Arsene Wenger bemoaning having too much money

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Good morning banter kings and queens. How we doing? Good? I’m feeling super fragile this morning. We had a work summer party. American’s really don’t get binge drinking culture. I started at like, 1ish… then we rolled off Guvnors Island at like, 430ish… half the agency melted away. Then by 6ish, there was about 10 people left. Then by 9pm, it was just me, hanging around a sandwich shop trying to haggle fried chicken they didn’t sell.

What a joke. The UK summer party vibe would have had that party going on until the next day. Very disappointed. Zero tales to tell this morning.

‘I’m a bit fuzzy this morning’ is about as serious as things are this morning. I remember my last summer party in the UK we had to send a creative home because he was hallucinating and talking to someone who wasn’t there. That’s a party.

You know where there is literally no party? Arsene Wenger’s office right now. He’s sitting there, playing solitaire while the training ground and his summer burns.

The Arsenal PR department, god bless em’ are trying to earn their corn… Wenger dropped this good news on Danny Welbeck.

“If the healing was not good, he would have been out until April. But the news was excellent and he will be back around Christmas.”


Now, normally I’d jump for joy at such news, but remember, Arsenal are world-class at telling porkies about recovery times. This is basically Wenger’s way of saying, look, if we don’t get a striker, it’ll be fine because Danny ‘not so prolific’ Welbeck will be back early. The schedule will look like this:

  1. Starts training in December
  2. Starts playing mid-Jan
  3. Manager laments how long it takes for players to shake the rust post major injury

It’s amazing. Really amazing. Our striking issues aren’t because Danny isn’t about. It’s because we don’t have a world-class striker finishing the 3 Michelin star dinners Mesut Ozil is providing them. Welbeck isn’t going to change that. Sure he’s more mobile, delivers the same workrate as Giroud, but look, he’s a long way off being Aguerro. I also can’t believe we’re going into the first 4months of the season with just Giroud. Beyond terrible.

That’s the thing with this window. We’ve added one body, but we’ve not upgraded the squad. Wenger opting for stability. Instead of saying, ‘what happens in Cech gets injured?’, ‘what happens if we lose Giroud in September?’ and ‘what the hell happens if we lose Sanchez or Ozil for an extended period of time?’

We’re the same as we were last year. Same system. Basically the same players. Same manager. Same approach.

Where is the change that’ll put us to the level of the clubs coming through?

It’s a farce. But hey, if it goes tits up, at least it’ll be the last season of this we’ll have to deal with. Because even Stan K must be looking at the mess that’s unfolding and wondering if he needs any more of this. He’s the one that said he’d like to win things. Maybe it’s a turning point for him too?

It’s like all this #StanOut stuff is laughable. Firstly, you can’t hound an owner out on Twitter. Secondly, it’s a really naive way of making out the issue is someone other than Wenger. That money sitting there isn’t for anything other than building the club. Stan has all his finance in place for his Rams move. Cash in the bank is almost worthless for interest purposes and as we’ve documented countless times, it actually becomes worth less and less as the TV deals grow.

I mean, read this from Wenger yesterday:

“It is dangerous. English clubs suffocate themselves by buying players at a high price with high wages, if it goes wrong you are left with players with high wages,”

“The identity of the buyer multiplies transfers by two or three or even 10 times more.”

Complete indignation that players cost more when clubs from Europe know you’re caked in money. I mean, even more baffling that he’d talk about being left with players who earn too much money. He’s given Theo Walcott 2 £100k plus contracts. He made that mistake twice. He also didn’t pay Mikki £200k a week, so we missed out on a player who would have improved our right side immeasurably, because he doesn’t believe in wages being that high for anyone other than himself.

Even this is mad…

“It’s important to spend money but more important to spend it the right way. There are two markets, one for English clubs, one for the rest of Europe.”

We spent 8 years bemoaning having no cash. Now we’re bemoaning the impact of having too much cash. Like I always said back in the day, the issue was never really money, it was Wenger not wanting to spend it. It’s not even an applaudable trait. It’s reckless and it’s stupid.

Anyway, I’m winding myself up.


That’s damn exciting right? Yes it is. Preview tomorrow!

P.S. Gnabry looks like a new signing, am I right?

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  1. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Arsenal should have won this one, we are that superior to Leicester. The fact we did not is down to a manager who has nothing new to offer. Only an imbecile would take any positives from today’s match, a match that you should have won.

