Tick, tock, tick, tock… where the signings be at?

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Well, well, well! Good morning to you all.

Arsenal fans going into F5 overdrive on the Newsnow refresh. Timings are getting tighter, our squad is getting no larger, panic is starting to settle in… Groundhog window is starting to feel like a real possibility.

You can tell this window has turned into a supermarket sweep type scenario by the quality of player being linked to us…

‘That guy who stepped up for Germany?’

‘What about the exUnited lad at WBA? Silvestre MKII?’

‘How about Thomas Vermaelen?’

I mean, this approach doesn’t surprise me at all, it’s all too familiar. If we ended the summer with 3 players, I’d be overjoyed. Does it feel like we’ll get there? Really doubtful.

There’s a real lack of effort going into our summer. Or, if there is a real powerhouse amount of effort going in, it’s the wrong sort. Like when you have a person who works till 9pm every night, not because they’re working harder, but because they’re useless at their job.

We didn’t take the ‘work smart’ approach to this summer and we’re paying for it now by not having a settled squad during preseason. Something Wenger will no doubt bemoan in November when one of his new signings pings a hamstring.

I was watching our manager talk in a press conference in LA. He was asked if he thinks he’s done enough this summer…

‘In this job, always you have not done enough’

Such an arrogant comment to drop when you’ve literally signed one senior player whilst your competitors stack up bodies around you. I guess that’s his mindset. He thinks sustaining top four is enough and can’t believe we’re not eternally grateful he took just the £8m a year whilst we were skint back in the day.

Does my brain in.

Still, bar our summer being shoddy af, you can’t help but get excited that it’s only a few weeks before the rollercoaster starts up again!


Right, as you were, keep refreshing… if we all do it hard enough, maybe something ambitious will happen.

P.S. KANU IS FORTY TODAY! Gotta love that banter.

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  1. Wallace


    maybe Liverpool with Klopp there, but I think Wolfsburg would be querying the definition of ‘a big club’ if it’s Spurs 🙂

  2. Black Hei

    Yeah but a right sided, left footed player will make more sense.

    Bellerin is superb providing width. We want him getting forward while the Xhaka covers him.

  3. Up 4 grabs now

    Wallace, I see your thinking with klopp but the bindippers have so many attacking midfielders already with coutinho, markovic, lallana, wijnaldum,Firminho, they just spent 30 million on Sane as well.

  4. DivineSherlock

    I like both Mahrez and Draxler but if I wanted one , I’d take Mahrez. Simply cause he’ll fit right in the PL . Draxler might need some time.

  5. Snowman

    Mahrez all day. I think his vision is way superior than Draxlers. I’m tired of having 1001 prospects in the team. Time to start buying finished articles. Before draxler gets accustomed to the league it will be another two seasons, by the time he’s lighting it up, Madrid or Bayern will come in for him at his prime.

  6. Up 4 grabs now

    Wallace maybe Draxler can go to Leicester as Mahrez replacement for when he comes to us!
    I won’t hold my breath though!
    Maybe he won’t come to England, I can’t see who else needs him. Maybe Chelsea?

  7. Up 4 grabs now


    Conte might want to mix it up a bit though after willian and hazard they don’t have a lot else. Hazard didn’t rip up any trees last season either so maybe he wants competition?

  8. Wallace


    Arsenal, Atletico, Juventus, Chelsea…all possibilities, but we’d be the most likely team to be in for him, I think.

  9. OleGunner

    AlexanderhenryAugust 2, 2016 17:50:59

    It’s not lack of effort, it’s lack of money.The transfer budget was about £40 million. Unless wenger manages to offload a few players, there won’t be any more big signings.”

    Honestly Alexander you genuinely need to sod off with this type of nonsense tripe you peddle. There is no chance in hell Arsenal only have a budget of £40m this summer. You are clinically insane if you believe that.

    Stop trying to make early excuses for Wenger when we inevitably sign no one or just get mid table fodder players. Sickening that you’re drinking such kool aid.

