Arsenal still not looking comfortable

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How are we today?

I’ve had a MAD week. Making marketing dreams people, selling product, product, product… so good.

Thanks to Alex for dropping some rampant deputisation in my absence.

Feels like Wenger really is having a final season to remember. I didn’t catch much of the PSG game, but my lord, Wenger has gone into full blown troll mode.


David Ospina, for me, is not a good keeper, but look, I’ll take it that Petr Cech is not doing well of late. But here’s the thing, David was responsible for us finishing second in the CL group stage last season with his horror show in the opening games, and Wenger revisited that mistake for pretty much no data driven reason. Just because.

Anyway, he had a good game, so I should STFU.

But other moves were more perplexing. Playing Coquelin against PSG, a very smart side, made no sense when he had fresher better players on the bench. Why is he not playing someone who can play in a system like Xhaka? Why is he not playing his best team? And don’t give me the ‘Coquelin presses from the front’ stuff… I really don’t buy it. His weaknesses greatly out weigh his strenghts. Plus, Xhaka is f*cking great.

Then the craziest of all crazy decisions was to start Santi again. I mean, I love the guy, but you have to be honest here, he’s an impact player at best these days. He doesn’t have the legs to carry games, he’s no good at defending… it just doesn’t make sense to keep playing him at 31 years old, twice in three days. Amazing that he kicked off at Wenger for not playing, and now he’s playing all the games? Jack does the same, gets thrown out to Bournemouth.

I mean, I don’t mean to go back on this… but if I knew Wenger was going to be all about Santi-Coq axis of woooooooot, I’d maybe not have been so keen on Jack being moved out. When he’s fit, at least he has the legs to play. Very odd.

Then you have Chamberlain starting again. He really is a mystery to me. Especially when you see Serge G being shipped out, who looked very sharp for Werder in his first game (not to mention in the Olympics) and Joel Campbell, arguably our most potent option being shipped out as well.

As for the striking options… Alexis back through the middle, working super hard to make us BEG to get Giroud back in the game?

It’s a mess again. No real clear vision of how we should play. A squad that feels full enough, but not structured properly. A manager further away from being competitive tactically than ever before. It really is amazing he’s survived for so long.

A lot of people accused Alex of being too negative, because we landed a point. Look, he’s just calling out the issues now, because if he called them out in 4 weeks when things go bad, he’d be called reactionary.

You really do have to hope that the board recognise the malaise that’s set in at the club. Not just with Wenger, but with the fans and the players. It’s dull. It’s uninteresting. It needs a shot in the arm.

Good to see Thomas Tuchel dish out a spanking Warsaw. That’s your man right there. Get him replacing Wenger. Exciting, quietly charismatic, bringing back buzz to Dortmund. What a manager he looks like!

… and Spurs. HAHA.

Right, that’s me done. More tomorrow.

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  1. Ishola70

    DaleDaGoonerSeptember 16, 2016 12:40:37
    “Ask any pundit or even any United fan, without Banter, Arsenal, City, Liverpool are top rivals, since the 80s (before Wenger), during the 2000s (with Wenger) and now (especially when they’ve finished behind Arsenal in the last 3 years) ”

    Since the 80s? How did we come to that start point? Why not the 70s? As far as I know Arsenal and Manchester United have been playing in the same league for a very long time and you are telling me that United and Arsenal only became rivals since the 80s? I think this tells us in itself that you are a little misguided here.

    Man United are like a Bayern Munich in Germany. Fans from every other club in Germany dislike Bayern and when they play them it is a big match for them. But only some/a few to state they are genuine rivals of Bayern Munich. Ditto Man Utd. Arsenal are not genuine rivals of Man Utd. Leave that stuff to Man City, Liverpool and a club that has not been mentioned yet Leeds United.

  2. China

    It’s fair to say we were Utd’s rivals when both teams were competing for the same trophies. For the last 5+ years we haven’t even looked at competing so we’ll have fallen off their radar entirely

  3. jwl

    Joke Friday:

    A taxi passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question. The driver screamed, lost control of the car, nearly hit a bus, went up on the footpath, and stopped centimeters from a shop window.

