Wenger destroying his legacy, and it’s sad to watch

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Well, it’s getting all a touch painful, and we’re what, two games in? Arsene Wenger bore the wrath of the away support as fans chanted for him to leave the club. I wasn’t at the game, but I read it was quite vociferous and it wasn’t a minority.

I think the difficulty for Arsene Wenger at this point is that he’s taken things too far. He’s run out of goodwill. The fans are unfortunately in a position where anything outside a resounding win is a disappointment fueled by his ineptitude that needs to be met with aggressive disobedience.

That is Wenger’s fault. This isn’t about having terrible fans. This is all on one man whose belligerence, dithering and lack of energy has pushed fans down the nastiest of paths. This is about a man who has it all to make Arsenal a powerhouse, but chose instead to stick his middle finger up then sit on his hands. This is about fans watching the dying days of a manager who should have been put out of his misery 5 years ago.

Yesterday wasn’t a terrible result in the context of an away day at the Champions after a bit of a thumping in our first game. However, framed in the reality of the moment, Leicester looked a pretty poor side who were there for the taking and Arsenal didn’t do what Hull did last week and take the victory.

If we had a proper striker, that game is ours. Simple as that. The bare minimum of summer requirements has been badly mismanaged again. To make things worse, before the game, the media shared quotes from Wenger who insisted Alexis Sanchez was on par with Suarez technically, ‘He has similar qualities to Luis Suarez. He is technically top’, which is enough to drive even the sanest fan wild. The reality is Sanchez is nowhere near Suarez, it’s a pipedream of a fantasy (my fantasy) that was on full show today. He’s not smart enough and he has no presence in that role. He was eaten up by the Leicester defence today.

There were other issues outside the square peg / round hole striker situation. Before the game, it was leaked to the press that Santi Cazorla kicked off about being dropped for the Liverpool game. So what did Wenger do against the Champions? Instead of starting Mesut Ozil in the hole, he opted for Santi who never looks good there. Keeping a favourite happy, rather than doing what was right for the starting 11.

The final strange decision came when he dropped the impressive Elneny for Xhaka and continued with Coquelin. Now look, I like the Frenchman, but he’s really kind of average. The whole point of signing Xhaka and Elneny was to upgrade a problematic position. Coquelin just isn’t a great player. In games against great teams when you need smart players who can unpick defences, why are we putting in players who can’t fulfill on that?

We really struggled to break down Leicester’s resolute defence. Their two banks of 4 made it really tough to break through the lines. But we didn’t change things up until, you guessed it, the 70th minute when we brought on Mesut, Jack and a bit later Giroud.

Shock horror, when we brought on players who could open up the pitch creatively and run through the lines, we started to make chances and looked like a team that could do something. It still wasn’t enough, but you do wonder why Wenger didn’t setup with a bolder line up? Why did he cave to the whims of a great player who doesn’t have the legs anymore? Why did he wait until the 70th minute to make a progressive change?

It’s the same issues we have all the time, Wenger is a manager of routine. He’s a manager who can’t handle conflict in his dressing room. He’s a man who has consistently demonstrated terrible in-game management.

So what did we learn?

Main Man

Koscielny was a welcome antidote to the back four. He really is an exceptional talent wasted at our club. He should be winning Champions League medals. However, he chose the Arsene Wenger tutelage and he’s stuck with us. I’m glad. He reads the game so well, he calms those around him and he was pivotal in us keeping a clean sheet. His fitness is directly correlated with our success this season.

Rob Holding

He had a really good game. I trust him. Sure, he makes some mistakes, sure he’s green. But he looks like he could be a player. Confident on the ball, he has northern grit about his game and he looks very excited to be playing in the big leagues. A great talent. Wenger complaining that people don’t respect him as a signing because he didn’t cost £55m is ridiculous. Fans are more than happy to have great young talent at the club. Thing is, they know how it goes. 10 good games, 5 bad. The plan was most likely to send him out on loan. Him being in the starting 11 is a big accident. Him becoming an important player for us over the next few months is amateur hour. The fact he looks better than Gabriel tells a real story…

Theo Walcott

Ok, so maybe I was just really upset and really drunk. But look, Theo looked impressive at times? Sure his finishing was still off, but he looked twice the player Sanchez did. He tracked back, threw himself about, played through the middle, out wide. He looked dangerous. I know I’ve written things like this before, then been disappointed by him… but for me, he’s better through the middle than Sanchez.


Did not impress me. I know he’s new to the club and the league, but he looked out of sorts and certainly didn’t look the superstar he did at the Euros. He was caught on the ball and he wasn’t really allowed to showcase his skills on the ball because of how deep Leicester played. Not a great first two games. I look at how well Kante played and how he was cheaper and worry. But look, Kante hasn’t a creative bone in his body… and Xhaka has room to grow. So let’s see.


Let’s just not ever do that again. He’s a brilliant player, super on the ball, dazzling with his feet. But he doesn’t have the legs anymore and I think it’s been pretty clear his best position has been in the deeper lying role. I have absolutely no idea what Wenger was thinking not starting Ozil. It’s an embarrassing slight on his management that he caved to a player who leaked stories to the press.

The Manager

Someone needs to take him aside and tell him that he is merely a cog in the Arsenal machine. He is not bigger than the club. He is not the club. He is certainly not the fucking financial controller.

“I will spend £300m if I find the right player, and we have £300m. But we also have 600 employees and we need to have a responsible attitude as well.