  2. N5

    Cesc, the away boys are a different breed though. They are real Arsenal and all the guys I know that go to all the aways don’t visit the Emirates at all. They see it as a soulless sellout, so most of these guys were anti-Arsene for years now. Today enough was enough and nearly everyone of them was singing it.

    It won’t be the same at home though…..sadly.

  3. MidwestGun

    Wow.. does he honestly expect people to believe we are struggling to pay the wages of 600 stadium workers every month… Give me a fuckin break.

    Combined they all probably make less then him…

    Seriously…. the man has gone round the bend with transfers and should not be involved in them….AT ALL…. once again we are seriously screwed after another embarrassing summer.

  4. PessimisticPat

    Brilliant when he was asked whether there was no one out there who could strengthen his squad at all in any position, and he spreads his arms gets angry and ends up ranting about Holding.
    Even the press can see he’s finished, but as long as he stays he gives them unlimited column inches on fan unrest and transfer rumours. Not to mention our tactical naivety and inevitable new year collapse.
    He is the gift that keeps on giving to them (the press).

  5. N5

    I’m surprised he didn’t dust off his favourite “you give me some names then, you’ll see it’s not that easy”. Yeah Weng! we’re not paid £8.5m a year to identify them though are we!!!

  6. Do one gambon

    I want Wenger out as much as the next man but I think that 600 employees quote has been taken out of context.

    I dont think he means we are struggling to pay 600 employees. I think he’s referring to clubs in general spunking cash way beyond their means. Worst case scenario a club goes bust ala Leeds, Pompey and can’t afford to pay their employees, and that effects everyone from players to coaches to kid selling burgers and beers.

    Still a ridiculous thing to say given the current climate of our club but from that POV it looks a little less scandalous

  7. Follow the money

    Agree Cesc, unfortunately. Some of the players don’t deserve it. Hopefully they will know who put them there when it gets worse, which it will

  8. Marko

    But the ‘we want Wenger out’ chants, I’ve never seen anything like that, after a draw as well.

    Yeah he’s done. Absolutely no way they offer him a new deal. No way. But yeah that 600 employees comment I mean I’ve never heard a manager say that before when questioned about transfers.

  9. Follow the money

    I have truly grown to hate Wenger. What a tragic figure he’s become, all of his own doing. It’s like a Greek play, Aeschylus and the like. The protagonists fatal flaw is revealed early on, and the rest of the story is just watching him dig his own grave, usually due to ego and hubris

  10. Dissenter

    Wenger is hopelessly deluded.
    He keeps talking about “quality player” but he’s kept Walcott in his squad for 10 year and pays him a king’s ransom of a salary weekly.

    The mere sight of these press conferences makes my blood boil, He’s so smug.

  11. DaleDaGooner

    I was going to criticize Ozil after I saw Julian Brandt’s curler that hit the bar, I mean….Ozil never takes those kind of shots from a position like that, he’d rather someone else carry they burden of scoring. I just hope Gnabry isn’t going to be loaned out while Walcott, Ox, Ramsey pretend to be top top quality.

  12. Dissenter

    I didn’t know that the senior team football manager is charged with caring for 600 employees of Arsenal football club.

    Was he thinking about the 600 employees when we were losing 10,000,000 from the Brexit-devaluation of the pound sterling?

  13. Batistuta

    Really? People still watch Wenger interviews? The sight of his face alone gives me stomach problems,so irritating, almost made me hate him as a person but not like it matters

    The Arsenal away fans are a special breed i tell you, so freaking proud of them the whole lot

    Watched City, Chelsea today and Utd yesterday and to be absolutely honest, we are maybe 2/3 players and a new manager short, we’re not that far off from the others at least on the pitch whether you believe that or not is up for debate and that’s what infuriates me, you add 3 absolutely quality players in our team and we all of a sudden don’t look too bad squad wise, I mean a new manager won’t be worst thing BUT, a striker, a winger and a defender and we look the real deal, just so painful really

  14. Marko

    Dale really like the look of Meyer. But that Niklas Sule mark my words will be one of the best around in the not too distant future. Lads only 20 was an ever present for Hoffenheim last season and had fucking sick stats. Lad’s gonna be mustard

  15. STV

    As expected people are happy with the draw. Wenger certainly am anyway telling us ‘you could see why they were champiins’!! Hull city beat them last week ffs!! And we beat them 2-5 here last season!

