Wenger destroying his legacy, and it’s sad to watch

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Well, it’s getting all a touch painful, and we’re what, two games in? Arsene Wenger bore the wrath of the away support as fans chanted for him to leave the club. I wasn’t at the game, but I read it was quite vociferous and it wasn’t a minority.

I think the difficulty for Arsene Wenger at this point is that he’s taken things too far. He’s run out of goodwill. The fans are unfortunately in a position where anything outside a resounding win is a disappointment fueled by his ineptitude that needs to be met with aggressive disobedience.

That is Wenger’s fault. This isn’t about having terrible fans. This is all on one man whose belligerence, dithering and lack of energy has pushed fans down the nastiest of paths. This is about a man who has it all to make Arsenal a powerhouse, but chose instead to stick his middle finger up then sit on his hands. This is about fans watching the dying days of a manager who should have been put out of his misery 5 years ago.

Yesterday wasn’t a terrible result in the context of an away day at the Champions after a bit of a thumping in our first game. However, framed in the reality of the moment, Leicester looked a pretty poor side who were there for the taking and Arsenal didn’t do what Hull did last week and take the victory.

If we had a proper striker, that game is ours. Simple as that. The bare minimum of summer requirements has been badly mismanaged again. To make things worse, before the game, the media shared quotes from Wenger who insisted Alexis Sanchez was on par with Suarez technically, ‘He has similar qualities to Luis Suarez. He is technically top’, which is enough to drive even the sanest fan wild. The reality is Sanchez is nowhere near Suarez, it’s a pipedream of a fantasy (my fantasy) that was on full show today. He’s not smart enough and he has no presence in that role. He was eaten up by the Leicester defence today.

There were other issues outside the square peg / round hole striker situation. Before the game, it was leaked to the press that Santi Cazorla kicked off about being dropped for the Liverpool game. So what did Wenger do against the Champions? Instead of starting Mesut Ozil in the hole, he opted for Santi who never looks good there. Keeping a favourite happy, rather than doing what was right for the starting 11.

The final strange decision came when he dropped the impressive Elneny for Xhaka and continued with Coquelin. Now look, I like the Frenchman, but he’s really kind of average. The whole point of signing Xhaka and Elneny was to upgrade a problematic position. Coquelin just isn’t a great player. In games against great teams when you need smart players who can unpick defences, why are we putting in players who can’t fulfill on that?

We really struggled to break down Leicester’s resolute defence. Their two banks of 4 made it really tough to break through the lines. But we didn’t change things up until, you guessed it, the 70th minute when we brought on Mesut, Jack and a bit later Giroud.

Shock horror, when we brought on players who could open up the pitch creatively and run through the lines, we started to make chances and looked like a team that could do something. It still wasn’t enough, but you do wonder why Wenger didn’t setup with a bolder line up? Why did he cave to the whims of a great player who doesn’t have the legs anymore? Why did he wait until the 70th minute to make a progressive change?

It’s the same issues we have all the time, Wenger is a manager of routine. He’s a manager who can’t handle conflict in his dressing room. He’s a man who has consistently demonstrated terrible in-game management.

So what did we learn?

Main Man

Koscielny was a welcome antidote to the back four. He really is an exceptional talent wasted at our club. He should be winning Champions League medals. However, he chose the Arsene Wenger tutelage and he’s stuck with us. I’m glad. He reads the game so well, he calms those around him and he was pivotal in us keeping a clean sheet. His fitness is directly correlated with our success this season.

Rob Holding

He had a really good game. I trust him. Sure, he makes some mistakes, sure he’s green. But he looks like he could be a player. Confident on the ball, he has northern grit about his game and he looks very excited to be playing in the big leagues. A great talent. Wenger complaining that people don’t respect him as a signing because he didn’t cost £55m is ridiculous. Fans are more than happy to have great young talent at the club. Thing is, they know how it goes. 10 good games, 5 bad. The plan was most likely to send him out on loan. Him being in the starting 11 is a big accident. Him becoming an important player for us over the next few months is amateur hour. The fact he looks better than Gabriel tells a real story…

Theo Walcott

Ok, so maybe I was just really upset and really drunk. But look, Theo looked impressive at times? Sure his finishing was still off, but he looked twice the player Sanchez did. He tracked back, threw himself about, played through the middle, out wide. He looked dangerous. I know I’ve written things like this before, then been disappointed by him… but for me, he’s better through the middle than Sanchez.


Did not impress me. I know he’s new to the club and the league, but he looked out of sorts and certainly didn’t look the superstar he did at the Euros. He was caught on the ball and he wasn’t really allowed to showcase his skills on the ball because of how deep Leicester played. Not a great first two games. I look at how well Kante played and how he was cheaper and worry. But look, Kante hasn’t a creative bone in his body… and Xhaka has room to grow. So let’s see.


