Wenger continues to baffle as pressure begins to show effects

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

*Wrote this earlier, it failed to post. Pretty irritating. But I’ll post it anyway! Match report to follow later.

I don’t want to spend the whole of this post moaning today (this is a great read for a moan) and I’ll keep it short and sweet, but I have to say, something is certainly up with Arsene Wenger. Maybe it’s the pressure, maybe it’s the disdain for the fans or maybe he’s just getting older… but my lord, why is he saying such stupid things to the press? This on Aaron Ramsey…

‘We knew he had a hamstring problem and our half-time was disturbed by injury problems’

You know, ok, I get it, you’d had a terrible summer, Aaron was probably not in great shape going into the game. I can roll with that. What I can’t roll with is the manager, in the first game, risking a key player when he knows there’s a problem. He should have just pulled him. Instead, we’re now looking at two months with no Ramsey.

Quite unreal how badly we’ve managed his fitness period. Even worse that we’ve managed him badly when he’s complained of not feeling right. Cataclysmically poor that the manager has come out in the press and told them that he was at fault for the final explosion.

Any normal person would keep their mouth shut right? Don’t tell the media you’ve made a horrendous cock-up on day one of the season, especailly when you’re already under a mountain of pressure with the fans. Absolutely unbelievable. I can’t work out what’s wrong with him. The consistent contradictions, the strange complaints about the state of the market, the indecision… I’ll be shocked if he stays on past this year if it goes down the pan this season.

Anyway, today we have a major game. Morale is likely going to be low at the camp. Leicester have had a psychological win this week signing Mahrez down to a 4 year deal, also factor in that Vardy turned us down (was told we didn’t bid for Mahrez). This game is the difference between nightmare start and doing ok.

So which Arsenal is Wenger going to roll out?

My guess is he’ll roll in Koscielny into the back four, because Vardy would destroy Holding and Chambers. I’d imagine midfield will be Coquelin and Elneny again. He’ll likely opt for Santi in the hole over Ozil. Then up top, I’m not sure what he’s going to do. Sanchez through the middle was pretty flaccid last week. So maybe he’ll go Theo through the middle (pretty sure we did that last season against Leicester), flanked by the Ox and Alexis.

We also have Jack Wilshere in the mix. It’d be a pretty solid mix of players if you played Jack, Coquelin and Elneny.

We’ll see. It could go either way today, it’s too tight to call. Sad thing is, the mess is all of Wenger’s making, even sadder thing is you know we’ll only get a transfer reaction if it goes badly wrong.

Anyway, I’ll reserve judgement until after the game. I’m really banking on a good Saturday start, followed by watching Connor McGregor whopping Nate Diaz in the evening. A fun day of sport ahead!

See you on the other side!

P.S. Then you have Arsene Wenger going full circle and now suggesting Sanchez through the middle was the striker we always needed, shelving striker plans. UNREAL.

‘Is Sanchez a long-term solution through the middle? I think yes. I think it is worth to try as he has the quality to go behind.

‘On the flanks he uses a lot of energy by chasing back and I would like to use his energy sometimes a bit more efficiently by going behind the defenders as he is a good finisher.

‘He has similar qualities to Luis Suarez. He is technically top.’

I mean, it’s trying something new with what you have, but honestly, I can’t help but feel the manager has lost the plot here.


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  1. Gelbs

    You know the ironic thing!

    I even get into slanging matches, with ‘Spurs fans’, who tell me how ungrateful I am over Wenger! I mean, what the fuck?!! I had a Spurs fan question me as an Arsenal supporter, I gave him the history, he didn’t know what to say!

  2. The Royal Arsehole

    The fucking drugs are not working anymore, I am now getting angry and screaming out obscenities uncontrollably in public. Its utterly a helpless pissed off feeling that follows me wherever I go. This asshole might actually not buy anyone just to try and prove everyone wrong. I have never in my life seen this team play so unorganized, unprepared, and with little to no real plan. Any decent coach or pub league manager would have noticed there was nothing working in the first 30 minutes and made changes on the fly with positioning. He and Steve Bould did nothing literally until the 75th minute, it was amazing incompetence at its finest.

  3. It's mee bertie

    Supporting Arsenal since 1970 through thick n thin and by the way lots of thin. Sick of all these crappy websites and blogs ready anti wenger this and that. Spend this spend that. Players shit defence crap buy a stricker blah blah blah. Ye fill the team full of confidence. Gettin to be a joke. Crowd of moaning and whinging bitches and I’d say 90% of so called fans who have never been to see the arse play. Support your team no matter what.

  4. Deb

    It is embarrassing to see what’s happening with Arsenal. Arsene is not the ceo of the club. He is the football manager. Not sure he is talking about paying wages to 600 Arsenal employees..

