Wenger bracing us for empty pockets | Kids tank Vikings, but what did we learn?

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8-0, we beat the Vikings 8-0, we beat the Vikings 8-0!

BUT, that wasn’t what we tuned in for, right people?

Damn right. We tuned in to find out what Arsene Wenger was going to say about transfers after the game and it was typically Arsene Wenger and typically infuriating.

‘It’s not the prices, it’s the players. At the moment I’m focused on the players we have. Today we didn’t have Ramsey, Xhaka, Alexis – he will play on Sunday. We still have Ozil at home, and Giroud and Koscielny too. We also have young players who came on and did well. We do not have to panic but we are on alert in the transfer market so that we can make the right move when the opportunity comes up.’

Oh. Dear. Me.

So what can we deduce from these wise patronising words?

Firstly, let’s take in how passive that statement is.

‘We are on alert’

‘Make the right move when the opportunity comes up’

What the fuck is that about? On alert? We’re 9 days away from the start of the season and you’re just on alert? I’m on alert after buying a kebab from a street vendor. I’m alert about random crazies on the subway. I’m alert when there is only ONE beer in my fridge.

Should Arsenal be alert?

Or should we be proactively hunting down names, rather than passively waiting to see what drops out the player bargain bin?

Also, he’s focused on the players he has? Again, bravo that you’re focused there, but isn’t it just as important to be heavily focused on what you don’t have, because we already know what we have isn’t good enough to win the league / anywhere near good enough to make a dent in the European Cup?

Then Arsene Wenger goes on the full blown trolling of Arsenal fans…

‘The money is never a problem if you have to pay what is requested. The price of a player is down to four ingredients. One is the talent, two his age, three is how much you expect him to improve your team, and four his resale value. If he ticks all four boxes then the price is not that important. You have to find the player.’

What is this statement about? Firstly, we went £20m for a 29 year Leicester striker who would have zero sell on value. So I’m guessing that being very basic, Wenger is saying we’d be prepared to pay a £20m premium off the bat if losing money on Vardy wasn’t an issue? Dreamz… He’s just trying to make you feel stupid about insisting he parts with cash that isn’t his own.

Then we have the second problem with Wenger’s little equation.

He doesn’t know how to use it because he’s so out of touch.

He doesn’t know how much a player will improve his team (hence the dithering) and he doesn’t understand resale values. In fact, he’s appalling at resale values. If he had even the foggiest about them, he’d have paid Real what they wanted for Higuain. He’d have paid what we needed to put forward for Suarez after the club found out they’d misunderstood the finer details of his infamous buyout clause.

I mean, for me, why is Arsene Wenger even working to equations on price? United, Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona aren’t. They’re working to an equation of ‘can this player make us Champions’… which in a market of endless cash is probably a smart one.

Arsenal aren’t on the hospital list financially. We don’t need to be careful with our pennies. If anything, our cash supply is on the hospital list, each year we don’t spend, it loses 30% of its value. It’s absolutely absurd that Wenger is telling us 6 days into August that he has an equation for player pricing that hasn’t worked for 4 years.

Wenger should just come out and say, look, it’s over. I’ve made a terrible mistake, rather than lead us down the garden path that suddenly, a Cristiano Ronaldo, aged 23, with exceptional talent growth and huge resale value is going to jump out the bushes.

I think the really interesting point to note this summer is there isn’t really even a ‘see who the big clubs sell’ plan in the offing. People keep reminding me of that time we dropped an Ozil… and harping on about how that sort of business has been beneficial for us.

Sure, it’s a big name. But it wasn’t a strategic play. I’m pretty sure that summer, Madrid had to offload one of Ozil, Higuain or Benzema to fund Bale. Arsenal were looking at basically any of them. Then last day of the window, we landed Ozil. But, from a playing perspective, we hadn’t thought about how to use him. We hadn’t taken into account he wouldn’t have gotten a full preseason under his belt. It was beautiful band aid of a signing. We need players early. We can’t keep playing Harry Redknapp games at the end of the window.

Bigger point, where’s that type of name coming from this year? Those players were being touted all summer. Who is being touted like that this year? No one. I can’t even see what we’re waiting around for this summer. The market doesn’t even have hopeful options for us.

