Arsenal quibbling their way to a bad season | Fitness concerns mount

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Things kind of feel like they’re going from bad to worse in the transfer window. Arsene Wenger is having an absolute disaster across the board. Literally the whole world of fandom turning on his bizarre contradictions, his consistently shoddy starts and his awful transfer policy.

The Arsenal fandom nest was riled even more by David Ornstein yesterday. For those who don’t know, he’s a BBC  mouthpiece for Arsenal. He dropped the news that we were struggling to sign Mustafi because the club wanted to keep the ol’ powder dry for a big name striker. Some bullshit about additional fees as well.

Amazing how tough it is for Arsenal to deal with all those transfer intricacies. Like they don’t exist for other clubs. Rumour is Arsenal don’t want to pay £25m for Mustafi, they want to pay £20m. I mean, please believe me here, that’s exactly the sort of quibbling Arsene Wenger has been getting himself into this summer (and summers past), despite protestations he is trying to build a proper squad. I mean, he put off paying £2.5m for Holding for a month after his opening bid of £1.5m was rejected.

The sort of pontification only a manager who believes himself above fan critiqu can induldge in.

Crazy thing is, the Mustafi story has been leaked as a defensive piece of PR. The manager is quibbling, the club are totally embarrassed he’s behaving this way and they’re trying to paint the indecisiveness as ‘ok’ by pretending the manager is waiting to activate the Griezmann’s transfer clause.

THINK: Griezmann giving up Simeone late in the transfer window to join Arsenal. Be real. The Frenchman wouldn’t leave if we gave him £400k a week because we’re a club that lacks ambition and the smarts to deliver, even with great players.

I mean, absolutely farcical PR, but hey, what are they supposed to do, Mark Gonnella has a farcical situation to justify. We should have just paid the full whack 3 weeks ago when we found out Per was out for the long-term.

News has also dripped out that Aaron Ramsey is injured for 2months. The manager is trying to pin poor preparation on the hamstring despite the player saying he was in good shape a week ago. I mean, Wenger was pretty buzzing about how fit his side were after beating Man City last week, since the loss, he’s changed his tune. Look, I don’t know the details, but Wales kept him fit for 4 weeks of pretty intense tournamenting. He’s back with us 3 weeks and we’ve broken him. Hamstrings can be looked after, I find it very unlikely it’s just down to him being brittle. But hey, might be wrong. I just think if he went somewhere else, there’s a good chance he’d not have the same issues.

There’s also a story going around the web that a player pulled out of a move after Arsenal paid for a medical, and get this, flights. Can you imagine? Arsenal charter jets, they don’t get Doris on the blower booking an Easyjet. Arsenal also have a pretty tight medical team. There’s no way someone in that department is #1, putting down a £100 deposit for a player medical #2 When they have to cancel a medical, risking their job to share with a Twitter handle for ZERO benefit to themselves..

The desperation people have to be ‘ITK’, like it’s some sort of talent, is quite unreal. There are maybe two people on Twitter who have a grip of what’s going on, and share it out. It’s not hard to work out who they are.

So big game up next. We take on the Champions who are a Kante light, which is very bad news for them. He was the defensive overlord for them, the modern day Claude Makelele. Without his policing, you feel they’ve become a bit soft in the centre (after one game). I really fear for them this season. Their system wasn’t very complicated and I think outside losing a key player or two, other teams will simply have their number this season.

I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out for Arsene. Leicester took a beating from us twice last season. We were 2/3 of their losses. So a bit of a bogey side for them. Kind of feel there’s a little bit of something on this one. Jamie Vardy flipped us the bird and Mahrez used us a bait for a better contract. Hopefully the Arsenal players rise to the occasion.

They lost their opener. We lost ours. You feel that someone is coming out of this with a horrendous August. We’ll have Ozil, Koscielny and Giroud back for that game. A massive boost. We’re still a little bit short at the back with Chambers and Kos likely to start. But it’s enough of a first team intervention to take three points. I’m just worried we’ll be a little bit handbrake again. We’ll also be a little bit shellshocked from the Liverpool game and the aftermath.