Let’s just not ever do that again. He’s a brilliant player, super on the ball, dazzling with his feet. But he doesn’t have the legs anymore and I think it’s been pretty clear his best position has been in the deeper lying role. I have absolutely no idea what Wenger was thinking not starting Ozil. It’s an embarrassing slight on his management that he caved to a player who leaked stories to the press.

The Manager

Someone needs to take him aside and tell him that he is merely a cog in the Arsenal machine. He is not bigger than the club. He is not the club. He is certainly not the fucking financial controller.

“I will spend £300m if I find the right player, and we have £300m. But we also have 600 employees and we need to have a responsible attitude as well.

Comments like that strain the relationship with fans because they’re patronising, they make him a target of the media because everyone knows the points are stupid and they show that he’s completely out of touch.

Arsenal will never again be in a situation where paying their staff will be an issue. Never. Arsene Wenger has never been responsible for the salaries of non-playing staff. Arsene Wenger is not our financial controller. Only last week he had to be corrected on his view that referees were paid £45k a week. Arsenal have £200m in the bank, guaranteed TV revenues lined up for 10 years, growing shirt sponsorship deals and an ever growing global fanbase who have dollars to spend. He really should just keep his mouth shut about the finances, they’re outrageously good.

“I’m a bit fed up saying the same thing when people say we do not want to spend. We analyse everything then make the right signings.”

Fans are a bit fed up that this constant analysis ends the same way, with no players. A squad that isn’t good enough to compete. No major trophies.

… and this is the thing. We constantly hear that Wenger is a bad loser. That he longs to be a winner. That he lives and breathes the club.

So here’s an idea? Why doesn’t he fucking do something about it?

He behaves like a masochist. Like he enjoys going into the season with an under-prepared squad. Like he enjoys, at 67 years old, sitting in a disgustingly toxic ground that’s turning on him. Like he’s addicted to the misery of losing.

Wenger should have looked at his squad this summer, assessed the weaknesses and gone aggressively for what he needed.

Sell Theo Walcott and Alex Chamberlain for £50m (If you can get £32m for Bolasie and Benteke, you can get good money for our two). Move on David Ospina and Kieran Gibbs for £10m.

Pay Mkhitaryan £200k a week, because he was on for us. Go hard for a striker if Vardy falls through, most clubs managed someone. If you can’t get a striker, maybe move for Draxler or Reus and convert them through the middle like you did with Thierry. Do something, because to do nothing is beyond stupid. Go out and sign a centre back like John Stones because he’ll be England captain and one of the most complete ball playing defenders since Rio Ferdinand. Sign up the best young keeper in the game. Sign up an experienced backup central defender.

We could do all of that for £80m give or take £10m.

Then what do you have? A fucking great squad. You heard on Sky the explayers talking about the buzz of rolling into training knowing they’re playing with the best in the business. That’s what Arsenal haven’t had since, what, 2002 (players wise, when we signed about 8 names)? That buzz of invincibility. That excitement that the manager has dropped a madness and winning is inevitable.

Why doesn’t Wenger do that? Why wouldn’t he want to be presiding over positive energy? Why wouldn’t he want the fans chanting his name because we know the boss has, well, bossed the summer?

We’ll never know. Well, maybe we do, Wenger has already come out and insanely said that vibrancy doesn’t matter in relation to performance. You know what Arsene? You’re wrong. Absolutely wrong. Like you’ve been wrong so many times over the last ten years. Like you have been this summer.

That’s why the fans are upset. That’s why the media are savaging your summer. That’s why no one, bar Stan Kroenke believes in you (and I have to question if his undying support can continue when you look at how we’re falling behind United with sponsorship deals / he said he’d like to win things).

Finally, remember this, the narrative of ‘two players short’ is just that. An engineered story that keeps Wenger in a job and in new contracts. My personal view is this works for Wenger, because the reality is, if he spent £150m on players, he’d not be able to deliver the Champions League or the Premier League, especially now he has genuine world-class managerial quality to compete with. He’s not sharp enough with his in-game management, his tactical approach is rigid and predictable, he’s not ruthless and he doesn’t have the energy to lead like he once did.

My hope is that this is the last season we have to put up with this. My hope is that Wenger opts out of a new deal, because I have no faith Gazidis will pull the contract away from him. But hey, wishful thinking, we know he’ll engineer a 10 game winning streak, sign a 2 year deal and we’ll be back where any club would be with a substandard man running the show.

When I wrote a few weeks ago I was looking forward to next season already, I was right. Look at us now. Unreal it’s come to this. Let’s all pray this is the last time we have to go through this. Let’s pray this is Wenger’s last season.


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  1. Leftsidesanch

    I’m of the view that Mr Wenger shouldnt be granted any more funds between now and the transfer window closing.

    He consistently states that the transfer window should be closed for the opening games of the season yet always waits until the final days of the transfer window to conclude any meaningful business.

    Such an awful manager its the stuff of parodys.

  2. N5

    Cesc/Joe fully agree. Wenger has tucked himself right up waiting! where does he get this shit from that waiting equals bargains. Every team will know his desperation and stitch him right up now!

