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Well, the Mahrez story looks like it probably just died a death. That’s the Thai owner of Leicester and the caption reads, ‘YOU NOT FOR SALE’, and that picture doesn’t look like Mahrez is under duress.

My Leicester insider (my pal who supports Leicester) reckons Vardy and Kante were both offered £100k and Mahrez was only offered £80k. So it looks like the ‘angling for Arsenal’ game was more to push his salary up than any real desire.

‘But what about that smirk thing Wenger did?’

Well guys and gals, despite popular legend, Wenger smirking doesn’t mean that he’s going to land a player.

It looks like if any summer deals are going to be done, they’re likely to be Mustafi, which to be fair doesn’t reek of absolute quality when you consider what a shit show Valencia have been in defence (48 goals conceded). Then for our striker, it looks like it’ll be Lacazette if we have the guts to go £40m for a player Wenger clearly doesn’t rate very highly. Our other options are drying up, even Lukaku appears to be moving, albeit for a pretty crazy price of £70m.

It doesn’t look like Wolfsburg want to sell Draxler after a summer of hemorrhaging players. We’ve now officially missed the boat on Gabriel Jesus, the best young player in Brazil. I mean, this summer looks unbelievably pony at the moment. If you’d laid out Lacazette and Mustafi at the start of the summer, I’m not sure you’d be saluting the vision.

… but hey, Xhaka is good, right?

Also, I know what you were thinking, now the Mikki deal has fallen through, who could we play on the right?

Well, we have our ‘like a new signing’ moment.


“I want to make my position on the right – that’s where I know where I am now. I’ve told the manager that I want to be known for playing on the right again, although I can play up front,”

“I want to know where I want to play. The manager has said I can play up front. It depends on what game it is. I know I can do a job up front as well as on the right.”

Reads like that Mike Skinner song, Dry Your Eyes…

I can change, and I can grow, or we could adjust
The wicked thing about us is we always have trust
We can even have an open relationship if you must

Bit desperate Theo. You’ve gone from wanting to be a striker, to now just wanting to play whatever position you think might be attainable. So look at our line up on the right this season, we’ve got Chamberlain who has delivered 4 seasons of pretty pony football plus mad injuries to boot. Then we’ve got Theo, a guy who was tame as a kitten out on the right and terrible on the defensive duties… and also a failed striker.

I mean, nothing says ‘we’re prepared’ quite like all these hopeful ‘the boys will come good’ decisions Wenger is set on making.

‘You gotta commend the loyalty’

No you don’t. One side of our attacking front three is a fading dream. You don’t commend loyalty to failure in sport. In fact, you don’t really anywhere. If someone can’t cut the mustard, unless there are serious mitigating circumstances, you have to be brutal, especially in top class sport. You loyalty is to the quality of the team, it’s to the people who are good enough. To the people who are giving you a year of their life because they want to win things. Not to some half-baked winger / striker who doesn’t have the mental strenght to achieve greatness.

Wenger’s addiction to loyalty is an addiciton to the easy decision and a direct slap face in the fans from a man who is accountable to no one.

Then you have Jack Wilshere out with a ‘little problem.’ We know how this ends…

Then to top off our obsession with preserving the average, we’re sending Chezzer out on loan for another season. He should be slung out the club because he’s average. Absolute bang average. The only difference between him and Almunia is the Spaniard had that stupid dog and an average social media presence (at least he was a nice guy).

So let’s just chat about how things are looking 11 days from the start of the season:

  • Jack Wilshere injured
  • Per Mertesacker out long term.
  • One recognized Prem quality centreback available for Liverpool
  • Still only one striker available at the club (not ready for the opener)
  • Our right side of midfield is Theo Walcott and Alex Chamberlain
  • We’ve sold no one of note despite huge failings last season
  • Formation looks the same as it did last season
  • Wenger talking up potential of two players that are likely to go out on loan
  • Wenger ‘scared’ of big transfer fees
  • We’ve been beaten to a number of names again (including Leicester)

I can’t wait for a new manager to come in and sling out the deadwood and make Arsenal a serious club again. Not the confidence / broken player rehab centre it’s been under Wenger for the last 12 years.

