Tick, tock, tick, tock… where the signings be at?

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Well, well, well! Good morning to you all.

Arsenal fans going into F5 overdrive on the Newsnow refresh. Timings are getting tighter, our squad is getting no larger, panic is starting to settle in… Groundhog window is starting to feel like a real possibility.

You can tell this window has turned into a supermarket sweep type scenario by the quality of player being linked to us…

‘That guy who stepped up for Germany?’

‘What about the exUnited lad at WBA? Silvestre MKII?’

‘How about Thomas Vermaelen?’

I mean, this approach doesn’t surprise me at all, it’s all too familiar. If we ended the summer with 3 players, I’d be overjoyed. Does it feel like we’ll get there? Really doubtful.

There’s a real lack of effort going into our summer. Or, if there is a real powerhouse amount of effort going in, it’s the wrong sort. Like when you have a person who works till 9pm every night, not because they’re working harder, but because they’re useless at their job.

We didn’t take the ‘work smart’ approach to this summer and we’re paying for it now by not having a settled squad during preseason. Something Wenger will no doubt bemoan in November when one of his new signings pings a hamstring.

I was watching our manager talk in a press conference in LA. He was asked if he thinks he’s done enough this summer…

‘In this job, always you have not done enough’

Such an arrogant comment to drop when you’ve literally signed one senior player whilst your competitors stack up bodies around you. I guess that’s his mindset. He thinks sustaining top four is enough and can’t believe we’re not eternally grateful he took just the £8m a year whilst we were skint back in the day.

Does my brain in.

Still, bar our summer being shoddy af, you can’t help but get excited that it’s only a few weeks before the rollercoaster starts up again!


Right, as you were, keep refreshing… if we all do it hard enough, maybe something ambitious will happen.

P.S. KANU IS FORTY TODAY! Gotta love that banter.

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  1. SUGA3

    ‘Transfer budget is about 40 million’

    fuck me, some people…

    and where does the rest of that pile of cash go then, huh Einstein?

  2. Champagne charlie


    I’m aware, I endorse the sentiment heading the table of figures which suggests we need to get back to outlays reflective of our status.

  3. Joe

    DD was here when we signed Henry.

    Ozil , Sanchez and xhaka are all signings to appease moron fans like you CC but still leave the side 3-4 players short.

    CP is making offers for 30m

    Liverpool regularly buy players for over 30m

    What’s your point

    We aren’t setting world records with our signings.

    We are the 5th richest club in the world. We should be buying 3 30m players this window

  4. Joe

    You say unbelievable but are talking now like you say it’s going to happen

    You truly believe wenger is working on it and that he would actually do it

    And I say not in a million years.

    But your right. Let’s wait and see what happens up until the Liverpool match

    And then after the Liverpool and Leicester matches.

  5. SUGA3


    And for that, we need visionaries at the helm…

    is Wenger a visionary? Not anymore he ain’t…

    Maybe the puppet yes man Gazidis? Of course not, he is just a talking head. No idea what he actually DOES.

    Kroenke? Judging by the track record of KSE clubs? You tell me 😉

  6. vicky

    Money paid for Pogba is indeed scary. What’s wrong in saying that. Before Bale moved for 85M to Real, I thought no player except Messi would be worth over 100M but here we are – the likes of Pogba, Higuain commanding close to 100M. Even Scholes has criticized United for massively overpaying. Pogba is not even a finished product yet.

  7. Honest Bill

    To be fair Wenger is a visionary. He can see players like Walcott and Sanogo becoming world class when nobody else can.

  8. Joe

    The new agreement sees the France international, who is currently with Les Bleus at Euro 2016, commit his future to Atlético until 2021.

    Buy-out clause upped
    The 25-year-old’s fresh contract also includes an increased release clause, which is now set at 100 million euros.

    The announcement puts an end to speculation surrounding a potential summer move away from the Vicente Calderón, with Griezmann recently linked with a host of major clubs.

