Wenger bracing us for empty pockets | Kids tank Vikings, but what did we learn?

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8-0, we beat the Vikings 8-0, we beat the Vikings 8-0!

BUT, that wasn’t what we tuned in for, right people?

Damn right. We tuned in to find out what Arsene Wenger was going to say about transfers after the game and it was typically Arsene Wenger and typically infuriating.

‘It’s not the prices, it’s the players. At the moment I’m focused on the players we have. Today we didn’t have Ramsey, Xhaka, Alexis – he will play on Sunday. We still have Ozil at home, and Giroud and Koscielny too. We also have young players who came on and did well. We do not have to panic but we are on alert in the transfer market so that we can make the right move when the opportunity comes up.’

Oh. Dear. Me.

So what can we deduce from these wise patronising words?

Firstly, let’s take in how passive that statement is.

‘We are on alert’

‘Make the right move when the opportunity comes up’

What the fuck is that about? On alert? We’re 9 days away from the start of the season and you’re just on alert? I’m on alert after buying a kebab from a street vendor. I’m alert about random crazies on the subway. I’m alert when there is only ONE beer in my fridge.

Should Arsenal be alert?

Or should we be proactively hunting down names, rather than passively waiting to see what drops out the player bargain bin?

Also, he’s focused on the players he has? Again, bravo that you’re focused there, but isn’t it just as important to be heavily focused on what you don’t have, because we already know what we have isn’t good enough to win the league / anywhere near good enough to make a dent in the European Cup?

Then Arsene Wenger goes on the full blown trolling of Arsenal fans…

‘The money is never a problem if you have to pay what is requested. The price of a player is down to four ingredients. One is the talent, two his age, three is how much you expect him to improve your team, and four his resale value. If he ticks all four boxes then the price is not that important. You have to find the player.’

What is this statement about? Firstly, we went £20m for a 29 year Leicester striker who would have zero sell on value. So I’m guessing that being very basic, Wenger is saying we’d be prepared to pay a £20m premium off the bat if losing money on Vardy wasn’t an issue? Dreamz… He’s just trying to make you feel stupid about insisting he parts with cash that isn’t his own.

Then we have the second problem with Wenger’s little equation.

He doesn’t know how to use it because he’s so out of touch.

He doesn’t know how much a player will improve his team (hence the dithering) and he doesn’t understand resale values. In fact, he’s appalling at resale values. If he had even the foggiest about them, he’d have paid Real what they wanted for Higuain. He’d have paid what we needed to put forward for Suarez after the club found out they’d misunderstood the finer details of his infamous buyout clause.

I mean, for me, why is Arsene Wenger even working to equations on price? United, Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona aren’t. They’re working to an equation of ‘can this player make us Champions’… which in a market of endless cash is probably a smart one.

Arsenal aren’t on the hospital list financially. We don’t need to be careful with our pennies. If anything, our cash supply is on the hospital list, each year we don’t spend, it loses 30% of its value. It’s absolutely absurd that Wenger is telling us 6 days into August that he has an equation for player pricing that hasn’t worked for 4 years.

Wenger should just come out and say, look, it’s over. I’ve made a terrible mistake, rather than lead us down the garden path that suddenly, a Cristiano Ronaldo, aged 23, with exceptional talent growth and huge resale value is going to jump out the bushes.

I think the really interesting point to note this summer is there isn’t really even a ‘see who the big clubs sell’ plan in the offing. People keep reminding me of that time we dropped an Ozil… and harping on about how that sort of business has been beneficial for us.

Sure, it’s a big name. But it wasn’t a strategic play. I’m pretty sure that summer, Madrid had to offload one of Ozil, Higuain or Benzema to fund Bale. Arsenal were looking at basically any of them. Then last day of the window, we landed Ozil. But, from a playing perspective, we hadn’t thought about how to use him. We hadn’t taken into account he wouldn’t have gotten a full preseason under his belt. It was beautiful band aid of a signing. We need players early. We can’t keep playing Harry Redknapp games at the end of the window.

Bigger point, where’s that type of name coming from this year? Those players were being touted all summer. Who is being touted like that this year? No one. I can’t even see what we’re waiting around for this summer. The market doesn’t even have hopeful options for us.

I think I put a good case against us doing anything mega late on in this window, namely because if we can’t appeal to Jamie Vardy, I’ll be damned if you can convince me we’re going to pull Lewa, Auba or Griezmann from their respective clubs.

So it leaves us scrapping around for B or C players at highly inflated prices.

What a mess. What an absolute mess. Going into the season opener with Chuba Akpom (who I like) as your main man is beyond negligence.

Those first three games really are looking tough. You can see the excuses already.

‘The players weren’t quite sharp enough’

‘We suffered because of the Euro’s’

‘We can’t compete in the market’

What a joke.

But, there you have it, most Arsenal fans sang the managers name in the ground. Most Arsenal fans were happy for him to be given that extra year. We get the manager we deserve.

Match Highlights:

Sorry, got derailed there.

