5 names great and tragic linked to Arsenal

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Arsenal fans, as a metaphorical collective, must have interfered with the media at boarding school back in the day… because boy oh boy are they playing with our feelings.

The latest roster of players being linked to us:

Jonny Evans: The interest there is real, so if Mustafi doesn’t drop, don’t be surprised if we move there

Fonte: The Euro winning defender from Southampton is being linked with United and Arsenal. He’s quite a bit older than I’d like, but look, he’s been the one constant in an ever-evolving excellent Southampton defence over the years.

Shane Long: You might laugh, but I promise someone I speak to at Arsenal mentioned his name with all seriousness a few window ago when we needed a stop-gap striker. He’s what, 29? The Irish version of Nolito! Fast, powerful… pretty decent. He’d be the most anti-climatic signing since Silvestre, but the sad thing is, he’d probably do a job for us. Which is not a good thing.

I think back to the days when I’ve mentioned unfashionable British / Irish names and been lambasted… now the club is moving for them like they’re French kids of the last nineties. So amusing. If Arsene Wenger’s summer was playing out on Twitter, he’d be having people using these names against him for years…


Mustafi: The German centre back is training on his own now, so it’s pretty clear he’s on his way somewhere. I hope the Chelsea interest isn’t real. Someone told me the other day the reason the deal is taking so long is because the owner at Valencia doesn’t want it to look like he was desperate to sell one of their star men.

JAMES RODRIGUEZ: Well, that would be funny. We know that Madrid have been umming and ahhhring about whether to keep him or let him go all summer. You also know I’ve been banging his drum quite a bit. Florentino wants to keep him because he’s the biggest start in South America (who plays for Madrid), he’s worth £10m in commercial revenue alone. Zidane wants shot of him because he’s a bad defender. He’s exactly the sort of signing that’s perfectly Wenger. Sublimely talented, kind of a square peg in a round hole, and hopelessly uninterested in doing his bit for the defence. GET HIM IN!

I’d be appeased, even if it was a bit of a weird signing. In his break-through he was high teens for goals and assists. Have him on the right, Sanchez on the left, feeding in Giroud… what a setup.

So really, who knows what’s going on, but I feel Arsenal fans need representation from some group, because we’re being relentlessly bullied by the media right now and it’s mean.

Right, that’s all I have for you today.



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  1. IAGooner

    In Feb. we brought in Leicester City’s head of technical scouting Ben Wrigglesworth.

    Where are our Mahrez/Vardy gems?

    Got the scouting we need, but the team is always short.

    What could be the problem? hmmm………

  2. Rhys Jaggar


    Players neither expensive nor duds:

    1. Toby Alderweireld – Atletico Madrid to Tottenham £9m. Close to player of the season last year…..a sure fire starter with Koscielny if with Arsenal.
    2. Kieran Trippier – Burnley to Tottenham £5m. Solid second string/equal first string right back. Would be an upgrade on Debuchy or Jenkinson….
    3. Dele Alli – £5m MK Dons to Tottenham. Original salary £5k a week, subsequently upgraded to £25k a week and probably again this summer to £50k+ a week. Considerably better value for money than Jack Wilshere.
    4. Kevin Wimmer – FC Köln to Tottenham. £4.3m. A solid squad defender who is a step above either Chambers or Holding. Possibly above Gabriel too.

    5. Ashley Williams – Swansea to Everton. £11m. EPL-hardened defender and leader. Capable of partnering Koscielny in first XI.
    6. Dimitri Payet – Olympique Marseille to West Ham. £11m. Playmaker who puts Ramsey, Wilshere, Iwobi, Walcott, AOC to shame.
    7. N’Golo Kante – FC Caen to Leicester City. £6m. Player of the season in EPL title winning side. Subsequently sold to Chelsea for £20m based on exit clause.
    8. Jamie Vardy – Fleetwood Town to Leicester City. £1m. Moved when Leicester were in the Championship. Now earns £100k a week after winning Championship in 2014 and EPL title in 2016.
    9. Riyad Mahrez – Le Havre to Leicester City. £350,000. Moved when Leicester were in the Championship. Now recently signed £100k a week contract after winning Championship in 2014 and EPL title in 2016.
    10. Shinji Okazaki – Mainz to Leicester. £7m. A tireless worker who chips in with some goals and is the heart and soul of the dressing room. Signed after Leicester City survived in EPL before Nigel Pearson’s sacking. An EPL title winner.
    11. Mark Albrighton – Aston Villa to Leicester. Free transfer after release. Leicester newly promoted and now EPL Champions. A reliable, no-nonsense wide midfielder who doesn’t spend all his time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The sort of unassuming reliable person needed in an Arsenal dressing room, filled as it currently is with prima donnas and social media luvvies.
    12. Demerai Gray – Birmingham City to Leicester. £7m. Signed January 2016 in case of high profile transfers out of the club in summer 2016. Showed enough to suggest he is not a dud.