James was right in his post yesterday, we are capable of a good run this season. But that is based on a series of far fetched, ifs, buts and maybes.

If Theo becomes a world class forward
If Giroud defies age and pulls a Luca Toni late in his career
If we keep all our players fit
If we can adapt a more tactically flexible approach
If we make a bunch of signings before August 31st

Simple fact of the matter is we didn’t bake world class into our front line. We didn’t make ruthless decisions about players who clearly aren’t going to give us what we need. We didn’t change things up in preseason.

Winning something major is unlikely. Doing ok, isn’t so far fetched. But it really does feel like it might be difficult. Chelsea look pumped. City are going to be pumped. Liverpool look dangerous. United are dangerous just based on their hugely successful winner of a manager and their hugely successful summer in the transfer market.

There’s a picture doing the rounds of Pep, Klopp and Conte going ballistic on the sidelines, juxtaposed against Wenger and Bould sitting on their hands sullen as you like.

Wenger talked down vibrancy. Which is odd, because it looks like there’s very little vibrancy in our camp.

He’ll need to pick that up quickly, because we can’t afford a slip up this weekend. If we beat Watford and Leicester, we’re 6 out of 9 and I thought 5 out of 9 wouldn’t be a disaster. Fingers crossed our open day disaster is an isolated issue, not the precursor to a horror show of a season.


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  1. kingHenry

    just saw this on untold…

    “The sudden root cause reason for the anti-Wenger cries and chants by some Arsenal supporters and a group of football pundits who are being assisted and unwaveringly backed by the mainstream media, is no other reason than Wenger’s Arsenal have not won the Premier League title in the past 12 seasons and have not lifted the Ucl trophy too.Under the tutelage of the Boss, Arsenal have thrice lifted the Barclays Premier League title. The lack of lifting the Ucl giant trophy is not peculiar to the Boss as no Arsenal manager has ever lifted the European Cup or the Ucl trophy since our history. Therefore the Boss will then have the ice broken for us when he lifts it.I am not a Soothsayer neither am I a Medium nor a Fortune teller and I am not aRosicrucian neither am I an Astrologer nor do I gaze at the Crystal ball.. But my insight is pointing to me that Arsenal will lift the BPL title this season haven came 4th, 3rd and 2nd in the table in the last 3 consecutive seasons. And they won’t stop at that, they’ll also add the Capital One Cupto it which the Boss is yet to win during hismanagement at Arsenal. That not all, the Ucl trophy is been waiting for Arsenal to lift it. And that what they will do this season as well.My charge to all the anti-Wenger Arsenal fans is, they should all calm down and hold their peace. Because Arsenal are set more than ever in recent years to turn theirfrustrations into unrivalled confidence andalso turn their angers and sadness to peace and joy this current season by gifting them 2 domestic title and the biggest European title as well. Hail Arsenal! Hail Arsene Wenger!!”

  2. GoonerDNA

    Kozzer and Ozil and OG will be announced as “new” signings and we will probably beat Leicester so everything is just fucking great

  3. GoonerDNA

    Those guys at untold are more like prissy cheerleaders than Arsenal fans or supporters.

    Constantly trying to prove everyone wrong because they have facts and figures which suggest OG is the best striker to grace the planet.

  4. LegendMax

    i’d bring giroud, ozil and koscielny back. walcott and chambers shouldnt be anywhere near the starting 11. Sanchez and monreal need to perform better if they want to keep their spots.

    bellerin Holding Koscielny Monreal
    Xhaka Elneny
    Ox ozil Sanchez

  5. LegendMax

    i’d bring campbell on for ox or sanchex if they’re not playing well. i might even bring him on for giroud and see how he fares in that striking role. His pace would improve our overall play and his finishing cant be far worse than giroud’s.
    Holding should do okay alongside a more experirenced head like Koscielny

  6. Follow the money

    Those goofballs at Untold are PC virtue signallers and the worst sort of socialist idiots. Droning on for years now about referee conspiracies etc. Oy. Idiots

  7. Jamie

    Hart possibly going out on loan. Nasri can’t get a game. Cesc left out of the Chelsea squad.

    Imagine the squad shake-up if Pep/Mou/Conte was at Arsenal. At least half would be moved on.