I think I put a good case against us doing anything mega late on in this window, namely because if we can’t appeal to Jamie Vardy, I’ll be damned if you can convince me we’re going to pull Lewa, Auba or Griezmann from their respective clubs.

So it leaves us scrapping around for B or C players at highly inflated prices.

What a mess. What an absolute mess. Going into the season opener with Chuba Akpom (who I like) as your main man is beyond negligence.

Those first three games really are looking tough. You can see the excuses already.

‘The players weren’t quite sharp enough’

‘We suffered because of the Euro’s’

‘We can’t compete in the market’

What a joke.

But, there you have it, most Arsenal fans sang the managers name in the ground. Most Arsenal fans were happy for him to be given that extra year. We get the manager we deserve.

Match Highlights:

Sorry, got derailed there.

Not really too much you can tell from a game against rank amateurs.

  • Great to see Cazorla back in the side pulling the strings
  • We really should be shifting on Ospina. He’s a terrible embarrassment of a keeper. Bring in someone young who can make an impact on Petr Cech this season. Proper competition. Like most big clubs encourage
  • Kind of frustrating to see Wenger, this far into preseason, still assessing young players he’s unlikely to use. I mean, even Joel Campbell getting all these games and goals feels kind of pointless considering how little love he gets during the season despite being a much better player than he’s given credit for.
  • LOVE IWOBI. A real talent, hoping this is a proper breakthrough year for. Have a feeling England are really going to regret letting that talent slide.
  • The youth is finally looking quite exciting. Massive, technically gifted players who remind me a little bit of the Capital One Cup sides of yesteryear (but bigger). Can’t help but think Wenger’s deployment is a touch cynical. Because they’re not ready to challenge the big guns of Pep, Conte and Mourinho.

Right, have a blinding day, and enjoy the Olympics!



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  1. ADKB

    “We do not have to panic but we are on alert in the transfer market so that we can make the right move when the opportunity comes up.”

    So what happens if no opportunity comes up? We do nothing, right?

    Ordinary managers wait for right opportunities. Great managers make right opportunities happen.

  2. uk

    Fuck me, shouldn’t have read the earlier comments, now I’m battling relegation. Arsenal omen for the season?

  3. Bemused Gooner

    Agree with you 100% . Is he, AW, a clever man focussed on a money mission that we aren’t privy to? A sad old fool who’s struggling with early onset
    dementia and isn’t aware how things around him change, like the market for players inflates? How he can claim that OG particularly and others in the team/squad can’t be improved upon is staggering to consider……..I could go on but might have an infarction if I do……he will get caught out and right now I think this could be the season, the that nice FA cup wall paper is coming down and the cracks are showing …..bah! Humbug!

  4. Kane

    We all know how this will go….

    I will say it now



    Now… You either agree with these statements or you don’t

    If you do… Then you agree Wenger needs to go as it is his incompetence and outright negligence that is the root of this

    Or you think we can win with the squad we have… In which case I’d love to hear your reasoning…..

  5. alexanderhenry


    Regarding your post on the previous thread:

    I think we’ll finish in the top three. The way things are at the moment- it can change depending on who we and others buy- I make us second or third favourite to win the PL

    Now your turn. Where do you think we’ll finish?

    Now i

  6. vegas gooner

    can’t help but think we’ll lead the league again in chances not converted. i seriously think wenger doesn’t care anymore and come december when we’re 10th, he be asked why didn’t you buy a striker and he’ll say ‘oh, i was saving that money for my replacement next summer.’ and then he’ll smirk.

  7. jasongms

    “Or you think we can win with the squad we have… In which case I’d love to hear your reasoning…..”

    it’s an easy read, “we only need on or two players and the manager has promised he’ll get it done asap” lol

  8. steve

    Arsene Wenger: “We still look up front. We still look at the back. We’re on alert day & night. When opportunity comes, you have to catch it”


    In other words there’s no plan. Just reactionary as usual. No active work to sign players. Waiting for the scraps the other big clubs don’t want.

    Joke of a club

  9. Joe


    At least I admitted my error in it and took it like a man

    CC throws his toys out of the pram anytime someone dares questions him

    After that last comment Wallace I can’t wait for you to not comment on here for 2 months. Was almost feeling sorry that you wouldn’t be able to comment on here but fuck it

  10. Joe


    Wherever we finish we will be at least 15 points back of league leaders.

