Mahrez bites the dust #WeTried

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#WeTried. Story of our summer. I mean, similar to the story of my early football career as I let in goals for fun.

‘Oh bless Pete, at least he’s trying. How long has he had eye sight difficulties?’


Anyway, our summer. What a joke. Yesterday, as predicted by my Leicester insider who is not an insider, Mahrez used The Arsenal to gain a better deal at Leicester. He penned a new 4 year deal. Crushing Arsenal fan hearts.

A lot of Twitter were all like, ‘WE WERE NEVER INTERESTED’.. hmmm… Arsenal, a team that boasts Theo Walcott and Alex the Ox on the right side of midfield weren’t interested in the most productiveright-sidedd midfielder in the Premier League? Arsenal, after blowing the deal for the most productive right sided midfielder in the Bundesliga weren’t interested in Mahrez?

Bitch please. As someone wrote yesterday, I’d be more disappointed if we weren’t rejected by Mahrez. At least we were having a go at making our squad better.

Also, worth noting, L’quipe said we had a £41m bid turned down for him two weeks ago. Remember, that’s not the Daily Star, that’s a super prestigious sport paper. They’re unlikely making things up. Well, I hope not.

Anyway, what a time to be alive. Two Leicester players have used AFC interest to earn new contracts. If ever you needed more evidence that Wenger is dead as a top flight manager, it’s those two mugging us off like a rich man with a £50 note attached to a piece of fishing line in a market.

Cannot wait for the Vardy brace on Sunday, supplied by Mahrez. So on the cards, right?

But here’s the thing guys and gals, I’m not going to leave you in a gloom pit today.

Ed Woodward, Manchester United CEO, was the village idiot when it came to transfers. He was the guy who had to pay £27m for Fellaini because he missed the buyout clause deadline. He’s the guy who would ask the price for a player and add £10m just for the banter. He was regarded as a man who couldn’t get business done for Moyes and LVG.

This summer, he’s absolutely crushed the transfer window. One of the best they’ve had. That all happened for one reason and one reason only. Mourinho. Love him or hate him, he knows all the agents, he reeks of success and career progression and he’ll always deliver you trophies.

… and look, you don’t need to be a Champions League winning manager to attract players. You just need a vision, a philosophy and a plan. Arsene Wenger doesnt’ really have any of those elements. He doesn’t know what he’s building these days. He’s kind of a frail figure stood next to Tuchel, Conte, Klopp, Mourinho and Pochettino.

He’s not a pull anymore. He can’t win the Champions League. He flunked the league when it should have been a breeze. For any top player looking to improve, you’re unlikely to join his squad. I mean, the rumour about Gimenez is beyond a joke, who’d leave the defensive security of Simeone to play under Wenger? A defender destroyer. I think it was Squillaci who recently said that playing defence under Wenger killed his confidence because he was so exposed.

‘There were a lot of expectations, but it’s always been tough for the centre-backs at Arsenal – you can see that before I joined and after I left,”

‘Arsenal conceded goals and they’ll always concede goals. It’s because of the club’s philosophy.

‘I spoke to Wenger about it and he said “I know it’s hard, but that’s the way it is, I want to play like this, I want my forwards to have freedom, not to have too much defending to do”.

Think of how many defenders we’ve actually made better? Very few. You’ve got to be made of special stuff to make it at Arsenal in that role. I mean, at a very basic level, how many centre backs have we produced for our first team, ever? Statistically, it’s hard to believe how bad our record is over 20 years. Imagine your manager telling you he’s cool with you being exposed because he’s all about the artistic freedom of the game?

Anyway, the summer is fading away into a very sad joke… the Mustafi thing is farcical. What is the hold-up? What do you spend 3 weeks negotiating? How hard can it be to make a deal happen? Are we really waiting for the price to drop? Without any leverage?

Crazy. But look, when we get a manager onboard who actually cares about getting shit done on the terms that the world of football dictates these days, we’ll be Champions League contenders within 3 years and winners within 5.


Praise to whoever makes that happen quicker. Also, pray Arsenal have a better idea of the next manager than Remi Garde, who I was told on pretty good authority was waiting in the wings before the Hull Cup final. Thank god for Tom Fox and Hendrick exposing Wenger’s penchant for managers being about as informed as his transfer strategies. Take note Ivan, make your own decision and listen to people who know what they’re talking about, rather than fading forces who want control regardless of the outcome (see Fergie).

Right, work party today. I have to behave. This is America, where banter is not a mitigating circumstance. Put the Vuvuzela back in the party box and keep those opinions tight Pete, real tight.

P.S. This is a superb tweet you should remember when you’re arguing with someone about the wonder of Wenger after he’s dropped a quote about Brexit.

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  1. Joe

    Didn’t squillaci come out and say he lost all confidence playing under Wenger and when he brought it up to Wenger , Wenger basically told him to suck it up and accept it because it’s the system we play. He doesn’t want his forward players to have to worry about defensive play