  8. N5

    Why do you lot do it to yourselves. Stop going over to untold and registering hits on their shithole of a site. It’s probably frequented more by Grovers than it is the melts who fucking live there!!

  9. Alexanderhenry

    On spending or the lack of it:

    Wenger: ‘No, it is not a matter of principle…we spend what we have’

    Gazidis : ‘”We can’t afford to outgun competitors that have far more money. We
    We have to be very careful, very selective,”….and:

    Gazidis (three years ago): ‘We should be able to compete at a level like a club such
    Bayern Munich’


    “We can look at some options that weren’t really in our financial capability. There has been a financial constraint and we had a strategy within those financial parameters which hasn’t delivered what we all want’

    Kroenke on arsenal:

    “If you want to win championships then you would never get involved. I think the best owners in sports are the guys that sort of watch both sides a bit’

  10. N5

    Oh is Alex talking about Kronke and money again? who’da thought it a! it’s not like he’s an obsessed lunatic that can’t seem to change the record. God I’d be worried if I knew him.


  11. STV

    Alexander Henry is paranoid and delusional!. He’s not even a conspiracy theorist! Because he relinquishes Wenger from any wrongdoings. Just another brainwashed cult follower..

  12. STV

    Sadly there’s too many ways to follow Wenger religiously. If they’re too concerned about Kroenke, why support a man who sold the heart of a football club??

    Blaming Kroenke for every problems at Arsenal is easy. Desperately trying to make a hero out of a fucking rat citing the the extenuating circumstances which is pure imagination. Wenger doesn’t operate under any constraints. There’s no evidence for that and as long as there’s no evidence it’s not an excuse..

    Get behind Wenger out Brigade now! Alexander.. We can deal with Kroenke, later (least we forget, it’s almost impossible cause he’s the fucking owner)..

  13. Doublethink

    Kroenke on arsenal: “If you want to win championships then you would never get involved. I think the best owners in sports are the guys that sort of watch both sides a bit’
    So Kroenke doesn’t restrict us financially and let’s Wenger get on with it?

  14. S Asoa

    Alexander Henry has somersaulted in his grave and provided the argument for


    boy and then see the other worms crawl out from the woodwork

    so first
    Wenger Out

  15. Red&White4life

    We are all waiting for the day when arsène will quit the club.

    But make no mistake : when he’ll leave, the club will be in such a disastrous state that it will be very hard and long for recover our status, and there will be a long time until the club would be able to attract great players again.

  16. Joe

    The difference on Saturday unfortunately will be on the prep and motivation of the players and tactics

    Foxes will come out and fight and die for the cause to prove a point

    And well we know what Wenger will do…

  17. Joe

    Bellerin. Kos. Monreal/Debuchy. Gibbs


    Walcott giroud Alexis

    Should be strong enough to win easily at the foxes.

    Will that be the starting line up. Nope
    Will we win easily. Nope

  18. STV


    Precisely and that why the longer he stays the harder the comeback. The putrid fossil is absolutely rotting the club top to bottom..

    We all can look towards Liverpool if he’s awarded a new contract.. Sad really because we should never have..

  19. S Asoa

    merits repeating. Particularly for the Neutrals who stampede behind the AKB . Guys you know that Wenger is the VIRUS . Stand behind the brave protesters or sit quietly and Analyse the situation. You’ll be glad you did.

