Wenger destroying his legacy, and it’s sad to watch

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Well, it’s getting all a touch painful, and we’re what, two games in? Arsene Wenger bore the wrath of the away support as fans chanted for him to leave the club. I wasn’t at the game, but I read it was quite vociferous and it wasn’t a minority.

I think the difficulty for Arsene Wenger at this point is that he’s taken things too far. He’s run out of goodwill. The fans are unfortunately in a position where anything outside a resounding win is a disappointment fueled by his ineptitude that needs to be met with aggressive disobedience.

That is Wenger’s fault. This isn’t about having terrible fans. This is all on one man whose belligerence, dithering and lack of energy has pushed fans down the nastiest of paths. This is about a man who has it all to make Arsenal a powerhouse, but chose instead to stick his middle finger up then sit on his hands. This is about fans watching the dying days of a manager who should have been put out of his misery 5 years ago.

Yesterday wasn’t a terrible result in the context of an away day at the Champions after a bit of a thumping in our first game. However, framed in the reality of the moment, Leicester looked a pretty poor side who were there for the taking and Arsenal didn’t do what Hull did last week and take the victory.

If we had a proper striker, that game is ours. Simple as that. The bare minimum of summer requirements has been badly mismanaged again. To make things worse, before the game, the media shared quotes from Wenger who insisted Alexis Sanchez was on par with Suarez technically, ‘He has similar qualities to Luis Suarez. He is technically top’, which is enough to drive even the sanest fan wild. The reality is Sanchez is nowhere near Suarez, it’s a pipedream of a fantasy (my fantasy) that was on full show today. He’s not smart enough and he has no presence in that role. He was eaten up by the Leicester defence today.

There were other issues outside the square peg / round hole striker situation. Before the game, it was leaked to the press that Santi Cazorla kicked off about being dropped for the Liverpool game. So what did Wenger do against the Champions? Instead of starting Mesut Ozil in the hole, he opted for Santi who never looks good there. Keeping a favourite happy, rather than doing what was right for the starting 11.

The final strange decision came when he dropped the impressive Elneny for Xhaka and continued with Coquelin. Now look, I like the Frenchman, but he’s really kind of average. The whole point of signing Xhaka and Elneny was to upgrade a problematic position. Coquelin just isn’t a great player. In games against great teams when you need smart players who can unpick defences, why are we putting in players who can’t fulfill on that?

We really struggled to break down Leicester’s resolute defence. Their two banks of 4 made it really tough to break through the lines. But we didn’t change things up until, you guessed it, the 70th minute when we brought on Mesut, Jack and a bit later Giroud.

Shock horror, when we brought on players who could open up the pitch creatively and run through the lines, we started to make chances and looked like a team that could do something. It still wasn’t enough, but you do wonder why Wenger didn’t setup with a bolder line up? Why did he cave to the whims of a great player who doesn’t have the legs anymore? Why did he wait until the 70th minute to make a progressive change?

It’s the same issues we have all the time, Wenger is a manager of routine. He’s a manager who can’t handle conflict in his dressing room. He’s a man who has consistently demonstrated terrible in-game management.

So what did we learn?

Main Man

Koscielny was a welcome antidote to the back four. He really is an exceptional talent wasted at our club. He should be winning Champions League medals. However, he chose the Arsene Wenger tutelage and he’s stuck with us. I’m glad. He reads the game so well, he calms those around him and he was pivotal in us keeping a clean sheet. His fitness is directly correlated with our success this season.

Rob Holding

He had a really good game. I trust him. Sure, he makes some mistakes, sure he’s green. But he looks like he could be a player. Confident on the ball, he has northern grit about his game and he looks very excited to be playing in the big leagues. A great talent. Wenger complaining that people don’t respect him as a signing because he didn’t cost £55m is ridiculous. Fans are more than happy to have great young talent at the club. Thing is, they know how it goes. 10 good games, 5 bad. The plan was most likely to send him out on loan. Him being in the starting 11 is a big accident. Him becoming an important player for us over the next few months is amateur hour. The fact he looks better than Gabriel tells a real story…

Theo Walcott

Ok, so maybe I was just really upset and really drunk. But look, Theo looked impressive at times? Sure his finishing was still off, but he looked twice the player Sanchez did. He tracked back, threw himself about, played through the middle, out wide. He looked dangerous. I know I’ve written things like this before, then been disappointed by him… but for me, he’s better through the middle than Sanchez.


Did not impress me. I know he’s new to the club and the league, but he looked out of sorts and certainly didn’t look the superstar he did at the Euros. He was caught on the ball and he wasn’t really allowed to showcase his skills on the ball because of how deep Leicester played. Not a great first two games. I look at how well Kante played and how he was cheaper and worry. But look, Kante hasn’t a creative bone in his body… and Xhaka has room to grow. So let’s see.


Let’s just not ever do that again. He’s a brilliant player, super on the ball, dazzling with his feet. But he doesn’t have the legs anymore and I think it’s been pretty clear his best position has been in the deeper lying role. I have absolutely no idea what Wenger was thinking not starting Ozil. It’s an embarrassing slight on his management that he caved to a player who leaked stories to the press.

The Manager

Someone needs to take him aside and tell him that he is merely a cog in the Arsenal machine. He is not bigger than the club. He is not the club. He is certainly not the fucking financial controller.

“I will spend £300m if I find the right player, and we have £300m. But we also have 600 employees and we need to have a responsible attitude as well.

Comments like that strain the relationship with fans because they’re patronising, they make him a target of the media because everyone knows the points are stupid and they show that he’s completely out of touch.

Arsenal will never again be in a situation where paying their staff will be an issue. Never. Arsene Wenger has never been responsible for the salaries of non-playing staff. Arsene Wenger is not our financial controller. Only last week he had to be corrected on his view that referees were paid £45k a week. Arsenal have £200m in the bank, guaranteed TV revenues lined up for 10 years, growing shirt sponsorship deals and an ever growing global fanbase who have dollars to spend. He really should just keep his mouth shut about the finances, they’re outrageously good.

“I’m a bit fed up saying the same thing when people say we do not want to spend. We analyse everything then make the right signings.”

Fans are a bit fed up that this constant analysis ends the same way, with no players. A squad that isn’t good enough to compete. No major trophies.