Not really too much you can tell from a game against rank amateurs.

  • Great to see Cazorla back in the side pulling the strings
  • We really should be shifting on Ospina. He’s a terrible embarrassment of a keeper. Bring in someone young who can make an impact on Petr Cech this season. Proper competition. Like most big clubs encourage
  • Kind of frustrating to see Wenger, this far into preseason, still assessing young players he’s unlikely to use. I mean, even Joel Campbell getting all these games and goals feels kind of pointless considering how little love he gets during the season despite being a much better player than he’s given credit for.
  • LOVE IWOBI. A real talent, hoping this is a proper breakthrough year for. Have a feeling England are really going to regret letting that talent slide.
  • The youth is finally looking quite exciting. Massive, technically gifted players who remind me a little bit of the Capital One Cup sides of yesteryear (but bigger). Can’t help but think Wenger’s deployment is a touch cynical. Because they’re not ready to challenge the big guns of Pep, Conte and Mourinho.

Right, have a blinding day, and enjoy the Olympics!



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  1. Cesc Appeal


    We cannot rush Kozz back either, I remember after the WC he came back with tendinitis didn’t he? Seems to need a break, and he’s getting on (for a footballer) now. If he breaks down we literally all might as well watch rugby for the season.

    Just be aggressive, get in there and get it done. Mustafi would be the number one target, while you’re at it and trying to catch the moths in the room and put them back in the wallet, get a ST.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    Arsene Wenger is such a fucking doozy at management. Last few seasons team had a decent defensive unit, was crying out for a proper DM but he ignored the issue which cost us. Now he finally buys a decent DM but leaves the defensive unit in shambles instead. How this guy keeps his job when he’s so beyond negligent and careless

  3. Carts

    The longer we leave it the higher the price we’ll pay.

    Come the eve of our first game of the season, we lose that then expect selling club to demand ungodly premiums on top of the asking price

  4. Daz

    There is absolutely no chance of wenger signing two CBs not going to happen, we will see monreal moved across and Gibbs at LB before he would sign two CBs

  5. Duzie

    Cue the newspapers and the interminably multifarious, fake transfer news, now that we are in dire need of a significant team supplementation.
    Those stories won’t amount to anything, so I will not be carried away.

  6. Carts

    “There is absolutely no chance of wenger signing two CBs not going to happen, we will see monreal moved across and Gibbs at LB before he would sign two CBs”


    He’ll politely remind us that we have both Mertesacker and Gabriel to come back…while their both out till 2017

  7. tunnygriffboy

    We can forget a striker now. We need two CBs

    No other manager would get away with this dithering. Wenger’s trying to be a smart arse leaving things to last minute. We’ll end up with Johnny Evans.

    He has to go big and buy a commanding CB like the lad from Napoli or Manolas. Allmtoo late in the window though.

    Just like last year and our prediction of Coquelin getting injured exactly the same has happened to Gabriel. Hugely predictable

  8. karim

    Pretty sure Kozzer will ask to play even though it would be the most stupidest thing to do !

    even Monreal can do the job, well that’s if we don’t get anyone till then…

  9. Tomtom

    Lol the circus rolls on!
    Looking forward to seeing this car crash season and Wenger’s laughable excuses

  10. Emiratesstroller

    Knowing Wenger he will buy one centre back and bring back Vermaelen.

    This was an accident waiting to happen and a manager who as ever does not anticipate such situations occurring.

  11. Marko

    This summer keeps getting worse and worse. It’s such a shame the kind of things that have to take place before (you assume) the club gets active and ambitious in the transfer market. I mean Liverpool next week could be comparable to the United 8-2 game (which I was at). Only instead of a very green and useless Coquelin and Armand Troare starting you’ll have Holding and Chambers starting.

  12. Relieable Sauce


    Plenty, you drama queen flip-floppers.
    Get behind the young players and take your medicine.

  13. Duzie

    Liverpool and Leicester will tear us apart. It’s going to be ugly. To be frank, we act like a small club, with a small mentality. How do Gazidis and Wenger get away with this phobia for being competitive? When Wenger eventually goes, he will be easily forgotten.

  14. tunnygriffboy


    We have no chance of a striker now. Wenger’s head will be spinning he’ll be panicking like hell all because he hasn’t moved for a defender earlier.

    Feel for Gabriel. With Mert out this was his chance. Where the hell do we go from here.

    So so depressing. Even with Gabriel we looked unsteady at the back. The injury has taken all the gloss off some of the good things we did in the game.

  15. Dissenter

    Serge Gnabry looking very good and just scored.
    He’s back.
    He just needs a new start under a new manager.

  16. Carts

    a good manager would’ve had Chambers up to the desired level. Not Wenger though.

    Chambers looking like he just got plucked from a secondary school, still

  17. Cesc Appeal

    If signing CB’s jeopardises us getting a ST then that is just a total joke, not even mentioning the fact a ST should have been signed weeks and weeks ago this ‘wait and see approach’ makes no sense at all.