Comments like that strain the relationship with fans because they’re patronising, they make him a target of the media because everyone knows the points are stupid and they show that he’s completely out of touch.

Arsenal will never again be in a situation where paying their staff will be an issue. Never. Arsene Wenger has never been responsible for the salaries of non-playing staff. Arsene Wenger is not our financial controller. Only last week he had to be corrected on his view that referees were paid £45k a week. Arsenal have £200m in the bank, guaranteed TV revenues lined up for 10 years, growing shirt sponsorship deals and an ever growing global fanbase who have dollars to spend. He really should just keep his mouth shut about the finances, they’re outrageously good.

“I’m a bit fed up saying the same thing when people say we do not want to spend. We analyse everything then make the right signings.”

Fans are a bit fed up that this constant analysis ends the same way, with no players. A squad that isn’t good enough to compete. No major trophies.

… and this is the thing. We constantly hear that Wenger is a bad loser. That he longs to be a winner. That he lives and breathes the club.

So here’s an idea? Why doesn’t he fucking do something about it?

He behaves like a masochist. Like he enjoys going into the season with an under-prepared squad. Like he enjoys, at 67 years old, sitting in a disgustingly toxic ground that’s turning on him. Like he’s addicted to the misery of losing.

Wenger should have looked at his squad this summer, assessed the weaknesses and gone aggressively for what he needed.

Sell Theo Walcott and Alex Chamberlain for £50m (If you can get £32m for Bolasie and Benteke, you can get good money for our two). Move on David Ospina and Kieran Gibbs for £10m.

Pay Mkhitaryan £200k a week, because he was on for us. Go hard for a striker if Vardy falls through, most clubs managed someone. If you can’t get a striker, maybe move for Draxler or Reus and convert them through the middle like you did with Thierry. Do something, because to do nothing is beyond stupid. Go out and sign a centre back like John Stones because he’ll be England captain and one of the most complete ball playing defenders since Rio Ferdinand. Sign up the best young keeper in the game. Sign up an experienced backup central defender.

We could do all of that for £80m give or take £10m.

Then what do you have? A fucking great squad. You heard on Sky the explayers talking about the buzz of rolling into training knowing they’re playing with the best in the business. That’s what Arsenal haven’t had since, what, 2002 (players wise, when we signed about 8 names)? That buzz of invincibility. That excitement that the manager has dropped a madness and winning is inevitable.

Why doesn’t Wenger do that? Why wouldn’t he want to be presiding over positive energy? Why wouldn’t he want the fans chanting his name because we know the boss has, well, bossed the summer?

We’ll never know. Well, maybe we do, Wenger has already come out and insanely said that vibrancy doesn’t matter in relation to performance. You know what Arsene? You’re wrong. Absolutely wrong. Like you’ve been wrong so many times over the last ten years. Like you have been this summer.

That’s why the fans are upset. That’s why the media are savaging your summer. That’s why no one, bar Stan Kroenke believes in you (and I have to question if his undying support can continue when you look at how we’re falling behind United with sponsorship deals / he said he’d like to win things).

Finally, remember this, the narrative of ‘two players short’ is just that. An engineered story that keeps Wenger in a job and in new contracts. My personal view is this works for Wenger, because the reality is, if he spent £150m on players, he’d not be able to deliver the Champions League or the Premier League, especially now he has genuine world-class managerial quality to compete with. He’s not sharp enough with his in-game management, his tactical approach is rigid and predictable, he’s not ruthless and he doesn’t have the energy to lead like he once did.

My hope is that this is the last season we have to put up with this. My hope is that Wenger opts out of a new deal, because I have no faith Gazidis will pull the contract away from him. But hey, wishful thinking, we know he’ll engineer a 10 game winning streak, sign a 2 year deal and we’ll be back where any club would be with a substandard man running the show.

When I wrote a few weeks ago I was looking forward to next season already, I was right. Look at us now. Unreal it’s come to this. Let’s all pray this is the last time we have to go through this. Let’s pray this is Wenger’s last season.


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  1. Bamford10


    OK, but you seem to be of the view that there are only 2-3 managers in the world who are good enough to improve us or to win the title. This is nonsense. One, we simply need to improve upon Wenger. Two, there are plenty of managers who are smart enough and motivated enough to make Arsenal into contenders, and they can do so while being paid a lot less than Arsene Wenger.

    Do I believe this board can find such a man? Sure. Will they? Remains to be seen.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    “Rambo believes the board is responsible for the current situation and a herd of wild horses will not compel him to budge; therefore in order to maintain the terrible status quo, he concludes they would be looking for someone to carry on in the same vain as Wenger. In that respect his mind is quite one-tracked I’m afraid and he would have us languish here in Wenger-hell for the rest of eternity.”

    Jeff, don’t embarrass yourself, you clown. I blame both the manager and the board for this predicament, as you ought to be well aware of seeing as we debated on it a few hours ago.

    The fucking irony of you accusing others of being one-track minded when you can’t see past Wenger–something that you share with those AKBs that you love making fun of.

  3. Ughelligunner

    So you know you are not a scout, yet you rubbish players you have seen play only once? What a cheap Scout

  4. Bamford10

    Ughe continues to make dumb, meaningless arguments and to misrepresent others’ views. I never rated Capoue, Eriksen or Sanchez —- unless you mean Renato Sanches, whom I most definitely rate.

    And the argument that gambon and others made re Eriksen was not that he was better than Ozil but that he was 1/4 the money and yet had similar output. That was two years ago, too, I think.