… and this is the thing. We constantly hear that Wenger is a bad loser. That he longs to be a winner. That he lives and breathes the club.

So here’s an idea? Why doesn’t he fucking do something about it?

He behaves like a masochist. Like he enjoys going into the season with an under-prepared squad. Like he enjoys, at 67 years old, sitting in a disgustingly toxic ground that’s turning on him. Like he’s addicted to the misery of losing.

Wenger should have looked at his squad this summer, assessed the weaknesses and gone aggressively for what he needed.

Sell Theo Walcott and Alex Chamberlain for £50m (If you can get £32m for Bolasie and Benteke, you can get good money for our two). Move on David Ospina and Kieran Gibbs for £10m.

Pay Mkhitaryan £200k a week, because he was on for us. Go hard for a striker if Vardy falls through, most clubs managed someone. If you can’t get a striker, maybe move for Draxler or Reus and convert them through the middle like you did with Thierry. Do something, because to do nothing is beyond stupid. Go out and sign a centre back like John Stones because he’ll be England captain and one of the most complete ball playing defenders since Rio Ferdinand. Sign up the best young keeper in the game. Sign up an experienced backup central defender.

We could do all of that for £80m give or take £10m.

Then what do you have? A fucking great squad. You heard on Sky the explayers talking about the buzz of rolling into training knowing they’re playing with the best in the business. That’s what Arsenal haven’t had since, what, 2002 (players wise, when we signed about 8 names)? That buzz of invincibility. That excitement that the manager has dropped a madness and winning is inevitable.

Why doesn’t Wenger do that? Why wouldn’t he want to be presiding over positive energy? Why wouldn’t he want the fans chanting his name because we know the boss has, well, bossed the summer?

We’ll never know. Well, maybe we do, Wenger has already come out and insanely said that vibrancy doesn’t matter in relation to performance. You know what Arsene? You’re wrong. Absolutely wrong. Like you’ve been wrong so many times over the last ten years. Like you have been this summer.

That’s why the fans are upset. That’s why the media are savaging your summer. That’s why no one, bar Stan Kroenke believes in you (and I have to question if his undying support can continue when you look at how we’re falling behind United with sponsorship deals / he said he’d like to win things).

Finally, remember this, the narrative of ‘two players short’ is just that. An engineered story that keeps Wenger in a job and in new contracts. My personal view is this works for Wenger, because the reality is, if he spent £150m on players, he’d not be able to deliver the Champions League or the Premier League, especially now he has genuine world-class managerial quality to compete with. He’s not sharp enough with his in-game management, his tactical approach is rigid and predictable, he’s not ruthless and he doesn’t have the energy to lead like he once did.

My hope is that this is the last season we have to put up with this. My hope is that Wenger opts out of a new deal, because I have no faith Gazidis will pull the contract away from him. But hey, wishful thinking, we know he’ll engineer a 10 game winning streak, sign a 2 year deal and we’ll be back where any club would be with a substandard man running the show.

When I wrote a few weeks ago I was looking forward to next season already, I was right. Look at us now. Unreal it’s come to this. Let’s all pray this is the last time we have to go through this. Let’s pray this is Wenger’s last season.


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  1. Batistuta

    Pedro its not sad to watch not one bit anyway, he’s put himself in this position all his own making, its actually quite fun to watch him drown, yesterday’s comments sadly was the last straw for a lot of folks i know, that was a blatant insult to the fans well except those blinded by Wenger fellowship

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Good post Pedro.

    Wenger’s minimalist style stems from his principles and ego, but also from the desire to keep things the way they are in terms of expectation, targets, accountability and maximising income compared to outlay whilst simultaneously giving off the image of ambition.

    If Wenger went out and did what most of us thought needed doing, CB, CDM/CM, LM/RM and ST then suddenly managing to scr.ape into fourth does not look so good.

    As many of us said, there was potential to be really smart about this summer, sell Walcott, sell Wilshere/Ramsey, sell Debuchy, sell Mert, sell Oxlade/Campbell and then go after targets like Xhaka, Mkhitaryan etc, have less numbers but more quality.

    But could you ever see it with Wenger? That’s the thing, Arsenal are predictable, we live the same season over and over and the rest of the league know it as well.

    Some person on Arsenal Fan TV yesterday said that he was stood with Robbie bemoaning the fact that we hadn’t come close to replacing RVP two years ago, fast forward two years and he’s saying the same thing…shocking.

  3. Stanlee

    “Like he enjoys, at 67 years old, sitting in a disgustingly toxic ground that’s turning on him. Like he’s addicted to the misery of losing”

    This cranked me up.

  4. Galaxygooner

    Sell this,Buy that!!!
    You are talking like a manager.
    Arsene Wenger stopped being a football manager a long time ago.
    He is Kroenke bagman

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    “The final strange decision came when he dropped the impressive Elneny for Xhaka”

    Elneny’s been ‘impressive’? I must have missed the game.

    Was it against Liverpool last week when he couldn’t muster a single tackle and went missing?

  6. SUGA3

    I was on the plane, so I did not catch the game, but one thing I read was that we were putting crosses in for Alexis, yet stopped once Giroud came on. Now, where did I see that before? Oh, I know, this would be the time when poor ol’ pint sized Arshavin had the failed stint in the middle, yet we would not put any crosses in for Chamakh who came on as a sub, whose biggest strength was heading the fucking ball!

    Now, please tell me this is just a coincidence. I can’t for the life of me understand what is going through Wenger’s head. Years of debating and we carry on showing exactly the same problems. Playing players out of position. Not altering the system one bit, despite not having the right personnel. etc. I mean, Sanchez might actually work upfront in a 4-4-2 with a taller player. I would go for:


    The front 4 could freely interchange during the game and wreak havoc. The system we play right now makes us look tedious and with no purpose whatsoever.

  7. Arsene's Nurse

    I’m wondering why Ozil and Sanchez have chosen to stick around. They can’t win anything bar an FA Cup and both of them have already done that. I wonder what they’ve been told over the last two years to make them want to stay.

  8. Jj

    Yes let’s sell all the British players ..so we can sit there like a load of seals clapping foreigners … It’s like watching seri a … More nil nil coming across the division …you Muppets … I’d rather finish bottom and have some morals ..Wenger is right

  9. SUGA3


    They are biding their time, knowing how they will be free to talk to other clubs in May. Expect Fabregas-esque ‘injuries’, that will be one or both.

