Another AFC horror injury | New CB considerations | Assessment on superstar striker rumblings

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So, let’s get the bad news out the way. Gabriel picked up a nasty looking injury in the last minute of injury time against City. He rolled on his ankle and he was in so much pain, he couldn’t talk. It looked like one of those accidents that just happen, what I did find interesting after is Wenger associated mental fatigue as a possible cause…

‘Maybe he was a bit tired, I don’t know. Was his coordination a bit weaker, I don’t know. Was he locked in the grass with his studs… I have to speak to him’

Whatever the reason, he’s probably going to be out for at least 3 months.

That means, heading into the Liverpool game next week, we have Holding and Chambers. That’s not a good look. For all the PR champing Wenger has been doing with Holding, his bluff is about to be well and truly called… my bet is he’ll move Debuchy or Monreal into the middle before he considers the super green partnership of Holding and Chambers.

Worry is, we’re heading into a Liverpool game with a very shaky back 5. Liverpool aren’t actually that good, and our players are way better… but we know what Klopp will do, he’ll press like a crazy and try and destroy us in the first 35minutes with a firework display of relentless pressure. If we’re smart, we’ll try and absorb that pressure then take them apart like Sevilla did in the Europa final. I’d have far more confidence in us being able to do that with a decent centre back pairing. Fingers crossed a midfield of Xhaka, Elneny and Santi can weather the storm.

So what is likely to happen player wise? Now remember, this isn’t Arsenal in strategic mode. We’re in panic mode. Our hand is well and truly been on show for all to see, so we’re going to be the weaker negotiating party… which means we’ll be forced to pay a premium (heaven forbid), or Wenger will just say ‘fuck, let’s try and find value.’

So Mustafi is certainly on our radar, but he’s also on Milan’s. They shouldn’t be an issue (even though they’re starting a new era project), but their presence might mean Valencia ask for a higher price than the £25m we were hoping to pay. Then there’s Jonny Evans. He’s an obvious, right? He’s British, he’s won things, he’s prime age. He’s just a bit, well, unfashionable / average / not what we’d hope for as Arsenal fans. At least he’s tall… silver linings people, silver linings. Or what about Abdennour, the beast at Valencia who played really well against us for Monaco?

All I can say is that unless there’s a big shift in thinking, you’re not going to be that excited by who we bring in.

Back to the game. It was promising stuff. City looked in a bit of state to be fair. They looked really uncomfortable with whatever crazy ideas Pep is trying to bring to the table. Sticking Fernando at the back… he loves a midfielder to centre back story.

Arsenal looked very good in midfield. Elneny continues to impress with his wide range of passing, his brilliant reading of the game and his knack for being a nuisance from corners. We have a nice array of players now that give us good stability.

Iwobi really impressed. He scored a with a carefully placed strike, shooting past Joe Hart, which is no easy feat. He looks confident, like he knows he belongs in our first team. I love his tight control and his ability to surprise with every touch of the ball. What a find!

Theo Walcott played really well. His goal was a combination of tight passing, blistering pace and a delicate finish. That wasn’t his only contribution, he also made the tackle that set the move rolling for goal three and I’m pretty sure he assisted Chuba? He did. Yes he did.

Rob Holding didn’t look as comfortable as he has against lesser teams. He was caught napping by Aguerro for their first goal and he looked panicked ipossessionon a couple of times. It’s not his fault, this time last season, he wasn’t even a first team consideration for Bolton. We really can’t expect him to be leading the backline for us. I don’t think that was the plan, I’m assuming we’re going to learn our lesson from the Chambers thing last year… get these guys out playing games, making mistakes at other clubs.

Overall though, you have to be happy with a win against City. The games mean nothing, but we’d all be bitching if we were losing them. Plus, City are a great side with a great manager.

I’m not going to get too excited, Pep has a big project underway there, he’s a winner as well… he’ll get it right by the time we play them in real competition.

Sad thing about this season is we’ve once again failed to do what was needed. The absolute priority was a striker. If you’re brutal, Olivier Giroud was the main reason we didn’t win the league last season. His 17 Premier League games without a goal were vital. Put a Suarez in that team last year and we’re walking it.

This summer, we should have had a list of names and we should have gone hard for them. It looks more and more like we stacked all our chips on Vardy and when that fell through, we had no idea what to do. Rank amateur. It’s completely unacceptable we still haven’t solved that problem.

