Ex-player media coup continues to ramp up

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It’s Labor day over here. I’m in blissful ignorance over what it’s about. I think it’s the celebration of being granted working rights or something. I like it though. Gimme dem free days off.

Anyway, right into the mix. All the explayers seem to be having a pop at the great one. This time, King Kanu.

“You know the problem with Arsenal. When you need them, they let you down.

“I believe they have learned from that.

I like the way he smooths it off with Per Mertesacker’s famous, ‘we have learned from our mistakes, we hope to improve’ line.

It’s interesting watching all the old guard making a play for a bit of a media coup against Arsene Wenger. They’re all working in tandem to have some sort of impact at the club. I think it’s right, when things are going wrong and you have young energy that has taken coaching badges, played at other great clubs, you do have to wonder why Wenger is so reluctant to make them part of the mix?

Well, I do know. Wenger doesn’t really like to have people around him who can challenge his authority. Steve Bould is fine, because he’s kind of chained to the hierarchy, he missed out on the £90k a week days. Thierry was always a bit of a risk, loaded beyond belief and opionated about the game and how it’s played. I agree that you can’t be seen to kill the players on TV on Sunday, then roll in with high fives on the Monday, so bombing him off was fine.

However, I see no reason why we couldn’t bring in more of a core of explayers. If it’s talent, then fine. I just can’t help but think Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp, Martin Keown and even a Petit could offer something to the mix. Jens Lehmann would be really interesting. I mean, I say this like I know how football smart they are, and I don’t. I just look at the flatness of our bench at times and wonder why Wenger doesn’t open himself up to being challenged.

If you’re secure in who you are, surely you should always be expecting bullets to fly at you? As long as those bullets are framed correctly and there’s rationale and logic behind them, they can only be a good thing?

I mean, I guess it is what it is. I just hope the next managerial structure put in place allows for a more well rounded conversation to happen. I hope it facilitates productive discourse. I hope it involves more of the old guard who want a stake in the future of a club they love so much. It’d be great to get into a situation where we had a Barcelona like run of managers coming through the ranks, all trained in the vision of Arsenal.

So, what do we have to look forward to? An interesting run of games.

Southampton on Saturday in a 1500 kickoff, which is lovely. We the have an Ibra-less PSG in our first Champions League run out, followed by Hull and then our first major game against Chelsea.

Hull and Southampton have to be 6 points, because the Manchester Derby is going to see dropped points and we need to catch them. Chelsea will be interesting, it looks like Conte has awoken the sleeping monster that won the Premier League a couple of seasons ago. Hazard and Costa back to their devilish best, Kante and Matic looking like a very solid foundation at the back… David Luiz. Will Arsene be able to out think a very tactical manager, or will our Chelsea strife continue? A major pivot early on in the season you sense!

Right, I’m off. GUESS WHAT THOUGH. It’s birthday eve for Le Grove. 9 years old tomorrow. Who’d have thought 9 years ago, making a blog for my dad would turn into such a big community of lunatics? More on that tomorrow.


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  1. tom

    Denilson never lived up to his promise but was effective enough.

    He played his part in a young, dynamic team that bristled with potential and won some notable victories, though ultimately the potential was unfulfilled .

    He was also a key cog in our midfield during AFCs hardest years under Wenger
    A tidy and economic passer and recycler of the ball who was part of a fairly coherant midfield.

    I hate the relish Grovers take in slagging our players.

    For me, if you wear the shirt I want to like you. I’ll find excuses for your crapness and when those run out I’ll find something else to like about you .
    Thats the default. Thats tribal.

    You get that for showing up and only lose it by disrespecting the badge or not trying.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t crave excellence but it does mean you’ll not hear me slagging the players

  2. Joe

    ng Alonso because it would ‘kill’ a player that was totally unsuitable for that position

    No incompetence in that decision at all

    Nope, none


  3. tom

    Alonso was not an option once the Spanish came back for him.