Bring on next season…


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  1. Marko

    Gameiro and Michy are who we’re so mad about not having before Liverpool? OK then pal…as you were

    They’re actually fantastic players Gameiro scored like 20 + goals last season. But no you’re right Akpom and Walcott it is then. Wonderful ambitions Charlie

  2. Marko

    Charlie pal pretty simple right we need a defender pretty pronto yeah? There is interest in a good defender yeah? But according to Ornstein we’ve even yet to talk to Valencia. So what are we waiting for? No no we’re doing a hell of a job

  3. Leedsgunner

    “Italian teams are not flush with cash.”

    Errrr… Juventus is an Italian team isn’t? Didn’t they just blow a mountain range of cash on Higuain? In all likelihood Pogba will be sold to finance it but what a statement of intent if Pogba is kept?!

  4. vicky


    “What are you talking about? Right to buy option means at the end of the loan they’re not obligated to buy which should tell you how much they really want him long term wise”

    Any agreement involving an OPTION for the buyer is always better than an agreement having no OPTION for the buyer. If Roma had no intention of keeping Cheezer for the long term, they could offload him even if they had an option to buy him. An OPTION gives the buyer a choice, it’s never an obligation. Why would Roma not want to have one ?

  5. Joe

    So many “maybe’s” and “apparently’s” in there, why don’t you just say you’ve no idea how it currently is instead of believing some tabloid bollocks and getting in a state because of it?

    Tell us more Mr ITK Big Time Charlie.

    I think I saw your two guaranteed ‘I’ll bet’ signings today at the the Emirates. Just getting their Medicals done.

    Calling out other posters. Laughable

  6. naijagunner


    When did Everton contact you for Schez?

    Or are we just throwing in names now for fun. You raging WOB’s are allowed to make up things to suit your agenda anyways..just like Marko’s last post filled with apparently and probably which as Charlie pointed out simply means he doesn’t have a clue but will use it to make his point anyway

  7. Cesc Appeal

    ‘You raging WOB’s ‘

    Sorry, not being funny but weren’t you complaining about the use of labels like ‘AKB’ as being ridiculous a few days ago?

  8. BigCheese

    JoeAugust 5, 2016 11:37:50
    We signed Cech and still got the same points as we did with szez and finished 10 points backHe wasn’t the issue with arsenal

    Spot on. Same shit different Keeper. Both were getting done by long range daisy cutters regularly.

    Personally I think out defence and Keeper are more than good enough for any title winning side. The imbalance in our midfield is shocking.

    Too many attacking minded players. CBs have mop up behind them too much in turn leaves our keeper exposed fat too often.

  9. BigCheese


    Fair enough you’re entitled to your opinion mate. I just think last year he got a bit too big for his boots. He genuinely thought he’d smash it up top.

    Perhaps the splinters on his arse from sitting on the bench made him reconsider his actual level as opposed to his level according to his ego?

    For me it takes a lot of balls to step back and analyse your shortcomings. Especially with your egocentric modern day footballer.

    Could see a front three of


    Starting against Liverpool. Would suit Sanchez as he likes to interchange with speedsters.

  10. kingHenry

    There’s silence in the room. Wenger hasn’t said anything. He hasn’t even looked at his colleagues as they inform me of their logical verdicts. Hethinks for himself. I wait for him to say something. He sighs, and says ‘The transfer windows shuts in a few hours. It’s impossible to find a replacement. Either I take you or no one.’ Surprised, the others turn to thebig boss. No one knows how he’ll continue, but they know that his words are law. It’s evident that he has not anchored his decision among the rest of the staff. Wenger decides. “You’ll stay, heal, and train. I’ll take you when you’re fit.”

    This is all you need to know about the level of preparation that goes into every transfer window…. we want to sign Kim but don’t contact him or his agent until the last day and are left with the choice of an injured player or nothing.

