Wenger destroying his legacy, and it’s sad to watch

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Well, it’s getting all a touch painful, and we’re what, two games in? Arsene Wenger bore the wrath of the away support as fans chanted for him to leave the club. I wasn’t at the game, but I read it was quite vociferous and it wasn’t a minority.

I think the difficulty for Arsene Wenger at this point is that he’s taken things too far. He’s run out of goodwill. The fans are unfortunately in a position where anything outside a resounding win is a disappointment fueled by his ineptitude that needs to be met with aggressive disobedience.

That is Wenger’s fault. This isn’t about having terrible fans. This is all on one man whose belligerence, dithering and lack of energy has pushed fans down the nastiest of paths. This is about a man who has it all to make Arsenal a powerhouse, but chose instead to stick his middle finger up then sit on his hands. This is about fans watching the dying days of a manager who should have been put out of his misery 5 years ago.

Yesterday wasn’t a terrible result in the context of an away day at the Champions after a bit of a thumping in our first game. However, framed in the reality of the moment, Leicester looked a pretty poor side who were there for the taking and Arsenal didn’t do what Hull did last week and take the victory.

If we had a proper striker, that game is ours. Simple as that. The bare minimum of summer requirements has been badly mismanaged again. To make things worse, before the game, the media shared quotes from Wenger who insisted Alexis Sanchez was on par with Suarez technically, ‘He has similar qualities to Luis Suarez. He is technically top’, which is enough to drive even the sanest fan wild. The reality is Sanchez is nowhere near Suarez, it’s a pipedream of a fantasy (my fantasy) that was on full show today. He’s not smart enough and he has no presence in that role. He was eaten up by the Leicester defence today.

There were other issues outside the square peg / round hole striker situation. Before the game, it was leaked to the press that Santi Cazorla kicked off about being dropped for the Liverpool game. So what did Wenger do against the Champions? Instead of starting Mesut Ozil in the hole, he opted for Santi who never looks good there. Keeping a favourite happy, rather than doing what was right for the starting 11.

The final strange decision came when he dropped the impressive Elneny for Xhaka and continued with Coquelin. Now look, I like the Frenchman, but he’s really kind of average. The whole point of signing Xhaka and Elneny was to upgrade a problematic position. Coquelin just isn’t a great player. In games against great teams when you need smart players who can unpick defences, why are we putting in players who can’t fulfill on that?

We really struggled to break down Leicester’s resolute defence. Their two banks of 4 made it really tough to break through the lines. But we didn’t change things up until, you guessed it, the 70th minute when we brought on Mesut, Jack and a bit later Giroud.

Shock horror, when we brought on players who could open up the pitch creatively and run through the lines, we started to make chances and looked like a team that could do something. It still wasn’t enough, but you do wonder why Wenger didn’t setup with a bolder line up? Why did he cave to the whims of a great player who doesn’t have the legs anymore? Why did he wait until the 70th minute to make a progressive change?

It’s the same issues we have all the time, Wenger is a manager of routine. He’s a manager who can’t handle conflict in his dressing room. He’s a man who has consistently demonstrated terrible in-game management.

So what did we learn?

Main Man

Koscielny was a welcome antidote to the back four. He really is an exceptional talent wasted at our club. He should be winning Champions League medals. However, he chose the Arsene Wenger tutelage and he’s stuck with us. I’m glad. He reads the game so well, he calms those around him and he was pivotal in us keeping a clean sheet. His fitness is directly correlated with our success this season.

Rob Holding

He had a really good game. I trust him. Sure, he makes some mistakes, sure he’s green. But he looks like he could be a player. Confident on the ball, he has northern grit about his game and he looks very excited to be playing in the big leagues. A great talent. Wenger complaining that people don’t respect him as a signing because he didn’t cost £55m is ridiculous. Fans are more than happy to have great young talent at the club. Thing is, they know how it goes. 10 good games, 5 bad. The plan was most likely to send him out on loan. Him being in the starting 11 is a big accident. Him becoming an important player for us over the next few months is amateur hour. The fact he looks better than Gabriel tells a real story…

Theo Walcott

Ok, so maybe I was just really upset and really drunk. But look, Theo looked impressive at times? Sure his finishing was still off, but he looked twice the player Sanchez did. He tracked back, threw himself about, played through the middle, out wide. He looked dangerous. I know I’ve written things like this before, then been disappointed by him… but for me, he’s better through the middle than Sanchez.


Did not impress me. I know he’s new to the club and the league, but he looked out of sorts and certainly didn’t look the superstar he did at the Euros. He was caught on the ball and he wasn’t really allowed to showcase his skills on the ball because of how deep Leicester played. Not a great first two games. I look at how well Kante played and how he was cheaper and worry. But look, Kante hasn’t a creative bone in his body… and Xhaka has room to grow. So let’s see.


Let’s just not ever do that again. He’s a brilliant player, super on the ball, dazzling with his feet. But he doesn’t have the legs anymore and I think it’s been pretty clear his best position has been in the deeper lying role. I have absolutely no idea what Wenger was thinking not starting Ozil. It’s an embarrassing slight on his management that he caved to a player who leaked stories to the press.

The Manager

Someone needs to take him aside and tell him that he is merely a cog in the Arsenal machine. He is not bigger than the club. He is not the club. He is certainly not the fucking financial controller.

“I will spend £300m if I find the right player, and we have £300m. But we also have 600 employees and we need to have a responsible attitude as well.

Comments like that strain the relationship with fans because they’re patronising, they make him a target of the media because everyone knows the points are stupid and they show that he’s completely out of touch.

Arsenal will never again be in a situation where paying their staff will be an issue. Never. Arsene Wenger has never been responsible for the salaries of non-playing staff. Arsene Wenger is not our financial controller. Only last week he had to be corrected on his view that referees were paid £45k a week. Arsenal have £200m in the bank, guaranteed TV revenues lined up for 10 years, growing shirt sponsorship deals and an ever growing global fanbase who have dollars to spend. He really should just keep his mouth shut about the finances, they’re outrageously good.

“I’m a bit fed up saying the same thing when people say we do not want to spend. We analyse everything then make the right signings.”

Fans are a bit fed up that this constant analysis ends the same way, with no players. A squad that isn’t good enough to compete. No major trophies.

… and this is the thing. We constantly hear that Wenger is a bad loser. That he longs to be a winner. That he lives and breathes the club.

So here’s an idea? Why doesn’t he fucking do something about it?

He behaves like a masochist. Like he enjoys going into the season with an under-prepared squad. Like he enjoys, at 67 years old, sitting in a disgustingly toxic ground that’s turning on him. Like he’s addicted to the misery of losing.