  5. Vegas gooner

    Wengers lost the plot. He waited until the game was 68 minutes gone before he realized his starters were producing nothing. If you have Ozil you start him.

    You don’t start a team of sub 5’9″ attacking players to go up against Huth and drink water. Giroud should have started.

  6. Danish Gooner

    Ohh,the days of Aliadiere the next best thing to sliced bread and the incredible oaf Baptista supposed to be our Drogba,actually acted more like a frightened kitten and besides a senational game at Pool in the League cup,did nothing but fill an empty space,a traffic cone would have been better.

  7. Danish Gooner

    in 2006 they already knew how to rattle our cage,no wonder we have never won the league since 2004,i remember how disgusting the performance were a bramall lane,fast forward 10 years and you could easily point to some sort of dejavu,awful performance with different players.

  8. Arsenal not Arsene

    Gelbs I read your comments and it something we were all thinking back in the day albeit it’s not in writing. This shit show didn’t start yesterday surely. Just accumulated years of mediocrity has brought us here. The Emirates should be toxic as the away fans were yesterday just for Wenger to be rattled in every post match interview. Now that will be fun 🙂

  9. Arsenal not Arsene

    Mou is motivated to win the league even more motivated with the arrival of pep. Pep on the other hand wants to win the title to prove he’s the best and also the presence of mourinho is a motivating factor to him. Conte and Klopp are as motivated as ever and they belive they could take on the above two. Wenger on the other hand already threw the towel before the league started.. He is looking at fourth place as something easily achievable. He now has battles he himself created 1.battles with the fan base 2.battles with the press 3. Battles with anyone with the notion that spending improves a team. Sadly those are his battles. Not battles to win UCL, battles to win the title, no not in a long time. He rarely talks about titles anymore. Just stupid things like Arsenal having to pay 600 employees. How is that his responsibility really?? Cunt

  10. shad

    Wenger shouldn’t spend a single penny on that team because he’ll end up buying some washed up defender and unknown 17 yr old striker from Uzbekistan’s 2nd division.

    Let him squirm and suffer in the abyss of delusion and mediocrity he has created. Definitely more enjoyable than watching him flush our quality players careers down the shitter with his pathetic and outdated managerial (lack of) skills.

    If you want to save yourself from all this, find another sport/weekend activity to preoccupy yourself until he is gone. Only keep tabs on Arsenal FanTV. Occasionally raid the blog for silly banter. That’s what I do.

  11. STV

    “Arsenal having to pay 600 employees. How is that his responsibility really?? Cunt”

    Absolutely! This man has grown himself and thinks he’s bigger than the club. He had this delusion that he runs the club and he built it! Sad times.. If only we have an owner or a bod with some balls.. I’d love to see the look on his face before he rolls in to obscurity

    Other note despite all this it’s laughable some fans still thinks transfers are not done Wenger but merely spoting the targets..

    The truth is, Wenger has the control in every bloody matters of the club and it’s fucking annihilating!!!!!

  12. Stevanovic

    Koscielny and Holding partnership seems solid, Walcott is piss poor and Alexis through the middle is a white elephant project.

  13. kc

    Celebrating a Gold medal is all fine and good, but to call Brazil’s win over the German reserves ‘redemption’ is just plain absurd. We’ve all seen what happens to el selecao when they face Germany at full strength.

  14. Ashley

    I can’t believe Wenger compares our transfer activity to that of the current champions league holders Madrid. If we were the current champions league I wouldn’t mind us not buying because then we the best in Europe. Saying that Sanchez is a long term option as striker is ridiculous! He is a wing and that’s where is at his best. Saying Walcott and Sanogo are still back up strikers so we are okay in that area WHAT???!!!! Sanogo needs to go play soccer in the park with the kids he is not good enough. Arsene Wenger needs to go because Arsenal’s football this season is the worst I’ve seen. The game against Leicester last night was terrible, the game against Liverpool even worse and our transfer activity disgusting. Holding playing with Koscielny? Wait until we play one of the big 3 then Holding will see his ass and it is unfair of Wenger to give him such a huge responsibility at such a young age. This is Arsenal, not Bolton! Wenger needs to go and so do a couple of these players.

  15. Leedsgunner

    What’s happening to Alexis is what happened to Özil when he first arrived. Remember how he was shoved on to the wing so that he could play Wilshere in Mesut’s favourite spot?!?

    This time it’s not Jack but Theo and Oxlade. We have in our club one of the best wingers of his generation and we are putting him in the middle… Why?

    Wenger is doing what he has always done. Instead of thinking tactically, he just throws all his best players on the field hoping for the best and leaving them to figure it out.