    Also quite likely beyond our means.
    Also rather crap in his final season in England

    I was surprised to see him turn into such an important player in the end.

    Hold my hand up and say I didn’t call that right.

    But I don’t rely on hindsight.

    Not sure why he us part if this discussion anyway.

    Nothing to say he wanted Wengaball anyway.

  4. Joe

    Of thousands saw that Alonso would have been a great addition to our team. What we needed

    Tom and wenger couldn’t

    And now say hindsight.

    Same with hazard vs gervhino.

    Hindsight again Tom?

  5. Joe

    Yep. And not the only one

    Dithering probably cost him a lot of players


    Whatever you want to call him

    Wenger i blame for not signing pele and Maradona too.



    Do you blame wenger for anything?

    Actually never mind. I know the answer

    Can’t wait until you disappear again come January and claim you are a busy man

    Funny how you’re not so busy to post mindless akb crap all day right now

  6. Redtruth


    You can’t remember higb profile games you been too, yet you speak with clarity when it comes to an averahe undistinguished player like Denilson…me thinks you’re telling porkies..

  7. Joe


    He doesn’t think cheating on your wife is a bad thing , so telling lies wouldn’t be too hard for him either

    Wenger is a liar, cheater and a fraud, makes me think Tom is as well

  8. Arsenal not Arsene

    I was optimistic after the signings but now after reading the shit Tom is posting I really want us to be embarrassed by the big boys with scores like 5-0, 6-0 and the likes just to expose Wenger. Akbs like Tom have gone back to their usual self, to posting endless shit just to excuse Le senile. Like Joe says, I can’t wait for them to disappear once the losses begin. My bet is it’s not that far.

  9. gonsterous

    Haha haha this Tom fellow has been talking bull for quite sometime now. I mean how wengerized have you got to be to accept denilson was a good player. I do remember him scoring from a free kick against Everton once but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he is average !!

  10. SUGA3

    today I can say: Happy Bday Le Grove!!!


    Please, stop being revisionist: Denilson was never going to be any good. He was basically Sanogo of yesteryear. Bless him, he was never going to be a proper DM in this league and in more advanced positions we had better players. Simple.

    And we could have easily afforded Alonso. This was one of the situations where we dithered over a couple of millions, whilst at the same time dropping similar amounts on players like Wellington Silva. Remember him? Me neither.

  11. DivineSherlock

    I think what Tom here is trying to say is no matter how shit the player was , he isn’t going to slag them, cause they played for Arsenal.

  12. tunnygriffboy

    I think it’s great Tom is posting. Obviously he’s a gooner through and through. He makes some really good points and looks at things from a different perspective to most of us

    It’s good for the bog to have different points of viewas it stimulates debate. It’s a pity he gets so much grief for his view point. The blog would be pretty un

  13. tunnygriffboy

    Didn’t realise Elneny off to ACN in January for possibly 5 weeks. Not good. With our injury record and coming off the Christmas holiday period it could be a worry. We may need Wilshere. Was it wise to let him go for a year on loan ? Would loan to Christmas have been better ?

  14. N5

    Agree tunny and he is very polite with it. I don’t agree with quite a bit but he doesn’t deserve the name calling.

    Hardly any one was posting until he came on, so like you said at least he stimulates conversation.

  15. N5

    I think SUGA3 shows a good example of how to debate without abuse.

    His and toms conversation have been really interesting.

  16. gonsterous

    The reason Tom gets a lot of stick is cause it’s so obvious Wenger has been shit for years but the akbs blindly follow him. So when Tom brings his dated views it angers most people !!

  17. tunnygriffboy


    Yes it’s good to have a debate about things. It’s very quiet on here atm I suppose because it’s the interlull. I hope once we start playing again numbers will increase

    It would be great if some of the most recent posters like midwest, wallace, sal, Romford etc ….. could come back and post more regularly

    Anyway what’s your midfield two for the Southampton, PSG games ?

