Wenger destroying his legacy, and it’s sad to watch

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Well, it’s getting all a touch painful, and we’re what, two games in? Arsene Wenger bore the wrath of the away support as fans chanted for him to leave the club. I wasn’t at the game, but I read it was quite vociferous and it wasn’t a minority.

I think the difficulty for Arsene Wenger at this point is that he’s taken things too far. He’s run out of goodwill. The fans are unfortunately in a position where anything outside a resounding win is a disappointment fueled by his ineptitude that needs to be met with aggressive disobedience.

That is Wenger’s fault. This isn’t about having terrible fans. This is all on one man whose belligerence, dithering and lack of energy has pushed fans down the nastiest of paths. This is about a man who has it all to make Arsenal a powerhouse, but chose instead to stick his middle finger up then sit on his hands. This is about fans watching the dying days of a manager who should have been put out of his misery 5 years ago.

Yesterday wasn’t a terrible result in the context of an away day at the Champions after a bit of a thumping in our first game. However, framed in the reality of the moment, Leicester looked a pretty poor side who were there for the taking and Arsenal didn’t do what Hull did last week and take the victory.

If we had a proper striker, that game is ours. Simple as that. The bare minimum of summer requirements has been badly mismanaged again. To make things worse, before the game, the media shared quotes from Wenger who insisted Alexis Sanchez was on par with Suarez technically, ‘He has similar qualities to Luis Suarez. He is technically top’, which is enough to drive even the sanest fan wild. The reality is Sanchez is nowhere near Suarez, it’s a pipedream of a fantasy (my fantasy) that was on full show today. He’s not smart enough and he has no presence in that role. He was eaten up by the Leicester defence today.

There were other issues outside the square peg / round hole striker situation. Before the game, it was leaked to the press that Santi Cazorla kicked off about being dropped for the Liverpool game. So what did Wenger do against the Champions? Instead of starting Mesut Ozil in the hole, he opted for Santi who never looks good there. Keeping a favourite happy, rather than doing what was right for the starting 11.

The final strange decision came when he dropped the impressive Elneny for Xhaka and continued with Coquelin. Now look, I like the Frenchman, but he’s really kind of average. The whole point of signing Xhaka and Elneny was to upgrade a problematic position. Coquelin just isn’t a great player. In games against great teams when you need smart players who can unpick defences, why are we putting in players who can’t fulfill on that?

We really struggled to break down Leicester’s resolute defence. Their two banks of 4 made it really tough to break through the lines. But we didn’t change things up until, you guessed it, the 70th minute when we brought on Mesut, Jack and a bit later Giroud.

Shock horror, when we brought on players who could open up the pitch creatively and run through the lines, we started to make chances and looked like a team that could do something. It still wasn’t enough, but you do wonder why Wenger didn’t setup with a bolder line up? Why did he cave to the whims of a great player who doesn’t have the legs anymore? Why did he wait until the 70th minute to make a progressive change?

It’s the same issues we have all the time, Wenger is a manager of routine. He’s a manager who can’t handle conflict in his dressing room. He’s a man who has consistently demonstrated terrible in-game management.

So what did we learn?

Main Man

Koscielny was a welcome antidote to the back four. He really is an exceptional talent wasted at our club. He should be winning Champions League medals. However, he chose the Arsene Wenger tutelage and he’s stuck with us. I’m glad. He reads the game so well, he calms those around him and he was pivotal in us keeping a clean sheet. His fitness is directly correlated with our success this season.

Rob Holding

He had a really good game. I trust him. Sure, he makes some mistakes, sure he’s green. But he looks like he could be a player. Confident on the ball, he has northern grit about his game and he looks very excited to be playing in the big leagues. A great talent. Wenger complaining that people don’t respect him as a signing because he didn’t cost £55m is ridiculous. Fans are more than happy to have great young talent at the club. Thing is, they know how it goes. 10 good games, 5 bad. The plan was most likely to send him out on loan. Him being in the starting 11 is a big accident. Him becoming an important player for us over the next few months is amateur hour. The fact he looks better than Gabriel tells a real story…

Theo Walcott

Ok, so maybe I was just really upset and really drunk. But look, Theo looked impressive at times? Sure his finishing was still off, but he looked twice the player Sanchez did. He tracked back, threw himself about, played through the middle, out wide. He looked dangerous. I know I’ve written things like this before, then been disappointed by him… but for me, he’s better through the middle than Sanchez.


