Arsenal juggling expensive decisions | End of days for Wenger?

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Another day rolls on, more bad news rolls in.

Jonny Evans, available for… £25m.

Who knew? Monied clubs in the Premier League only willing to sell their best players late on for a premium. So much for finding value late on in the window. I mean, stupid proposition anyway… maybe when TV deals weren’t good to smaller clubs, but now lots of teams are rolling in dough, it’s harder to squeeze a cheap worldy last minute (not that we often did sign the worldies last minute?)

I’m not sure what Wenger will do now. If Valencia drop their asking price late on, maybe he’ll sign Mustafi. Part of me is thinking that Rob Holding has looked pretty damn capable, so maybe Wenger will keep the powder dry and take the chance that Gabriel will come back on time. Then he has 3 legitimate defenders (barely).

In the striker position, I think the deal we’re all hoping for is Griezmann for Sanchez, then watching Wenger copy what France did in Euro 2016. I think that’s a far-fetched dream. Would the young Frenchman pack in a higher chance of glory at Atleti?

Have my doubts. But look, we’re a massive club, we can pay massive money and London is very good to French people.

Just not sure we’re going to drop that much money on a single name. But who knows. It’s a bit of a pipe dream and I can’t help but think the lingering thought works well for the #WeTried narrative.

I also think we’re so late in the day now, that any purchase might look reckless. I’d also imagine that maybe the club might look at the car crash unravelling and wonder if it wise to give Wenger £90m of budget.

… because here’s the thing. What we’re witnessing now is end of days stuff. Wenger is the old lion, he’s broken a leg, his pride is deserting him and winter is coming. Sure, he might get lucky and survive this, but I’d be very surprised if he’s going to be able to deliver what he needs to deliver this season and actually enjoy it.

The fans might love him, but that love is different, because the relationship has been tarnished hard. The atmosphere in the ground has been toxic for years now. The atmosphere online is pretty grim. There’s no energy or buzz around the club. His comments are out of hand. Can the club continue to support someone who isn’t delivering on a modern mandate?

I’m not sure.

I think Wenger was very close to moving on last time. If you remember correctly, he had plenty of opportunities to sign a deal. I think we beat Spurs in the November. I think we had a good result against Manchester City (our first win against a big team in years) and we beat United away from home (I might be getting some of this confused because I’m in a rush).

… yet he waited until he won a cup to sign on. If he’d lost that Hull game, I don’t think he’d have stayed on.

My hope is if he does want to leave this time, he gives the club time to replace. Rather than melt around mulling the decision on his terms. If he wants to hand the club over and he wants it to succeed, he needs to give the board time to speak to the right people so they can replace him. He also needs to step clear of being involved in that decision.

An old-fashioned manager has no place in deciding who replaces him. Fergie was pretty aware of what made a good manager and he picked Moyes. Which was a disaster.

Anyway, let’s see where the window goes. Just saw a post comparing Mustafi and Evans. Pretty similar stats wise. Give me the Premier ready taller version if we have to go for someone. We can’t afford a 3 months of, ‘OMG THIS GUY IS OFF THE PACE’ signing in late August. Especially as La Liga is behind us in fitness and bit of a shambles of a club anyway.



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  1. Dissenter

    Be rest assure
    Kroenke is not as daft as people make out. That’s why he left his son in the board. That tells me he does not have 100% in the club’s hierarchy.
    I’m sure his son will be giving him the other side to the story.
    The true nature of Kroenke will be revealed.
    He could very well be a money grubbing business that fits the stereotype American businesses like google and amazon have crated in Europe.
    Until Wenger leaves or is disgraced out we will never know.

  2. Joe


    Mentioned it the other day , if we had a smart manager and not the cunt we do now and did our business early we could have had:

    Mkhit 30m
    LacaZette 30m
    Mustafi 25m
    Xhaka 35m

    And then sold a bunch of the crap we have to make up the difference

    But not our cunt manager. Waiting until the last day.

    And regardless of any purchases, you’re telling me a proper manager couldn’t have beaten Liverpool and Leicester city with the squad we already have???

    The worst thing about Wenger is that he is totally fucking useless as a football manager.

    I hope watford take points from us this weekend

  3. Leedsgunner


    Wellington was let go — on a free by Arsene “Resale” Wenger and Hayden was sold to Newcastle for £2m.

    I’m saying if I was in charge I would definitely sell them. 🙂

  4. Doublethink

    If he’s restricted that makes the decision to sign Xhaka even worse, our priority should of been a ST, then a CB, then a wide player (although a CM could’ve been third). So he spends 35m on a holding midfielder leaving him with just 10m to deal with the bigger weaknesses, is that what you’re saying in defence of Wenger Alex?