    The funniest part of the whole thing was after the team doctor declared him unfit it was clear that anything Wenger said was law…

  11. vicky

    “For me it takes a lot of balls to step back and analyse your shortcomings”

    Yeah, has taken him only 10 years to “analyze” his shortcomings if at all he has been able to …..waiting with bated breadth for him to smash it up next season.

  12. 3wisemonkeys

    It’s plain to see marko that the ditherer is waiting for the chavs to outbid/snap up mustafi so he can then spend as little as poss on Johnny”spit”Evans,siting that there is no one left.similar approach for lacazette should see us end up with Hernandez or equally cheap as chips buy.if this doesn’t result in the Emirates erupting in fury by the time the scousers pickpocket us on the opening game.i ‘ll despair of our fans for evermore….

  13. Emiratesstroller

    Leedsgunner and Others

    Thanks for your response.

    I don’t always agree with everything that Gambon writes, but on this occasion I
    do when it comes to overage loanees and members of our squad who are retained on our books for far too long.

    Consider the following:

    1. We offer Szczesny to Roma on a loan for peanuts. If they had to go on the market for a similar goalkeeper they would have to pay £7 million. Yet when
    Arsenal want to recruit players in Italy of a similar ability we are expected to
    pay exorbitant fees. Szczesny in his first year on loan cost Roma less than we
    paid for Viviano who played barely a game in first team!

    2. Surprisingly Wenger suggested last year that if a player did not make the
    grade of playing in our first team squad by age of 21 he should be offloaded.

    3. The story is not unique to Roma and Italian clubs. Clubs in Turkey are doing
    exactly the same. Earlier this summer one Club wanted to buy Ospina and
    told us that we were demanding an exorbitant transfer fee reputed to be
    £3.5 million. Now we are expected to loan out Debuchy to Galatasaray. I am willing to bet that we will land up paying part of his wages as we did when we sent him out to Marseille in January. This is a full international who cost us £10 million two years ago!

    4. The club continues to renew contracts of squad players often at inflated wages as we have done with both Walcott and Wilshire even though they
    have spent most of their careers out injured. The same story as with Diaby.

    4. Arsenal keep on growing the size of the professional squads. I don’t know how many players we have on our books, but I am willing to bet it is now at
    least 70. Most of these players are unlikely to play 20 games a season.

    So perhaps if the club cut the numbers and cost we would have a more efficient programme. We might also produce less soft and injury prone players.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Walcott’s ‘realisation’ strikes me more as self-preservation in all honesty, he no doubt knows as much as anybody else that Arsenal are under pressure to sign a ST and that they’ve made offers for Vardy and Lacazette to try and land one.

    He was a total flop at ST, as he has been for most of the last ten years in general, he’s miles behind Giroud and a new ST effectively finishes him at Arsenal, suddenly he wants to claim a wide slot again…funny that.

    Sorry, fair enough if anyone thinks Walcott is going to suddenly come good, but I think he’s a little weasel. Albeit a very, very lucky weasel.

  15. champagne charlie

    “But according to Ornstein we’ve even yet to talk to Valencia”

    So you’re hanging on every word Ornstein says? He doesn’t have a clue until a transfer is signed and sealed, his “info” is laughable. How dare Valencia negotiate for a higher transfer fee, they should hand him over because we need him. So rude them lesser clubs..

    “Calling out other posters. Laughable” – Irony not a strong suit of yours ay Joe….

  16. Gunner2301


    Agreed and Bellerin having ousted Debuchy had a claim for a rise that’s the way it should be not paying for potential which more than likely doesn’t pan out leaving us with dead wood we can’t shift.

  17. Rambo Ramsey

    Vicky, again my point was not particularly re Szczesny but Arsenal’s approach to timely and effective culling of squad. Wenger’s a sluggard much to the detriment of the team.

  18. Marko

    How dare Valencia negotiate for a higher transfer fee, they should hand him over because we need him. So rude them lesser clubs..