Did not impress me. I know he’s new to the club and the league, but he looked out of sorts and certainly didn’t look the superstar he did at the Euros. He was caught on the ball and he wasn’t really allowed to showcase his skills on the ball because of how deep Leicester played. Not a great first two games. I look at how well Kante played and how he was cheaper and worry. But look, Kante hasn’t a creative bone in his body… and Xhaka has room to grow. So let’s see.


Let’s just not ever do that again. He’s a brilliant player, super on the ball, dazzling with his feet. But he doesn’t have the legs anymore and I think it’s been pretty clear his best position has been in the deeper lying role. I have absolutely no idea what Wenger was thinking not starting Ozil. It’s an embarrassing slight on his management that he caved to a player who leaked stories to the press.

The Manager

Someone needs to take him aside and tell him that he is merely a cog in the Arsenal machine. He is not bigger than the club. He is not the club. He is certainly not the fucking financial controller.

“I will spend £300m if I find the right player, and we have £300m. But we also have 600 employees and we need to have a responsible attitude as well.

Comments like that strain the relationship with fans because they’re patronising, they make him a target of the media because everyone knows the points are stupid and they show that he’s completely out of touch.

Arsenal will never again be in a situation where paying their staff will be an issue. Never. Arsene Wenger has never been responsible for the salaries of non-playing staff. Arsene Wenger is not our financial controller. Only last week he had to be corrected on his view that referees were paid £45k a week. Arsenal have £200m in the bank, guaranteed TV revenues lined up for 10 years, growing shirt sponsorship deals and an ever growing global fanbase who have dollars to spend. He really should just keep his mouth shut about the finances, they’re outrageously good.

“I’m a bit fed up saying the same thing when people say we do not want to spend. We analyse everything then make the right signings.”

Fans are a bit fed up that this constant analysis ends the same way, with no players. A squad that isn’t good enough to compete. No major trophies.

… and this is the thing. We constantly hear that Wenger is a bad loser. That he longs to be a winner. That he lives and breathes the club.

So here’s an idea? Why doesn’t he fucking do something about it?

He behaves like a masochist. Like he enjoys going into the season with an under-prepared squad. Like he enjoys, at 67 years old, sitting in a disgustingly toxic ground that’s turning on him. Like he’s addicted to the misery of losing.

Wenger should have looked at his squad this summer, assessed the weaknesses and gone aggressively for what he needed.

Sell Theo Walcott and Alex Chamberlain for £50m (If you can get £32m for Bolasie and Benteke, you can get good money for our two). Move on David Ospina and Kieran Gibbs for £10m.

Pay Mkhitaryan £200k a week, because he was on for us. Go hard for a striker if Vardy falls through, most clubs managed someone. If you can’t get a striker, maybe move for Draxler or Reus and convert them through the middle like you did with Thierry. Do something, because to do nothing is beyond stupid. Go out and sign a centre back like John Stones because he’ll be England captain and one of the most complete ball playing defenders since Rio Ferdinand. Sign up the best young keeper in the game. Sign up an experienced backup central defender.

We could do all of that for £80m give or take £10m.

Then what do you have? A fucking great squad. You heard on Sky the explayers talking about the buzz of rolling into training knowing they’re playing with the best in the business. That’s what Arsenal haven’t had since, what, 2002 (players wise, when we signed about 8 names)? That buzz of invincibility. That excitement that the manager has dropped a madness and winning is inevitable.

