The best number 9 yet…

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What’s that you say? Oh, you didn’t say, you SANG!


9 years ago Geoff reluctantly penned his first post about Arsenal off the back of the boss signing a new deal, the first of three we’ve had to suffer endure across the 3,333 posts previous to this one.

Such good times. I remember celebrating the first 100 ‘hits’ like we’d just sold our millionth book. I remember hitting 1000! The joyous moment we managed to snag a place on premier Newsnow football aggregator. The time a newspaper asked me for a quote and told me that Pedro was not an adult name to put into the press unless I was Mexican or Spanish.

Most important though, in fact, most important from the outset was the community. Geoff nearly gave up when he didn’t have a thousand comments on the first post. But that was always the aim, to have people to chat to about Arsenal online, all day, every day, every damn day. And that’s what happened. We’ve hosted some 1.8m comments over the years, which is pretty spectacular when you consider the threat Twitter was to the platform. Even more interesting when you consider how disloyal the internet is.

Today, I want to thank you all for being part of the site. I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to call someone a bad word and curse Olivier Giroud for being too pretty. I want to thank you for making the hard work that goes into writing this ‘most‘ days as worthwhile as possible. You’re all absolute heroes, even the ones that call me bad names and tell me the site is responsible for player performance and Zika.

So here’s to hitting the big 10 next year. Hopefully it’ll be a brighter next 10 years. Our 10th anniversary could see the end of the Wenger reign. All the things we’ve been banging the drum about for so many years could start to come to life. Maybe the second 10 years will see a Champions League trophy, something I’m sure will happen. Maybe it’ll see Tomas Tuchel? Maybe it’ll see us spend £100m on a player? Maybe it’ll see the Gunnersaurus sacked for taking lewd pictures in the gents locker room?

… whatever happens though, as sad as it might sound, at least we’ll have each other. There’s nothing more beautiful than sharing your disappointment, crying into a pint of warm beer, with a bunch of people you met on the internet, united over the most important thing in the world.

The Arsenal.

I’ll be raising a breakfast Peroni to you all, thanks so much, I’ll see you a bit later with a proper Arsenal update!


Geoff & Pedro x

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  1. nepGunner

    Happy 9th Anniversary Le Grove. Thank you Pedro, Geoff, and all other guest posters for shouldering on throughout these years. What a wonderful site LG grown into… Keep It Going guys.

    Personally I joined the LG sphere some 4-5 years ago after a good Arsenal site named Arsenal-Mania made Facebook login mandatory for commenting. By that time I had enough of Wenger and used to have some good Seth argy-bargy with AKBs there. Found Le-Grove while searching Arsenal blogs online (I guess via NewsNow) and immediately liked their “AKB Guide” thingy.. Which was real cheeky at that time.. The rest is, as they say, a grand history.

    One thing I admire about this site (which really satisfies me) is the exorcism of Wenger dillusion that brings “back” many lost AKBs to normal real life and ground reality.

    Here’s to the next 9 years and many more. Cheers!

  2. innit_granit

    I never comment here, and even avoid reading when results aren’t going our way. But today I want to make an exception and say Happy Birthday Le-Grove! All of you guys, you’re the best (and worse) Arsenal has to offer.

    Loads of good wishes from Mauritius.

  3. nepGunner

    Wondering where is Kiyosi Ito? Not that there LG lacks any of the constant rants he used to post but his was really funny to read

  4. kingHenry

    “Wondering where is Kiyosi Ito? Notthat there LG lacks any of the constant rants he used to post but his was really funny to read”

    Think he became Phd007. Not sure though.

    Keyser definitely needs to come back, so does Nasri’s mouth.
    They stayed true to what they believed in even with all the abuse.

    I remember way back when there were almost daily debates about things that had nothing to do with Wenger, and everyone would state their points clearly and politely… one mention of Wenger though and it would all go to shit.

  5. Up 4 grabs now

    Happy Birthday Legrove from sunny South Africa.
    Always a good read, just need to put that picture up of the German girls and beer more often!!!!!

