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So much going down, so sorry about the late post vibe.

Wenger says Jack Wilshere is world class and he can’t wait to have him back in the side. Not sure I’d be calling Jack World class, I mean, he can’t win a place in our midfield… which is a shame, but we have one world class midfielder, not sure Jack is fit to lace Ozil’s boots.

But we’ll see how he does at Bournemouth. If he’s tearing up trees, we’ll be in a real happy days moment. If he doesn’t, well, he’ll be back at Arsenal milking big money for 5 or so years.

The manager also, not too surprisingly, told journo’s that Perez is more of a striker than a wideman, but he can play wide. Opening up the door for a mega striker if the time comes.

Also interesting that Eddie Howe played the ‘you never know’ card at his prezzer the other day. I mean, I’d be very nervous about such a rookie taking over the reins… but, I’d be happy if that meant Wenger moved away from the dugout. Something new to savour would be pretty damn exciting.

Back to Wenger, he says his squad is mature.

“I always believe we have a chance [of the title], even when we had young players. Certainly, I haven’t had a squad of players [like this] for a long time, who have enough experience to compete.

“We did it [the signings of Mustafi and Pérez] quite early compared to some other clubs because we finished our job on Saturday and the transfer deadline was on Wednesday. It was earlier than expected, because it was a quick turnaround on Saturday morning, which we didn’t expect to go so quickly.”

Errrrrmmmm… what?

Firstly, I love that his squad is now mature enough to compete. Like he’s had it young and fresh before. I think we’ve had quite a old squad for a while. Hardly 2007 is it?

Secondly, we did our business early? Are you having banter on toast with a ‘WTF’ smoothie? What a mentalist. Always on the troll. Like someone turning up 4 hours late to a meeting, then trying to convince you they were working on Shanghai time, so they were actually early.

Anyway, he does have a mature squad. He has spent a bunch of money. If it goes down the toilet this season, there will be no excuses.

That’s why these Eddie Howe stories are interesting, I’d imagine the club had something to do with the leaks. Either a new way to entice people to renew early, or a really upsetting lie.

We shall see.

More tomorrow.


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  1. LegendMax

    There’s no hate on ozil. Just stating what i’ve observed from watching him since he came here.

    Perez struggled in obscurity while playing on the flanks all his career. He only burst into the limelight when playing as a striker.

    That tells you his best position is upfron we won’t get the best out of him on the flanks. But he needs time to settle.

    I’ll still stick with him upfront and play iwobi on the flank.

    Walcott and Chamberlain are both crap in my book. They both lack the quality required at this level.

    Don’t be fooled by walcott’s newly found discipline and hard work. He’ll soon fizzle out too.

    How Wenger let Campbell go for these two is baffling to say the least

  2. Arsenal not Arsene

    Perez is a deadwood end of. Waiting for a mediocre player to suddenly turn world class is insane. As for Ox, under a strict coach he would excel. Wenger has been so soft on him. Lack of pressure to perform is ruining him but then good players don’t need to be pushed around to deliver. I don’t think he cares whether he delivers or not at this point. Too disinterested in working hard.

  3. Daz

    So what’s going on with Mkhitaryan? Heard he had a stinker yesterday and reports suggest Maureen doesn’t fancy him to be a regular.

    Kos is for me the best CB in the league right now and hopefully Mustafi can prove a great partner, it’s funny the weakest part of our back 5 could well be Cech who would have thought that when signing him besides redtruth

  4. sam

    Evil trolls want us to be miserable even after we got 3points
    Some didn’t play well but Santi carried us to Victory

    Santi is new Cesc

    just foking celebrate you miserable cunts

  5. Jeff


    About Chamberlain. Do you remember that game where Chamberlain was playing with Van Persie and was doing very well until Wenger took him off and put on Arshavin instead and everyone in the stadium (including Van Persie) started to moan and groan? It proves he was once quite a good player and now at his peak he should be performing as well if not better but he isn’t.

    So you have to ask the question – what has happened to him? We know the ability is there but it just doesn’t seem to come out often enough or at all nowadays. The same goes for one or two other players.

