Wenger bracing us for empty pockets | Kids tank Vikings, but what did we learn?

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8-0, we beat the Vikings 8-0, we beat the Vikings 8-0!

BUT, that wasn’t what we tuned in for, right people?

Damn right. We tuned in to find out what Arsene Wenger was going to say about transfers after the game and it was typically Arsene Wenger and typically infuriating.

‘It’s not the prices, it’s the players. At the moment I’m focused on the players we have. Today we didn’t have Ramsey, Xhaka, Alexis – he will play on Sunday. We still have Ozil at home, and Giroud and Koscielny too. We also have young players who came on and did well. We do not have to panic but we are on alert in the transfer market so that we can make the right move when the opportunity comes up.’

Oh. Dear. Me.

So what can we deduce from these wise patronising words?

Firstly, let’s take in how passive that statement is.

‘We are on alert’

‘Make the right move when the opportunity comes up’

What the fuck is that about? On alert? We’re 9 days away from the start of the season and you’re just on alert? I’m on alert after buying a kebab from a street vendor. I’m alert about random crazies on the subway. I’m alert when there is only ONE beer in my fridge.

Should Arsenal be alert?

Or should we be proactively hunting down names, rather than passively waiting to see what drops out the player bargain bin?

Also, he’s focused on the players he has? Again, bravo that you’re focused there, but isn’t it just as important to be heavily focused on what you don’t have, because we already know what we have isn’t good enough to win the league / anywhere near good enough to make a dent in the European Cup?

Then Arsene Wenger goes on the full blown trolling of Arsenal fans…

‘The money is never a problem if you have to pay what is requested. The price of a player is down to four ingredients. One is the talent, two his age, three is how much you expect him to improve your team, and four his resale value. If he ticks all four boxes then the price is not that important. You have to find the player.’

What is this statement about? Firstly, we went £20m for a 29 year Leicester striker who would have zero sell on value. So I’m guessing that being very basic, Wenger is saying we’d be prepared to pay a £20m premium off the bat if losing money on Vardy wasn’t an issue? Dreamz… He’s just trying to make you feel stupid about insisting he parts with cash that isn’t his own.

Then we have the second problem with Wenger’s little equation.

He doesn’t know how to use it because he’s so out of touch.

He doesn’t know how much a player will improve his team (hence the dithering) and he doesn’t understand resale values. In fact, he’s appalling at resale values. If he had even the foggiest about them, he’d have paid Real what they wanted for Higuain. He’d have paid what we needed to put forward for Suarez after the club found out they’d misunderstood the finer details of his infamous buyout clause.

I mean, for me, why is Arsene Wenger even working to equations on price? United, Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona aren’t. They’re working to an equation of ‘can this player make us Champions’… which in a market of endless cash is probably a smart one.

Arsenal aren’t on the hospital list financially. We don’t need to be careful with our pennies. If anything, our cash supply is on the hospital list, each year we don’t spend, it loses 30% of its value. It’s absolutely absurd that Wenger is telling us 6 days into August that he has an equation for player pricing that hasn’t worked for 4 years.

Wenger should just come out and say, look, it’s over. I’ve made a terrible mistake, rather than lead us down the garden path that suddenly, a Cristiano Ronaldo, aged 23, with exceptional talent growth and huge resale value is going to jump out the bushes.

I think the really interesting point to note this summer is there isn’t really even a ‘see who the big clubs sell’ plan in the offing. People keep reminding me of that time we dropped an Ozil… and harping on about how that sort of business has been beneficial for us.

Sure, it’s a big name. But it wasn’t a strategic play. I’m pretty sure that summer, Madrid had to offload one of Ozil, Higuain or Benzema to fund Bale. Arsenal were looking at basically any of them. Then last day of the window, we landed Ozil. But, from a playing perspective, we hadn’t thought about how to use him. We hadn’t taken into account he wouldn’t have gotten a full preseason under his belt. It was beautiful band aid of a signing. We need players early. We can’t keep playing Harry Redknapp games at the end of the window.