There are mutterings that we’re talking to Lewandowski’s agent and we’re still hoping on Benzema. Again, I’d love either of them, but why on earth would Bayern sell there main man? He’s the best in the world. Why would he want to come to us? What makes us think if either of those two were available, there wouldn’t be competition for their names from other clubs struggling up front?

Also, on the Benzema front, there’s a lot of concern in Spain about his fitness. Madrid are furious he missed 15 games last year through injury (sounds pretty good by our standards) and they’re putting him into some indepth study to root out the issue. Doesn’t sound like the sot of investment you’d be making if you were planning on shipping him out?

Then you have Lewandowski. An absolute dream machine of a player. Power, pace, sublime skills, mobility, clinical from anywhere… and Arsenal are talking to him?

Well, it doesn’t take much digging to find out what’s going on there… This is Bayern CEO Rummenigge on the situation.

“We have had several talks with his agents. We’re ready to extend it [his contract]. We certainly won’t sell him.

“We are always ready to extend contracts prematurely and adjust their conditions to the present situation and market value.”

“We won’t be able to pay wages similar to those at Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain.”

Oh, I see. Contract talks. Use Arsenal to call the CEOs bluff. The player is on €9m a year at the moment, he wants to push that to €18m a season. Quite staggering really, but no more than Rooney is getting at United (how BAD was he today?). There is literally no way Lewa would ever consider Arsenal. It’s beyond the pale. Also, there’s no way Bayern would sell him to us… especially with Madrid lurking in the wings.

So for me, I’m sure there’s a lot of truth in us fancying these players, but I just don’t see there being much reality in them moving over to us. Maybe we should raid Madrid’s reserve team? Mariano looks a beast and he’s 23 years old… worked for Juve?

Back to the league. The opening three games of the season will be difficult. We’re a defence down, we don’t have Ozil or Koscielny. Sanchez looks really rusty. If we can land 5 points out of the opening 3, that’ll be good I reckon. United have an easy start, like they always seem to. So it’ll be 9 for 3. City have West Ham, but it’s easy outside that. Chelsea have West Ham and Watford, so not neccesarily max points. If we can get through August in the mix, we’ll start to find our stride in September.

Do I think we can win the league? Absolutely not. Unless we sign a striker, we’ll have the same issues we had last year. Do I think we’ll drop out the top 4? All depends on our start to the season. I feel like our squad on paper looks pretty solid. We have more power and finesse in midfield, our defence was pretty good last year… we just don’t have a goal scorer in the ranks.

Adding a Mikki and a Vardy would have been smart. That fell through, and we seem to have given up on that dream, which is a shame. So we’re resting a season once again on Giroud, who is now 29 and very unlikely to make a step change in his talent offering… and Theo, who looks good in flashes, but can’t hack the pressure when it’s on.

Then we also have our manager, who is Arsene Wenger. He’s been fresh out of ideas for years now. So the idea he’ll suddenly be able to turn it on feels like a hopeful one at best.

I think we’ve got too much for Liverpool and I think we’re better than Spurs. So I’d imagine it’ll be another 7 months of pretty standard Arsenal, with 2 months of shocking Arsenal, and we’ll do enough to merit Wenger getting another crack at the whip.

Wouldn’t it be nice, just for once, to head into a season with hope? Real hope? I just can’t believe he’s fucked it again. I can’t wait for his tenure to finish so we can go in with a proper manager with dreams and a point to prove.

Right, see you tomorrow!

P.S. Interesting that Madrid are looking to sell Isco… a perfect Santi replacement?

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  1. STV

    Good point Wallace. Not everything is about saving money..

    It’s laughable to see some AKBs acting as a club accountant. Stones is a good defender, young and English. That’s all that matters. Overpriced? Yes definitely. but how many young English defenders available out there ??

    Good for them.

  2. Bamford10

    “Everton selling John Stones for £48m and buying Ashley Williams for £12m is the transfer business of the summer!” – @Tay92

  3. STV


    “As I’ve already said, I disagree with Untold. They support the whole status quo at arsenal. I do not.
    The only status quo I support is this one:” – (some video.)

    Lie, you fully support Wenger. You’re a huge supporter of status quo. You enjoy it cherish it while having some enjoyment with your occasional drivel about Kroenke, the accomplice..