    And again a failed season under wanker

  11. Arseology

    Nothing is going to change as long as we have a penny pinching accountant masquerading as a football manager at the helm.
    The board are just as complicit… a fecking useless bunch of spineless caants with no ambition that enable Wenger to continue fecking us.

  12. jasongms

    great read peter , keep them coming !


    We are seriously an injury away from either Ozil or Alexis of finishing outside the top four. This could be that year …

  13. Marc

    I’m going to take my boots with me next Sunday the way things are going there’s more chance of me getting a game that us signing a nailed on first team starter.

  14. Marc


    It’s not a case of Sanchez or Ozil getting an injury, they will at some stage miss a month or so. It’s having a squad that is nowhere near being able to cope.

    Without new signings before the season starts = 2 points from opening 3 matches. Then a panic trolley dash for whomever is available, which won’t be many and it’ll be far too late.

    2016 – 2017 season = car crash gonna happen.

  15. Stevanovic

    If you expect Wenger to do better than this, your naivety is legendary.
    He’s been doing this for years and there’s no consequences… Instead his name is sung at the Emirates.

  16. Marc


    you’re wrong Wenger is not a fraud etc etc, he’s got old. He’s so out of touch with how modern football works he can’t even see that he’s out of touch. Think of an elderly relative who still thinks they’re a good driver even though they just ran over a pregnant woman pushing a pram without even noticing.

  17. Stevanovic

    We have a team that finished 2nd last season sandwiched by Leicester City and Spurs, up till now our manager is waiting for late hour rush to sign players that will improve the team… Sad times ahead and you know what? Arsenal fans have developed thick skin and had been forced to expect nothing.

  18. jasongms


    yeah agreed.. my point though was it’s come to this again when really it shouldn’t have … There is absolutely no legitimate rationale for this shit show

  19. Stevanovic

    Leicester city won the league, signed Musa who scored a brace against Barcelona, another pacy forward without breaking the bank….. Our dear Wenger still can find a forward that is better than Giroud.

  20. goonerboy

    Wenger will only buy a top player if they fall into his lap-and are by the standards of the market- cheap. Thats what he means by being on alert. Couldn’t find the right striker 2 years in a row! Doesn’t want to pay market price. Thats why we have right now at best-without further injuries- a mid table squad with clear weaknesses in the spine of the team.

    Calum Chambers and Gabriel – the heart of our defence is a real worry- its like Senderos and Djourou revisited-every team in the EPL will fancy taking points off us home or away. But then winning a major competition is not part of this regimes gameplan.
    I only hope that we do not have to endure the embarrassing Wenger beyond this season.

  21. Stevanovic

    Leicester city won the league, signed Musa who scored a brace against Barcelona on his debut, another pacy forward without breaking the bank….. Our dear Wenger still can find a forward that is better than Giroud.

  22. Carts

    At least if you were to signing Higuain, and based of his recent form, he’d provide a likelihood or scoring The goal to win you the league.

    However, with Wenger’s lack of strategy and tactics, he’d hash up our potentilla by playing the likes or Ramsey and Theoz

    Wenger can’t motivate our players to perform to the required level even if we ever had to like of Messi and CR7

  23. alexanderhenry


    I’ve been ignoring you lately but that’s the first time anyone’s called wenger a ‘spinster’. He is many things, but an elderly, unmarried woman isn’t one of them.

    Also, to quote you:

    ‘Wherever we finish we will be at least 15 points back of league leaders.’

    Maybe you’re right Joe. If that’s the case wenger will leave after this season and to quote you once again Arsenal will:

    ‘Win the PL in two years. and the CL in five’.

    It’s happy days ahead then. In the meantime there is absolutely no point in you supporting arsenal this season. You should take a sabbatical, put your feet up, not worry about things so much and not post on this forum until August 2017.

    So, thanks for all your contributions Joe and we’ll see you next year mate.

  24. Mohap99

    Any one seeing the Liverpool vs Barcelona game?? Mad pressing from both sides. Liverpool targeting the left side of defence

    It’s going to be a very entertaining season. Looking forward to the big games this season.. Any of them .. Think we are in for some cracking games

  25. Mohap99

    I wake up daily just thinking of the good old arsenal days .. My God .

