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Well hello everyone. Feels like I’ve been out the game during the most exciting points of the last two months. Wins, players, it’s all happening. I headed back to the UK for a wedding where I had to read a poem I was asked to write… and get this, it wasn’t about Arsenal. But secretly, the metaphor was all about Arsenal.

‘Imagine you’re watching Arsenal beat Spurs at the Emirates to win the Premier League’

That was the vibe. What a glorious vision. Who was playing you say?

Well, I can tell you a few names that likely weren’t be playing in that vision.

Serge Gnabry, fresh off the back of being voted player of the Olympics, may be off to Bayern Munich, then immediately shunted out to Werder Bremen on loan. Not sure where I stand on this one. Ripping up Olympic football is a bit like beating up a group of 12 year olds and showing the video to girls in the pub in the hope of some action. We can’t read too heavily into that. However, he’s clearly a talent. Low centre of gravity, speed to burn, very direct and with the technique you expect of a German.

However, you gotta look at the facts here. Wenger has a right-wing that’s been desperately short of anything interesting in a while. If you can’t break into the team when Theo is falling over his insecurities and Chamberlain is doing his best to make overhitting passes look like a skill, then you’re struggling. Also worth noting that even Tony Pulis didn’t fancy him. I’d heard it was an attitude issue. Going all Billy big bollocks after scoring a goal and giving one away against Schalke a few years ago.

BUT. Bayern want him. That always is a cause for concern. One pal said he feared we were dropping a KDB like error. I have my doubts.

Callum Chambers has been shipped off to Boro. I seriously suspect that had a lot to do with Rob Holding smashing it preseason / in the games he’s started this year. I think the plan would have been to have Holding out on loan. Aitor Karanka gets his defensive cover, hopefully he can take the best bits of his game, give them a lift and cut out some of the horror errors he tends to make at least every 26 minutes.

The BIG news is that Jack Wilshere has been told he’s surplus this season. Have to say, I half expected it, because the route into our team has looked extremely tough, made harder by his appalling injury record and lack of position. I saw a stat that said he had 36 England caps and he’s barely made 80 Prem starts for us. Beyond awful. Actually, tbf, I thought we’d lose him or Ramsey. But Ramsey stays fitter for averagely 9 games before tweaking something. Jack breaks down in training.

Good news is most of the league will be interested in him. More tantalising, Juventus are monitoring him 2 years after having a bid rebuffed by Arsene for his services. That would be amusing. Jack Wilshere telling the waiters in Turin, ‘Speeeakkkaah zee English you melts.’ It’d also be great banter to hear him do one of those foreign accent English press conferences like Steve Mcclaran or Joey Barton. Sadly, it’ll probably be Palace or a team that is not exactly a developmental stepping stone.

My interest in this move is so detailed. Does Wenger have a plan for the loan outside minutes? Because look, for me, the big issue is Jack is a positional refugee. Wenger plays him out on the right, he also tells us he can play in the number 10 role he’d never take off Ozil. Hodgson played him in the deep-lying playmaker position for England, where he won a bunch of MoM awards. Then you can obviously play him in that centre midfield position where he can break lines, pick out passes and leave his leg in too long and break something.

Which Jack Wilshere does Wenger want back?

Personally, I’d love him to go to Italy. I think learning a new culture would be great for him…

‘Jack, I know you’re disappointed, but spaghetti neither comes tins here, nor in a hooped variety’

It’d be good for him to experience something that pushes him mentally. He could work under one of the smartest managers in the world, evolve his thinking, learn how to play in a disciplined system and ease into fitness in a slightly less intense league.

I like the plan.

The worry we all have is that our squad feels like it’s maybe lacking a few bodies now. We know our players break. We know Wenger makes very big errors fitness wise when things go wrong. We know the Premier League is tough. Jack wants a new deal though. Which is positive. I also think Wenger, being a man who struggles with conflict, might recognise that Jack is a bit of a boy and he might be disruptive if asked to mince around on the bench all season. Always a worry that Wenger does not like a ‘tell it as it is’ character in the dressing room. Great when you’re winning, shite when you’re on a 5 game sadness streak.