  4. Bamford10

    “John Stones, ball playing centre back, likely to be the rock or England’s back line for 10 years. Would have loved a statement signing at CB.”
    – @LeGrove (aka, Pedro)

  5. Marko

    6-8 weeks? 10 weeks it is then.

    Also worth noting that we still seem to be interested in these players that we need there seems like no evidence out there that we’re actually close to signing anyone or even negotiating with clubs. Apparently we’re sending a scout to go watch some lad at Charlton so that’s something

  6. Bamford10

    Just ignore Alexander. Not only is he dim, he isn’t even honest: look at his misrepresentation above of Wenger’s comment re lower leagues, for example.

  7. Wallace

    “Arsenal CB Gabriel out 6/8wks – ankle sprain. Not quite as bad as he 1st feared but #AFC stepping up pursuit of Valencia’s Shkodran Mustafi.”

    – Oracle Ornstein

  8. Bamford10

    Sorry, but I’m still not convinced by United. Yes, Pogba and Ibra are great talents. Yes, Mourinho is a very good manager. Will all of their players fit together into a coherent, humming whole? I don’t see it at moment.

    I think Chelsea is a better bet.

  9. Dream10


    Expect Gabriel to return late October, early November then. Glad that he’s not broken. He didn’t play well before his injury against City. Hope he improves his play in the 2nd half of the season. A Spanish speaking CB partner (Mustafi) may make things easier for him

  10. Wallace

    “Other clubs/sponsors take note: #saintsfc sponsor Virgin Media to subsidise away tickets at St Mary’s to £20.”

    – Henry Winter

    pretty cool…

  11. Marko

    John Stones is decent but I’m not complaining about missing out on him. I mean 47 million for England’s what 3rd choice centre back is a bit funny. How much is Smalling and Cahill worth? Plus you probably could of signed Manolas or Laporte (injured I know) or even Varane for similar money and they absolute piss all over John Stones. Heck even Hummels went for 35 million euros. Anyway don’t jinx it but they could of signed Mustafi for an apparent bargain at 25 million ish pounds or the highly rated Rugani for similar money. Market is a joke. Market for English “talent” is even worse

  12. Marko

    Less than a week before Liverpool and we’re stepping up our pursuit like an absolute elite club. Hey Wallace didn’t you say Ornstein hadn’t a clue last week when it suited you in an argument? Hmmm interesting

  13. Bamford10

    Prospective Man City XI:

    Sagna – Kompany – Stones – Clichy
    Gündogan – Fernandinho
    Sané – De Bruyne – Silva

  14. Red&White4life

    “but I’m not complaining about missing out on him. ”

    He’s got nothing to do on the “I almost signed” list.

  15. Alexanderhenry


    The status quo includes kroenke. Untold support him and his whole transfer policy and business plan. I do not

  16. Marko

    Bam no one at this stage can call what formation they’ll use. He was trying out a lot of Bayern like formations during pre season. A lot of 3 at the back 5 in midfield. That’s his best 11 though. Which still isn’t all that for me especially if Aguero picks up the odd injury and let’s be honest Silva is getting on and Kompany is kind of broken. And the full backs? Oh lord the full backs

  17. Bamford10


    You’re right. Let’s replace those two with Zabaleta and Kolarov. Like so:

    Zabaleta – Kompany – Stones – Kolarov
    Gündogan – Fernandinho
    Sané – Silva – De Bruyne

  18. Wallace


    “Hey Wallace didn’t you say Ornstein hadn’t a clue last week when it suited you in an argument?”


  19. Danny

    I’m very surprised Pep hasn’t replaced Sagna and Clichy. They’re both so past it. Since Sagna joined them they’ve gone right down, neither of them can attack, cross the ball etc
    As for Man U spending 89 million quid on Pogba, well I really don’t get it. Maybe now they’ll win the Europa League…….

  20. Dream10


    Wouldn’t put it past the club to brief Ornstein that Gabriel is out for two months when in fact, the injury forces him to be out till the new year.

  21. Wallace

    Pep can’t dump his full backs because they’re too old and on too much money. the downside of having more money than God.

  22. Marko

    You did Wallace.

    Bam I was thinking more if they bought someone like Alaba and Carvajal they’d of been formidable. That CIty team still needs an uplift imo. Especially since Yaya and a few others are still there

  23. Wallace


    “Wouldn’t put it past the club to brief Ornstein that Gabriel is out for two months when in fact, the injury forces him to be out till the new year.”

    maybe, but tend not to go in for the subterfuge/paranoia stuff. easy enough to be vague about the timescale.