  10. Kunal Prem

    I agree to most of the stuff u said abt Wenger. You are so true, he is ruining his own legacy.

    But i don’t agree with you one bit over Conquelin. He is one of the most important and underrated players in the squad. You are soo wrong. Also i knw Theo and Ox haven’t done a great deal. But i believe its more the result of bad managing than the player’s quality. We know what they can do and we know they can rip apart teams on their day. They just need someone who can get that out of them consistently and better than Wenger.

    I believe in this team. We just need keep adding more quality to what we already have. We don’t have that. And only that is reason for such uproar.

  11. Batistuta


    I said the same thing in the other post, if let’s assume there isn’t any money to spend on new players(total lie by the way), any other tactically sound manager would alter the formation a bit especially if you want to play alexis upfront and play a 4-4-2 with Giroud especially seeing as it worked quite well at the euros for France

  12. qna

    Nurse: I’m wondering why Ozil and Sanchez have chosen to stick around. They can’t win anything bar an FA Cup and both of them have already done that. I wonder what they’ve been told over the last two years to make them want to stay.

    Onve they signed they became trapped. I get the feeling Ozil is happy but I wouls not be suprised if either or both have talked to their agents about getting them out. We will see this year. If they refuse to sign they will be sold with 12 months remaining. No way Money FC will let these guys leave for nothing.

  13. SUGA3

    Squad wise as of now, 4-4-2:


    4-3-3 (yes, I know we don’t play a 4-3-3 per se, but this is for illustration)


    End of ends, either way we definitely need a new CB, idealy we should also upgrade on Giroud. The former is more of an issue than the latter IMO. I could probably even live without getting a new striker, if we were to change the manager, like right now. I think a new person at the helm would get much more out of the squad as it is. Wenger can’t utilise the squad and is hugely inflexible, hence the team is less than sum of its parts.

    We should probably trim the squad too. Just that we might struggle with that homegrown nonsense if I had my way.

  14. Yinkz

    Absolutely spot on. We hear same complaints and excuses every year from Wenger. We’d be far better off without him a Manager. He definitely has nothing more to add to the team. I bet it if he fails to sign 2-3 more players then we should be prepared for Europa League next season.

  15. DarlingbudsofArse

    O Wenger, dear Mr Magool, when will you know that it is way past the retirement time for you? I am sad to see you mocked in this way. Please do the right thing and call it quits!
    What however i won’t want is for him to preside or even be involved in choosing his successor as he would want the obvious; someone who would come in and make the fans question their desire to see Wenger go! We the fans want to be given a say in the chpoice of the next boss. Please NOT the Ex-Man City, Galatasaray and recent Milan (Inter) Manager (Mancini) but the likes of Simone, Koeman, yes Koeman as I’m sure he’ll want to come etc, etc…

    To take it further, SACK THE ENTIRE BOARD AS WELL!!!

  16. SUGA3

    …as you can see, I am putting Campbell out there, as I rate the guy. I think if we were to upgrade in the striker position, if we were to play:

    —Sanchez/Theo—–New CF/Giroud——JC/AOC—-

    in the front three (order of selection), we would cause a few problems. Both Sanchez and Campbell have great workrate and could switch positions to create a lot of confusion to the opposition defenders.

  17. Adam A. Carbarundum

    All good things eventually come to an end. To that end I welcome a new future for Arsenal, one without Arsene Wenger.

    Know this though, the AKBs will have less than zero patience for any new manager. Things at Arsenal are going to be toxic either way for years to come.

  18. jasongms

    excellent read there Peter, although “The final strange decision came when he dropped the impressive Elneny for Xhaka”

    I think not , how is it at possible to go through an entire football match and not make one tackle as a midfielder ? another bs underwhelming player

  19. David Smith

    Wenger is clearly a man under serious pressure.
    Where’s the pressure coming from?.. Certainly not the fans or media, Wenger does not give a shit what either think.
    The pressure is coming more likely from either the vestiges of his own ego, or more likely, from senior figures from within the club.
    If he doesn’t sign, and fails to challenge, he is toast, Stan couldn’t save him, even if he wanted to at that point.
    The worry for them, and us, just who will they replace him with. That worry starts now

  20. SUGA3

    With everyone fit, this is what I would do:

    GK: Cech, Ospina, which is decent enough. Would just snap up the ex-Chelsea GK coach and sack Peyton

    RB: Bellerin, Debuchy. OK, would just give Debuchy some playing time.
    LB: Monreal, Gibbs. Ditto playing time for Gibbs.

    CB: Koscielny, New CB, Chambers (sell), Holding, Mertesacker, Gabriel (sell)

    CDM: Xhaka, Elneny, Coquelin. Works for me.

    CAM: Ozil, Santi, Ramsey, Wilshere. In theory, not bad, in reality, Santi is in his last season here and the latter two’s fitness record is questionable at best. Plus, we seriously need to get Ozil to sign the new deal, or he will be Mourinho’s next summer, just watch.

    RWF: Theo, OX. What can I say. Would upgrade, as both are kind of shit. Iwobi shows a bit of promise, but seems better on the left, I think.

    LWF: Sanchez, JC. Sign up Sanchez, give JC playing time. Possibly a runout for Iwobi

    CF: New CF, Giroud/Welbeck (sell either, keep one, I would probably keep Welbeck, as Giroud just infuriates me), Sanogo (take him behind the barn and shoot him).

  21. Marc

    It’s simple Wenger’s got old. Old people are hugely risk adverse and compare everything to the good old days especially the cost of things.

    What worries me is the club feeding stories to the media that we’re playing hardball on signing a CB so we have the cash to go big on a striker. All that does is ramp up expectation so when we sign a Lacazette type the fans just aren’t impressed. When we end up signing no one and lose out on the CB the fans will have had 10 days to stew before the next home game, chuck in some injuries to players on international duty and the atmosphere will be awful.