    Right but we haven’t even spoken to them apparently… smart ass. No you’re right as usual Charlie we’re doing everything in our power to be ready for the season

  19. champagne charlie


    “I say apparently and probably whereas Naija and Charlie are certain in Wenger and Arsenal’s ability to turn the summer around”

    Neither of us have stated as such. I don’t speak for Naija, but I’ve said numerous times we need a ST and CB by the close of the window, and only then can I judge what kind of window we’ve had. Not my fault you choose to sit and bitch like a clairvoyant.

    Time will tell how well we do this window and nothing else. If we land a CB and ST of certain pedigree I’m sure you”ll still manage to whinge about something however.

  20. champagne charlie


    “Right but we haven’t even spoken to them apparently… smart ass. No you’re right as usual Charlie we’re doing everything in our power to be ready for the season”

    Two posts in a row where you invent what I’ve had to say, bravo. Again, you’re getting your info from a journo and treating it as gospel while I’m reflecting in the likelihood that a selling club wants the best terms they can get – which is SOP for transfers.

  21. Steveyg87

    Anybody started picking their fantasy team yet? some great prizes up for grabs. You’re playing if you don’t have Sadio Mane’ in there lads!

  22. Emiratesstroller

    According to reports today Lacazette, Draxler and Mahres in statements issued by their respective clubs.

    What is becoming increasingly clear that many clubs are prepared to offload one decent player if an inflated offer is made, but that’s it. Lyon sold Umtiti,
    Leicester sold Konte and Wolfsburg sold Schurrle.

    As usual Arsenal reacted too slowly and were miserly in their offers. As I suggested it is now probably too late to buy a decent forward. We are going to have to rely on Sanchez, Walcott or Akpom as cover for Giroud until Welbeck

    I hope that at least the club will find a decent Centre Back before transfer window closes!

  23. Marko

    Not my fault you choose to sit and bitch like a clairvoyant.

    Hardly like I’m being unreasonable after the countless fuck ups in transfer windows we’ve had under our great leader all hail…sorry nearly got ahead of myself. Anyway yeah I’ll take the word of Ornstein and his knowledge over yours any day. By the way ask your mate how’s the Griezmann negotiations going? Great yeah? Fucking knew it. Thanks again Charles

  24. ChinA

    I don’t have much confidence in debuchi but is it just me who thinks this talk of selling him is madness when we have fuck all numbers available at the back?

    I’m all for shipping out dead wood but surely we fill our squad then flog the crap or vice versa. You don’t sell crap and then stare wistfully into space thinking about what wonderful mental strength you have as the days tick by.

    Our Summers remind me of Fifa and PES whereby every annual iteration involves one step forwards and two steps back. For every time an improvement is made here, regression is made there. It’s never about making the best possible game. It’s about giving the illusion of giving a fuck whilst always having an excuse ready for why we need another update next year to achieve this all elusive perfection.

    I gave up on football video games for that reason a long time ago but the emotional attachment to Arsenal makes it impossible and just a fucking drag instead

  25. OleGunner

    Big Cheese,

    I take Theo’s right wing statement as an admittance of failure at ST and fear knowing that position is not trusted upon him, so he’s slinking off to RW where he thinks he’ll get game time.

    Also it’s fine if you think he will tear it up this season but I’m personally sick and tired of waiting on players who’ve been here 6+ years waiting to fulfill their potential.

    I’ll agree with you that the quality ST and CB singings overall just NEED to get done, whether now or by deadline day.

    I’m just very anxious at the moment due to the transfer window dithering we’ve mastered over the years, apologies if I came across a little strong earlier.

  26. Rambo Ramsey

    Charlie, can’t really blame the pessimistic crowd. Not when recent experiences are the reason for all this skepticism. We’ve gone into a season being short in one area or another for how long now? DM and Striker last season, CB the season before and so on. The club merely ignored these issues in transfer windows of past, why will it be any different this time around?

  27. Leedsgunner

    “2. Surprisingly Wenger suggested last year that if a player did not make the
    grade of playing in our first team squad by age of 21 he should be offloaded.”

    By that standard why did he hold on to Coquelin? Why is he holding on to Campbell?

    As I said yesterday, when it comes to making pronouncements he says one thing and does another.