  6. SUGA3


    Our Glorious Leader can be a divisive figure, he is just a different type of Marmite from Mourinho. But perhaps that’s a subject for another day 😉

    *ducks and covers*

  7. kingHenry

    “Sam Nwakali is a great talent.”

    So were Lansburi, Jay Simpson, Sanchez Watt, Denilson, Lord Bendtner, Wellington Silva and a host of others that are languishing in the lower leagues

    I assume you’re Nigerian like me, so please ask yourself when was the last time we produced world class talent that was world class consistently for more than 2 seasons?

  8. Karim

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this blog. Its always a joy to read and definitely a highlight of my daily routine.
    Keep up the good work!!

  9. North Bank Cascadia

    Happy Birthday to legrove!!

    Big thanks to Pedro, Alex et al that keep it going, even in these dark Wenger filled days…

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Here

    Moved over to here from gunnerblog around 2008/9 I think

    Once gunner blog began to nose dive

    Can’t even comment on it now

    Still see a few old faces …

    Remember when someone suggested we take take the arseblog post over one day for a laugh ….

    We should do that to untold
    All en mass …
    Freak them out …

    Happy bday to the owners .

  11. ArseneisaFraud

    And that would be by coming on and making absurd comments such as that Mourinho should be our next manager (and to stand by it with absurd statements!)

  12. Leedsgunner

    Very very late to the party but please accept my congratulations Le Grove.

    I started reading Le Grove after I heard Pedro on Talk-sport back in 2013?… frightening how quickly time passes!

    Always interesting to read — and without doubt the blog with the best comments community in the Arsenal universe!

    Let’s hope we celebrate Arsenal as champions soon!

    Ohhhh to be a Goooner!

  13. TallestTiz

    King Henry

    Our boys keep flattering against younger oppositions ( you understand what I mean there).

    But once they make the step up, they melt away.

  14. tom

    Happy Birthday to Le Grove and all who sail in her.

    A wonderfully wacky, deluded, abusive, warm- hearted ship of fools.

    Respect (in varying degrees) and best wishes to all.

    Special shout out to Pedro and Arsene Wenger for their hard work in making all this possible.

  15. Ozil -Perez - Goal!

    Congratulations Pedro.

    Been reading daily for years now but this is the first time I’m commenting.

    Keep up the good work man.

  16. Shaun Wilson

    Eddie Howe being primed for the job next year with Wenger upstairs still pulling the strings. Things are not going to be significantly different in the future it would appear…

  17. grooveydaddy

    ‘Eddie Howe being primed for the job next year with Wenger upstairs still pulling the strings. Things are not going to be significantly different in the future it would appear…’

    As much as I like Eddie Howe, this is a recipe for disaster, methinks…

  18. arsene's used sock

    hpy bday le-grove, been following this blog on and off since 2010 on the recommendation of a friend.
    best place to discuss arsenal hands down and long may it continue.

  19. arsene's used sock

    now onto business, arsene has spent what, 80mil?
    dunno why I’ve even gotten myself hyped for the season after deadline day when arsene will fail tactically again.
    he’s already failed strategically by keeping walcott and letting campbell go, he’s also failed to improve on gibbs and monreal is getting old, hoping his decline doesn’t start this season.

  20. Emiratesstroller

    A belated Happy Birthday

    Sorry I did not send the message earlier, but I was out and busy yesterday.

    For once we can all send a single message of congratulations whatever are our
    personal opinions about the club, manager or players.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    More soundbytes about Eddie Howe. Tough days ahead for the Kroenke apologists.

    Poor fellas are dreaming of a future where Mr Silent Stan will overnight undergo a change in philosophies–maybe the toothfairy will make a visit?–and attempt to make Arsenal great again.