  10. Louis Almeida

    I think it is Juve/Arsenal although can’t see Draxlr fitting in Juve’s 352. He’s not really an Atletico player. Maybe Chelsea. Don’t think he’d need a second invitation to come. His best friend is here.

  11. DivineSherlock


    Dont know about Juve , but I recently saw a video of him at Chelsea . Training with Conte

  12. Dream10

    Louis Almeida

    Mustafi, Lacazette and Draxler/Mahrez? That’s over 100m pounds in transfer fees.
    You see that happening?

  13. Dissenter

    It seems that £140k weekly Theo Walcott has now decided to admit that he won’t make it as a center forwards
    He’s really not great as a winger as well because other than pace (which he has lost) there aren’t any other skills in his tool kit. He can’t dribble, can’t pass properly or cross the ball effectively.

    Theo is the epitome of being Wenger-managed for ten years.

  14. Ashley

    i just posted on untold … i know i know , but i had to , the post was just so pointless i couldnt resist , i didnt swear or abuse so dont worry , something about that blog just spits arrogance at you doesnt it …

  15. Red&White4life

    “Is Mahrez on his way or is it just more bull shit?”
    All I know is that Vermaelen could be on his way back lol

  16. WengerEagle

    Dont see Juventus throwing their ring in the hat for Draxler, do they really have another 40 odd million to spend after they’ve already spent over 120 million on Higuain, Pjanic and Pjaca?

    We should be in like Flynn for the chap, exactly what we need with a huge potential upside for further improvement.

    Could be a superstar in the right environment, has most of the attributes.

  17. Snowman

    I think to fit into Conte’s team you have to have a lot of work ethic… And i think, having pedro, willian and cuadrado, and the brazilian kid (not oscar, the other one) chelsea are well stocked in that regard. I don’t see how he fits into that system tbh. I think Arsenal is the only viable option if he was to get into any first 11 of a top team in the EPL. Considering our history with injury prone players I’d say, Mahrez is a better fit for us.

  18. Emiratesstroller

    This summer Arsenal MUST punch its weight in the transfer window otherwisewe are going to struggle to maintain our position in top four let alone contemplate winning league title.

    Personally I am sick and tired listening to the management telling the world that we cannot compete financially with some of the other clubs. The reality is that the only club in EPL where that is the case is Manchester City.

    Manchester United may have larger revenues than ourselves, but it should not be forgotten that they have almost double our debt and a smaller cash balance. Also they have not won league title in three years and failed to qualify for Champions League in two. Spending well over £100 million on annual basis
    in transfer market cannot be sustained indefinitely.

    The bottom line is that Arsenal must complete before season starts their priority signings and that has to be Centre Back and Striker. The winger is of secondary importance.

  19. azed

    Arsenal not Arsene
    August 2, 2016 21:34:48

    Surely even Wenger can’t bottle this up

    You greatly under estimate Wenger’s bottling ability. Wenger is your favourite bottlers favourite.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Walcott’s comments are hilarious, after bitching for years that he want to be a ST, that the reason we haven’t seen the best out of him is because he’s a ST not a RM, he’s now decided he wants to go back to RM again.

    Can we just sell this joke please?

    This is a player who is 27, 28 in March, on £140 000 a week and he doesn’t know what position he plays and has had one good season in a decade of anonymity.

    What an absolute waste of space of a player, I’ve never known a player to make me genuinely angry, but from telling the world for years he’s a ST and good for at least ’15-20′ goals, that he’s done his time at RM, now he wants to scuttle back over to RM after seeing how shit he was at ST.

    So let me get this right, you spent ten years being shit at RM, but that was okay because you’re a ST, you then get your go at ST and your shit, but that’s okay because you want to make RM your own…there’s a pattern here, I think he might just be shit.

    How is he still here…

  21. Cesc Appeal



    The messed up thing is, no matter how shit he is, and he really…really is, because of his nationality, the fact he’s fast and the fact that some people still write things like ‘he needs to leave Arsenal to realise his potential’ (haha) you will get £20-25 Million for him easily.

    There’s Mustafi.

  22. WengerEagle

    Top class post CA.