    All of this is beside the point, however, because no one here is paid by Arsenal to identify players. So it’s a meaningless argument — not that I expect a dipshit like Ughe to understand this point.

  5. N5

    “N5 comparing Bergkamp to Xhaka is hilarious…lol”

    You really read what you want to don’t you? where on Earth did I compare the two!!

  6. Sam

    I wonder how many days will be left for another deal after Mustafi?

    or Akpom is the new Iwobi.
    Anyway, he’ll do better than Giroud coz he’s quick in the box.

  7. Bamford10


    Sorry, but are you suggesting that Chuba Akpom is the solution to our CF problem? That if he were to start, he could help us win the title? That he could help us advance farther in the CL?

    Please say so, if this is what you think.

  8. Alexanderhenry


    Many of you seem confident that kroenke and Co will have no problem picking a successor to wenger who will prove to be a superior and more successful coach. This successor will also have access to all of the cash at arsenal.

    I am not so optimistic.

    We’ll find out soon enough.

  9. Dissenter

    What do you guys think of the relatively low wages of premier league referees i.e 45k yearly in a business making 4 billion yearly?

    Refereeing is really full term because a referee has to be asd fit as premier league players to perform.

    The most laughable aspect of this conversation was that Wenger thought it was 45k weekly. He’s been manager for 20 years and does not know what referees. I bet SAF would have given a more proximate answer.

  10. Bamford10


    He’s referring to the comment that even DB10 took time to adjust. Your point was a reasonable one, though, even if these two players are leagues apart.

    The point is this Xhaka fans: he has not impressed thus far, has not looked a difference-maker. He will need to play much better if he is to prove that he was a smart, top-quality signing.

    That is all.

    Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Time will tell.

  11. jwl

    Wenger has been too obstinate in not buying world class striker in past three or four seasons. Wenger has made plenty of mistakes in past five seasons but if he just bought a healthy striker aged 22-25 who scores 25-30 leagues goals a season to replace rvp than things would have been very different. L’oreal as our number one striker for past four year is ridiculous, for a club Arsenal size, he should be number two striker at best.

  12. STV

    I think Rambo Ramsey still believer in Wenger. But the stupid board don’t give him enough funds to fully express himself, a policy they’d carry on in to the next manager (puppet manager)!

    In short Rambo Ramsey cannot see a way out for Arsenal from this mediocrity inflicted by Wenger.. Oops sorry, Kroenke!

  13. Ughelligunner

    Heh bamford, dont get over yourself i did that on purpose. Carlos Sanchez of Aston villa. Lol knew you would think of Renato who you saw once in Euros

  14. N5

    Bamford, with Marble though he took it that I was comparing the two for quality. I also mentioned Gervinho in the same comment but I notice he avoided saying I could have been comparing those two too.

  15. jwl

    Xhaka criticism is dumb, the whole team playing shit, you cant expect one new player to raise entire team level of play. Shit in, shit out.

  16. Marko

    The idiocy of Ughelli’s insistence that Wenger’s transfer window activities are restricted is similar to the lunacy of climate change deniers.


  17. Jeff

    The greatest advantage a new manager will automatically bring is that he will WANT to win things. He will not consider fourth place a trophy. He won’t be going on about mental strength, spirit, cohesion and handbrakes.

    Every season before last, Wenger always used to come third or fourth and he prided himself about this because he always intimated that the other teams above us were advantaged by financial doping. This continued for 11 years and that cosy little world of fourth place trophy with an automatic excuse served him and his devotees very well. But last season came as a terrible blow.

    He would have preferred the big teams to finish in positions 1, 2 and 3 with us in 4th but what happened is we got shown up by Leicester who did not have the benefit of financial doping and we didn’t score any higher than usual. All the other big club managers were dismissed and replaced. Not at Arsenal though. Oh no. Wenger is far to precious. Why is that? Because the only person who can sack Wenger is Wenger. That’s why he’s still here – no other reason.

    But have you noticed how the open AKBs as well as the closet ones have changed their main excuse. You don’t hear financial doping so much any more. It’s now the board’s fault. It’s the owner’s fault. Give it a fucking rest for once in your miserable lives and call it like it is.

  18. Sam


    A club normally has 3 strikers, Chuba Akpom is one of the strikers at Arsenal.
    can Chuba Akpom become to leading striker at Arsenal fc ? I don’t know
    can Chuba Akpom play well in front of Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla n score goals? YES
    can Chuba Akpom perform better than Giroud if given chance ? YES

    can Chuba Akpom win us the league? how da fok would I know this in flipping August?

  19. Marko

    Yeah to be fair to Xhaka he’s looked poor so far but really so has everyone at the club. Not fair to single him out two games in while Walcott has been there 10 years and still looks shite and Cazorla was worse etc etc. Truth is you’ll only see Xhaka’s worth when the ship has been steadied. Right now we’re the titanic

  20. China

    It’s pretty pointless us making any judgements on xhaka so soon

    I’m as tired and pissed off as the rest of you lot about Arsenal these days but we shouldn’t really be looking at him after a game and a half with too much scrutiny

    He probably still has to think of the names of his team mates before he calls for the ball, he’s playing in a shite system with a toxic atmosphere at a new club and isn’t familiar with his team mates. He will have been poorly prepared by Wenger and reportedly he’s been very good for years in Germany, so as much as he may not have been impressive so far, we can cut him some slack

    He’s not like Walcott running on a decade of underwhelming faith, he’s barely stepped foot on the Emirates turf. Let’s not jump to conclusions about him

  21. STV

    N5 think you were spot on re Xhaka. There are atleast 7 players that I’d criticise before Xhaka. But I think some were merely saying he had not looked good last game rather than saying he’s not good.