    We have a great need, what are we ‘waiting and seeing’ for exactly? Prices go up week on week in the market, players get sold, so the stock dwindles and the prices rise. What have we been doing all summer.

  18. ADKB

    Why are you guys complaining? We’re active day and night believe you me. We are on alert waiting for the right opportunity. We beat Leicester twice last season. We’ve just beaten Man City 3-2.

    “This was an accident waiting to happen and a manager who as ever does not anticipate such situations occurring.”

    What accident?

    “Feel for Gabriel. With Mert out this was his chance. Where the hell do we go from here. So so depressing.”


    There’s only one Arsene Wenger! Arsene knows best!


  19. Duzie

    The only excellent defenders we have are Koscielny, Bellerin and Monreal.

    Mertesacker is getting old and slower. Doesn’t defend set pieces with confidence.

    Gabriel is average, erratic and positionally poor. Caeven get into the Seleccao FFS.

    Chambers should be heading out to Watford or any other mid table team.

    Debuchy is painfully average. You dont need to read a textbook to know that.

    Gibbs Lol

  20. Whitty

    Should of got a defender weeks out.

    The cunt will bring in some fuckin two Bob cunt cheap as fuckin chips shite.

    Happy days

    In Wengers mind the league is in the bag.

  21. Tomtom

    Even if we do sign one or two players at this late stage I can’t see how we expect them to be up to speed in a new team.
    no point being surprised by any of this, it’s the Wenger way and nothing will change.
    Sick of seeing his ugly mug

  22. Paulinho

    The Gabriel injury is probably a blessing; as horrible as it for him personally.

    He’s the worst of all our centre backs, and now Wenger can sign a new defender and not play Gabriel out of stubborness.

    Always gets forced into making the right decision. Extremely lucky in that regard for a long time.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Vermaelen seems to have already moved, otherwise I’d have tipped that, trying to think of a CB we can either loan or buy cheap or pick up on a free, likely to have very spotty injury record and/or be getting on in years.

  24. tunnygriffboy

    Well the £20 million Mustafi was going to cost has just gone up to £30 million.

    All because he’s sat on his hands being a smart arse waiting until as late as possible. I’m sick of it.

    He’ll be panicking. God knows who we’ll end up with. Reactive again. Amazing when cretins like us could see this happening.

    We could be out of the title race by September by the time this all gets sorted.

  25. Relieable Sauce

    If Arsene-al would have signed a top CB rather than the half measures Mert-Gab and Chambers, they would be in a much better position now.

    How do these useless fuckers make it so difficult ???

    CB or CF ???

    lol lol lol lol lol.

    As someone has already written, 3rd – 5th still looks a good bet.

    Another – What if ? – season looms.

  26. vicky

    I would go for a defender who has already played in the league…we can’t afford to have a defender who takes weeks to get used to the league.

  27. left testicle

    Why does the old fool jeopardise our season just to give his pampered players extra time off. We’re without Kos for the start of the season yet Guardiola plays Sagna today!?

    The twat will come up with an excuse and the AKBs will lap it up.

    Meanwhile the media hardly question his lack of organisation and activity in the transfer market.

  28. Dissenter

    Juventus have sold Pogba to United for about 110 million Euros and invested most of it into buying Higuaín for 90 million Euros.

    That’s a big club with a very clear objective: WINNING

  29. Cesc Appeal


    The thing is though with some proactivity we could have had Mustafi and Lacazette or Icardi say, £55-65 Million more spent (time to sell as well to offset that) and had them all bedded in looking forward to the new season and players like Ozil and Kozz etc slowly filtering back in with them.

    Always the same story with us, reaction and panic, the hand must be forced in the transfer market for the most part.

  30. ADKB

    Based on price, availability and EPL experience, we should probably be getting ready for Johnny Evans 🙁

    Most certainly, Arsene Knows Best!!!

  31. Rambo Ramsey

    “trying to think of a CB we can either loan or buy cheap or pick up on a free, likely to have very spotty injury record and/or be getting on in years.”

    Don’t stress yourself there Cesc, we live in a World where internal solutions are order of the day. Because the talent available on the market is less and there’s demand from a lot of clubs. Coquelin with his special CB training is as good as a 20 million pound defender. If Arsenal can find someone better, they’ll do it. They are on the market 24*7

  32. vicky


    Wenger in his own words has been playing “poker” so far. Must say he is an appalling poker player though. He thinks he bluffs everyone else, instead it’s others who end up bluffing Wenger. The joke is always on Wenger in the end.

  33. Arsene's Nurse

    August 7, 2016 19:05:12

    Very surprised there’s a bunch of keyboard jockeys suggesting how a professional footballer should tackle. Ah well if anyone wants me I’ll be on a scientific forum debunking global warming… just kidding it’s real
    Some of us have actually played the game and understand that going for any sort of tackle with 30 seconds to go in the last pre-season match when the result is already done isn’t wise.

    Some of us were also taught to tackle in a fashion that has far greater technique than that witnessed when watching so called professionals do it.