  9. Ashley

    Our injury curse is now so bad , it’s killing us off before the season has started !! Wilshere is surely now the official diaby , what is wrong with that guys body ?? Break break break that’s all he does , can’t actually blame Wenger for this but he should have us better prepared for the start of the season , the euro players didn’t need this amount of time off , the should have been back a week ago , 3 weeks training and they are ready for pool ….

  10. Highbury4ever

    Latest rumor from france, wenger to bring back Vermaelen from barcelona in replacement of Per.
    There’s only one arsène wenger.

  11. Hitman

    Any minute now…any minute.. those star signings will start walking through those marble doors. Just like buses, you wait all transfer window and 3 arrive at once! Just keep refreshing the page. Yep.. any minute now ..any minute….

  12. SUGA3

    Wilshere is definitely the new Diaby, i.e. a spoilt cunt who got too much too early and without needing to work for it.

    The only difference is his that he also can’t even conduct himself properly. What has he done since he got promoted to the first team? Apart from breeding?

  13. Honest Bill


    Would you mind telling that to my shrink? He thinks i’m mental, but he just doesn’t see how beautiful my giant Eboue statue is going to be.

  14. Champagne charlie


    Bore off mate you’re a dickhead from the top shelf, you can’t comprehend what’s written and you peddle the same gash daily. Stick to being a knuckledragger with inflated self importance, that’s on you. Can’t be bothered talking your way

  15. Honest Bill


    Now you’re just being ridiculous. How could he be at the Emirates when he’s busy meeting with estate agents and looking at cheap flats in Islington?

  16. Hitman

    Agree. Wilshere is the white Abou Diaby. A chav who got lucky.
    The face of modern Britain, where pay had no connection with productivity.
    Think of it as maternity pay for footballers.

  17. Champagne charlie


    Asking the wrong guy, don’t like the upper level management at the club but it’s staying that way this year at least so not worth my time talking about it. Hope we get the right bodies in and no reason we can’t compete

  18. N5

    “Latest rumor from france, wenger to bring back Vermaelen from barcelona in replacement of Per.”

    That’s weeks old.

  19. Joe

    Ha Charlie resorting to his normal mud slinging and. Name calling when called out and proven wrong

    Haha. Jog on you muppet.

    Let us know when you have more ITK bollocks

  20. Champagne charlie


    Being as unaware as you manage to be is a skill. You butted in to my covers action with Romford and started your usual jabbing bollocks. But apparently it’s me that resorts to mudslinging when I reach a point of just dismissing your bs, whatever you say mate.

    Called out and proven wrong? What are you on about….. It’s actually hard talking to someone with your cognitive ability. Hats off to the carers of this world

  21. SUGA3

    Signing Vermaelen would be an absolute and utter madness. No games at Barca, questionable overall fitness, etc.

    But you just know it is going to happen. Because it is the lazy option and he is FREE.

  22. Joe

    It’s actually hard talking to someone with your cognitive ability. Hats off to the carers of this world

    Talking about my cognitive ability yet you can’t spell careers. Hahaha

    Fucking idiot

    Guess you didn’t need to spell it for your McDonald’s application. Good thing.

    Jog on son

  23. Joe


    You said greizmann wouldn’t cost 75 m and name called me when I mention 75-100m

    I show you an article saying his buyout is 100m euros.

    Proven wrong.

    That was just one.

    There are many others. Can’t be bothered

    Shouldn’t you be headed back to making my French fries.

  24. Joe


    Less than 2 weeks away from Liverpool.

    No noise for transfers.

    Theo most likely starting up front.

    Jack out for who knows how long.

    One of the kids starting with Gabriel. Don’t think tonsillitis would
    Keep him out.

    Unless Kos gets called up to start

    Ox on the wings. iWobi on other side?

  25. Champagne charlie

    “Talking about my cognitive ability yet you can’t spell careers. Hahaha Fucking idiot”

    I’ll just leave this here for the banter. I’m off, laughing as I walk. Cheers… Gift that keeps on giving

  26. Wallace

    “‘It’s actually hard talking to someone with your cognitive ability. Hats off to the carers of this world.’

