Personal terms agreed, but will he make Liverpool? | Wenger demands one of two strikers

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Woah, calm down there. Put your coffee down, pull up a seat and let’s take this slowly.

Arsenal may have a deal in place, for an actual player.

Mustafi, the German, who plies his trade currently with Valencia, has according to rumour, agreed personal terms.

BUT NO FEE: See Vardy, Mikki and Suarez for reasons as to why this means nothing yet.

Does that mean he’ll be in before Sunday? No. Of course it doesn’t, though it appears Wenger is trying hard to make that happen. It does mean we’ve landed a good player who can save us the embarrassment of having to blood a League 1 player in our first team squad.

I’m not really sure how incredible Mustafi is. He’s been plodding along at an unsuccessful Valencia team, so it’s hard to judge. Immediate concerns are that he’s quite short. I’m having visions of our defence when it was TV and Kos. Lacking height and aerial dominance. He’s a solid interceptor of the ball, he has good technique and he’s rolled out for Germany. So the chances are, he’s going to be more impressive than Gabriel and Chambers. So that’s a good start.

We’ll have to wait to find out whether this is a player we’ve been genuinely tracking, or whether he’s a player we’ve only signed because Wenger has had his arm well and truly tugged by the long-term-injury-demon. Kind of feel like it’s the latter, mainly because this guy has been available at a club in dire financial trouble all summer. Looks very much like a reaction over something that was strategically planned.

But who cares, it’s a body, god bless the injuries if it helped improve our back 4.

Should we be looking at another centre back? I think I would be. Per is likely in his last season, Kos is not spring chicken. There are doubts around Chambers and Gabby. We need someone else who is super tall and beast like to balance out the centre back pairings. Otherwise, we’ll just go back to being susceptible at the back.

We still need a striker, The Sun are running a story that says Wenger will go for Lewandowski because Bayern won’t pay him £350k a week. You can just see that, right? But fear not, if we don’t land him, we’ll just sign Griezmann for £70m instead. I mean, it’s kind of logical right? Miss out on Vardy, fail with Lacazette… go do some last-minute world record-breaking stuff eh?

Feels very much like the time Spurs told everyone they were in for Rivaldo.

I know as Arsenal fans, we always look for the silver lining in the festival car park puddle… but think about what we’ve done this summer so far.

We’ve lost Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini

We’ve signed Asano (from the J-League), Holding (from League 2) and Kelechi (Nigeria)

We’ve signed Xhaka and possibly Mustafi (Good)

We lost Mertesacker, Wellbeck and Gabriel to long-term injuries.

Nothing else has changed. We haven’t let anyone go after last season. We’re nowhere near signing a striker. We tried and failed for a proper right sided player.

This really has been a poor summer.

Picture this. Right now. We lose Alexis Sanchez or Mesut Ozil to injury. Where is our creative spark coming from? Where are our goals coming from?

Gnabry scored at the Olympics! Asano looked good AND scored last night! Willock! Jeff! Chuba!

Listen to the hope. But look at it with clarity. Forget all the competition that’s come into the domestic league. Look at the teams we’re trying to better in Europe. We’ve made literally zero effort to compete with them. Last 16 of the CL, 6 seasons running and we didn’t make massive changes.

Wenger looked to tweak instead of rebuild. A problem, that in my opinion stems from pipping Spurs to second. Our starting 11 isn’t tweaks away from becoming a powerhouse in Europe. It’s big, hard to swallow changes that are needed. We haven’t made them. We haven’t even sold a single player. Think about that. Think about how the good players feel about that? Think about how little buzz there will be around the camp.

Same old side, same old preparation, with likely… the same result come what May. The only thing I’m wrangling with in my head is what period I’d place the customary slump… because if it’s February this season, Wenger will jump on that new contract like a playground of 12-year-olds chasing a £50 note.

Then we’d be buckled up for 2 more years of this bullshit.

3 days from the seasons opener. 1 senior player signed. Unreal from Wenger, unreal.

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  1. alexanderhenry


    I like Ranieri and from a neutral perspective, I was moved by Leicester’s title win last season. He is indeed a ‘smart’ manager.

    However, I certainly don’t think he is a better manager than wenger.