    Or look at it another way. If Sanchez was in United or City colours would Maureen or Pep play him like Arsene does?

    Why did Alexis have such a glorious season in his first season? He was played in his best position.

    No matter how Wenger tries to play it really isn’t rocket science.

  16. Follow the money

    @shad I agree. When Wenger bought Chamakh I said I’m not spending another penny on Arsenal until Wenger goes. Wearing Arsenal track tops used to be a source of pride now all it does is invite ridicule, and rightly so

  17. Jeff


    That Brian Meade article from the Mirror you linked to in your post I’m afraid is a load of old bollocks. That quote by Gazidis (about not being able to compete) is a Wengerism through and through. Why do I say that?

    Because the article duly contradicts itself. On the one hand it is rightly asking WHY the board can’t risk buying big players and on the other it is confirming we have £200m in the bank. Wow, is the board that stupid – that imbecilic – that cretinous? Ans what about Gazidis’s own statements couple of years ago that we have plenty of money? What happened to all of that? Did we suddenly blow it all in a casino or something? What about all the new TV money, the CL money and the new lucrative sponsor deals? All gone is it?

    RCPCA put up an excellent article yesterday saying that our net spend since 2006 was something like £109m. That is peanuts and it’s down to Wenger’s reluctance to shift his rigid paradigms. The fact that Gazidis can’t overrule Wenger means he has to go along with what he says at the time he says it regardless of whether or not it contradicts what he said before. He’s got Gazidis talking bollocks as well.

    Another thing. If we can’t risk buying big players, how is it possible that our wage bill of £200m a year is comparable to the big teams? Why then aren’t we shedding all the dross to get the wage bill down? How does that tally up with Brian Meade’s article? It’s absolute nonsense. And what about Wenger’s own admission that he is not restricted by the board when it comes to buying? No mention of that in the article.

    To blame the board or Kroenke is to completely miss the point and ignore all the evidence. That article is reactionary – as if this has started happening only recently. This pain, this curse, this scourge has been going on for 10 years. It started going downhill soon as David Dein left and Wenger assumed full autonomy over transfers, fees and wages. To blame the stadium, the board or the owner is to fly in the face of history, evidence and facts over the last decade.

    Most articles are only interested in headline grabbing – nothing else. They don’t look at history, they don’t look at all the facts and how we got here and therefore they keep coming up with the wrong conclusion. It’s the board’s fault – what a load old shit.

  18. Unathanthium

    Wenger’s worrying about paying 600 employees. If I remember correctly weren’t some of these employees fighting to get paid the living wage? I don’t recall Wenger making any noise about that. What a bloody hypocrite.

  19. Rambo Ramsey

    ” To blame the board or Kroenke is to completely miss the point and ignore all the evidence. That article is reactionary – as if this has started happening only recently. This pain, this curse, this scourge has been going on for 10 years. It started going downhill soon as David Dein left and Wenger assumed full autonomy over transfers, fees and wages. ”

    Lol, what absolute bollocks. Nowhere did that writer claim Wenger was not at fault. Typically of a Kroenke/board apologist, you cook up imaginary statements to suit your agenda. No surprise then that you completely miss the point of the article where the writer asks a simple,yet logical question:

    ‘If you believe your manager is acting like a pensioner after decimalization, refusing to open his purse because he distrusts this new funny money, you thank him for 20 years’ service and get a new one.

    In the past year, Manchester United have sacked a manager fresh off winning the FA Cup final, Liverpool one who was a slip away from delivering their first Premier League title since 1990 and Chelsea one who’d made them champions just six months earlier.

    So, why would Arsenal’s board continue to ignore fans who suggest a manager who hasn’t won the league for 12 years is past it?’

  20. Jeff


    Why don’t you read ALL the article and then start spewing shit.

    “The debate about whether it is Wenger’s or the board’s fault that Arsenal don’t compete financially with their rivals is surely redundant.

    “The buck must stop with the board.”

  21. Unathanthium

    We must be doing well financially. 5 years ago Wenger boasted he’d spend 40 million on the right player, now it’s 300 million.

  22. shad

    Arsenal’s problems go way above Wenger (and I’ve wanted him gone since 2009 fyi). We are cursed with an owner who wpuld sell his mother to fatten his bank account, a geriatric board that are both deaf and dumb, a stooge of a CEO and a manager who’s stuck in 1996 and trying to convince the world that a sony walkman is way more advanced than a digital music player.

    Watch Sanchez, Cazorla, Koscielny and Özil leave at the end of the season.

  23. Galaxygooner

    He has to pay 600 employees.init?