    Talking about my cognitive ability yet you can’t spell careers. Hahaha

    Fucking idiot”

    Joe, er….nevermind.

  27. Joe

    Yes Wallace

    Please continue. You too cC

    Please point it out

    Tweedle Dee and tweedle dum coming together.

    Carers or careers

    You tell me

  28. Joe


    We don’t use the word ‘carer’ in Canada.

    We use caregiver. Never is carer used here

    My bad.

    I’ll own that one 🙂

  29. karim


    Yeah, not a big fan myself but once they decided Cavani would be their number one striker this year, guess they couldn’t find any other decent player willing to sit on the bench, think that’s why Lacazette didn’t go, rather than because he’s a Lyon boy, his own brother said a move to psg was possible a few weeks ago.

    Now, let’s see if Arsenal mean business.
    Well, you know what I mean…

  30. Joe

    Going to off myself after my mistake with ‘Carers’ and ‘careers’

    Now Wallace and CC will have so much to make fun of me with :-((((((

  31. WengerEagle


    Cheers for the info.

    Yeah same although I liked him a lot before he picked up that nasty injury a while back.

    If he can regain his pre injury levels then he’s an excellent player to have on the bench, very versatile can basically play anywhere across the front 3.

    How did Lucas Moura perform in Ligue 1 last season if you don’t mind me asking? Always looks good in the UCL, lacks killer instinct in the final 3rd mind which is probably why he’s not a star for the Brazil NT.

    Hope we get Lacazette, he really is one of the last few decent options out there left for us.

  32. Joe

    Haha. Perfect WE 🙂

    Glad I could make you laugh.

    I don’t mind one bit. I actually laughed too when I realized. Haha. If you can’t laugh at yourself

  33. Snowman

    I hope Liverpool tank us 3-0. Only way we’ll get lacazette… Hey maybe if Leicester sneak a win we might get Mahrez too …Panic buys

  34. karim


    Maaaan, Lucas is so frustrating, he’s a bit like Walcott actually.
    Pace is his main weapon, he can actually go past players ( better than Theo at that ) but he’ll always end up trying one dribble too many …

    Not a clinical finisher either unfortunately.

  35. Snowman

    I can’t stand another season of those stupid Walcott jogs after he tries to pull off one of those TH14 curve finishes but instead shoots straight at the keeper/ Row z . Smh
    I know it’s a bit old, but how awful was debuchy vs Chivas. Bar the assist. His defending was diabolical.

  36. Snowman

    Samesong, we both know you read the whole thing. 😉
    You know what’s painful? 8-2. It changed my life. Nothing can hurt me any more, well other than losing to spuds, obviously. Being an Arsenal fan in the last 12 years you learn how to persevere.

  37. Wallace

    anyone figured out if Le Buteur is the Algerian Times or the Algerian Sun?

    didn’t realise Mustafi’s only six feet tall. looks powerful enough, but I’d prefer at least one tall f*ck back there.

  38. Whitty

    This transfer window …my god I’m on the edge of my seat here it’s so exiting…

    I love it when we prepare a bid or are looking to bid..

    2-3 weeks of pure joy.

  39. Snowman

    Mustafi is quite aggressive and has better interception stats than Kos…Plus he won 73% of his aerial duels last season or something… Vermaelen wasn’t the tallest when he joined but he was a beast in the air before the injuries… And He can speak ENGLISH. Gabriel’s biggest weakness. Wonder if he even cares to get a tutor. If he hasn’t got one yet then he’s even dumber than he looks on those Arsenal clips on YouTube.

  40. Danish Gooner

    Arsenal-Pool 2-0.scorers wally walcott 2,stellar.Wenger comment after game “we have qualidee squad and cohesion,Next week Leicester-Arsenal 3-0 Mahrez a hattrick, Wenger comment after game “I was just an accident and the scoreline flattered them,i believe in the belief of this team and we have super qualidee.September comes tumbleweed comes through the Emirates,Arsenal-Chelsea 1-5 wenger commetn after game,So we miss Kozzer,Alexis and Ozil out with injuries but Sanago proved he is top qualidee when he nearly score.