  22. optimist

    Wenger has personally damaged his reputation as a great manager. He’s by his own hands destroyed everything good he built at Arsenal. He should not even be remembered for the invincible era, perhaps that was accidental. He’s lost everything that has endeared him to the globe’s honest fans of football. It’s like his mission was to destroy the club , the fans, before he quits. And he’s almost consummated that. As long as Wenger stays nothing significant will change by way of quality players to meet the present demand of top flight club football in Europe. Fans haven’t seen the worst yet. Fans haven’t felt pain yet. There’s prolonged agony unless Wenger leaves. Fans need to do whatever is within their powers to force the arrogant, confused, lost and wicked French man out. We must start a ‘Stop Wenger’ crusade before he finally kill Arsenal.

  23. SUGA3

    Sign Mustafi and Draxler (better than Lacazette and sorry, but there is no way the latter is worth that much, he really is no better than Giroud) and I think we are sorted. No idea what is so fucking hard.

  24. SUGA3

    ..yes, I know it would take a moment for Draxler to start firing in the central role, but I think he has that Henry-esque conversion in him…

  25. Sam

    Gloryhunters keep asking why Ozil n Sanchez are still here. They forget not all footballers are mercenaries. Sanchez has no little boy inside telling him to dump life in London for foking Manchester.

  26. Alex Cutter

    It drives me crazy that Wenger is going to use the “I don’t want to manage in this sort of Big Money football environment” as THE reason for his imminent “retirement” — and not the fact that he’s simply incompetant.

  27. SUGA3


    Don’t be fucking daft. Look at his body language, he seems a disinterested already, a bit more of that CF nonsense and he will enter the ‘I don’t want to be here’ mode and receive Arshavin treatment from Le Senile.


    John Cross firing shots at Wenger is pretty telling, given how he has always been a bit of club’s mouthpiece. I think it’s knives out by now.

    Et tu, Brute?

  28. Simon McMahon

    Amen. I can’t stand to watch him anymore his press conferences have become more than embarrassing , yesterday his 600 employee comment confirms the only madness at Arsenal fc ,is how this man is still in a job ,

  29. Danish Gooner

    Dont worry Pedro,the man is so out of touch with reality he Will sign a new contract so you Will either have to put this wonderful site to death or regurgitate this forever.

  30. SUGA3

    With regards to Fabregas, he can go fuck himself. Whilst he would be a perfect replacement for Santi, thus allowing us to get shot of Ramsey and/or Wilshere, he has proven to be a cunt by two things: deliberate backpass for Barca and the manner he had left. Would not even allow him in the ground.

  31. Alex Cutter

    “Even John Cross taking shots at his “pal”, well that’s new”

    It was more than just shots — he went all-out after Wenger for five minutes, and sugarcoated nothing.

  32. Bryan

    We expect AW is no more act like the coach. He is acting like chief financial officer or chief executive director of Arsenal now since he had speak that he need to monitor financial of club and responsible for their staff’s salary and etc…

  33. Jeff

    But let’s not get too excited, he’s not gone anywhere yet and in my view is unlikely to. He’s been through this before on lots of occasions. He will win a few and the criticisms will die out only to be reignited when he goes and does or says something really stupid again.

    Don’t forget. He will never ever be sacked and he never breaks a contract. So you can kiss goodbye with absolute certainty yet another season.

  34. Marc


    “But let’s not get too excited, he’s not gone anywhere yet and in my view is unlikely to. He’s been through this before on lots of occasions”

    The attitude of the average fan has never been this bad so early in the season. If you read around some other blogs the attitude there is also changing, blogs and fans that have historically been more forgiving have turned on Wenger and I just can’t see anyway back for him.

  35. David Smith

    Kroenke is a huge part of the problem, it is his lack of ambition and willingness to bestow unfettered indulgence on Wenger that has put the club in this situation.
    They should have reined in Wenger at his last contract. I can tell you that Ivan and others wanted to .
    But ultimately, Stan has his limits, he is money obsessed and will not want to pay millions per year on an underperforming manager who will start to cost the club money.
    It is possible Wenger knows this, hence the pressure he is now under. His lack of signings may just be the last stubborn , futile act of a dead man walking.

  36. Tweezy

    I have missed d first two games of d season and am not even bothered. The tng is, seeing our summer so far i am totally expecting the worst and certainly not going to go out of my way to watch Arsenal games when am expecting it t be a shit show…Like Pedro has rightly said, as a fan i pray that this is d last season we’ll have to put up with this nonentity of a coach. Right now i wont even mind a new mgr who comes in and struggles as long as he is making an effort. My passion for d club will be back when Wenger leaves..

  37. kc

    Wenger apologists with their typical Kroenke excuses. Only an AKB fucktard would refer to rvp as a mercenary just because he had an ounce of ambition. You idiots still don’t get it.

  38. Sam

    Grandpa? Lol!!
    This tells you how stupid people are

    Alex, you must be scared of old age
    I am not n not grandad yet
    Only exposes your stupidity, I see you calling RedTruth grandpa too are you grandad yourself?

  39. Jeff


    I know but I’ve also seen how quickly the tune changes if we string a few wins together which is almost bound to happen. If we lose say 4 or 5 on the trot and lie in 10th by Christmas, I might start to believe. But that is extremely unlikely. The most probable outcome is that we will limp into fourth and he will sign another contract.

    However, like most on here I am of course amenable to small miracles and would happily welcome it at the expense of looking foolish.

  40. Alex Cutter

    “Only an AKB fucktard would refer to rvp as a mercenary just because he had an ounce of ambition. You idiots still don’t get it.”

    People who at this late date still blame RVP, Cesc or Nasri for leaving are simply mad at themselves for having been naive for so long.

  41. Nickw

    You’re right Pedro let’s all pray for Wenger to leave because I can’t think what else we can do to get rid of this kill joy. It would be do nice not to have to worry about transfers and the balance of the team because we actually had a manager that could be trusted to sort it out. Someone who could see where we were weak and strengthen, someone who could get rid of those not good enough and someone who understood how to find and sign players. We seem to be the only club that doesn’t.

  42. Ishola70

    Perhaps it has nothing to do with faith in the present board.

    Just hope that when Wenger eventually goes things could be different. Nothing wrong with that.

    And if this hope proves misguided then at least the waters have cleared and people can focus on the next obstacle.

    I can see people saying I told you so if the club still operate in the same fashion without Wenger but why should the board not try to find someone who can work in line with what Wenger has done. Good profit comparable to low output. Self-sustainable. Remember the club have announced to the world they are self-sustainable. Why should they drop this when Wenger goes. That is when the big kick-off will start between club and fans.