    Wally has been a joke for years, was one of the worst decisions made in Wenger’s tenure (and that’s saying something) to stick him on 140k a week.

    Is insulting to Ozil and Sanchez who are on similar money.

    We should have got rid of him last summer, he’s just had a shit season even by his low standards and he’s definitely lost a yard of that electric pace he had pre knee injury.

    Id take a bid as low as 10 million just to get him off the books.

  23. Snowman

    I say lets cut our losses with feo, he can go start over at Westham, or Crystal Palace. We both know they are willing to spend £20-30M. Also sell JC to Swansea if they end up losing ayew. Tired of hearing about his workrate. He is paid to put the ball at the back of the net or help in doing that. Fuck a workrate. We are not a footballers Nursery. Get Mahrez/ Draxler.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    Agree completely.

    At the time I remember a few of us up in arms about that decision, as you say, insulting to players like Ozil and Sanchez who (and their agents no doubt will) will look at Walcott’s £140 000 a week and think of that as some sort of indicator that they should be in the £200 000 a week band.

    I honestly do not see what fans saw in him, okay the first few years of hype, but it quickly became evident he has absolutely nothing about him, no technical ability, no brain, no heart, no fight, he was literally a pair of very fast legs.

    Agree on your last point as well, whilst I would like to sell him to raise transfer funds (not that we need to but you know…Arsenal) if all I could sell him for by the end of the window was £10 Million I would, get rid of him and his ridiculous wages.

  25. Dream10

    With the exception of Hull City, every other PL side will have a better #9 on opening day. Benteke, Berahino, Bacca, Calleri, Gomez, Slimani all available, better than Walcott and on less wages.
    Have to hope he moves to the MLS next summer. The man cares about his brand and will do very well for himself

  26. ADKB


    “This summer Arsenal MUST punch its weight in the transfer window otherwisewe are going to struggle to maintain our position in top four let alone contemplate winning league title.”

    We aren’t punching below our weight talk less of at our weight or even above our weight. We aren’t punching at all. We aren’t fighting at all. Finito. C’est fini, Koniec.

  27. WengerEagle


    You think so? He makes David Beckham look like Russell Brand.

    Personality of a bag of Spinach.

    So embarrassing that we’ll likely be lining up against Liverpool with one of Feo or Akpom up front.

  28. ADKB

    Wenger the philosopher and economic genius. How he valued Walcott at £140,000/week reeks of ineptitude. It’s a sackable offence in a business environment.

  29. WengerEagle


    Even worse than that perhaps is the fact he’s on more money than Santi and Koscielny, it’s bizarre how they’re not kicking up a fuss.

    That pretty much sums up Feo, it’s much quicker to say what he does well which says it all surely?

    Would have been a Championship footballer at best were it not for his speed.

  30. Relieable Sauce

    Shame to sell Walcott now with his testimonial so close.

    Maybe they can invite Diaby to play (seeing as he didnt one himself) along with some of his previous team mates.
    Ones who signed the same year as him, or were there when he had his stellar season perhaps.
    Should be quite an event.

  31. vicky

    I think we could be one of the clubs chasing Draxler. He is a typical Wenger signing. Young, technical, versatile. A convenient signing as well – Wenger can claim to have filled up two positions with his signing- wing and ST. Mahrez over Draxler for me though.

  32. azed

    “I’d love to see Theo in attacking mid role for the first match”

    Sanogo in goal for the first match wont be bad either

  33. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Gervinho deserves better.
    Walcott held the club ransom when he was signing a new deal. He’s a sneaky guy. Can’t stand him.

  34. Frank Mc

    “Personality of a bag of Spinach.” ha ha ha.

    I reckon they’d love him at Shenzhen Jianlibao, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao or Shandong Luneng Taishan!
    Make it happen Wenger!

  35. Dream10

    Think Draxler’s best position is a second striker. If he does join, I would expect Sanchez to be sold next summer.