  41. Redtruth

    The Telegraph: January 14 2012

    Arsène Wenger has called for the January transfer window to be scrapped in favour of either a return to the previous system in which players could move freely or a completely closed season.

    “Either you leave it completely open the whole year or you close it completely for the whole year,” Wenger said.

    “But now it’s in-between where everybody becomes nervous in November until the end of January.

    ”The Arsenal manager has signed Thierry Henry on loan during this window and had wanted to bring in defensive cover but has found the way the window distorts the market frustrating.

    Since the protracted negotiations over the signing of Andrei Arshavin from Zenit St Petersburg two years ago, Wenger has avoided making significant moves in the winter window.

    “I believe it is hard, not only for the manager, but for the club. Even for the player too, I believe it’s harder. [Without the January window] you have a focus, you know there is no other way, you think ’I have to focus on that’.

  42. Redtruth

    The Guardian 25 June 2001

    Patrick Vieira has launched an amazing attack on his Arsenal team-mates and Arsene Wenger’s summer signings – and made it clear that he wants to leave.

    He said: “People should know this is nothing to do with money. I need to leave because I want to win more trophies and I just cannot see that happening at Arsenal. Certainly not over the next few years, anyway.

    “Comparing Arsenal to the big clubs in Europe this season is going to be quite ridiculous,” he added.”I do not honestly see Arsenal finishing in the top five in the league – and you can forget the Champions League.

    “In recent weeks, Arsene Wenger has signed Everton striker Francis Jeffers and Rangers midfielder Giovanni van Bronckhorst in an attempt to strengthen his squad and persuade Vieira to stay.

    However, Vieira sees nothing to be excited about in their arrival.”When I told Arsene Wenger I was leaving, he said to me ‘I have £25m to spend on a few players’.
    My answer was ‘Obviously, Mr Wenger, you are not shopping in Harrods. That will only buy you one good player.’ Now I have been proved right.

    “Arsene Wenger has signed two ‘hopeful’ players who haven’t proved themselves in the Premiership yet. One of them is a boy of 20.

    “You can’t compete with the best clubs in Europe by making these kind of signings.”Arsene Wenger is an ambitious manager and he knows deep in his heart that he needs five world-class players to compete among the best in Europe.

    “With £25m in the kitty, Arsenal is not a great European club. With that budget they won’t even be among the top 20 clubs in Europe.”

  43. Relieable Sauce

    Hmmm…Griezman…Or, Mahrez and Lacazette…???…
    Decisions, decisions…

    Is there a third option !?!
    : /

  44. ADKB

    Danish Gooner:

    … but Sanago proved he is top qualidee when he nearly score AND MIRACULOUSLY STAYED ON HIS FEET.

  45. HillWood

    Unlike GG Arsenal, Wengers Arsenal lack the will to win at all costs. That is unforgivable and comes from our weak “manager”

  46. ADKB


    The truth is Wenger’s got this “philosophy” or “addiction” in his DNA. It seems to me he sees himself as a revolutionary or an idealist philosopher. I’m afraid he’s in the wrong profession.

    “Football is a simple game. There are 2 goals and the ball is round”, said Kazimierz Gorski, legendary Polish manager in the 1970s. Just get the ball into the opponents’ goal and stop it from getting into yours. It isn’t primarily about money.

    Unfortunately Wenger’s blinded by ca$h and you can’t serve two masters. You can’t serve both football and mammon.

  47. Relieable Sauce


    Nothing or, Benteke and Evans…?

    Although I’d rather Wenger didnt spend I’d take the latter for comedy value.
    Bamford would be happy at least

  48. HillWood

    Spot on. Wenger has delusions of grandeur. He refuses to see he builds teams that are regarded as a soft touch

  49. ADKB


    Didn’t Evra once say playing Arsenal was like men playing against boys? Niceness, cute cuddly faces, politeness etc don’t win games!