Why doesn’t Wenger do that? Why wouldn’t he want to be presiding over positive energy? Why wouldn’t he want the fans chanting his name because we know the boss has, well, bossed the summer?

We’ll never know. Well, maybe we do, Wenger has already come out and insanely said that vibrancy doesn’t matter in relation to performance. You know what Arsene? You’re wrong. Absolutely wrong. Like you’ve been wrong so many times over the last ten years. Like you have been this summer.

That’s why the fans are upset. That’s why the media are savaging your summer. That’s why no one, bar Stan Kroenke believes in you (and I have to question if his undying support can continue when you look at how we’re falling behind United with sponsorship deals / he said he’d like to win things).

Finally, remember this, the narrative of ‘two players short’ is just that. An engineered story that keeps Wenger in a job and in new contracts. My personal view is this works for Wenger, because the reality is, if he spent £150m on players, he’d not be able to deliver the Champions League or the Premier League, especially now he has genuine world-class managerial quality to compete with. He’s not sharp enough with his in-game management, his tactical approach is rigid and predictable, he’s not ruthless and he doesn’t have the energy to lead like he once did.

My hope is that this is the last season we have to put up with this. My hope is that Wenger opts out of a new deal, because I have no faith Gazidis will pull the contract away from him. But hey, wishful thinking, we know he’ll engineer a 10 game winning streak, sign a 2 year deal and we’ll be back where any club would be with a substandard man running the show.

When I wrote a few weeks ago I was looking forward to next season already, I was right. Look at us now. Unreal it’s come to this. Let’s all pray this is the last time we have to go through this. Let’s pray this is Wenger’s last season.


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  1. Steveyg87

    all these names being linked making my fucken head spin

    Lets close up shop and let Wenger in to the shit storm without an umbrella

  2. Jeff


    Of course it’s boring. We’ve had 10+ years of it. Every summer the devoted hopefuls tell us Wenger will have to spend this time – there’s no choice and then they see the summer months fritter away while the team is still desperately short. Even they are lost for words. So they keep on repeating the same old bollocks. It’s tiresome and it has to end.

    Silence from anyone else at the club is deafening. Wenger is like the lone ranger who’s gone off the rails and is shooting his mouth off with anything that comes to his head. It’s a bizarre situation.

  3. tunnygriffboy


    I agree that for ‘x’ number of years people have said things will be different and that he has to spen. I was one of them

    It’s different this time though. Patience has gone. Every dropped point will be greeted with anger. Majority of fans have been tipped over the edge.

  4. Jeff


    You’re repeating the situation as it is. We know that’s how it is and we knew that’s how it would be. We’ve known for a number of years. What drives me round the bend is blind denial that we’re up shit creek without a paddle so long as Wenger remains in charge. So long as you have so many fans still in denial, it will never change.

    It’s not alright. It’s not going to change. It’s not going to get better. We’re not suddenly start competing by magic alone. You can wait another 10 years with Wenger and we will still be here saying the same things.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    The thing is though, I don’t think anyone, or most people are making out we’re worse than we are…that’s the point. Most people sort of think 4th or 5th, which is about right, not extreme.

    The club just isn’t a football club, I think that is the worse criticism you can level at it, its using the league standing targeted as a way of making money in the same way you a business would target product sales or something.

    Wenger’s comments were embarrassing yesterday and it is yet more evidence of the fact he has far, far too much power and control at Arsenal, he thinks he’s a manager, DoF, CEO, CFO and owner.

    I think a lot of fans are actually realistic, last year people called me a pessimist, but I said I thought we’d finish 3rd from the summer, I’m a realist. You have to be an optimist if you think this team could shock people…and I guess saying you think they will ‘shock’ highlights the common perception of Arsenal as also rans.

    We’re also rans who are making no effort to change that because we like the business model we’ve created, not winning the race is one thing, putting in no effort to try to is entirely another.