    But Wenger has played a major role in all this and is an old man past his sell by date so I see no reasons for not wanting him out pronto to speed up the business of putting Kroenke and the board under fuller and intense scrutiny like never before. The board will completely dread the day Wenger goes. Surely that is enough for those that blame the board to want to see Wenger gone as quickly as possible. To make life as difficult as possible for the board and Kroenke. And no the board and Kroenke are not going to do the dirty work. It’s fans that will have to get their hands bloodied I’m afraid if change is to come.

    Re: the anti-Wenger singing at Leicester yesterday expect the next home match for the AKBs to be itching to break out in rapturous adulation of their lord and master Wenger. “There’s only one…….” will be ringing out if and when Watford are taken to the sword. We can expect this all season. One week away fans showing discontent, next week AKBs in home matches looking to level things up after the slight on their master the previous week.

    Pathetic what the club has become isn’t it.

  43. TitsMcGee

    Gotta agree with Jeff. We’ll be heavily favored until Chelsea. I can see us winning those games . Pressure off until the next capitulation.

    Wenger knows that the winning streak will outweigh the 5-6 capitulations every season.

  44. Marko

    Great post Pedro. Yes it is a bit sad to see a clearly finished and physically unwell old man suffer at his own hands but the sooner this is all finished the sooner we can move forward as a club cause he’s holding us back at the moment.

    Also like to make a point that Gelbs lad was posting some wonderful quotes last night debunking everything Alex always says but unfortunately it was late at night so probably didn’t get noticed. Long story short it’s all on Wenger but most of us knew that already

  45. Trey Wilson

    Until Mr. Funny Irish blogger turns on Wenger (which he won’t because he’s paid by the club to be their most famous spin doctor), there will still be a large segment of the fans who live in the past and think that anything that Wenger does tactically still works.

    I strongly maintain that Stanley Kranky doesn’t want Wenger to spend money and is happy to see this crap trundle along, because that’s the way Kranky runs all his sports teams. He is a real estate developer who uses his sports teams to further that ambition. Any owner with even the slightest hint of ambition would have sacked Wenger years ago. YEARS AGO. Wenger has been past it for a long, long time. And don’t talk about the board–Kranky is the majority shareholder, meaning he controls the club. The board is just a funtime club of posh people with too much time on their hands.

    Kranky is a cancer on this club who doesn’t give a damn if Wenger ruins it or not. He and Wenger both need to go, but they need each other so much that it won’t happen ever.

  46. TitsMcGee

    People look behind the scenes at their scouting and people making the transfers and trying to make deal, I don’t think it’s particularly their fault. I think it all comes down to the manager being dithering.”

    More evidence for Alex, Charlie to ignore.

    That is from the mouth of the biggest AKB too.

  47. Jeff


    That the pattern that has emerged nearly every season. Wenger rides out the rough patches because he knows it is almost bound to be followed by a smooth one. We don’t have a world class team but we don’t have an absolute shit one either. What we have is an above average team say – something like B minus which means we will win most of our games. Don’t forget we can afford to drop as many as 44 points in the season and fourth is still 90% guaranteed.

  48. Alex Cutter

    “Until Mr. Funny Irish blogger turns on Wenger (which he won’t because he’s paid by the club to be their most famous spin doctor), ”

    Agree 100%, but if you look at the comments section, anti-Wenger posts are upvoted by a 3 to 1 margin — whatever that’s worth.

  49. TitsMcGee

    What we have is an above average team say – something like B minus which means we will win most of our games”


  50. Emiratesstroller


    First of all let’s be clear Arsenal have gone into this season utterly “ill prepared”.

    Too many of our players were in Euros and then allowed a regimented 4 weeks+ to go on holiday and not be fit or ready to start new season. I don’t think that there is any other major club in Europe or in EPL who would have allowed that to happen.

    These are professional footballers earning upwards of £80K per week wages
    which are being paid by Arsenal FC and not the National Federations. The idea
    that half of our preferred first team did not start the game against Liverpool
    was shocking.

    Second I do not buy it that a club of Arsenal’s stature and resources cannot buy top quality players. Whilst I accept that Manchester City may have more
    resources than us that is simply not the case with other major clubs in EPL or
    rest of Europe.

    Wenger may justify Arsenal’s poor success rate in one summer transfer window, but not when it seems to happen almost every year. The Manager plans
    badly, is indecisive but above all else simply is not willing to compete in the
    transfer market.

    His so called business principles are not only unrealistic but damaging to the
    reputation of the club. Even Jonathan Cross has finally acknowledged today
    that Wenger has become a serious liability to the club and its status.

    Frankly the only people on the planet who seem to believe that Wenger is
    still justifying his £8 million pa salary are Kroenke and the Board of Directors.
    Sadly these are the people who make the decisions.

    Arsenal are as usual sleep walking into the end of the transfer window. We have already missed the boat with several potential transfers and even worst
    three of our best players are refusing to sign new contracts. Ozil and Sanchez
    have just two years to go on their current contracts and Koscielny just one before he can leave on a Bosman.

    The club has managed just one point from its first two games and we are already 5 points behind the likes of Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea.

    This may not be critical just yet but it sends out a clear message that Arsenal
    are likely to fall short this year.

    The sad fact is that we are “sleep walking” into a season without any real planning or ambition.

    Both Kroenke and Wenger are now major problems for the future health of
    the club. If Liverpool are taken over by a major Chinese Consortium backed
    by the state then Arsenal’s future prospects are in my view a fat ZERO.

  51. Sam

    The season already started Sanchez
    n Ozil are still here now you are saying they could leave next summer

    Am I supposed to be scared?


  52. Crispy

    Great post Peter.

    I’m sitting this season out. Season ticket rented out, sky & BT subs cancelled. I might watch a game on a feed but more often than not, I’ll just catch the result, read a match report somewhere and get on with my life.
    That’s how it will be all the while that man is at the club.
    From the invincibles to this!
    We are stale right through the club and we’ve become a sleeping giant. Just imagine what a Pep could do here.

    It really is utterly depressing.

    The Olympics has been good though.