  36. STV

    _______ __Chech
    Bellerin Debuchy Holding Monrral
    __Wilshere Xhaka Cazorla
    _______Theo the AM____
    ____ Akpom. ____ Sanogo__

    Super Subs: Chamberlain Asano Elnenny Chambers

    Taking extended Rest: Ozil Ramsey Giroud Koscielny Sanchez

    Injured : Pretty much everyone else

    Wenger: “Our squad vis good enough!!

    AKBs: ” Bring on Liverpool”

  37. STV

    “Sanogo in goal for the first match wont be bad either”

    Yes you’re officially qualified for Wenger’s Assistantship 🙂

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, not a long list is it, let’s see, 1) pace…

    I’m out.

    As you say he seems to have lost a yard of that as well, will be 28 by the end of this season as well so his one asset is already diminishing.

    He does have all the personality of a toilet seat, but fingers crossed he decides to cash it in and just go to China or the US, maybe another snub by England might do it?

  39. Louis Almeida

    Mahrez or Draxler if you had to choose?

    Mahrez right now for me but it’s worth noting that he has 3 years on Draxler and didn’t blow up until last season. Draxler started loads of games in the Euros (albeit due to Reus’ injury) and has shown his quality in the CL. I’d be good with either.

  40. Dream10

    According to @arsestat_ on Twitter, club are worried about Koscielny’s knee which was bothering him at the end of last season. He received pain killing injections after spraining his knee against Iceland.

    Time to start hyping up Rob Holding.

  41. Jim lahey

    “Mahrez or Draxler if you had to choose?”

    Slex Oxlade-Chamberlain…

    Just because he didn’t cost £50m doesn’t mean he isn’t a £50m pound player…

  42. Wallace

    Julian Draxler due back training with Wolfsburg today. Told he wants to join Arsenal. Gave interview to Bild to try & force through move.

    – Kaveh Solhekol(sky sports)

  43. Bamford10


    Wenger had some £100m to spend this summer, and now he has been allocated even more than that. Your narrative is bunk.

  44. Bamford10

    SkySports reporting that Manchester City will announce the signing of Brazilian forward Gabriel Jesus within the next 24 hours.

  45. Micheal

    August 3, 2016 11:03:15

    SkySports reporting that Manchester City will announce the signing of Brazilian forward Gabriel Jesus within the next 24 hours.


    And if they sign his brother Jesus Christ we could all be in trouble !

  46. STV

    What has gone wrong for Walcott? Somewhere in the middle of last season he went from an average player to complete shit.. Any explanations??

  47. Arsenal not Arsene

    I’ll be pleased with both Draxler and mahrez. Draxler, mahrez and mustafi with no striker is proper business. Play Draxler at St and let him blossom. Surely with ozil’s passes he’ll do better than giroud

  48. Marko

    Theo leaving is as important as bringing in a new defender for me. He absolutely needs to fuck off at this point we must stop being a holiday home for the injured and average

  49. Honest Bill

    Trouble with buying Draxler is that it would mean no striker or no centre back. Let’s not forget that one of Wengers arbitrary rules is that you can’t have more than three players come in in one window. We already have Xhaka, so if we buy Draxler, we only have one slot left. We desperately need a goal-scorer which Draxler isn’t, so we will need a striker too.

  50. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    I agree…

    Mustafi, Draxler and Mahrez.

    You would think that if what Draxler says is true then there would be a clause in his contract.

  51. Red&White4life

    Draxler : “It was always clear to everybody that I would like to join a top club in Europe, if I were to get the chance.”

    Ozil told him that we’re still a top club ?? (lol)

  52. Emiratesstroller

    Jim Lahey

    Sanchez is actually better playing on right flank. He played there in 8 of last 9 games and scored 6 goals and had 2 assists in that position.

    Therefore bringing in Draxler might be a better selection and probably cheaper than Mahrez. On the other hand you cannot ignore Mahrez goals and overall performance in EPL last season.

    The real problem at moment is that we need to accommodate in team/squad Ramsey, Cazorla,Wilshere, Walcott, Ox and Iwobi.

    The only two positions in team which are open to them are a central midfield
    place alongside Xhaka and right or left flank alongside Sanchez and Ozil.