    Who was the mong last year who fucked himself up tackling with the wrong foot in the PL. If there’s one thing I could say that’s actually become less of a skill as opposed to the others which have increased massively, it’s the art of tackling.

  34. azed

    If Wenger could sign broke back Kim why does anyone think he’ll sign Mustafi for >£20 mill?
    You can bet you’re arse Wenger is googling for defenders out of contract right now.

    Why spend money when he already has his excuse and new contract?

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Even for Wenger going internal on this one will be high risk in terms of fan reaction and the opening fixtures we have, I don’t expect anything decent, as I say if Vermaelen was still available I would expect a deal for him to have gone through, that sort of player is what I’m expecting.

    Or Johnny Evans, something shit like that. A ‘cheap signing’ that actually is very costly because its a total waste of £10-15 Million and contributes nothing to the playing side.


    I’m bemused by our approach this summer, I don’t see any logic at all in it, the pro-Wenger type fans can go on all they want about ‘the window not being closed’ yet and what have you, this has been another poor window.

    If there was any sort of infrastructure and nous in this club a ST would be in by now along with Xhaka at least, given the money we have and the need we’re in for one.

    It amazes me that people still think Wenger and Arsenal are playing some genius wait and see game, Icardi was spoken about at about £35 Million early in the window, now Inter allegedly want closer to £50 Million, Lacazette as well, Lyon want £40 Million now and that is only going to go up and up and up…why are we doing this, is it some master plan, is there some unknown, unreported talent we’re after…of course not, we just have no idea what we’re doing, there’s no plan, no direction, no clue, we’re just sailing wherever the breeze takes us and we will anchor if a port comes into view that’s available.

  36. left testicle

    Agree with Paulinho.
    Bielek will probably come in and play a couple of blinders. The lucky bastard will be off the hook again.

  37. Relieable Sauce

    Williams is probably the best we could expect.
    I think he is possibly gormless enough to join us…though he is probably still good enough to oust one of our 1st choice CBs.

    How can Wenger be this atrocious at squad building ? It can only be deliberate or gross incompetance.

  38. Marko

    Cesc we don’t look like we’re interested in the slightest in selling off some of our dross. Granted we don’t look like we’re interested in buying either but you know…cohesion

  39. tunnygriffboy


    It started around Christmas time last season. This window has sent me over the edge !!!!!!

    What infuriates me is the fact that we had some talent out there on the pitch today but it’s becoming irrelevant due to the f.ck ups in not sorting our squad out earlier. How long has he known Mert is out until after Christmas ? This should have been sorted weeks ago

    We could have 3 players U21 in our defence next week. How can the people on untold countenance this ?

    Sorry I’m ranting but I love the Arsenal and it pains me to see this happen. If we were poor in terms of money and sh.te then I’d be ok but once again we’re 2 or 3 players short to be competing. That’s what gets my goat.

  40. vicky


    My hunch is he is expecting a Ozil type scenario to manifest itself in this window as well. Even if that’s the case, it’s never wise to leave two massive areas- CB and ST-unattended till the dying stages of the window. At the very least he should have got a defender in after BFG was ruled out.

  41. left testicle


    We don’t need to worry about a striker now as Wenger says he sees Walcott as a striker now – he has only taken ten years to come to that onclusion.

    Walcott now sees himself as a winger.
    Wenger sees him as a striker.
    I see him as left back… in the changing room.

  42. Rambo Ramsey

    on whether he will look for defenders in the transfer market…
    “I’ve said many times that we are in the market. Of course it’s not an easy market for us. Let’s hope we have good news from Gabriel. Laurent Koscielny is back in training [on Monday] but he might be short for next week. If Gabriel is out, Per Mertesacker is out and Koscielny not ready – that’s a lot of players”

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20160807/-i-m-very-pleased-with-our-performance-#lpCMYA6x3pdk7Rw0.99

  43. Marko

    Loic Perrin and Mustafi anyone? Sure Loic will be butt hurt after we chose Gabriel over him but needs must and all that.

    Anyone got the post match quotes?

  44. Marko

    My hunch is he is expecting a Ozil type scenario to manifest itself in this window as well.

    Could you imagine. We need a striker (and a winger imo) and a couple defenders and he ends up signing Isco and would probably expect people to be happy.

  45. tunnygriffboy


    Spot on. He doesn’t fancy Lacazette. He’s waiting for Isco, James or Morata to become available. Failing that if Chelsea get Lukaku we’ll end up with Remy


    Williams would give us 2 or 3 seasons. Not long term option at all but his organising and leadership could help

    We’d be better off getting a Manolas type, splashing the money and getting a proper partnership with Kos. We’d still be on thin ice if anything happened to Kos. It’s that serious. We need two CBs

  46. Leedsgunner

    If we are buying a CB — no way we’re buying a striker now! Incompetence personified… of course despite having all summer to strengthen the defence — it takes 2 catastrophic injuries to do so.

    Panic buy!!! £200m in the bank mand we’ll pay over the odds now because we’re desperate! Well done!