    I’d go Xhaka/Santi for Southampton and possibly Xhaka/Coquelin for the trip to Paris

    Any idea when Ramsey is back ?

  18. tunnygriffboy


    Sure he has a different views to the majority on here. However he has valid arguments for his point of view and he is entitled to them. Obviously we are free to argue with him but he gets a lot of abuse for posting them but he doesn’t deserve some of the stuff he gets thrown at him

    I can see where he comes from and his rationale for thinking it. I may not agree with much of it but I don’t feel the need to abuse him especially as he’s a long time gooner who wants success for the club like we all do.

  19. N5

    Agree tunny, same pairings for me too. Le Coq could make a big difference against PSG. it’ll be interesting to see if he can replicate his good season now the players have no where to hide.

    I think Aaron was only supposed to be 3 weeks wasn’t it? So next season is my guess. Ha.

  20. N5

    Last Updated: August 27

    Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s visit to Watford, Arsene Wenger said the following when asked about Ramsey and Alex Iwobi: “They are progressing well. Will it be immediately after the break [that they are back]? That’s what we’ll have to see in the next two weeks

  21. Ughelligunner

    Denilson was really fantastic at youth level and when he came at first. He was starting ahead of Man utd Anderson for Brazil youth team age, only as time progressed, he became a passer rather than a defensive midfielder. Diaby was suppose to be the main dm (injuries), and then song came. Sometimes, when we re-write history, we just dont remember anything good in our players at all, and that’s bad.

    The Liverpool squad of Gerard, Alonso, Garcia, Rinse, Kurt coudnt hold a candle to the denilson led midfield. Granted they finally ousted us from the Champions League, but shit happens. I remember just as Wenger held the key to the Benitez side, Benitez had the Key to Mourhino’s who had wenger’s key. We always tend to forget the good and remember only the bad. Is it agenda driven, one will always wonder why.

  22. Ughelligunner

    I remember our youth Carling side with Batistuta who missed alot of goals in his first few matches scoring a hatrick against Liverpool in a 6-3 riot of that side. Now, we just gloss over those wins and remember only our heavy loses. I remember Arsenal always scoring against a team massively once or twice in a season. 7-1 Everton, anybody? Denilson scoring a cracker from outside the box. We lose some, we win some. Yes, we missed out on some cups along the way because wenger didn’t take them seriously and fielded the youths against formidable Epl sides, even the Birmingham cup finals, we played Kochielny and a young Schezny. Van Percy got injured in that final (he left us after he played his season best) and didn’t care to continue, while the Birmingham CB (forgot his name) who refused to be sub, played the whole game while limping. There are little Margins that Wenger overlooked, but also the players need to take responsibility.

  23. Mr J

    “youth Carling side??”
    Was this of some importance then?

    “I remember Arsenal always scoring against a team massively once or twice in a season. 7-1 Everton, anybody?”
    Do you happen to remember any of the numerous occasions in which teams scored heavily against us?

    “Birmingham cup finals”
    I think it best not to mention this.

  24. Ughelligunner

    Concerning doing everything to win, Van Percy played his trophy winning season at Man utd on pain killers for some matches, most man utd players made the account that Ferguson always omitted RVP from serious training, Moyes also came and wanted him to continue taking those pain Killers and then he declined. That’s when he started missing games. Does Wenger do anything it takes to make Arsenal win? we haven’t heard any of these, but when Arsenal is struggling to win an important match and a player is subbed because he broke his nose or has a plastered eye which only happens at Arsenal (Mert and Kos have ran out of matches because of a plastered eye). All this little things matter alot, these are what makes other managers winners. Because they tend to do everything to win. This mentality is then inbred in the players and they also act it. Not everytime a player goes down and our physio is already planning on pulling the player out. I might be catching straws here to some, but these small margins matter alot.