  5. Alexanderhenry


    Thank you.

    Before I came on here, kroenke was hardly mentioned. It was all ‘wenger out’ ad nauseum.
    Now, he’s discussed almost as much as wenger and apart from the hopelessly stupid, most people at least acknowledge that he is partly to blame.
    That’s why i come on here.

  6. Romford Ozil Pele

    Marko, still the same stuff really. Trying to get Mustafi’s price down but looking at alternatives. By leaving it this late though we’ve only made it harder for ourselves because everyone knows what we need so are only gonna increase the price.

    Can’t see us getting Lacazette either. Looking an increasingly bad decision considering how he’s started the season. I think there’ll be one in, hopefully two. But if we don’t sign then Wenger and co have to be ready for the mutiny coming their way because it’ll be more than toxic.

    The away fans chanting Wenger Out was a new one. That wasn’t an isolated few fans either, a large majority were behind that. And when you lose the away fans who travel far and wide to watch The Arsenal, you’re in deep trouble.

    I’ve been on holiday since the Liverool game and only got back on Monday. It’s pretty depressing stuff and I see no end in sight but hopefully there’s light at the end of the tunnel somehow.

  7. Romford Ozil Pele

    The TV money has been great for the PL but it’s also created issues with the rest of Europe because selling players in general now is a myth. European teams were struggling to compete as it is but they can’t afford the wages even average PL players are earning so selling has become harder. You do wonder how long before this bubble bursts.

  8. Leedsgunner


    All your targets were very attainable — if we had moved fast in the summer.

    Xhaka is an interesting one. The more I look at it, if Xhaka was in our plans why the heck did we buy Elneny?

    Even with Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky departing we are completely overstocked in the central midfield.

    The mischievous part of me says Xhaka was another opportune purchase bought in not because we needed him (as welcome as his quality is) but to placate the ST holders. In this way Xhaka is a luxury signing making either Elneny or Coquelin redundant… unless Ramsey was going to get sold this summer.

    If we were able to get Mhitarian and Vardy, I wouldn’t put it past Wenger to sell Ramsey at a huge profit after the Euros… but he dare not now… he’s been embarrassed too much.

  9. ADKB

    Wenger: “I treat the club’s money as if it was my own”

    I’m late to the party but I’ll go ahead any way 🙂

    This it the crux of the matter at Arsenal. Wenger isn’t an employee of the club. He’s one of the “owners” and in fact to all intents and purposes he’s probably the most powerful person at the club. He only happens to manage the team too.

  10. Rambo Ramsey

    “When a manager like Wenger goes on about how much he detests the windows and buying to vest total transfer control in that person is beyond idiotic.”

    Cesc, bang on, the thought process that goes into these vital aspects of administration beggars belief.

    Is there a weaker CEO than Gazidis in world football? With Wenger’s huge influence at the club, I can maybe sympathize that Gazidis might have found it difficult to exert any authority for the first few months after his appointment. But you’d expect a fucking CEO to gradually make use of his power and start taking control over club matters and his employees. This chap many years has he been at Arsenal?

    Incompetent weakling.

  11. Romford Ozil Pele

    Marko, looks like it. It’s worth noting that I only talk to two German scouts at Arsenal so there’s probably people who know more than I do. I only really get the intel on German markets. Mustafi is easily ours if we pay the money, Valencia keep pushing it up but they can do that. Hopefully there’s other stuff but I only say what I know. Everything else is what I read.

  12. Redtruth

    The Guardian 25 June 2001

    “When I told Arsene Wenger I was leaving, he said to me ‘I have £25m to spend on a few players’. My answer was ‘Obviously, Mr Wenger, you are not shopping in Harrods. That will only buy you one good player.’ Now I have been proved right.

    “Arsene Wenger has signed two ‘hopeful’ players who haven’t proved themselves in the Premiership yet. One of them is a boy of 20

    “You can’t compete with the best clubs in Europe by making these kind of signings.

    “Arsene Wenger is an ambitious manager and he knows deep in his heart that he needs five world-class players to compete among the best in Europe.”

    Vieira agrees with Alexanderhenry the club is tight and Wenger has been hampered.

  13. kenyangunner

    On 29 August 2013, Dynamo Moscow signed three players from Anzhi, with Samba being one of them, wearing the number 4 shirt. However, Samba’s family are still based in England. For this reason, Samba is periodically linked with moves back to an English club……..just saying

  14. Redtruth

    Arsenal were maintaining the status quo when they appointed Kroenke chief owner
    The real slide domestically for Wenger came when Abramovich arrived on these shores..