    To quote you:

    ‘Ranieri gave Leicester their approach, their tactics, their instruction and their personnel last season. Their massive accomplishment is due in large part to his vision, his managing. ‘

    Well, he added a few players, notably Kante, but almost the entire squad was inherited from Pearson. Where he got it right was in his ability to harness leicester’s unquestionable team spirit .
    Also, last window he actually did spend more than wenger.

    However, I don’t thin he is an ‘elite’ manager. If you look at his record he has had lengthy spells at big clubs across europe over the years, and on the whole has done okay but nothing more.
    Last season was a one off. All credit to him, but I don’t see this season as being one where arsenal, chelsea, man city, man utd and liverpool all underperform.

    Having said that, you never know, and the gap between the top four or five and the rest has closed.

  2. Bamford10

    Question for our resident Wenger apologists: since 2007, when did Wenger last combine smart signings with smart tactics in order to contend for the title?

  3. loyika

    @ Bam

    Wenger told his players to just play good football!? So what were they playing before he took over from the interim coach Howe!? Stop making it seem that it was as simple as that and no work was done by the manager and managerial team to achieve this (and coming across as petty)

    If it was that simple then that would answer your other question concerning the 2nd “10” years tenure.

    “Just play good football” my arse!? As if any other coach or manager doesn’t tell his team to do that from the begining.

  4. naijagunner

    Thought you must have learned something from your early season predictions last time out Bamford but obviously you haven’t.

    Lets wait till Arsenal play their own game before telling us what to look forward to. You Waltz up on here every match day to praise even a simple completed pass from any team but have nothing but hatred for the team u profess to support.

    Objectivity I guess. Lol

  5. alexanderhenry


    ‘Funny how we praise Claudio R for finishing something started by Nigel Pearson? (In terms of harnessing the team spirit and momentum of achieving survival the season before) Yet the same folks will the go on to say AW deserve no credit as GG did all the work for him?Like AH I love Ranieri as he is one of the good guys of football (like Carlos Anchi) and totally happy that he won the league with Leicester, but to now make him up as some kind of elite, tactical genius is just… meh!’

    Well put.

  6. Bamford10


    One, Ranieri also gave Leicester their formation (4-4-2) and tactical approach. He also gave each player his instructions re how to play, attack and move without the ball in said system.

    Two, Leicester spent less money (fees + wages) on their title-winning squad than Arsenal did on their squad that finished 10 points back.

    And if Wenger spent less than Ranieri on transfers this or last summer, that’s only because of Wenger’s hang-ups, not Kroenke.

  7. Daz

    You don’t only lose 3 matches because of “extremely fortunate due to a set of extraordinary circumstances”

    Yet according to you Joe we should have easily done better than them, in fact any half decent manager would have. So on one hand you point to how remarkable they were only losing 3 games and how great their manager was but we should have easily topped that

  8. loyika

    @ Bam and Joe

    Don’t get it twisted, no one and I repeat; NO ONE is praising AW right now, but to come out and put forward Ranieri as some sort of Elite Managerial success because of 1 season is just fucking silly.

    Ranieri deserves his title, as does Manchini, as does Manuel P, as does Jose, GG, SAF etc and as does Arsene Wenger and every other manager that is/was fortunate enough to win a league title . Let’s leave it at that!!

  9. alexanderhenry


    Sorry, but wenger has a much better record than ranieri . . No contest for me who’s the better manager.

    On the money issue, it’s pointless getting into another dispute with you.

    As an arsenal fan, I hope you enjoy the season. I’m certainly looking forward to it.

  10. Bamford10


    One, I’ve made no predictions. Two, Everton played more interesting, more attractive football in that 45v minutes than Arsenal did all of last season.

  11. Bamford10


    “put forward Ranieri as some sort of Elite Managerial success”

    This guy is the current king of the straw-man here. Can’t write a post without arguing against a claim no one has made.

  12. Arsene's Nurse

    Looks like Kroenke is pissing more people off. This time in the US. Looks like he doesn’t keep his word either:

    “LA Rams owner Stan Kroenke tells longtime Waggoner Ranch residents to get off his trophy land

    Los Angeles Rams owner and billionaire Stan Kroenke is making people move again.

    This time, hundreds of Texas residents will have to leave their homes around Lake Diversion on the historic Waggoner Ranch near Wichita Falls.