  22. gambon

    The frightened old pensioner doesnt know what hes doing any more.

    Sending Joel Campbell out for his 5th loan….while Sanogo is still an Arsenal player.

    Says he has to think about 600 staff members getting paid….while signing japanese kids that cant get work permits.

    Incredible show of managerial cluelessness.

    5 points off of the big 3 after just 2 games.

  23. Alexanderhenry


    No idea. It’s not his decision to make and it depends on the nature of ‘wexit’.

    The way things are going he may walk before the end of the season.

  24. N5

    STV, Godfather said he’s a waste of money and a waste of space.

    The majority on here understand you need time to settle but the odd person isn’t so patient.

  25. Jeff


    You are a half-wit closet AKB. You don’t declare full allegiance to him because you are afraid of the lunacy with which you will be tainted along with other AKBs on here. For this reason I will call you half-lunatic instead. Fair enough?

  26. gambon


    You think a guy that scored 3 championship goals last season is good enough to leaf the line at Arsenal in ANY circumstances?

    I dont.

    I like Akpom but hes miles off of being good enough.

    He wasnt even in the top 30 strikers in the championship last year.

  27. Alexanderhenry

    On Xhaka, let’s be honest, judging him after one start is plain stupid.
    It’s so stupid in fact, that I suspect that many criticing him hope that he will fail.

  28. Rambo Ramsey

    ” Because the only person who can sack Wenger is Wenger. That’s why he’s still here – no other reason.”

    That’s Jeff for you, he calls it as he sees it. I bet Wenger handed himself another extension 3 years ago and will give himself another one soon. Those poor, innocent, powerless board members.

  29. SUGA3

    I would give Campbell playing time now, this might put a rocket up AOC and Walnutt arses. Wenger has no man management skills whatsoever. We have been debating how he is unable to rotate to keep both the first XI and the fringe players fresh and focused.

    I mean, what the fuck is this with selecting Ramsey or Wilshere whenever fit and even playing him out of position to accommodate him? Not that I think that he is a bad player, but he is slowing down our game a lot IMO. Why not play Campbell, or even Rosicky (when fit) last season? First XI players are getting beasted and they last their whole first seasons, then break down or fade away in the second. Think Arshavin. Great player when used correctly. No one give me the whole ‘lazy’ bullshit. You will be saying the same about Sanchez next year.

  30. Follow the money

    When Wenger leaves, if they appoint a decent coach that only solves part of the problem. Everything behind the coach is just as important. We should aim for a Chelsea type infrastructure, director of football, scouts, etc. Look at how they have changed managers like tee shirts and besides the anomaly of last season, always done well. Avram Grant took them to the CL final. That tells you all you need to know. Atletico also has a good setup. Actually they are the model we should shoot for seeing as we’ll never spend like Chelsea with the clown show of a board and owner we have

  31. Follow the money

    I’m actually encouraged by Xhaka not doing well. How many times have we seen new players come to arsenal and be good right away, only to fade into shyte? Arshavin, etc

  32. Jeff

    It’s too early to say either way with Xhaka. We can’t judge players on the strength of one or two games. I’d give it at least a full season.

  33. Rocky7

    I can see Sanchez going this window, wouldn’t surprise me one bit . £35-40 mill and a transfer request will see that deal go through…. Thoughts guys ?

  34. Rambo Ramsey

    “You are a half-wit closet AKB. You don’t declare full allegiance to him because you are afraid of the lunacy with which you will be tainted along with other AKBs on here.”

    Yeah, you’ve got me all figured out. Pat yourself on the back.

    Speaking of wit, tell me, it must be amazing to live life as a simpleton yeah? Just convince yourself that anyone who don’t have tunnel vision are half-witted.

    Anyone who questions Kroenke and the board obviously have to be deluded AKBs. Me, That Mirror columnist Brian Reade..

  35. Dissenter

    ‘Sending Joel Campbell out for his 5th loan….while Sanogo is still an Arsenal player.”

    gambon behave yourself
    Who else will accept Sanogo on loan?. He’s failed at league one level already.

  36. SUGA3


    They wouldn’t fucking dare, especially not for this kind of money. This was peanuts for Fabregas all these years ago and Juve have the money. But this would be an utter PR as well as a sporting disaster. We would be an Ozil injury away from being, well, a piss poor team, really.

  37. Highbury4ever

    There was an Arsenal game yesterday ??
    What was the result ?? A draw ?? Not so bad…

    That’s how I will behave a long as “who you know” is in the place.
    With strong, very strong thoughts for out beloved – RIP – Highbury stadium…

  38. Scrvaldio

    When your trying to sign players your trying to sell them their dream. With us your life long goals and your hopes and dreams can become a reality.
    Is there a single world class player that would beleive us now?
    Transfers, lineups, finanace and training it is all irrelevent as we can no longer sell dreams. Wenger Out before it is too late.

  39. Jeff

    So Rambo. You’re just “questioning” the board and owner now and not “blaming” them. Well it’s progress of sorts I suppose.