    Dull club, boringly predictable, we can see the failings that are going to hit months in advance, penny pinching and transfer failures to the point of satire, to the point were I’ve seen opposition fans actually getting angry about it, I’ve seen Man Utd fans on Arsenal Fan TV comments laying into Arsenal and Wenger for their total pussy approach to football.

    Arsenal are pointless as a football club. Shout out to all the ‘one Wenger’ crew from the end of last season, big pat on the back for yourselves.


    Yeah, I mean see above what I posted to Tunny sort of encapsulates my feelings on it.

    The way Arsenal fans excuse it or try to reason it out though, not saying Tunny is doing that by the way in case it seems I’m aiming barbs at him.

    Its like they think we have no right to expect Arsenal to behave like a football club, we have no right to demand that the enormous piles of money they’ve got are reinvested into the football side of things that makes that f*****g money anyway!

    It’s protect Wenger at all costs, try to find the logic in anything he does. I mean there isn’t any, if someone like me sat here eating Doritos could tell you that the price of players would ridiculously inflate for us if we left it until a couple of weeks until the end of the window having had a bad start to the season how can that buffoon try to use that as an excuse.

    I’ve always failings at Arsenal get used to excuse failings, didn’t invest in the summer, failure, failed to compete for the title but that’s okay because we didn’t spend a lot and suffered through injuries and a lack of quality and depth…so failings excusing failings.

    Wenger botched this window up until now so Lyon are asking £50 Million, Valencia are asking £50 Million and suddenly the pro-Wenger rabble want to try and say ‘well do you want to pay £100 Million for Lacazette and Mustafi,’ no you berk of course not, that’s why when you lot were ‘loling’ at the ‘WOB’ slating him in June and early we were asking for the club to get their business done early.

  6. Sam

    See the difference

    Ranieri does the simple thing, bring in one of his fastest striker to run at our tired defenders to try n win the game
    Wenger sends in his slowest striker to try n ruin the game

  7. Up 4 grabs now

    It does have that end of days feel to it.
    The away fans have turned, some of the home fans have.
    The media are smelling blood. It just needs to continue.

  8. Sam

    that Musa cunt turned over our Bellend twice. So embarrassing I couldn’t wait for ref to blow the final whistle

  9. Danny

    The away fans have turned, some of the home fans have.
    They are a piss in the ocean. Out of 60,000 at the Emirates maybe at the most 500 and probably less than that.

  10. vicky


    Why do you think he is an over-rated dross ? He had an amazing season at Southampton and was very good at Celtic too. He is good with the ball as well.

  11. Joe

    Or something to that effect

    Doesn’t believe he is worth 40-50m

    Well if Wenger had paid the 25m earlier in the wondow we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    It’s his own doing.

  12. Jeff

    Can’t argue with that Cesc. But it is repetitious. We’ve said it so many times in so many ways that there really isn’t much else to do but just say it again. I admit to being completely and utterly bored, fed up, apathetic, indifferent. Even my son who was an avid AKB for years and years (and we’ve had some heated arguments over it) has changed his tune about Wenger.

    I sometimes think to myself – was the first 10 years worth the second ten? Not any more and the longer it goes on the worse it will get.

  13. Sam

    Arsenal just signed a northerner with posh name n he looks like Ramsey
    Le grove posters ignored him coz he did well, they hate positive news about Arsenal Fc.

    They wants moan about why we didn’t pay Valencia 50M quids for Mustafa

  14. tunnygriffboy

    Right. I’m hitting panic stations. For one reason or other (and we don’t know the ins and outs) it’s being reported that Valencia not selling Mustafi

    Ok move onto next option (even if it ridiculously late in window)

    How ever fair play to Holding he had a good game on saturday. Will this mean he won’t go for another CB? Disastrous if so given a dodgy backed Kos is our only senior CB

    Mustafi not worth his £42million buy out clause. Should we pay it though ?

    Imagine if we don’t bring anyone else in ? He’s already in a tiz with the fans having a go at him. Worse it’ll get.

  15. Up 4 grabs now


    As long as the away fans keep it up, and the dissenting home fans as well, the media will keep attacking him.