    Last week, residents received eviction letters that their current leases will not be renewed and they have until Jan. 31, 2017 to leave their homes. ”

  13. Joe


    Yes Daz. We should have. Wenger fucked it up. And every other top team fired their manager because they couldn’t beat leicetser to the title

    GG would have won us the league last season.

    Leicester walked the league because Chelsea city and United all shit the bed. And managers paid the priced.
    Arsenal had their chance to win the league but got out managed and out played by Claudio and leicetser.

    A better smarter manager than Wenger would have won us the league.

    A manager after beating Leicester last season would have got his team to get stronger from that point. Nope. Not Wenger. Leicetser went on a winning streak after losing to us. What did we do?

    We dropped 8 of 9 points. A better manager would not have.

    If all other top manager lost their jobs Daz, should Wenger have been fired too??

  14. jasongms

    “Attributing Leicester’s title to “chance” and “fortune” represents a misunderstanding of what occurred last season.”

    They won more than 2/3 ‘s of their games by a score line of 1 nil
    They had one of the fewest injury counts in the league and played the fewest games out of the top 4
    we witnessed the capitulation of Chelsea and the political maneuvering that hindered man cities and yanited season’s
    Arsenal ,well Arsenal !
    and I could just keep going …

    They were extremely fortunate the way the league played out .. the bookies didn’t have them 10,000 to 1 as a joke

    “Managers get dismissed all of the time. This doesn’t mean they aren’t smart. Depends on circumstances.”

    yes circumstances, which are an accumulation of events over time that determines a particular result !! that that’s why Mourinho has the yanited gig and Ranieri was lumped at Leicester. This is because so does one’s past and present career profile

    lastly, I don’t have an anti-Leicester agenda, I just don’t like the double standards. You’re willing to include all of Wenger’s past failings and rightly criticize him for them, but you see little or no value in the past results of Ranieri, because of his recent success.
    Ranieri hadn’t won a major trophy in all his managerial career until last season, therefore all of his past failures are forgotten and he’s now considered smart haha
    sorry im just not buying into that narrative.

  15. Joe

    After leicetser lost to us Claudio got his team to storm forward and pulled away from
    Wenger crumbled and lost 8 out of 9 points.

    Great manager that Wenger.

    GG wouldn’t have dropped 8 of 9

  16. alexanderhenry


    ‘, but to come out and put forward Ranieri as some sort of Elite Managerial success because of 1 season is just fucking silly.’

    Well said. What’s weird is how certain fans take almost any event in world football and twist it into yet another opportunity to criticise wenger.

    After today, cue:

    ‘mike phelan and koeman are better managers than wenger’..
    ..’wenger is an idiot for not signing ross barkely when he was five years old’ etc etc…

    It’s absurd

  17. naijagunner

    More interesting and more attractive in 45 minutes than we did in 38 games

    Christ you say the dumbest things

    Your hate for Wenger is no longer a laughing matter . You just come across as a stupid jealous man when u spew it

  18. Bamford10


    No, I just have an eye for attractive, dynamic football, something Arsenal don’t play much of anymore. Many here agree with me on this point.

    You go on thinking it’s 2004, though, or even 2007. 😉

  19. Sam

    Whatever happen to Leicester, Ranieri still a top man please give him credits he deserves.

    he knows he won’t repeat it, knives will be out this season

  20. Bamford10

    I love that Alexander has cited Loyika’s clearest straw-man arguments as “great points”. Tweedle and twaddle, together.

  21. Joe


    Claudio won the league with a team that was almost relegated and a 10000-1 odd on favorite to win the league. (Or whatever it is)
    That is a HUGE accomplishment. HUGE!

    Wenger is a manager at the 5th richest club in the world. Has huge resources. And has only won the league when it was a 2 team league.

    He has never won it since the league has become more competitive. Never even competed.

    Diego does it. Klopp did it. Claudio did it

    Wenger is a fraud

  22. alexanderhenry


    I’ve really got you haven’t I?

    Well, that was not my intention. What puzzles me is exactly why my argument offends you so much.

  23. Joe

    Hey Alex.

    Interesting that Patrick Roy walked a way from the Avalanche because he didn’t agree with the directon of the club.

    A man of honour

    Why doesn’t Wenger walk if it’s not his direction of the club being followed??

    If he’s being held back sooooo much by gazidis and the board and kronke. Why doesn’t e resign and do the right thing like Roy did?

