Deadline Day: Where Jack should go | Daniel Sturridge, a dream to far? | Worrying bid from rival

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Deadline day but guess what? We’ve done all our business a cool 5 days before we needed to.

What a summer.

Actually, scrap that. Don’t be a damn revisionist. Sure, we did what we needed to do in the end, but it’s a complete joke we had to wait until we’d dropped 5 important points to make it happen.

It’s a tough summer to assess as well. We didn’t go all out like Manchester United signing proven mega talent (though we tried with Mikki and Vardy). We took big bets on players that weren’t exactly radar exploders.

We had a summer like Arsenal of old. Now, the moves for these names are either inspired and it shows that Arsenal really did ramp up their scouting department. Or they’re panicked, and it shows that we really didn’t learn much outside injured players and shit opening results kick Wenger into action.

I like what we’ve done. The summer gets a 7.5 out of ten for me.

We plugged the gaps, we hit up a plan C when the original vision failed and we’ve added steal to the squad.

We plugged gaps though, rather than seriously upgraded. That’s where things might come unstuck. We’re very light on quality fullback replacements. I mean, if Debuchy goes out on loan, we have Jenkinson and Gibbs. Certainly a way off where you need to be.

Our right side of midfield is interesting. Weak for the past 4 seasons, Wenger is throwing the Theo Walcott dice one more time. He’s also giving Chambo another chance which is pretty undeserving based on his return over the last 17 years of however long he’s been plodding around the club.

Up front, who bloody knows? This Perez chap who looks like the love child of David Villa is either going to blow it up, or his going to bomb harder than a Chamakh one-on-one. Important thing for me is the guy is mobile, he has power and he did really well in a terrible side last year. Our right side should be great with Iwobi and Sanchez rotating in and out.

Our midfield is really looking special. Ozil, Cazorla, Iwobi in the hole… Xhaka, Elneny and Coquelin capable of giving us strength. Aaron Ramsey, hopefully there to replicate his Euro 2016. Very good.

Central defence now looks covered, even if it is really only 3 I’m interested in.

So deadline day, is, well, dead.

I hope Jack Wilshere doesn’t end up going somewhere pony like Palace. I’d prefer Bournemouth, at least Eddie Howe is a smart manager. Still think he should head out to Italy, not like he has to worry about childcare or anything like that? Also, your football career is short, get out there now and do something amazing… like win a Serie A!

Outside that, it’s looking bleak, I’d love Daniel Sturridge, but £60m for a player more fragile than a Diaby ankle probably isn’t great business. However, keep him fit in our side and you’re title challengers.

A touch worried about Spurs signing Isco… feel he’d have looked good in an Arsenal shirt, especially with Santo on the way out.

RIGHT, that’s your lot. Have a great deadline day!

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  1. Alexanderhenry


    I’m not defending wenger. He knew what the ‘austerity period’ would mean and he signed up for it. He should have quit over it years ago.

    Look, we both agree that the club has stagnated over the past ten years at least. Most arsenal fans believe that. The question is why.

    For me, most of the blame lies with kroenke. He has stockpiled cash and insisted on running the club as cheaply as possible provided it finishes top four.

    For you, most of the blame lies with wenger who, you believe has refused to spend big on principle, preferring instead to try and win the PL with kids and average players.

    Now, despite all of this, I think arsenal have the strongest squad they’ve had for a long time. I am, therefore, looking forward to this season.

  2. Ughelligunner

    Ole gunner, for an example, Mikel earns 80k at chelsea, Ivanovic 80k, Kochielny also the same. Debuchy came as a senior pro who was putting Sagna on the bench for France. So stop those fetish thoughts that goes on in your heart thinking we pay more. Chelsea, Man city more or less write off those payments and nothing can be done about it.

    Anyways, your minds are already made up.

    China, it was WOBs that were sayin walcot was better than bale and Hazard. Lol. And then can you forget the famous emirates singing ”theo sign dats thing”? When all the fans wanted him to stay, you dont know he can demand whatever he wants and the club would be obliged to do it.

  3. Ughelligunner

    and olegunner, who is a squad guy presently at chelsea? Fabregas, Moses, Pedro, Mikel, Rayman, Begovic, Bushuayu, these are some of their squad players presently, and you think they are on stipend? I think you need to stop watching only Arsenal matches.

  4. salparadisenyc


    My mentality didn’t create the socialist wage structure that pays Debuchy £80k or a player we can’t loan out due to his lack ability in Sanago at £20k.

    Arsenal may pay the lowest wage in terms of the highest earner, Ozil at £140k (soon to be extended along with Sanchez) where as Chelsea have Hazard on £200k. Its the middle ground where we catch up.

    FYI Iwobi’s on a new deal at £40k.

    Wenger has overseen every player we have, where as if you broke Chelsea down with managerial change you’ll see Carlo, AVB, Di Matteo or Mourinho signed some of them, now Conte.