  22. hunter13

    ‘Maybe the second 10 years will see a Champions League trophy, something I’m sure will happen. Maybe it’ll see Tomas Tuchel? Maybe it’ll see us spend £100m on a player?’

    you and geoff are arseholes..

    i dont buy this bullshit of yours that you do it for the have eachother and those warm pints and all such bollocks

    you are simply are have placed your personal opinions and wants above the club

    its pretty clear you expect/demand arsenal to operate like a chelsea/city

    and you will cause a fuss if you dont get your requests……

    the democratic concept you have called for…’to share opinion’……, you have disgraced it on your own.

    your opinions have been heard plenty of times and guess what you are the minority…and when a minority tries to enforce its opinions on a majority its called fascism….

    maybe you can stick your ego up your ass for the next 9 months and if it is wenger’s last season maybe …you know…support? let him go with civility and not heckling abuse as if were some newcastle or totenham brexiter scum … ?

    or is that too much to ask 🙂

  23. arsene's used sock

    I’m pretty sure most want to see arsenal winning, be it with or without arsene.
    i’m pretty sure pedro just wants to see arsenal winning with or without wenger.
    That aside it’s fair game to call the manager out on flaws he’s displayed for just about ten years.
    last season felt different until it wasn’t, this season feels different and i hope arsene bows out with another premier league trophy to his name…desperately hope sometimes, but i genuinely won’t be surprised if it’s no different to all the seasons in the emirates that came before.

    either way, at least we’ve bought for positions we actually needed to reinforce, it’s no longer the case of “we need a center back” (arsene signs a #10)

  24. STV

    Seems like only a relegation to Bournemouth stops tgem from considering their manager for Arsenal job! Let’s drink to that. (Sorry Jack)

  25. Steveyg87

    “Special shout out to Pedro and Arsene Wenger for their hard work in making all this possible”

    Agreed tom, if Wenger wasn’t such a prick, we would never have been able to see some of Pedro’s best material

  26. Steveyg87

    “Eddie Howe being primed for the job next year with Wenger upstairs still pulling the strings. Things are not going to be significantly different in the future it would appear…”

    Lord forbid this should happen!!

    Wenger should go on retirement once he’s done with this gig, or go and manage PSG for a season or two… Should he stay as an exec, I’m afraid we are in for much of the same

  27. Ughelligunner

    KingHenry, lol those names you mentioned never won the MVP award for the Under 17. Some won bronze and then Golden boot, yes, but not mvp. Haunt Lukeman never got near any final of any age grade tournament he participated. Also, same can be said of all the youth from all other countries that have played the game at youth level. Mikel Obi, Cesc Fabregas, Messi are the only ones standing from their age group or lets say from that tournament who still play for a big club. Babel, John, Merida, Denilson, Taiwo are no where to be found. This notion that only Nigerian players dont make it at youth level is bizarre. Its normal for me though to have fans who have the same mentality for the players in their Club team and National team.

  28. Ughelligunner

    When you have the whole England team full of Totenham and Liverpool players, then that’s what you expect. Niall Quinn nailed it.

    Chelsea – Cahill,
    Man city – Sterling
    Man utd- Rooney, Smalling,
    Arsenal- nil
    these are the few players that start for the top 4 clubs in England for the National team, out of 4 starters, 3 of them are Expendable for their clubs. Then you have the rest coming from totenham and Liverpool, who find it difficult to play their counterpacts in Europa, what do you expect when they face the same opposition for their National sides?

  29. David Ritchie

    Your Comment Here Happy birthday Le -Grove…its been a fun nine years reading you guys .Agreeing and disagreeing along the way .
    I am out in Singapore and remember you guys very kindly posting a photo of myself and my son on our visit over to the staduim around 6 years back .
    Cheers guys !!

  30. Louis Almeida

    For anyone interested, Xhaka was MOTM against Portugal yesterday. Dominated the game although he needs to watch his tackling as he was sent off in injury time. I think he’s still playing with the handbrake on for Arsenal at the moment because there was a tackle he made yesterday where he sent Nani five feet in the air. Technically he’s superb but still needs to mature with his discipline. Reminds me of an early Vieira at the moment in how full blooded he plays.

  31. Ughelligunner

    The problem is deeper though, fans, media and FA still apply too much pressure on the Managers. When they had great players like Lampard, Gerard, Scholes, Hargreav, they wanted all of them to start at the same time, forgetting they all played in the same position.