  24. Daz

    “If all other top manager lost their jobs Daz, should Wenger have been fired too??”

    Yes he should have and who’s job is that to do? The piece of shit that owns our club

  25. naijagunner

    Many here agree with me…..blah blah blah blah

    Jeez you are really something and that’s not a compliment

    If Arsenal don’t play football to your taste…by all means pick another club. Guess you won’t comment the next time Everton play and loose. Dumb fellow who thinks he is smart…nothing more tragic than that

  26. Bamford10


    OK, guy. Let’s just agree to disagree. I support Arsenal (in part) because of the beautiful football they once played. That I don’t pretend they still play that football is not my problem; it’s yours.

  27. STV

    *Sorry, but wenger has a much better record than ranieri . . No contest for me who’s the better manager.”

    Ranieiri bossed Wenger in Ucl (even with his best team) and pipped Arsenal to title last season..

    Wenger’s best chance in CL (tbh we were massive underdogs in 2006) and best chance in pl in a decade both destroyed by Ranieiri. He may not be an egomaniac and major talk shit talker like Wenger but Ranieiri must haunt him forever..

    I have questions regarding who’s better bw the two and I am suspicious it is Ranieiri.. Right now tho, there’s no debate..

  28. loyika

    @ Bam

    I take your “Straw Man” tag as a compliment. However you on the other hand just make dumb assertions after dumb assertions!? Surprised you didn’t ask for a motley crew of LG posters to come and support your stance as is your wont!?


    Right you are!! Thanks for the correction. Was actually meant to type Bruce Rioch, (which was also wrong btw) however was responding in anger at the hypocrisy being shown, so just put up Howe’s name in error.

    Shyte Spuds are level.

  29. alexanderhenry


    Thanks for that. It slipped under the radar.
    It only reinforces my theory though.

    No surprises that another one of Kroenke’s under achieving sides are struggling.

    To quote Roy:

    ‘The vision of the coach and VP-hockey operations needs to be perfectly aligned with that of the organization. He must also have a say in the decisions that impact the team’s performance. These conditions are not currently met.’

    Not a happy man then, and I’m not surprised having to work under the dead hand of Kroenke.

    Regarding Wenger; I’m surprised he didn’t walk years ago. In that sense, his ability to keep us top four despite years of underinvestment and fire sales of players, makes him complicit.

    If he had left, arsenal would have been so much worse off though.

  30. izzo

    Naija instead of bashing what other people say why not just give your own 2 cents from the games today? Or what you dont watch football matches outside Arsenal games? Lol… you’re like Ty from Arsenal fan TV. Fans from other teams will compare their players to others thats what being a fan is all about so you and your holier than thou i shall not diss my team’s shite players because i see other teams have better players nonsense can shut the fuck up.

  31. naijagunner


    What are you on about?
    Everton play a half of football and go in leading by a single goal and someone pops up here to announce they have produced better football in one half than we did in a whole season and you expect him to get a pat on the back?


  32. Goonah

    Leicester wont make top 4 for several reasons:

    Impossible to be that hungry again and they can’t afford to drop even a few %.
    Every team knows them now. No more easy counter wins.
    They lost their most important player.

  33. naijagunner

    Ranieri was the manager who following his appointment many pundits and ex Leicester players tipped them to go down.

    He must be a genius at masking his greatness for decades that only the equally great minds of le grove could see it.

  34. N5

    Naija, nearly every post you write has a condescending tone towards the majority of posters or is moaning about the moaning so what do you get out of coming here every day, if the place is so beneath you?

    This is a serious question, I’m not asking for an argument.

  35. Joe

    Of course Alex completely missed the point

    And you muppet. Keeping Arsenal in the top 4 is no achievement. We are the 5th richest club in the world. How about competing in the CL Henry? Who came 4th in any Olympic event ? No one cares!!! Who came second 10 points back last season ? No one cares. They didn’t compete

    You know why Wenger didn’t walk away Henry

    Because he is complicit. He’s in it for the money. He has no honour. He doesn’t want to spend what’s available to him because he wants to prove a point. That Claudio proved to the world last year and Wenger hasn’t come close to proving. Thanks Claudio for showing up Wenger to be the fraud he is.