  16. Joe


    Cryuff and Ancelotti were rumoured as other candidates at the time of Wenger appointment.

    Think they would of done just as good.

  17. Up 4 grabs now


    If the fans aren’t happy and the media continue the shit storm, and keep chasing him that contract extension might not get offered.
    Stan might not want his product to get so much bad publicity and think time for a change.
    How many times do you see a manager win back the fans after losing them? Never!

  18. Redtruth

    The problem is Wenger hasn’t lost the fans.
    I was criticised by idiots like Marc for not celebrating our FA Cup win and this is precisely why i didn’t, as nothing has changed and nothing will change so long as Wenger remains..

  19. tunnygriffboy

    I think he’ll buy. He knows he’ll get no respite from the dissent. He already seems really irked about it and worse it’ll get

    Sorry I’ll amend that. If I was in his position I’d buy 🙂

    If he doesn’t he’s basically accepting that this is his last year as the unrest will build and build.

    Do we now have to pay £42 million for Mustafi ? Would you pay it ?

  20. Emiratesstroller


    This is a journalist who writes in season for newspaper on weekly basis. He has a very good insight in the way the club is run.

    Two years ago he disclosed that the youth programme of the club including the coaching was not up to scratch particularly when compared to Spurs. Since then there have been some improvements, but when I read the post of
    Jorge Bird this weekend that the club has currently only one fit CB in our U23
    Squad and was forced to play a midfielder there against Man City it tells you

    Sofar the club has not won a competitive match at senior, U23 and U18 levels!!!

    I have just watched Cascarino’s interview on Sky. The analysis of what is going on at the club is very clear. Wenger is out of touch on transfer business and

    We have missed out on a lot of players in this transfer window simply because of his way of doing business and now it is probably too late to get anyone half
    decent unless we pay through nose. Everyone knows Arsenal’s situation and
    more importantly our bank balance.

    The club is in crisis, because whilst we will not get relegated I don’t think the
    current team is good enough to get in top 4 and that will impact next summer
    on revenues leaving aside some of the ridiculous statements most notably by

    Someone at the club needs to take the transfer business out of the hands of Wenger and the new computer programme.

    My view now is that it is probably too late to buy the players that the club needs. More importantly there needs to be a review of how the club operates
    and a decision should be taken by the club now not to renew Wenger’s contract and go out and recruit for season 2017/8 the best manager we can find.

    One thing is for sure if Wenger remains at club beyond this season we
    will lose almost certainly Koscielny,Ozil,Sanchez and Bellerin. That for me becomes a crisis.

  21. Danny

    Do we now have to pay £42 million for Mustafi ? Would you pay it ?
    No. Use it to get us a centre forward

  22. Rambo Ramsey

    Here’s your daily dose of laughter, lads

    ‘Ibrahimovic is I believe slower than Giroud, which given the speed of our attacks would quite possibly make him a liability’ – Tony Attwood

  23. Hunter

    Your Comment Here
    Look people lets face facts,Wenger will become the most disliked Manager that we have ever had in recent years,in fact a large contingent of fans actually hate the guy(me included).
    But we all support Arsenal FC in the good times and the bad,true supporters would support the club no matter what division they were playing in and no matter what team is put out on the field of play!WHY because we love the club and what it means to us,we love the history its in our blood.
    Wenger is NOT AFC,he is merely a man that has believed in his own ego,he believes he IS Arsenal FC,he built the club and before he came we had nothing!
    This man will never walk away from us knowing as he does he has the support of the Owner and a number of fanatical AKB’s!
    In most clubs.the supporters are strong enough and united enough to remove the manager ,at AFC we could never do this as we are divided and weak.
    I admire the WENGER OUT protesters because they genuinely want what’s best for the club and have the balls to protest,particularly at away games.
    I do feel that momentum is gathering and soon it will become unbearable for Wenger and his followers.The media are turning on him more and more and even his strongest supporter John Cross heavily criticised him on Sunday TV.
    A couple more disaster out results,not being able to sign anyone of note and the likes of Sanchez and Ozil kicking off will be the moment it blows up in his face.
    I don’t want Wenger to destroy his legacy but he is certainly not saving it at the moment.