  5. STV

    So Ughelligunner where you think all that money went? I think Kroenke has taken it, or Wengers used them tobpay 573 other employees.. As Kroenke is frugal with finances..

    Worse still they’ve made huge mistake in the calculation.. ‘99.5 % of them’ are against Arsenal trust me!

  6. Ughelligunner

    Man city current bench/squad players… Toure, Navas, Fernadiho, Kolarov, Company, Sane, Gundogan, Ihanocho (currently on 50-60k new contract). I think you are all having a laugh.

  7. Frank Mc

    “Most on here wanted him to extend”

    Based on what? The geezer is turd and should of been sold ages ago and replaced by a proper RW.

  8. Ughelligunner

    Show me where Iwobi signed for 40k? Even at that, do you know there were 22 teams ready to take Wilshere, our injury squad on exorbitant so called wage from us? That’s the competition we are up against. For your info, Bournemouth is taking care of it all.

  9. OleGunner

    Not everyone is Joe haha 😉

    And I’m just saying there is no conspiracy with our wage bill being close to Chelsea.
    It is what it is.

  10. Ughelligunner

    Ihanocho sacked his agency and employed a new one because the new one promised to up his contract to 80k as compared to what his former accepted from Man city. That’s why his contract was delayed. You think we are not up against the competition? Paying the odd 80k -150k isn’t Arsenal’s issue as we are paying the going rate of our competitors. Its the 200plus salaries we find issues paying. And it is obvious that Man city and Chelsea write those salaries of players they offloaded as gifts. Because they all are on mega wages. Nasri, Bony, Mangala, Demichelis. Etc. Adebayo was on Man city salary when he played for Totenham, for your info.

  11. Carts


    “Ole gunner, for an example, Mikel earns 80k at chelsea, Ivanovic 80k, Kochielny also the same. Debuchy came as a senior pro who was putting Sagna on the bench for France. So stop those fetish thoughts that goes on in your heart thinking we pay more. Chelsea, Man city more or less write off those payments and nothing can be done about it.”

    You’re missing the point entirely. Wenger rewards mediocre players based on very little.

    Of all the teams being discussed – City, Utd & Chelsea – we are nowhere to be seen when challengin for the league.

    So, why exactly does Wenger reward these players with big contracts when they can’t even get him close to the league title?

  12. Ughelligunner

    Olegunner, i am saying you are been colour blinded by hate for Wenger and our squad players, who you think are earning more than their pay grade. I just showed you Chelsea’s and Man city’s squad as comparisons, since you said they pay their elite more but their squad players are paid less. So therefore, out of the squad players i listed, tell me which of them earns as low as you think? Maybe you need to use your head more.

  13. Carts

    “I don’t think people here have much issue with our high wage bill The problem is that our wage bill doesn’t represent value for money”

    Someone get’s it.

    Neither does Wenger salary represent value for money either

  14. Ughelligunner

    China, then you should ask yourself, if this big clubs in Man city and chelsea are really truthful with their wages. Rather than Arsenal not been at the races if you compare it to the big teams, dont you think the big teams write off most wages to look decent?

  15. Ughelligunner

    Their first team players earn more than ours, their squad players earn more than ours, their on-loan players earn more than ours, their written off contracts are more than ours, yet we are marginally closer in wage bills. This is my question. How is it possible?

    And because it is close people use it against the club. But there is a big question they dont ask.

  16. gonsterous


    Hahaha wally sign da Ting.. Hahaha that brings back memories. He was playing out of his skin that season that’s why the fans backed Him up. If he performs like that again the fans would chant his name even in le grove !!

  17. gonsterous

    If I remember correctly. The people on le grove were giving theo a hard time and we also complained that should be sold or let go.. his form made us change our mind !! Sadly we were deceived !!

  18. China

    Arsenal’s reported wage bill vs Chelsea’s

    I don’t know for certain that you’re wrong Ugh because it might be a technical possibility that some wages get written off but it’s not really the point if by some tiny chance it is happening

    We pay a lot of average players fantastic salaries and Wenger is the biggest one of the lot. Every team will have some duds but our salaries don’t reflect quality accurately and we could have a notably better squad for the same or lower wages than we have

    Years back we had a really high wage bill but we were treated to stunning quality. Now we don’t and aren’t but the wage bill hasn’t matched the decline in quality very closely

  19. Sam

    Most Anti Wenger comments here are getting unfair n biased thats why I ignore WOBs

    Unless you are blind, the jury still out on these 2 clowns Mourinho n Guardiola.
    one was sacked just last season for bad performance n other won with Bayern thats something even my grandad can do, failed to win in Europe.

    Remember this date sept 1 I said this
    both will be empty handed in Mai

  20. Sam

    football industry is strange
    you get sacked for bad performance n for anti social behaviours then land another big job
    how da fok did Mourinho pass the interview?

    why did you leave your last Job?
    how da fok did answer that