    hinaAugust 17, 2016 01:07:36
    It’s quite clear that stan is at fault for not paying more attention to Arsenal and seeing how Wenger, whilst earning him money, is actually holding his brand back financially by not growing us into an elite club in terms of marketing. Even if Stan doesn’t care about football success specifically, that success will make us more marketable abroad and bring in more money, besides prize money too. That is stan’s failureThe board are at fault for seemingly having absolutely no involvement whatsoever in Arsenal. Like what exactly do they do? They don’t control Wenger or appear to set any particular vision. I’m not convinced that they do much at all besides meet up once a month for a quick catch up on what Wenger’s latest feelings are. Ivan is a failure for being a fucking tool who contributes next to nothing to developing our team. He’s a pony for Wenger to ride with seemingly no authority over the manager and his flip flopping on whether we’re a big club or a small club every other week shows he doesn’t know what he’s doing. And of course arsene. Lord of all things crap in the coaching department. Responsible for failings on the pitch, poor tactics (sorry arsene but ‘go and express yourself’ is not a tactic) player selection, treating fans with disdain, lying to the fans and meddling heavily in transfer negotiations. Also responsible for failing to make any meaningful plans for how to take the club forward. Finally the fans are to blame for letting this shit storm continue unchallenged. AKB bending over to take a chubby every time Wenger gets a semi and neutral fans who are so nostalgic that they’ve not noticed how many years it has been since arsene performed well. Similarly those against arsene have failed to turn their anger into regular meaningful protests and by just doing a little bit here and a little bit there, then quieting down they’ve allowed the AKB and neutrals to walk all over them. The problems with our club run from the very top to the very bottom. Sadly Wenger is the person at the very core in terms of dividing the fans, controlling the club’s management team and failing us as fans and when he’s gone we will hopefully begin building something better that’s not in his image any more. If Wenger gets made into a board member after he’s done he’s going to be a throttling influence on the next manager and nothing will change. We need him nowhere near the running of our club

  20. Marko

    N5 sometimes I like to go over an dislike all their idiotic rhetoric comments. And they actually notice it too the freaks.

    Anyway Alex I swear to god you are the smartest sounding brainless fool of a human being I’ve ever heard in my life. We get it you think Kroenke is bad Wenger is good fine. You’re wrong but that’s okay yeah. Just you know come up with something different once in a while otherwise what good are you

  21. Joe


    Think a motivator and smart manager like Diego , pep or Jose, Klopp could turn this around pretty quick.

    Think some players would improve considerably under a top manager. Ramsey , ox. And if not he will ship them

    Two seasons and we will be Pl champions under a top manager. Hell we would have won last season with the squad we had with a top manager

  22. TitsMcGee

    But my insight is pointing to me that Arsenal will lift the BPL title this season haven came 4th, 3rd and 2nd in the table in the last 3 consecutive seasons”

    Somebody wants to tell this slack-jawed drooler that:

    4th – 79 points
    3rd – 75 points
    2nd -71 points


    By his logic we’ll finish 1st this season on 69 points?


    This is what we are up against lol

  23. TitsMcGee

    Iwobi out four weeks lol

    Ramsey out indefinitely.

    Mert out until 2017

    This shiitte can’t be coincidence. The training ground must be investigated.

  24. Up 4 grabs now

    Can somebody please explain how Giroud, Ozil and Kos are back for Saturday.
    They weren’t ready for Sunday, have played no pre season games only had 2 weeks training but are now ready?

  25. Joe


    Have you made 50,000 subs?

    Have you led 10,000 preseason’s?

    Have you made 100,000 team sheets?


    Then why you look at me?

  26. Red&White4life

    Maybe because wenger knows (best, as usual lol) that we haven’t a single chance to beat Leicester without them ??

  27. TitsMcGee

    Can somebody please explain how Giroud, Ozil and Kos are back for Saturday.
    They weren’t ready for Sunday, have played no pre season games only had 2 weeks training but are now ready?”


    Just like starting Sanchez last season when he had a bad hammie.

  28. Ashley

    Headline on untold

    Why the evidence of you’re own eyes doesn’t reveal what’s happening at Arsenal


    Hands down , the single most delusional sentence I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading … Obvs I had to post , let’s see if it gets deleted and some smarmy answer is put up in response

  29. Rambo Ramsey

    News going around that Arsenal have made an enquiry about Simon Kjaer, Fenerbahce defender. Mustafi deal gone cold then, I take it. Reminds me of that time when we were in for Higuain, then switched to Suarez and after weeks of drama, finally ended up signing no striker.

    Looks like the ditherer is at work again.Who would be surprised if at the end of this we find ourselves welcoming a midfielder rather than a defender.

  30. China

    Thanks boyos

    Alex, you quoted Kroeber saying he’s the kind of owner who doesn’t like to get involved

    Surely this means he doesn’t try to restrict arsene’s spending?

    Doesn’t it?