Wenger should have looked at his squad this summer, assessed the weaknesses and gone aggressively for what he needed.

Sell Theo Walcott and Alex Chamberlain for £50m (If you can get £32m for Bolasie and Benteke, you can get good money for our two). Move on David Ospina and Kieran Gibbs for £10m.

Pay Mkhitaryan £200k a week, because he was on for us. Go hard for a striker if Vardy falls through, most clubs managed someone. If you can’t get a striker, maybe move for Draxler or Reus and convert them through the middle like you did with Thierry. Do something, because to do nothing is beyond stupid. Go out and sign a centre back like John Stones because he’ll be England captain and one of the most complete ball playing defenders since Rio Ferdinand. Sign up the best young keeper in the game. Sign up an experienced backup central defender.

We could do all of that for £80m give or take £10m.

Then what do you have? A fucking great squad. You heard on Sky the explayers talking about the buzz of rolling into training knowing they’re playing with the best in the business. That’s what Arsenal haven’t had since, what, 2002 (players wise, when we signed about 8 names)? That buzz of invincibility. That excitement that the manager has dropped a madness and winning is inevitable.

Why doesn’t Wenger do that? Why wouldn’t he want to be presiding over positive energy? Why wouldn’t he want the fans chanting his name because we know the boss has, well, bossed the summer?

We’ll never know. Well, maybe we do, Wenger has already come out and insanely said that vibrancy doesn’t matter in relation to performance. You know what Arsene? You’re wrong. Absolutely wrong. Like you’ve been wrong so many times over the last ten years. Like you have been this summer.

That’s why the fans are upset. That’s why the media are savaging your summer. That’s why no one, bar Stan Kroenke believes in you (and I have to question if his undying support can continue when you look at how we’re falling behind United with sponsorship deals / he said he’d like to win things).

Finally, remember this, the narrative of ‘two players short’ is just that. An engineered story that keeps Wenger in a job and in new contracts. My personal view is this works for Wenger, because the reality is, if he spent £150m on players, he’d not be able to deliver the Champions League or the Premier League, especially now he has genuine world-class managerial quality to compete with. He’s not sharp enough with his in-game management, his tactical approach is rigid and predictable, he’s not ruthless and he doesn’t have the energy to lead like he once did.

My hope is that this is the last season we have to put up with this. My hope is that Wenger opts out of a new deal, because I have no faith Gazidis will pull the contract away from him. But hey, wishful thinking, we know he’ll engineer a 10 game winning streak, sign a 2 year deal and we’ll be back where any club would be with a substandard man running the show.

When I wrote a few weeks ago I was looking forward to next season already, I was right. Look at us now. Unreal it’s come to this. Let’s all pray this is the last time we have to go through this. Let’s pray this is Wenger’s last season.


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  1. Bamford10


    Moron, I specifically said that I wasn’t bashing Xhaka. I was just pointing out that he was largely ineffectual, that Coquelin was the better player yesterday and that Jack had more of an impact when he came in. All facts, and the stats bear all of that out.

    You should try thinking before writing sometime. It might help.

  2. N5

    For those of you that jump straight on the this new player is crap bandwagon, I implore you to watch DB10s first 10 matches at Arsenal or TH14s debut against Liverpool.

    Have faith and patience with the new additions and see what can happen to some!

  3. Ughelligunner

    The solution is to just be plain and simple about the clubs budget. And arsenal should lower the ticket prices, maybe then, we can start signing players like that of totenham and evertons and southampton. Then Arsenal fans can understand their position.

    P.S. I dont think most exfootballers of Arsenal know what’s going on. They are even more confused than the fans.

    And we have an owner? If only wenger can just give up, and lest see what our next manager would do, then we can know the truth.

  4. GoonerDNA

    N5, you have to give any player a full season to make a judgment even longer for the youngsters who don’t always play BUT some you see straight away are shit…..like Yaya So no goals, what a fraud that guy is.

  5. STV

    “comments like that of Bamford’s about a new xhaka is the main reason why he doesn’t want to spend over the odds on a player”

    See Ugh every managers have their fair share of failures in tw. It don’t stop them from recruiting the right players.. If that’s the case Wenger is a coward forfeiting the clubs chances for his failures!!

    That said, the Mr. perfect, Wenger’s record on transfers is abysmal! Signing more duds than probably any mangers in pl history!!

  6. Bamford10


    Very few people here are writing Xhaka off. I certainly am not. The point being made is simply that he hasn’t impressed thus far and doesn’t necessarily look a difference-maker. I’d say the smartest poster with serious criticism of Xhaka is Paulinho. You might look at his comments from yesterday if you want to see someone who is genuinely unimpressed with Xhaka so far.

    I’m happy to give him more time, but I am not blown away at moment. He looks a little early-Arteta to me frankly.

  7. N5

    GoonerDNA, fully agree. Sorry I wasn’t maybe clear. There are some players that instantly you can see are shite. Some though join and have obvious pedigree and yet because they don’t replicate their previous clubs quality instantly people get pissed off.

    You’re bang on though, a player should be afforded a season before we say they won’t make it in our league.

    Some TH14/DB10 will go on to prove most wrong and then some, others like Gervinho will make you wonder what the fuck someone was smoking.

  8. Ughelligunner

    N5, Xhaka played well enough. 5blocks, 2 tackles, 89percent pass completion. What else do they want? It is just the normal thing with fans.

    N5, i own a pub and when chelsea was playing watford, pressure was on Kante, chelsea fans were already targeting him as a scapegoat goat who was been exposed. The same fans who never wanted fabregas started abusing Conte after fab made the assist for the winner.

  9. N5

    Bamford, I was talking of the more extreme posters from yesterday and sadly it’s always the same people.

    I’ve learned not to disagree with Paulinho as it usually bites me in the arse. The guy knows his stuff.

    Agreed RE Xhaka not being overly impressive, but under Wenger I don’t think even Messi would impress.

  10. SUGA3

    …and yes, I have just noticed that the above team has literally zero British players in it. But here’s the thing, they are all a bit gash or don’t really realise their potential. Here’s my (almost) all Brit bench (no GK):

    Gibbs, Chambers, Holding, Wilshere, Ramsey, Theo, AOC, Welbeck

    none of them is actually better than what I listed above as the first XI. Gibbs and Chambers are liabilities. Holding is raw, but shows promise. Wilshere and Ramsey slow down our play, due to having been Wengerised from the your age. Theo is, well, Theo 😆 OX and Welbeck are constantly injured and thus lack in consistency. But you have to have them here due to the whole homegrown bollocks.