  47. Wallace

    not the most auspicious start to the new season in terms of keeping clear of injuries.

    Mustafi & Ashley Williams this week. Joe silenced for 2mths is my prediction.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    We could have done so much with this window, really could. Such a shame.


    Very silly strategy if that is the case, the ST situation is absolutely pivotal to sort, we should have been in there for a Lacazette/Icardi type of player right away, we cannot afford to sit and wait around for an opportunity that may or may not materialise.

    Looking around Europe I cannot see where we think a great ST situation is suddenly going to come up, waiting on Morata at Madrid perhaps, very stupid, I like Morata but he is not worth waiting for.

    Seriously, I can find not a shred of rationality to underpin our performance this summer.

    Left Testicle

    Its the easy option isn’t it? Claim Walcott is a ST, scored a decent goal against Viking and then a very nice goal against City, so its the easiest thing in the world to say (as with Oxlade) Walcott just needs to believe in himself, far easier, cheaper and brings less accountability than say going out and buying an actual ST.

  49. tunnygriffboy

    Untold blaming ref for playing injury time. Totally oblivious that had we bought in cover for Mert we wouldn’t be in this cl.sref.ck.

    I’m still banned but their site is being hit with negative posts and some of the posts by regular contributers are being disliked

    The fans are turning. It’s ridiculous really we’re yet again so close to having a competitive squad.

    Lot of good things going forward. Worrying at the back even with Gabriel. Hopefully Wenger will have the cojones to by a defender better than Mert or the Brazilian. We do miss Merts experience and organisational skills. If we do get a top defender then maybe Mert and Gabriel could be phased out.

    Ps: Out of interest what would have been the reaction had Wenger started with Coquelin and Elneny at CB like Pep did with his midfielders ?

  50. Cesc Appeal

    Serious question now, is there a top level team that is worse at the whole transfer thing from top to bottom than Arsenal?

  51. Wallace


    “Out of interest what would have been the reaction had Wenger started with Coquelin and Elneny at CB like Pep did with his midfielders ?”

    I think the Bielik CB experiment is maybe motivated by Wenger being influenced by Pep, although admittedly the non-ball playing CBs is increasingly a rarity.

  52. tunnygriffboy


    Even compared to recent years if we added the required splayers to this squad we could have been a real handful this season. I can’t believe it being his last year he hasn’t got what is needed.

    We have the cash. We could have had the players in a month ago

    Carnage at the Ems next week both on and off the field. I think the fan base has flipped. I think there’ll be real anger next week. The pro Wenger faction has and is dwindling. I know you think there’s still a lot of goodwill towards him. I’m not so sure.

  53. Cesc Appeal


    I really hope you’re right, but I just see plenty of pro-Wenger fans left who just excuse, excuse, excuse at every turn, ask for patience, ridicule others being totally disingenuous in the process and its always a ‘patience milestone,’ right now its until September, then it will be January, then it will be May, then it will be September, January, May, September.

    He’s at the level now where he’s a club legend, defended in the same way any of us would defend Henry, or Bergkamp, or Pires…the problem is though, Pires isn’t playing for us anymore, so him being above condemnation is not an issue…Wenger is the sitting manager and needs to be taken to task.

  54. Joe

    ” window doesn’t close until end of August”

    ” why do we need signings early, first couple matches aren’t that important”

    “Rather wait for quality”

    Well this is why you wrap up signings early and not wait.


    Mustafi & Ashley Williams this week. Joe silenced for 2mths is my prediction.

    Ha sorry mate. You’re going to take 2 def signings because of injuries as the win for our bet

    Actually of course you are. Wouldn’t expect anything less of an akb. Definitely wouldn’t expect anything less of you Wallace

    It’s all so predictable. He would have gone into the new season with no new signings. Played kos and Gabriel and risked it with chambers and holding or Monreal as back up
    Now his hand is forced

    The Most reactive useless manager

    And Wallace will gloat in the most cheap bet win ever

  55. Marko

    Serious question now, is there a top level team that is worse at the whole transfer thing from top to bottom than Arsenal?

    No absolutely not. Big club’s don’t behave like this. Supposed competitive title chasing teams don’t wait until the end of a transfer window or until their team is decimated by injuries before addressing issues

  56. Relieable Sauce

    Its hard to believe Wenger cant see how the two or three quality signings we regularly need wouldnt have had us challenging for the PL over the last decade or so.
    With some foresight and a vision we could have seriously challenged for th e CL.

    He, as well as IG, the fans, media and even Kronke should now be well aware of this.
    Last seaon is a testament to this.

  57. Joe

    Sad to say but Wenger and his akb lemmings deserve what’s coming to them over the next 2 weeks from
    Liverpool and Leicester.

    There could be another 6-2 style drubbing from Liverpool.

  58. arsene's used sock

    gabriel got injured?
    watch arsene complete the signing of a senior cb by Monday evening
    waste of a man

  59. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    re Iwobi –

    “He’s young, he isn’t ready for games week in week out and to have to take a mjor role in the side, his form will be up and down, morale is easily crushed in youngsters…remember your ‘if he’s good enough he’s old enough’ stuff with Chambers last year?”