    For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate, don’t ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!” The passenger apologized and said, “I didn’t realize that a little tap would scare you so much.”

    The driver replied, “Sorry, it’s not really your fault. Today is my first day as a cab driver – I’ve been driving a hearse for the last 25 years.”

  4. Ozy

    This blog would explode if we had signed Pogba and he’d be playing the way he has for United. Absolutely explode.

    Arsenal supporters are the only people who actively and vocally shower Mourinho with praise and love.

  5. STV

    Wenger never won against Mourinhos Chelsea in 16 competitive matches and he has a losing record against Manutd (5-15) during the same spell.. He’s also suffered spankings lije 0-6 and 2-8. Hardly a ‘rival’ for last 10-11 years.

    It’s sad but true and being a pretentious knob means shit. Wenger needs to go to put Arsenal where it belong.

  6. China

    Watching Shanghai vs chongqing at the moment and the Chinese Super League still looks miles behind Europe in case any of you were wondering.

    Earlier Fernandinho (not of city) took it round the keeper and missed an open goal from 6 yards out by show boating – then missed a one on one from the penalty spot 10 mins later

    It can sometimes be entertaining though because when good stuff has happened the opposition defense rarely gets close and you see some nice offensive exchanges

    Martins and Moreno linking up very well for Shanghai

  7. gonsterous

    The amount of abuse in this blog has gone into over drive. I think this place is slowly getting the reputation of being moaners which sadly wasn’t the case. They used to be good debates and talking about the arsenal. Now its all about Wenger and how best to get him out, which is ironic cause most of the people Here don’t go out to protest at all but want other people to do it. Can’t wait for the day when Wenger isn’t the subject of conversation. Maybe then it’ll go back to what it was..

  8. DaleDaGooner

    Lol, I don’t get what your point is re Man Utd and if Arsenal are rivals or not. Wanting me to extrapolate into 70s or 60s or 1800s is irrelevant. I mostly wonder why some of you support Arsenal at all.

  9. Micheal

    September 16, 2016 13:02:39
    Arsenal supporters are the only people who actively and vocally shower Mourinho with praise and love.

    Ozy, mate, just in case there is any inkling of doubt about Maureen and true Arsneal supporters. May I say for the record:
    Joe Mourinho is thebiggest cunt in football, he is the nastiest piece of work ever to slither onto a football field and his behaviour and lack of class brings the game of football into deep, deep disrespect. If he could be charged with being a cunt, I would demand FIFA hit him with charges today.
    Maureen needs to be remembered as the man who drove a top class international referee out of the game by inciting people against him and who falsely accused the ambulance service of deliberately refusing to treat one of his players. He is also the man who once sneaked up behind a fellow professional coach and stuck a finger in his eye and risked blinding the man.
    Maureen is the man who constructs controversy to suit his own despicable agenda which, of course, is all about him,
    If Maureen was made of cholocate he would lick himself to death.
    In football terms, we all know that he is the ultimate short-term act – two or at best three seasons before professional footballers get tired of his bullying tactics. Look at Chelski last season.
    Speaking personally, I would not cross the road to piss on him if he was on fire.
    Maureen is a total narcissus. Look it up. It relates to a man who feel in love with his own reflection in the water.
    Maureen is a cunt, a total cunt.
    Got it now ?

  10. DaleDaGooner

    City and Chelsea have about 6-7 league titles between them, yet you agree they are more rivals of Utd than Arsenal, have some pride ffs! Like saying to your wife, “the neighbors tits are bigger than yours, you are hardly rivaling her in that department”

  11. Joe

    What is being failed to be recognized here is :

    Who gives a fuck what Man U or pogba are doing

    It does not in any way excuse the way we have played in the first 5 matches , which is shite bar 30m
    V watford. We have been very lucky and not very good at all. Our luck will
    Run out and then

    That is the point. We have looked terrible. US. ARSENAL. Don’t care about Man U.