  11. 30

    It is sad that he is wasting the careers of a few great players, and ruining the careers of others like Ramsey who should have been sold to a lesser club a long time ago since he has no position in this club. But I guess a lot of them are happy to have a nice cushy life at Arsenal, without accountability. So happy that Joel Campbell has been loaned out. It has been very frustrating watching him sit on the bench with inferior English players starting in front of him. But he too is scamming, since he loves being loaned out and play regularly at a club that could never pay his fat Arsenal salary.

  12. Marko

    Prudent spending because we’ve got 600 employees. That one might just explain all those years we plaid Diaby for nothing

  13. Ughelligunner

    The problem with arsenal is we cant spend more than 60m on a worldclass player, and we cant spend 40m on an average player, but that is what the market is now. Why cant Gazidis and the board go over wenger’s head to kronke, if wenger is the ‘sole’ problem? Dick law the sporting director is also there. Hope wenger retires this year so we can start afresh and have peace. Then any fan who abuses the current manager or player would be banned

  14. Bamford10

    Actually, his pass completion was 79%, and he received a 6.7 rating, the lowest of the starters along with Cazorla and Sanchez (both of whom were poor).

    Coquelin, in contrast, had an 82% and an 8.2 rating.

    Bottom line is this: Xhaka will need to play much, much better.

  15. Kay

    Does anybody think Wenger wants to purposely turn Sanchez into an average player because he is not signing a new contract and they don’t see eye to eye. We all know Wenger will rather prove a point than win a trophy. His ego has destroyed players and Arsenal. I loved the man and it is sad watching him degenerate like this.

  16. N5

    “Prudent spending because we’ve got 600 employees. That one might just explain all those years we plaid Diaby for nothing”

    Exactly Marko, it’s just another contradiction that needs a strong journo to just push him a bit on.

    So Wenger you prudently spend to save money and make sure no cheques bounce when paying your 600 plus employees. In that case may I ask why you paid Diaby for 8 seasons of injury, or Djourou or maybe Squid?

    Why are you paying Theo 140K a week to warm a bench last season? why do you take one of the highest wages in football?

  17. SUGA3


    If Wenger does not select him, how is he ‘scamming’ anyone? Good on him that he actually wants to play, it is not him negotiating the loan deals. JC is getting a Carlos Vela treatment, and both are a joy to watch, but Wenger could not use either of them properly.

  18. Ughelligunner

    N5, bamford starts been patronizing and gets serious about this kind of thing. He prefers wilshere to Ozil, that tells you his personality. He championed Erickson to Ozil and still is. Everybody can make up his mind about a player but not a player you all creamed and ejaculated in your pants for. N5, you can accuse bamford for sayin xhaka was bad it is allowed even with friends and you can hug later.

  19. STV

    I am not worried abt Xhaka yet but am worried abt Xhaka Coquelin Mid.. It’s too blunt too static.. It could isolate Ozil, and contrary to percieved opinion don’t think defensively sound either.. Xhaka not the best of tackler and Coquelin could easily overrun by stronger players..

  20. Bamford10


    It’s not a good number, and Xhaka is supposed to be a ball-playing, passing-oriented CDM.

    But that is somewhat beside the point: the real point is that he was largely ineffectual and frankly a bit meh. Didn’t look a difference-maker in the middle, didn’t stand out at all.

    Who knows what he will look like in six weeks time, but if he looks like he did yesterday, then he won’t have been that great of a signing. Sorry.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    To be fair to Xhaka, if we talk purely statistically, he managed numbers yesterday that are mostly consistent with the average-per-game he’s achieved over his career. To do that in your first game in a new league is impressive.

    73 passes attempted, 2 tackles, 2 interceptions, 3 headers won…A solid all-round performance. The only criticism you can aim at him is for completing 58 passes which give him a low percentage pass completion of 78%. This is a big drop from his 86% career average.

  22. Ughelligunner

    A dm who gets 79percent of his passes right while having ox and walcot in front of him and run about coq, is great in my oppinion in his first match against a hard working Leicester.

    I thought you all said the Bundesliga is better than the EPL, he came from there remember. You cant eat your cake and have it. Contradicting yourself by the minute.

  23. seg

    I wouldn’t expect Wenger to spend /improve the team after what Leicester did last season. How dare they did what our lord has been trying to do for many moons? Youcan bet your last penny on it, he would try to replicate it or die trying.

  24. alexanderhenry


    It really looks like endgame for wenger.

    Once again, the main issue has been investment or lack of it. I predicted he would be allowed to spend £30 to £40 million, maybe £50 million tops this window, and that is how it has panned out.

    As I also predicted, this will be his last season. Whether he lasts the whole season is the only question that remains.

    Let’s move on from wenger then, and look to the future.

    As arsenal fans, what do you expect post wenger? Which coaches do you think the club will go for, or what type of coach, and do you expect to see a change in transfer policy?

    These are reasonable questions to ask.

    This is what I expect to happen.

    1) The club will appoint someone like roberto martinez, a lesser known coach from europe or an ex player. Their salary will be considerably less than wenger’s.

    2) The club will spend initially. One or two decent players will come in but after that arsenal’s transfer policy and it’s expenditure will remain the same. They will continue to preach caution, continue to berate other clubs for over spending and continue to ‘invest in youth’, ‘develop talent’ and ‘make stars not buy them’.

    3) The club will struggle and fall out of the top four.

    I hope I’m wrong of course, but this is what I predict will happen.

  25. Jeff

    The problem is that we (as Arsenal fans) are also probably a bit behind the player price tag. In today’s world a £30m player is probably a player that would have cost you around £18m a couple of years ago. That’s how inflationary the prices have been. If someone sells you a player for £30m today, do not expect a shiny world beater. Perhaps not quite an average player but nothing to write to your granny about either. So in that context, this is what I would say about Xhaka. He is performing as well as can be expected.

  26. Bamford10

    Those who keep saying that the problem is sky-high valuations and our refusal or inability to pay such valuations are ignoring the fact that many quality players have moved for 35m or less in the past 2-3 years. Some for much less.

    Look at Atletico, Dortmund and Juventus. They are not spending outrageous money, yet they are constantly improving.

    What was Mahrez signed for? What was Kante signed for? What was Coutinho signed for? What was Aubameyang signed for?

    Good scouting and intelligent spending can get you a quality squad, without necessarily spending 50m a player.

  27. Ughelligunner

    stv, if you cant see sense in his statement, cant you use your head? The boardmembers are much more than wenger, kronke’s son is there, Dick law the sporting director is there, Usmanov is there, if it is really wenger that’s the problem, dont you think all these persons can put pressure on kronke to sack him or go over his head to sign players? If wenger wants Lewandowsky who cost 100m and wenger wants to pay 50m, do you think if kronke pays the money behind wenger’s back, he would resign from the job?