    That being said I’d be surprised if the Mustafi £50m was legit. He’s supposed to be in NL tomorrow having his medical. Valencia would be doing some serious hardball if they left it until the 11th hour to change the terms!!

  3. Joe


    The man is the biggest hypocrite ever

    Every thing he says is hypocritical and usually just from the week before

    He’s a cunt and at fault for all
    That is wrong with Arsenal.

    Am so happy the away fans sang the “we want Wenger out” song.

    It was beautiful.

  4. Tippitappi

    we’re so loaded with strikers we can put Campbell out on loan…he must really hate him. We have a lunatic in charge and what business would employ a CEO shit scared of a manager? in no other business in the world would that be the case

  5. Leftsidesanch


    Very pleased with the negative press Wengers receiving, its not even September.

    Its been noted on here though, that the spineless, ambitionless home crowd at the Emirates (remind you of anyone?) will undo that work the next time we secure a jammy win vs a bottom 5 side.

  6. N5

    @Joe, unless something ends up on the BBC.com or Arsenal.com I never believe it. I would be surprised if Wenger has even spoken to Valencia.

  7. Redtruth

    Xhaka is an exciting cultured player who will light up the Premier league.

    Wenger has his critics but no one can hold a candle to the Ambassador of football..

    Our fans are the most loyal and dignified supporters on the planet



  8. TitsMcGee

    I rather sign nobody than sign dross from Fenerbache and/or Johnny Evans.

    The collective average of the squad is average. Adding mediocre to average accomplishes what?

  9. Bamford10

    Even if by some miracle Wenger moves to sign a quality defender, like Mustafi, what are the odds he signs a CF or RW at this point? Basically zero.

    Now that Welbeck is expected back at Christmastime, I see Wenger going with Giroud and Alexis as his CFs and a rotating cast of others as his wide players.

    So Arsenal fans, best case scenario you are looking at something like the below for the first half of the season:


    Absolutely uninspiring on every level, and no chance of winning the title or of competing in the CL.

  10. TitsMcGee

    That being said I’d be surprised if the Mustafi £50m was legit. He’s supposed to be in NL tomorrow having his medical. Valencia would be doing some serious hardball if they left it until the 11th hour to change the terms!!”

    Yea I’d say that story is click bait. The bad part is I just can’t see Wenger signing anyone else if Mustafi does come.

  11. STV

    Alexis Sanchez is mixture of Suarez and Aguero! He’s “technically top”..

    Heard someone saying something similar on LG! Thought it was a ridiculous opininion..

    But now that the master himself is sure of it He really could be our Suarez!!

    Fucking deluded cunt paid 8m for this shit!!

  12. STV

    Ha ha Valencia fed up with Wenger’s month long negotiations and telling him to fuck off it seems. He could have had him for under 30m! He was left out of his preseason games. Wenger dithered and hadggled over the price while talking endless bs in the media..

    Now they’re asking 50m!! Banter..

  13. billp79

    we’re at a point now where it doesn’t matter who the coach is…who the player were after is…the selling team/ agents are holding us hostage now just because of this frenzy….c’mon 50 million??? for an average defender???
    we need to tell the world to bugger off.
    is it on account of Wenger… you bet…but …lets be reasonable!

  14. Ashley

    how offended would you be if your club valued you at 30 mil but another teams manager came along and said I want him but nah I’ll only pay 20 mill as I don’t think he’s worth 30 , how does mustafi feel , blatantly knowing Wenger doesn’t value him the same as Valencia ?

  15. Follow the money

    Dein knew how to negotiate. Wenger relies on his so called reputation. He has to be the one to dictate the terms of any conversation or negotiation he enters into. Just look at how he responds when journos ask him pointed questions. This is why he refuses to deal with the big agents like Mendes and Raiola. When Ibra was looking was looking for an agent Raiola messaged him an approach. Ibra said “If Raiola had something concrete to present he would meet him otherwise no” and Raiola responded “Tell this guy to go fuck himself.” Can you imagine what Raiola would say to Wenger, when he came with some low ball offer? Merely by his arrogance Wenger severely limits Arsenal in the transfer market. And has for years. For this alone he should be sacked

  16. Joe


    Why would viera come to a team that told him
    To fuck off when he asked to come back

    Or stay at a club that took him in and are grooming him

  17. Ashley


    I think he’d come , it was Wenger that Probs blocked it , as soon as that lunatic leaves I reckon there will guys like viera who want to come and save us , and players will want to stay and work with him

  18. N5

    “15 mil. tops”

    In a world where Benteke is £32m you think Mustafi, a World Cup winning German international should be worth no more than £15m?

    Wenger, is that you?

  19. Joe

    Nope n5. That’s not Wenger. Just another brainwashed idiot

    He probably thought Wenger was spot on
    Bidding 40+1 and then walking away

  20. N5

    Joe, can you believe people will give Wenger an out like that. The funny thing is Valencia didn’t value him at £50, they valued him at £30, but Wenger the dithering old bollock took so long haggling over £4 million that Valencia have though fuck you.