    The underating Carrick got for the England National side still amazes me till date. If i was the England manager then, i would start Carrick, Scholes and lampard with Rooney at the top, Gerard on the bench for the next march. Try and recreate the Man utd Midfield. That’s what the Italians, Spanish and Germans do for their national teams.

    For me, its either a Dier-Henderson-Lallana-Sturidge Midfield and Attack, or a Dier-Henderson- Dele-Kane or Drinkwater-Dier-Dele-Rooney.

    Recreate their club midfield and attack combo and let it flow, just like other teams. Too many changes spoils it especially when they are all average players.

  32. Ughelligunner

    Louis, watch Arsenal fans go bizarre when he gets his first red for us.. Something in the line of Wengerised could’nt coach it out of him, or he is reckless. Coquelin was derided alot for that at first when he started playing in dm.

  33. Louis Almeida

    Ughelligunner, yes Xhaka is still only 23. Because he has been captain of his previous team, people forget how young he is. I think people may be more forgiving because IMO he is much more talented than Coquelin.

  34. Ughelligunner

    Louis, not when we lose a game or manage to edge out a win. Ozil, Cech should tell us what we already know. Our fans are as fickle as normal football fans

  35. mysticleaves

    Nwakali would be big for Arsenal if he gets treated like Iwobi and Jeff are. being treated. Not by sending him out on pointless loans.

    once a player starts going on loans here and there, there’s a problem. you need a level of trust from the manager to succeed

  36. sam

    Nwakali is a great talent so is every youth player we bring

    the problem is how Wenger manage them

    pointless loans, poor injury management, non existent progress monitoring system etc….
    Wenger trust people like Tony Pulis to help develop his young players

  37. Bamford10


    That’s because Coquelin DID MAKE a lot of foolish tackles. He STILL does.

    (FFS, friend; you really are a bit hopeless when it comes to understanding this game.)

  38. Bamford10

    Wenger cannot be allowed to go upstairs. He cannot still be a decision-maker. Nothing will change. Terrible, terrible idea.

  39. sam

    Anyway, Grovers don’t understand me when I dismiss some transfer rumours
    Its becoz I know its not gonna happen.
    Vieira was the last hard man to leave the club.
    of course I’d like Ibrahimovic at Arsenal but would Wenger allow that scary looking modafoka near his soft babies.
    Imagine Ibra dealing with Walcott in the dressing room for slacking, interesting!!
    Wenger transfer policy not always about money, mostly who to bring to the club. a timid player

  40. sam

    in case you haven’t noticed

    Arsenal are paying Takuma n Nwakali’s salary
    it means they should be kicking the ball for Arsenal not for other clubs

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, not a fan of the whole Howe as manager Wenger as some sort of DoF next season, means everything will stay as it is, you can see the power Wenger has at Arsenal now, even pro-Wenger elements like John Cross will state he has too much power at Arsenal, I would not want to be a manager at Arsenal with Wenger as part of the hierarchy.

    I would imagine we’d have to go for a manager who would be grateful for the opportunity in those circumstances, like Howe, I could not see a Tuchel or Simeone or similar accepting those conditions.

    I would have wanted to see Arsenal adding some infrastructure elements over the past twelve months in anticipation of Wenger finally leaving, poaching a top rate DoF or similar and some fixers from sides like Juventus, Atletico, BvB, Sevilla etc, so that the new manager has the kind of support network they expect.

  42. Munitionsman

    I moved over same time RSPCA. Well done le grove for keeping the tinters honest.

    R.S.P.C.ArsenalSeptember 6, 2016 21:32:37
    Your Comment HereMoved over to here from gunnerblog around 2008/9 I thinkOnce gunner blog began to nose dive Can’t even comment on it now Still see a few old faces …Remember when someone suggested we take take the arseblog post over one day for a laugh ….We should do that to untold
    All en mass …
    Freak them out …Happy bday to the owners .