  31. Up 4 grabs now

    Joe, Tits,

    It makes me laugh, those 6 days make all the difference.
    Yeah it’s got desperation written all over it.

    Wait till Friday when Wenger does his press conference and announces koz has tweaked something and won’t make the game.
    Or Jack has been rested because he took holding out for a tour of the nightclubs in london and they had a bit too much fun!

  32. Up 4 grabs now

    Consider the shit show from sunday, wouldn’t you think the club would be tying up deals super quick to get players in for Saturday. It’s Wednesday already!!!

  33. China

    Regardless of disagreeing with almost everything you usually say Alex and also Wallace, I get the impression you’re nice guys

    I may be wrong by I have a theory that at some point over the next year both of you will come to the dark side.

    I don’t think you’ll be able to hold back forever!

    And you’ll both probably say the same thing we all say when we eventually stopped defending the man, which is it’s a big weight off the shoulders

    We’ve all been there at different times, saying he’s not perfect but surely who could be better etc, and one by one all of us have given up defending him. When you finally admit he’s past it and speak about all the stuff that’s driving you mad you’ll feel a bit less shit

    I promise!

  34. Joe

    Up for grabs , N5

    Read the other day that senderos is available on a free.

    Great bargain. Akbs will love it. Elneny is the best 5m pound signing in history

  35. Joe

    I doubt anyone we sign now will play this weekend

    Wenger will wait until after the watford match and say he will use the international break to get so and so up to speed.

    Then will use the international break as an excuse as to why the player isn’t ready to play a role yet.

  36. China

    Re senderos I always felt quite sorry for him

    If you have him a long run in the team he’d bed in and be really good. The problem was he had an endless cycle of injuries and when he came back he couldn’t adapt quickly. He’d play rusty as hell, get torn up and his confidence would be shot. Then usually get injured and disappear. Rinse and repeat. Then once in a while get those 6 games needed to bed in and be legit again. Then another injury…

    Those injuries wrecked his career. If he’d have been first choice for us without any major injuries for a few years I believe he’d have been the business

  37. China

    Let’s not forget he was one half of the CB partnership that broke the CL clean sheet record in 06!

    That defense also included eboue and flamini LOL

    We had keown as defensive coach and broke record with a makeshift back line. He left after that season and the rest is history. What the fuck happened to eboue without keown LOL

  38. China

    Wenger should be literally throwing £50 notes at keown’s face whilst begging him to stay

    How keown made that back line unstoppable was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen

  39. Carts


    There was one poster who’d come in here – a year or two ago – and ask about the alleged rumours of our training ground being constructed on some sacred land.

    Not sure about the validity of his claims, but he posed the question as though there was some merit to it.

  40. Danish Gooner

    I am convinced we are so disjointed we wont even beat Leicester away,players will return out of form and combine that with low self esteem in this team and some stupid tactical changes from wenger that will keep us playing with the handbrake on, i predict a leicester win.The pattern is there,i am stunned that Feo havnt been out and proclaimed that they have learned their lessons………any day now !!!!

  41. Carts

    re: Senderos

    Chap never recovered after what Drogba did to him.

    Drogba literally took his soul.

    In an ideal world, you’d have thought that Djourou and Sendros would evolve into a Vidic/ Ferdinand.

    Sad truth is that Wenger would beat other top team to these prospects and sadly, was never able to develop them.

  42. Danish Gooner

    Kjaer is way,way,way past it,wenger should rather invest in a traffic cone then Kjaer and this from a Dane.

  43. China

    Yeah drogba wrecked senderos so hard

    I wonder if the first time he faced drogba he was sharp and on a good run of games or of drogba caught him in one of his early rusty games

    Whichever it was, senderos never recovered.

    And yeah djourou and Swiss tony could’ve been immense but it wasn’t to be. Wenger, a lack of keown, drogba and injuries fucked their entire career trajectories

  44. PessimisticPat

    Saw some posters here mentioning untold-arsenal on here so i went and had a look for myself.
    I now know why Wenger has lasted as long as he has. I will never ever go on there again. Probably the worst thing i have ever trawled through on the internet.
    Its like they have been caught in a lie, but have been telling it for so long that they cant possibly back out now.
    They are delusional.