  15. champagne charlie

    Month old quotes resurfacing for shits and giggles I see…

    Nothing wrong with spending the money as if it was your own, doesn’t negate spending, it’s merely a matter of responsibility. We have finite resources despite what many like to suggest, he feels the way to manage is to be responsible and spend what you have. Not much to argue with there.

    Maybe concern yourselves with Kroenke if you don;t think the money we have is suffice. Then again it’s much easier to vilify one man and pretend all is rosey elsewhere in the club. When Wenger is replaced it’ll be league titles and Cl’s as some clever few suggest… Right you are..

  16. Jacko


    You might want to ignore Alex H, he really is the village idiot here.

    Just read the thread above with posters continually outlining their case against his obsessive theory, only for him to come back and repeat the same crap. He actually thinks Wenger’s budget last season was entirely exhausted on Cech? Yeah I know what you’re thinking!

    Nobody likes Kronke, they just appreciate that Wenger is the first problem on the list.

    Given the choice I am sure that 99.9% of posters here would want Wenger, Kronke and the board out – in that order.

    Alex strikes me as a some kind of Scientologist. Gullible , harmless, endlessly devoted to a Miscavige type figure….and at little bit cuckoo!

  17. Ashley

    Anybody seen article from France claiming the board blocked wengers move for griezman ? My mate just sent me a pic of a notification he got on his phone so post link

  18. Dissenter

    “Nothing wrong with spending the money as if it was your own”

    Sorry, You have this 100% wrong.
    Wenger Has to separate his own feelings from the cold hard work that he’s paid 8.5 million annually to do. No one is asking him to waste it but at east use it to meet the needs of the club. He needs to stop trying to force round pegs into square holes. It’s almost as if he’s trying to make omelettes out of bananas.
    This should not even be an issue if there was oversight. Wenger should not be the one to make the call about a player being too expensive. That’s for the CEO/Director of football to make.
    Wenger’s job is to prepare the first team, full stop.

  19. champagne charlie


    How is spending the clubs money like your own in anyway “100%” wrong? It’s nothing to do with his own feelings, it’s to do with being responsible to the money that the club actually has. Honestly the manner in which some fans can raise issue with the most arbitrary comment is crazy.

  20. Ishola70

    “Anybody seen article from France claiming the board blocked wengers move for griezman ? My mate just sent me a pic of a notification he got on his phone so post link”

    “** can’t post link”

    Heh. Tell us what website it is from?

  21. Joe


    All reports I’m reading are saying Wenger was banking on Costa going back to atletico making griezmann possibly available.

    His buyout is 100m euros. Has more chance of silverware at atletico. Loves simoene

    Why would he ever come

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Reflecting on our transfer business over past 4 years there have been some positives, which are:
    OSPINA [low budget squad player]
    HOLDING [low budget squad player]
    ELNENY[low budget squad player]
    WELBECK [at the time good value but out recently with too many injuries]

    The negatives have been:

    So we should not be too critical of many of the players we have bought.

    On the other hand you need to be critical that Wenger has not invested in a
    top class CB and ST most notably Sanchez and Higuain.

    Also you have to question the reasons for being unable to offload squad players who are surplus to requirements. The only significant sales that we have managed in past 4 years have been Gervinho and Vermaelen.

  23. OleGunner


    Do you feel like there have been players in the market this window within Arsenals price range who could’ve been used to address our ST and CB needs?

    If your answer is yes then its down to Wenger not using our hard earned cash to fix major holes in the squad? Sure I know there are 7 days left (chuckles) but I’m interested to here your response to the situation as it is now.

    If your answer is no then clearly we shouldn’t bother adding to the squad and just deal with the season as is.

  24. Ishola70

    “All reports I’m reading are saying Wenger was banking on Costa going back to atletico making griezmann possibly available.”

    And that was to strengthen their frontline not have Costa as replacement for Griezmann.

    Squawka I think it was reported that Wenger Griezmann story.

    So the rumour is debunked straight from the get go as Griezmann would have been playing in the same team as Costa not leaving due to him arriving.

    Poor old Arsene. Being held back by the board.

  25. Dissenter

    If you have an uptight manager who’s tsingy with his own money and would rather take economy class or stay in hostels, should than manager be allowed to do the same to his club’s transfer business?
    There has to be a separation of one’s bias from the work that’s required.
    Wenger’s pseudo-principles and misunderstanding of the market is killing us.
    We walked away from Higuain because Madrid jacked up the price from the md-20s to the mid 30-ism million transfer [Napoli gladly paid that] Napole have made 150% profit on him in 3 years.
    Wenger’s problem is he’s approaching these deals with fear of failing as well as taking away mitigating factors to explain his mediocity every year.