    Spot on Pedro regarding Iwobi.. I just hope he doesn’t suffer any long term injury. He seems very loyal and knows he’s not the finished article. I’m sure he will be happy with a bench role till he develops well

    But then expect him to feature heavily again this season because Walcott is… Well not a player… AOC will give 10 balls away in the same match and have one crazy injury .. Sighs. Arsenal….

  26. Joe

    Hey Alex.

    You mean disappear like you did after you shot your mouth off all summer about how arsenal were going to win this and that and funny how after Jan you fucked off like everyone wishes you would now

    But here you are again spouting your bullshit and it’s you who will disappear again

    Hopefully this time forever with the cunt Wenger.

    And I will be here a lot long after you have left. BeacAuse where you support Arsene Wenger f.c. I support ARSENAL FC you plank

    Spinster. You muppets. Meant in the way all Akbs spin and spin and shit

    Wenger is the king is spinning bollocks

    Followed by you and Cc and Wallace.

    So now I won’t go away. But I know you will shortly Alex. Probably after sept as we are 10 points back and out of the league

  27. Joe

    AlexhenryThat made me chuckle.. kudos 🙂

    Yeah I can just hear the chuckle now…

    A dumb and dumber kind of chuckle.

    Alex and CC. A perfect combo Throw in Wallace and you have the 3 stooges

  28. Champagne charlie


    Not in any position to talk intelligence mate, your “career” remark is still fresh as a daisy… Best skip calling posters thick and such given your illustrious track record. Spinster….haha

  29. Joe

    Duh huh huh. There is again dumb.

    Again I took my mistake like a man. Unlike you

    Wah wah wah. Toys out of pram

    Source close to the club blah blah

    Spin your way out of that mr ITK big time Charlie

  30. B.T

    Fuck really come on now, we are on alert, that right there basically tells you all you need to know about these bunch of pricks leading Arsenal, absolutely no plan in place for player transfers! Fuck its fustrating listening to these idiots.

  31. Marc


    I really think Wenger is waiting by the phone waiting for Barca, Bayern or Madrid to call and say we want to sell a player are you interested?

    He’s on high alert so he’ll pick that phone up so quickly it’ll scare the caller into knocking £5 million off the asking price.

  32. somerandomperson

    I am officially joining Wenger out Brigade. There is no way we should start with Giroud as our only striker. His signings have ruined Arsenal FC. Oxlade / Debuchy/ Theo Walcott are still on the books.

    Millions of pounds are being wasted on these players and we claim there is no money. I really hope this is his last year, if he does not go now I hope we lose top 4 and gets fired. It is not like we get anywhere in champions league we get embarased by lesser teams and have heroic defeat against bigger teams

  33. Champagne charlie


    Took your mistake like a man? Owning your lack of intelligence doesn’t make it any better…

    “unlike you” – confusing me being an idiot with giving an opinion. We both have opinions, but only one of us is stupid.

  34. Joe


    We know Liverpool will do it

    Do you think Wenger would have made a plan to offset the press?

    Or just say ‘ go out and zee express yourselves’

    3-1 final score

  35. alexanderhenry


    It was worth a try.

    Nevermind. Looks like we have to soldier on with the resident knuckledragger in attendance.
    Best to ignore him.

  36. Marc

    I’ve just figured out a way for the club to make even more money (and then not spend it) just chuck Joe and Wallace, Charlie or Alex into a ring before kick off for a fight to the death.

    Joe don’t worry I’ll be cheering you on, Alex will probably be debating the rules of a fight with no rules as you club him to death.

  37. Champagne charlie


    Willing to bet Joe couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. Fan boxing would be more enjoyable than current pre-season opponents though..

  38. alexanderhenry

    To all the more extreme anti wengerites:

    There’s only so many times you can post ‘wenger out ‘ in a day, or ‘arsenal will not win’ etc.

    Don’t you get bored? This is wenger’s last season, so why not just take a break, relax, disentangle yourselves form supporting arsenal for this season.
    You all seem so angry and miserable. Do yourselves a favour.
    Maybe follow another sport for a while like darts or bowls, then come back in 2017 when Simeone or Ancelotti are appointed and we can all be happy .