Bigger point, where’s that type of name coming from this year? Those players were being touted all summer. Who is being touted like that this year? No one. I can’t even see what we’re waiting around for this summer. The market doesn’t even have hopeful options for us.

I think I put a good case against us doing anything mega late on in this window, namely because if we can’t appeal to Jamie Vardy, I’ll be damned if you can convince me we’re going to pull Lewa, Auba or Griezmann from their respective clubs.

So it leaves us scrapping around for B or C players at highly inflated prices.

What a mess. What an absolute mess. Going into the season opener with Chuba Akpom (who I like) as your main man is beyond negligence.

Those first three games really are looking tough. You can see the excuses already.

‘The players weren’t quite sharp enough’

‘We suffered because of the Euro’s’

‘We can’t compete in the market’

What a joke.

But, there you have it, most Arsenal fans sang the managers name in the ground. Most Arsenal fans were happy for him to be given that extra year. We get the manager we deserve.

Match Highlights:

Sorry, got derailed there.

Not really too much you can tell from a game against rank amateurs.

  • Great to see Cazorla back in the side pulling the strings
  • We really should be shifting on Ospina. He’s a terrible embarrassment of a keeper. Bring in someone young who can make an impact on Petr Cech this season. Proper competition. Like most big clubs encourage
  • Kind of frustrating to see Wenger, this far into preseason, still assessing young players he’s unlikely to use. I mean, even Joel Campbell getting all these games and goals feels kind of pointless considering how little love he gets during the season despite being a much better player than he’s given credit for.
  • LOVE IWOBI. A real talent, hoping this is a proper breakthrough year for. Have a feeling England are really going to regret letting that talent slide.
  • The youth is finally looking quite exciting. Massive, technically gifted players who remind me a little bit of the Capital One Cup sides of yesteryear (but bigger). Can’t help but think Wenger’s deployment is a touch cynical. Because they’re not ready to challenge the big guns of Pep, Conte and Mourinho.

Right, have a blinding day, and enjoy the Olympics!



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  1. Tomtom


    I doubt Ox will ever amount to much. Guy simply doesn’t have a football brain. How many years has he been playing football he still doesn’t get his head up while making runs.

    I’ve been saying this for years, incredible that a pro footballer can continue to make the same old mistakes

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Nice finish from Iwobi, good display of confidence as well.

    Hart really does seem to struggle when he has to get down to a ball, players might want to think about that.

  3. gonsterous

    This team is not bad and maybe can nick 4th spot. Bet Wenger thinks the same. As for winning the title, we need to add a lot of qualidee !!

  4. Cesc Appeal

    City seem a bit awkward, not sure many of the players out there have the intelligence and ability to play in a Guardiola system, not sure how many of them will survive.

  5. izzo

    Iwobi will be run into the ground if he keeps getting chances. You can smell it from a mile away Wenger throwing him into the deep end when he should be rotated and rested.

  6. vicky

    Elneny having an impact on the game already, I don’t understand why people slate him so much, not immensely talented but very effective.

  7. Bishop

    It looks more like it’s going to be Gabriel and Chambers for pool if it’s by this game..Holding didn’t have the best of games.

    Expect to bite your nails.

  8. Ashwin Gunner

    1) Arsene Wenger again sitting on his hands and doing nothing.

    2) Arsene apologists thinks he is god.

    3) Pedro frustrated with Arsene Wenger

    4) Arsene still a d!ck who doesnt know how to win.

    Feels like 2007 to me!!!!

  9. Champagne charlie

    Elneny is parter for Xhaka right now, that’s a very solid CM. Coquelin is a water carrier, Cazorla not totally fit, Rambo just can’t leave the Hollywood stuff alone.

  10. tunnygriffboy

    Xhaka off. Injured ?