    Just watch, earlier in the summer he said he didn’t want to buy more than three players because he didn’t want to upset the squad’s stability — but if we get trashed by Liverpool we’ll end up panic buying other clubs’ unwanted “has been”s at exorbitant prices because it will be plain to all that Wenger is in self preservation mode.

    What’s clever and business like about that? Knee jerk and reactionary more like.

    Self sustaining business model? Sounds good on paper and looks good in theory but in the hands of this lot — it’s a mandate to muddle through… and make millions whilst doing it.

  28. Marko

    I’ll be happy too if they get done but it still won’t change the fact they needed to be done in a timely fashion and before the start of the season. I’ve just little faith in the club doing anyway. Call it fool me once…

  29. naijagunner


    Manager comes out and says he needs an experienced forward and defender and window is still open.


    If window closes and manager does not do what he says he will then he is guilty of being under prepared and you can hack him to pieces then if you want

    I repeat”window is still open”

  30. Leedsgunner

    “By that standard why did he hold on to Coquelin? Why is he holding on to Campbell?”

    Lest I be misunderstood, I’m glad Wenger did keep both of them. I like them both sa squad players.

    The moral of the story is Wenger should just stop making grand statements of principle that he doesn’t even believe in keeping when events go against him. I for one am tired of him speaking on things and not following through.

  31. Rambo Ramsey

    Emirates, agreed. That’s another thing- how is it that Chelsea got Leicester to sell Kante without much fuss but we can’t snare Vardy or Mahrez? Our efforts obviously lack in conviction

  32. Marko

    Sure Naija give them the benefit of the doubt. Fair enough. You give them the benefit of the doubt but I’ll continue to say it looks like we’re doing fuck all and Ornstein and others seem to confirm it.

  33. champagne charlie

    “By the way ask your mate how’s the Griezmann negotiations going? Great yeah? Fucking knew it. Thanks again Charles”

    Cute. Do you take every bit of info you hear as gospel? There’s your issue. So I’ve been told we’ve been trying to negotiate for Griezmann, what does that change? Nothing at all. I think it’s a long shot and doubt it’ll come to pass, did you hear me say ‘don’t worry lads Griezmann is on the way’?? You are being unreasonable though, the manager has said he wants a ST and CB and the window is open. You’re being tetchy over time when it’s a complete non-event compared to whether we get the business done or not.

    All good mate I’m the same way, anxious to get them done asap but couldn’t give a monkeys as long as they’re done by the window closing. Would sooner Mustafi deadline day than Evans tomorrow etc.

    Not disagreeing, but the manger has said he’s looking specifically for a CB and ST. Remains to be seen who we get so best not bitch and just hope the right ones get pulled off. Plenty scope for pessimism as you say, but no need to bemoan the situation daily and conclude we’re getting nobody etc

  34. Up 4 grabs now

    The window will close and we won’t be prepared. Why?
    Because it’s the same every year, he never learns from his mistakes.
    Teams seem to be able to organise transfers in the middle of May then announce them on the first few days of June.
    Not us, we take weeks to even follow up a bid on a player.

    If you want a player you make a bid, it gets knocked back so you comeback a day or two later and you negotiate.
    If the selling club say no, not under any circumstances then you move on.
    If we made a bid for lacazette and vardy a month ago.
    Vardy says no, Lyon says no, why are we not moving onto someone else or going back to Lyon a few days later with an improved bid?
    Wenger obviously wants a striker since he’s gone in for these players so why isn’t he following up or looking elsewhere.
    Ferguson used to say you get players in early that way they buy/rent a house, there families settle, the player adapts to the club, tactics, team mates and culture if there from abroad.
    Not us, xhaka was done early. Does Dick need a holiday now before trying for anyone else.

  35. Leedsgunner

    “If window closes and manager does not do what he says…”

    the same suspects will say, I’m sure he’ll spend in the winter…
    the same suspects will say, how can we judge players who haven’t yet played?
    the same suspects will say, we have Jack Wilshere and Cazorla to come back…
    the same suspects will say,I’m sure he’ll spend big next summer…
    the same suspects will say, come on it’s time to get behind the team…

    … in fact this is what they always say when they run out of arguments… the emotional blackmail of shut up and get behind the team…

    Pathetic really. The trusty device to shut down all dissent — even when it is completely justified.