  39. B.T

    Its actually an absolute mystery how some people blindly follow and listen to what the club spins, Kroenke comes out one season and basically says sport is not about all about winning, recently he comes out with a statement that is different, Gazidis one season says we are strong financially , thisbseason he says we cant compete on the money front and Wenger basically says the opposite, i mean honestly between the three of them they cant even keep up with the bullshit lies they feeding us supporters, why dont they just come out and say we will charge one of the highest ticket prices and keep on milking and mugging off our fanbase while we do the bare minuim to act like we competing! I mean thats the bottom line is it not?

  40. alexanderhenry

    Crawley nutter

    ‘Liverpool to press arsenal to death and,hammer arsenal can see it happening’.

    Why not be honest and substitute ‘can see it happening’ with ‘ I want it to happen’.

  41. Champagne charlie

    Man City squad for game tomorrow:

    Joe Hart
    Willy Caballero
    Gael Clichy
    Bacary Sagna
    Pablo Zabaleta
    Aleks Kolarov
    Jason Denayer
    Tosin Adarabioyo
    Pablo Maffeo
    Fabian Delph
    Kevin De Bruyne
    Raheem Sterling
    Jesus Navas
    David Silva
    Yaya Toure
    Aleix Garcia
    Oleksandr Zinchenko
    Kelechi Ihenacho
    Sergio Aguero

  42. Joe

    There’s only so many times you can post ‘wenger out ‘ in a day, or ‘arsenal will not win’ etc.Don’t you get bored? This is wenger’s last season, so why not just take a break, relax, disentangle yourselves form supporting arsenal for this season.

    The fucking irony of this post from
    The idiot who posts the same shit every single post. Day after nauseating day

    Alex. You must surely be taking the piss with that last post hahah

    Too good. Too fucken good

    Again. You are the one who ran away with his tail between his legs after spouting so much bullshit until Jan.

    Then poof. You’re gone.


    Go support Arsene Wenger on untold. It’s where you belong. And then fuck off from arsenal after he leaves

  43. Joe

    Arsenal. Arsenal. Arsenal.

    Arsenal. Arsenal. Arsenal.

    Arsenal. Arsenal. Arsenal.



    Learn another song other than

    One cunt Wenger.

    May help you to learn actual arSenal songs and not just Wenger songs

  44. Joe


    so Are you saying you’re a tough cunt who can fight then?

    If you’re saying I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag.

    Bet you’re a right tough nutter innit. Old school and all that innit mate

    If and when you’re mummy lets you out of the house to play I guess.

  45. Joe

    Your not you’re

    Still waiting for your ITK bit of news to happen. Hey big time Charlie. Where is griezmann your insider was saying we were going to sign.

    Hahaha. Source close to the club hahahahah

  46. Champagne charlie

    Saying you couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag… Surely even you can figure out what i’m saying there.

    On Arsenal…
    Expect a glimpse into how City are adapting to Pep’s system. Honestly more interested to see that tomorrow than anything we do; no injuries, up the fitness, and move onto sealing a deal before Liverpool is how this week should be looking.

  47. alexanderhenry

    Despite everything, I am still looking forward to the season. Ideally we need at least two more big signings but the squad as is, ain’t bad at all. I am absolutely disgusted with the way the club has been run since kroenke took over but surprisingly we’re still in decent shape player wise. It could and should be better but never mind, we’re in with a shout and I am as always, right behind the team.

    Here’s why I think we have a chance:

    Man utd are still relying too heavily on rooney which is a big risk and the pogba transfer smacks of desperation to me. They have some promising young players in martial and rashford but mourihno is only interested in the short term so I don’t see them developing under him. Mourihno himself is a risk. When things go wrong he implodes and deliberately takes the club with him.

    Conte is sergeant major of a manager but is that going to work at chelsea? How are the senior chelsea players such as hazard and fabregas going to react to another disciplinarian type?

    City are perhaps favourites but their squad is injury prone in key areas and there are serious questions about their motivation.

    ‘The rest’ are better and that will be key. Spurs, Leicester and West Ham in particular will challenge to a certain extent. The premiership is now a more level playing field.

    The days of two or three teams dominating for the whole season, only losing a couple of games and finishing on more than 90 points are over in my opinion.

    Looking forward to it.

  48. Champagne charlie


    I know you struggle with english given your heritage….of being a moron….but let me break down what I said to avoid the obvious confusion you’re suffering.