    Anthony Martial – 6mths older than Iwobi – played 49 games for Man Utd last season(Iwobi played 15). do you think that’s hindered his development?

  60. Leedsgunner

    Main difference that sets our transfer policy apart from those clubs like Juve and BvB?

    By acting proactively they move from a position of strength. Arsenal and Arsene by acting reactively we negotiate from a position of weakness.

    Had we secured our ST and CB earlier in the summer we could have ok — now we are again left exposed because Wenger chose to dither. As I said earlier this is costing us millions… any club will jack up their prices because they know we are desperate.

    This is not bad luck. Call it for what it is.

    It’s bad management.

  61. Frankie T

    Wenger is an absolute joke. His reactive nature is infuriating. Every other manager has had a plan to go out and improve their team. Not wenger he is “on alert”.
    Does he think he is going to wake up tomorrow with Real Madrid calling and asking him if he fancies buying varane and benzema. Pathetic.
    I can see a Silvestre mark 2 coming and I think his name is going to be Johnny Evans.

  62. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Yer right

    Wenger over played chambers , he got called up for England remember .

    I rate iwobi

    Looks like he has a strong mental attitude …

    Wait till they get a load of Jeff an all

  63. Cesc Appeal


    I wouldn’t say Iwobi is on Martial’s level to be honest.

    Sometimes you have hits, sometimes you have misses with young players and throwing them in at the deep end, I’m saying Iwobi, if he is to get a bundle of games playing RM/LM will be because Wenger yet again spectacularly failed to do his job in the summer, there will be no planning or caution behind it, it will be needs must…as it was with his inclusion in the first place.

    Big talent, and he could be a good player, but we will ruin him if we think he’s top of the tree for the RM/LM aside from Sanchez…which shockingly he is already looking, that is ahead of Oxlade and Walcott, would include Campbell but he must have shit on Wenger’s office carpet or something from the way it looks.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Tunny Marko

    I’m struggling to think of a side anywhere near as bad as us for it, I think the main problem is the total centralisation of power in terms of transfer strategy, everything goes through Wenger and he’s a bit of a bottleneck.

  65. Leedsgunner

    Rob Holding just went from “one for the future” to “bloody right now” — lmao!!!

    Yep, Arsene Wenger the great developer of youth!


  66. Carts


    Without doubt, we are the most unprepared team going

    People say “when Dein was here…” Like Wenger hasn’t had ample opportunity to replace him.

    But then again, what do you expect from a man who’s on record saying that he could operate alongside a DoF?!

    If Wenger genuinely though his workload was on-top, he’d make moves to lessen that burden.

    Till then, there’s nothing else to say

  67. Cesc Appeal

    Guardiola is eyeing Ter Stegen apparently, easy to see why, Hart seems to just be going to pot as a keeper.

  68. Cesc Appeal



    The difference with and without Dein is like night and day. Cannot understand how no one at the club can see that, in particular Wenger, comes back to this whole centralisation thing, it hurts us that there is not someone at the club with equal say to Wenger who can insist on a football man being brought in.

    I keep saying Arsenal need modernising, and I really think that is the root cause of our transfer issues, we can hire all the scouts and employ all the data systems we want, when transfer strategy and decisions come from one man working on his own principles and belief, all that counts for pot.

  69. Marko

    I’m struggling to think of a side anywhere near as bad as us for it, I think the main problem is the total centralisation of power in terms of transfer strategy, everything goes through Wenger and he’s a bit of a bottleneck.

    Absolutely true. You think Tuchel or Allegri or whoever gets involved in every aspect of a signing whereas with Wenger you just know he micro manages everything

  70. Wallace


    any idea what Swansea are asking for Williams? seems the type of player who might complement Koscielny, and also maybe a good senior partner for our junior burgers.

  71. Leedsgunner

    Plus this fiasco will be used to explain why we haven’t bought a striker – because unlike other multimillion pound corporations our manager, CEO and negotiators can only work on one deal at a time.


  72. WengerEagle

    We’re a complete laughing stock when it comes to operating in the transfer market.

    Every fucking year it’s the same shit, Mid August rolls around and we’re 2-3 players short.

    I couldnt help but piss myself reading Wenger’a quotes during the week, confirming that we are an utterly terribly run
    and reactive football club waiting for the scraps like hungry dogs rather than going out there and proactively solving our squad issues.

  73. Cesc Appeal


    Exactly, of course a manager should have a major hand in transfer targets and even talking to players and agents directly when necessary, but the CEO should be heavily involved knowing the direction he wants to take the club in and knowing how much he wants to reinvest in the playing side, there should be a DoF (or someone similar to that) at the club doing the identification and providing transfer strategy in conjunction with the manager’s requests.

  74. Joe

    knowing how much he wants to reinvest in the playing side

    The manager has should have no say in this aspect of the football club.