    There shouldn’t be a problem with spending a club’s money if there was oversight. There ought to be someone above wenger to provide oversight and someone on the board to provide a second opinion.

  26. Joe



    Why would griezmann leave with Costa coming

    1+1= 5

    Don’t worry. The Akbs will lap this up.

    Another almost signed trophy.

  27. Sam

    Xhaka was a top player all summer what happened?

    now crying for Mkhityarian coz he signed for another club. had he signed for Arsenal he would’ve expired by now

    It means 90% of posts here should be ignored
    Either these posters are drunk, can’t remember what they thought of Xhaka before he signed for Arsenal, or just stooooopid

  28. Dissenter

    Wenger’s approach is to wait for the apple to fall from the tree.
    That’s why he waited last year for Benzema hoping a chain reaction will send him to us. That’s how we got Ozil in 2013.

    Wenger is always REACTIVE. Has it not occurred to him that sometimes he has to buy the f**king apple tree rather that waiting like a pauper for the odd apple to drop.

    Chelsea’s approach was to but the freaking apple tree. They bought excellent talents ]other than their youth system] and loaned them out. Now it’s paying off because they are making a profit on player sales. These aren’t players who go for record fees but 5-10 million.

    We chose to act out of fear and hoard the cumulated unspent transfer money under our pillow.

  29. champagne charlie


    Look at all your assertions about Wenger, it’s as if you’re related haha gimme a break will you, you don’t like him and attribute everything wrong with Arsenal to him. It’s pathetic.

    I thought he should have been replaced this summer after last summers shocking window and sub-par season. He wasn’t though, so why would I still feel like he was enemy number one? It’s Kroenke’s inability to function as an interested owner that is our biggest weakness, not Wenger and his apparent misgivings. We’ve been successful with Wenger at the club (different environment), but have we ever been successful with Kroenke? No..

    Replace Wenger and there’s still a better than fair chance we’ll operate in the same way, though some strictly managerial changes will obviously occur. Change the ownership to someone who wants the best for Arsenal in a sporting sense and the rest takes care of itself, if Wenger can deliver it then there we are, if not then we have an owner keen on someone who will.

  30. Sam

    Actually 1+1=5 is possible in Maths
    this cunt still in primary school
    try modular arithmetic sometimes you spud cunt

  31. Ishola70

    “My mate got the notification from an app called footmob”

    Ah right. Footmob eh?

    It’s bullshit and the original story/rumour comes from a site called Squawka which was useful and still is as a stats site but has in recent times decided to branch out into giving worse than transfer/rumour stories.

    And the original Squawka story did not mention anything about Wenger being blocked by the board for a Griezmann move. Just that Wenger may go in for Griezmann if Costa went back to Atletico. And we have already ascertained that in fact Costa going to Atletico would not be as a replacement for Griezmann but to play alongside him.

    So yeah nonsense really from start to finish.

  32. Red&White4life

    “One thing that Arsenal cannot reproach Mr Wenger for therefore, is, he is at least trying to cause the “madness” that Arsenal fans have been craving for throughout the summer transfer window.”

    WTF ??? lol

  33. Dissenter

    Kroenke is guilty as s charged. I’m not going to shill for him.
    Having said that, Wenger is the first that has to go because h’es the football manager who’s taken it upon himself to belly ache about the 600 employees of Arsenal FC rather than do the 8.5 million annual job he’s paid to do.

    When Wenger has left, we will have to do the same to Kroenke.
    I’ll flip the page on you; If you give a decent manager half the power and freedom that Wenger has been given he will do much better.
    First he would clear out all the deadwood like Wilshere [who’s always injured], Ramsey [good player but is played out of position all the time, Walcott [useless as a turd], Oxlade [5 years with little improvement] for a good profit.
    He will take the proceed and add it to the 40-60 million rumored transfer budget and rebuild this team.
    Next he will approach games without the nactical naivete and utter predictability that Wenger has foisted on the club.

  34. Joe

    Modular arithmetic


    The cunt doesn’t know how to form a proper sentence or how to spell but he wants to talk about modular arithmetic


    God bless this blog

  35. Dissenter

    Our best bet is Manolas who’s far better than Mustafi.
    We really have no other choices at this moment.