    Hey Alexander Henry, i have found the perfect blog for you….

  45. Jacko


    I think the Wenger vs Kronke argument must have run its course by now.

    Whatever side of the fence you are on, I think most people are in agreement that we could do with losing both in order to establish a fresh ambitious approach. Gazidis is a career politician and just backs whatever the other two say (in Stan’s case, not a great deal).

    I would love a younger more dynamic manager, an owner with passion for the club and a board with some actual football pedigree.

    That way we can all stop fighting amongst ourselves and get back to the real business of hating the Y*!s, Mourinho, Mike Dean etc.

    If only!!


  46. China

    Haha I liked cygan more than most you got me

    He had a few bad games but plenty of good ones, but his rep never reflected his average performance and only those few shit ones imo

    His face didn’t fit and he took the blame for every goal we conceded regardless of if he was anything to do with it

    That said I know only a handful of people who agree with me and know nobody is going to change their mind about him now!

    I draw the line at stephanovs, he was fucking horrible. Best Eastern European we had was luzhny, he was a solid player

  47. China

    In the same era as cygan we had Cole who before joining Chelsea and being taught some discipline was a lazy shit with a bad attitude who’s bomb forwards and jog back whilst the opposition were attacking his side then blame others when they scored

    Cole was respected as a top player despite being our weakest link defensively whilst cygan was lambasted to shit if he misplaced a single pass

    Cole became world class, but only under the Portuguese bellend. His face for though so people at Arsenal tolerated his bollocks

  48. prvhc

    Rambo Ramsey
    Let’s conclude this.I think Wenger is the main problem at Arsenal.Kroenke is a huge problem as well,obviously, but not the biggest.You don’t seem to think so.That’s okay

  49. Jim Lahey

    So here we are, one senior player added to a team that finished 10 point behind last years league leaders in the worst Premier league campaign since its inauguration during the early 90s.

    There are two factors at play. 1) Wenger: Happy to take the guts of £8m a year from a club that hasn’t won a league in 12 years or a CL after 20 attempts. A man who is so predictable Alex Ferguson wrote in his book the formula to beating a Wenger team and still he hasn’t changed. A man who is so tactically inept he is incapable of changing the outcome of a game once it has kicked off. A man so stubborn that he is willing to see Arsenal suffer instead of admitting he was wrong, sticking with the same mediocre players and refusing to can them. He has let players like Rosicky, Diaby and Wilshere take huge wages at the club and contribute very little. He has allowed Theo Walcott to remain at Arsenal for 10 years regardless of him not being good enough to play for the club. The man is a disgrace, he has tarnished any legacy he built over the first decade at the club.

    2) Kronke: He alone will signal the death of Arsenal as a football club, he will remain here until we are no longer profitable and by the we will be relegation material if not a championship side. We will never see a penny from him go into the club all he will do is take. And lets all be certain of this, he is not going anywhere.

    The day the board members sold their shares to Stan Kronke was the day the club died, we have just been walking slowly towards the edge ever since.

    We went from a big club to an elite club, now we are a second tier English club soon to drop even further.

  50. Jim Lahey

    “Kroenke is a huge problem as well,obviously, but not the biggest.”

    We need to cut the head off the snake. Kroenke is the one holding it all together, get rid of him you get rid of Wenger and the whole gutless board.

  51. TitsMcGee

    There was one poster who’d come in here – a year or two ago – and ask about the alleged rumours of our training ground being constructed on some sacred land.Not sure about the validity of his claims, but he posed the question as though there was some merit to it.”


  52. Gregg

    Its clear by the forecasts Gazidas and Wenger make about the future of the club and the game itself are removed from reality. They are wrong every time. You simply cannot move into the way way this game has evolved with both involved. Gazidas for sure has to go. One minute we’re talking about escalation of firepower, how we are going to operate like Munich. Next minute we can’t compete. We operate like Ville real. That’s the truth of the matter. I can only assume he was referring to 1860 Munich and not Bayern.

  53. Jim Lahey

    “There was one poster who’d come in here – a year or two ago – and ask about the alleged rumours of our training ground being constructed on some sacred land.Not sure about the validity of his claims, but he posed the question as though there was some merit to it.”