  50. STV

    “So placing bets now, what will Wenger/Arsenal excuse be for not buying him?”

    ‘Chamberlain has proved he’s ready for the new season.’

    Walcott Campbell is there Ramsey can play there as well..

    I think that’s done and dusted there.

  51. Ashley

    if there was a button that you could press , and it would completely desolve any remaining love and support you had left for Arsenal , thus freeing you from this Arsenal supporters prison , how many of you on here would press such a button ? Like , it would literally stop you from supporting Arsenal …

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    1, we now have player who have come through who can fill that postition

    ,2, he has not progressed as we would have hoped from our first intrest in him.

    3, brexit has made it impossible to sign …

  53. Arsenal not Arsene

    “I expressed myself clearly after the Euros, with coach
    Dieter Hecking, that I want to leave Wolfsburg. The coach
    has known for more than three weeks.
    “Two days after the semi-final defeat to France at the
    European Championships, I told him how I see the whole
    situation and what I want, which is to leave the club.
    “I was verbally assured with my transfer in August 2015
    that I can leave the club when given opportunities. From
    Hecking as well as technical director Klaus Allofs.

  54. gnarleygeorge9

    “where the signings be at?”

    Does anyone know? this is starting to do my head in.

    G’Day Suga 🙂

  55. karim


    I don’t know, I’ve never seen a single quote in their articles and the locals don’t seem to trust it a lot, so I’m not getting carried away this time.
    Hope I’m wrong.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    If those quotes and rumours are accurate you would imagine Draxler already knows he has a club waiting to snap him up.

    Wonder who it could be, I doubt its us, I know papers kept linking him earlier in the window but he moved for £25 Million last summer and we didn’t even sniff around him when Wenger had clearly had a hard on for him in years gone by.

    Would not imagine Wolfsburg will be chuffed with how public this has become, sort of weakness their position a bit with any buyer knowing Draxler is actively kicking from inside the club to get out.

  57. salparadisenyc


    Sure why not.

    Belerin Mustafi Koz Monreal
    Xhaka Rambo
    Draxler Griezmann Sanchez

  58. salparadisenyc

    Bit tongue and cheek there ADKB, a play on all the hilarious rumors out there.
    Its such comedy, with Wenger in mind.

  59. Wallace

    Mahrez the safer bet having already adapted, but with his size, athleticism and dribbling ability there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to Draxler. Kicker mention us in their article, but only our rumoured interest, nothing concrete.

  60. STV

    Chamberlain showing up in the preseason means no more acquisitions in the midfield..No Mahrez No Draxler Nothing..

    Arsene knows best.

  61. BigCheese

    Wenger has always had a soft spot for Draxler.

    I’d take him definitely but as a winger though. Seems to be too slight to be able to cut it up top in a physical league like the PL.

  62. ADKB

    Yeah, we (including Wenger apologists) all know we can’t have 4 top qualidee signings in a single window. How much will they cost again? £150m+? Not in a million years 🙂

    Somehow, I can see Johnny Evans in an Arsenal shirt – ideal candidate for Wenger. He’ll join the likes of Benayoun, Silvestre etc. Our Great Leader is addicted to bargain shopping.

  63. Relieable Sauce

    We now cant even sell Szczesney to a PL club with this Bendtneresque loan deal.
    He is a HG player as far as I’m aware.
    These agents are good at negotiating bumper new deals with Arsenal but cant muster the slightest bit of interest in their clients when theyve ridden the gravy train as far as they can.

    Why should they I guess ???
    Everyone at Arsene-al FC seem to get what they want bar a good chunk of the fan base.
    The majority are content enough it seems. So long as its deemed entertaining enough to warrant the investment.

  64. useroz

    “why/how is Debuchy still in the squad!?”