    Give a list of players. And let the CEO or whoever deal with it.

    Only at arsenal does a manager have ALL control over transfers

  75. Leedsgunner

    Oh by the way Wenger just got his excuse for losing to Liverpool.

    Sick and tired of the same mistakes being made and dressed as “bad luck”.

  76. Marko

    That’s probably the most blatant thing we need to change at the club you know how we identify and subsequently sign players. I mean it’s the one thing that gets to me the most and its the one thing fans love the most

  77. Joe


    Hopefully with a new manager comes new processes.

    New manager gives a list of players he wants.

    DOF goes and gets them.

  78. Alexanderhenry

    Feel really sorry for Gabriel. Wenger must buy a replacement and I’m sure he will now.

    There’s still plenty of time to buy and let’s be honest if any team needs new defenders, it’s man city.

    I don’t put too much importance on pre season games but the second half team looked better than the first half team. Walcott was very good, but walcott is walcott.

    We know he can do it if he gets his head right. It’s up to him, but this season is surely his last chance to prove himself.

    We have a chance this season, but there are obvious frailties. The solution is obvious. Buy at least a decent CF and CB and we’re in with a real shout.

  79. left testicle

    Wenger will state that Gabriel’s injury is not as bad as first feared only to annouce at a later date that it’s a bad one.

  80. Carts


    That’s it “one man”. This is the issue.

    People can cry and moan about the other two useless c.unts but Wenger calls the damn shots

    I mean, imagine if Wenger was a project manager.

    The first thing he’d need to do was a project plan mapping out deliverable and milestones throughout the summer transfer window

    Can you imagine that fool in a project board meeting when his part come up on the agenda

    “Wenger, do you have that project plan to show with the rest of the project team?”

    *everyone looks to Wenger*

    Wenger – “why you look at me …?”

    It pure negligence, as per every one of the last 8 seasons.

    Be prepared for Wenger to bitch about not finding the right quality lol

  81. rollen

    Relieable Sauce
    August 7, 2016 19:21:10


    Plenty, you drama queen flip-floppers.
    Get behind the young players and take your medicine.

    thanks your interest in our affais

  82. Dissenter

    “Feel really sorry for Gabriel. Wenger must buy a replacement and I’m sure he will now.”

    You’re contradicting yourself dude
    I thought we had spent our yearly allotment of 10 million [“give or take 10 million”] already.
    Don’t tell me Wenger is on skype begging Kroenke to bail us out with more transfer funds.

  83. left testicle

    We know he can do it if he gets his head right. It’s up to him, but this season is surely his last chance to prove himself.

    Seriously? The dude has been here ten seasons. He needs more than getting his head right. He needs desire, passion and fight. He needs to want to win. He needs a football brain. He needs a rocket up his arse. But most of all he needs his p45 handed to him.

  84. Marko

    Honestly how do we have a chance Alex? You’re delusional. Down to Koscielny as our only dependable CB and really one striker. We’ve haven’t improved in the slightest. We needed to improve the attack and we haven’t

  85. Joe


    Where is the money going to come

    You have been banging on and on saying we have used our transfer funds already

    Hmmmmm. Please explain

  86. Dissenter

    I feel sorry to all the players that Wenger is letting down by his dereliction of duty every transfer window.
    Wenger is letting down the elite players he convinced to come to north London as well as all the young players he’s throwing into the deep end too quickly.

    He’s emotionally crippling our fan base with all the unnecessary mistakes he makes repeatedly.
    If only he took his transfer business with the seriousness he gives to his press conferences. He has an opinion on everything from the moon landing to Brexit but wont do his 8,500,000 p.a. job properly.

  87. Alexanderhenry

    Marko, left testicle, Dissenter

    Just wait until the window closes before passing judgement.

    ..and Dissenter I never claimed wenger has an annual transfer budget of £10 million. What I did say, is that give or take a few million , Wenger spends what he is given.

  88. Danish Gooner

    There is a glaring weakness in Wengers argumentation when talking about players like Kozzer being ready after only 4 weeks training because Wenger have no issue with running players in to the ground because his squad is wafer thin,like Oxlade and Wally and Cazorla etc las year he riuned them physically till they broke but not once did he complain about his squad being to small ??????????

  89. WengerEagle

    ‘What I did say, is that give or take a few million , Wenger spends what he is given.’

    So Kroenke only allocated £10-15 million in transfer funds last summer?

  90. vicky


    The tragedy of Gabriel injury is Wenger is going to have to stump up good money for a CB now and the more we pay for a CB, the lesser is the chance we sign a striker of note. I understand people calling for Koulibaly,Mustafi etc but will Wenger fork out 40-50M for a striker if he has already paid 30M for a CB ? Don’t think so. Also agree with you that even Djik will command a hefty sum now.

    Any 2 out of Chambers,Bielik,Monreal and Debuchy will be played as a CB against Liverpool. Wenger hates being dictated terms to in transfer market. Don’t see him finding an expensive remedy for the game against Liverpool.