Still, if Wenger is moving Jack on… and he does see him as a number 10, it’s a big thumbs up to the mercurial Iwobi. Big season for a young guy makes me very happy.

Our squad looks interesting this season. Everyone I spoke to about the Watford game tells me Xhaka looks the powerhouse we were hoping to see this season. Arteta with legs and aggression was how my dad described it. Actually, talking of my old man, he said Holding and Koscielny look the best defensive partnership since the invincibles. Big words, ten pints in, but big words!

I’m looking forward to seeing what Perez can offer up front. He’s an unconventional signing, but hey, when you can’t get what you need, sometimes you have to head down that route. He managed more assists than Cesc last season and 17 goals isn’t bad in a garbage team. Hopefully we’ve properly done our homework.

Left back is looking a bit weak this season. I always worry about players when they hit 29 (Monreal) and I’ve never been convinced by Kieran Gibbs. Shocked he wasn’t moved on this season. Right back is a little more secure if Debuchy can actually find some form this year. Would have preferred to sell him and bring in someone who could challenge Bellerin.

Biggest worry this season is the right side of midfield. Theo Walcott has looked aggressive, focused and impressive so far this season. We’ve seen it before, so I won’t get too excited, but it’s a promising start. Same with Chambo, looks good for 3 games, then gets injured and it’s just excuses for the rest of the season. I’d have sold one of those and brought in some new blood.

You never know, we might make a last-minute move for Sturridge and put Perez on the right. Doubt it, but one can dream!

Right, enough words for you today. See you in the morn.

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  1. Jim Lahey

    Would love for us to bring Isco in today, on loan if must but preferentially buy.

    Isco & Sanchez either side of Ozil with Perez up top.

    Should really sell Ox or Walcott today too, not happening though.

  2. Marko

    CA I think Lucas will be alright. Not 20 goals alright but I’d expect at least 10+ but we just needed one more in that area. Honestly it’s a worry depending on Walcott and Oxlade Chamberlain. I’d argue a case for Ramsey over them and he’s not in the slightest bit ideal or a solution. My hope is there’s something still in the Almiron stuff.

  3. Leedsgunner

    I do think we are gambling a bit with RM, Oxlade and Walcott, two injury prone players, both hugely inconsistent and go most of the season being totally anonymous when they do play.Means a lot of pressure on Iwobi to deliver.

    Or we could have sold Gnabry and Theo at the beginning of the summer with Mkihitarian coming in… with change to spare. Campbell as reserve.

    I wonder if Özil will be annoyed about Gnabry being sold. I know he rated him highly.

    I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say he shouldn’t have been sold because I’ve been advocate him going all summer. With Campbell going out on I thought Gnabry would be kept on though.

  4. Daz

    “BBC Ornstein reporting that Wilshere has agreed terms with Roma…”

    And after everyone has spent all morning slating him for taking the easy option 😉

  5. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, Walcott/Oxlade out along with Campbell and you’ve pretty much covered the Mkhitaryan fee. Big, big miss that one.

    Mkhitaryan, Perez, Sanchez…that would have been interesting to see, high tempo attackers, with a nice balance between physicality and directness and then a more cultured, technical edge.



    Yeah that area worries me, I don’t want Ramsey there, I’d tell Ramsey you either make that CM slot beside Xhaka yours, trumping Caz, Elneny and Coq, or you don’t play, no squeezing you in at RM.

    Such a shame we missed out on Mkhitaryan, literally the perfect signing for that RM slot, highly technical, hard working, direct when he wants to be, has goals, has assists…*sigh*

  6. salparadisenyc

    Tottenham all over the board today, Isco, Sissoko, Schneiderlin.
    Did they knick the Arse rumor mill spreader.

    Balague still saying Isco not happening for them ‘at the moment’.

  7. salparadisenyc


    Agree, but Wenger does lunacy SO well.

    Whispers were in for a premier league player, testing waters with bid.
    Sounds like smoke to me but i’d love to see Sturridge join up.
    If he doesn’t get crocked enroute to medical.

