Stage 5: Acceptance summer is dying, fans fight one another online

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You know the fans are getting desperate when people online turn their anger at the bloggers.

‘It’s your fault for not holding the manager accountable’

If you think I don’t use my little mouthpiece here to hold the club, the manager and the CEO accountable… well, I don’t know. I guess you just don’t read around that much.

If you’re upset people who are part of supporters trusts get to meet at the club, here’s an idea, join the supporter groups. It’s not a conspiracy.

If you’re upset bloggers occasionally get airtime with senior people at the club, here’s an idea, set up your own blog, dedicate two hours of your life everyday to writing about what’s going on at the club, build an audience and make it worth their investment.

This conspiracy of influence really doesn’t rub, especially for someone like me. I make next to no money from this, I run next to no promotions with brands here, I take orders from no one. My money is made from my job and I’m lucky enough not to need media dollars to eat.

The problems at the club sit with one man. That’s Arsene Wenger. His grandiose success at the start, combined with his “sacrifice” to keep us competitive during the lean times has led us to a situation where we owed him a debt. No one has the guts to ship him on. No one has the power to make him change. He’s a law unto himself.

It’s a terrible situation that can be solved this season by withdrawing any offer of a new contract. Does Stan have the guts to empower Ivan Gazidis to make the right decision? I have my doubts. But look, he’s losing short-term commercial gains by not having a trophy winning team. He’s the foreign owner who has to sit through dogs abuse everytime he’s in London. Does he want that?

Of course not. Surely he’d like to be loved, or at worse, tolerated like the Glazers.

Wenger is the reason we all hate Stan Kroenke, because outside expensive ticket prices and not saying much, his main crime is being King of the AKB. If he shipped Wenger out, brought in Thomas Tuchel and armed him with £200m… you think we’d hate him?

No way, we’d love him the way any gold digger loves their master.

But let’s see where that goes. End of days for Arsene Wenger. It has to be. This has been the most miserable summer yet. It could prove to be a fatal blow for Wenger’s future, and maybe his legacy.

Let’s hope it’s not that bad.

See you tomorrow!



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  1. qna

    Divine: You do realise we signed Koscielny from Lorient from division 2 of French at the same age as Mustafi and now he’s a French mainstay ? Koscielny of whom nobody knew of and no club was after him ? Whatever the stats , after Hummels and Boateng hes in line at 24 in German team . I cant bring up the quotes cos I dont remember but I did watch an interview where Low said that so I trust him on that. We needed experience in defense not another upcoming talent.

    You mean the same window we signed Squillachi? Wenger has 10 failures for every 1 that he gets right. That is not good enough. He is one of the worst in the business. He just has massive amounts of money that papers over the cracks of his failure. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Look at our most recent years:

    Good: Ozil, Sanchez
    Bad: Gabriel, Elneny, Chambers, Welbeck, Cech (too old, too slow reactions now), Ospina (had to get another keeper he was so bad apparently)
    TBD: Xhaka

  2. Emiratesstroller

    So it appears that Arsenal will have spent almost £90 million in this transfer window, which is well short of Man City and Man Utd, but probably a realistic amount for the club to spend in one transfer window when you see that we have not made any significant sales.

    Personally I will reserve judgment on the acquisitions until I have seen these players in an Arsenal shirt and how the team performs this season when they
    are up to full steam.

    What I do know is that we needed to buy this summer at least 3 new players in
    CB,CMF and FW positions and Wenger has fulfilled that brief.

    Next you need to measure our transfer business with what was available in the
    market in those specific positions AND NOT as too many do by comparing them with players in positions which were not needed.


    I think that he is a very good player and when we bought him was rated amongst the best CMF in Germany last season. He may not be a glamour puss
    like Pogba, but he will add solidity along our spine and that was what most people argued that we needed .


    He is 24 and has played for Germany in both World Cup and Euros and has experience playing in La Liga.

    He may not be the best CB on planet but he is most definitely an upgrade on
    Mertesacker, Gabriel and Chambers.

    When you see what was available this Summer apart from perhaps Hummels
    who was tied up by Bayern a long time ago I think that we have bought well. He is certainly not a worse buy than Stones [£47 Million] and Bailly [£32 Million]. If I had had the choice I would prefer him rather than those two.


    Personally I don’t know much about him, but Balague has rated him highly and he appears to be a flexible goalscoring forward who scored 17 goals last season in La Liga. He may not be Higuain, but then he has cost a fraction of this player.

    Realistically there have been very few decent strikers transferred this summer and the prices quoted for players like Lacazette, Lukaku, Incardi, Morata,
    Benteke was considerably more for the same or less return.


    At £2.4 million a good buy for young CB and Squad player when you consider
    that we spent £16 million on Chambers!


    Yes I would like to have seen Arsenal buy a headline World Class Player this
    summer, but realistically apart from Pogba and Higuain there are none available and even if there were it would have probably eaten most of our budget
    without solving other problems in our squad.