    He flirted with Evans as a way of showing Valencia “see I have options” but they’ve just thought, well fuck you then, we didn’t want to sell him anyway!!

  21. Joe

    Exactly N5. It’s a pissing match now and o hope Valencia win and Wenger looks
    More of idiot than he already does

    It’s his own fault. Could have paid 25m a month ago. I hope he has to pay the 50m or they tell him to fuck off

    Either way he looks like an fuck wit

  22. Rambo Ramsey

    Apparently in 44 days Walcott will be the longest serving player ever under Wenger.

    If that doesn’t sum up how much of a weakling Wenger is at management, don’t know what will.

    He will literally do anything to avoid having the ‘You are fired’ talk with his players. Keeping them on the club payroll or loaning them on season after season until they run the course of their contracts.

    10 years of Walcott, 8 years of Diaby, soon we’ll have Wilshere and Chamberlain going into their thirties with the club, still waiting for one to get over his injuries and the other to grow a football brain. And then there’s Sanogo….

  23. DivineSherlock

    Pedro spot on about Wenger losing goodwill with fans. No one with their sane minds will believe he’s trying in the transfer market . The only strategy Arsenal football club came up with was being Reactive, sad . Fear of failure is what keeping this club from reaching the heights we can acheive.

  24. tunnygriffboy

    Have to disagree with Pedro about Xhaka. I thought he had a pretty good game in an understated way. He used the ball very well, made some very good tackles and was available for the ball all the time. He was also quick to fill in when our fullbacks went forward

    For a first start in the PL away from home at a difficult venue I think he did ok. It was an understated performance and he did the basics well. I think there’s a lot more to come from him

  25. tunnygriffboy

    I don’t think Saturday was an awful performance. It just seems like that after thelLiverpool game. We needed to win

    Defensively we were pretty good. Kos was the man and Holding alongside him had a promising game. Cech had to make two good saves. Ahead of them Coquelin and Xhaka did their jobs well.

    Where we struggled was in attack. Alexis struggled through the middle. Walcott made some good runs but his finishing was wayward

    When the subs came on we looked much more threatening. Alexis looked better immediately and Ozil caused them all sorts of problems. Jack made an impact as well.

    Hopefully all these players will now be available next week. I still don’t think we are a bad side but we could’ve been so much better had we brought in what we needed during the window

    Worrying thing is that with the fractured relationship between club and fans, the apparent lack of ambition re signings I think players will look to leave unlesswe have a really good season

    We’ll need a big name manager next season to convince players to stay.

  26. Jeff

    I have trouble making sense of what Wenger means when he says he will only sign players that improve the squad. Does that include players who can’t play as well? And what about players who could play? Like, oh I don’t know, say Park Chu-young, or Sanogo, or Miyachi, or Kallstrom to name just a few. What quality did any of these players add then? When was this rule about only adding players that would improve the team introduced? Maybe it’s only a recent thing and all those string of duds in the past simply don’t count. Yes, that must be it. How silly of me not to realise the obvious pattern.

  27. Joe

    ‘Mustafi? We hope it will be done. He is one of a number of players we are looking at,’ Wenger told French TV station SFR Sport.

    ‘We are struggling to find the players we need, but we must be responsible.

    ‘Mustafi is one of a number of players we are looking at, but, yes, negotiations are ongoing.’

    Oh Wenger.

    Take him a month to negotiate a blow job in a brothel

  28. DivineSherlock


    I still don’t think we are a bad side but we could’ve been so much better had we brought in what we needed during the window

    This right here is why people are turning against Wenger. All the excuses , all the reasons were given so that we can compete , be the Bayern Munich of EPL according to Gazidis. And what we get is an undercooked side , not good enough to compete for the EPL . Its just a fear of failure , not trying hard enough .

  29. Jeff


    One can only assume that the pain of being humiliated on the touchline on a regular basis is not as bad as the pain of spending sizeable money on a new player. He probably sits in his office for hours and hours (and we’re talking 3am here) weighing the pros and cons while the deal goes sour. I wonder if he actually ever goes home?

  30. Up 4 grabs now

    Morning people,

    If you get your business done early there’s no dicking around with clubs putting the price up last minute.

    When you see players like bolasie going for 30 million, all of a sudden selling teams look at that and think well my players worth more than that, lets quote a stupid price.

    You should be dealing with clubs in May so players are registered in June when the transfer window opens.

    Players if coming from abroad, can buy/rent a place, settle in get there wives and kids sorted, and be happy and settled.
    There’s less chance of them being homesick and there form dropping, they can get used to team mates and tactics (although we don’t do them).

    But we bugger around trying to save a month or two salary then get shafted by the selling club with ridiculous transfer fees.
    We knew we needed a striker, right midfielder and centre back since the end of last season.
    We must have had a hit list of targets that we could have gone for and tied up before the Euros started.
    We did it with Xhaka so why no one else?