  40. Joe

    Kos saying team spirit will make Arsenal compete for the title not signings hahahahah

    It’s his turn to spout wenger’s bullsht for the media

    And Pedro. I don’t feel bad for Wenger at all

    It’s not sad. It’s joyous. And the uglier the exit the better


  41. Rhys Jaggar

    I guess the question with Xhaka is not whether he’s performed in the first two games or not but whether fans have the patience to see whether his level rises steadily and continuously as he gets to know his new team-mates.

    I get the impression that fans here have shorter and shorter fuses with each passing year. Last year Lamela and Eriksen finally really started showing that their transfer fees in 2013 summer were somewhat worth it. Their third season. Yet Arsenal fans here are screaming blue murder after two games. Two games where Ozil has only been on the pitch for about 20 minutes. For me, Xhaka’s first 10 games are about showing he can win the ball efficiently in midfield, link the play effectively, be available for a pass regularly and less of the 40 – 50 yard sprayed balls, the killer passes etc. That’s how you ease your way into a side. It’s Ozil/Cazorla’s jobs to make the killer passes, after all. Well, most of them anyway….

    My take on yesterday’s game was that 0-0 suited both managers. Both could say they had a clean sheet. Both got off the mark points wise. Both had a better performance than on match day 1. Plenty of sides who’ve done very well the past 5 seasons have had a dodgy first three games. What matters is what happens from game 4 to game 19. if Spurs hadn’t had a really bad start last year they would probably have won the league……this year they have 4pts from 2 games. Last year it was 4pts from four…..

  42. Rocky7


    I hear you mate , but re couping the transfer fee , and the thought of losing him for half that price in a few months , may be too tempting for the bean counters at the Emirates

    And too be honest , he is not looking too happy at the moment ?

    If you were him, Would you rather be in Italy playing for a team that are out to win the champions league , or for ‘project wenger’?

    We notorious for letting our best players go for peanuts.

    Just putting it out there…

  43. Dissenter

    I’m of the persuasion that Wenger’s needs to leave with his reputation in tatters.
    It is means we barely get 40 points to keep our premier league status then so be it.

  44. Joe


    I agree with you. I would take 17th this season just for Wenger to leave completely like an embarrassed and as the fraud he is

  45. Chigooner

    That was such bad management yesterday.

    Interesting that player discontent stories are starting to leak. Gives me some hope Wenger won’t be able to save his 8.5 per this time around.

  46. Dissenter

    In the context of our transfer window failings, there’s no difference between 4th and 17th.
    It’s no like we are using the extra 20 million to sign good players or use the CL spot to attract excellent players.

  47. Follow the money

    Oh good lord, we still have work to do lads. I just checked the comments on Williams’ Guardian piece, and there are plenty of morons saying “two games and already the knives are out, shame on you.” Unbelievable

  48. Joe

    I really hope he gets sacked by xmas. What a great present that would be.

    Still sticking with my predicton of being 10 points out by end of sept.

  49. SUGA3

    Well, yeah, maybe I am just trying to convince myself that even they would not be THIS fucking stupid. Pardon my French. Mind you, I don’t have a great deal of faith in the executive team from BOD down and I have expressed this view a few times.

    We have a bunch of people with generic marketing, PR and other type management skills. But you need particular mindset if you want to make a venture successful in this line of work. Employing people who worked on products like Gatorade to market a football club is just plain lazy. And as much as the dude may have sold an ocean of the wildly coloured sports drinks, this is a while different kind of product.

  50. Rocky7

    Ivan calls Arsene after Leicester .

    IG ‘Arsene , what’s the name of that French bloke , that those angry looking men in red shirts where calling for him after Liverpool beat us’

    AW ‘ zat wud be Koscielney, he has qualideee’

    IG ‘ OK , I don’t care about that , I had an idea , the fans like him , soget him to say that we already have the ‘qualideee’ in the squad already do we don’t have to spend any of our money.

    AW ‘ zat iz a gud plan , I will get him to see Sharon in ze prezz office as soon has he has finished in ze medical room having his kneez fixed.

    IG ‘ yes do that Arsene , they been falling for this crap for past 10 years , no reason they won’t carry on buying this crap.

    Well something like that anyway …..

  51. Chigooner

    follow the money,

    of course it’s not two games but 10 years


    even if it wasn’t isn’t our goal the Premier League title? Even Wenger admits that. We might be out of the race by Setember.

  52. Dissenter

    Every team needs players like Antonio or Campbell.
    Players who are functional and wont stop running for the team.

  53. Chigooner


    no links. I’ve never heard Santi complain about anything. Sanchez wanting a move to Juve. Mertesacker making thinly veiled comments about needing more players and quality. There are some leaks in the ship it seems.

  54. Joe


    Man U and Chelsea Both signed better players than we did with no CL

    Fuck CP bought a more and better player than we did this summer

  55. Jeff

    I was just watching another half-wit on Arsenal Fan TV. His name is Bully (I guess because of the bull-ring through his nostrils) and he actually said we have to replace the owner (Kroenke) with Usmanov so he can force Arsene to spend. I didn’t catch the rest of it because I was already rolling around on the floor laughing. Some of these people that appear on Arsenal Fan TV are just too stupid for words.

  56. Chigooner


    Ya, but Chelsea and Man U both have a track record with current players of ambition. That combined with 2 top managers and the players will come.

    Arsenal won’t have that same goodwill. And I doubt they will have the manager either.

  57. Marc

    Sanchez is going nowhere this transfer window, if he doesn’t sign a new deal then next summer yes he’ll be off.