    We look shit. Worse after 90m in signings. And history tells us wenger isn’t the one to fix it

    But yes let’s forget about that and talk
    About Jose and Man U and pogba

    Let’s just bury our heads in the sand should we Dale?

  12. DaleDaGooner

    And if Europe is the marker, surely Aston Villa is a bigger club than Arsenal then…..perspective. And I still think Wenger is done….but the moaning and OTT displeasure makes one wonder why you support Arsenal in the first place.

  13. Joe


    The same season being played over and over again isn’t boring for you?

    And we haven’t been the league title winners rivals in 10-12 years.

    We weren’t even Leicetser’a rivals last season

    Give it a rest

  14. DaleDaGooner

    I’ve been on Le Grove since almost inception, and I can tell you boldly, this blog has become very tiresome. Pedro can say otherwise, but I haven’t seen a lot of sensible posters here in a long long time. They got tired of constant OTT stuff and Wenger, so they stayed away instead of constantly praising Utd, Mourinho, City, Pep, Bayern, hoping Arsenal lose games, get relegated, praising Spurs…..moaning when Arsenal win, moaning when Arsenal draw. I mean real ridiculous behaviors

  15. Joe


    Have we played well this season? So
    Our luck runs out, which it will, then what?

    Same as every other season in the last decade.

    If you are so naive and you think, under wenger , is going to be any different, you are not as smart as you think you are

  16. DaleDaGooner

    We get it Joe, nothing won in 10 -12 years (wonder how you felt when Santi and co won their first FA cup), stop watching Arsenal. It’s not going to change cause you’re moaning when there’s a win or draw. It’s boring to stagnate yes, but I’ve chosen to enjoy Arsenal in bits and face my life when Arsenal don’t meet expectations

  17. Joe

    DaleDaGoonerSeptember 16, 2016 13:54:37
    I’ve been on Le Grove since almost inception, and I can tell you boldly, this blog has become very tiresome. Pedro can say otherwise, but I haven’t seen a lot of sensible posters here in a long long time. They got tired of constant OTT stuff and Wenger, so they stayed away instead of constantly praising Utd, Mourinho, City, Pep, Bayern, hoping Arsenal lose games, get relegated, praising Spurs…..moaning when Arsenal win, moaning when Arsenal draw. I mean real ridiculous behaviour

    Then fuck off. No one is holding a gun to your head to be here

    You moaners Moaning about moaners is as boresome as wenger himself.

    If you don’t like it don’t read le grove

    Don’t post on here

  18. DaleDaGooner

    Ha ha honestly Joe, I’ve become interested reading your comments on Le grove, you’re a top shelf idiot. I often wonder how old you are or if you are really like this in the firehouse amongst real firemen.

  19. Ishola70

    “City and Chelsea have about 6-7 league titles between them, yet you agree they are more rivals of Utd than Arsenal, have some pride ffs! Like saying to your wife, “the neighbors tits are bigger than yours, you are hardly rivaling her in that department”

    lol what you sayin Dale? No-one has mentioned Chelsea . Chelsea would be the same as Arsenal. Not genuine rivals but if they were vying for top trophies for a period on the playing side would become footballing rivals. Man City of course are bigger rivals from the same city. If you get your pride from mistakenly thinking that Arsenal are a big deal to Manchester United then that’s unfortunate.

  20. Joe

    Ha poor Dale getting called out and doesn’t like it

    And my age? How about you whining like
    A 5 year old.

    Free world mate. Don’t like
    It fuck off. Go to untold where they are happy with all that is wenger

    Seems more your style

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    Leedsgunner, I was thinking the same thing. Its like Wenger is obsessed about changing position of every player he manages. Cazorla, a gifted attacking player, has been transformed into a CM who sits in front of our back 4, Coquelin-who excelled at playing a simple DM role- has been pushed to play a B2B role, then there’s the whole Sanchez as striker experiment.