    We didn’t conceded because we brought back Koscielny, which begs the question why he didn’t last week! Just thrown away 3 pts.

    Anyway great to see the away fans reactions today. Proper bunch.


    “The whole back four played well, and [Koscielny] guided the defence well. He had an outstanding game,” Wenger told BT Sport. “And Rob Holding, Hector Bellerin and Nacho Monreal as well played very well.

    Wenger as expected will use this excuse not to bring Mustafi..

    “Unfortunately no one speaks about the performance of Rob Holding. You should be happy, he is English and 20 years old. I am sorry he didn’t cost £55 million, so he can’t be good.”

    Btw Coquelin wasn’t any special today. He was better than his usual mediocre self. But with him on we are always handicap on midfield and so it proved today.

  16. Batistuta


    Just stopped watching years back, would rather read whatever crap he’s come up with, his face is just not all that right for me at all

  17. STV

    Si with this result Wenger pretty much conceded top 2 (2nd place) and probably top 3(2nd or third) 5 point gap after 2 games! Great start.. He’s still in race fr top 4 and who gives a shit!

  18. STV

    Hillwood Wenger is like “I would spend 300m for a player..”

    and then

    “If” .. If? That’s done he ain’t buying because he just can’t find the quality for pricing

  19. Batistuta

    Akhil Vyas
    I love Arsene Wenger & it kills me to see it ending like this but does feel it’s ending. Saying very odd things. Big ten days in window #AFC

  20. Danish Gooner

    That little touch of his collar shows the man is under massive pressure,lets not kid ourselfes,he is like a gazelle in the water of alligators trying to claw himself baack to life but week after week another alligator bites in to him.And this miserable bore fest dont exactly help him much,

  21. GuNZ


    No, mate. Would have been a 4 am start for me and I was up having a few watching the ABs trash Aussie last night so I flagged the whole thing away. Got the match commentary from the Le Grove posts when I woke up – glad I missed it.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    When you listen to Wenger he makes sense as a businessman or economist,but…. he is a Football Manager and supposed to be building a team to win titles.

    Does he seriously believe that there are no players on the planet who can improve our team and are worth the money being asked for them?

    Personally I don’t object to him buying Holding and spending £2.4 million on
    Holding. From time to time Wenger does buy good value bargains.

    However, Holding is at the moment a “squad’ level player and no better. He is
    not a solution to our current limited resources in defence where we need an
    experienced CB.

    Nor are Arsenal going to challenge with our limited forward resources. Sanchez is not a striker and frankly Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain are not
    top class wingers.

    I would be more impressed with Wenger if he follows his claim that he is willing to spend £300 million and could convince Messi to join us. The reality is
    that Wenger lacks pulling power for a very long time.

  23. gambon

    Wenger has fucking lost it….absolutely fucking lost it.

    Ive said many times….he is mentally ill, no doubt at all.

    It really is the rantings of a lunatic now. Like Blackadder with pants on his head and pencils in his nose.

    We have to pay our staff? Are you fucking kidding me.

    Our revenue this year will be £400m, our wage bill roughly £220m.

    Including all costs we will have at least £80m free cash this year….on top of the £200m we have in the bank.

    And that cunt Wenger is trying to imply we cant buy players.

    City and UTD found players…..theyre doing alright.

  24. Follow the money

    “Unfortunately no one speaks about the performance of Rob Holding. You should be happy, he is English and 20 years old. I am sorry he didn’t cost £55 million, so he can’t be good.”

    Oh my God what a scumbag. Yeah, Wenger, we will wait until you are 106 because we believe in your project to win the champions league with 2.5 million pound players. FUCK HIM. HE IS THE ENEMY

  25. Marko

    Someone explain to me why we’re willing to loan Campbell and likely Gnabry but keep perennial shite footballer Walcott? Makes zero sense to me. We’re keeping players at Arsenal football club not on merit thanks to Arsene Wenger.

  26. STV

    True Gambon and I think many stewards are paid fucking peanuts they can’t even make a proper living.. Wenger should be ashamed of himself mentioning this!!

  27. Bamford10

    Any honest person who watches that press conference can see that it is Arsene Wenger and no one else who is behind our frugality and non-spending in the market.