    He should have thought about that before handing contracts topping £5,000,000 per annum to the bang average players like Wilshere,Walcott and Giroud.
    What about the over £3,000,000 he gives to geriatrics like Arteta,Rosicky,Flamini,Sylvestra and Mertesacker.
    Or the over £2 million he keeps wasting on the so called youngsters like Ox,Sanogo,Bendthner,Sendoros,Gibbs,djorou etc

    No one demand accountability from Wenger. This is why he was busy commentating the Euros in France instead of working on the flaws of his never improving and never developing bunch of average youngsters.
    Perhaps, he should have been busy teaching Oxlade and Bellerin the basics of how to Cross a ball or shoot

  24. Jeff


    This is the age-old question about why the board won’t sack Wenger. It has been answered a million times over. The article suggests that the answer to that question is because they are using Wenger as a front man. Here are the exact words and I’ll follow it with why it is a pile of shit and doesn’t tally up with history and known facts.

    “Unless that manager is taking all the flak while their profits, bonuses and dividends remain healthy. Unless that manager is their shield from the pricey risks and harsh realities of modern football.”

    1. Wenger interviewed and employed Gazidis.
    2. Gazidis would never in a million years admit to there being lots of money in the kitty a couple of years ago if all this was just a simple conspiracy to have Wenger take all the blame while they reaped the benefits.
    3. Wenger would never say he’s not restricted in expenditure. He would keep quiet. He said it because it’s true and he wanted everyone to know who’s boss.
    4. Why is Wenger allowed to waste so much money on other things like high wages on dross and buying dud after dud – not selling them and loaning them out at our expense?
    5. Why was he allowed to keep Diaby on the books for so long when it was obvious to an aubergine he would never resume full fitness for longer than five minutes?

    Does all of the above sound to you like Wenger doesn’t call the shots?

    So now I come to the question about why they won’t sack him. Three main reasons.

    1. Because this is all Wenger’s brainchild in the first place. This is what he believes in. Being frugal and being self-sustained. He hates spending big and always has a go at other clubs for doing it. He has told us this on so many occasions, so many times. Why tell us if he believes we should also spend big and take risks?

    2. Because he has not failed hard enough. Fourth is not a meltdown.

    3. They don’t want to upset the majority of fans who are prepared to jump off high buildings in Wenger’s name.

    So they carry on with Wenger because the status quo suits ALL parties except the fans who can see the wood for the trees – but they don’t matter because there’s still plenty who can’t.

  25. Jeff


    Thanks for the link to that article. A journalist who actually looks a little more closely at history and how we got here.

  26. Leedsgunner

    “So they carry on with Wenger because the status quo suits ALL parties except the fans who can see the wood for the trees – but they don’t matter because there’s still plenty who can’t.”

    Who cares about club?

    It’s not the board, it’s not the manager, it’s the fans, the people who are being ignored.

    They don’t want to listen to us but they’re happy for us foot the bill…

    Funny thing that.

    Ps . Don’t let Wenger’s latest excuse fool you. It’s not Wenger or the board that keeps these 600 people employed, it’s us. The fans. They use our money. Wenger could care less about the ordinary person. He could walk out that door and have money problems for 600 lifetimes. This is just a game to him.


  27. Ishola70

    Bully from Arsenal Fan TV thinks it’s all Kroenke’s fault.

    He thinks Wenger is still a manager at the top of his game that is being severely hindered.

    Get in Bully!

  28. Zacharse

    You don’t start a team of sub 5’9″ attacking players to go up against Huth and drink water.

    fkn “vegas gooner”
    Love that visual

  29. Jeff

    The fact that a lot of fans would very much like to look elsewhere for accountability and responsibility has something to do with what they call cognitive dissonance. In the mind of such people, Wenger was a god. And what do we know about gods? They don’t suddenly stop being gods do they? So Wenger must still be a god if only he wasn’t hindered by the board/owner who is the devil.

    Give me a break!

  30. Zacharse

    The realest question that can be axed of wenger is
    Where do you find a 300m payer that will take 70k/wk in wages


  31. Leedsgunner

    If Bully is right and Wenger is being held financially captive as a manager by Kronke (despite saying many times to the contrary) he should grow a pair and walk.

    The fact that he doesn’t make him blameless or a victim to pitied… It makes him a coward and complicit into mediocrity.

  32. Rambo Ramsey

    Jeff, yeah, I get that Wenger is at fault and so does Meade. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be calling Wenger a past-it manager and mock his principles regards to money.

    Why be oblivious to this but make a big deal about him calling the board into question?

    ”The buck stops with the board and owner”-Absolutely, does this not hold truth in every institution-whether finance or sport or technology- in the World?

    You can write a 10,000 word essay listing all the things that make Wenger a bad manager. The more you write though, the more you wonder how such a flawed man is still in the job. Just because someone points this out doesn’t make them Wenger apologists who have an inability to see the whole picture.