    My ‘source’ ie, a guy who is pally with 2 Arsenal scouts said: we are trying to negotiate for Griezmann (there’s more but I’m not saying). Didn’t ever say he was/is going to come, in fact I said it’s not very believable at all if you read the words I put together to make a sentence.

    Also, I didn’t even break that news, Romford did and I just confirmed what I had heard given what he had also heard. Ask N5, I said I wasn’t going to say a thing so certain sections (you and like-minded folk) couldn’t twist it.

    So to summarise, have never stated Griezmann is coming, have in fact called it unbelievable, just encouraged by the balls we seemingly have to even attempt contact for someone like that. Expect us to make signings that will make a difference given we have apparent intent, whether we do remains to be seen. With Wenger stating a ST and CB are being looked for (couple with the knowledge of our intent behind the scenes), I’m encouraged to believe we will get a couple of worthwhile additions. Nothing more than that, but of course you’ll suggest I’m certain etc.

    Now well done for making it this far Joe… Give it another read before answering because we both know you’re not the brightest bulb. Go slow and read out loud.

  49. Alex Cutter

    Joe – just curious why you didn’t respond to this?

    “Willing to bet Joe couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag.”

    He’s basically implying that he would beat you in a fight. Didn’t you say you are a fireman? A hero to almost dozens of Canadians?

    I don’t know how shit works up in Canada, but in the U.S., if someone insults a fireman, more often than not they end up as organ donors.

  50. Champagne charlie


    Remember that time you called me a liar for something I “said” on here and I told you to find where I apparently said it? You couldn’t…

    Let’s play that game again. Go find my quote where I said Griezmann is coming..

  51. Joe


    He has been taking the piss out of firemen for ages now

    Like I’ve said before I hope he never needs a fireman in his life. And if he does I hope he mouths off to them like he flaps his gums here

    And you know what. They will still help him. No matter how big of a cunt he is

    And I’m
    Not going to get into a who’s tougher on here with him

    He is an old school tough cunt who I don’t want to mess with.

    Just ask his mummy

  52. alexanderhenry

    Being a ‘WOB’ must be strange indeed. What a twisted, odd life it must be.

    Miserable and angry because you convince yourselves that arsenal can never succeed.

    Miserable and angry when arsenal win because it vindicates wenger.

    Happy only when arsenal lose even though it’s the team you claim to support.

    Obsessed with denying anything good has ever happened to arsenal under wenger, even though wenger is the club’s most successful manager.

    Incensed by anyone who gives wenger any credit for managing arsenal during one the club’s most successful periods.

    Driven to dig up all manner of nutty conspiracy theories- ‘we only won because Steve Bould took training’ is my personal favourite.

    Convinced that wenger has the club under some kind of spell, that once broken will usher in a new era of glory and success for arsenal….. a bit like a fairytale.

  53. Champagne charlie


    No YOU said I guaranteed two signings….then couldn’t quote me

    Now you’re saying I said Griezmann is coming…..can’t quote me on it

    Best you be the one to give up eh?

    Also have no issue with firemen, as I’ve also stated previously, the issue is with you….and because of your past pissing contests everyone knows you’re a fireman.

    Seems you’re the epitome of what I was saying earlier. Posters on here don;t read what is written and instead make up a point of view to attack and argue against. You keep talking about my mum too mate, so perhaps you’d like to reach the mental maturity of idk…a 15 year old at least before going back and forth.

  54. Joe

    Poor Charlie. Loves pitching but can’t catch

    You’re immature because you bring my mummy into this

    But CC can call anyone and eve yin every name under the sun because that’s mature

    Anyone calls him on his bullshit and he gets in a tiff and throws his toys out of the pram

    Hypocritical much?

    And again you’ve been bad mouthing firemen for over a month. So don’t try to back track now

    Everything is back tracked with you.

  55. alexanderhenry


    ‘Alexanderhenry relying on others to falter rather than Arsenal being a commanding force sums up the wet lettuce fans we attract these dsys..’

    Redruth, if we win the PL under wenger you will absolutely gutted. Why not just admit it?

  56. Joe

    You know what Charlie.

    I’m calling a truce.

    You think I’m an idiot. I think you’re an idiot.

    Let’s leave it at that.