  53. STV

    Tits unfortunately a small winning streak is enough to shut most of fence sitting wankers giving Wenger time to prepare his new contract with keoenke and the board..

  54. omar

    “Unfortunately no one speaks about the performance of Rob Holding. You should be happy, he is English and 20 years old. I am sorry he didn’t cost £55 million, so he can’t be good.”-Wenger.

    These are the type of sarcastic and patronising comments this narcissist makes that drives the fans up a wall. This right here is why he persisted so long with Diaby, this is why he is persisting so long with Walcott. This is why he wont change his ways even though they have been fruitless for over a decade. So he can brag to the fans and pat himself on the back and say I told you so after 1 good performance. Here he is trying to be smug to the fans over Holding’s decent game vs a team who in the end were contented with a draw and basically set up with 2 defensive lines of 4 and from the onset were looking to play on the counter. Brag to me when he plays well against an all out attacking team……… oh wait, all out attack hit 4 past him at home last week, where was the self praise then.
    The funny thing is, if not for circumstances, Rob Holding would not be playing. He was most likely bought for 2 million to be loaned around England then sold off for 10 million in a few years. But injuries to our defenders and Wenger’s reluctance to spend forced him to be thrown in at short notice Just like how Coquelin was on the brink of being a Charlton full time player because of how lowly Wenger rated him but again due to Wenger’s cheapness and injuries he was forced to recall him. 45+ games to be played and he is bragging about a player after 2 games and trying to use that as a template to show that he is right.

    Cant wait for the day when he is gone.

  55. andy

    great post, best for months. Wenger is an arrogant prick and is ruining any legacy he has left, but the same fans he shows utter contempt for will be chanting ONE Arsene Wenger when we win a couple of games.

  56. TitsMcGee

    Are we ready to admit/concede that he really can’t be that incompetent every summer TW and that it must be intentional?

    Mustafi will likely be announced this week . Summer still incomplete.

    We need a CF he signs a GK .

    We need a CF he signs a DM/CB.

  57. Trey Wilson

    If you’ve noticed, whenever things aren’t going well at the club, he only says “we” did something, as though all of us have some effect on the outcome of poor transfers, poor player motivation, and poor in-game tactical decisions. But when things go right, it’s always time to big up the gaffer by name.

    There is no “we” at Arsenal, and it burns my f***ing biscuits every time I see him right it or hear him say it.

    And look, being American and being well familiar with KSE, I don’t doubt that old man mustache is keeping all that money from being spent. Ok? That’s fine, then. It’s his pattern. But THAT doesn’t change the fact that Wenger is crap at football managing these days. If you are being run like Burnley, then by god you better have a manager who manages like that. Did you see the way they locked up LFC yesterday? Sean Dyche more than understands his limitations.

    My anger with Wenger isn’t over the money or the transfers. I get it, and I wish he’d just have enough sense to shut his gob about it. My anger with Wenger is this year on year on year tactical crap that he trots out, as if Bobby Pires and Manu Petit and PV4 and Overmars are still plying their trade at the Grove. Are you moaning about being a small club, unable to compete financially with those around you? THEN MANAGE ARSENAL LIKE THAT AND SHOVE THAT JOGO BONITO CRAP BACK UP YER HOLE!!!!

  58. Gelbs

    Another blast from da past, niggas!

    Gelbs April 28, 2007 at 3:30 pm
    Lol. Total cunt Hill-Wood is. Arsenal competing on the highest level and they want to encourage and have someone like Wenger still at the helm? What a prick. This team will win nothing major as long as Wenger is here. Kids coming in and have no decent experienced players to learn the art of hunger and winning from. I suggest Wenger gets out as fast as possible so Fabregas and Henry will follow their god out too. Saves alot of pain in the long-run. You either want to be at Arsenal for more than the manager or you can fuck off. Such a joke this club has become. AW relying on RVP and Henry next season lol. Sad. Can’t wait to see who United and Chelsea bring in compared to us. Of course, apologists would suggest Fergie would have to replace veterans like Giggs etc. But you can guarantee the replacements will be experienced, right kind of players and quality. Compared to Yago Fernandes and Sunu or whatever his name is.

  59. David Smith

    It is not just Wenger who has grown old, risk averse and run out of ideas. The same has happened to the vast majority of his backroom staff, who were with him from day 1 , and will be so until the end no matter how badly they perform.
    Wenger, banfield, primorac and Peyton hardly represent the future of coaching….

  60. TitsMcGee

    Tits unfortunately a small winning streak is enough to shut most of fence sitting wankers giving Wenger time to prepare his new contract with keoenke and the board..”

    Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV is one.

  61. Marc


    If neither of them signs a new deal which looks unlikely at best at the moment next summer they’ll be down to a year left. Do you think the club will let £77 million walk out the door on a free?

  62. Sky

    With the lack of world class strikers in the market, bringing Defoe for a year could prove to be a wise decision. I know he is not the striker of our dreams but he will definitely score goals with Ozil and Sanchez feeding him with goal scoring opportunities.

  63. Gelbs

    Gelbs May 30, 2007 at 10:03 pm And if we really do NOT have any money to spend if we wanted, then it is all down to Wenger and he is the man to blame for getting to over-the-top and wanting a new stadium and putting the club into serious debt and therefore filling the new lovely stadium with shit not even remotely competitive. Wenger is to blame. No-one else. The old maker and breaker. Of course, when the stadium was announced and almost complete, we had just won the double and then of course were world-class and went unbeaten to the league title. No-one knew it was gonna turn out so shit 3/5 years later on down the line. Poor management, crap mentality, no pressure to turn things around. Shit board. As someone else said a short while back, we were shit from 1971 to 1989 until Dein came along and sorted things out. No thanks to the cigar-chomping turd that is Hill-Wank. But of course, maybe I am being too harsh, as according to Wenger, you sometimes have to leave success to others. Which would explain why he has gone a total of 5 years without a trophy in his reign as manager and been piss-poor in Europe. Depressing times ahead. And it certainly won’t get any better whilst this senile idiot is in charge. Can’t wait to see Arse have another fucked up season, after all the pre-season shit spouting from the Arse camp i.e. RVP “We don’t need anyone” etc and Wenger being left with egg on his face after boldly (stupidly) claiming Arsenal “Will deliver”!

  64. Gelbs

    Lmao Jim.