    Elneny looks busy putting himself about.

    Dare I say but Iwobi has more about him football wise than either Walnut or Ox ?

    Joe Hart. England’s number 1 :). Surely it’s time Forster was given his chance.

  11. Wallace


    “Eleny is parter for Xhaka right now, that’s a very solid CM.”

    yup. Elneny already playing with a lot more authority. I like him a lot.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Ramsey poor, Caz on.

    I think we will get a fair few chances now, City’s middle has just been so weak. Not surprising with a LB and CM playing CB, youngster on for them now.

    Still expect a host of chances for us.

  13. STV

    Arsenal are playing good. I’d be happy if not the fact that Wenger will use whatever the outcome from now on, for not buying anyone this Window..

    Our Squad is woefully short. Lolcott running around like headless chicken, Chamberlain being the bang average player he is and the barebone defense.

    Elneny Holding Iwobi going good but

    Can’t see our preseason form transpires to the EPL season.

  14. Bishop

    It’s looking more like Wenger keeps COQ to get who fits with him most..

    Meanwhile for me it has to be ELNENY / xhaka Carzola

  15. Arsene's Nurse

    Better. We are moving the ball much quicker and with greater fluidity. Something we’ve been lacking in the last few years.

  16. tunnygriffboy


    Surely either Butland and Forster would be a better bet for you. Ha. Commentators curse Hart with a super save.

    Alexis still on ? First game back

    Santi who not match fit and played full game Friday on for half an hour.

    Suppose he wants miles in their legs for next week.

  17. Paulinho

    Haven’t really been impressed by Iwobi.

    in terms of the bread and butter aspect of his game – pass and move combination play – he was very hit and miss. Under-hitting and over-hitting passes.

  18. Marko

    Sure Xhaka and Elneny has the likely better balance but we all know for a fact it won’t matter how well they play together the favourites always have to play. Expect Caz and Ramsey to play at the expense of balance and cohesion. Fuck I just said cohesion sorry that was last season

  19. Arsene's Nurse

    Bloody hell, what a lovely bit of play, movement and finish for that goal. If only Walcott could do that more often.

  20. Jeff

    Just when you least expect it. Very good goal from Walcott. If he can do that often enough – all well and good but that’s the big question.

  21. Bishop

    As bad as Lolcott can be…I will start him over Ox..then Ox comes off the bench for him..he at least scores…Ox don’t

  22. Paulinho

    Sell Chamberlain.

    At least with Wally whenever he reaches rock bottom he scores a goal.

    Chamberlain keeps digging.

  23. Marko

    in terms of the bread and butter aspect of his game – pass and move combination play – he was very hit and miss. Under-hitting and over-hitting passes.

    He’s 19 isn’t he? Plenty of time to convince you he’s a footballer

  24. tunnygriffboy

    Chelsea in for Mustafi. Johnny Evans it is then. Or a sneaky £12 million bid for Ashley Williams. Get 2 or 3 years out of him. Born leader and organiser. He’d take no sh.te and get the defence organised

    Bollox Walnut just scored v City. Harumph. Guess we’re in the market for a wide man.

  25. BigCheese


    Need the pace up top to beat high press that Klopp loves. Hopefully Xhaka and Elneny babysit the 2 CBs well…

  26. izzo

    Im surprised city still have so many of their old and past it squad. I thought Pep would be more ruthless and their defense is still as shite as it was last season. Think they will struggle this year unless he buys some defenders before the window closes.

  27. Paulinho

    Marko – 20.

    Like him as a footballer, the way he sees the game, but just don’t think he has it to execute it at the needed level. Far too erratic in terms of technical ability to execute what he attempts.

  28. Marko

    Again Paulinho he’s 20. You’re being a bit harsh considering we’ve fuck all players coming through who look like they’ll make it. He’s doing it.

  29. Relieable Sauce

    Theo might know where he thinks he wants to play now.