    Taking a look back at history/how we got to this point and listing reasons that explain the board’s inaction doesn’t negate the fact that they too are at fault. And as ones who possess (or should possess) the highest power/authority at the club, means that they take the lions share of the blame for the rut the club finds itself in.

    Whether its complete neglect of duty/responsibility towards the club&fans,Or meekly submitting to the will of one man allowing him to become bigger than the club, Or not having the balls to rectify this mistake and put things right….the buck DOES stop with the board.

  33. Leedsgunner

    Bully is entertaining.
    Ty is a living parody.
    Claude needs time away from Arsenal.
    DT and the thin faced bald bloke (Richard?)speaks the most sense.
    Even Moh is slowly seeing the light…

  34. Jeff


    You can’t argue like that. You just can’t. It’s not a simple question of “the buck stops with the board”. That is the problem. The buck DOES NOT stop with the board at Arsenal. It’s a fallacy. Yes in most companies that is absolutely true. The buck stops with the senior executives and not the hired help. But that’s what makes Arsenal so unusual and abnormal. The buck stops with Wenger. He has assumed a position of almost a quasi-owner. I explained the reasons why it suits everyone that this is so in my previous post to you but apparently you still don’t get it.

  35. Jeff

    Imagine in it like this. If Wenger actually was the owner of Arsenal, this is exactly the policies and actions he would demand and expect from the manager.

  36. Leedsgunner

    The buck should stop with the Board but this same Board refuses to hold Wenger to account… In reality they have a cozy symbiotic relationship where they become rich and the only people becoming poor are the fans.

  37. Rambo Ramsey

    “Imagine in it like this. If Wenger actually was the owner of Arsenal, this is exactly the policies and actions he would demand and expect from the manager.”

    But he isn’t the owner or the CEO, which is the point. Why is he being allowed to act like one? Why is he being allowed to speak like one? Why does he always assume the role of speaking on behalf of the entire club in press conferences?

    Does this not show weakness on part of the board? Or worse even, Maybe he does all this shit because he knows he’ll get away with it as the owner and board think along the same lines?

    Oh no, that couldn’t be it, nope.

  38. N5

    Higuaín made his debut yesterday for Juventus, he was subbed on in the 66th minute and scored (the winner) in the 75th minute!!

    Get what you pay for I guess!! thank god we have Sanogo!!

  39. Milly

    We had a football manager who has morffed into the business manager you see today and he has been this way for the last 8 years at least. Arsenal FC is a BUSINESS as shown year after year with the only requirement to yield to the shareholders ( get into the champions league, 20m+, so you can pay those shareholders ) After that play at being a football manager with the same player you have had for the past five years and try to dis proof the saying from Einstein that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
    As a football fan of Arsenal I know that all the articles that have been posted by all the football fans of Arsenal screaming as a result of a Wenger action or non action will in the end result in squot, other than releaving the pressure that has built up over the last say 10 years under Wenger. Change will only happen when he is gone and no amount of flag waving or placards hoisting will change that or will it ?

  40. Leftsidesanch

    ‘They (the fans) are highly influenced by the media, thats part of the process”.

    …because we can’t possibly have enough intelligence to form or our opinions or come to any conclusions ourself.

    The statements leaving Wengers mouth are becoming really bizarre. Keep digging the hole…

  41. shad


    Good article you posted.

    The AKBs are growing more and more disillusioned. Yesterday the chants of Wenger Out were relentless.

  42. Jeff

    “But he isn’t the owner or the CEO, which is the point. Why is he being allowed to act like one? Why is he being allowed to speak like one? Why does he always assume the role of speaking on behalf of the entire club in press conferences? ”


    Even if Wenger, Owner and the board are all singing from the same hymn sheet – who wrote the hymn? That’s the point I’m trying to get across to you. All this frugal, self-sustain bullshit has always been Wenger’s idea from the beginning even before Kroenke and Gazidis. The fact that neither the board nor the owner know the first thing about football has meant that they are happy to defer to Wenger on almost everything. Wenger’s accountability for all this arises from the fact that they have all bought into Wenger’s ideal that challenging for big trophies is the sacrifice that must be made for ticking over nicely ad-infinitum.

  43. N5

    RE the Wenger out chants. Remember the away fans are a different bunch to the home fans. A huge percentage of the away fans don’t even attend the Emirates any more. They in my mind are the real Arsenal. They are the Le Grove of Arsenal supporters!!

    Keep up the good work fellas!

  44. Jeff

    So naturally, following on from that, if we got in a manager who actually wanted to win things, he would bring a totally different set of ideals and methods of achieving them that I’m sure the board and owner would be happy to accept if it meant success. And why should it not mean success? Why do people immediately assume that all expensive players are going to turn out like Torres or Chevshenko? Why are they terrified that it’s all going to be a terrible waste?