    In contrast take another player from another club like Sterling. He was absolute dogshit under Pellegrini and yet has transformed into a very useful player under Guardiola. So you have to ask why? Is it the manager, is it the fact that a player tries to impress that particular manager more than he would try to impress another?

    I think there is a great psychological advantage when a club employs a manager who is respected worldwide and has proven himself over and over again in multiple countries with multiple clubs. They are truly international. My personal view is that none of the players at Arsenal feel the need to impress the manager. You can see it in their body language, you can see it in their lack of hunger, in their lack of motivation and of course the way they play. It is obvious that we seem to always perform to less than the sum of our parts.

    All sport is half psychology and half ability. You can all the ability in the world but if you lack motivation, you will often just fade into the background. And I think this is what happens to most of our players when they get on that pitch. Remember Sanchez when he first arrived? He was running around like a whippet. But nowadays not as much.

    I think there is an underlying problem in that the manager is no longer able to inspire, motivate and light fires inside players. I think this is a problem that has become worse over the years.

  6. kc

    Celebrate what you fool? A shaky win at home over Southampton because of a refs decision. Did you even watch that mess yesterday? We at least used to be able to make this look good. Wenger is beyond past it.

  7. LegendMax

    Jeff good point…..
    However it just shows that our players are indeed average.

    Worldclass players at the very top of the game don’t rely on managers to inspire or motivate them to perform. They inspire themselves. They work hard and do what it takes to excel even if the manager has no clue. Ronaldo worked very hard to become the player he is.

    That’s the problem with our lot. Lack of self motivation and desire. If you think because your manager is soft or shite you can fold up your arms and play lackadaisically, it says a lot about your level of ambition as a player.

    Look at koscielny. He has improved drastically since he came here and we all know wenger’s not a defensive coach.
    So who’s responsible for his transformation?
    Most likely the player himself born out of his desire to become the very best he can be.
    Same goes for RVP. Worked on his game, became worldclass and left.
    Coquelin is not class but he has improved compared to 3 or 4years ago and consistently gives his all even though he’s limited in ability.

    Likewise Cazorla, monreal, bellerin. These guys, aside from the rare off day, consistently perform and hardly go missing in games.

    I think the problem with our underperformers (ox, Theo, Giroud, Gabriel, Gibbs, szczesny, chambers, wilshere, debuchy, mertesacker, and to some extent Ramsey) is not a lack of inspiration from the coach but rather a lack of ability to perform better or, in some cases, self motivation to make the best of their talent.

    This argument that they would perform better under a top coach is bollocks really.

    A top coach would realise them for the average players that they are and ditch them for better or use them as squad players.

    Not doing so is wengers only fault in this case…..and a very BIG one at that

  8. Bamford10

    Anyone want to take me up on a Benteke-has-a-better-season-than-Giroud wager? He is definitely a better striker than Giroud — no matter what his haters say — and I am confident he will show that this season.

    Let me know if anyone’s interested in a wager.

  9. Bamford10


    “This argument that they would perform better under a top coach is bollocks really.”

    No it’s not. Oxlade has tons of ability. He just hasn’t been managed, disciplined or instructed properly. He has been pampered, over-paid and over-praised. And this is why he has turned into the player he has turned into.

    Walcott doesn’t have as much technical ability as Oxlade, but he certainly could’ve become a better player than he has with better instruction.

    Your comments here thus far are not impressing.

  10. Daz

    “Anyone want to take me up on a Benteke-has-a-better-season-than-Giroud wager? He is definitely a better striker than Giroud — no matter what his haters say — and I am confident he will show that this season. Let me know if anyone’s interested in a wager.”

    Ha ha ha all day long, Giroud is the better player, people constantly give him shit yet since he has been here only aguero and lukaku have scored more. When I win the wager you shall have to change your name to premature ejaculator, deal?

  11. LegendMax

    In oxlaide’s case, I would agree. However his improvement would be minimal at best. He doesn’t have tons of ability as you think.

    In walcott’s…..nope. we’ve seen the best of him.
    He and all the others I mentioned as underperformers. This is their level, they won’t get better.