  91. Danish Gooner

    To all you people claiming poverty on behalf of Arsenal Plc,please stop.
    We just received a 100 mil extra from tv,we are five years from having paid of The Emirates ,we are cash rich with 200 mil in the bank and finally we are owners of 75 percentage of the entire cash of the whole pl put together.

  92. Alexanderhenry


    There is plenty of cash available but how much we spend is up to kroenke.

    For the umpteenth time, that’s the way it works at arsenal and that’s the way it works at all clubs.

    At Chelsea Abramovich decides how much to spend, at man u the Glazers do etc etc.

    Managers are employed by their clubs to manage the team. They are given a budget by the owners of those clubs. The managers themselves don’t decide how much the budget is.

    I really hope that’s the last time I have to post this.

    Swear all you like, but if you don’t or won’t get it, I can’t help you.

  93. Joe

    Swear all you like, but if you don’t or won’t get it, I can’t help you

    You will eat your words the day Wenger fucks off and new manager spends and brings in players and wins trophies

    Can’t wait.

    Then maybe YOU will get it

  94. Marko

    Alex definitely the smartest person in any room he’s in. Hats off to you anyway in believing with such conviction that which you assume and absolutely can’t prove. But hey 5 richest club in world football who has a yearly budget of 10-15 million one year and 35 million the next. Yep it all makes sense

  95. Alexanderhenry

    Danish Gooner

    We all know that.

    There are two possible reasons for arsenal not spending:

    1) Wenger refuses to spend on principle, preferring instead to prove he can win trophies with average players and kids. He thinks spending is vulgar.

    2) The club’s majority shareholder has witheld the funds, preferring to stockpile cash at the club. He paid approx. £450 million for his controlling stake and inherited the stadium debt. It’s a neat way of getting the fans to pay off the debt and repay his initial investment for him. In the end he gets a cash rich, debt free arsenal and his money back. Also, wenger takes all the flak

    Well done stan.

  96. Relieable Sauce

    If we challenge for the league the flock will be easily appeased and the flip-floppers will fall back into line.

    I must admit, I do think there may be value in eugenics and the NWOs 1st commandment.

  97. Marko

    Wenger refuses to spend on principle, preferring instead to prove he can win trophies with average players and kids. He thinks spending is vulgar

    See you got it eventually

  98. Dissenter

    Wenger talking about Kroenke in 2011 after he became majority shareholder:
    “Asked whether he could envisage Kroenke spending big on a player without consulting the manager and then demanding that the player be picked, Wenger chuckled and replied: “I don’t think he would do that. We will run the club with the technical department having the decision on what is technical. For all the rest I have of course to answer to Stan Kroenke and I am ready to do that for any questions, but I run the technical department.” https://www.theguardian.com/football/2011/apr/16/stan-kroenke-arsenal-arsene-wenger
    Wenger discussing Kroenke’s support in 2016; “”I do not want to go into personal comment on my owner. We can work with complete freedom. I believe like every football that it should work with the resources it generates and that’s what we do. When I speak about values, that is one of the values and we are very proud to do that. Never [has he stopped me in the transfer market]. He is very ambitious.”

    Alexanderhenry; “Wenger spends what he is given.”

    I choose to believe Wenger rather that his deluded side-kick.

  99. WengerEagle

    Alexander Henry

    Have you seen our annual revenue and how valuable our club is? We took in £100 million from TV alone in 2015/16.

    Even Aston Villa spent more than £10 million net last summer, how on earth can you honestly believe that he was only given £10-15 million?

  100. Alexanderhenry


    In order for your theory to stand up at all, wenger must have put stan under some kind of weird trance. Maybe he’s hypnotised the entire BOD as well.

    If season after season as an owner, you offer a manager large sums of cash to spend only for that manager to refuse the money and consequently fail, you would replace that manager with someone else willing to spend.

    Therefore your theory is ridiculous on two counts:

    1) The very idea that any manager would refuse to spend money offered to them on principle is unprecedented and extremely far fetched.

    2) The idea that an owner would persevere with a manager who fails as a result of lack of spending, despite actually offering him money to spend is preposterous.

    It makes no sense. None whatsoever.

  101. Alexanderhenry


    Look at arsenal’s nett spend since Kroenke got involved in 2007.

    He’s fleecing the fans. He has no desire to succeed. He’s getting the fans to pay off the stadium debt for him. He only sees arsenal as a business investment.

  102. Redtruth

    I am not interested in top 4 or Runners-Up.
    In fact i am not interested in winning the title because while Wenger remains the team will always be built on sand..

  103. Joe

    No red

    He’s making a monkey of himself regurgitating his bollocks factless propaganda

    Too bad Wenger himself has come out and killed his theory numerous times. A few times in the last few months.

    But please Alex. Keep going.

    It’s quite humourous to see how stupid you really are

  104. Joe

    We all know Wenger does what he wants. Spends what he wants.

    Except for Henry

    But of course he is right and the rest of us are wrong

    Yep. Alex is right. The other 99.9999 % are wrong

    Carry on Alex