  31. Jeff

    What makes me laugh is how sad the life of an avid Arsenal fan has become. Every transfer window, we’re reduced to photo-shopping the Arsenal kit onto players we would like to see at the Emirates. LOL.

  32. Up 4 grabs now


    What’s sad is that we can all pick players that would improve us, but the guy that’s paid 8 million a year can’t.

  33. Jeff

    “We did it with Xhaka so why no one else?”

    Up 4,

    I’m guessing we do deals early if there’s no competition. I don’t think anyone else was after Xhaka at the time – I could be mistaken. Arsene hates price wars, he hates competition and because of it he invariably ends up walking away. That’s how I see it anyway.

  34. Up 4 grabs now

    Your right but what me laugh is the fact there’s players at clubs that are linked with moves but they haven’t happened yet.
    Now maybe if we had gone in for them in May, other clubs might do once we make a move, or maybe not so we have a clear run at a player.
    Also Other teams might have other targets and be waiting for them.
    Once players start moving the options become less and less and we either end up with the dregs or no one.

  35. Jeff

    Up 4,

    Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely agree that we should conclude our deals as early as possible for all the reasons you stated. But Wenger has several neuroses which means it is more likely that a deal goes south than it would be if anyone else was dealing with it. Buying players is like pulling teeth both for him and us.

  36. Up 4 grabs now


    I said it before, the day David Dein left was the end of getting transfers done properly.
    Wenger would give him a list of targets, and that would be the only input from Wenger, until a fee had been agreed and the player had taken a trip on Dein’s yacht.
    Then they met Wenger to seal the deal.

    Now wengers there from start to finish, (well mostly start, he doesn’t tend to actually get to the finish part where we sign the player these days,)

    If Ivan had any balls he would say to Stan I want to do the deals or I’m quitting. Then again why risk losing your 2 million a year!!!

  37. Jeff

    Up 4,

    Ivan would never say that. He has proven himself to be completely toothless and spineless. Just another pen-pusher who pops up every now and then to reiterate the same bollocks that we already get from Wenger and then goes back into hibernation again.

    Arsene can virtually say or do any bloody thing he likes and nobody at the club will bat an eyelid.

  38. Jeff

    On a different note, GB have finished second in the Olympics medals table above China. That is really something isn’t it?

  39. Sam

    Good moaning moaners!!!

    After watching the Olympics final, I noticed We are signing the wrong German.
    can we let Liverpool have Mustafi?
    We go after the real powerhouse, Niklas Sule

  40. Emiratesstroller

    Patrick Vieira who is now based in USA has been highly critical of Wenger’s approach at the club. Main points he has made is that the club are failing to recruit former members of Arsenal successful senior sides into coaching and scouting systems. He compares us with Ajax in that department.

    Second he comments that the current squad is too soft to win trophies. Again he makes a comparison with earlier teams under Wenger.

    Frankly I have to agree with him on both counts. Vieira has now enough experience to perhaps become a future Football Manager or Director at Arsenal.

    However, I suspect that so long as Wenger remains at the helm at Arsenal or
    involved in decision making that is unlikely to happen.

    When I look at former players like Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira and even Adams
    it is a shame that they could not have been used by Arsenal and appear to be
    increasingly alienated from our current Manager.

    Surely that should be sending a message to Kroenke and the Board that all is
    not well with the way that the club is being run at moment.

    Wenger’s decision making has been poor for a very long time and is not just reflected in transfer market, but elsewhere in the way our youth programmes
    are being run.

    Bird the blogger on our youth programme commented last week on how limited were our resources in defence at U23 level. Wenger has always been obsessed with the offensive side of football and in particular midfield whilst neglecting the defence.

  41. Up 4 grabs now

    Great display from Great Britain in the Olympics.
    Compared to other nations with bigger populations it’s a great achievement. I remember in the eighties when you were lucky to get 6-7 holds.

  42. Unathanthium

    I think we’re all misunderstanding Wenger. He says he has 300 million to spend on a player if he wanted but according to Gazidis we’re still poor in comparison to the top clubs. Now Wenger says he has 600 employees to consider.

    So using my powers of deduction what I think Wenger means is that he personally has 300 million to spend but he has 600 of his OWN employees to pay like the pool man, his zip repair guy, water bottle director, his top French chefs and numerous live-in prostitutes.

  43. Spanishdave

    Wenger admitted we do not convert our chances enough, what has he done about it? Absolutely sod all. He can’t get rid of Walcott and co as he has given them big contracts and Walcotts ego won’t let him go to a smaller club.
    Do what Pep has done to Hart ship him out on loan

  44. Steveyg87

    Wenger has used up all his good will with the fans… Unfortunately, our Emirates crowd are mainly a spineless bunch “one arsene wenger” who flip flop their way through the season.. They have let all the international fans down. one could say we deserve the manager we have, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.. the local pub I go to here in SA have some seriously passionate fans, we all agree that the manager should fuck off, but then you hear the fans singing the managers name and think how the fuck can they be that thick?