    P.s. Great players make the game easy, their quality out Smarts average players, that’s why the bigger teams always win against the average teams. If you saw Man utd vs southampton, Chelsea vs Watford you would know.

    Accusing wenger that he won’t be able to win with Merci is a lol

  28. Marko

    It all depends on who we appoint Alex (how’s the cool aid). Appoint someone like Tuchel and we’ll move forward as a club. Don’t think we’ll appoint someone like Martinez but I suppose you’d like that. Give you a chance to say I told you so and let’s bring back Wenger. Look we’ll be fine post Wenger imo. A lot of decent managers would love the Arsenal job. Lots of money, job security and all you have to do is slightly better than a dithering fool and you’ll be loved. Heck if all the new manager did was sign up a decent striker he’d already be a massive improvement on Wenger

  29. SUGA3


    I think this can go one of two ways. We will either get someone like Ancelotti or Rijkard, just to steady the ship a bit, or we can go crazy and appoint Eddie Howe. Where the latter is really not that bad an idea, if you think about it, as he could be another one for the long run, which I would actually prefer. My caveat is Wenger riding into the sunset in any case, no moving upstairs bollocks. Wenxit means Wenxit.

  30. Doublethink

    Fans are gonna judge Xhaka harshly because he cost 35m in a position whichmost would put behind a ST, CB and a wide player in priority this summer. So when you spend that amount in an arguably our strongest area while ignoring blatant weaknesses I’m not surprised the knives are out already.

  31. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, this is your problem, you cant compare us to Juventus (who just bought a player for 70m because Napoli stood their ground). They are the biggest in their league, there is little or no competition for players. Look at Arsenal trying to sign Vardy and leicester paying 100k, can you see this in the league you just mentioned?

  32. Marko

    Look at Atletico, Dortmund and Juventus. They are not spending outrageous money, yet they are constantly improving.

    Shhh they’ll convince you there’s no way we could’ve signed Dybala or Dembele or Vidal a few years ago or Aubameyang from St Etienne. They weren’t better than what we’ve got

  33. STV

    Ugh I don’t expect us to win pl every year or winning CL. However we can punch our weight and maximise our potential including the finances with a competent manager, and surely win many titles.

    If you look at wages Arsenal is in top 4. Wenger supposidly could spend if he finds the ‘right quality’ and we missed numerous, easy chances to win title over the years. Shouldn’t be all doom n gloom like this don’t you think??

  34. Doublethink

    Shhh they’ll convince you there’s no way we could’ve signed Dybala or Dembele or Vidal a few years ago or Aubameyang from St Etienne. They weren’t better than what we’ve got
    Vidal and Arteta both cost 10m in the same summer, resale value anyone?

  35. SUGA3


    And this is exactly the kind of thinking that will keep AFC from progressing as a football club, as a brand, etc. This is a big global business, and to be up there, you have to spend. Especially when everyone knows you are minted. We should be as big as Juve if we pulled our finger out. Chelsea are getting there and who the fuck were they 10 years ago? Loudmouth nouveau riches, that’s who.

    Also, were Juve not relegated to Serie B for corruption at one point?

  36. Ughelligunner

    Dortmund buys the left overs after bayern Munich, and still sells them to bayern after some years ( it is the Germany league- maybe we should have bought Sahin and Kagawa to make you feel better). Remember they last won a title because bayern were shipwrecked. Even wolfburg won a league in that time too.

    Athletico lol, they spend excess money too, howbeit alot on loans and third party deals which the EPL dont allow (they are also the third distant rich team in the league, where Valencia is going ffp. Something even a championship team in England isn’t facing. Use you very high intelligence sometimes when comparing teams doing business outside the Epl to Arsenal

  37. alexanderhenry


    I wish I shared your optimism. Still, you might be right and it looks like we’ll find out soon enough

  38. Marko

    STV Whoever succeeds wenger will be on a lot less money.

    Less than the 10 million we spent last year? Or the 36 this? Where do you get your evidence to back up your theory dum dum? Definitely have never seen a swiss ramble article before that’s for sure. Seems like most people are aware of Arsenal’s finances except for you Alex.

  39. Dissenter

    “Let’s assume wenger goes. What do you expect from arsenal?

    What a silly question. Life will continue like United didn’t end after Fergie who was many times the manger Wenger will ever be.

    The sun will stop shining and the sons of men will be come savages.
    Gooners will openly eat other gooners.
    Once Wenger goes life as we know it will end.

  40. Marko

    Ugh you’re talking shite bro. Dortmund have over the last few years signed Aubameyang for fuck all turned him into a 30+ goals a season striker probably worth close to 60-70 million. They just this summer signed one of the hottest french prospects around for potentially chump change in Ousmane Dembele and I suppose we couldn’t of pulled off those signings by your logic? It’s easier for them for some reason I guess

  41. Ughelligunner

    Stv, i agree with your statement. At least once a while we should be punching above our weight and spending on risk basis. But the club doesn’t think like that. Kronke is a low risk business man. He spends extravagantly only on landed property it may seem, maybe because that assets is also risk free.

  42. STV

    Let’s have it right! Arsenal is one of the biggest and richest clubs in the world. Some fans act as if it’s a midtable club made a top 4 club by the efforts of Wenger!!

    We could compete with the best if we choose to but the manager and bod choose not to.

  43. GoonerDNA

    SUGA, I think Theo is rubbish but my understanding is he’s on 100k and if he activates his bonuses its 140k – which I highly doubt he does.

    I think the confusion is because he received some sort of loyalty bonus when he signed the ting.

  44. Ughelligunner

    Marko, you are a big fool. It was only Cesc appeal that wanted him when he moved from France. And klopp even commented that he was happy he bought him off arsenal. We had Gervinho’s back who most already hated. Nobody wanted him. Why dont you search for that comment where klopp was happy He chose them? And do you think most young players want to come and sit on the bench at arsenal? Knowing they won’t start immediately. I remember Ginter also refused coming because of he was afraid he would’nt start. Maybe you should start making up your own mind on some decisions rather than people’s own.

  45. Rambo Ramsey

    What do I expect after Wenger? More of the same.

    I don’t trust this board that have been happy with elite mediocrity for so many years to undergo a complete, sudden transformation and start showing a strong sense of purpose and ambition.

    I expect more of the laissez faire approach. We’ll hear some speech about how Arsenal are unlike any club, we have principles etc. The club will make an underwhelming managerial appointment. We can only pray that guy hits off big cause if he bombs, again, I don’t trust this board to act quickly and decisively handing him the boot.

  46. Bamford10


    It’s an international market. We can sign the same players Italian or German or Spanish clubs are signing. That argument is bunk.