    My view is that if we were to buy either Mahrez or Draxler then Arsenal should offload Walcott and loan out Campbell or Iwobi.

    Wilshere cannot be sold at moment in view of his lack of fitness and I would
    choose to keep Ramsey, Cazorla and Ox on books.

  53. Red&White4life

    I’m sorry, I was reading too fast, I thought you meant Walnuts and Ox…
    What is your problem with Joel ?? I like him.

  54. Rambo Ramsey

    Am I the only one not impressed about the attitude of Draxler? If an Arsenal player pulled similar antics we’d be expressing outrage at such behavior. This after signing a 5 year contract with Wolfsburg last summer! How can you say he won’t do the same after one season at Arsenal?

    Better to steer well clear of this chap I reckon.

  55. Arsene's Nurse

    Post match report: Arsenal v Liverpool – Sunday 14th August.

    The gunners got off to a great start in their 2016/17 campaign after putting an incredible 5 goals past a Liverpool side that were reduced to 9 men after a bizarre series of injuries.

    Attacking midfielder Theo Walcott said the team showed great mental strength after hearing raucous laughter coming from the opposition dressing room. Liverpool suffered two pre-match injuries to Lallana and Benteke both of whom required multiple stitches after splitting their sides having seen the Arsenal line-up.

    Arsene Wenger made a tactical gamble by playing Sanogo in goal for the first game of the season. Wenger in his pre-match interview said he’d seen the Frenchman between the sticks in training and realised that Sanogo has a great aurora when near the goal. He explained that whilst the £50m man couldn’t score when he was close to goal, neither could any Arsenal player due to Sanogo’s unorthodox awkwardness.

    The “Sanogo effect” was to cause Liverpool great problems and several players suffered severe stomach cramps from mirth, which culminated in Nathaniel Clyne being stretchered off in the 38th minute.

    The reds where to suffer more woes when Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was sent to the stands in the second half for constantly exiting the technical area – whilst rolling on the floor laughing having seen Arsenal’s new striker miss his fifth sitter of the game. Mathew Flamini returned to his old club on yet another 1 year extended contract, but had a difficult afternoon as the focal point for Arsenal’s attack.

    Arsenal only managed to break the dead lock after Ozil was replaced by Santi Cazorla in the 67th minute due to a side sprain induced when Walcott attempted a step-over. By this time Liverpool were down to 10 men and the food courts stripped of napkins to dry the tears of laugher streaming down the fan’s faces.

    After the game Wenger said that his tactical switch to a 4-1-LAUGH-1 formation had been so successful that he would tweak the formation and play Walcott as the lone striker against Champions Leicester on Saturday.

  56. STV

    Maybe Draxler is frustrated. He’s a very good player trapped in mediocre clubs for years. Nothing wrong in wanting his move to a top club if the club is not interested in any negotiations.

  57. Barking Arsene

    If we were to get both Mahrez and Draxler (but no striker) what would people’s thoughts be on that?

    I appreciate this looks next to impossible but I’m just curious.

  58. duvee

    Feel sorry for Campbell. He’s a decent squad player and played quite well when he played last year. I’d keep him every day over Smallcock,

  59. Honest Bill


    I don’t have one, but Wenger doesn’t rate him enough to play him unless he’s desperate. Why not sell them both and use the money in transfer fees and wages to buy someone who is top class.

  60. Rambo Ramsey

    Well, maybe he’s not as good as he thinks he is-which is why he’s had to make do with average clubs so far? Honestly though, the quotes from the report at Eurosport give a vibe of a player with an over-inflated sense of self worth. He’s literally announcing that Wolfsburg is beneath his level and he wants a ‘top’ club.

    I mean, Arsenal is a bloody frustrating club in itself. But you don’t see established global superstars like Ozil and Sanchez go that far as to trash the club in public.

  61. Wallace


    Draxler’s saying when he signed for Wolfsburg there was an agreement with Hecking that if a big European club came in for him he’d be allowed to leave. apparently that has happened but they’re not letting him go, which is why he’s talking to Bild.

    maybe not ideal behaviour, but if they’ve gone back on a promise…

  62. Marko

    Besides Wolfsburg are kind of declining. They let Perisic and Schurrle heck they even let Bendtner go in recent seasons. Why should Draxler stay?