    13. Philippe Coutinho – Inter Milan to Liverpool. £8.5m in January 2013. Currently Liverpool’s star playmaker and all Arsenal fans saw what he could do last Sunday.

    There’s probably more but there’s 13 for you to start with.

  3. Leedsgunner

    “In Feb. we brought in Leicester City’s head of technical scouting Ben Wrigglesworth.”

    No matter how good he is individually his effectiveness will be neutered if Wenger dithers…

    Knowledge has to be coupled with action or it’s just a glorified daydream.

    That’s what Wenger’s ever increasing list of “I tried to sign” players are — an expensive day dream.

  4. Joe

    ou unequivocally established you’re a liar yesterday


    1st off. I lie about nothing

    2nd. You get proven wrong about everything

    3rd. When is griezmann coming. Marhez

    You have any other insider info for us. My ITK big time Charlie

    Or should we just wait until the end of the window so you can show us all how smart you are

    Throw out some more names Charlie. Maybe you’ll get one of the right sooner or later and then you can say you told us so

    But you’re right. Mahrez signing a new deal means nothing. I think we will unveil him next week. I saw wenger’s smirk when the reporter asked him

    You were right. Mustafi. Mahrez. Lacezette , griezmann are all coming.

    ITK big time Charlie

  5. Ishola70


    “The bottom line is that Arsenal need at least one experienced centre back.
    It is now almost 3 weeks since Mertesacker got injured and that decision should have been taken quickly. Yet we are going into the second game of the
    season without resolution. Had Wenger reacted more quickly he might have
    had more options and not been lumbered with prospect of now paying an inflated price as a consequence of being TWO experienced cos now missing with longterm injuries.”

    It’s the other way around ES. The delay is due to waiting for Valencia to wilt on their initial price on Mustafi. They will wait and wait for the “value” signing.

    No decent CB is going on the cheap in this window. Arsenal have identified a club in financial problems who need to sell and who have a world cup international on their books. Mustafi is one of those still on the shelf. Arsenal dreamland. Got to get that value.

    Arsenal are not over=paying in this instance or at least Wenger does not see it as over-paying which is the main thing. He sees it as “value”. Cutting down an initial value price.

    Wenger may just land on his feet again on this one. Gabriel needed to be cleared out of the first XI and because of these injuries that looks like it may happen. But again not pro-active from Wenger. Just his usual re-active ways.

  6. Champagne charlie


    You’re an utter moron mate, do me a favour and keep your little fixation for someone else. Continually making things up and attributing them my way, what a hero.

  7. Joe

    Haha everyone is always making stuff up in regards to your posts CC

    Everytime someone calls you out , your response is saying they can’t read etc

    You’re an akb Idiot who hates to be proven wrong

    Jog on muppet. You’ve been found out numerous times.

    And you’re right I’m a liar

    I’m not a fireman never been to an Arsenal Match. Don’t travel. Don’t do anything. No kids. No wife. I weigh 300 pounds and support Tottenham.

  8. Red&White4life

    “Mustafi. Mahrez. Lacezette , griezmann are all coming. ”
    I don’t know, but ze mighty Kjaer are coming, for sure lol

  9. Jeff

    Mustafi in talks with more than one club.


    You know what this means of course. If there’s the slightest competition, Wenger will walk away – he probably already has thinking we’ll be alright, we don’t need him. LOL

  10. TitsMcGee

    “Think delay is down to Valencia looking for other teams to outbid us – it’ll serve them right if we buy elsewhere”

    Where the fuck is Wenger going to look elsewhere at this stage?”

    Kim Kallstrom part deux?

  11. Champagne charlie


    You’re an obsessive little internet hard man who thinks he can invent a narrative on here and others will gobble it up. Your posts are saved online you mong, anyone who reads them can see you for what you are.

    I’m sure all the people in your life are dead proud of a guy who comes onto an Arsenal blog and gives it to strangers. Haha fuck me, your fireman pals must be thrilled to have such a class act

  12. Champagne charlie


    Dishing it out? i make Arsenal related comments oddly enough given where we are…

    All your comments are personal quips towards me or other people who hold a particular view. It’s embarrassing. I don’t have issue with your point of view with Arsenal, it’s your constant bs towards me about the views I have – coupled with your flagrant lying about what I say to use as ammunition to attack. You’re pathetic

  13. Frank Mc

    No as you clog the blog up with your inane bollocks every day…

    “All I recall you posting about is having a moan about something”

    You just said that? Priceless.