  36. izzo

    Naija whats rubbish is your attempt to defend Arsene’s Arsenal like they are some top footballing side when they are bang average and have been for over 12 years. proof by how far away they finish each season for the league winners. You can’t polish a turd.

  37. Joe

    Oh by the way Henry

    Our ceo is gazidis. Who Wenger interview and probably hired.

    So they do have the same direction because Wenger hired him on that basis.

  38. naijagunner


    Whatever dude

    You should know better than that.
    Let me ask you something don’t you ever get sick of reading posters on here refer to Arsenal, the team they support like we are some league one outfit?

    Do you also believe a team just played better football in 45 mins than we did in 38 games?

    Do you also believe we are turd as the lady above just put it ?

    Answer me those

  39. alexanderhenry


    You should be happy.
    This will be wenger’s last season.
    Then , as you predicted, we’ll win the PL in two years and the CL in five years.

  40. Daz


    Bamford can’t help himself,he habitually jumps the gun, either that or he is a massive jinx

    He said he thought we have the mettle to compete for the title we then imploded the very next game

    City were the cream of the league right before they hit the skidders

    Benteke well he has ended his career with the constant praise

    Now everton are playing great football then two minutes later spurs score 🙂

  41. N5

    Naija, yeah certain posts annoy me. Certainly anything by Alex but most of those I just chose to move past because that very reason. Alex is the exception because he states his opinions as facts and I think these types of posts need to be argued.

    I’ll debate anyone over anything, as you should too, but it’s the way you end your posts with insults towards Le Grove posters as a majority. These ones that get to you I imagine are the minority are they not?

  42. STV

    Untill the caveman have his idiotic say on others comments.. See the world would be a better place without the likes of yourself.. But it needs all kinds.. Your exhistance is very important though needless.

  43. Joe

    JoeYou should be happy.
    This will be wenger’s last season.
    Then , as you predicted, we’ll win the PL in two years and the CL in five year


    Yep and you should be happy that Wenger is still
    Here and as you say ” we will compete for the title”

    Just like you did last year and you disappeared

    Can’t wait to collect my money from

  44. izzo

    @ naija Yep Arsenal are turd and will always be turd until Wenger is gone. Thats what i believe. 12 years is proof enough. Embarrassing defeats in those cup games, cl league and league games are proof. lack of transfers are proof of league 2(small) club mentality.

  45. STV

    “Ranieri was the manager who following his appointment many pundits and ex Leicester players tipped them to go down”.

    Following his appointment! Lol

  46. naijagunner


    But why has this blog turned to the first place one rushes to take a dump on the club.
    A player from X team scores….its something to flog the club with

    Z club plays a good half of football at home on opening weekend…quick..shit on Arsenal

    That’s just plain annoying

    The fellow never learns . Yet he keeps making prophecies

  47. Joe


    Happy is an understatement of epic proportions.

    As happy as all the Jewish people when the nazis were beaten!

  48. Joe

    Glad to have that bet with you.
    Remember, we have to finish ten or more points behind the leader

    The funny this is Alex. You consider 10
    Points back a successful season. Haha

  49. vicky

    “For all brain-dead fucking idiots here:Arsene is not Arsenal,…!!!!!!! For fs..”

    “Naijagunner don’t try to be a genius masking your stupidity. Let it be cause its your idiosyncracy.

    “Untill the caveman have his idiotic say on others comments.. See the world would be a better place without the likes of yourself.. But it needs all kinds.. Your exhistance is very important though needless.”

    N5, I wonder whether you consider above comments condescending, abusive or even racial ? Le Grove is hardly a place where people debate in a civilized manner.

  50. Akilan

    You are just arguing for the sake of it. Bam jumped the gun of course, but we can understand it. And I actually agree with him that the toffees fans have more to look forward to as they actually have replaced their underperforming manager and brought in some exciting players, not to mention that there was an actual take over from the management side too. We can take a leaf out of their textbook and do the same. The point you’re arguing is not worth it, leave it.

  51. kc

    I reckon Naija and Alexander Henry have been following Arsenal for all of about 5 years tops. Very ignorant. Zero footy IQ.

  52. STV

    Hey Vicky, why do desperate??

    He insulted I insulted.. It’s abusive yes.. But there’s zero Racism I am against Racism..

    Next time Naijagunner start a comment without abuse you can see normal replies..