  24. Rambo Ramsey

    ” Do we now have to pay £42 million for Mustafi ? Would you pay it ? ”

    Wenger wouldn’t spend 40 million on Lacazette, a striker , in the current market. You think he’ll pay more than that for a defender? That deal is as good as dead.

    I expect a Kallstrom like signing. We have been linked with that 32 year old Barca CB Mathieu, who is said to be nursing some minor injury. Ticks all boxes for the typical Wenger stop-gap signing.

  25. qna

    “Wenger is two wins away from being the darling of the North Bank again….pathetic useless supporters…”

    He is the darling now. No need for the two wins.

  26. Danny

    he believes he IS Arsenal FC,he built the club
    Look from his point of view he destroyed Highbury eradicating a near 100 year history and built a completely new stadium which he was totally involved in, so he believes that he is the club, the owner gives him a free reign to do what he wants and that comment about looking after the 600 workers to him is completely real whether we like it or not.
    I take it for granted he’ll sign a new contract

  27. tunnygriffboy


    I’m still not allowed to comment over there. It’s worrying that they actually believe all that


    Sorry mate I don’t share your pessimism. If Wenger stays (it means we’ll have had a good season) . If we have a bad or mediocre season then Wenger will go.

    We bring in a top class manager with progressive ideas then the future is exciting and fresh. He’ll have enough money to bring in quality additions and should players leave he’ll have that money as well.

    Arsenal is an exciting project for anyone. The fans will give him a load of goodwill after what has happened over the last x amount of years.

    The one danger is if we have a bad season and Wenger is given a new contract to put it right. I don’t see it though, the fans are already revolting two games into the season.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    We cannot talk about reasonableness of pricing or should we pay x amount, we’ve painted ourselves into this corner, the time for trying to find the best deals possible was months ago and would have needed us to have a clear plan.

    What we’re going to pay now are going to be ludicrous prices wherever we go, aside from pieces of s**t like Evans etc and even then West Brom will look for near £20 Million, because why would they not?

    Again, Wengernomics at work, £15-20 Million and £80 000 a week for some more clutter in Evans, in Wengerland that is still cheaper than having gone £35-40 Million or around that at the beginning of the window for a Bonucci type. Even though you’re literally burning £20 Million.

    £50 Million for Lacazette now, seriously how much more on top of that might have made BvB itch on Aubameyang for example?


  29. tunnygriffboy


    No I genuinely thought we’d get a CB. My concern is because Holding played well he won’t buy.

    That gives me anxiety 🙂

    Still think we’ll get one. It’d be too much if we don’t. Disgraceful state of affairs though.

  30. tunnygriffboy


    The amount of stick he’s alraedy getting is getting to him. If we have a poor season it’ll get worse and worse as the season progresses. You can tell he’s rattled by the ‘ungrateful barstewards’

  31. InsideRight

    Reading a piece in the Guardian we are reminded of some of the super super qualidee players Wenger has intended to be his super strikers…

    Carlos Vela, Marouane Chamakh, Jérémie Aliadière, Ryo Miyaichi, Yaya Sanogo, Nacer Barazite, Park Chu-young.

    Wenger’s glory years came off the back of the England back four he inherited and whose careers he prolonged, and from tapping up the French market ahead of the managerial crowd. Now the only market he knew is tapped out and he is responsible for bringing in every player who pulls on an Arsenal shirt, we are seeing Wenger flattered to deceive. When called upon to deliver he has fallen way short when reliant on his own knowledge and ability.

    Sure, Wenger has managed to make a few non-French signings that were top notch in his 20 years, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. He must not be allowed to stay beyond the end of this season.