    The most successful and the richest clubs are the ones who do not handicap themselves with bank balance restraints. They do what it takes and how much it takes to compete. That’s the definition of a football club – that’s why it exists.

    It’s only Wenger that has this inexplicable fixation on finances. Take care of the trophies and the finances take care of themselves – that’s been proven over and over again.

  45. N5

    So the rumor has been that Arsenal will complete Mustafi’s medical on Monday which started circulating on Thursday! Will Arsene pull the plug now Gooners have been singing ‘Spend some fucking money’ as a big up yours to them?

    Arsene is such a slippery old Boycie, I can imagine him stopping the transfer now to make the insolent fans pay for their behavior.

  46. Jeff

    And it’s all very well Wenger looking down his nose at big spending clubs like Chelsea, Man U, Man City, Real, Barcelona, PSG etc. But have any of them gone bankrupt? Have they been relegated? Have they lost their fan-base? No. They’ve all done pretty well over the last 10 years since this big money thing started and they are all going strong.

    A lot of stupid Arsenal fans (out of jealousy more than anything else) were saying at the time that Abramovich would get tired and walk away. Has that happened? Is he bankrupt? No. In fact he set a trend and other clubs in the PL also have billionaire owners spending colossal amounts on players. And no they don’t always get it right. And yes there is some wastage. But the bottom line is they WANT to win big things and that is exactly what has happened.

    This is the most upsetting part of it for any self-respecting Arsenal fan. The desire to win things has gone and instead all we get are recycled excuses. More and more fans are getting sick to death with it.

  47. HillWood

    When Wenger first arrived I thought we would do well in Europe with his knowledge of continental football. It soon became apparent this was not the case. He is a conman. Since Dein left he has conned the club into thinking he is irreplaceable despite the evidence on the pitch . He is a League 1 manager at best

  48. Jim lahey

    Again what other “big club” comes out with a statement like being responsible for 600 jobs is the reason they haven’t strengthened the squad, we are a joke.

  49. STV

    “The fact that a lot of fans would very much like to look elsewhere for accountability and responsibility has something to do with what they call cognitive dissonance. In the mind of such people, Wenger was a god. And what do we know about gods? They don’t suddenly stop being gods do they? So Wenger must still be a god if only he wasn’t hindered by the board/owner who is the devil.”


    Couldn’t agree more. There will be 100 or more excuses when it comes to Wenger’s failings. Kroenke, Board, Financial restrictions, Referrals, Brexit, Currency depreciation, Other franchise owned by Kroenke, Fans, glabal warming etc.. etc.

    It’s always someone else fault. Hilarious when they say Kroenke biggest threat by not sacking Wenger when the biggest reason for that is the brigade fans tgem fuckin selves!!!!. #Wenger out.. There’s no looking at fucking bigger picture (which might not even exist ) untill Wenger fucks off with his shamed head down..

    Let’s there be no ambiguity regarding who the biggest enemy of Arsenal, or football in that matter!

  50. alexanderhenry


    ‘But he isn’t the owner or the CEO, which is the point. Why is he being allowed to act like one? Why is he being allowed to speak like one? Why does he always assume the role of speaking on behalf of the entire club in press conferences?’

    Good point. Wenger is asked more questions about financial matters than any other coach. Where is the BOD, where are kroenke, gazidis and sir chips?

    Managers should not comment or be expected to comment on financial matters

  51. Jeff


    Many fans are realising this because the evidence for it is just too overwhelming to ignore. The fans who are still captivated by Wenger’s initial charm and success cannot achieve the escape velocity needed to realise what is going on. They are duped season after season and still they look forward expecting things to change for the better without a change of what’s keeping things as they are.

    It has taken us over a decade to come to this juncture where more and more people are questioning Wenger’s words and deeds. Five years ago, you would have been hanged, drawn and quartered for thinking it. That’s how bad this thing is and it’s still going strong among the die-hard faithful.

  52. Arsene's Nurse

    People like to apportion blame and it’s easier and simpler to blame one thing or person. Therefore some blame Wenger and some blame Kroenke. The fact of the matter is Kroenke, Wenger, the board and the fans are all to blame. It’s only degrees of blame that can then be attributed.

    The major problem at Arsenal, as Jeff says, is it’s not a normal football club. Wenger has huge power. We’ve seen from various articles, particularly from former players, how Wenger has his tentacles wrapped around all aspects of AFC.