  53. Joe

    “For all brain-dead fucking idiots here:Arsene is not Arsenal,…!!!!!!! For fs..”“Naijagunner don’t try to be a genius masking your stupidity. Let it be cause its your idiosyncracy.“Untill the caveman have his idiotic say on others comments.. See the world would be a better place without the likes of yourself.. But it needs all kinds.. Your exhistance is very important though needless.”N5, I wonder whether you consider above comments condescending, abusive or even racial ? Le Grove is hardly a place where people debate in a civilized manner.

    Racial???? WTF?

  54. alexanderhenry

    I really don’t share Joe and others’ optimism post wenger.

    I found this article on Kroenke’s denver nuggets.

    To quote Arnovitz- the writer:

    ‘What was once a portrait of mid-market success has become one of the NBA’s biggest lemons.’

    Well, that doesn’t surprise me.

    Also, on Kroenke, Arnovitz writes:

    ‘Stan Kroenke is a fair — if frugal — owner with a wide net in professional sports and an obsessive commitment to finishing each season in the black’

    Well, considering the fact that just about every team in the PL operate firmly in the red, that’s hardly encouraging.

    Surely, fans expecting a new dawn of big spending post wenger are guilty of wishful thinking.

  55. tunnygriffboy


    Have you not noticed that this site is always full of double standards.

    Re Ranieri I really take my hat off to him. He worked wonders. The most impressive thing was remaining calm and keeping players calm.

    Leicester ran into the perfect storm and to be fair to them they made the absolute most of it.

    Kante turned out to be a revelation
    Vardy had a wonder season. Will he ever have another one like it.
    A strong physical but slow CD partnership was brilliantly protected by Kante and Drinkwater
    Will Drinkwater ever have a seaon like that again
    All the big boys imploded
    Hardly any injuries
    No CL and out of cups early

    They totally made the most of it and good luck to them.

    How long will it be before a minnow wins the PL again.

    This season Chelsea and Liverpool have a great chance. No European football and full weeks to rest up and plan tactics for the forthcoming matches.

  56. Joe


    Naija didnt even know who Micheal Thomas was or what happened on that great night at anfield. One of arsenal’s greatest nights if not the best.

    That’s all you need to know 🙂

  57. alexanderhenry


    Nope, just feeling very confident about that bet. Also, it gives you another reason to be angry when arsenal win.
    You’ll be cheering on liverpool tomorrow.

  58. N5

    Vicky, certainly not racial but quite aggressive. STV and Naija have beef and have had for a while. They both give as good as they get and that is what it is!

    I’m not trying to police Naija or the comments section as a whole as you could probably put an example in from all of us. I’d just noticed that most of Naija’s post seemed frustrated.

    Nearly every post was saying about the quality of Le Grove posting and I wondered why he’d put himself through it?

  59. Joe


    You simpleton. We have over 200m in the bank and don’t need kronke for anything financial wise.

    Jog on please. No one cares about your theory. You have been shot down a million times on here yet you come back

    You are like a woman with battered wife syndrome . Just love coming back for more beating

    Nothing meant by that comment

  60. vicky


    I am not desperate. It’s perfectly okay if you don’t like Naija’s comment as you don’t like mine or for that matter I don’t like yours. But what I find bewildering is despite Naija’s repeated appeal to you to not respond to his posts or indirectly insinuate anything on him, you don’t miss any opportunity to meddle in to his conversations with other people and subsequently exchange barbs. I take it you are not racial but “caveman” is not quite a civil word to use for someone. In some quarters it is taken as a racial slur.

    I once again humbly request you to ignore those people’s post whom you don’t like. Rubbing somebody the wrong way all the time is not quite a pleasant behavior in my opinion.

  61. Akilan

    Fuck the spurs. Do you think, Everton will be just as bad as last season? I don’t think so mate. They didn’t have lukaku and with A Williams in, their defense will be stronger too. Last but not least, koeman is an upgrade on Bobby Martinez, however way you look at it and genuinely believe that they will finish far higher than they did last season.

  62. naijagunner

    Its up for grabs now!!!

    Yea I did not know about that.

    Won’t even bother to address the comment to the fellow who made it


    I put myself through it because I love Arsenal football club and will not stand by and let some glory hunter like Bamford piss all over the club whenever he deems fit. You heard him…he partly supports Arsenal.