    You really have to wonder about some of the so called fans on here. Seeing Wenger is past it and wanting him out is one thing. Hoping Arsenal get relegated or lose there best players makes you a Spud, saying you want it because it will mean the end of Wenger is a poor excuse.

  58. SUGA3


    hear, hear…

    In my eyes, Wenger should have walked after the end of last season. Let someone else have however much summer there was to sign players, etc. Now it is unfortunately for him to effectively walk the plank. He has clearly lost the plot, the dressing room and now the away fans. The latter is a pretty big thing, IMO. Reflected in criticism heaped on him even by the likes of John Cross. Personally, I don’t think he will last the season if it goes tits up. Shame it had to come to this.

  59. Follow the money

    @Jeff, agreed. That clown Ty is the worst. Morons like him are why it took us so long to get to this point

  60. Rocky7

    Best protest would be 10,000 gooners turning up at the Orient instead of the Emirates on a Saturday afternoon.

  61. Wenker-wanger

    What a mess! With management like wankgers you would be hard pressed to screw it up better. Best players on the bench, coquelin not substituted when vulnerable to being dismissed, and added to the lack of quality signings. Ozil and giroud will save wankgers arse this season. That combination will score the goals enabling enough victories to attain 6 th place at least.one sad mans personal issues of self esteem and loneliness is using arsenal football club as his crutch. He has nothing else in his life but arsenal and he cares so little for it he is quite prepared to take it down with his own demise.

  62. Rocky7

    “Sanchez is going nowhere this transfer window”

    But he is playing/looking like someone that has already left imo .

  63. kc

    I’ve given up hope for this season entirely. Wenger must be removed at any and all costs. We truly are in a sad state of affairs if Sanchez is our best player anyway. Of course it’s not his fault he’s being played out of position. And we’re back to Wenger again.

  64. STV

    True WW when you see the hardwork and commitment those gifted athlets show in the olympics you really wonder what has the likes of Walcott (technically an ‘athlete) has done to achieve his status. Arsenal especially is not based on merits partly because of the manager who,himself is a fraud !

  65. Rambo Ramsey

    Vieira believes Wenger should be doing more to involve former players who previously enjoyed success under him in order to inspire Arsenal’s younger players.

    “I’m disappointed not to have ex-Arsenal players working at Arsenal,” Vieira explained.

    “It is good for the young players could see a Thierry Henry, a [Freddie] Ljungberg, or a [Martin] Keown who have been at the club a good few years working in the academy, or working somewhere.

    “I think they can do it a bit more, players want to do it but do not have the opportunity.

    “I don’t understand it, the perfect example is Ajax. You see all the old players working for the club, on the field, in the office – the door is always open for them – but Arsenal don’t do it and I don’t know why.”

  66. Batistuta

    Rambo Ramsey

    Not sure Arsene wants anybody questioning his authority hence why you see less ex players at the club and the ones that are Campbell, Freddie basically are in India or The US on some ambassadorial bullshit

  67. N5

    For the most part the home supporters were fairly quiet, though, with the vast arena meaning they are not as close to the pitch.

    In fact, the noise levels were so low the travelling Bournemouth contingent chanted “is this the Emirates?” in reference to the atmosphere at Arsenal’s stadium.

  68. Rambo Ramsey

    Batistuta, yeah, I saw an official Arsenal poster (during pre-season tour) with Henry, Pires and Ljungberg alongside the current players and thought things had changed. Guess it was only for show.

  69. Up 4 grabs now

    Evening all,
    Another plodfest yesterday unfortunately.
    Both teams and managers seemed content to get a point.

    Defence played ok, and I felt holding was a lot more comfortable with Koz alongside him.
    I’m keen to see bielik as well at some point before I see chambers again.(God that kid needs a loan)

    Midfield was a bit blah, coquelin played ok, Xhaka was average but needs games to get settled, so I’m not quite calling for his head after one and a half games.
    Chamberlain had one of his better games (which means he wasn’t appalling just above average)
    Alexis wally, and santi wasn’t great either.

    Overall a needed point, but pampering over the cracks, I’m sure it’s only going to get worse.
    Mustafi might get done in the next ten days? Lol only at arsenal can a transfer take so long!


  70. Batistuta

    “Everyone talks about Arsenal bringing players in but they need to stop stockpiling players as well & freshen things up.” – Ian Wright #AFC

  71. Rambo Ramsey


    “Both teams and managers seemed content to get a point.”

    Well, Theo Walcott certainly seemed happy enough

    “We’ve come to the champions and we know it’s not going to be easy. Not many people beat them. Only two teams, us being one of them, beat them last year.”


    Its kinda freaky looking at how our players starting to mirror Wenger.

    Koscielny’s another one

    “‘We are Arsenal – we fight for the title,’ he said. ‘Every game we play we want to win the game.

    This season will be very difficult because of the top clubs spending a lot of money on transfers, it’s unbelievable. But sometimes the collective can be better than individual players. So we want to keep our philosophy and play football.”


  72. Up 4 grabs now


    It’s frightening but I guess they have to toe the company line and spout the usual Wenger propaganda.

    The game was there to be won but that would have involved a change of tactics or formation, and we don’t do that!

  73. Follow the money

    The last time Wenger allowed former players to get involved was when Keown got our mediocre defence to the CL final, including a bunch of clean sheets. That was the end of that. Wenger considered that being shown up and ever since anyone who has questioned his methods or spoken out against the club are banished. We so could use someone like Vieira or Keown to put some steel into these sissies but Wenger won’t have it

  74. Rambo Ramsey

    “We so could use someone like Vieira or Keown to put some steel into these sissies but Wenger won’t have it”

    Wenger has turned Bouldy into a sissy, so there’s that.