  47. Leedsgunner

    I could care two hoots about Wenger’s personal legacy. What I care about is after Wenger goes — how long is it going to be until we become a proper football team rather than a glorified footballing side for an accountancy firm. Every day he stays longer is a day we go backwards.

  48. Dissenter

    Worst case scenario
    When Wenger leaves, Gazidis and Kroenke show their true incompetence and we become worse. The fans turn on them and we mount a Liverpool style insurgency to rout them

    Wenger has to leave first. We will cross those bridges when we get there.

    There’s no way Kroenke is a money grubber like you make him out to be.
    Unambitious? Yes …but he’s not restricting Wenger.
    If he were a penny pincher he would have appointed a management consultant to go through the wages and would never approve Walcott’s 140k weekly salary. He would not approve 220 million annual wage bill for an average squad.

    Wenger is an incompetent miserly has-been who’s sucking the life out of the club.
    Why can you see this?
    Now he’s worried about the 600 employees of the club? [most of whom are seasonal minimum wage workers]

  49. PieAFC

    The ground was toxic. Arsenal arguing with Arsenal, atmosphere wasn’t too bad.

    It’s so bad, frustrations being taken out on each other. Leicester fans don’t see what we are fussing about and genuinely some there clubs must think what is the big deal.

    It’s going to be a long, frustrating aggy season.

  50. Ughelligunner

    And yeah, only Arsenal could’nt pull off Dembele, Aubameyang because the other top Epl clubs had no eyes too. Some players move to clubs they would start game time,they do you know that?

    Others move for the money, the others are worldclass who would start anywhere in the world.

    Sometimes i ask fans why they think Arsenal is not a pull for great players, and like the media they listen to, they have no reason. If they really wanted to play for only the Bayern, Madrid, Man utd, city of the world, shouldn’t the players be on lower wages than what Arsenal would offer them? But of cause they went there because their wages were blown over the roof, something we dont like to afford.

  51. SUGA3

    Kroenke may be less than ambitious sport results wise (as the track record of KSE clubs would suggest), but he is not restricting Wenger money wise. Just look at our wages. The wage bill is pretty silly, considering that we struggled to put out a decent XI for the season opener and we still do. And the injuries are really not just down to bad luck, but mostly to rank fucking incompetence of the manager. I think one can lay down the muscular tissue injuries at Wenger’s door. We really don’t get that many unlucky impact injuries, do we?

  52. Bamford10

    When Wenger departs, the board will do one of two things:

    – hire a quality manager and keep the structure just as it is
    – hire a quality manager and create a new position that oversees buying and selling of players

    Wenger is not on any austerity budget, and neither will the next manager be.

    The real question is whether we need a structural change with re to how buying/selling decisions are made.

    Alexander is a clueless, brainless troll who has had one idea in his entire life and is reluctant to let that one idea go.

  53. Rambo Ramsey

    “It’s an international market. We can sign the same players Italian or German or Spanish clubs are signing. That argument is bunk.”

    Didn’t you listen to Wenger? There’s two different markets, one for English clubs and one for the rest. A player who costs 5 million in the second market would cost 50 million once English clubs are in for him.

    Gotta hand it to Wenger, he really is the specialist in cooking up excuses.

  54. Dissenter

    I hope the Arsenal supporters trust and other Fan groups ask Gazidis or the chairman what are the responsibilities of the senior team manager.

    Is the senior team manager responsible for arranging the wages of the 600 employees?

  55. Ughelligunner

    Yeah, bamford an international market so that we can sign Higuain for 70m pounds and you would be the first to say Giroud was better. Or Martinez as in Athletico’s case and you can condemned him and ask for more? Or Auguero, Falcao, all moving from south America with third party agents, while the England commission will refuse them permit because they have not played for their national teams.
    And when they were finally sold to English teams, were sold for exorbitant fees and salaries.

  56. Paulinho

    “I don’t trust this board that have been happy with elite mediocrity for so many years to undergo a complete, sudden transformation and start showing a strong sense of purpose and ambition”

    The board sanctioned the signings of Ozil, Sanchez, Xhaka, and with other bids are quite clearly open to spending more.

    If you take Wenger away and put in a Conte or Simeone – shelling out the same amount of money or more in the same period – would you still say there are not interested in being successful?

    My point is, both Spurs and Leicester have shown you can build cohesive, compact teams that play better as a team than Wenger has managed with his in the last three years. Bring in a young progressive manager, with the same support as Wenger has received financially, and we are already better off. I can’t see what the board have to do with it. People blamed Levy for years but it turns out they just needed a good manager. I don’t think these managers are too hard to find these days either with some sort of dilligence; lots of retired players from Simeone/Pochettino era coming through.

  57. Dissenter

    There’s a 5-10% mark-up for English clubs in the market which is understandable.
    The pound sterling is weaker so it looks even more expensive to the buyinhg English club.

    I bet there’s an even higher mark-up for Arsenal because for the following:
    – they all know we are tire kickers who are just coming to unsettle their players . -they know we never negotiate in good faith.even though we have the highest cash balance in all of professional sports worldwide..
    -we never negotiate from sa position of strength. We wait until the 11th hour when the need is too dire.

  58. DaleDaGooner

    Sometimes I just wonder about this blog. While I agree generally that Wenger is done and needs to leave, some of Pedros assessments are just not spot on for me.

    I agree re Cazorla.
    Theo Walcott: you seem to like and rate him here and there, but slate Campbell. I’m fuming that Ox and Walcott are in this team and Campbell has just been loaned out 5th time. It tells you all you need to know about internal solutions, let’s not talk of buying. Wenger sucks at man Managment and choosing the right players within his squad. He constantly destroys some players at the expense of shitty ones he favors.

    I agree re Xhaka, I think he will be fine eventually.

    Your assessment and others assessment re Gabriel, I cannot agree with. I saw a very decent player in the start of last season, a player that held Chelsea at bay till he got sent off and Costa never got sent off. He’s worth a keep in the squad, he’s no Squllaci or Silvestre. He’s a fine defender who had errors. I remember folks like you who slated Koscielny in the beginning. Same Kos you big up now. You say he’s being wasted away, well he couldn’t win the Euros with a fine French team either, not saying it’s down to Kos, I have always rated and liked Kos, it’s the ITK folks who wriggle out of bad assessments that irks me.

  59. SUGA3


    Riiiight, but they end up in the English teams, yes? So it can be done. And once again, look at our wage bill, we are really not that far off Chelsea’s, United’d or City’s. Whereas we don’t have Rooneys on 300K per week, do we? And Spuds and Leicester spend considerably less on wages, the former gave us a run for our money and the latter won the damn league. We ended how many points behind them?

    Sit down, shut up. Plank.