    I love that he wants to talk about Rob Holding because he’s 20 and English. He thinks it’s “wrong” that people instead ask him about whether he’s going to spend.

    Hey dipshit, if you had signed a couple of quality attacking players — a RW and CF — we’d all be happy to talk about how well Rob Holding played. We might even be talking about the impressive win we got today, the interplay between players, the chances created.

    The only reason we are asking about spending is because it is QUITE FUCKING OBVIOUS the team needs better players. Indeed that has been obvious for years now.

    Your we’re-not-talking-about-Holding-because-he-didn’t-cost-50m comment cannot but remind those of us who are paying attention of your infamous Sanogo remark, where you said that the only reason people were not saying more about him was because he didn’t cost 50m. Actually, Arsene, people weren’t talking about him — and still aren’t — because he is dogshit.

    And dogshit is what you have been serving up for some time now, verbally in pressers and on the field.

    The man has no intention, ladies and gentlemen, of signing anyone. Only way he signs anyone now is if someone forces his hand. Otherwise he is going with what he already has — and he is going down in flames. This team will accomplish NOTHING.

  28. Marko

    That was an actual thing in the last few years STV. Stewards or some workers or contractors at the Emirates were getting paid fuck all. Eventually got an improved minimum wage after it came out some workers were getting fucked over. 600 employees? Never heard that excuse before

  29. Bamford10

    And by the way, we created few to no chances. Wenger can’t even be honest about this basic fact of the game.

    Walcott was garbage. Simply garbage.

    Alexis was useless and clueless as the CF. He didn’t make a single useful or intelligent run. He has no idea how to play that position well. No idea.

    And yet Wenger thinks it strange that people want to talk about signings.

    Absolutely infuriating.

  30. Bamford10

    By the way, anyone notice how poor Giroud was when he came on? That means Sanchez as the CF for at least another week. And that means, in all likelihood, another draw.

    Ozil will be back next week, which will help — he looked sharp, actually — but this front three doesn’t work well at all. We’ll be lucky to beat Watford.

    And if we don’t beat Watford, things are really going to heat up under Wenger. We’ll be 7-8 points behind the leaders, without answers offensively, and we’ll have four days remaining in the window.

    He’ll be showered with boos and programs as he goes into the tunnel.

  31. gambon

    You want to see how embarrassingly reactionary Wenger is….

    “Why dont you want to talk about Rob Holding”

    What the guy that conceded 4 last week Arsene?

    You werent so keen to discuss him then Arsene.

    Typical Wenger. Praise the good performances….ignore the bad as if they dont exist.

  32. WrightIsGod

    Not sure what posters are on but Coquelin was def one of our better performances earlier. He was rash but he was def needed today.

    Our tactics are so basic it’s hard to watch. Even worse when you have Walcott on the pitch.

    I dream of a day we have a real manager who does a massive clean up on this squad. Needs severe surgery.

  33. WengerEagle

    Felipe Anderson has gone backwards this last year, had a poor season at Lazio and he’s looked very unsure of himself in front of goal tonight.

    Neymar is carrying Brazil going forward, a near flawless performance.

  34. STV

    “Why do you say I’m reluctant? If I buy you tomorrow for £45million I have spent £45million and I would have done well because I will have listened to you but spending the money in itself is not a quality”

    It’s the matter of great shame that Wenger is our manager.. Been saying the exact same shit for abt 10 years but never spent 45m in his entire life of football manager !!

  35. STV

    He should be embarrassed about himself for talking about quality while managing the likes of Gibbs Coquelin Chambers Walcott Ramsey Chamberlain Welbeck etc..

    Why you lie u fucking fraudster? Just say it.. It’s not about quality, it’s about money!!!

  36. Dissenter

    WTF is Gazidis job description if Wenger is crapping about the fate of 600 employees limiting transfers.
    I can’t imagine that anyone still backs Wenger.

  37. steve

    I think Wenger has reached a new level of senility. Like Gambon said he’s probably heavy medicated at this point.

  38. TitsMcGee

    Lol he wants to talk about Holding because we didn’t allow a goal today (prob due to Kos not holding )and he’s waxing poetic.

    He wants to be given credit for not spending a lot of money for a new player.

    Everytime he opens his mouth it’s cringe-worthy. Sometimes I think that because English isn’t his native language something gets lost in translation but really he needs to just stfu.