    Although the truth is he hates Arsenal and most of all Wenger. He just loves the site le grove because he gets to show off his supposed football knowledge here

  63. tunnygriffboy


    As much as Walcott is pilloried on here at the beginning of last season when he played upfront we played some really attractive and dynamic football. His movement out wide and in behind defences gave Alexis way more room than when Giroud played upfront. Ditto Welbeck.

    When Giroud plays we become a functional side. It’s why if any striker comes in he needs to have a different set of attributes to the Frenchman especially pace.

    If Walcott can regain his confidence and show a bit more heart then he is an option. This is not ideal by any means, we should have bought a striker and I’m not excusing Wenger from this.

    It looks like if any sort of forward is coming in it will be a wide one.

  64. STV


    Hey man he had a pretty bad take on my Ranieiri comment and insinuated me in his reply. Hence I responded. Just leave this shit..

  65. Joe


    Trust me. I’ll be Arsenal Long after you have left with Wenger.

    Dont you dare try to make out you are a better supporter than me just because you are too stupid and deluded to see the truth

  66. naijagunner


    I have no take on Everton whatsoever. And last season is not what Everton should be judged by, they have performed better than that in previous seasons.

    Your admiration for Koeman is duly noted

  67. vicky


    No mate. I didn’t even insinuate you are acting as a moral police or something, You are one of the few peoples who help keep the comment section sane and I admire you for that. For example- your stern criticism of Chingford’s comments on Naija was exemplary. My limited point was most of us on here (including me) are condescending or even abusive here, it’s not quite a rarity here 🙂

  68. STV

    See Naijagunner to clarify “caveman” is described as someone who’s uncivilized and not very Intelligent.. as you appear to when adressing my comments or comments abt me..

  69. N5

    Thanks Vicky and yes it can indeed. Sometimes its even to much for me so I go over to untold! ha ha couldn’t write that with a straight fact.

  70. Akilan

    I liked his saints’ side last season. Was pretty solid but don’t think he’s done enough to be lauded as a top manager. I like his career projection tho. Was good in the Dutch league. Was excellent for the saints and if he does well(bringing the toffees to cl places or thereabouts, I would take him as the replacement for the old dawg. His teams are pretty solid and has an air of authority over him.
    I think bam does show off occasionally but he doesn’t hate arsenal. Bam hates Wenger? Not at all

  71. Joe


    You are NOT an Arsenal supporter.

    As much as you think you are. You support Wenger and that’s where your support lives and dies

  72. STV

    Hey N5 I’ll tell you one secret I recently logged in to untold and commented “Arsene is my hero,In Arsene we trust and there’s one Arsene Wenger ..”
    Got loads if likes.. They must felt proud..

  73. Wallace

    Sagna – Stones – Kolarov – Clichy
    Fernandinho – Silva
    Nolito – DeBruyne – Sterling

    predictably unusual first line up from Pep…

  74. N5

    After his display in the Euro’s I’d of dropped Hart as well. He was useless. Absolute garbage for a keeper of that level.

  75. tunnygriffboy


    To be fair to naija he has some valid arguments. The blog has gone fro hating Wenger, to hating the team, hating the players and hating the club

    There is a total lack of objectivity and anyone who says anything remotely positive is called an akb. Everything seems to get twisted to bash Wenger and the club.

    While there is a lot to be angry about we still have some good things at the club. We’re not starting from mid table. Essentially we just need to take the step from top4/3/2 to win the title. It’s a situation so many clubs would die for but because it’s been so long there’s real anger about it, much of it justified

    You can still have a tidy debate on here with the majority of posters but certain posters just live for unobjective nasty ranting.

  76. N5

    Tunny, I wasn’t being critical of his content mate. I just wondered why he was putting himself through it as it’s seemingly was getting a bit much for him.

  77. Joe

    Exactly red


    If it expidites wenger’s departure and means he doesn’t get a new extension then yes I hope Liverpool win because I want the best for Arsenal and Wenger getting a new 3 year extension is the worst thing that can happen to Arsenal

    And if we come 4th , 20 points behind he will get it.

    And you will be estatic because you are the best Arsenal supporter around

    And what you don’t get Alex because you are too stupid to realize it

    Anyone on here wanting Arsenal
    Lose because of Wenger doesny make it happen

    It’s what Wenger has done that will
    Make us lose to Liverpool. You idiot

    Of course Alex will come on here tomorrow and say it was my fault

  78. Joe

    Essentially we just need to take the step from top4/3/2 to win the title.

