Wenger bracing us for empty pockets | Kids tank Vikings, but what did we learn?

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8-0, we beat the Vikings 8-0, we beat the Vikings 8-0!

BUT, that wasn’t what we tuned in for, right people?

Damn right. We tuned in to find out what Arsene Wenger was going to say about transfers after the game and it was typically Arsene Wenger and typically infuriating.

‘It’s not the prices, it’s the players. At the moment I’m focused on the players we have. Today we didn’t have Ramsey, Xhaka, Alexis – he will play on Sunday. We still have Ozil at home, and Giroud and Koscielny too. We also have young players who came on and did well. We do not have to panic but we are on alert in the transfer market so that we can make the right move when the opportunity comes up.’

Oh. Dear. Me.

So what can we deduce from these wise patronising words?

Firstly, let’s take in how passive that statement is.

‘We are on alert’

‘Make the right move when the opportunity comes up’

What the fuck is that about? On alert? We’re 9 days away from the start of the season and you’re just on alert? I’m on alert after buying a kebab from a street vendor. I’m alert about random crazies on the subway. I’m alert when there is only ONE beer in my fridge.

Should Arsenal be alert?

Or should we be proactively hunting down names, rather than passively waiting to see what drops out the player bargain bin?

Also, he’s focused on the players he has? Again, bravo that you’re focused there, but isn’t it just as important to be heavily focused on what you don’t have, because we already know what we have isn’t good enough to win the league / anywhere near good enough to make a dent in the European Cup?

Then Arsene Wenger goes on the full blown trolling of Arsenal fans…

‘The money is never a problem if you have to pay what is requested. The price of a player is down to four ingredients. One is the talent, two his age, three is how much you expect him to improve your team, and four his resale value. If he ticks all four boxes then the price is not that important. You have to find the player.’

What is this statement about? Firstly, we went £20m for a 29 year Leicester striker who would have zero sell on value. So I’m guessing that being very basic, Wenger is saying we’d be prepared to pay a £20m premium off the bat if losing money on Vardy wasn’t an issue? Dreamz… He’s just trying to make you feel stupid about insisting he parts with cash that isn’t his own.

Then we have the second problem with Wenger’s little equation.

He doesn’t know how to use it because he’s so out of touch.

He doesn’t know how much a player will improve his team (hence the dithering) and he doesn’t understand resale values. In fact, he’s appalling at resale values. If he had even the foggiest about them, he’d have paid Real what they wanted for Higuain. He’d have paid what we needed to put forward for Suarez after the club found out they’d misunderstood the finer details of his infamous buyout clause.

I mean, for me, why is Arsene Wenger even working to equations on price? United, Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona aren’t. They’re working to an equation of ‘can this player make us Champions’… which in a market of endless cash is probably a smart one.

Arsenal aren’t on the hospital list financially. We don’t need to be careful with our pennies. If anything, our cash supply is on the hospital list, each year we don’t spend, it loses 30% of its value. It’s absolutely absurd that Wenger is telling us 6 days into August that he has an equation for player pricing that hasn’t worked for 4 years.

Wenger should just come out and say, look, it’s over. I’ve made a terrible mistake, rather than lead us down the garden path that suddenly, a Cristiano Ronaldo, aged 23, with exceptional talent growth and huge resale value is going to jump out the bushes.

I think the really interesting point to note this summer is there isn’t really even a ‘see who the big clubs sell’ plan in the offing. People keep reminding me of that time we dropped an Ozil… and harping on about how that sort of business has been beneficial for us.

Sure, it’s a big name. But it wasn’t a strategic play. I’m pretty sure that summer, Madrid had to offload one of Ozil, Higuain or Benzema to fund Bale. Arsenal were looking at basically any of them. Then last day of the window, we landed Ozil. But, from a playing perspective, we hadn’t thought about how to use him. We hadn’t taken into account he wouldn’t have gotten a full preseason under his belt. It was beautiful band aid of a signing. We need players early. We can’t keep playing Harry Redknapp games at the end of the window.

Bigger point, where’s that type of name coming from this year? Those players were being touted all summer. Who is being touted like that this year? No one. I can’t even see what we’re waiting around for this summer. The market doesn’t even have hopeful options for us.

I think I put a good case against us doing anything mega late on in this window, namely because if we can’t appeal to Jamie Vardy, I’ll be damned if you can convince me we’re going to pull Lewa, Auba or Griezmann from their respective clubs.

So it leaves us scrapping around for B or C players at highly inflated prices.

What a mess. What an absolute mess. Going into the season opener with Chuba Akpom (who I like) as your main man is beyond negligence.

Those first three games really are looking tough. You can see the excuses already.

‘The players weren’t quite sharp enough’

‘We suffered because of the Euro’s’

‘We can’t compete in the market’

What a joke.

But, there you have it, most Arsenal fans sang the managers name in the ground. Most Arsenal fans were happy for him to be given that extra year. We get the manager we deserve.

Match Highlights:

Sorry, got derailed there.

Not really too much you can tell from a game against rank amateurs.