    I had City down for 3rd, though thatmight be beyond them if Guardiola cant adapt quickly.

  30. vicky

    Against Liverpool, I will go with

    ———- Xhaka—Elneny—–

  31. Jeff

    Wow. Akpom. I have to be honest and say I’ve seen nothing in Man City that says to me they are any better than they were under Pellegrini. Early days yet and friendlies don’t mean shit. But that’s how I see it so far as this game is concerned.

  32. izzo

    Fox in the box Akpom. If he does that all season i hope Giroud never starts. Again what is Pep doing about City’s defense?? They are going to do a Chelsea this season.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    Joe Hart has just turned into a catastrophe in gloves.

    City’s defence has been utterly terrible today. Fair enough they have no CB’s, but you cannot be that poor.

  34. Wallace

    can see Guardiola dumping most of last season’s regulars and going with the new guys and some kids. and 4 full backs all over 30 and all earning over 100k probably isn’t what he needs.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    City are kind of lucky they have Sunderland at home first game because I don’t think they are where they need to be…again, acknowledging there are some players missing for them.

  36. Rambo Ramsey

    The issue I find with Elneny is he’s wank defensively. Instead of cooing over every five yard pass he makes, keep an eye out on the number of times the opposition players blitz him for pace or stroll past him without challenge or shake off his weak challenges and shove him aside.

  37. vicky

    I said it earlier..Guardiola has focussed too much on attacking players in this transfer window so far when it’s city’s defense which is a total mess. Still has got time and money to sort it out.

  38. Leedsgunner

    Navas left wide open… what is our defenders doing?!? Lucky let off.

    Pleasantly surprised with the fightback… doesn’t change the fact that we need a ST and a CB for the long season ahead.

  39. Carts

    Not much to deduce from this game, other than Wenger still doesn’t know what his preferred 11 is.

    We need a CF.

    Ramsey – playing anywhere on the pitch – is not the answer.

    Defensively we lack structure (Gabriel looks like he’ll snuggle up next to Welbeck)

  40. Mohap99

    We are fkd now:… What’s it with us and injuries. Lord not now !! 2 out of our top 3 center banks are injured. Broken leg it seems.

    You just have to wish Gabriel well. Did nothing wrong and went it like anybody will do… It’s sad to see. Very sad .. I feel for him

    Wenger has surely have to buy now.. Surely

  41. davedale

    Can’t cite bad luck when it keeps happening Mr Wenger. Never learn that a paper thin squad is prone to this type of thing. 8 million a year. Awesome management.

  42. Relieable Sauce

    I do think Iwobi is overrated by the majority of grovers. Looks decent/good but not outstanding.
    Still young though and more composed and aware than Ox or Wally…not the best barometer when judging players if we are honest.

  43. Carts

    “Now we do have to drop that £25 million for Mustafi. I bet the price just went up.”

    Wenger – we’re looking for players that will improve us

    Wenger – we are short defensively and Debucy will not be leaving.

    Defensive frailties solved!

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Clearly a very, very bad injury, ligaments in the knee perhaps? The medical staff are handling him with the utmost care.

  45. tunnygriffboy

    What have we said all summer. We are one injury to Giroud or Gabriel away from a disaster. Well it’s happened.

    Disgraceful management. Now we have 2 rookies v Liverpool and God knows going forward. Looks like Mert and Gabriel out for a long time. I expect a CB in this week. It should have been done already. We could have 3 players U21 in our defence next week

    It’s f.cking appalling.

  46. Marko

    Gabriel’s crying his eyes out, must know its a bad one

    How bad is it? Hilarious that our need to sign a defender was huge beforehand but if we’re down two important defenders bet it takes our incredibly useless manager another two weeks to sign one not two.

  47. Arsene's Nurse

    He’s gone to challenge and then for some reason he’s ended up squatting and then the City player falls on top of him and making him twist his leg. If he’d just have held off and shielded the player there wouldn’t be a problem.