    Lol what I meant was back then, was he was over-relying on those two players and no strengthening more etc

  65. Marko

    They need a striker, they started the summer by needing a centre-half and why-oh-why every year, do Arsenal go into August, something of a mess, a bit of a shambles, trying to drive a hard bargain on August 31.”

    Every. Single. Season.

  66. Cesc Appeal

    How much of the fan spaces being against Wenger on the internet right now though is down to the pro-Wenger fans being in hiding, the real test will be when we run over a series of lower level teams and they all resurface spouting their usual bollocks.

  67. Gelbs

    Gelbs June 22, 2007 at 10:57 pm
    Our team looks totally shit really. I think Henry may of past it, but besides the point. All our invincibles practically gone and we still have a cunt like Ljungberg on our books picking up a whopping 60k a week for being injured and doing fuck all and having again, like last summer, the audacity to say he will help Arsenal challenge for the title etc. Yet again, the Henry sale, another reason to be a “bed-wetter.” I love it when I am right. Where are all the rose-tinted idiots now who proclaimed we would sweep it all with a fit RVP and Henry next season? Wenger needs to go now and the board with him. Total disgrace. Fucking maker and breaker. What prick achieves the highs of an unbeaten title winning season and in 3 years loses 95 per cent of the players some which should of been kept and replaces with crap and kids with “potential”? I don’t blame Henry, he lied along with Wenger, but he has been lied to by Wenger by all the shit about signing decent players etc and being right up there. Absolute disgrace, our team is average and next season be a disaster unless something drastic happens. I get called a cunt for being pessimistic etc, well, Henry obviously felt the team was going nowhere just like all the other players that left i.e. Vieira and Pires. Where do Arsenal go from here? Down. Simple as that. I can’t help but feel good about it all. Satisfaction in being correct. I also said the other week I believe Henry will go and got slated for believing it lol. Guess I turned out correct again eh? We are finished. Look at all the players we have lost since 2004. When was the last time a top club i.e. United etc did what we did? All invincibles been sold off 1 by 1.

  68. Gelbs

    I find it ironic, that Henry wonders why top players don’t want to join Arsenal anymore…Maybe it was for the same fucking reason he left NINE years ago!!

  69. Sam

    How fickle are you?

    Not long ago you were crying for a midfield hardman, a bruiser. Someone to chop the opposition cunts like Mahrez

    Now you’re complaining about Coquelin

    2 yellow cards in 2 games is not bad
    Nasty DMs usually get straight red

  70. STV

    Wenger’s was really a monster back then!! Ruthlessly dismantling one of the greatest team in English football!! 90% people gave him the benefit of doubt tho because the memories of the invincibles were still afresh.

    Emirates move was, may be a nessisity but Wenger orchestrating the stadium move was the worst thing happened to club!!

  71. Marc


    Agree and I asked the same question earlier but I still think the average fan is now moving firmly into the Wenger out line of thought.

  72. Marc


    If we hadn’t of moved stadium you’d be the first and loudest moaning that we’re not ambitious enough with the Spud’s building a new stadium.

  73. Bamford10


    Walcott was awful. Not sure what you saw that made you think otherwise. Sanchez was poor as well, but with Sanchez we have a talented footballer playing poorly; with Walcott we just have a poor footballer.

  74. Gelbs

    Unforgiveable. Okay, some players had past it or retired. But the likes of Edu, Cole, Vieira and one or two others, should of been kept. Edu’s contract should never of been allowed to of wound down, and Cole should never of been sold and been offered what he wanted. Same as Sol Campbell.

  75. Marko

    That Joel Campbell loan makes no sense to me whatsoever. Is someone coming in? Kind of don’t care and absolutely not the point. Why get rid of him but keep Walcott or Chamberlain? The favouritism I swear

  76. Cesc Appeal


    I do agree, I think there is a movement now toward a majority being against Wenger, I mean that open dissent yesterday I’ve never seen before ‘we want Wenger out’ chants…never happened before.

    But, a couple of wins, I can see what Wenger is doing as well, hold Giroud back, make us almost desperate for his return so that when he bangs in a couple of goals over the next couple of weeks Wenger can palm off any talk about transfers because Giroud is ‘quality’ and hard to find better than…then the pro-Wenger lot resurface with their typical disingenuous s**t.

  77. Gelbs

    Lol, I know about Henry. I didn’t think he was past it overall, I just thought he may of been a little, as he got injured for awhile during his last season at Arsenal.

  78. Gelbs

    Wenger used the stadium move as a smoke-screen for not wanting to spend money, in order to do his failed ‘youth-project’. His ‘Masterplan’! Lol.

  79. Sam


    They’ll sign. I think Arsenal are a little bit richer now n Wenger sleeps with Arsenal money under his pillow
    He’ll cough up to keep his stars

  80. Gelbs

    Wenger said in the summer of 2005, when he sold Vieira, he had a ‘Master-plan’ and for the Arsenal fans to ‘Trust me’. I guess that plan and the trust in him, was to finish with fuck-all 8 seasons on the trot, whilst watching your fiercest rivals sweep the lot between them. Champions Leagues, League Titles, Doubles etc. How wonderful. The bastard’s ego is writing cheques his body can’t cash (‘Top Cunt’) and he is a skinny fucker too. Starved of success. Whilst everyone else involved with The Arsenal (mainly the fans) has to suffer.

  81. Bamford10


    Who cares what excuses he offers up for his retirement. As long as he goes. We all know he is incompetent. Plus I’m not sure he’ll retire. I think he’ll take a gig in France or Spain.

  82. STV

    Marc I didn’t say stadium move wasn’t a necessity. I said Wenger overseeing the transition was!!

    As you are fully aware, it gave Wenger’s perfect excuse to instill a failure culture that’d plague the club decades to come! Wenger’s shouldn’t have given any responsibility other than managing the first team.. He has grown as a monster meddling with everything from top to bottom!

  83. SUGA3


    I read some of the old stuff I wrote back then, and I could just republish the fucking things with very minor editing. It is maddening that this kind of decline has been there in the open for everyone to see. Yet those who saw it were called Spuds, got banned from other blogs, etc. These days ACLF is actually significantly critical and so are a lot of the old guard on their thread are too. Hell, I would even say that today’s Arseblog post was pretty scathing on Wenger for his standards.