  43. Follow the money

    Well done Pedro. I’ve been around off and on since around 08-09 I keep coming back cuz this is the best damned Arsenal blog on earth, period. Long live le Grove

  44. hunter

    Your Comment Here
    I have no doubt in my mind that Eddie How will be the next AFC manager.Jack Wilshere was probably given the heads up on this and that’s why he chose Bournemouth.I mean get in the future managers thoughts you can’t blame him!
    The worst thing that could happen though is for WENGER to be made director of football as nothing will change and How would become WENGER puppet!

  45. raptora

    Thanks for being here for us, Pedro. I’ve been following this blog for just half a year but I already feel Le Grove as an inseparable part of my daily life. The pesimists, the optimists, the AKBs, the WOBs, the rude ppl, the cool ppl, the rants… It’s all integral to the greatness of this blog. All for the Arsenal. Keep doing what you do Pedro and I wish good health to you and your family and friends. Much love.

  46. Louis Almeida

    Nice to see both Perez and Mustafi training with the other players.

    I’d like to see Mustafi start but reckon he will come from the bench. Essentially he’s going to need to start soon because we all know our play won’t change/elevate with Giroud leading the line.

  47. Racco

    Been reading from the start. …its part of my daily must doo. ..great work duuds. .max respect. .. looking forward to à great season. ..with the ups and downs. ..

  48. David Smith

    Howe as manager….if there is any truth, would explain why they were keen to send Jack there ……to help out….as surely even this board would not appoint a manager who had just got his team relegated. And that is a very real possibility for Bournemouth this season.
    But Howe would make sense to the board, and the tragic event of Wenger moving upstairs…he would be grateful, and do what Wenger tells him.
    But are Ozil and Sanchez really going to want to play under Howe?
    Hope it is all nonsense

  49. gonsterous

    So it looks like wenger retiring changes nothing… Means we have to look forward to his death for arsenal to be free from his grasps !!

  50. salparadisenyc

    I’m with the real Romford Pele, regarding it being to early for Howe to step up to the Arse.

    Simeone would be Ray’s, personal favorite. I say YES.

  51. Jeff

    If Wenger goes upstairs – we are truly fucked. That’s all I will say. Arsenal will be dead and buried for years and years to come.

  52. nepGunner

    Dude I’m so with you.. LG is a Arsenal blog true and true. Not a Arsene blog.

    Fuck off. Get back into the anal passage of Wenger. Your world is right in there.

  53. Confidentgoner

    Pedro, a well deserved HBD to your blog. By the way, what’s up with the bear- Geoff? Will be nice to see a rip out post to celebrate 9! Does he still write? Congrats too to guys like Alex that keep the workload light.

    I have been one of the few remaining dinosaurs. From the beginning and have been shouting Wenger for about 8-9 years now. When will he go?

  54. Ojaimo

    Happy B’day Legrove.

    Back in the day, Geoff used to be the one that will hit Wenger so hard with his posts, while Pedro always appear with a soft landing post next day. Playing the nice ‘AKB’ guy. How time changes! (lol).

    I miss some old posters like: Jaguar, Gambon, Dennisdemenace, Romford Pele etc.
    Oh boy! That guy Jaguar, he was so anti-Wenger, ever since I started reading Le-grove. Later metamorphosed into new names after being binned for violating blogging rules. I enjoyed him though, because he and Gambon saw what some of us didn’t see, which later became Arsene’s Empire or Arsene FC.

    A day without Le-grove could be boring and we all looked towards it with excitement. Thanks Geoff and Pedro for being there for all the ‘Lunatics’ in this community. (lol)

  55. STV

    Eddie Howe, Wenger the DoF..What the fuck is wrong with this bod?? They got their brain scrambled or something?

    Absolute rott from top to bottom in the Arsenal hierarchy. From the owner to the fans..

    We are truly fucked.


  56. STV

    Wenger and the board want to preserve the Wenger’s legacy-whatever there’s left anyway.. The fuckers don’t want to think beyond Eddie Howie’s of this world. They had their heads so deep in their arses to think that past success means fuck all and inorder to succeed today you want a top manager first and foremost.

  57. Philip

    Long time reader, first time comment. You guys are the best. Offering genuine Arsenal fans opinions, your bias is a good thing. Always respected you for speaking out against Wenger too. Heres to another 9 years!