  • Great to see Cazorla back in the side pulling the strings
  • We really should be shifting on Ospina. He’s a terrible embarrassment of a keeper. Bring in someone young who can make an impact on Petr Cech this season. Proper competition. Like most big clubs encourage
  • Kind of frustrating to see Wenger, this far into preseason, still assessing young players he’s unlikely to use. I mean, even Joel Campbell getting all these games and goals feels kind of pointless considering how little love he gets during the season despite being a much better player than he’s given credit for.
  • LOVE IWOBI. A real talent, hoping this is a proper breakthrough year for. Have a feeling England are really going to regret letting that talent slide.
  • The youth is finally looking quite exciting. Massive, technically gifted players who remind me a little bit of the Capital One Cup sides of yesteryear (but bigger). Can’t help but think Wenger’s deployment is a touch cynical. Because they’re not ready to challenge the big guns of Pep, Conte and Mourinho.

Right, have a blinding day, and enjoy the Olympics!



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  1. Relieable Sauce

    lol @ the posters trying to get AH to see reason…again.

    Thats as likely as Wenger winning the CL.

    I love Alex for the way he illustrates how foolish the majority of you are – intentional or not.
    Easily..”” recognised but not so easily produced.

  2. Alexanderhenry


    You should be happy. This is surely endgame for wenger. Then as you predicted Arsenal will get a top coach in and spend the £250 million in bank right?

    What was your prediction?

    The PL in two seasons and the CL in five.

    I’ll hold you to that.

  3. Alexanderhenry


    ‘In fact i am not interested in winning the title’

    ….oh dear. That is truly pathetic.

  4. Marko

    He’s getting the fans to pay off the stadium debt for him. He only sees arsenal as a business investment.

    Self sustaining that’s what we always maintained. We pay off the debt and spend what money we can from what we make both of which has nothing to do with Stan. He loves it we’re stinking rich with a manager afraid to spend. He literally has to do fuck all. Now I know what dump thing you’re going to say why doesn’t he put pressure on the manager to spend and be successful (the only thing he guilty of). Well he owns a lot of sports franchises and businesses and I doubt very much he’s very hands on or really cares that much about all of them. In short he loves the fact that we are “successful” to a certain degree with a manager who’s afraid to spend money and doesn’t kick up a fuss

  5. Redtruth

    Wenger is only one of four managers to have managed over 100 games in the Champions league and he is the only one of those four to have not won the Champions league…..pathetic

  6. Alexanderhenry

    Anyway chaps

    Enough already.
    When it gets to the stage where I’m having to debate with so called arsenal fans who actually want their own team to lose, it’s time to call it a night.

  7. Relieable Sauce

    Hands up who doesnt read AHs posts as a general rule.

    And for those that do, and respond, why?

    Genuine question, though I think I have an idea.
    Not including posters like Arsenes Nurse who posts definitive evidence that counters his ludicrous claims.

    Love you Alexander !

  8. Marko

    I don’t want my team to lose Alex I want them to compete I want them to sign players like a normal ambitious club. I want you to acknowledge that you continue to be hoodwinked by a man who is singlehandedly holding us back these last few years.

  9. Leedsgunner

    Yesterday Wenger talked about the importance of resale value in his transfer determinations. How much resale value do you think Jonny Evans will be? Besides because we are buying from a position of weakness you can throw out any resale value in the bin. We will be forced to overpay through the nose.

    Well done Arsene Ivan and Stan. I see the self sustaining business model is working a marvellous treat.

    Fail to Prepare — Prepare to fail.

  10. Follow the money

    It’s Wenger who is the tightwad, Alexander Henry. He behaved exactly the same before Kroenke. If it weren’t for Dein, Wenger would have never won the EPL

  11. Marko

    I’m just hopeful/thankful that this will be his last season. We won’t have to hear his nonsense anymore. We’ve a strong squad yeah sure he actually had the audacity to say that after a game in which we lost another defender to injury. Walcott will have a great season yeah right still talking him up after 10 bloody years. I dunno honestly

  12. Joe

    spend the £250 million in bank right?

    Ummm no Alex. Again This is akb extreme ism.

    The new manager will spend what it takes to get the team ready for the new season.

    Not leave it short every season like the fraud Wenger.

    That’s wha true arsenal fans want Alex. Not Wenger fan boys like you

    A competent manager with half a clue won’t need to spend 250m. A competent manager would have won arsenal the league last season.

    No way in a million years does Wenger lead Leicester to the tittle last season

    That the thing you don’t get Alex. It’s Wenger as a manager holding arsenal back

    Not kronke’s

  13. Relieable Sauce



    Who should be liquified first ?

    I’m a believer in diversity btw and that it shouldnt be racial.

    Lets be honest, theres more than enough white folks who would serve better as fertiliser.

    : /

  14. Relieable Sauce

    Thats the spirit Marko. Everthing we know is made of stardust and we/it is all is on a journey of discovery to a place called Infinity.

  15. Bamford10


    “Wenger must have put Stan under some kind of weird trance …”

    This is one of my favorite lines of argument. Despite being a devout believer in Wenger’s competence or excellence himself, the AKB finds it impossible to believe that Stan Kroenke might believe in Wenger’s competence or excellence.

    Sorry, but why should Stan Kroenke see through Wenger when you yourself cannot?

  16. STV

    Gabriel too injured.. Surely Wenger will buy a defender now???

    Get your fucking cheque book out Wenger you miserable old git !!!!!!!!

  17. Bamford10


    ‘how much we spend is up to Stan Kroenke’

    No, dipshit; how much we CAN spend is up to Kroenke; how much we DO spend is up to Wenger.

    And as Wenger himself has said, Kroenke has “never” limited what he could do in the market.