  24. Tomtom


    Maybe a combination of the two!
    What top player would take Wenger seriously now?
    This season will be a car crash.

  25. Wallace


    “You did Wallace.”

    what did I say? I don’t recall being critical of Ornstein as he’s pretty sound, and doesn’t really comment on anything unless it’s pretty much done. if I said whatever you think i said it’ll be in the archives. you’re welcome to go looking for it. if you find it I’ll happily own up to it.

  26. N5

    “Gotta say the N5 Red luv in yesterday was quite lovely. Really put it all in perspective”

    Just so you know, the Mayans predicted our coming together as the final sign of the apocalypse!! Settle in my friends, you are staring into the abyss.

  27. Champagne charlie


    I said Ornsteins info is pete tong, not Wallace. He is the bbc mouthpiece of Arsenal, he doesn’t have sources other than what he’s told by officials at the club when deals are ready to sign and be sealed.

    It was in reference to who we are chasing, he hasn’t a clue unless we’ve all but signed a player. Doesn’t drip feed any info, just confirms what’s happened or on the brink of happening.

  28. Danny

    I know it ain’t my money but I’m pleased we didn’t spend those amounts on Pogba and Stones – simply ridiculous.

  29. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    If Stones serves City for five years that’s only £10m per season. Not a big Stones fan but can see him flourishing under Pep. Sometimes it’s worth splashing the cash.

  30. Mark S

    I’m with Marko…that was a great read Doublethink. Unfortunately, I think 98% of it is right. I’m going for a 2-1 win away to Juventus though! 🙂

  31. Spanishdave

    Wenger doesn’t like the idea of retiring, so he ambles along not buying so he gets sacked, won’t gamble , it’s all about him, and not the club or the supporter.
    Our board are just the same, no pressure on anyone.

  32. Jim lahey

    The thing is, the club has become a joke. We are laughed at when our name is drawn in the champions league, we see articles like the one Doublethink just posted and theuy are spot on, it is exactly what will happen next season. Even before it has begun we know how it will end.

    United have just proven again that you don’t need a top 4 finish to attract players. They’re bringing in players that wouldn’t even be bothered wit us even though we are in the champions league. It is beyond frustrating.

  33. Dissenter

    “I know it ain’t my money but I’m pleased we didn’t spend those amounts on Pogba and Stones – simply ridiculous.”

    Wenger’s loathing of the transfer market and the clubs penchant for building up huge cash balances is just as ridiculous.

    City and United are not going to go broke because of these transfers, infact they are self-sustaining and living within their means.

  34. Danny

    August 9, 2016 12:29:54
    Thanks for that article.
    I can now skip the new season………

  35. Wallace


    “City and United are not going to go broke because of these transfers, infact they are self-sustaining and living within their means.”

    Utd, yes, but City? fairly sure they aren’t self-sufficient if you mean spending only what they make. like Chelsea they’re reliant on their owners coughing up 100m or so every transfer window.

  36. Wallace


    “United have just proven again that you don’t need a top 4 finish to attract players.”

    yeah, if you can afford to pay a football agent 20m to broker a £93m deal you’ll probably be okay when it comes to attracting players.

  37. Danny

    City and United are not going to go broke because of these transfers, infact they are self-sustaining and living within their means.
    I’m sure they won’t go broke but I just don’t think Pogba and Stones are worth those prices. How much is 25 year old Ramsey now worth? 120 million?
    21 year old Bellerín? 150 million?
    It’s all got silly, probably since Chelsea bought Torres for 50 and with it Liverpool bought Carroll for 35…….

  38. Champagne charlie


    Spot on with both, United have untold amounts of money compared to us which expedites every aspect of a transfer from greasing agents, enticing clubs, and convincing players.

    Our business is only comparable to Spurs and co who do actually live within their means. Be nice to see Stan put up some cash to make us truly competitive in the market, but Usmanov has already commented how he was refused that as it’s not the Arsenal way.

    Game of chicken for us then in order to get a big fish. Brill

  39. Bermy boy

    “I personally believe the only way to be a manager is to spend the club’s money as if it were your own because if you don’t do that you’re susceptible to too many mistakes…….AW
    So what the fuck have you been doing this past decade and then some……….jackass

  40. jacko

    Double Think

    Thanks for that link.