    When Dein left Wenger effectively took over his job and got a pay rise because of it. I would say that Wenger has more power than the board. Remember the Sir Chips Keswick AGM statement:

    “I don’t think that it’s my wish or intention to double-guess what Arsène Wenger wants to do,” Keswick said. “As you know, your board backs him 100%. If he has a plan, we back him. If he doesn’t have a plan, we keep quiet. So don’t let’s be in a muddle about who calls the shots about football. It is not the chairman, it is not the fans, it is Mr Arsène Wenger.”

    Keswick then turned to Wenger. “Arsène, I have embarrassed you. Do you wish to say anything else?” he said.

    “No,” Wenger replied.


    Kroenke is interested in one thing and one thing only: the value of his investment. As long as that goes up he is happy and therefore would argue why should he replace Wenger when he’s increasing the club’s worth?

    Us fans don’t care about the share price, we care about the football and Wenger has 100% control of it. This is where we can attribute all the blame to Wenger. Can Kroenke change Wenger’s rigid substitution policy? Can the board force him to buy a player or play players in the right positions? No, they can’t. They back him fully in all football matters when he has a plan or not.

    Therefore we are in this horrible position where nothing can change unless there is an absolute disaster or Wenger chooses to go.

    The fans are partly to blame too. We’ve seen this shit for years, but nothing changes. I laugh at Arsenal Fan TV because you have fans there moaning about the situation, but they’ve all got the latest Arsenal top on at £55 a go. They will all have spent money on pie and programmes. These people are mug punters. They bitch and moan, but still cough up the dough like the cash cows they are. These people have been milked for years.

    If they don’t want to give up season tickets then fine, but at least make it as uncomfortable for Wenger every game they go to the ground. It would be better still if they don’t go to games, don’t buy the merchandise and don’t lend financial support to the club when it requires fundamental change.

  53. Batistuta

    Funny thing is and i mean this with all seriousness, get in any half decent manager with even the slightest tactical discipline with the squad we have and i bet you he’d find a way to get us to the top or who knows even win it but at least we’d challenge

    Switch formations to maybe accommodate Giroud and maybe Alexis and Theo in a 4-4-2 or something like that and decide on what the midfield pairing would look like, our squad is not as bad as been made out to be but tactically we just so so poor its painful

  54. Frankie T

    “I’m sorry Rob Holding did not cost £55 million, he must not be good”

    This is the infuriating nature of this poor manager. We know Holding looks very good for his age and no one is criticising Wener for buying him. One for the future and could be a very very good player. But to use Holdings fee a a way to have a dig at the fans is pathetic. We don’t have to spend big money every time but the fact is the squad is weak in many areas and he is not addressing it. We need a striker and a skillful winger. He cannot see it and constantly tries to put round pegs in square holes such as Sanchez and Walcott up front. He has faith in a weak squad and is stubbornly going about his business.

  55. £8,000,000

    If wenger dislikes dealing with transfers, agents, inflated prices etc why the fuck didn’t he take the England job !!! He wouldn’t have to worry about the money side then and he could’ve carried on breastfeeding Walcott, wilshere and chamberlain as well !!! The only stumbling block would be his own £8,000,000 salary, you would have thought he would have robbed enough of “us” by now for that not to be a consideration but then I suppose he’s got to worry about leaving his 600 employees .shameful.

  56. Jeff


    That Keswick statement says it all really but it gets forgotten. People (including journalists) tend to forget what was said last year or the one before that. They can’t spot the contradiction upon contradiction. They can’t get past what’s being said and done now. And that’s because in the overall scheme of things football is just a game and if Arsenal don’t want to compete, so what?

    The only thing I blame Kroenke for is his apathy and disinterest. I can’t blame him for buying Arsenal – anyone with the sense of a small cabbage would have done the same if they had the money. I can’t blame him for not knowing about English football.

    But those on the ground should know better. Instead they’ve taken the situation and turned it into their favour. Wenger has total and absolute autonomy and it so happens he doesn’t believe in spending what it takes to compete. On top of this he has a big ego problem. He looks down on anyone who wants to question his methods. He hates any kind of challenge or sharing of ideas. He cannot stand players who demand things of him or sound ideas about tactics. He is intransigent, stubborn and highly strung. He has no plan B, he has no tactics and he cannot change his ways. This is all bad news for Arsenal.

  57. STV

    Very well said Arsene Nuse!! There will be a lots attempts to deflect the blame away from Wenger. And when the period of winning comes (mid season) everything will be forgotten.. That’s why majority fans are fickle Arsene knows this and the board trusts Wenger to get out of this little ‘annoyance’.

    Kroenke is a piece of crap owner. The board is totally obsequious to Wenger than the other way round! Thinks are totally different at Arsenal.Wenger rules Arsenal as a dictator..