    And regarding arsenal. We will see who’s opinion is correct. Let’s judge him in May haha

  57. Joe

    Redruth, if we win the PL under wenger you will absolutely gutted. Why not just admit it?

    Alex. It will never happen.


    Admit it

  58. alexanderhenry

    Come on WOBs

    Just say it: you want arsenal to fail. You hate it when arsenal win. Get it off your chests. You’ll feel better.

  59. Champagne charlie


    You’re lost on so many levels. Totally ignored what I just said to you then… guess it’s because it shows you up for being a complete mong.

    I stand by everything i say on here, you’re the one who continues to make up what I say and then attempt to call me on it when i deny saying it. Utterly embarrassing…

    Still waiting those quotes where I say I guarantee two players and that Griezmann is coming. Off you go and get them…

  60. Stevegooner

    I’m really confused here. What does being a firefighter make an Iota of difference to either your knowledge of football or thd validity of your opinions.
    I spent 30 years in the fire service. I have a 16 year old grandson whose knowledge of football history is nowhere near mine but he’s very clued up on the current state of affairs

  61. Redtruth

    Wenger has held Arsenal back for years and only those with limited expectations hail him as a hero..

    A veteran in the game yet continually exposed as a novice in Europe and at home.

  62. Joe


    All you are good at is calling people names like you are something special on here

    You are not. You’re full of shit.

    You said two signings. And even yesterday you said you would bet on two signings. Well where are they before the season starts? Everyone knows when we blow it vs Liverpool and Leicester Wenger will panick buy

    And your bullsht ITK crap and then follow it up with ”
    I don’t want to be that guy”. Why say I have a source close to the club then. That’s just as bad you muppet.

    Like I said. I’m
    Calling a truce. You are a cunt. You get into scraps on here more and more everyday with more and more posters every day.

    That says it all. I have issues with cunts like you , Alex and Wallace. That’s it

    Again. You’re a wanker. Now fuck off

    Paper bag haha

    I hope you never need a fireman. And you better mouth off like you do on here if you ever do

  63. Joe


    It doesn’t. It has nothing to do with arsenal
    Or football

    And if you don’t know the full history of this convo stay out of it.

    Mr ITK big time Charlie likes talking shit about the intellect of firefighters

  64. alexanderhenry


    I’m really confused here’

    ..we’re all confused where Joe is concerned. Not as confused as he is though.

  65. Rambo Ramsey

    Joe, do everyone a favour and shut it you tedious git. Every fucking day you make the comments section all about yourself, there’s just no end to it. Try behave normally like the rest of us instead of this ridiculous internet tough guy act.

  66. Joe


    Like the rest of you?

    Give it a rest and think
    You are high and mighty

    Fuck me.

    Love how dudes pick sides on

  67. Joe

    You’re out of your depth there mate. I’d stick to the swearing

    Haha coming from
    A Cunt who’s only knowledge about football is

    ” it’s kronke’s fault”

  68. alexanderhenry


    Remind me of last seasons score against man u and man city at the emirates and against leicester

  69. Joe


    Why don’t you go back to
    The last page of the last post and see CC calling other posters names because of their opinion whenever he gets called out

    So shut it Rambo Ramsey

  70. Redtruth

    Chelsea not only had an off day last season they were in freefall yet Arsenal did manage a couple more shots on target compared to their miserly one in 2014-15

  71. Rambo Ramsey

    I very much doubt I’m the first person who’s asked you to try and tone it down. Maybe the issue is with you and your propensity to enter into endless tirades of incoherent rambling, mudslinging and dickmeasuring contests.

  72. Joe


    Are you really still talking?

    People want you banned on here because of the CRAP you post every fucking day

    And from
    Your form
    Last summer and predictions and Crap you posted on here and ran away like a little shit and hid in Jan when it was ALL proven wrong. I’d say you better leave. You have absolutely no fucking clue about football


  73. Champagne charlie


    Standard response from the dimwit. Make up what I say, I deny it, you call me this or that for claiming something I never did in the first place. Just a merry-go-round of shit when interacting with you, you’re pathetic.

    Also, I don’t go insulting people daily pal that’s reserved for your nonsense which is inevitable given you can’t resist aiming posts at me. You’re obviously confused because the other morons who share your love of chanting ‘Wenger out and ‘AKB’ get the same treatment you do when they come calling my way.