    Literally our season in a nutshell, although they forgot to add Maitland-Niles mum then knocks Wenger out for benching him in the next game.

  41. Daz

    Yeah so pogba is going to be on £400k a week before tax, costing utd around £100m over his 5 year deal then you would have to assume he will get mega bonuses if they go on to win titles, then with the transfer fee, agent fee and other extras your looking at £250m over the next 5 years in total. something tells me his shirt sales won’t cover it as Joe likes to believe

  42. Marko

    Exactly bermy. Honestly can the seemingly intelligent or at the very least non stupid posters please stop claiming poverty with Arsenal football club. No one’s saying spend the kind of money United and City spend but rather what we can within our means. Which is according to Alex 10 million last summer. I mean explain to me how exactly we make so much money each year, charge the most for a match day ticket and currently have so much unspent cash in reserve but we’re so apparently poor? Please cause it doesn’t make sense.

  43. STV

    Read the telegraph article. Excellent preview. But feels like rewatching an old popular movie..

    I bet majority of fans will be happy with a 3rd place finish (top4) in the changed climate of premier league.. Arsene Wenger will probably be rewarded with a new contact. This club is put in a coma unfortunately.. Really sad..

  44. S Asoa

    Everton selling Stones and buying Ashley Williams for 20% of their earning.
    And our dithering doddering Imbecile can see anything after 29 years in a once top club.
    Is not Williams better than the 25 million pup we are after?

    Eh Bamford

  45. mysticleaves

    August 9, 2016 11:48:26
    “Other clubs/sponsors take note: #saintsfc
    sponsor Virgin Media to subsidise away tickets
    at St Mary’s to £20.”
    – Henry Winter
    pretty cool…”

    Wallace I thought I heard something about the away tickets subsided to £27? At Arsenal?

  46. Rambo Ramsey

    “your looking at £250m over the next 5 years in total. something tells me his shirt sales won’t cover it as Joe likes to believe”

    Eh that can’t be how kit deals work, what’s in it for the company if club gets all money from sales? Puma pay us 30 million per season as compensation for rights to sell all Arsenal kits. Isn’t that how they recoup the money that they give us? United get 75 million every season from Adidas.

  47. mysticleaves

    Strikers will be licking their lips at the prospect of facing Stones and Kompany. Lol.

    47m for Stones is waaay worse than 16m for Chambers. Pep better get ready, this is the PL

  48. goonerboy

    It really is bizarre that a website that purports to support a football team actually only supports the manager and the administration of the club- a bunch of people who are blatantly only in it for themselves and most of all the money. To them Arsenal is a private club.
    Buying a 2 bob rookie full back from a lower division, playing him as a makeshift centre back should be seen for what it is- laughable–an inevitable consequence of a failed player acquisition strategy.
    The fact that the manager consistently fails to deploy the financial resources at his disposal is heralded as some kind of strength- Wenger’s perversity adds to the cache. The reality is Wenger is incapable of bringing in the players who will bring success to the club.

  49. mysticleaves

    Mahrez spotted at Chelsea hotel earlier today.

    Well, one must have known he will go to Chelsea when they mistakenly put his shirt up for sale in the official webiste about 10 days back

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    This is what annoys me with the AKB’S. That link that double think posted shows that even the fucking media laugh at us yet still ghetto window lickers protect they’re lord and saviour and make excuses for him. Fucking joke of a club we really are.

  51. Marko

    I mean we’ll likely bring in a defender before the window closes but keep in mind that before the injuries to Merte and Gabriel we needed a defender on top of a striker and a winger anyway this summer is shaping up to be an absolute shocker. Everyone taking the piss out of us we’ve kind of become a joke of the party

  52. N5

    Rambo, I think the club gets everything from the names put onto a shirt. At the old world of sport (we’re talking 20 years ago) it was £2.50 per letter and £5 per number + £various for the other badges.

    This is pure profit to the club, plus they get a % of each shirt sale so the more shifted with the name etc = bigger bucks.

    It was embarrassing asking for Seaman on my back when I was 14, especially because I was nowhere near the clubshop.

    From a purely shirt sales point of view, we should sign up Vennegoor of Hesselink!!