  22. DaleDaGooner

    gambon was public enemy number one, but he’s banter and Arsenal criticisms were reasonable and not petulant. He also gave credit when he had to. He barely posts these days.

    I used to banter with Suga3, he’s posts these days are very frank and sensible.

    Guys like Red and Joe are on another troll shit….

  23. STV

    “If you get your pride from mistakenly thinking that Arsenal are a big deal to Manchester United then that’s unfortunate.”

    Make no mistake. They really were during the pl era. Untill Wenger decided to stop competing and start cuddling with the ol red nose. Judas!

  24. gonsterous

    Red, joe and ughli.. just stop.. everyday I hear the same bull from you guys. Just come on here once a day and give your Wenger out rant and leave. Its hard work to skip all your comments cause there is a shitload of em!!

  25. Rambo Ramsey

    “If you get your pride from mistakenly thinking that Arsenal are a big deal to Manchester United then that’s unfortunate.”

    No offense, but comments like this give off the vibe that you are a closet United fanboy.

  26. Red&White4life

    “An insightful piece from the great man on why winning pl would be easy.”

    @STV : the old man is really, hugely sick in his head lol

  27. Joe

    And here you are whining like a bitch Dale and not answering my questions about when the run lucks out

    You yhink wenger can fix it

    Is this season going to end any different.

    And then you’ll be the one moaning and angry. Hypocrite.

    And red has way more footballing knowledge than you ever will

    Dale da whiny lil bitch

  28. DaleDaGooner

    Ishola, I guess you take pride in putting your significant other in place. When you google Man Utd and its rivals, Arsenal is always mentioned. Their fans look forward to bantering with us. Why? We are their rivals and no matter how many times they paste us, we are still worth the banter. I don’t think they care too much of they paste Spurs. And City has only gotten their attention recently compared to us. If you feel inferior in your life to even obvious more successful mates, then I pity you.

  29. Joe

    Love how Dale thinks he is in the right to comment on people’s lives on here

    Talking about inferiority complexes. How I am at the fire hall.

    You’re the one on here whining like a Lil bitch

  30. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    .”No offense, but comments like this give off the vibe that you are a closet United fanboy.”

    What? Does that comment pain you or something?

    I dislike Man United like many other fans do and enjoy seeing them fail but at the same time I am not deluded to think that Arsenal are great rivals of Manchester United.

    They were for a period as said before when both clubs were competing for the EPL, seriously competing for the EPL.

  31. Joe

    I’m going to ignore you Dale and your stupid posts until we the season unravels

    Then we will see the tone of your posts

    Bye bye Dale da bitch

  32. The Iceman

    Josephine the joke

    Don’t worry dale it’s obvious that little Joe is just an insecure little Indian man with real life mental problems.

    Repetitive attention seeking on a blog trying as hard as he can to be king troll.

    Either 12 years old or mentally reta.rded…

    Maybe both

  33. DaleDaGooner

    STV, I used to give it large, yeah I was a nuisance, but only to a few, just like I’m being a nuisance to Joe the vancouver firefighter.

    gonsterous… on mate. Joe wants me to fuck off, but it’s annoying trying to skip his many rubbish to get to other people’s opinions.

  34. STV


    No I think it dates back little more. The semifinals in 2009-2010 Champions league. Wenger sit with him after a 1-3 second leg defeat, had a chat and drink, ended his feud for 6 years, and effectively accepted the underdog status.

    He’s been on good terms with him ever since, backed him in his difficult times, gave him RVP as a goodwill guesture and never won against him since, except once.

    He was being a proper loser.

  35. Joe


    A lot of people think what you post is rubbish too.

    But continue on mate. You better not be moaning in a couple months when the season is over.

    Be here to
    Remind you about you being a whiny bitch about the moaners

  36. DaleDaGooner

    Ishola70…:. Liverpool is a “great rival” to United. Arsenal is a rival to United. This is what competition is about. Rambo is right, you’re allowing Wenger turn you into a closet Manc fanboy, no offense

  37. Rambo Ramsey

    “I think some on here are still walking in that Wenger Wonderland.That stopped a long time ago.”