  25. Ughelligunner

    Mr J, Arsenal, my arguments are very easy to counter. Rosisky played in that Final, Arshavin also, they all refuse to overcome Birmingham that day, was it luck, tactics or wenger? Van Percy ran out injured. No remorse shown. Sometimes, players can just show that they need it, it doesnt always depend on the manager. Ronaldo in the two champions league did all he could to be fit for the finals, in the Euro finals he was playing with an injury after he collided with Payet, until he broke down crying. Now that’s a winner.

  26. Mr J

    @ Ugh

    I won’t disagree with your talk on ‘winning mentality’… with that we are mostly in agreement. This comes from the manager (or at least it ought to).

    But when you start making statements mentioning Gerard, Alonso et al and in the same breath mention Denilson… This is where we walk separate paths my friend.

    Denilson was substandard, put politely and succinctly. Part of a failed youth policy which yielded zero fruit.

    The Birmingham loss was frankly inexcusable… and the managers head should’ve rolled for that that alone.

    And let’s be honest here… there are several atrocities committed by Wenger, which, individually, would’ve seen the resignation of many a manager… but collectively?!?!

    Wenger should’ve received jail time.

  27. Vince

    Can’t even remember the time I joined Le Grove. But I never read a singles post from Geoff. And for those asking if Pedro still speaks with Geoff, I thought Geoff was Pedro’s Dad, no?

  28. BacaryisGod

    I have no idea if Arsene will be here next season.

    What I do know is that our squad is stronger than it has ever been and our first XI is the strongest it has been since 2005.

    Unfortunately, we’re up against three teams who have made massive investments in their squads too and there’s no guarantee we can overcome them.

    If we had a combined Invincible and current team, there would be some very tough choices:

    Cech or Lehmann ? My pick would be the mad German not the calm Czech.

    Lauren or Bellerin? We all loved Lauren’s toughness but let’s not forget that Bellerin was voted best right-back in the league last season. I would hold my nose and choose Cole for left-back and sticking Kozzer and Sol together would be a no-brainer.

    Gilberto and Vieira together were a great combo but by the end of the season there could be an argument for Xhaka over Gilberto. For the front four, it would be treasonous to move Bergkamp from the #10 role behind Thierry and so I would move Mesut out to the right flank and keep Pires on the right with Alexis breathing down his neck as a potential replacement.



    Lauren Campbell Koscielny Cole

    Vieira Gilberto

    Ozil Bergkamp Pires


    Subs. Cech, Bellerin, Toure, Cazorla, Xhaka, Alexis, Giroud (blunt object option)
    Honourable Mention: Ljungberg, Parlour, Monreal,

  29. ArseneisaFraud

    Happy Birthday Le Grove!!

    Been following this blog for 4 years now. Discovered this great website after being an Arseblog reader and wondering why on earth did the blogger never criticise le Fraud.

    I hope this blog continues for many years to come!

    Thanks to Pedro, Redtruth, Joe, N5, gonsterous, GuNZ, tunnygriffboy, SUGA3, DM, STV, Follow the money, Marc, Spanishdave (and all others I may have forgotten…. sorry!) and of course all you AKB’s that make this website so enjoyable and fun to read!!

  30. Vince

    And btw, happy birthday Le Grove. Thanks for seeing the woods for the trees as they say. I lost faith in Wenger when he refused to bid for Berbatov who was flirting with us. Ended up moving fromy Leverkusen to Tottenham and the rest is history. I felt like wringing Wengers neck when he subbed off Pires and left a rookie Fabregas in the UCL final. I thought that was the turning point – a tactical suicide. And the best birthday the idiat ever gave me was the 8-2 loss against Manure some years back. He drove me to tears. I hope Le Grove get a better present on Saturday. And I’m absolutely for a Geoff post.

  31. Park Chu-young's left testicle


    Hopefully we will be talking about Wenger in the past tense for the next one.*

    *retirement, not death!