  14. Red&White4life

    Nobody wants to sign at Arsenal, not even just “decent” players, hilarious…
    Thanks a lot, great lord of the Tightwadness!!

  15. Ishola70

    “Mustafi in talks with more than one club You know what this means of course. If there’s the slightest competition, Wenger will walk away – he probably already has thinking we’ll be alright, we don’t need him. ”

    Well Liverpool were linked with him in the media in the last 24 hours but that story is bunkum, Not true.

    It depends who these other two nameless clubs are. If one of them is Liverpool then that can be scrubbed out because very reliable Liverpool sources have said that the story is untrue.

    Also the sporting director at Valencia Pitrach is giving out different messages to the supposed statement of Lim and this 30m price tag. He says they need to sell.

    If Valencia do not budge from their supposed 30m price tag then Wenger walks away. But I think Valencia will back down.

  16. Jeff


    I’m trying to rationalise why we haven’t signed him yet if we’re truly going for him. It’s been weeks. It stinks like Wenger’s haggling again and the selling club won’t budge.

  17. Joe

    I think Leicetser will beat us.

    They will be better prepared. More motivated. And will die for their manager and team to prove a point.

    Don’t think Wenger will in still that mentality in Saturday unfortunately

    Vardy will relish scoring vs us

  18. Joe


    If we really are haggling over 5m it’s got to be one of the stupidest things ever.

    I think he is just eating to sign a cheap replacement last minute

  19. Ishola70

    “I’m trying to rationalise why we haven’t signed him yet if we’re truly going for him. It’s been weeks. It stinks like Wenger’s haggling again and the selling club won’t budge.”

    Yes it is Wenger haggling. Playing the waiting game and he will play it right to the death to sign Mustafi for his price and not Valencia’s initial asking price.

    Valencia are in a bad way financially so there is every chance that they will wilt at the end and sell him for less than this 30m quoted.

    These other nameless clubs though that you mentioned may put a spanner in the works but I haven’t seen any other club linked to him recently bar Liverpool and this has been said to be untrue by reliable Liverpool ITKs.

  20. Champagne charlie


    No you make things up as your proved again yesterday, and now once more.

    I said this to Chi yesterday: “I think it’s a viable outcome for the next two weeks. Certainly not a 0 percent chance of it happening. I think what WILL happen is we’ll sign Mustafi and Lacazette. But answering the question I posted, Mustafi, lacazette, and Mahrez would leave me content.”

    Yesterday and today you’re flapping your gums claiming I said Mustafi, Lacazette, Mahrez are coming. Either you can’t read or you’re just a fuckwit that’s trying to shit stir.

    Before when Rambo said he heard we are trying to negotiate with Atletico for Griezmann, I told him I heard the same thing and that is seems unbelievable. You turned that into me claiming Griezmann was coming. You’re just a troll who comes on here to irritate and attack other posters rather than blog about Arsenal. Some life you lead, “I lie about nothing” you say…. Clearly utter bollocks.

  21. Frank Mc

    To be honest it’s a pointless question to ask who we are signing, as Wenger’s a busted flush as a manager, we need a dynamic forward thinking manager not a dinosaur.

    Simeone or Tuchel for me but my favourites would of been Guardiola or Ancelotti in that order, missed a massive opportunity there imo

  22. Joe

    It’s probably because your idiotic enough to think Mahrez and lacezette were even a possibility

    Then saying the window isn’t closed and shit like that.

  23. Joe


    Diego would be my first choice

    We need passion after Wenger.

    We have no life on the pitch.

    We need opposite of Wenger. Diego

  24. Jeff


    I also think that Wenger has an internal price hierarchy about player position. I think he values keepers and defenders the least, strikers second and mid-fielders first. I can see why he would have balked at £30m for a defender and wants a discount.

  25. Joe


    cc said he had heard from a source close the club but didn’t want to mention any names because he didn’t want to be that guy

    Then why mention it in the first place that you have a guy

    Too funny.

  26. Champagne charlie


    We bid for Lacazette already but he’s not a a possibility? Makes total sense. Mahrez is a player I rate and want us to sign, not suggesting we will, suggesting we should.

    Saying the window isn’t closed? Almost like it’s still open right…

    You’re just a fucktard who comes here to slate other people’s views. What a life you have

  27. Relieable Sauce

    Wenger cant even be bothered to pick the low hanging fruit anymore, but instead now choses to spend his time hopefully waiting for it to fall into his open hands.