    Erm, aren’t you sorta doing the same with United? Fergie era ended quite a while ago mate. They’ve been worse than us since he quit.

  38. kc

    Dale wants a cookie for being Arsene fan #1. Or is it #4?! Why are you on here everyday if you can’t stand the place genius? You’re starting to sound like a troll. I’ve been frequenting this place since year one as well pal. It’s not a contest ffs. On here everyday whining like a little bitch. I’m sure Untold will welcome you with open arms.

  39. Ishola70

    “What was the trophy count for both clubs before wenger and fergie took over. What’s it now.”

    Yeah the real rivalry didn’t last that long really.

    And talking of inferiority complexes some here are displaying classic signs.

    Grabbing onto the coat tails of Manchester United screaming yes but we are serious rivals lol.

  40. STV


    Arsenal is a big club with achivements rivaling United except in CL. But for past 10 years their performances against them have been awful and Wenger has a big hand in that.

    Thought that has ended since Fergie fucked off but Wenger has even more pathetic record against Mourinho.

    It’s the bitter truth. Nothing wrong in saying that seeing we’re all Arsenal fans.

  41. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    .”Erm, aren’t you sorta doing the same with United? Fergie era ended quite a while ago mate. They’ve been worse than us since he quit.”

    Everyone knows Manchester United are the biggest club in England and one of the biggest in the world. Their situation is not about periods of success. It’s about the standing in the game they have acquired over time .

    Arsenal have the potential to reach that standing.

    Only truth here. No fanboyism.

  42. Sam

    # We lost rivalry with Man utd #

    Traitors trying hard to justified their love for manc cunts
    Sounding even more foolish

    When are we losing our rivalry with Spurs? or we already did while I was sleeping

    Pochettino was like a hot cake here on Le grove last season, best manager ever

  43. Joe

    But you do agree that since Fergie, they’ve been overall more awful that us? No?


    Grasping. Straws

    Let me move the yard sticks to help my agenda. Hahahaha

  44. Sam

    Spurs cunts hate Arsenal since we moved here from Woolwich n get the losers relegated. They’ll never show any sympathy to us, Rivalry in football doesn’t finish.

    these keyboard Arsenal supporters need to move on to their real club forums
    We had enough of their negativity n enmity toward our club

  45. Ozy

    Pedro needs to do something about Joe. Little internet tough guy throwing around insults, offering not a shred of somewhat decent or comprehensible discourse.

  46. STV

    Biggest clubs in Europe

    1. Real Madrid
    2. Bayern Munich
    3. Barcelona
    3. A.C. Milan
    4. Juventus
    5. Ajax Amsterdam
    7. Man Utd
    8. Inter
    9. Benefica
    10. Borussia Dortmund

  47. Ishola70

    Oh but it can and has Sam.

    Arsenal-Manchester United is a footballing rivalry alone. Not like Spurs one. If the clubs stop being real competitors for the top trophies the rivalry will fade out over time.

  48. Dissenter

    I’ll like to drop another name into the hat of possible manegrial replacements for Wenger come June 2016.

    Leonardo Jardim, the Monaco manager is one manager that has proven his managerial prowess in very trying circumstances.
    I think he will bring the best out of our current squad and make us play at least 25% better. Monaco have kept selling their best players and this guy keeps the team competitive.

  49. STV

    Arsenal and United never been true rivals exept for a short period in history because

    1. They are not neighbours
    2. Their period of success did not overlapped for most part

    They were fierce rival during the late 80s and the first decade of Wenger era

  50. Joe

    Haha wankers

    I make football related posts 95% of the time. If you don’t like the content of my posts, well that’s to bad

    I can’t stand what Alex Henry posts so i don’t read them. It’s quite simple

    So fuck off ozy. Akb wanker

  51. Joe


    We really haven’t been there rivals for a decade.

    Wenger selling them RVP was one thing to prove we weren’t

    Fergie selling us silvestere was some more proof. Even if he was shite.