  60. Ughelligunner

    When these players sign for huge salaries, then the media would say arsenal cant attract them, while our fans would follow suit. Forgetting we refused to pay them hence they refused to come.

    Sugar, we pay the average players what they are worth in other top clubs, that is evident. Walcot, Milner, Henderson, are testament to that. What we do not pay is the extra 200plus worldclass players are paid.

    Do you think we would have been able to sign the under 17 best player if we dont offer close to what he is offered by other teams? Ihanacho chose Man city, and everybody knew it was because of money offered.

    Rashford is now on double figures, and you expect Iwobi to be on what exactly? Then you will say arsenal cant keep their best players?

    It is the 200plus salaries we are skint on

  61. alexanderhenry


    Regarding your ‘worst case scenario’, I actually agree.
    The situation at arsenal is intolerable at the moment and for that I blame Kronke.

    However, wenger is complicit and certainly acts as a kind of shield for Kroenke to hide behind, so you may be right that he needs to go before our useless owner is revealed as the charlatan he truly is.

  62. DaleDaGooner

    Another blow…..as desperate as I have gotten, I was hoping there would be a chance Asano would be given a work permit……he has qualities we lack in our current strikers. He’s much better than Walcott and Giroud skill wise, and he’s got finishing and pace. But, even if he were given a permit, I doubt Wenger would give him a chance, would be Park 2.0 I don’t trust Wenger to even give players a proper opportunity. Wenger is a liar in regards to giving tong talents a chance. He’s a fraud with that. Asano would be another wasted senseless effort by AFC, Plc

  63. Bamford10

    Even if the board & owner are not overly ambitious — i.e., they don’t DEMAND success — they don’t prefer mediocrity to success. Those who suggest they’d prefer mediocrity are simply wrong. They have placed their faith in Wenger, and they have remained loyal to him even as their faith has wavered, but they have not done so because they prefer mediocrity. That is stupid; mediocrity makes you no more money than success does. Indeed success brings you more money.

  64. SUGA3


    let me give you an example: I am a bit of a Szczesny fan, I actually rate him and think that he will be Poland’s no.1 for the next 10-15 years, as well as that he will have a great club career under the right managers. Would I pay him 100K per week for having done precisely fuck all, like Wenger did? Would I fuck.

    Would I give Wilshere a triple figure salary? Of course not. Why? Because he has not done anything to deserve it and it is actually counterproductive to pay players so young this much money, unless they really are on Ronaldo or at least Bale level. Simple as that. You just end up with a demoralised youngster, especially if you are not much of a disciplinarian. Which we all know Wenger is not.

    Another example: why pay Rosicky, say, 60K (conservative estimate) and not play him one bit, regardless of fitness?

  65. Ughelligunner

    Sugar, and what has spurs done in the Europa league that they have been playing in over the years? Or how many finals have they played and won in the minor cups? These little details are what the ozils and the sanchez brings you. Totenham do chop and change everyday.

    Maybe we should be like totenham and buy and chop every year so we would be also ran in europa and the league, since you envy them.

    For those of you that envy the totenhams, i think that’s what wenger should really be doing. Chop and change yearly, make the champions league when the top 4 teams faulter, go out of the cups very early, crash out of the Europa and make 5th and 6th yearly. See frustrated fans. Yeah, i thought we were looking at the Man utd but now its liverpool’s and totenhams

  66. Redtruth

    A £35m player like Xhaka should hit the ground running and not finding his feet.!
    It’s not as if he has to do anything sophisticated or magical just keep it simple like a water carrier is supposed to do…

  67. SUGA3

    …what I am getting at, is that we have invested a lot of money very badly. This was partly due to the stadium loan clause expecting us to invest a particular proportion of profits into the playing squad. Sadly, Wenger preferred to reward Denilsons, Bendtners and Fabianskis with wages they would not get anywhere else, rather than speculate to accummulate, thus creating additional revenue streams to reinvest.

  68. Kevin

    Spot on. As much as I like and respect Wenger, it’s time for him to go. Failing to address the deficiencies in the squad before the start of the season is nothing less than negligent. We’re already five points behind Chelsea and the Manchester clubs, and the Champions League will – and I don’t think I’m being too pessimistic here – be a complete waste of time like it is every year. If this was horse racing, we’d fall foul of the non-triers rule. We’re more stale than a pack of digestives that’s been left open for a month and a half. Arsenal have shown no ambition this season and that’s unforgivable. Roll on 2017-18.

  69. Dissenter

    I’ve always agreed with you on the fact that power is too centralized in Wenger. He’s the sole football brain trust of the club, everyoner else feeds off him (as flawed as he might be)
    Wenger has made the likes of Gazidis look good even though he’s really an airhead.

    No one here absolves the board, Gazidis or Kroenke of blame. We stink from bottom up or top-to-bottom, as you prefer to see it.
    The point is Wenger is not using the huge power that has been vested in him properly and he needs to go yesterday for true reform to start.

  70. Paulinho

    “Those who suggest they’d prefer mediocrity are simply wrong. They have placed their faith in Wenger”

    Yep, it’s easy to critcise the board for not getting rid of him, but the reality of actually doing it is another matter. At least half the football world would accuse them of gross disloyalty – and probably stupidity – pushing him out the door so that puts into context how difficult it would be. It’s not like he’s taken a bung or anything.

    The onus is on Wenger to do what Ferguson did, but he won’t, so the board are probably waiting on the fans to hound him out before they need to ‘stab him in the back’. Because, considering the dynamics at play, that is how Wenger will perceive it. He will see it as an affront and insult, such is the inflated opinion he has of himself.

  71. SUGA3


    And we are what? World beaters in the CL? We even got dicked by Monaco in the last 16. remember? Care to remind me when exactly did we last get past that stage?

    Not like we had vintage runs in the domestic cups either. We really got lucky with the draws to get to the finals. Not like we were dispatching our nominal rivals regularly, is it?

  72. Ughelligunner

    Sugar, that’s why you know nothing about footballers and their salaries. The same goal keeper that has gone to the third best team in Italy on loan and is their number one? Do you know how many teams wanted him at that point that made Arsenal give him that? Same as wilshere. How much was Milner on in Liverpool? And then Stones? Hart? And you expect wilshere to be on a free salary? Like i said, we pay the average players well, in equivalent to what our competitors pay. It is the 200plus and deals we dont tend to do, hence our wages look comparatively close. Selling them would make sense, but if you would sell 3 players and replace with a worldclass, what happens if he gets injured? Back to square one. We should be doing both as other teams, that’s what you should be clamoring for because we need a large and quality squad for the season.

  73. Ughelligunner

    Sugar, its the same thing i am saying. We should be chopping and changing players yearly, while playing in Europa, so that we won’t play minnows to get to cup finals.