    The results don’t affect me like it used to, I’m riding this out till they put Wenger out of his misery, just don’t know who though, coz Ivan is scared shitless of Wenger

  45. tunnygriffboy


    I’ve just read that article. I don’t agree withmost of it. We have done what the author has said. My gripe is that could we have done much better if we had made more signings. That is what frustrates the hell out of me.

    I don’t think we are in crisism YET

    We may get to that point if we don’t make signings and we have a poor season. That will result in players wanting to leave plus we’ll have some ageing players.

    Also because of our money situation a new manager will have substantial funds to rebuild the squad even before he gets funds from sales. In that respect we have a positive outlook.

    The problem is now. Part injuries to defenders, part a goal scorer upfront and part the apparent reluctance of the manager to address these issues

  46. Uwot?

    Spot on Steve 87.the prom with the ems is that it has gone all middle class,corporate & day trippers.al three classes highly unlikely to protest or have an ounce of passion.it’s a theatre/day trip.that’s all.the cameras zoom in on the muppets with the arsene knows rag & a half arsed result against anyone brings out a chorus of “there’s only one you know who”.& the club don’t give a monkeys if you give up your ticket.why cos there’s a waiting list of another 80/100,000 to fill their seats…..depressing.seriously depressing…

  47. Sam

    Fat Pat now eating too many New York burgers still can’t shut up about Arsenal.
    He should talk about his beloved Man city instead of slandering Arsenal fc.
    this cunt hated Arsenal even as club captain, flirting with Madrid every summer.
    I think he’s the one who lacks personality thats why Man city shunned him n he ended up coaching soccer in the US.

  48. Sam

    that article is a bit exaggerated but we need some positive news sometimes
    We need to look at the positive side of things thats where we can start building
    we were second last season, we signed 2 players in the summer whats the next step?

  49. Arsene's Nurse

    Wenger on Koscielny at Leicester.

    “We look a different team straight away, he gave us stability and against a team that attacks very well I think he was very important,” said Wenger.

    “He was not ready [against Liverpool] and I thought ‘should I have taken a gamble or not?’, but because we already lost two defenders [Per Mertesacker and Gabriel] if I lost another one for 2-3 months we’d have a massive problem. So I thought maybe he would get away with it.

    “I saw that we were a bit too young and I have no real solution at central defence at the moment. In fairness he had a big back problem on Friday and came out of the training. He had pain and we thought at some stage he would not play.

    “We came with 19 players and on Saturday morning we decided that he could play and I think it saved us this point. He had only four days training and it is too short after having four weeks off. I think he was very brave against Leicester.”


    It just beggars belief. He’s going into a season with 2 confirmed injuries to central defenders that leave them out for months and then he knew Koscielny had a back injury and was not ready. Why the fuck has he not signed a CB weeks ago?
    Totally incompetent management.

    He played Ramsey when he knew he was injured and then because he hadn’t bought a CB he risks Koscielny when he’s got a back problem.

    What an utter bastard.

  50. ozrus

    Joe – the fire fighter, N5 – the policeman, and gambon – the ‘doctor’ (pop psychiatrist) – the holy servicemen, brothers in arms, saving the world from … you know – stuff!

    Or you could put it like this, Joe – the village idiot, N5 – the spineless weasel, and gambon – the racist psychopathic c**unt.

  51. tunnygriffboy


    Agree totally he should have signed a CB weeks ago (ridiculously he wasn’t going to buy one if we didn’t have injuries). Fingers crossed this is sorted this week.

    Re the Kos one. He was damned if he did, damned if he didn’t. He gets criticism he’s played with a bad back, if he hadn’t played him then he will have been pilloried for not playing him.

    It was lose lose for him but a situation brought on himself.

  52. N5

    No Sam, Ozrus is just some dickhead who pops on here every now and again and makes some comment to either myself or gambon and then fucks off back to his okcupid.com profile in the hope some lady has clicked on his picture. You know the one Rus, the one where the cat is sitting on your lap. That’s a nice one!!!

    It’s such a shame Ruz that we’re almost 3 years on and still the profile needs to be open a!! poor guy 🙁

  53. N5

    “N5, you know you made it up, you crook.”

    Yeah of course I did!! you start shit for no reason with someone who’s not said anything to you in years, who’s the crook?

  54. ozrus

    Sam, N5 isn’t a policeman for reals. He plays one though. Like he’s on the street, in da hood, keeping them all cats – oh shit, oops! – happy. All at once, even though he’s only got two hands

  55. Leedsgunner

    Saturday’s result proved what I’ve been saying for a long time; namely,

    1. Kos is as important to this team as Özil Sanchez and Cech. Not losing him to injury is paramount to any top 4 drive.

    2. Wenger, when under pressure, says the first thing that pops into his head. Surely any sane person cannot believe the rubbish he says.

    3. He cares about Arsenal like one might care about a rich relative whose about to die. The club is just a means to an end.