  63. TitsMcGee

    It’s not lack of effort, it’s lack of money”

    It’s amazing the level of “dumb” that exists out there in the world.

  64. Rambo Ramsey

    Wallace, verbal agreements don’t amount to much as we’ve seen in many cases. He has four years on his contract still, I think the club are entitled to not entertain a transfer.

  65. Louis Almeida

    Rambo Ramsey, but Mahrez’s contract also doesn’t expire until 2019. I think player power seems to trump all these days. If a player wants to move, it’ll eventually happen as long as the buying club meet the asking price.

  66. Rambo Ramsey

    ” I think player power seems to trump all these days. ”

    Yeah, can’t deny the truth of this but would such a player be a good fit for Arsenal the way its being run? Eurosport quoted him as below.

    ” It was obvious that Wolfsburg showed me a good perspective back then, but also served as stepping stone.”

    Who says stuff like this? Arsenal will be another ‘stepping stone’ for him for a year or two.

  67. Barking Arsene

    Draxler isn’t coming across in the best light with that interview – I get a sense that his “people” are advising him pretty poorly.

    There must be someone in for him though. Would be very very risky to come out with that if nobody was sniffing around!

  68. Barking Arsene


    Agree, I think anyone is available if someone is willing to throw enough money around.

    Sometimes I don’t even think the player needs to want the move. They can always be persuaded by thier club that staying won’t be in their best interests.

  69. Cesc Appeal

    Draxler’s fee was mooted to be around £55 Million earlier in the window off the back of the Euros, interested to see if that sort of very high valuation holds on now, would expect it to take a knock somewhat now Draxler has done what he’s done, likely his intention behind it, make it easier for a buying club to buy and harder for the selling club to resist or appear to resist and hold out for a high valuation.

  70. STV

    Anyone revealing anything via media is basically screwed..

    I can say you’re in la la land if you think Wenger will 3 more players of any kind in this window.

    A defender like Mustafi maybe. A striker or winger signing? don’t think he will do that. We should celebrate like winning a cup if atleast one of them made possible.

    He’s gonna grin and smirk right thru the end of tw only to give us a very bad surprise, probably Evans.

  71. azed

    “What has gone wrong for Walcott? Somewhere in the middle of last season he went from an average player to complete shit.. Any explanations??”

    Water always finds its level.

  72. N'Gambo

    Hey Pedro – why don’t you behave responsibly towards the community and appoint a small roster of reliable writer/bloggers between whom we can expect a daily dose of discussion at a reliable time.

    It’s not all about you – the community wants something to talk about on a daily basis at a regular time – I’m sure a social media marketing genius like you gets it!

    Oh wait – you still haven’t posted anything today because you’ve got a marketing pitch in NY?

    Then get someone else to do either the pitch or the blog.

    I am the Black Gambon.

  73. TitsMcGee

    I can say you’re in la la land if you think Wenger will 3 more players of any kind in this window.”

    I’d say 2 tops and not 2 of the superstar kind either.

    It’ll drag out then we’ll announce two players on or just before signing day and we’ll all be so relieved that we sign anyone that the ire won’t be as bad.

  74. Joe


    Watch how quick these 2 signings happen after Liverpool slap us around.

    Funny how wenger can get a signing done in 2 days when his ass gets handed to him 8-2. Villa loss.

  75. Joe


    He does it for free on his own time. I don’t want other people to write for him unless he brings Geoff back.

    He’s busy and it’s not like Arsenal and wenger are giving him much to write about at the moment unless you want to talk a lot another shambles of a TW

  76. Alan Norman

    Disgrace to the club so Wenger has to go. Out of touch, spends money like it is his own and always happy with a top four finish. Not good enough for a club of Arsenal’s heritage. Next to go will be Ozil and why on earth doesn’t he break the bank and buy a world class striker and sign Vermallen even as stand in at centre back.
    We have turned into a joke!!!