    I suggested a possible ancient Indian burial ground!

  54. Marko

    Simon Kjaer would be such a pointless but oh so familiar signing. Literally the cheapest shittest signing we could end up with especially after being linked with Mustafi. In saying all that I’m hoping it’s bullshit and sky and a few others are saying we’re close to Mustafi. Probably haggling over a few quid. You know Arsene he’d haggle over the price of a sandwich even if he was dying of starvation

  55. Ashley


    How bad is untold tho !!!

    It’s safe to say my comment is still awaiting moderation and there are other posts after mine and it’s not because I haven’t posted on there before !

    The cheek of the headline on the post over there is unbelievable , they are actual lunatics

  56. Marko

    Ashley they don’t post negative anti Wenger stuff. If you don’t tow the line they ban you. It’s kind of disgusting tbh

  57. Ashley


    Even the posts that get through are so politely worded it’s so funny ! Not like good old legrove where we call each other cunt like its our first name !

  58. TitsMcGee

    Simon Kjaer would be such a pointless but oh so familiar signing. ”

    It has Kim Kallstrom written all over it. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have a broken back.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  59. Rambo Ramsey

    prvhc, I agree with you more than you think.

    Yes, I knew Wenger and his stubborn addiction to questionable philosophies was the biggest reason that held Arsenal back. I’ve wanted him gone for 5 years. So here’s how it went, I waited and waited, then waited some more, but the sack of potatoes board keep on letting us down. So yeah, my ire gradually shifted towards them.

    5 years on and the evidence against Wenger has only kept on building but is something done about it? Nope. Gazidis, Kroenke’s mouthpiece, comes out with more ‘In Wenger we believe and trust’ nonsense.

    So perhaps you can understand why I hold the owner and board culpable for the rut Arsenal finds itself in. There’s two questions:
    (1) What are the odds Kroenke and co appoint a proper manager who will improve the state of the club
    (2) In case they fail and appoint someone who continues this trend of mediocrity, what are the chances they recognize and acknowledge their mistake and take immediate action? Do you see this board sacking a manager after one season or two? You see Kroenke indulging in the manager merry go round games?

    Based on the evidence they’ve provided thus far, I can’t honestly bring myself to come up with positive answers.

  60. Red&White4life

    “We knocked down Highbury for this shit!!”

    No no, Highbury is still opened, lots of beautiful apartments lol

  61. Biggles

    I’m getting annoyed with BBC Sport. No matter how many times I refresh their stupid website I can’t find any Arsenal news and there’s no mention of Arsenal in the transfer roundup. It’s all “Man Utd spend GDP-of-developing-nation-on-single-player”, “Guardiola bins really, really good player because he’s not really, really, REALLY good”, “Everton spend loadsamoney on semi-decent player”. And for us, nothing. Nada. Zilch. THIS ANTI-ARSENAL SENTIMENT ISN’T COOL MEDIA.

    Oh wait, that’s because sweet FA is happening this summer. Again.

  62. OleGunner

    Transfer window is looking so grim.
    Truly insane that on Aug 17th we have one senior player brought in whilst a defensive injury pile up goes on.

    I never thought Wenger and his cronies had the cheek to pull of what they did to fans and the team last summer yet here we are.
    Un fucking believable.

  63. Marko

    Hypothetical question discussed at work yesterday. James Rodriguez or Meszut Ozil, moving forward

    I’d honestly go for Ozil he’s a bit more consistent overall but man I think James is a brilliant little player. In all honesty he adds a bit more goals and consistency to his game and he’s right up there as one of the best around. Would definitely take him over anyone in our squad bar Alexis and Mesut

  64. Red&White4life

    Worst transfer window ever under wenger ??
    Just when you thought that was impossible…

    (but arsène has prepared a surprise just for the fans : Kjaer!!)