    Wenger is not going to improve the team.
    His transfer philosophy is delusional nonsense.
    His blatant contradictions expose his lack of a plan.
    His motives for wanting to stay on are entirely selfish.
    His consistently takes good players and ruins them (eg. Arshavin, Sanchez, Santi).
    He has no one challenging his decision making within the club.

    It’s unhealthy and it is damaging for the club, its prospects and the global brand.

  32. WengerEagle


    Wenger supposedly balking at Mustafi’s price tag combined with us being linked with sub-par alternatives like Kjaer and Evans depresses the shit out of us.

    Find it funny at this stage though because I’m past giving much of a shit until he goes tbh. Find it near impossible to muster even the slighest enthusiasm so long as we see the same collapse season after season.

  33. Rambo Ramsey

    “If Wenger stays (it means we’ll have had a good season)”

    Tunny, history tells us the board’s and quite a lot of fans’ criteria for assessing the season is a top four finish. Despite the rut Wenger’s in at the moment, you would not bet on him failing to achieve that criteria at the end of the season.

    So, Wenger stays if we maintain status-quo.

  34. InsideRight


    What is to say that given Wenger’s record Aubameyang had an itch for us? I don’t see the likes of Reus, Draxler or others itching to play for Arsenal now. No half decent centre halves or strikers are agitating for moves in the hope Arsenal come calling.

    Certainly this year Vardy has given Wenger the ultimate insult and wounded him seriously. A player who came from nowhere being offered a huge payday at a club he could help to improve, and he preferred to stay at Leicester on less money. Maybe it was less about the money and more about playing for a manager like Ranieri that influenced Vardy’s decision… I think we are seeing that Wenger is now a hindrance, not a draw for players.

  35. WengerEagle


    But we’ve been here before mate, there was nearly riots 3 years ago when all we had bought was Sanogo and Flamini and we lost our first match against Villa, with the Ozil transfer falling into his lap he managed to shush the majority of the fans for a good while.

    Last season after the West Ham defeat at the Emirates the atmosphere was poisonous.

    They know by now that there will not be a fan uprising as we’re just not that type of club it seems unfortunately. Which is why they will continue to take the piss until they can’t get away with it anymore.

    Meanwhile we have morphed into a fairly unspectacular so-so top club, not an elite club.

    We’re basically the Roma of England.

  36. tunnygriffboy


    I would have totally agreed until now

    He’s bolloxed the window good and proper. There is more and more dissent. Every point lost will mean mean more anger , boos and negative chanting. I really think the worm has totally turned.

    He’s already showed his anger at this, is becoming more and more erratic and contrary with his comments and I don’t see things getting better.

    Time for a young, progressive manager with a big transfer kitty and a fresh approach.

  37. Red&White4life

    I try to imagine Gazidis in his office, thinking that wenger is doing things right this summer… Amazing.
    Maybe he’s senile, him too ??

  38. tunnygriffboy


    I’m not as anti Evans as some. He’s a pretty good experienced defender. Is he a worldie ? No but apart from Kos he’s as good as anything we’ve got

    If Mustafi will cost £42million buy out clause we might as well pay top dollar for Jimenez.

  39. Jeff


    Great managers usually themselves want a move. I know there is an exception to this (Alex Ferguson) but he was phenomenally successful. But nowadays it’s not normal for a manager to stay at the same club for that long – especially as there hasn’t been much success to speak of for 12 years on the trot.

  40. Emiratesstroller


    The journalist’s view is that Wenger WILL NEVER RESIGN. He has become so
    defensive and arrogant that he does not visualise doing the honourable thing.

    However, the major issue as I have said many times before is that the major shareholder sits in USA. He is not only a very rich man, but has the backing of
    old money from Walmart family.

    The problem is that his focus is solely on the commercial value of the club and not its football performance. So long as the club makes money he will do nothing as has been the situation in his other sports franchises.

    Unlike most other owners he is impervious to views of fans particularly since until now the club fills seats. The only people who can perhaps orchestrate change are the club’s two major sponsors.