    Just that easy is it tUnny?

    Claudio and Leicester went from 17th to 1st in one season yet you think we should be positive ?

  79. Akilan

    1-0 to city already. Interesting line up from pep. Only one cm/DM in fernandinho and it looks like he’s gone for 4 wingers/ ams. And they look very good. Kind of feel happy to see moyesey back in the pl. Really miss his utd days

  80. Wallace


    “You are NOT an Arsenal supporter. As much as you think you are.”

    I think Alex knows what he is, Joe.

    it’s your witless cheering on of the opposition every f*ckin’ time we play that has me indifferent about posting on here over the next few months.

  81. Joe


    You are same as Alex. That’s why you back him

    You support Arsene more than you support Arsenal. That’s the problem
    I have with you and happy you are gone for 2 months

  82. Joe

    Wallace. I want Wenger gone. And again no matter what I do it doesn’t change the results.

    Those are all on Wenger.

    Don’t blame me for wenger’s failures

  83. loyika

    Pep’s Citeh ain’t exactly blowing me away right now? Anyways it’s just his first game.

    @ Wallace

    Just endure Joe’s idiosyncrasies. I never really know if he is serious when he comes on here wanting us to lose each game (and stupidly see it as a way for the manager to be replaced!?) I just tell myself that he really doesn’t mean that in the long run and it’s just banter from his end (well I hope so!?)

    @ STV and Naij

    You guys are better than this, either agree to sheath your swords or just ignore each others posts (as hard as that might be)

    Jeez this match is fcuking boring.

  84. tunnygriffboy


    No it’s not easy. Fair play to Leicester they did it last season. They had the perfect storm as I posted earlier.

    It’s been 12 years since we won the league. This results in the huge amount of frustration that we see.

    Can we take that step ? I’m not sure we can under Wenger but it’s not impossible that it could happen. What I am sure about is that we’re not giving ourselves the best possible chanceby not filling the areas of the squad that we are short in.

    If we plugged those gaps and kept all our key players fit I believe we’d have somesort of chance. Unless we do that there is no chance and that is my beef with Wenger and the club.

  85. Joe


    Of course I don’t want us to lose. But I’m
    At the point where if it means it expidites wenger’s exit I’m ok with it because I know we won’t compete on any of the 4 fronts this year. The season is lost already and I don’t want Wenger to get an extension

    Where Wallace is happy with 4th and Wenger getting an extension

  86. tunnygriffboy


    I pretty much agree with you. Majority of moderate and objective posters have disappeared slowly over time. It was great to hav a different set of views. From about 8 onwards last night the blog was full of deranged posting.

    It was good on here this morning but has deteriorated and got way to personal as the day has gone on. It’s a pity.

  87. izzo

    its looking like Pep doesnt have the players to play the way he wants. City look like they will struggle offensively as well. Apart from Aguero i can’t see where their goals are coming from.

  88. Wenker-wanger

    Anyone that believes we can win the league is either a child.deluded. or just plain stupid.
    With an inept tactically naive fool managing a squad without a strong captain leader and with significant deficiencies in the spine of the team, the unbiased. Pundit would assess the chances of arsenal winning the prem as very slim.
    Personally I think 4th Is the very best we can do. We could even finish as low as 8th. If we do the fckin AKBs will say one bad season don’t make a bad manager. For them, their lord and master cannot be questioned.

  89. reality check

    So joe won the bet about wenger buying players we NEED before the start of the season.

    Now the 2nd bet is Arsenal will finish 10 points behind the eventual winners.

    Should make shorter term bets so we can see the outcome sooner. Like saying we’ll be out of the top 4 by xmas. Might get back in but it will show the struggle we would be going through at that time. Basically no way near winning or competing

    So this 10 points thing. Is that how much Room you akbs give wenger to fail? I mean seriouly you’ll feel ‘vindicated’ in your support for wenger as long as he finishes 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 points behind?

    You give wenger a maximumu of 9 full points of grace?

    The low opinion you akbs have of Arsenal as a top club with a rich history, the low expectations you have of wenger.

    Indirectly you are his greatest critics.