    How is he indignant at us and our anger? That’s what usually happens when you take someone for granted.

    How out of touch is he?

  56. ozrus

    Unfortunately N5, there are gullible people on this blog who think you tell the truth cause you make it SOUND like it is.

    Seriously though, what can possibly compel anyone to befriend a fruitcake like Joe? You can’t be for reals, I read this blog and I’m thinking this guy is all made up

  57. N5

    Ozruz, is that why you called me out, because I talk politely to someone you don’t like!!

    Why start shit with me after all this time? I never say anything to you when you do decide to come on here once in a blue moon to insult gambon!!

  58. N5

    “And there you go again. Joe on one arm, gambon on another. haha”

    A Joe and a gambon on the arm is better than a cat on the lap!!

  59. leon

    I feel this post is spot on there is now so much distrust of the manager now. This summer’s transfer window has been a complete disaster and the sad thing about no realistic arsenal fan is surprised myself I saw this coming a mile away. I feel at the very least 50% of the fans want him gone well both him and the board but I feel things will have to get a whole lot worse before things get better. Wenger claims the fans should show him more respect but for me respect is a two way street and I don’t think k he has shown the fans any respect . I for one just want him to fuck off now I have had enough of his crap him and the board.

  60. ozrus

    sort of. Joe has made this blog a fucking toilet. And you, and the ‘polite’ likes of you, made him welcome. Like all morons with a militant ultra point of view little Joe came on all shy at first, then grew in confidence cause no one shut him up cunting people off. Now he thinks he runs this joint. Because of people like you who offer him a hand, come on it make yourself at home Joe.

    This place used to have a truly diverse range of opinions. Now it’s just a place to take a dump. I know things are shit at the club atm, still it never read this one-sided before. Oh well, carry on guess

  61. N5

    Ozrus, rather than calling people out for saying things you don’t like why don’t you come on and counter them. Who am I to tell people like Joe to fuck off? Wallace and Champagne Charlie are the other side of the fence, should I tell them to fuck off too? how about you tell them to fuck off if they are bothering you rather than getting annoyed with me for not?

    Here is a new concept for you. How about when you come on to Le Grove you actually talk about Arsenal rather than making a few snidey little bitch comments and running off for a few more months before rinse/repeating.

  62. ozrus

    dude, I don’t have the time. I just read it. Social commentary … People like Joe have hounded every one out of this blog, CC is next. Who are you going to chat to when everyone with an alternative view is gone? Tits the fucking McG?

  63. ozrus

    today yeah, won’t be here tomorrow.. It’s really upsetting, this blog and comments section used to be something else. Not anymore. whatever. say hi to Joe.

  64. Logie Bear

    Afternoon all,

    Anyone else now in two minds about giving AW any more transfer funds anyway?
    How can we be taking soooo long to sign Mustafi, especially as we’re the only ones in for him, apparently (bearing in mind how much AW hates it when anyone else is interested in one of our targets and wants to avoid a bidding war) Nobody else wants this guy and yet we still dither and delay

    I almost don’t want him to sign anyone else and am just counting down the days until the end of the season already…

  65. Bamford10


    Let the man speak.


    Have you anything to say about Arsenal? Wenger? The window? The season thus far? Individual players?

    We are all ears.

  66. Bamford10


    No, he’s just fixated on 50m as a figure. He said the same thing about Sanogo. Remember? Scolded reporters for talking less about Sanogo, simply because he didn’t cost 50m. Turns out there was good reason not to talk about Sanogo: he’s garbage.

    As is Wenger. Can’t wait to see the back of him, and neither can the away supporters.

    Hats off to the away supporters!

  67. Sam

    Logie Bear,

    I am not convinced about Mustafi n hope we don’t sign him
    a CB is needed but top striker is a priority as we still struggling in front of goal.
    project sanchez up front is already a failure hopefully Wenger won’t insist on it coz its gonna cost us more points

  68. Emiratesstroller

    I have spoken this morning to a sports journalist who writes frequently articles about Arsenal and he has expressed the view that the club is a mess from top to bottom.

    As many have written the problem is not just about Wenger. We have a major shareholder who has no interest in football and probably comes to Emirates a
    couple of times a season to watch live games. The second major shareholder has absolutely no say in what is going on because he is not even on the Board.

    The Board of Directors is antique with absolutely no interest in changing status quo even if they see that there are problems.

    Wenger has been making some very poor decisions not just in his handling of
    transfers, but also in the retention of players and tactics as well. Everyone knows it and yet nothing is done.

    His view is that Arsenal are going to walk into a crisis this season of their own
    making, because he cannot see the team finishing in top 4 with the current
    team and squad.

    Very sad situation.

  69. Logie Bear

    Sam – yep agreed we probably don’t need Mustafi, but its just another very public example of how others see our transfer “negotiations” even where we’re the only ones interested in a player

    It will be such a “meh” moment if we do sign him after such a long drawn out process, and God help us if we do ever try and sign a CF

  70. Marko

    Apparently in 44 days Walcott will be the longest serving player ever under Wenger.