  58. Marc

    I am in total agreement with Jeff. In fact, I would go so far and say AW increasingly displays dictatorial characteristics. A bit like Bonaparte in the latter years of the French empire and we all know how that ended. What will bring on AW’s downfall? My guess is an EPL finish below the top 4.
    I think Waterloo is coming: MU and MC are awesome, Spurs will be better, Chelsea will be there alright.
    Arsenal, unfortunately, need a really disastrous year so that the stables can be cleaned out and a fresh start can be taken. So let’s hope AW does not spend a lot of money on average players. Better preserve the kitty for the new coming leadership.
    Tough to tell the truth, but a bright future may be worthwhile waiting for.

  59. Spanishdave

    Worrying thing is there’s no mention of a striker. Wenger said that we did not convert the chances due to poor finishing, so does he think that Sanchez is the answer? That’s what dickhead managers do.
    We must get a quality striker

  60. Rambo Ramsey

    “So naturally, following on from that, if we got in a manager who actually wanted to win things, he would bring a totally different set of ideals and methods of achieving them that I’m sure the board and owner would be happy to accept if it meant success.”

    The fact that you don’t see the problem here is what baffles me.

    So you need the manager-an employee-to make the board aware of the importance of winning in sports, while also deciding on the ideals and methods the club will work with.

    Meanwhile over in most other big clubs, the higher management set the aims, the objectives and dot the plans on how they want the club to move forward. Then pick the manager who is best qualified for the job, fix the targets for him, finally renew his contract or fire him based on whether or not he’s achieved those targets.

    Its great that you have much faith in our majority shareholder and the rest of the board, despite the evidence of their ineptitude. Lets hope they don’t let you down.

  61. Hi Berry

    Jeff…my admiration for the way you have got to the heart of what so many disillusioned supporters feel. We can all bleat on hour after hour about the man’s tactics and transfer policy but the main problem lies with the fact that he has assumed a role that makes him un-sackable.

    The last ten years or so has seen the demise, in my opinion, of the club I supported as a boy. When I think of we gave up to get to this point it makes me want to cry. Highbury may have had its limitations but it was a beautiful and atmospheric ground. The Emirates is too expensive for me these days but on the few occasions I’ve been I was surrounded by the nattering classes and completely underwhelmed. The club has turned into an english approximation of an american sporting franchise. I don’t know why they don’t go the whole hog and change the name to N(orth)L(ondon) Gunners or maybe put the naming rights for the team up for auction.

  62. Ishola70

    Perhaps it has nothing to do with faith in the present board.

    Just hope that when Wenger eventually goes things could be different. Nothing wrong with that.

    And if this hope proves misguided then at least the waters have cleared and people can focus on the next obstacle.

    I can see people saying I told you so if the club still operate in the same fashion without Wenger but why should the board not try to find someone who can work in line with what Wenger has done. Good profit comparable to low output. Self-sustainable. Remember the club have announced to the world they are self-sustainable. Why should they drop this when Wenger goes. That is when the big kick-off will start between club and fans.

    But Wenger has played a major role in all this and is an old man past his sell by date so I see no reasons for not wanting him out pronto to speed up the business of putting Kroenke and the board under fuller and intense scrutiny like never before. The board will completely dread the day Wenger goes. Surely that is enough for those that blame the board to want to see Wenger gone as quickly as possible. To make life difficult for the board and Kroenke. And no the board and Kroenke are not going to do the dirty work. It’s fans that will have to get their hands bloodied I’m afraid if change is to come.

    Re: the anti-Wenger singing at Leicester yesterday expect the next home match for the AKBs to be itching to break out in rapturous adulation of their lord and master Wenger. “There’s only one…….” will be ringing out if and when Watford are taken to the sword. We can expect this all season. One week away fans showing discontent, next week AKBs in home matches looking to level things up after the slight on their master the previous week.

    Pathetic what the club has become isn’t it.

  63. N5

    How do I apply for Dick Laws position? I know Arsenal struggle to pay wages to it’s staff but I’d love his job. He gets money for literally nothing…..obviously if his paycheck clears.

  64. Sayedomar

    I am amazed at how aArsenal fan behave. I see other clubs that are owned by the rich oil indivials who are buying a championship. arsenal has and will have quality players, who are done well internationally. Last year Ozel came early after the World Cup had no time to recoup. The same as this year. Look at all the other teams last year that had big name players and managers where they ended up in the standing while Laisceter with the lowest budget and no name players won the champianship. I am in agreement with Wenger, you just don’t go and just buy players to look good, you need to have a team balance and if you buy a player and pay him millions what will happens to Your existing good players. Any good business man should be careful with his investment. That is what happening in the States with all these professional teams from basketball, to football, baseball and soccer. They are in the business to make money .