  8. Akilan

    Agreed. Wondering if Sanchez and Lucas can play up top together, like Sanchez and Vargas for Chile. With their pace and work rate combined with Xhaka’s long balls, can’t be too bad I reckon.

  9. Jim Lahey

    @Sal –

    “Sounds like smoke to me but i’d love to see Sturridge join up.
    If he doesn’t get crocked enroute to medical.”

    Nothing wold be more Arsenal than to get rid of once sick note only to bring another in!

  10. STV

    Great move for Wilshere..
    Now Wenger needs to do the right thing and get Isco ahead of friggin spuddies.. (If available)

    Isco Giroud Sanchez

    Best front 4 since 2011 but with a much stronger back..

  11. Dream10

    We’re still short a goal scorer. Someone like Carlos Bacca would be a great fit for us. He has very good pace, can run in behind and play the lone forward or in a partnership. At the moment, we’re still a team who require a substantial amount of goals from attacking midfielders to be successful. It’s a concept I don’t like.

  12. sam

    I am sure there is a cheeky loan move happening
    Arsenal keeping it quiet till it comes through

    James Rodriguez please
    Memphis Depay, unlikely
    Cesc, nooooooooooooooooooooo

    or just splash out on Lamaisonette

  13. tunnygriffboy


    Looking with my glass half full. I know it’s only youtube

    Lucas has a different set of attributes to Giroud. He’s ok with his back to goal but he ikes to play on the shoulder of the defender

    He’s pretty quick, dribbles well and looks pretty skillful. He’s capable of beating defenders with pace and skill. He also links well with team mates. He scores a variety of different goals

    He’s never played with people of the quality ofOzil, Alexis or Santi. Who knows it might inspire him. He works really hard like Alexis. He has a circuitous route in his career and he seems a guy that will be determined to make the most of this once in a life time opportunity

    Know it’s only a couple of games but Walcott has played better in these three games thn he did the whole of last season.

    This is true. He’s made more tackles and interceptions than he did in the whole of last season. I know. Its unbelievable. Amazing what competition for places does. Probably sh.ting himself now Wilshere’ been lt go.

  14. Leedsgunner

    Is it just me who sees Iwobi as an understudy to Özil and not as a winger? For a youngster he has wonderful vision and a great range to his passes — with the added advantage of a fearlessness to run at defenders and score when needed.

    It feels like Wenger is sticking him on the wing for the sake of it. Maybe it’s time for JRA to make the step up — isn’t he a more natural winger?

  15. sam

    Depay was good before he comes here n a loan move wouldn’t hurt

    Sturridge, nooooooooooooo

    Wilshere is gone n our medical team need a much deserved rest

  16. Leedsgunner

    I wonder if Lucas was brought in more as competition for Welbeck… and Sturridge was the centre forward that Wenger had his eye on all along. At 26, anything under £30m would be a great deal.

    If Wenger is thinking about sticking Sturridge on the wing he won’t come. He’s hating it there on the wing over at Liverpool.

  17. goonerboy

    JW has been so injury prone over such a long time -assessments comparing him to fully fit players playing in different leagues are meaningless. Proving his fitness seems to be his biggest challenge- and it may take some time. or it might not happen at all.

  18. Leedsgunner

    Obviously Sturridge’s injuries are a concern… worth the risk? I would say yes iin the present market with such a shortage of mature strikers… not the ideal but he does score for fun when he is fit…

  19. Marko

    Honestly especially after witnessing some of them sweet Xhaka passes the other day I think Lacazette running off the shoulder of the last defender in an Arsenal shirt could of been absolutely devastating for us. I can see having a good time of it but man Lacazette could of been the difference imo

  20. Frost

    Granted he’ll be surrounded by better players at Roma but Who does Wilshere expect to displace in that Roma midfield tho. They’ve got De Rossi strootman & nainggolan. He needs to play week in week out. All pretty solid players those lot.

  21. gonsterous

    I don’t know who came up with the cesc rumour but I would love it if he joined us.. he’s a good player and can play as a back up to ozil !! If we get him, we may even challenge for the league !!