  53. champagne charlie


    We didn’t “need” a defender before Mert/Gabs injuries, I don’t buy that at all:

    Bellerin/Debuchy – Kos/Chambers – Per/Gab – Monreal/Gibbs

    Plenty of defensive talent there before injuries. You can’t go out an buy every time a player gets a knock, the Per absence forced our hand because half a season isn’t normal, but you’re not buying a Gab replacement for a two month lay off. We’re not City.

    Our issues were sticking the ball in the back of the net last year and having a CM that could actually dictate a game. Xhaka is in to sort the latter and all signs suggest we’re working on bringing in a goal-getter. Defence was way down the pecking order for me, only relevant with Per’s injury – but we’re signing someone now so it’s moot.

    I’d take Evans in addition to Mustafi, but if it means we have to go cheaper up top then fuck that as we’ve enough ‘good’ offensive players.

  54. champagne charlie

    “So our pal Mahrez has finally decided to move, this summer ??
    F*cking hypocrite.”

    Source? Why a hypocrite also…?

  55. Thank you and goodnight

    Red and White

    But doesn’t that say something to you about how bad our club is nowadays that we can’t even entice average players like vardy and Mahrez. That’s how bad we are nowadays. Ozil only moved to us because noone else really wanted him. Sanchez moved to us for CL football and fact Brendan Rodgers was worse than wenger. You think if any big clubs had genuinely put in an offer for either that they’d be at Arsenal…..righto

  56. Red&White4life

    “But doesn’t that say something to you about how bad our club is nowadays ”

    Of course, it’s pretty depressing…

  57. EN1AFC

    Our business is only comparable to Spurs and co who do actually live within their means. Be nice to see Stan put up some cash to make us truly competitive in the market, but Usmanov has already commented how he was refused that as it’s not the Arsenal way. Game of chicken for us then in order to get a big fish. Brill

    Champagne Charlie

    Our business is comparable to Spurs? How so? We have a shiny new stadium and £150m+ sitting the bank of thanks to it. Of that we can quite easily spend £100m and still be working well within our means. If we are comparable to Spurs it’s only down to how the management and directors chose to run our club. Spurs are about to go into their “austerity” period. How can we be comparable to them? Also our wage bill is at least 50% bigger than theirs.

    Financially We are in the bracket below United, City, Chelsea but surely above Liverpool, Spurs, Everton, West Ham etc. And by some considerable margin, we can afford to pay more for players and their wages. We simply chose not to in most circumstances, which is a huge problem. A total lack of ambition imo.

    I agree, it’s a given we can’t compete with United, city, Chelsea in terms of financial resources. Like you say we should be able to though, with Usmanov on board! isn’t he worth 10x what Abramovich is? Things need to change top to bottom at the club for us to progress. It won’t though which is incredibly frustrating.

  58. Rambo Ramsey

    Oh, cheers N5, In my head I assumed those agreements would be fairly straight forward with club signing over all collective rights for a fixed amount. In reality sounds like a lot of paperwork and lengthy ledgers to be maintained. Wonder how individual player deals with these kit companies come into the picture.

  59. mysticleaves


    I would even be happy if Mahrez turned us down.
    In this case, there was no bid atall even thoush he was an obvious signing.

    A lot of the players that we can’t “attract” we didn’t even bid for. Which on its own is crazy stuff

  60. N5

    Rambo, depending on where you read you’ll get varying information, but I did recently read Arsenal gets just under 30% of each shirt sale price and that’s just the shirt.

  61. champagne charlie


    I’m not suggesting our financial muscle is on par with Spurs an Co. only the operational means of our business; all we can do is use the resources generated by the club vs the doping United, City, Chelsea, even Liverpool get.

    We can pay more than Spurs obviously, but we can’t splash the cash like United who have expedited their deals this summer via cash incentive. For us to get a truly head turning signing we need to play the game we are currently playing which has plenty of risk associated as we all know.

    Be nice if Stan would stump up some cash of his own to strengthen our position during the window, but as is the Arsenal way we have to be frugal and selective in our search for improvement. Both annoying and tedious to follow frankly.

  62. Marko

    Wrong Charlie prior to any injuries we needed a defender because Per and Gabriel haven’t shown enough to be considered starters. They’re both back up and we needed to loan Chambers for a year but granted you’re right it wasn’t a key area that was up top where we needed a striker and another wideman considering our deficiencies last season. Also Xhaka in no way shape or form helps in this regard.

  63. Batistuta

    Id love to know where charlie and co get this information that stan doesnt provide money for the manager to spend