    Why don’t we turn that around — what about the team, the manager, the CEO the Board shutting up and getting behind the fans?

    In fact next time someone here tells you to “shut up and support the team “tell them to “shut up and support the fans.”

    Do you know how they do that?

    Spend the money necessary to address the weaknesses in the squad.

    Hey Arsenal — it’s the transfer window! It’s open!

    Shut up and support the fans!


  36. naijagunner

    Is Ornstein Wengers boyfriend or something ?

    Besides all he said yesterday was that Arsenal are working on deals for a striker and forward and no interest in Mahrez and Draxler so I don’t get why u keep bringing up what he said. He is a journo not a soothsayer

  37. Marko

    We’ve needed a striker for years so you’ll understand it if I’ve no faith in the club doing it finally in the last couple weeks this summer. Besides point remains most smart efficient progressive clubs do their business early in time for the start of the season

  38. Up 4 grabs now

    Good post Leeds,
    And that is exactly what will happen when the window closes and we’re still short.

  39. Raggerty

    Cant believe we are this many windows down the line without a decent striker. Call it bad luck or bad timing, I dont think so. Plenty of strikers have moved, plenty. It isbad management plain and simple as other teams manage to get signings done. Umpteen windows and nothing, now some of you are ‘confident’ that the next week ot will happen after all these YEARS of failure?? Crumbs from the table is where we are at now, and reports suggest we are not even in talks with any pf these supposed players and whose fault is that? I hope we do sign somebody, but I have zero faith in this club of ours to do what is needed now as its already been badly handled for years. The management are killing my club, OUR club, the one and only Arsenal.
    And yes, now a subscriber to the WOB train of thought.
    Dark days.

  40. TallestTiz

    Its sad when the press keep feeding fans with junk…
    Reliable info reaching me has it that Lyon are holding out for a fee in the region of £50 million, while dear old wenger values him at £35-40 million.

    Negotiations are stalling

  41. Up 4 grabs now

    Last year, every man and his dog said we needed a Gk, CDM, and Striker.
    Did we get them apart from Cech last August? No!
    Year before that we needed a Gk, CDM and striker. Did we get them? No
    Year before that we needed LB, CDM right attacking midfielder, And striker did we get them? Hell no.

    So why is this transfer window any different?
    We’ll come up a player or two short, and the old excuses will be there.

  42. PessimisticPat

    Some on here are complaining that we aren’t signing anyone as it leaves us under prepared for the new season.
    A valid point.

    Others are saying to wait until the window closes before complaining.
    I can also see their point.

    Regardless of who we sign/dont sign, asks yourselves this:

    Do you honestly, deep deep down, think that Arsene Wenger has the managerial ability to win the league?

    I do not. Regardless of who he signs. Not even the smallest bit of me believes in his tactical ability anymore.

    I have no doubt we will fail to win the league again with him in charge.

    I also have no doubt that excuses will be found, as they always are, and the vicious cycle of building for the future will begin again in January ……………

  43. gambon

    Lol at the idea we will sign Griezmann.

    We will offer Atletico £28m and the player £120k per week.

    Arsene cant play in the big league.

  44. gambon



    Give Wenger the Leicester team of last season, Chelsea of 14/15 and City of 13/14 and he would be 0/3 in PL titles.

    He just doesnt have it.

  45. Leedsgunner


    The only way Griezemann will play for Arsenal this season is if Simeone is appointed Arsenal manager. LOL.

    If Simeone is appointed manager — it would be fascinating to see him square up to Pep, Conte and Maureen. .. forget the players, if Wenger was sacked and Simeone appointed — it would be like a 12 Pogbas, Higuains, Suarezes, and Agueros rolled into one.

    It would be the best transfer window ever.

    I think I would actually cry tears of joy.