  22. Mr J

    Put it this way…

    At Present CF looks like:
    Giroud, Perez, Sanchez, Walcott [Non-options IMO & I shouldn’t even have quoted those] & Welbeck (injured)

    Giroud, Perez, & STURRIDGE – looks a whole lot better.

    The boy is another injury prone player, who I have no doubt can only get more injury prone playing for Arsenal but…

    At this stage I’d take him for under 30m

  23. jasongms

    You don’t go from 100,000 pounds a week and number 10 at Arsenal to a loan spell at Palace if you’re serious about your career. The lad is finished at Arsenal and it goes to show why England have no world class players, too afraid to step out of their comfort zone and take risks..

  24. Cesc Appeal


    But Walcott always does this, it’s been a decade, a few games are not going to make me take notice of any supposed change, when he’s playing for a contract, or realises he might be in danger with the transfer window being open suddenly he puts effort in, but its only temporary.

    Walcott is the great cockblock of Arsenal, Wenger thinks about a ST, Walcott claims he can play ST and Wenger dithers, Wenger looks at Mahrez, Draxler etc, Walcott claims he wants to play wide again, Wenger dithers, whent he window is open Walcott suddenly pulls his finger out, dodges the bullet and then goes back to being shit, when he’s near the end of his contract and so Arsenal think about selling, suddenly there’s bucket loads of effort, and Arsenal sign him back up.

    I really dislike Walcott, I just think he is the epitome of everything wrong with Arsenal over the past ten years.

  25. Joe


    Quit with glass half full stuff. You’re so excited that you think we are going to challenge for the league this season , you peed yourself just a little didn’t you ? 😉

    You’re back to being your pre xmas self. 🙂

  26. Joe


    Spot on. Walcott has always stepped it up when something was on the line. Usually his contact. The 6 months before each time.

    He’ll go back to form v shampton and for the rest of the season

  27. OleGunner


    No buy back clause according to reports.
    Seems Arsenal career is over barring us doing a “Pogba return home” campaign on him.

  28. Daz

    “Sky sources understand AC Milan have made a late bid to sign Jack Wilshere on loan from Arsenal.

    Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and Roma are all interested in the England midfielder, with a source at Roma saying they think they’ve got a “slight possibility” of winning the race today.

    Bournemouth remain the favourites.”

  29. tunnygriffboy

    Liverpool will not sell Sturridge to us. It would be madness. I’d happily drop £30 million for him or swap him with Walcott


    Not quite as far as to wet myself. Maybe if we brought in a top class forward. I was so miserable the second half of last season it was untrue. I think the squad is as good as it has been for a good while. Good enough, I don’t know. If we keep people fit ie IF then I am optimistic we can do a little bit and I can enjoy my football again. Simple things keep simple people happy 🙂

    Jack to Bournemouth to be with his best butty Afobe. Mark my words

    Luiz to Chelsea ?Marcus Alonso £25 million ? Is this a panic buy ? Will it be treated as such by the pundits

    Jamie Redknapp makes me Spew. Twunt !

  30. tunnygriffboy


    Of course you’re right about Walcott. Just keep hoping he can hit that season he had with RVP 🙂


    You’re right about Lacazette running of the shoulder of the last defender. Lucas is capable of that judging by what I’ve seen of him. He’s quick enough.

  31. tunnygriffboy

    Been out about in the car last couple of hours. Been listening to all the news on transfer window. We as fans are critical of the club. Fair enough

    It does however nark me the way pundits and journalists have different measuring criteria and double standards when talking about our club and other clubs

    John Stones 22 years old. £50 million plus. He’s a great defender, likes to play football , will be best in the world. We mustn’t get on his back and criticise him when he makes a mistake (fair enough)

    Shkodran Mustafi 24 years of age. £35 million. Ball playing CB. How will things be reported if he makes a mistake ????

    Mustafi and Lucas panic buys (not at all if you listen to what the players say)

    Luiz and Alonso for Chelsea. Great signings (certainly not first choices but not reported like our signings)

    I know I shouldn’t but I get narked with the double standards. Rant over ! ! !