    Someone posted some traits of an egotist the other day and Wenger fit every trait. Was eerie.

  39. vicky

    Wenger doesn’t even want to listen the term “spending/buying” from journos in a presser. Why doesn’t he manage a national team then ? Why is he forcing himself to operate in the dirty world of transfers?

  40. Leedsgunner

    “What matters to me is that you have 600 employees and can afford to pay them.”

    This from a man that makes what 600 people make in a year in roughly 3 to 4 months. Hypocrite… He earns in one week what 5 to 6 people make in a year.

    If he cares about the ordinary employees at Arsenal Football Club so much why doesn’t he ask for a 90% pay cut?

    Why not use his influence to give all employees at Arsenal from the highest to the lowest a living wage? Starting tomorrow?

    Is this to be the latest excuse for not spending now? The Payroll excuse? When did he develop this sudden concern for the ordinary man in the street? What about all the millions he has milked from the club up til now? Why did he accept his new contract on millions more if he cared about the little people?

    Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable.

  41. alexanderhenry

    Wenger is clearly rattled in that interview.

    He has been left high and dry by Kroenke and it shows.

    Wenger will get the blame and unless he turns things around in the next few games, he could be gone well before christmas.

    What infuriates me is that kroenke, the architect of arsenal’s decline, gets to sit it out. He has transformed arsenal from a top club into a mediocre one, just like the denver nuggets, the st louis rams, the colorado avalanche and the colorado rapids.

    How anyone can have confidence in an owner with such a pathetic record in sports is mystifying.

    We have had a dead hand at the wheel for ten years. Arsenal under kroenke are going nowhere.

  42. Marko

    Chatting shit as per Alex. Also you absolutely cannot compare American franchises like the one’s mentioned to others in the same sport and expect them to compete. Granted the Rams won a Super Bowl years ago but there’s zero expectations on them to win one again. The Nuggets? Barely register as a competitive basketball team compared to other prestigious NBA teams.

  43. alexanderhenry


    No he isn’t.
    Really, he should have quit years ago and gone to a club prepared to back him financially. He chose to stay with us instead.

    Apart from a token spend, post wenger, nothing will change at arsenal.

  44. TitsMcGee

    He has been left high and dry by Kroenke and it shows. Wenger will get the blame and unless he turns things around in the next few games, he could be gone well before christmas. What infuriates me is that kroenke, the architect of arsenal’s decline, gets to sit it out. ”

    You are just trolling now.

  45. TitsMcGee

    Seems curious that he would allow his hands to be tied for so long and not say anything about it. Especially if he felt his “reputation” was being tarnished.

    What is more likely is that he is complicit and knows he’ll never be in a sweeter situation.

  46. alexanderhenry


    There is an elite of bigger teams in the U.S but in the long term, all ‘franchises’ have a chance in american sports. The way their sports are organised are more egalitarian.
    In ‘soccer’, it’s dog eat dog . A combination of wage caps, no relegation and draft picks ensure every team has a chance.
    The fact that Kroenke has consistently failed despite this,should tell you everything you need to know about the man.

    Expecting a change in transfer policy post wenger? …no chance.

  47. Godfather

    “Wenger added: “Nobody is speaking about the performance of Rob Holding. You should be happy because he’s English, 20 years old – but I’m sorry he didn’t cost £55m, so he can’t be good.”

    Lol Arsene

  48. vicky

    “Really, he should have quit years ago and gone to a club prepared to back him financially. He chose to stay with us instead.”

    So, are you suggesting he made a sacrifice for AFC ? hopefully not.

  49. Godfather

    “Wenger is clearly rattled in that interview.He has been left high and dry by Kroenke and it shows. Wenger will get the blame and unless he turns things around in the next few games, he could be gone well before christmas. What infuriates me is that kroenke, the architect of arsenal’s decline, gets to sit it out. He has transformed arsenal from a top club into a mediocre one, just like the denver nuggets, the st louis rams, the colorado avalanche and the colorado rapids.How anyone can have confidence in an owner with such a pathetic record in sports is mystifying.We have had a dead hand at the wheel for ten years. Arsenal under kroenke are going nowhere.”

    There might be some truth to that. I live in New York now and i must say that every town that Kroenke owns a franchise literally despises him. He might rank in the top of the most hated sports owners in the US.