  65. Red&White4life

    “Agent Jorge Mendes has told Arsenal and Chelsea that Real Madrid are prepared to sell James Rodriguez for £65m”

    Another mighty talent to chelscum lol

  66. qna

    How have we not signed Mustafi already? He is not even that good. How can we struggle to complete the signing of what is basically a squad player? Personally, I hope the deal fails. I have had enough of us signing players that are not top grade. We then get stuck with them for 4 years at a minimum and they end up doing more harm than good. Welbeck & Chambers being the prime examples we have right now. Gervinho before that. We paid very good money for all of these players and there was good reason why better clubs than us decided against these guys. Same goes for Mustafi.

  67. champagne charlie


    Ozil over james. That’s a strange conversation to have given all else that’s wrong with Arsenal. Ozil is chief creator in the team and was the most creative player in the league (and europe?) last season.

  68. Rambo Ramsey

    “Agent Jorge Mendes has told Arsenal and Chelsea that Real Madrid are prepared to sell James Rodriguez for £65m”

    Wenger’s gonna call Madrid tonight and offer £45m

  69. Gregg

    Marko, yep tough one. In ojf set up I’d probably go with James. More direct and more goal output in that number ten role. Playing off Giroud he is better suited IMO.
    I think Ozil is the better player but as we won’t give him the players he needs, his effectiveness is reduced. I can’t see him hanging around too long. He’s been totally misled by Wenger and co.

  70. qna

    Marko: Hypothetical question discussed at work yesterday. James Rodriguez or Meszut Ozil, moving forward

    If you were a betting man what would you put your money on:

    a) Arsenal having Ozil, James and Sanchez in 2016/17, or
    b) Arsenal having none of those three in 2017/18

  71. PessimisticPat


    I didnt even bother to comment. They are Arsene Wenger fans. Like we should be grateful for what we get. And if you dont support Wenger then you dont support Arsenal. They are such cunts who think they have a morally superior view on Arsenal cause they stand by our cunt of a useless manager.

    The best bit about it is they say that you have to have “evidence” all the time to back up your arguments. I have eyes and a brain thats all i need to see what we have become.
    We havent won the league in 12 years. EVIDENCE
    CLeague joke of a club (see Neuers face) EVIDENCE
    Consistently go into a season 2 players short EVIDENCE
    Not to mention our lack of tactical diversity and adaptability. EVIDENCE
    I could go on.

    Anyone who thinks Wenger is the manager that will win us the league is deluded. Come March we will be out of everything. Again. Even if we buy 2 players Wenger will still pick our teams and tactics so we have no chance.

  72. Gregg

    CC. It was a twelve hour nightshift, we’d exhausted all other conversations regarding our shortfalls!

    As I say Ozil for me a better player but in our current set up Rodriguez goal output would even out Ozils assists.

  73. Batistuta

    No need splashing 65mil or whatever(like Arsene would do that) on another midfielder when we still have “le lampost” up front or even a fit defender for that matter

  74. champagne charlie


    haha fair enough! Not sure James would do as well as Ozil, if we get another capable forward then that ramps up Ozils production anyway. Best to stop dross like Theo getting in the side over anything else.

  75. Leedsgunner

    “Can somebody please explain how Giroud, Ozil and Kos are back for Saturday.
    They weren’t ready for Sunday, have played no pre season games only had 2 weeks training but are now ready?”


    Then you know what’s going to happen don’t you? What usually happens to players who are rushed back at Arsenal? They pick up an injury… usually a long term one.

    In a way Wenger has created for himself a trap.

    If he doesn’t field his strongest squad he is slammed for doing so.

    If he does field his strongest squad and he wins, he keeps on doing so, until key members are injured due to being overplayedand we start to drop point — and we any sort of momentum we build up becomes dispersed to nothing.

    If Wenger rotates his squad (as he did on Sunday) and plays his second stringers — our second stringers don’t perform — he gets slammed.

    Why has this happened?

    Are we being unfair on Wenger?

    It’s a mess of his own making. He has chronically underinvested in his team of new blood, and players of quality — and he’s being found out.

    If truth be told, the quality of the Arsenal first team (apart from Cech, Alexis, Özil Xhaka and Kos) is not very high. Most of our first teamers (apart from those mentioned) would be squad players at the top clubs.

    The truth is a large part of team is not of the highest quality being managed by a man past his sell by date by over 10 years.