    Speaks volumes doesn’t it. Diaby would probably still be here too had it been down to him. They probably had to have a massive scrap to win that one

  71. Jeff

    Wenger is employing IT specialists to build and run computer simulation models about how we can spend on players without the bank balance going down. Thing’s aren’t looking too good but we have to wait for the final result around 31st August.

  72. freddylekgunner

    If Valencia wants 50m for Mustafi you have to wonder what they are smoking overthere, must be similar to what Ivan and Wenger are smoking.

  73. Red&White4life

    “If Valencia wants 50m for Mustafi you have to wonder what they are smoking overthere”
    They know – like every other clubs on earth – how much we are desperates lol

  74. OleGunner


    Lacazette is dead on the water. Price has been raised by Lyon and Wenger was already not convinced when the guy was cheaper earlier this summer.

    I don’t see us bringing any striker in.
    Shambolic that we have a striking issue for the 5th year in a row, we’re gonna have to flog poor Olivier to death. God I wish Wenger wasn’t such a tight fisted git with our cash.

  75. vicky

    Virgil Van Djik will cost nothing less than 30M. The guy is a quality player. Fonte is a realistic option. Although at this stage it doesn’t matter much whether we sign Mustafi, Fonte or Evans, we will have a car crash of a season regardless. Our attack has never looked more toothless – no byte, no fluidity and it will haunt us this season.

  76. freddylekgunner

    Red I know but it’ll be stupid of them if they miss the 30m as they need money and also ended up with an unhappy player.

  77. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger mentioned Sanogo as a legitimate striker option while dispatching Campbell-someone who has done it in the World cup-on a season long loan.

    That’s the degree of delusion we are dealing with.

  78. Samesong


    Bad news for Arsenal… Valencia say defender Shkodran Mustafi won’t be sold in this transfer window.

    Mustafi has already agreed in principle to move to the Emirates. The defender has a £43m buyout clause and is in the Valencia’s squad for their first La Liga game of the season against Las Palmas tonight.mment Here

  79. Ishola70

    “Virgil Van Djik will cost nothing less than 30M”

    Dear god no.

    Guy is over-rated dross.

    And I don’t even know how he got to the over-rated stage.

    Not even Wenger would be silly enough to buy him.

  80. Leedsgunner


    If that employee resignation letter posted in the Daily Star is proved to be genuine — that is a post in itself.

    It is an absolute disgrace that Wenger is trying to deflect the fact that he can’t do his job on to shoulders of the ordinary people working for the club. What is he trying to prove that he somehow cares for the ordinary fan in the street? This from a man who takes home £159 000 a week?

    Don’t insult my intelligence.

    Honestly it’s so toe curlingly embarrassing like when your out of touch dad tries to act cool with the kids and engages in street talk — badly.

    What does the ordinary fan want?

    For us to compete. No more excuses.

  81. tunnygriffboy


    To be fair only reason Mustafi didn’t train with squad was because he had a slight abductor injury and had to do specialist training


    I don’t agree with your friends assertion that we are in crisis. We are not as bad ateam as is made out. Yes there are issues that need to be sorted most of which revolve around the manager. The transfer window is still open.

    Even if we fail to get in the top four the new manager will have ample funds to create his own team even before player sales.

    Assuming we appoint a good manager with progressive ideas then the future could be eexciting. As i said he will have funds available and a group of youngsters who have potential and will be a year older

    The issue is how we do this season. I’m not writing us off, ideally we’d do pretty well and Wenger will leave not having had a disaster.

  82. TitsMcGee

    “We did it with Xhaka so why no one else?”

    Because Wenger only ever strengthens to keep himself in top 4.

    He is only feigning being interested in “multiple” players as some kind of ruse. We all know it’ll be Mustafi or bust the rest of the window.

    Nobody is THAT incompetent that it takes them a month to sign one player at a time.

  83. Jeff


    I don’t think it’s real. A person who resigns from their job is not entitled to unemployment benefit. More than likely it was made up by someone with a sense of humour and distributed for laughs.

  84. Danny

    I was at the Armoury a few months ago and I tried on a shirt. A bloke working there who was in a suit saw me and said “looks good on you, too bad it’s the wrong team”! and this is in the Arsenal official shop!
    Turned out he supported Liverpool. I wonder if he’s the one who wrote that letter…….

  85. Cesc Appeal

    Having a conversation with a friend yesterday and he simply said ‘f**k we’re boring.’

    Think that is pretty much nail on the head, even people defending things say such wishy-washy stuff like ‘we’re not that bad’ ‘things could be worse’ and ‘we’re all overreacting a bit.’

    Is there a more boring and/or frustrating club to support than Arsenal?

  86. Jeff


    Oh yes – I agree Wenger should never have said it. What it shows is a kind of sad desperation to justify an increasingly difficult situation completely of his own making.