    Nevertheless Wenger is very culpable for the present condition of the team. the frustrating thing is that we are so bloody close. One great striker and we can win it all. There is money there, its just the follow through thats lacking.

  50. TitsMcGee

    Kroenke ain’t got shiiite to do with Wenger spending net £10 million last summer. No matter how stingy or “tied” you think Wenger’s hands are.

  51. N5

    Just starve the flame of oxygen and the fire will die!!

    If you guys stop replying to Alexander’s constant, monotonous, repetitive horseshit he’d have no choice but to just post at Untold only.

    He only comes over here once his upvotes start quieting down over there.

  52. Relieable Sauce

    but also one of the values of our club that is respected all over the world is to give a chance to players who deserve it, and come from our own system.
    ( …!!!??? : / )

    – Wenger when asked about competing to sign the best players.

  53. Follow the money

    Alexander Henry you are wrong. American sports as you say, have salary caps etc to give everyone a chance. All that means is it’s the quality of the people running the team, and the players they recruit that are the difference between winning and losing. Stan can’t spend his way to a US sports title. He’s guilty of poor judgement in who he has hired, that’s all. And apparently he’s staying true, in sticking with the idiot Wenger. But all this is moot. With what we spend on wages, we should be competing for the title, bottom line. Get rid of the overpaid dross and buy quality. And don’t start about transfer fees, the Ones and Pogba transfer fees have already been recouped 50% just on shirt sales. Wenger is a massive underperforming turd, given the resources at his disposal

  54. Redtruth

    Wenger is holding Kroenke and the club back and it would be best for all parties concerned to reach an amicable split and go their seperate ways….

  55. Leedsgunner


    I loved hearing that in the playback! The thing is we need to start singing that at the Emirates en mass, so much so that even Arsenal Player can’t miss it! What are the stewards going to do? Ask thousands to leave? How would Wenger explain that?


  56. China

    ‘You have to make sure you can pay everyone at the end of the month’

    Well well arsene if we don’t have enough money to pay our wages at the end of the month let’s start by not paying our most expensive employee

  57. Gelbs


    I was the sole voice back in 2006…. I called it. Personally speaking, I was the original ‘Doom Monger’ I can prove it 🙂 Lol. Fucking feels good being proved right!

  58. Gelbs

    “We are ready to do that. I spend £300m if I have £300m and I find the player…”

    Hey, arsehole…You’ve done that since 2011. You’ve spent over 300 odd million, excluding wages, you fucking demented moron! Where’s the Titles??

  59. Gelbs

    Hey fuckers… I can’t cut and paste what I said about Wenger since 2006/08..
    It’s all in wordpad format. I’ll email you it. It’s the best piece you’ve ever read on Wenger! Promise! 🙂

  60. China

    Alex why has Wenger been lying to the fans about having money to spend and the support of the owner?

    If he’s tied he has no reason to poss off all the fans and take the fall for Stan.

    You always ignore the questions which you don’t want to answer and it’s incredibly tiresome

    Wenger has said a thousand times he can spend and you are like NOPE

    If you’re right then Wenger is lying to us fans about being able to

    Isn’t that immoral? Why are you so fucking stubborn in the face of what sits plainly in front of you?

  61. Gelbs

    Gelbs May 26, 2007 at 3:47 pm
    Who says we don’t have money to spend? Just an excuse because Wenger is too scared of spending it. Shit loads coming in from season tickets, the sale of Higbury, TV revenue etc. If you don’t have money to spend, then you save it and don’t waste it on average players that offer you nothing.

  62. Gelbs

    Gelbs May 28, 2007 at 8:57 am
    And that’s before other teams have strengthened. Wenger’s a past it prick as well when you look at his transfer dealings the past 2 summers. Only bought in players to replace and not add and only because his hand was forced. Baptista he never wanted and only got him because Reyes wanted out and the same with Gallas and Cole. All happened on deadline day and close to getting in no-one. Be the exact same as this summer.