  74. Rambo Ramsey

    Paulinho, don’t know about you but I just find it hard to envisage this board going all out to bring in the likes of Simeone, Conte or any other stellar name

    Find it far more likely they appoint someone young, decent and with potential to explode on the big stage. Like you say, a Pochettino-type. Underwhelming choice for many fans who want to see the likes of Guardiola, Simeone manage the club.

    Obviously any such appointment would represent a gamble. Which is why I mentioned earlier that I hope we land one that will hit it off big ala Guardiola and not a Wenger mk II. Cause the board might well prattle out the ‘patience’ mantra if we get the latter type.

  75. Bamford10


    You are seemingly incapable of making an honest argument. One, in no world would I ever say Giroud is better than Higuain. I was one of the earliest and most severe critics of Giroud, and I have always thought him inadequate. Two, the time to sign Higuain was two summers ago, when he was reasonable, not this summer. Three, there are many other CFs who have moved for 40m or less over the past 3-4 years that could’ve improved us.

    Wenger has simply failed to sign them.

    Please fuck off with your lame and dishonest apologist arguments.

  76. Ughelligunner

    I blame wenger for making it about himself and blaming the fans, rather than coming than to the fans level of understanding. I think Gazidis made it easier in his speech, while wenger is refusing to say there is no money available.

  77. ADKB

    Oh no, it isn’t sad to watch. Wenger himself once claimed to have built Arsenal on his own. He wanted the acclaim, nobody argued with him. Now it’s pay back time.

    He built his own reputation singlehandedly. He’s destroying his own legacy singlehandedly – if there’s any legacy left to be destroyed,that is.

  78. SUGA3

    The thing is that we get fuck all out of these loans and have to subsidise the wages in most cases. They did not include the option to buy clause in the loan agreement. And Szczesny is not coming back here, not under Wenger, that’s for sure:


    You have a talented youngster, you give him a reasonable contract: long term, moderate wage. If he fucks about, you let him rot on the bench and make an example of. What is so fucking hard?

  79. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, even if wenger signs Messi, you would say Ozil is now a world beater. You dont watch enough footballing to justify your analysis of a player. After your Xhaka denial, and all your back load of rubbish, it is a final nail in the coffin that you know z.

  80. Dissenter

    You make a profound point.
    The greatness of a leader is defined by him/her knowing when to leave.
    Wenger will leave Arsdenal worse off because he’s arrogated too kjuch power in himself like a dictator. He’s stifled structures that would have made the club better off long after he’s gone.
    Ins hort he’s created the setting for the club to falter after he’s left.

  81. Bamford10


    Thomas Tuchel makes roughly £1 million year in salary. Why would the Arsenal board not bring in someone of his quality? He would not cost a lot of money — indeed he would cost far less than Wenger does. So why would they deliberately select someone mediocre if they can afford an excellent manager? Please explain this contention of yours.

  82. SUGA3

    Let’s not beat around the bush here: most reasonably experienced managers would have got more out of this team as it is. Wenger is out of ideas, he can’t even make halftime substitutions to shake things up a bit. I would even sub some players after about 25-30 minutes on occasions. Sub a substitute if he has a stinker. Whilst the latter may be a bit cuntish, you need some stick for motivation purposes too, ffs.

  83. Ughelligunner

    You dont know what you are saying about the Epl football. Even if Xhaka doesn’t make it here, i expect some respect from you and your lots because you all wanted him and derided wenger for almost not buying him. When will you learn to shut up about player analysis?

  84. Dissenter

    The idiocy of Ughelli’s insistence that Wenger’s transfer window activities are restricted is similar to the lunacy of climate change deniers.

  85. Rambo Ramsey

    “Yep, it’s easy to critcise the board for not getting rid of him, but the reality of actually doing it is another matter. At least half the football world would accuse them of gross disloyalty – and probably stupidity – pushing him out the door so that puts into context how difficult it would be.”

    Sorry, this is a lame excuse. If you are scared of how the public may or may not react, then you won’t be able to do anything…cause lets face it, the media and public comment on everyone and everything.

    I remember a lot of fans and pundits letting their outrage be known after United sacked Moyes, same with van Gaal. ‘This is not the United way’, ‘I’m absolutely shocked and ashamed of the way they’ve handled it’ etc. Hysteria lasted for about a week or two and now United are the better for it.

  86. STV

    Bamford honesty they’re all baseless predictions, Even Liverpool, Spurs Everton Westham etc.. who are all behind Arsenal appoint decent managers!! Why wouldn’t they?

    The only worry is Wenger’s involvement..

  87. Ughelligunner

    Sugar, yeah so true. That’s why he manages to finish fourth yearly even with more better managers and their better players. I thought ours were shit, apart from kos, Ozil and Sanchez? I reckon these three make arsenal get top four yearly right?

  88. Dissenter

    The Olympic stadium is really cavernous. It looks like those municipal Italian stadiums. It doesn’t look great for football.

  89. Redtruth

    Fans should wake up and recognize that the board and Wenger see them as only paying customers and fans should start acting and seeing themselves as paying customers by complaining to customer services if you are not happy with the service..

  90. Paulinho

    Redtruth – Yep, that will be just after we rattle them with a strongly worded leaflet campaign. Leaflets that will then be turned into paper aeroplanes to show we really mean business.

  91. Bamford10

    Payet signed for £11m from Marseille. Griezmann signed from Sociedad for some £25m. Mahrez signed from Le Havre for £500k. Aubameyang signed from St. Etienne for £12m.

    Why are these (and other such) signings possible for others but not for Arsenal? Because Wenger has failed — miserably.

  92. Follow the money

    Some absolutely fantastic comments on the situation at Arsenal on the last page of the previous post. Incisive and spot on. Proud to know you blokes

  93. Dissenter

    Finishing fourth qualifies you for CL to sign good players—LIE
    Finishing fourth earns you more money from CL—WHO CARES ABOUT HOARDED CASH
    Finishing fourth means nothing

  94. Jeff


    Rambo believes the board is responsible for the current situation and a herd of wild horses will not compel him to budge; therefore in order to maintain the terrible status quo, he concludes they would be looking for someone to carry on in the same vain as Wenger. In that respect his mind is quite one-tracked I’m afraid and he would have us languish here in Wenger-hell for the rest of eternity.

  95. Ughelligunner

    Bamford yeah, show me where you once rated all these players? You dont even rate 35m xhaka after his first game

  96. Alexanderhenry

    Make no mistake, kroenke and the board are more than happy with wenger.

    He ensures champions league football every year and despite widespread discontent with the team’s progress, there is a full house every week. All this on a meagre budget.

    Kroenke’s shares are now worth at least double what he paid, and the stadium debt he inherited is being paid off for him by the fans.