  46. PessimisticPat


    Agreed. Felt this for a long time now.

    Our whole club is a shambles.

    As for Griezmann. if we were really interested then we should have got him before he signed a new contract last month and his release clause went from 63m to 85m.
    Also if you were him at one of the top clubs in Europe with a brilliant tactical manager offering you a chance to win the champions league EVERY YEAR and even challenge in la liga against Barca and Real EVERY YEAR, would you give that up to come to Arsenal?
    In the words of Red lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol

  47. jacko

    Where have the people saying ‘wait until the window closes’ been for the last decade? People are frustrated through experience not choice.

    I for one will be delighted if we get the quality CB and striker we so desperately need (although still lacking quality on the RW) but I just cannot envisage Wenger providing same…….he never does.

  48. Leedsgunner

    Wait until the window closes, I’m sure he’ll spend what’s needed… if he doesn’t, it becomes…

    Wait until January, I’m sure he’ll spend then… when he doesn’t it becomes…

    Wait until the summer when the player pool is bigger… it’s too small in January… it becomes…

    Wait until the window closes…


    When will the waiting stop?

  49. mysticleaves

    “‘The transfer
    windows shuts in a few hours. It’s impossible to
    find a replacement. Either I take you or no one.’”

    Coming from a man that says “we work 24 hours to identify players”.

    Point is, it took him 31days to identify a 30year old Swedish int’l playing in Russia. And when it happened he was injured he had no other person lined up.

    This also means the scouts had no list of players. Or maybe there were instructed not to scout? How can your scouts not have a list of players after 30 days?

    But “we work 24 hours to identify players”

    Lol! Arsene Wengarghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Arsenal not Arsene

    Once the club sacks Wenger he should be banned for life from being seen any where near Emirates and if the club is foolish enough to erect a stature for him we will bring it down the following day. Deceitful old cant he is

  51. Leedsgunner

    Arsenal fans under Wenger have been repeatedly told to wait since 2006.

    First it was Wait until the Stadium is done — then we will be able to compete.

    Second it was Wait until Financial Fair Play is done and in force — then we will be able to compete.

    Third it was Wait until our TV deal and new commercial deals are in place — then we will be able to compete.

    So now what do we hear from the Club, and the CEO this year?

    After the Stadium is built, the TV deals are in place, and the new commercial contracts are done?

    “Sorry folks, we can’t compete.”

    What was the point then?

    No wonder people are angry.

    People are fed up with being told to continually wait with very little to show for it.

    When will the waiting stop?
    What are we saving the money for?


  52. mysticleaves

    “Lol at the idea we will sign Griezmann.
    We will offer Atletico £28m and the player
    £120k per week.”

    Lmao! Lol lol lol. Post of the day. Its so funny cos its true though.

  53. mysticleaves

    Patiently waiting for Wallace’s transforming to WOB by 1 Sept. Would be hilarious!

    I really do want our transfer window to end like this. I craze to see reactions.

  54. Zacharse

    I can’t for the life of me understand how a 6ft defender is supposed to replace mert, and lacazette is supposed to replace giroud!?
    Wtf does he think is gonna happen on d corners!? It’s history repeating here

    Personally i think wengers still pissed about olympic stadium and hasnt finished throwing his toys out of the pram. Pretty disgraceful.

  55. mysticleaves


    Its a myth that only tall players defend corners properly. We have Mert and Giroud yet weare always top on set piece conceded each season..

  56. TOLI83

    Been a while since I posted on here.

    The club is now like a corrupt City firm – Wenger, Gazidis and Kronke are so aloof they don’t care about the masses. This is their money making venture and that’s it. Pedro’s article previously that there is pressure on Wenger to spend isn’t that accurate. In other countries players were purchased by the board with or without the managers consent, especially in Italy or Spain .

    No intent or passion – Gazidis and Wenger are taking the piss out of the fans with every press’ conference that goes by.

    That said, even if we purchased Benzema, Mahrez and Pique for example – Wenger wouldn’t instill the belief or tactics to guide us to glory. A merry go round of mediocrity awaits.