  63. Gelbs

    Gelbs May 28, 2007 at 8:53 am
    Quite simple really. You predict something by going on facts. 3 years we been shit. Last 2 certainly. Just because Wenger says “We got great potential” etc people pathetically believe him. If this team finished 2nd and a few points off the champions, then I would say we could win the title next season. Spurs’ fans are prolly saying similar shit like how they’re gonna finish higher next season etc. Yet most Arsenal fans would scoff at that and say what shit it is. When it is the exact same situation as us. No evidence at all it is gonna get any better. Not in the short term anyway. Pretty sad really. As if this team is gonna improve next term by 20 odd points etc. Be the same old story even with RVP and Henry back. Shit at corners, same 1 dimensional stuff, overplaying it, dropping points to crap teams etc as well as not enough goals from the midfield. Why on earth would it get any better significantly?!

  64. Gelbs

    Gelbs May 23, 2007 at 10:09 pm
    In fact, he prolly is right. The kids will deliver. Fabregas will be delivering the goods for Barca inside 5 years etc.

  65. Gelbs

    Gelbs April 28, 2007 at 4:02 pm
    AW “We work very hard but we knew we could go through a stage a little bit like that. The basic target was not to finish seventh, or eight or ninth. But that can happen to anybody, there’s no guarantee because you’re Arsenal Football Club”.
    Basic target was to not finish 7th, 8th, 9th etc? Funny, I thought the basic target was to win the title according to him in the summer. My, how our standards have dropped. He must think his team is crap if he was thinking they were bad enuff for 7th.

  66. Gelbs

    Gelbs March 18, 2007 at 8:33 pm
    Wenger’s comments are full of flaws:
    “The spirit was excellent, but we didn’t create enough. The conditions were not good, but they were the same for everyone.
    “We are not guaranteed to be in the top four and we want to be in there, we have a difficult programme and must not fail to be in that top four.
    “We lost at Blackburn in the last minute, we lost to Eindhoven late in the game and the same against Everton as well as losing a late goal to Chelsea in the Carling Cup Final.
    “What we are missing is the maturity to deal with that.”
    Must be in the top 4? Wow, have our expectations dropped incredibly from being severe title and CL challengers.
    Missing maturity? Then buy some experience. And excellent spirit? Funny, didn’t seem excellent to me.

  67. Gelbs

    Gelbs July 16, 2006 at 11:37 am
    Fabregas will leave Arsenal by the time he is 25 I bet. The lad is still a kid and at 19. He knows he doesn’t have to leave yet. But in a few years time, if Arsenal haven’t won anything major, expect him to leave. Arsenal groom all these youngsters, but probably won’t get to see their full potential lol. By the time Cesc is 25, Henry be well and truly retired as well. So wonder who be banging the goals in for us then. Aliadiere maybe. Yeah right.

  68. Gelbs

    The Arsenal manager sold Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure during the close season, bringing in only Thomas Vermaelen as a replacement. If you believe the reported figures, that is a profit of around £30 million.
    His relative lack of expenditure has been discussed in the wake of recent defeats in Manchester but, speaking at the official opening of the Highbury Square development, the Frenchman put up a robust defence of his position.
    “We sold Kolo and Adebayor but bought Vermaelen,” he said. “That money is for me. I know how much I have and I am happy with it.
    “But last week we played Wigan. We won 4-0 and on the bench I had Bendtner [while] Walcott, Arshavin, Nasri, Denilson and Djourou were not playing.
    “Do we have the squad to compete with the other [‘Big’] four? I say yes.
    “We have an unbelievable squad. Where do you put all the talented players?
    “I believe we can show that we are not in a position where we need to buy. For me, we are in a position where we want to transform our potential into being real Premier League contenders.”

  69. Gelbs


    Published: 01 September 2004
    Arsenal have promised Arsene Wenger enough transfer money to compete with the biggest clubs in Europe in future.
    The manager’s spending has been restricted in the last couple of years by uncertainty over the move to Ashburton Grove.
    But after Arsenal secured funding for their new stadium in February they told Wenger the money is there if he wants it.
    Managing director Keith Edelman said: “Having got the funding through gives us significant transfer funds over the next two to three years and beyond. We will have much larger transfer funds available than we have ever had before.
    “You saw some of that with the purchase of Jose Reyes, which was a transfer we could only have done with the funding arrangements in place. That is the start of what we can begin to afford on a net basis.
    “Chelsea are a different kettle of fish but we will be up there with the largest clubs in Europe.”