    Plus, like I said earlier, if even John Cross has fired such a broadside, this does not go without the club’s OK, IMO.

  84. STV

    “They’ll sign. I think Arsenal are a little bit richer now n Wenger sleeps with Arsenal money under his pillow
    He’ll cough up to keep his star”

    Is that thing you said abt Wenger that’ll make them sign??

  85. Marc


    Not so sure I really think Wenger’s burnt a lot of bridges. You always get a mix of fans at the Emirates, everything from hardcore down to people having a frightfully good day out in the sunshine and attending their first football match. The away fans are another matter, these guys (and girls) are seriously hardcore, getting an away ticket is difficult once these guys go your in trouble.

  86. N5

    How do I apply for Dick Laws position? I know Arsenal struggle to pay wages to it’s staff but I’d love his job. He gets money for literally nothing…..obviously if his paycheck clears.

  87. Bamford10

    Coquelin played well, actually, and I cannot be mistaken for a fan of his. He looked better and more confident on the ball, and he was good defensively as always. Is he good enough to get us where we need to be? No, but I’m not convinced Elneny is either. And Xhaka was a bit meh and didn’t look a difference-maker at all.

    At the moment I would probably select Coquelin over Elneny at times as well, though if I wanted more possession I’d select Elneny.

    Whatever his issues, Jack was more effective in 20 minutes as Xhaka’s replacement than Xhaka was in the first 70. This isn’t bashing Xhaka; just commentary.

  88. Micheal

    Watching the game last night and reading the comments, I am left with a truly horrible feeling about the club I have supported, through thick and thin, for far too many years to contemplate. Two points:

    No new players will be signed before the window closes and loaning out Campbell without a replacement signing is insane.

    The season is effectively over before it starts.

  89. Marc


    Difficult to judge Xhaka yet, the guys come into a new league and a team that is seriously missing in areas. Think we need to give him a season really before we start to judge.

  90. SUGA3

    IMO, Negredo is really not much of an upgrade on L’Oreal. Like I said, I would actually sign and try to do a Henry on Draxler. Granted, he is not a nominal CF, but he is pretty tall, has plenty of pace and trickery and knows where the goal is.

  91. Gelbs

    I know Suga. You can basically say the EXACT same things today, which we all are, and it’s literally a carbon copy from TEN years ago! It’s incredible!

    STV, I use to comment on Gunnerblog! 2006 when I questioned Wenger in that summer, and was repeatedly shot down.

  92. N5

    You’ve got no chance Marc, Ozil was jumped on the moment he joined and it never let up. People were claiming Erikson was better etc.

    Expecting fans to give Xhaka more than 90 minutes to prove himself in a new league, are you mad?

  93. GoonerDNA

    Yes Sam we will buy a striker but probably a Sanogo type not a world class striker this team is crying out for. As for Mustafi well instead of getting him earlier maybe even for the Leicester game, we’ll wait till deadline day to save half a mil or not.

  94. Gelbs

    If you’re bored, you can go look on Gunnerblog under the archives, and see all my postings haha! Although some cunts use to try and make out they were me etc, using my posting name, as they didn’t like what I was saying.

  95. Bamford10

    “Never heard the whole end sing ‘we want Wenger out’ before. EVER!!! That is officially the end for Wenger.” – @afccharlie

  96. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, are you not an Arsenal Legrove one match analyst? Yeah so true. All of legrove wanted Xhaka, so if i were you, and the player i once cherished is here, i would have the patience to bear for his years of stay

    p.s. If you can Condemned xhaka now after one match, i wonder what you would do to that 60m player wenger would finally sign.

    I pity you. First Ozil, then Sanchez, and Cech now Xhaka. You are not an Arsenal fan. You are a fair weather fan.

    Wenger isn’t your problem, you just like the busy legrove comments section

  97. Bamford10

    “It’s not even Wenger In or Out anymore — just two kinds of Wenger Out: those who are sad for it to end this way & the more vociferous ones.” – Ian Wright

  98. Cesc Appeal


    I agree, away support is always the most hardcore. I don’t think Wenger has done himself any favours with his response either, essentially saying fans are idiots who cannot think for themselves and that he’s sick of being questioned.

    He acts with incredulity when he’s challenged, instead of trying to be placatory toward the fans its almost as if he’s just saying shut the f**k up I know how to get us to fourth without spending massively so be happy.

    I’m just always so wary of the pro-Wenger mass, and they are still a mass, they will hide away when difficult questions surface but then they will be back in force when we’re turning over the Watford and Palace type teams of this world before quickly disappearing again. Happens every summer as well, June and July they are here night and day spouting total speculative bulls**t and trying to run down anyone ‘hysterical’ enough to challenge Wenger at this early point in the season, as soon as a ball is kicked…gone.

  99. STV

    I don’t judge Xhaka yet but I know exactly what kind of player Coquelin Chamberlain and Ramsey are and one above avg performance isn’t going to change my view on them!

  100. Ughelligunner

    N5, i know wenger hates spending, but comments like that of Bamford’s about a new xhaka is the main reason why he doesn’t want to spend over the odds on a player. Fans would be fans, and wenger isn’t a manager that easily bins a player. Also we are not excessly funded like the media makes us believe.

  101. N5

    I must admit Ug I missed Bamfords comment, Marc reminded me by his reply about yesterdays post where around 10 bloggers were calling him a waste of money/space.

    You have to allow a new player in a new team, in a new league a while to settle.

    FFS Do you remember when DB10 joined, it took him 10 games to even look like he knew where the net was. I know patience is thin, but come on…we need to be fair.

  102. GoonerDNA

    Pedro, disagree with you about Xhaka and Holding.

    Xhaka played ok, he’s still adjusting I’m not sure what you was expecting but he’s a deep lying CM with a great passing rang, quite strong in a challenge but very slow.

    Holding was made to look ok by Kozzer but Rob is miles off starting for us his shit passing range put us under pressure a few times plus I didn’t once see him read the game correctly constantly making the wrong decisions but I will give him time before making a judgment on him.

  103. SUGA3


    With the front three buzzing around and interchanging and Ozil supplying them? I think this team could take on anyone. Loaning out Campbell is fucking lunacy, he pisses all over Theo and OX, ability and workrate wise.