    Name me one player who consistently underperformed for us but improved significantly at another top club

    Go ahead I’m waiting

  12. pat

    Everyone seems to go either one way or the
    other on Le Coq at the moment: either they
    praise his ball winning ability or they lament
    his seeming inability to contribute to our
    buildup by dropping deep to pick up the ball
    and pass it forward (this failing really
    being highlighted by the contrast with
    Xhaka). I guess I see both sides, so I think
    the truth is somewhere in between. Yes, he
    had a solid game today, and I suspect he
    still gives us more bite and mobility in that
    position than Xhaka will; yes, he sometimes
    holds us back when we have the ball,
    because of his frustrating habit of hiding
    behind defenders and not showing for the
    ball when our CB’s have it (or showing but
    not really helping the ball get forward
    quickly enough with incisive passes that
    break down the defensive lines).
    I actually think the problem is more in his
    head than in his feet: his ball control is
    more than sound and his passing is (or
    could be) quite good (if never on the level
    of Xhaka’s range), but he doesn’t seem to
    have the confidence, or the footballing
    awareness, to get himself open and get the
    ball out of tight situations and up the pitch.
    Either that, or else Wenger doesn’t have
    enough confidence in him to do that, so has
    instructed him to make decoy runs and let
    his midfield partner do all the work getting
    the ball. Hopefully this is something they’re
    actively working on with him in training,
    because he definitely still has the potential
    to grow in this area.
    Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that
    this has become something of a minor
    problem when we’re trying to build from the
    back with him in that position. The extra
    options we have with both Xhaka and Santi
    on the pitch make a big difference in this
    one respect, but that fact should not be
    used as an excuse to denigrate Coquelin’s
    contributions, as he still brings a lot to the
    table and typically puts in excellent,
    hardworking performances when he starts.

  13. LegendMax

    Gervinho?? the same gervinho that Roma sold to a chinese club after two years? He certainly didn’t excel at Roma. He was found out soon enough to be craps and discarded.

    Vela doesn’t count. I said “improved significantly at another TOP CLUB”. Sociedad is not a top club and for all his exploits there, no top club has come not calling for him.
    FYI, Vela is not even a guaranteed starter at Sociedad. Has been coming off the bench this season.

    Let me rephrase….Name me one player who consistently underperformed for us but improved significantly at another TOP CLUB or improved significantly at a lesser club, earned a move to a top club and performed for them

    Bamford still waiting

  14. LegendMax

    Nope Gnabry doesn’t count…..even if he comes good. He never underperformed for us i.e played below his ‘perceived’ ability. He was doing quite well as a teenager till his injury problems halted his progress. He didn’t get a consistent run in the team when he recovered till he demanded his move.

    I’m referring to players like ox or Theo who have been given enough chances but failed to step up and went on to great things.

    Surely if, as bamford says, our players will improve under a better coach, there must be at least one or two examples he can give to back his theory.

    No response from him thus far….perhaps he’s still looking for one?

    I maintain my stance that our underperforming players are just what they are……average and not good enough!

    On the other hand, I can give you many examples of former players who weren’t good enough here and never stepped up after they left the club.
    Or who even performed here but couldn’t or haven’t done better elsewhere.

    Hleb, song, cesc, vermaelen, flamini, Djourou, senderos, bendtner, adebayor……just to name a few.

    Rvp, nasri and sagna maintained their levels when they left and have declined in varying degrees with age.

  15. LegendMax

    good one on coquelin. Tho I don’t think he can become an efficient distributor like Chaka. The type of awareness and ability required to play a role like that can’t be developed in him at this stage.

    He’s still a useful player to have in the squad tho.

    Bamford I repeat……name one player who, despite being given enough chances, consistently underperformed for us but improved significantly under a better coach at another top club or improved at a lesser club, earned a moved to a Top club and performed well for them

    If you can’t, then please keep your silly assumptions to yourself.

    Wenger has many faults but failing to nurture talent isn’t one of them

  16. Batistuta

    Dan Ahern
    The best thing about Neuer revolutionising the goalkeeper position is how other goalkeepers can’t do what he does but want to anyway.