    No one takes us serious. Teams laughing when they draw us in the CL

    Not one of pep , Jose or conte and now Klopp will be afraid to face us.

    I doubt that even poch is scared of Arsenal nor koeman

    Pulis isn’t

  52. HillWood

    Liverpool must be gutted winning all those trophys before the premier league and champions league. The cash was a lot less

  53. WengerEagle

    I like your posts normally STV but you don’t half make some weird lists.

    How are AC Milan, Ajax, Juventus and Liverpool all bigger clubs than Manchester United? What year are you living in?

    And Barcelona are bigger than Bayern Munich.

  54. Dissenter

    Guardian: “Arsène Wenger urges patience with £30m midfielder Granit Xhaka”

    The fans have faith in Xhaka
    It’s the manager who won’t give him games that’d run out of patience. How is he going to get up to speed if he’s not paying?

  55. Ishola70

    “I like your posts normally STV but you don’t half make some weird lists.”

    I thought he meant fan base in Europe at first and it would be possible that Liverpool still have a bigger following in Europe than Man United due to them having a better pedigree in their history in european competitions but then when you see Ajax in at 5th place it doesn’t make sense.

  56. STV

    Hi WE my list was based on European history and pedigree along with Domestic success.

    If its based on post 2000 then Man Utd should be ahead of Ajax, Liverpool and arguably Milan.

    Bayern vs Barca is tough one but I think Bayern has more domestic and European success they be runner-ups for abt 3&4 times in CL. Plus Barcas records especially in Europe wasn’t spectacular untill 2005.

    I wasn’t ranking teams.

    It’s just my personal take anyway but not without doing little research.

  57. China

    Didn’t Monaco finish like 20+ points back from psg last year?

    That’s an awful lot of points to be dropping off the champions in a shite league if you have one of the best squads in the league!

  58. China

    Talking of the pedigree of clubs, distant history I think doesn’t really carry much weight

    Do young players dream of Ajax or benfica these days? Some clubs such as AC Milan can probably still claim to carry that special aura despite doing poorly for a long time now, but I don’t think anyone has been intimidated by the prospect of facing Ajax (home or away) for 20 years

  59. Batistuta

    Wow Arsene’s been here 20 years already

    He did bring some really good times to the club and smiles on our faces for a while, his teams played some brilliant football at least till 07/08(for me anyways), he had the double winning team, the invisibles were his baby, his greatest achievement till date, he gave opportunities to the youngsters against the norm some of whom went on to win lots of trophies(for other clubs anyways) he made some brilliant signings early on in his time here and gave as well as he could in those first 12 yrs though his inability to win the champions league will continue to haunt him forever

    But he lost it along the way, became deaf and blind to modern ways of football(tactics and transfers), he got left behind, he became a stingy,lying corporate suit,he lost half his fan base, he believed rather naively that he could do things differently from others and still win, his project youth was a disaster, his British core are a mirror of the man himself the last decade, he got humiliated so much people wanted him to remain out of pity, out of some stupid sense of loyalty for what he had done for us earlier even though his salary said he sure was well compensated for what he had done for us,he oversaw the worst thing that ever happened to The Arsenal, Stan Kroenke taking over

    He sure will be remembered for both good and bad mostly bad if we are being honest but surely on the 20th year anniversary of his arrival and into the last year of his current contract, he must realise his fans don’t want him anymore and just royally fuck off into the sunset

  60. Nigel Tufnel

    Joe is one miserable dckhead. Imagine his daily life. The bitterness and anger really cause sadness, which he will be too much of a prck to admit. Maybe some sympathy is in order.

  61. john munyaradzi

    After that Liverpool result against Chelsea last nite, lets brace for it, …the “we should have got KLOPP brigade” will come out of the woodwork today ……..till they lose to a string of games to relegation threatened low enders……dont get me wrong, good result by Livers, but deluded grass is always greener on the other side delutionals here need to understand what being a supporter means..