  32. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Not that there is anything wrong with it but Pedro is more a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy.

  33. Steveyg87

    Interesting reading Tom’s posts, till he tried to justify Denilson, he padded his possession stats by constantly passing the ball backwards or sideways, we battled to build momentum with him in the team, a bit like Arteta just before Wenger stopped using him. Good riddance

  34. tunnygriffboy


    Xhaka playing tonight as are France ffs. While we can’t do without Kos and he needs to play alongside Mustafi at least once before PSG might he rest Xhaka for Southampton playing him in Paris

    He might play Coquelin and Santi v Southampton and Coquelin and Xhaka in Paris. Personally I’m forXhaka/Santi v Southampton and the more defensive duo for Paris

    Up front v Southampton I’d like to see Alexis on the left, Lucas up top, Walcott/Ox on the left with Mesut behind.

  35. Vinca Rosea

    To le grove, the birthplace of truth and some serious greats like Geoff, jaguar, the mighty one….but most of all, those epic and rather surreal nights of tiarnan absolutely destroying Keyser. Ah those were the good days….er nights…. Of course a shout out to all the akbs (bar tom); the gift that keeps on giving!

  36. Louis Almeida

    TUNNYGRIFFBOY, fitness permitting, I’d start both Kos and Mustafi immediately and let them begin to build a rapport. I guess we’ll see how Xhaka is when he comes back but as it’s early in the season nobody should really be suffering from burnout.

    Personally I’m not a fan of Xhaka/Coquelin as a combination. I would prefer a circulator of the ball like Elneny next to Xhaka if we’re going for a more defensive combination. I would also prefer not to have Alexis and Walcott on the wings at the same time as we will turnover possession too much.

  37. Steveyg87

    “If Ramsey is available I would play him inside right to give more leg work to Santi and Xhaka.”

    Anybody read 7amkickoff? Top blogger from the States. He seems to think Wenger’s post match interview after the Liverpool loss was a veiled dig at Ramsey. Perhaps Wenger rediscovered a bit of grit and is prepared to give his babies a bit of stick if they under perform, or in that specific case, abandoning their defensive duties.

    To come back to your comment Louis, if we are to deploy Ramsey, it would have to be at #10 where he doesn’t have to defend as much, lets be honest, he’s no good at defending and was the most dribbled past player last season

  38. Louis Almeida

    Steveyg97, I think Ramsey would be great in a 4-3-3 with a Lampard type role where he has more free reign. He isn’t really a #10 though as he doesn’t receive the ball well through the lines and can’t play with his back to goal. His only real asset there is that he’s a goalscorer but I’d prefer more guile in that position.

  39. LegendMax

    tunny, we can risk xhaka. he’s had a long rest after the euros and has only played once a week so far. the Swiss game today is the only international match he’s playing during the break.

    it’s Sanchez we need to rest. He played the whole game on friday against Paraguay and is set to play today as well against Bolivia.

    He shouldnt play on Saturday.

  40. LegendMax

    Ramsey and iwobi shouldn’t start at the weekend even if they’ve recovered. they should be eased in. bring them on as subs.

    I really think we should rest Koscielny this weekend too. He was rushed back for the Leicester match and is playing twice for France during the break. an injury might be around the corner.
    Go with holding and mustafi against Southampton.

    we have a stronger squad than we’ve had in a while. let’s make the best use of it

  41. gonsterous


    How did I make It into that list ?? Been coming to the website ever since ive come to Europe( 4 years) but never comment much 🙂

    Happy bday le grove .. thanx pedders for the almost daily posts ( cheeky wink)

  42. jasongms

    “The Liverpool squad of Gerard, Alonso, Garcia, Rinse, Kurt coudnt hold a candle to the denilson led midfield”

    OK Pedro , you really need to set some basic rules

    One of which should be, no posting if you’ve been smoking crack !!

    People really should learn to self-regulate haha