  48. Jim Lahey

    “The selling club has our balls in a vise.
    Thanks Wenger.”

    Exactly all his fucking dithering and penny pinching now means any CB we go for will be an extra £10m+

    Also it will be someone like Evans.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    When you think as well, Liverpool, loaded with pace and interchangeability in the front line, Leicester, full on pace counter team…those are our first two games, any two of Chambers, Holding, Debuchy and Beliek does not fill me with confidence.

    Wenger and Arsenal need to be on the phone to Valencia tonight.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    I would be surprised if this wasn’t a ‘back in the new year’ type injury, looked a nasty one, leg brace was put on, Gabriel was distressed as well. Maybe ACL or something.

  51. Rambo Ramsey

    See this is the sort of shit that happens when you procrastinate over needs. Now its a race against time to get in a defender. Shambles man. Can’t even begin to comprehend how much of a disaster it’d be if Giroud goes down similar fashion.

  52. Carts

    My prediction is acl and probably some miniscus damage.

    Gabriel has always struck me as a bit of a spaz. I know these things happen but I can’t help but think a lot of our players act, then think.

    Look at Welbeck’s injury…very unavoidable, but he decided to attempt a tackle with the wrong leg.


  53. Jeff

    Wenger does it every bloody summer. Puts all his chips in and then loses the lot. No foresight, no forward planning, no insurance. It’s just a friendly there’s no need for it. Now we’ve got 50 odd games ahead of us with no credible CB. What’s he going to do? Recruit more rookies.

  54. Duzie

    We should be going for Höwedes and Koulibaly. Starting the season with three rookies, is disastrous!
    I am not looking forward to any positive response in the transfer window anyway. Wenger is leaving the team in tatters and it may prove to be costly come next May.

  55. Marko

    Tunny no. Mustafi and Rugani for me. Maybe someone like Niklas Sule perhaps. Young up and coming German defender who had a break out season last term. Other than that who the fuck knows what Wenger will do. At the very least one has to come in he’s been forced.

  56. Marko

    Very surprised there’s a bunch of keyboard jockeys suggesting how a professional footballer should tackle. Ah well if anyone wants me I’ll be on a scientific forum debunking global warming… just kidding it’s real

  57. Dissenter

    I can see Wenger penny pinching and rushing Kosh back only for Kosh to have muscle injuries.

    Anyway Wenger now has a plausible excuse to a poor season.

  58. Champagne charlie

    Gutted for Gabriel, terrible luck and awful given the circumstances.

    If…IF we need multiple defensive players then I hope it’s not at the expense of our ST targets.

    2 of 3 CB’s potentially ruled out for the first half of the season? Christ

  59. Carts

    Koulibally was my #1 choice before he was even mentioned on these streets.

    As was Murillo.

    Napoli drive a hard bargain, but right now we need established CB or at least proven ones.

    Howedes, Mustafi and Murillo would be our best bet right now.

  60. tunnygriffboy

    It’s a disaster. We probably need 2 CBs now

    It’s disgraceful we haven’t brought one in already. By the time they come in and up to speed we could be out of the title race

    Why can’t the club see this ? No one to question or push Wenger. Liverpool withtheir attack will be ugly. I’m really worried.

    Fucking poncing aroud ddithering about thinking he’s being clever leaving things to last minute. I’m officially disgusted

  61. Marko

    The worrying thing now should be not just whether Wenger finally gets off his arse but is he stupid enough to rush back an already questionable Koscielny for Liverpool? Keep in mind he has had zero pre season and was nursing a knee injury during the euros. Do we rush him back and potentially cause him an injury? All because Wenger is absolutely atrocious at signing players and competing

  62. Dissenter

    There was nothing wrong in Gabriel’s tackle. You want defenders to be committed all the time.
    I’m hopeful that it will be seredipitious. Out of the ashes of Gabriel will a better defensive signing emerge.