    It’s pretty easy to ignore someone on the internet, just scroll past and that’s that. You’ll notice though that the more prominent people on here tend to be the ones shouting their mouth off ie you, tyag, cutter and the like. Very rarely do any of you comment on football unless it’s the brotherhood call of fuck arsene this, fuck arsene that.

  74. Highbury4ever

    “Going into the season opener with Chuba Akpom (who I like) as your main man is beyond negligence.”

    no it’s not.
    not if you’re targeting the 4th place.

  75. alexanderhenry


    I’m off. As I said before, arsenal are not in such bad shape. Could, should and might still be better if wenger’s given the funds…fingers crossed.

    I think next season will be nuts, even by PL standards.
    I’m starting to feel slightly optimistic

  76. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Why do you defend the Wenger name calling ?

    Do you think he is doing a good job ?

    I personally feel that he has taken this car Arsenal on as far as he can ….

    I respect those who feel he is doing a wonderful job… I don’t agree tho.

    Strangly the one person who calls it right on Wenger is red truth …an I don’t agree with his comments all the time..

    Wallace talks good sense, he seems like a true Arsenal man, but I disagree with him a lot of the time but never coat or name call him.

    But I can’t suss you yet … I will

    Not sure why you name call to back up your argument all the time.

  77. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Highbury 4

    I’ve said before if Wenger says to akpom you are playing up front for the next 5 games
    He would do well play relaxed football an may Nick a few goals ….

    He Spurs did it with Kane …

  78. Champagne charlie

    I treat people how they treat me on here, because I’m not here to make friends so I’ve no intent on giving people the benefit of the doubt or overlooking some of what they say. I don’t sit and call people names for their opinions, free to think what you like on here.

    I take exception to being targeted for having a certain view. You must see the constant ‘AKB’ bs people like naija, Wallace, Alex, and myself get daily. It’s tedious and those who do it get no respect from me whatsoever.

    I’m abrasive with opinions, I don’t shirk mine easily but I certainly don’t disregard someone else just because they have one I don’t agree with. The people I’m agitated towards have earned that from me and I don;t apologise for it – especially Joe who I’ve said more than once is the bane of this site.

    Are you saying you can’t suss where I stand with Arsenal/Arsene?

  79. Shots fired

    Imagine you gave a man named Arsene £20 note to buy you cravendale fresh whole milk to have your cereal.

    He comes back and says

    “No! I got a better idea let’s buy a cow because in the future the rate of inflation will saturate the supermarket prices..

    “Mmmh not really sure, I just want to have my tea and Wheetabix it’s not that deep”

    “Trust me I have an economics degree.”

    “Okay Bless cool calm.. let’s save money to buy this cow so we can drink milk on a regs.”

    Healthy Cow bought. Eating fresh Green grass from Highbury for its dietry requirements.☘

    10 years later…

    Check cabinet for Wheetabix.. the biscuits are looking stale but you’re so hungry for breakfast…

    “Okay Mr Wenger, cows been grazing it so much it’s developing some re-occuring injuries and it looks delusional and has lost its purpose, let’s milk it so we can have breakfast”

    “No! What is breakfast anyway?? you will drink bathroom tap water, it’s more economical and its all just a matter of perspective at the end of the day, I believe in the spirit of tap water it has tremendous determination, 16 years straight you have drank this tap water, it’s in the top 4 of beverage you need”

    “F-Off.. I need breakfast too, plus I spat it out every time & I been paying you for it. Hold up you mean it’s from the tap!! Why you been putting it in bottles then and charging me like it’s some spring elixir fountain of youth premium drink??”

    “Well me, Kroenke n Gazadis been doing bits n bobs”

    WTF you on about you prick!! Just fucking milk the cow or give me my £20 back!

  80. Joe


    Who gives a fuck what you say

    I’ve said numerous times you along with Alex Henry are the biggest cunts on this site

  81. somerandomperson

    “Going into the season opener with Chuba Akpom (who I like) as your main man is beyond negligence.”no it’s not.
    not if you’re targeting the 4th place.

    I know it is sarcasm. Akpom could not start in a Hull squad in championship last season. Unless our aim is midtable championship team , it is negligence.

    Any team with top4 aspirations will have a better striker than Akpom. Most likely a slightly better striker than Giroud too.