…

    The only person making themselves look like an idiot on a daily basis is you. You have absolutely nothing meaningful to offer or contribute to anything football related.

    And your Wenger fetish is quite frankly embarrassing.

    Keyboard warrior digging out people that have genuinely something interesting to say.
    Tunny at least contributes and understands what being a supporter is about, he’s critical when needed but like a small minority on here still do, obviously gets enjoyment from watching the team we support win.

    Nobody will learn anything from a plastic cunt like you posting the same shit constantly.

    Maybe you’d be more coherent if you took that Mounties cock out of your mouth.

  85. tunnygriffboy


    I’m no closet akb 🙂 I haven’t been on the Wenger out band wagon as long as many on here. For various reasons I was prepared to give him a chance. The Cech summer, inevitable injuries and the resultant meltdown did it for me

    However I see no reason to abuse him. It’s just time he left

    I do however support the team and want to see them do well. I also try to stick upfor the team and our players if i think they’re getting stick that i think is unfair. That’s what this blog is supposed to be about ‘ where you can get an opinion not get one’ Sadly that’s getting harder and harder 🙂


    The akb thing doesn’t really bother me although it’s now used as a generic term to disparage anyone who doesn’t share views of you and others.

    It’s the tone of post, the use of the word idiot and other terms that y do you few favours. Your ok in abusing people on a blog. What happened with being respectful to others ?


    It’s harder and harder to come on here. I’ve been coming on here for years. You used to be able to have a good healthy debate whether you were pro or anti Wenger. Most of those posters have gone now. There are still good posters on here i enjoy their opinions even if i don’t necessarily agree with them. Some l you’re constantly shouted down.nove football and discussing or club warts and all. Unfortunately sometimes it’s difficult to do that whe

  86. Goonereris

    Jeff, take it easy. No need for the name calling. I thought it needed to be said that you have chosen your stats to suit your agenda. Aguero has scored 9 goals in all competitions, having played in 2 more games in which he’s scored 3 of the 9. Scoring 3 against an average side like Munchengladbach shows little more than City are a much better side and have a top striker as Aguero. Before you go Ah ah!, don’t forget he was at City last season and they came 4th in the EPL.

  87. Jeff

    Goonereris. What bloody agenda? The only agenda is the one running around in your and other’s brains. I stated some numbers and the plebs started a riot. I explained they are indicators of things to come but they won’t hear of it. You’re now in the same band as them. You tell me what my “agenda” is?

  88. STV

    Tunnygriffboy I know you aren’t (I feel like you comeup with some of the veiws which is perfectly fine but I’ll strongly disagree 🙂 )

    But simetimes you’re happy when you should be angry lol.

  89. Goonereris

    Jeff!!! For the umpteenth time, Aguero has scored 9 in 7 games. OR, using the 5 games you did, 6 goals. What is so hard to verify or understand there? Just admit you were wrong or the basis of your point is faulty. It will make sense if both teams have played against the same opposition, under similar circumstances.

  90. Jeff

    Goonereris, it changes nothing – it’s still an awful lot of goals that Aguero on his own has scored against our tally. You still haven’t told me what you think my agenda is.

  91. Wengaball

    It might not be the most accurate comparison but there is some validity in Jeff’s assertion.

    City are looking very fluid – I am surprised at the immediate impact Guardiola seems to have had. Aguero’s goals are an indicator of their fluidity – which is what Jeff is saying.

    On the other had, we have started really disjointed.

    If any of you guys have noticed, this has been an Arsenal feature the last four seasons. Since the time we stared the commercial tours pre season.

    When you he Austrian camp was the norm, we used to start really strong. Stronger than United and Chelsea.

    Then we would implode in Dec 🙂

  92. tunnygriffboy


    Thank you for your kind words :

    You’re right. I’d rather get on with things. No matter how much I rant or rave or stamp my feet Wenger is here this season. I hope he leaves at the end of the season and really hope we have a top class replacement and plan in place to replace him

    I’d rather discuss how our players are performing, why certain players aren’t being picked ? and how we can get better which we will once he finally works out his best team and gives them a run together (*** see there criticism of Wenger and optimism in the same sentence *** 🙂 )

  93. Jeff


    For me, the numbers indicate two main things.

    The first is that we have made another timid start to the season and in the past 12 years there have been quite a few of those and we then that we wouldn’t win it just as we know again. It’s the denial of this and the harbouring of baseless hope that compels our friends above to challenge every bit realistic analysis.

    The second is exactly as you say. It indicates that Aguero has so far been remarkable for City (he’s not the only player to have transformed) and there can only be one reason – Guardiola.

    Obviously it’s early days but those are the indicators things stand and as the numbers confirm.

  94. The Iceman


    ‘Arsene Knows Brigade’

    If you’re going to use the term at least get it right you fool.

    ‘Arsene Knows Best’

    It’s so fucking 2004 anyway, isn’t there something more original you can use to display your lack of football intelligence.

  95. Jeff

    Iceman doesn’t even know the name of his religion but he believes in it anyway. Actually the name Iceman is quite appropriate – are you sure it shouldn’t be Neanderthal.

  96. Redtruth

    According to tunny this will be Wenger’s last season in charge so he has no reason to question the team as obviously they have stopped playing for a manager who will depart at the end of the season


  97. David Smith

    Please stop saying it will be wengers final,season, it makes me sad, necause we all know it won’t.
    Who knows what our manager is up to. Or is just one of those he persists with, some , like Ramsey can come good, others like Almunia do not. Also, if of doesn’t play, he is near the end of his deal, will go elsewhere and show Wenger up as an extremely poor coach.
    As for Cech, we all know why his form is failing, the GK coaching at Arsenal. And before anyone says someone so experienced doesn’t need coaching, ask yourself how any top sportsman would do without a decent coach, can you imagine Djokovic, Fed…..with a shit coach. Murray gets rid of Lendl and stops winning slams, gets him back, wins Wimbledon again. or any boxer, or top footballer.
    Gerry Peyton has been ruining our keepers for years, and will carry on until Wenger goes. Because Wenger will not get rid of backroom staff, no matter how badly they perform.