  70. Gelbs

    Reyes was signed from Seville in a deal worth up to £17million at the end of January when Arsenal had been privately assured of funding for Ashburton Grove.
    Securing the finance for the move has transformed Arsenal’s financial picture and helped ensure that Wenger’s transfer kitty should rival that of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.
    Yesterday the club declared pre-tax profits in the year up to May 31 of £10.6m and they expect to receive around £100m from the sale of three sites surplus to the development of their new stadium.
    Arsenal will also receive a cash injection of £30m from media partner Granada.
    Arsenal’s borrowing for Ashburton Grove may have stood at £158m at the end of their last accounting period in May but repayments including around £15m a year in interest are not due until after the stadium opens in 2006. Then the club expect the new 60,000-seat ground to cover their costs and make a profit.

  71. Gelbs

    In the money: Arsene Wenger
    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been promised a mammoth £70million transfer kitty after the Gunners revealed they are now one of Europe’s richest clubs.
    Financial results unveiled on Monday show the Gunners’ move to the Emirates Stadium has created a near 50 per cent increase in turnover to more than £200m for the year ending May 31, 2007.
    That sum means they are only edged into second place in the continent’s money league by Real Madrid.
    But with operating profit of £51.2m, up an amazing 274%, the Premier League club now have a level of profitability far in excess of Real.
    Match-day revenues of £3.1million per game at their new 60,000 home are double those generated at Highbury, and have seen the Gunners leapfrog domestic rivals Manchester United and Chelsea – whose respective turnover for the same period was £167.8m and £152.8m.
    And delighted managing director Keith Edelman admits boss Arsene Wenger now has previously unheard of sums available to reinforce his squad.

  72. Gelbs

    We have got plenty of financial firepower to makes the transfers Arsene wants to make,’ he said.
    ‘We had over £70m of cash at the end of the year and if Arsene wants to spend that money we will make it available. I think we are in a very good position.
    ‘Clearly Arsene’s performance and the team’s performance on the pitch has been outstanding, obviously backed up by our very strong financial position.
    ‘We gave Arsene a budget in the summer and he didn’t even spend all of it on transfers and hopefully we’ll be able to carry that forward into future years.’

  73. Gelbs

    Gelbs March 18, 2007 at 8:40 pm
    Exactly what I was saying earlier 5am. Wenger wants to look after the financial side of the club, that isn’t his primary problem or concern. If the board see fit to give him 20 mil or something, then the finances must be fine and he should spend it wisely. His job mainly is to manage the team and deliver us success.

  74. Gelbs

    Gelbs June 24, 2007 at 6:57 pm
    What’s the betting Wenger will make that little turd Fabregas captain or vice-captain just to soften him up the same way he appointed Henry.

  75. Dissenter

    What will Wenget do when he loses his access to the soap box?
    He loves these press conferences because he sees the media as his constituency.
    The reason why Wenger will fight tooth and nail to stay is because of these press conferences.

  76. Gelbs

    “If we do not deliver in one or two years I will be responsible,” said the Frenchman, whose contract runs to 2011.

  77. Gelbs

    I’m going to bed… As I said, I win! And I can go on, and on and on and on….

    Fuck you AKBs. I dare you to destroy my facts and predictions!!



  78. China

    You listen to an interview where a man says a few times ‘we can spend big’ and manage to draw the conclusion that he can’t spend

    Can you honestly not see how fucking silly that is

  79. Follow the money

    Wenger has no friends. (Surprise surprise, I mean, would anyone want to hang out with that smug, arrogant tosser?) All he has is his power at Arsenal. He will hang on to it tooth and nail, even if results go totally down the toilet. The press love him, the “zany genius” they won’t help us drive him out. It’s every fans duty to Arsenal to drive this charlatan out

  80. rollen

    If he cares about the ordinary employees at Arsenal Football Club so much why doesn’t he ask for a 90% pay cut?

    Why not use his influence to give all employees at Arsenal from the highest to the lowest a living wage? Starting tomorrow?

    We all know why.

    Arsene= 1/Robin Hood

  81. N5

    Higuaín made his debut yesterday for Juventus, he was subbed on in the 66th minute and scored (the winner) in the 75th minute!!

    Get what you pay for I guess!! thank god we have Sanogo!!

  82. Sam

    Chamberlain did well n hope he starts scoring goals for us
    nice to see Wilshere play for Arsenal
    not getting carried away over Rob Holding, buy Mustafi and get rid of Chambers