    He gets the prestige of owning a great, old english soccer club and doesn’t have to invest anything in it or worry about it. Anyone who thinks he’s losing sleep over the fact that arsenal haven’t won the league for years, are kidding themselves.

    Of course kroenke knows that with greater investment comes the likelihood of greater success and with that, profit.
    However, he also understands that there is greater risk, and our tight fisted owner doesn’t like taking risks.
    No, he’d rather arsenal muddle along as they are along with all his other teams.

    When wenger leaves kroenke will come up with most cost effective way of replacing him. Arsenal’s success isn’t even an issue

  97. Paulinho

    Rambo – Difference is Van Gaal and Moyes were there for five seconds, and Van Gaal basically admitted he was off around April or May. He was candid and open about leaving.

    Wenger thinks he’s still doing an amazing job, within the confines of his own self-made restrictions, or as he likes to call them, ‘principles’. Different kettle of fish broaching that issue, especially when he still is performing to an acceptable level. The issue is recognising that what makes him consistent also stops him from getting to a higher level (league or euro progression), so they would be effectively sacking him for something that hasn’t happened yet (but we all know will at some point).

  98. Bamford10


    “When will you learn to shut up about player analysis?”

    Umm, that’s kind of one of the main things we do here. If you don’t like reading player analysis, there are other blogs for you.

  99. Bamford10


    “When Wenger leaves, Kroenke will come up with most cost-effective way of replacing him.”

    Great. A Thomas Tuchel will cost him 1/8th what Wenger does, and he will be a massive improvement upon Wenger — in part because he’ll spend the money available to him, and in part because he is far better tactically.

  100. Dissenter

    Do you think Kroenke became a billionaire by leaving 200 million in cash idling away doing nothing.
    If Kroenke was as bad as you keep saying he would be like Mike Ashley [at Newcastle] and actually cut down out socialistic wage structure.
    Kroenke’s biggest sin is assuming his investment is in thriving in Wenger’s safe hands. It’s a lack of vision and ambition. It’s not for restricting Wenger rather is for giving Wenger too much power without supervision.

  101. Sam

    Xhaka is a tough guy and his partnership with Coquelin will flourish soon
    Ignore the haters, they are like spoilt kid who always demands new toy n dump the old one
    they’ve seen enough of xhaka already, they don’t want him anymore.
    already he’s an old toy, not good enough

  102. SUGA3


    All things considered, we should have walked the league last season. Simple as that. We did also bottle it a few times in the previous years, for the exact same reason: Wenger being finished as a top football manager. Indecisive, inflexible, poor leader of men and poor man manager. His success was only based on his players knowing what the fuck they were doing.

    I mean, does he have to always make the 67th minute subs? Or always play the same game, regardless of how ineffective it is? Does he have to sign exactly the same type of players, leaving the squad unbalanced? Can he think of a plan B?

  103. Marc


    I not so fussed by what it looks like it’s the fact that we’re subsidising West Ham in the fucking thing. If you work on the new stadium giving them an extra 22,000 fans and paying £100,000 per match in rent that’s £4.55 per seat.

    That’s a few pence over 2 bottles of water at the Emirates by the way.

  104. China


    This term made me fucking laugh mate

    And yes. No wenxit with a backdoor deal for him to go upstairs. Wenxit is wenxit and we need to change the Emirates’ locks the moment he leaves the building

  105. Rambo Ramsey

    Bamford, I’m not saying the board will deliberately choose someone mediocre. I’m saying its hard to envisage them choosing a proven winner.

    Tuchel is not in the same league as Guardiola, Simeone, not yet anyway and there’s no guarantee he’ll reach those stellar heights. He could well keep Arsenal near or around the top but not take them to the summit.

    And that’s where my concerns lie. Do you trust this board to chop and change, keep playing the managerial merry go round games, always in search of someone who’ll win us the title/CL ? That’s what United, Chelsea all continuously do. Or is it more likely they’ll be content–as they have been for all these years–with a manager who maintains this status quo?

  106. China

    rhe jubilation of him stepping aside would be so utterly and comprehensively tarnished by him moving upstairs to forever throttle and cast a shadow over anyone who dared to take his job

    Absolutely unthinkable

  107. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, you forgot to add Monreal, Bellerin, Kos, Ospina, Carzola. As usual, make the list of only players not in arsenal, because wenger is the only football manager in the world that takes punt on players. We should just have them all.

  108. HillWood

    Your Cowemment Here
    West Hams ground looks like a cheap bowl from the outside but the construction and conversion costs were extortionate

  109. Dissenter

    It Kroenke/Gazidis/the board gave a Tuchel or Simeone HALF the power that Wenger has, the results will be much better.

    A proper manager will maximize a transfer budget by clearing deadwood out and moving in better players.
    Wenger is too sentimentally attached to his babies who can fetch us 50-75 million in extra transfer funds.

  110. Campbell


    I’ve only just seen your comments surrounding Xhaka in response to my ‘he’ll come good’ post yesterday. You seem to have kept the same stand point with other posters on here since.

    My point is, and as Pedro says in his post – he has room to grow. He’s been unfairly portrayed as this knight in shining armour because of his transfer fee and being our only signing of note. You reckon the fee should dictate whether or not a player comes in and hits the ground running. You’re the exact type of fan that makes Wenger reluctant to spend money (other than it being intrinsically wired in him) aka the people he wants to prove wrong. Yes Xhaka has been underwhelming but it’s his job to trail blaze. He will be an upgrade in terms of character this season imo. The quality in his play will get better, let’s not forget he’s 23.

  111. Bamford10


    “Bamford yeah, show me where you once rated all these players? ”

    Yet another dumb argument. I’m not paid money to scout and sign players for Arsenal, dipshit. If I were, you can bet your sweet ass I’d know about and rate some of these players.

    And Xhaka has been just so-so thus far. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

    Please make a single decent argument. You are awful, mate.

  112. Goona

    Well, some people on here yesterday were saying we only need 3-4 big signings….yep only 1/3 of the first team need to be sacked…

    As for yesterdays game….what a shower of shit….but then again the performance was the same as always…spineless….

    Do we have any leaders in the fucking team?

  113. Sam

    I am sure If we sign Morata he’ll be dubbed sh!t after just 2 games
    they’ll forget they cried for him all summer

  114. Marc


    Ignore Red he’d argue it was raining if the sun was shining. Can’t make my mind up if the guys a) a moron b) a troll or c) a trolling moron.

  115. Ughelligunner

    These are the player’s bamford rated before they were exposed by their change of clubs… It tells you bamford knows z.. Kondogbia, Sneiderlin ,Sanches, Benteke, Erickson, Capoue. More are still coming