    Same as many others… Gibbs, Chambers, Sanogo, jenk, Walcott, Wilshere, Szcz…

    Btw, Walcott now says he wants to return to his position in right wing though he can also play upfront… WTF? It only heppens under Wenger…

  65. Chigooner

    It’s beyond obvious wenger doesn’t cut it anymore but I have a sneaking suspicion that kroenke is playing a role in the funds not being spent. Kroenke only cares about his portfolio. The sheikh at man city wants to win. Roman wants to win. Man U higher ups want to make money and win. Only Arsenal just wants to make money. That can’t be down to wenger alone. It’s past time wenger leaves but I’m not at all confident that it’ll get any better. Eddie Howe for fuck sake? I don’t care what Pedro says it’s not the kind of name the 5th richest club in the world should be linked with.

    Also regarding draxler (who we won’t sign) I thought I remember him being the Yoann Gourcuff type, can’t play outside of Germany without getting homesick. No?

  66. china

    Arsene….pick players you like. offer a couple of million over the asking price to push it through quickly…AND GET THE FUCK ON WITH IT

    he reminds me of a guy who used to come into the co-op i worked for. this guy (who comically looked just like paul mccartney) would come into the shop 30 seconds before closing time and waltz around looking for last minute bargains. that would’ve been more acceptable if he’d have hurried the fuck up, or just come in a few minutes earlier instead of keeping all us staff late waiting for him.

    finally 3 minutes after the store is officially closed he casually strolls over to the till with the reduced price shit he wants to buy and asks if we can give any more discount. i look at the shit he’s asking for a discount on and each item is already marked down to like 5p, 9p….. he didn’t want to pay 9p for a french stick because he thought he could haggle it down to 6p. my fucking god. we’d tell him sorry that’s as low as it will go and he’d leave without buying/make a let down kinda sigh and then slowly stump up reluctantly. he used to do this every single night, 7 days a week.

    only now 4 years after i left the company has it dawned on me just how similar that guy was to arsene….

    on a side note, arsene pinching pennies on the pound and dragging heels in each of these deals is comical considering we literally have enough reserves of CASH in the bank to buy some top-flight football STADIA outright. go fucking figure

  67. china

    ^ for the record that tight git in my story above wasn’t homeless or from a poor area. he lived in one of the most affluent and expensive areas in bristol.

  68. STV

    Fetched some old article to get this part..

    “Carlo Ancelotti is such a civilised, charming man that he rarely, if ever, falls out with anyone, barring one occasion in San Siro when he rebuked an AC Milan fan who questioned not only his tactics but his well-known passion for a particular pasta dish. “I can’t stand by and watch someone insult a perfectly good plate of tortellini,’’ was Ancelotti’s explanation.”

    Ha ha.. Priceless!


  69. Mick Kartun

    Up4grabs: “Also why work with Wenger when he’s working with Simeone.”

    The most 4th trophy record of all time?
    Getting 140k a week with minimum return like wally?

    He blew his chance by snubbing wenker.

  70. Up 4 grabs now


    Really wanted us to get Ancelotti to replace Wenger.
    Switched on tactically, nice guy and would have moved us forward. Rather than being stuck with Wenger in 2004!

  71. DivineSherlock

    Its really funny how many of the posters have a black and white view of players, I.e either they are terrible or world class. There’s no inbetween .

  72. Wallace

    Draxler saying he was told when he signed for Wolfsburg that if a big European club came in for him he’d be allowed to leave.

    he turned down Juve to sign for Wolfsburg, would they be back in for him with Higuain & Dybala already there? if it’s an English club…City have just signed Sane, don’t think he’s a Mourinho player, possibly Chelsea….but you’d think we would be the obvious choice.

  73. Up 4 grabs now

    Draxler would be an improvement on what we have, but always looks a bit inconsistent to me.
    Would rather have mahrez, already proved he can play in the league, also scores and assists.

  74. DivineSherlock


    There’s always Pool or Spuds , waiting to ensnare players like Draxler. I remember Spuds signing Rafael Van Der Vaart

  75. Wallace

    Black Hei

    Sanchez can play right easily enough. I think if we did sign him there’s a good chance Wenger would have a go at turning him into a striker.