  75. izzo

    Its very irritating seeing some of you still talking about transfers like its going to make some difference? We’re 2-3 players away from competing blah blah blah. You are all as deluded as the clown you’ve kept as manager for a decade too long. Nothing changes regardless of who he signs. He could sign Pogba and we’ll still be seeing the same mistakes all year. Get it through your thick skull that nothing changes until hes gone. What we should all be talking about is ways to organize further and drive him out before December.

  76. Batistuta


    Pretty sure Mustafi hasn’t even signed yet talk more of kicking a ball and he’s a “second rate” defender so who would you get Bill, Segio Ramos or Pique, Thiago Silva Maybe

    He’s looked very good each time ive seen him and would do a very brilliant job for us together with Koscienly

    There’s a lot to be negative about Arsenal for and signing a world cup winning international defender(all be it a couple of years late) is certainly not one of them

  77. N5

    @Batistuta I wouldn’t waste your time. If Mustafi was to sign for one of the other top clubs people on here would be kicking off about how a world class defender had joined one of our rivals. Flip-floppers.

  78. Batistuta


    It’s kinda annoying to be honest, we talk about all these players on here(see the xhaka bashing by izzo and co yesterday), we finally get them and before they’ve played 90mins, he’s turned shit cus there’s some other shinny looking new player that’s just had a blinder for some other team

  79. vicky

    Wenger Knows Best ‏@wengerknowsbest

    It was little bit difficult decision to loan Campbell to Sporting Lisbon. But, overall, we had to cover this month’s electricity bill.

  80. izzo

    I never sused those words “Xhaka was shite”. I just don’t rate him as someone who should be in our starting 11. Hence my comments. A proper manager wouldnt be buying Xhaka as his number one DM or CM. I’m sticking to what i think you can all keep on overhyping nobodies like Xhaka and Elneny.

  81. Joe


    With you. Wenger will be gone by xmas or
    He will leave completely destroyed at the end of the season.

    This is the year it all goes to shit for Wenger

    And I hope it’s a huge implosion for him

  82. Drey

    From a Nigerian social media commentator..an Arsenal fan

    JJ. Omojuwa
    You underrate Arsene Wenger’s influence on people’s
    thinking. He has formed a thinking pattern in his own
    way. twitter.com/modiabba/statu…

    JJ. Omojuwa
    No one does propaganda better than Arsene Wenger.
    Those who know this know what this is.

    JJ. Omojuwa
    He created, 1. 4th place finish as a form of success.
    2. He created “financial doping”. 3. He created
    Champions League qualification count..

    JJ. Omojuwa
    4. His style and intentional note on “how the game
    should be played” indirectly cost Mourinho his 1st job
    at Chelsea…

    JJ. Omojuwa
    The thing about shaping the question in a propaganda
    war is that you determine what the answer will be.
    The 1st step to win.
    View conversation ·

    JJ. Omojuwa
    To this day, he shapes the questions journalists ask
    him. Even they do not know is the Director of their

    JJ. Omojuwa
    Irrespective of how you rate Arsene Wenger as a
    manager, there are few humans today who can
    control minds as much as he does.

    JJ. Omojuwa
    He redefined football success from what used to be
    solely about trophies to account balance and spending

    JJ. Omojuwa
    By expanding the scope of measurement, he ensures
    he is able to be seen as a success at the parameters he
    himself chose.

    JJ. Omojuwa
    There is no manager in football with as much
    mediocre performances as Wenger in the last decade
    who remains regarded a top manager statesman

    JJ. Omojuwa
    Arsene Wenger’s success is seen in the average
    Arsenal fan. Despite the club’s failings, they hardly
    lose arguments. Why?

    JJ. Omojuwa
    They start out by redefining the questions in the
    argument and as long as you play along with them,
    you lose. E.g. Pogba’s transfer fee.

    JJ. Omojuwa retweeted
    The Zen Monster
    @omojuwa champions league qualification consecutive
    20 years with lesser financial power than rivals is a
    big deal. twitter.com/omojuwa/status…

    JJ. Omojuwa
    LRT. LOL. That is a Wenger virus infected fan
    right there. He redefined success and handed over his
    new definition to them

  83. Joe

    N5, Bats

    With the signing of Mustafi, what do you think it does to our chances this season?

    That is the issue I have. Or sounds like Izzo

    It will make
    No difference whatsoever in our title chances

    It’s papering over the hugest crack which is Wenger.

    Is it exciting? Not really because of the manager. It won’t make one iota of a difference who we sign.

  84. Emiratesstroller

    I have read some of the negative posts and comments in media about Xhaka.

    They are ridiculous. First he came on as a substitute in first game AFTER we
    conceded 4 goals and second the game against Leicester was his first full
    competitive game.

    He is a decent central midfielder and not a glamorous box to box or attacking midfielder who will make headlines.

    His transfer fee is just about par for a quality player in the position he plays.

    Arsenal’s malaise is not just about Wenger, but the way the club is run and the
    lack of real ambition from top to bottom of club.

    Wenger talks about his concern about the welfare of 600 employees at the
    club. Fair enough, but he should be more concerned about the paying customer like myself who pays annually £4,000+ for 2 season tickets.