    If all else fails Wenger will make some more jam.

  28. Joe

    No Charlie.

    Just you. Alex. Tom.

    Got rid of Wallace for always being wrong

    Well I like messi. And want us to sign him.

    See I can play that game too.

  29. OleGunner

    The pathetic thing about the dithering with Mustafi is that it’s completely pulling us away from making a ST signing which imo we urgently need just as much.

    Come December we’ll all be moaning about Giroud and our midfielders woeful finishing.

  30. Champagne charlie


    There’s your idiocy in a nutshell. I cite Mahrez as a player I’d like and you say Messi, as if they’re as likely.

    Anything you say is done so to slate, it’s pathetic. You stamp your feet about Arsenal and criticise those who don’t follow suit. Funniest of all you’d not say a thing to my face as you’re precisely one of those types who shields himself behind a screen. What a champ

  31. Frank Mc

    I think you’re getting the wrong end of the stick Joe re C.C, I personally don’t necessarily agree with all that he posts, but an AKB (cuntish acronym) he certainly isn’t….. just my tuppence!

  32. Leedsgunner

    Gnabry lighting up in the Olympics… perhaps he’s getting actual coaching?

    Which ever way you look at it, it doesn’t look good that for so many of our players who leave the club on loan, in competition or permanently they become better as soon as they leave Wenger behind… and how many outside players regress under Arsene in the past five years.

    What does that say about Arsene and his coaching methods

    Become better

    Oğuzhan Özyakup
    Benik Afobe
    Nordvelt (sp)(?)


    Oxlade Chamberlain

    Become better


    Utterly hopeless no matter wherever he goes

    Yaya Sanogo
    (“the Wenger proclaimed £50m striker”)

  33. Jeff


    I think we have to assume that the striker boat came and went. Wenger has completely given up on that front. After Vardy rejected us and didn’t even give a reason, Arsene gave up and decided Giroud would be the striking flagship once again. That’s how I read it anyway.

  34. Joe

    Oh Charlie. I would talk to you face to face anytime you want

    Remember I can’t fight my way out of a paper bag

    Can’t wait to come to London and have a beer with you

    Tough guy. You a hard cunt CC? You gonna scare me ways when I see you’re so hard?? Is That what your saying?

    Tough cunt

  35. Joe


    He said we needed a striker in May

    And still haven’t got one

    He half assed tried with vardy and laceZette.

    Just to say he’s tried. No real intention I imagine. Vardy on the cheap Maybe. But he was never coming. If we all knew it was a bad idea for him to move , you know he did.

    The minute he said he needed time you k ew he wasn’t coming

  36. Leedsgunner

    Considering Wenger considers Sanogo to be worth £50m why doesn’t he offer Lyon a straight swap for Lacazette? Lol.

    Then he can get a real life lesson on how stupid his valuations are!!!! 🙂

  37. Joe


    You just challenged me. Did you.not?

    What will you do if I do say this to your face tough guy?

    You hard innit? Old school guvnor?

  38. Joe


    It all depends on how next two matches go

    If we drop points you watch how quickly transfers can be made my Wenger.

    It’s quite extraordinary how it can happen so fast for Wenger when it has to

  39. OleGunner


    I think we have to assume that the striker boat came and went. Wenger has completely given up on that front. After Vardy rejected us and didn’t even give a reason, Arsene gave up and decided Giroud would be the striking flagship once again. That’s how I read it anyway.
    Then we’re fucked mate.

    It’s especially annoying for me because i fell in love with the Arsenal through their striker ability (namely TH 14 and DB10).
    I can’t do another season of Giroud as our main guy up top, seriously I fucking can’t do it again.

  40. Champagne charlie


    Challenged you? Hahahaha you’re the only thing that’s challenged here mate.

    I said your entire approach here is classically down to there being a screen between you and the people you talk at – or you wouldn’t act in such an inflammatory way.

  41. Champagne charlie

    Apologies mate, I should just bite my lip. Will do from now on.

    Sorry for clogging the comments section with utter shit grovers.

  42. Joe

    Was talking football until you showed up

    You bring out the best in me

    What football
    Are you talking about todY?

    We signing benzena and draxler in your world todAy?

  43. Champagne charlie


    Yea I think so mate, we’ve got a bit of a mental edge on them having done them twice last year. I expect the spine to return and steady the shitshow we saw Sunday.

    If we don’t however then massive pressure on Arsene, which is utterly ridiculous at this stage in the season. He doesn’t do himself any favours at all

  44. Joe

    Apologies mate, I should just bite my lip. Will do from now on.Sorry for clogging the comments section with utter shit grovers

    Awwww so cute