    The 50 million being quoted for Mustafi is unbelievably stupid. I wouldn’t pay that too no matter what.
    50 million for Hummels, Maquinos or Verane makes sense but Mustafi? Hell no.

  36. champagne charlie


    You say that, but you’re only operating via having Arsenal under immense scrutiny compared to other clubs – what are excuses for Arsene are reasons for others, that’s patently clear in posters analysis time and again.

    It’s blase to suggest someone would walk in and do much better just because you’re under the impression the current boss is so inadequate. It’s not factual, it’s fictitious and born out of hope than anything else using the ABC logic often found in football.

    I’ve already stated a new manager should have been appointed THIS summer, with some of the reasons you mentioned fair. However it’s clear to me more than ever that the manager of this football club is in no way the biggest of concerns, and frankly the amount of shit Wenger has had to take fronting the rest has me questioning the kind of financial health we see so often touted in the press.

    Tell me reasonably, without bashing Wengers character, why a manager of a top European club would NOT want the very best he could have at his disposal? It’s senseless to sit and suggest Wenger is merely choosing not to spend what’s “available” *wink wink* because he wants to do it the hard way. That further underlines the utter charlatan we have owning the club in my mind, because who on earth would stand to tolerate an employee doing that at the expense of the football brand?

  37. Marko

    he feels the way to manage is to be responsible and spend what you have. Not much to argue with there

    So you’re saying that we only had 10 million to spend last summer? Or do you buy into the whole players aren’t available out there who could improve us Charlie? Or simply what’s the excuse for this summer? What’s the opinion on this summer Charlie?

  38. champagne charlie


    Why are we still talking about last summer? Be as well talking about 2001, it’s not relevant anymore seeing as the board/Stan have decided last summer/season was forgivable. You want to still moan at Wenger though, have at it…ignore the real issue.

    This window? I’ll let you know how I feel about the window when it’s done and dusted amte, right now we’re patently short of a CB and Forward. If the window closed today I’d say it was another shocking summer and it has to be the last season from Wenger without question.

  39. Marko

    MarkoWhy are we still talking about last summer? Be as well talking about 2001, it’s not relevant anymore seeing as the board/Stan have decided last summer/season was forgivable. You want to still moan at Wenger though, have at it…ignore the real issue.

    Trying to figure out when it stopped being Wenger’s fault and started being stans. Also I keep bringing up last summer cause shock horror we’re having a shocking summer this. But no all is forgiven. You said he spends what he’s got so I asked so he had 10 million to spend last summer? I mean you made the point I’m just questioning it. I’ll wait a week and ask you again about this summer. It’ll be interesting to see how you spin it

  40. champagne charlie


    Did you not read what I said to you then, obviously not if you’re talking about me spinning anything.

    I’ve always had major reservations about Stan and the business operation Wenger has worked under since his arrival. I’ve said before, Wenger was successful here but Stan has never been. Find it odd how the only conclusion posters seem keen on drawing is Wengers fault. Interesting dismissal of the obvious substandard ownership.

  41. Marko

    Charlie exactly like what Alex spins you’ve got absolutely no evidence to back up your continuous assertions that it’s Kroenke to blame and not Wenger. He’s practically blameless. It’s all nonsense. He’s to blame for allowing the people who really run Arsenal (Wenger and his yes men) to run us the way you see it today. We’re not shite that’s just not true but we’re so mundane and predictable and lack such ambition that it’s shocking considering the money we have, the prices we charge and the pointless stadium we built. Are we doing everything within our means to be a competitive football club? Absolutely not. Is it Kroenke’s fault? Slightly but not as much as Wenger’s. He spends the money as if it’s his own. And that’s ok afterall

  42. champagne charlie


    Unlike you to ignore what’s posted and make up the rest.

    I said Wenger should’ve left this summer based on last summers transfer window and the sub-par season, he didn’t which is of greater concern to me because there’s the fucking evidence right there that the ownership of this club is rotten.

    So, I have issue with what Wenger did last term, I have issue with this window if it stays as is, but I have greater issue with the fact the people/person whose job it is to control these matter simply aren’t doing it. You sit claiming it’s without evidence, the evidence is 6ft3 and french – Wenger not being challenged for last summer and this summer is every shred of evidence I need to deduce Stan is a bigger problem.

  43. Ishola70

    Confused and conflicted views just like Arseblog today.

    Club is not going to go forward until enough fans sort their heads out.

  44. Ishola70

    We can add in there contradictory as well.

    Confused, conflicted and contradictory.

    And all because of that man from Alsace- Lorraine.

    The nutters on Untold are actually suffering from less symptoms.