    If the club continues to operate the way they have been doing over the last 2
    years they are going to struggle to fill seats and if the club starts underperforming and fails to qualify in 2-3 seasons for Champions League they will
    discover also that the Sponsorship will dry up as well.

    My understanding is that size of Puma’s sponsorship is performance dependent. If Wenger keeps on with his current policy of underinvesting in team I
    think that the club will have a real problem with sponsors.

    Sponsors wish to be associated with success and ambition and not mediocrity.

  85. TitsMcGee

    Mustafi is a solid player. Probably will make a nice pairing with Kos. We don’t go up or down on the basis of signing a solid defender though.

  86. Joe


    How would he do on a cold night in stoke though? Just like Pep, how would
    Pep manage against the Neanderthals of stoke 🙂

    Just like Ibra, he won’t do anything in the EPL :-))

  87. N5

    Joe he’ll do nothing under Wenger, my point isn’t people saying that because that I agree with. But people saying Xhaka is shit after 90 minutes and Mustafi is bang average or 2nd rate when he’s not even joined yet just get annoying.

  88. Redtruth

    “If the club continues to operate the way they have been doing over the last 2
    years they are going to struggle to fill seats and if the club starts underperforming and fails to qualify in 2-3 seasons for Champions League they will
    discover also that the Sponsorship will dry up as well”

    Lol…Yeah, but you’ll still be taking up your seat..lol.lol

  89. N5

    It took Higz less than 20 minutes to open his account with Juve and he scored the winner!!

    As I said earlier, you get what you pay for. How much was Sanogo again?

  90. Joe


    You haven’t lost faith in sanago have you?

    If he cost 55m you would not say bad things.

    But because he was free. Can’t run. Shoot. Score. Pass you say he is not good.

    You have not made 50,000 signings.

  91. Joe


    Ibra seems to have adapted to the league quite quickly


    I’m sure xhaka will come good. It’s unfortunate all the focus is on him because he isnour only signing

  92. N5

    Ha ha, sorry Joe, I’m just a bit down from yesterday and I’m taking it out on the wrong person. Sorry Yaya, still #TeamSanogo all the way #NewHenry #WrightWho

  93. N5

    “Ibra seems to have adapted to the league quite quickly ”

    Ibra is different breed, the man is a machine. Apparently he’s scored on his debut for 5 different teams in 5 different countries. Amazing.

  94. N5

    “You still maintain that Wenger developed Henry as a Striker or do you concede that it wss Henry’s idea all along….”

    How could either of us know?

  95. Jacko

    ‘ Wenger destroying his legacy and it’s sad to watch’

    Sorry but no! It was sad to watch 5 years ago but now he deserves a good hard fisting, no lube whatsoever!

    He is way beyond sympathy at this point. I thought the bloke walked on water at one point. Now I would pay to slap him.

    In a polite, pensioner slap, kind of way of course.

  96. Joe

    Haha. That’s better N5

    Wenger will
    Do what he did when he discovered Henry (sarcasm) and turn him into a great striker ( again Wenger has nothing to do with it)

    Wenger will make sanago great again

  97. Joe

    It was henry who told
    Wenger he wanted to move back to striker from
    The Wing at Arsenal

    It was Wenger who first put him
    As a winger from
    Striker at Monaco

  98. Joe

    exactly red

    All these posters saying we should buy draxler or reus and Wenger can covert them

    Wenger couldn’t convert ice to water in the desert

  99. Redtruth

    Wenger plays players out of position and still N5 needs convincing of Wenger’s lack of coaching credentials…lol

    Example…..Coquelin seemed to be coming on nicely and you’d be expecting such an expert as Wenger to hone his skills but instead he’s regeessing….

  100. N5

    Red, I’m honestly gobsmacked sometimes at the leap you make between answers. How does “how could any of us know” turn into I’m back Wenger and his coaching credentials. I said it the other day but even a broken watch is right twice a day! so surely at some point Wenger has done the odd thing right?

    Anyway who gives a fuck, he’s past it now and garbage so stop living in the past and deal with now. Get your customer service call made!!

  101. Joe


    Elsewhere, Dinamo Zagreb boss Zlatko Krancjar has been quoted as saying Eduardo has been given an amazing opportunity to leave for a big club like Chelsea and he would depart after this week’s Champions League qualifier.

  102. Alexanderhenry


    Are you even an arsenal fan? You seem incapable of giving your team any credit at all, and unable to derive any joy from anything to do with arsenal

    You hate the players, the manager, the stadium and most of your fellow fans.
    You even moan about the first part of wenger’s period at arsenal when we were winning doubles.

    It’s depressing and boring, so do stop it.

    If the only thing that will make you happy is arsenal winning the treble every season, then you are in for one hell of a tough time as an arsenal fan…if you are one.
    Are you?

  103. Cesc Appeal

    No one is going to give Arsenal a deal for any player other than total s**t. That’s why the pro-Wenger fans assertions that Wenger had a ‘duty’ to get value for us and so was doing the right thing by waiting was laughable, waiting is essentially making sure you do not get value, or have very little chance of it.

    Honestly, the fact average fans could call that weeks back and this buffoon and his subordinates at Arsenal couldn’t see it is hilarious, frustrating and scary all at once.

    With fans bordering on mutiny, Arsenal desperate for a CB, swimming in cash, why would Valencia give us a decent price? Same goes for Lyon and Lacazette who has five goals in two games already…why would they accept anything under £40 Million now?