Tick, tock, tick, tock… where the signings be at?

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Well, well, well! Good morning to you all.

Arsenal fans going into F5 overdrive on the Newsnow refresh. Timings are getting tighter, our squad is getting no larger, panic is starting to settle in… Groundhog window is starting to feel like a real possibility.

You can tell this window has turned into a supermarket sweep type scenario by the quality of player being linked to us…

‘That guy who stepped up for Germany?’

‘What about the exUnited lad at WBA? Silvestre MKII?’

‘How about Thomas Vermaelen?’

I mean, this approach doesn’t surprise me at all, it’s all too familiar. If we ended the summer with 3 players, I’d be overjoyed. Does it feel like we’ll get there? Really doubtful.

There’s a real lack of effort going into our summer. Or, if there is a real powerhouse amount of effort going in, it’s the wrong sort. Like when you have a person who works till 9pm every night, not because they’re working harder, but because they’re useless at their job.

We didn’t take the ‘work smart’ approach to this summer and we’re paying for it now by not having a settled squad during preseason. Something Wenger will no doubt bemoan in November when one of his new signings pings a hamstring.

I was watching our manager talk in a press conference in LA. He was asked if he thinks he’s done enough this summer…

‘In this job, always you have not done enough’

Such an arrogant comment to drop when you’ve literally signed one senior player whilst your competitors stack up bodies around you. I guess that’s his mindset. He thinks sustaining top four is enough and can’t believe we’re not eternally grateful he took just the £8m a year whilst we were skint back in the day.

Does my brain in.

Still, bar our summer being shoddy af, you can’t help but get excited that it’s only a few weeks before the rollercoaster starts up again!


Right, as you were, keep refreshing… if we all do it hard enough, maybe something ambitious will happen.

P.S. KANU IS FORTY TODAY! Gotta love that banter.

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  1. DM

    “Arsenal fans going into F5 overdrive on the Newsnow refresh”

    Pedro, where are you mate… stop watching me, it’s creepy

  2. Joe

    wallace. Wenger is way more arrogant and much bigger cock. Now I know why you like him

    Do I like Jose? Yes. He’s a winner. He’s funny. And I would love him at Arsenal.

  3. Wallace


    I know it’s a ballache, but a few of the posters on here do occasionally have what seems to be good info on possible targets. if you browsed the previous day before you posted it might feel a bit more, um, up to date. currently it’s like you’re posting while on holiday using newspapers that are 2 days old for your info.

  4. Danish Gooner

    Wenger is not in to pleasing and placating fans,he is in to cool cash and saving a lot of it,THis will drag on right till the end of August where his gamble will either pay of or massively implode but that is not a way to treat a football club who have been suffering massively because his wicked,arrogant ways.

  5. Honest Bill

    Can’t wait ’till we sign Griezmann and Mahrez and Mustafi. These incoming signings are an absolute guarantee, you mark my words. You can laugh all you want, but you’ll be the ones looking like cunts come the end of the window. I have sources who are close to the club who are always spot on with their info.

  6. Wallace

    ps – or just check out Romford’s posts if wading through mine and Joe’s daily back and forth doesn’t appeal.

  7. Honest Bill

    I heard that DM was actually a computer technician who worked on the main servers of BT’s internet service provider, and one day, somebody spilled coffee on to the mainframe causing a massive power surge just as DM was plugging in a power cable.
    Since that day, DM has been trapped inside the internet.

  8. RayGooner

    Looking at the top teams squad status concerning the “homegrown” rule….

    You can only register 25 players over the age of 21 (born 1994 or earlier), and of those at least 8 must be homegrown.

    So here goes: (In case they don’t buy any more players)

    Arsenal (15 Foreign/12 Homegrown) – 27 Players
    (must get rid of 2 players)

    Man City (21 Foreign/4 Homegrown) – 25 Players
    (must get rid of 4 foreign players)

    Man United (15 Foreign/9 Homegrown) – 24 Players

    Chelsea (22 Foreign/8 Homegrown) – 30 players
    (must get rid of 5 foreign players)

    Tottenham (15 Foreign/10 Homegrown) – 25 Players

    Liverpool (18 Foreign/10 Homegrown) – 28 Players
    (must get rid of 3 players of which 1 must be foreign)

    Leicester (16 Foreign/10 Homegrown) – 26 Players
    (must get rid of 1 player)

    West Ham (12 Foreign/9 Homegrown) – 21 Players

    Everton (10 Foreign/15 Homegrown) – 25 Players

    Only United & West Ham can buy a player without getting rid of one…

    For example, if Chelsea buys 2 more players they need to get rid of 7….

  9. Honest Bill


    Why buy a replica when I can get you the real thing? Tony’s sister and I are actually pretty tight.

  10. OleGunner

    Said it before but it seems as we reach the end of transfer window we are moving at a snails pace.

    Sure, nobody truly knows whats going in behind the scenes but our summer transfer history fills me with very little optimism for the remaining 3 weeks.

    Surely Wenger is not deluded to high heaven as to think this current squad is good enough. Did the man just grow bigger balls to do what he wants (i.e. nothing) after last summers shambolic window?!

  11. Honest Bill


    Yeah we considered activating Messi’s release clause, but he wasn’t keen on a move. Apparently–and don’t tell anybody else i told you this–he’s been suffering from psychological problems. Apparently because people kept doubting that he’s be able to replicate his form on a cold, windy, tuesday night at the Brittania, it really got inside his head, and now he’s terrified of making a move to the BPL. Keep it hush hush though. I’ve got a professional reputation to maintain.

  12. Honest Bill

    Do One Gambon

    Exactly like Tron… But i should stress that this is just a rumour that i heard. I can’t confirm that, and obviously i don’t want to seem like a complete bullshitter who would just make-up stories on internet blogs for no reason.

  13. DM

    “I heard that DM was actually a computer technician who worked on the main servers of BT’s internet service provider, and one day, somebody spilled coffee on to the mainframe causing a massive power surge just as DM was plugging in a power cable.
    Since that day, DM has been trapped inside the internet.”

    Bugger. You got me.

  14. OleGunner


    Yeah totally and it blew up in his face.
    If he goes into the season as is, I hope that it truly is his final season.

    But at the same time, the old goat is leaving a massive squad building job for the next manager, handicapping him from the start.

    Basically the light is so far down the tunnel right now lol

  15. ADKB

    Isn’t it nice to have the squad complete and looking forward to the start of the season? I suppose we can dream all we like but I guess Wenger’s finished with his transfer business for 2016.

    Come to think of it, today makes it 1 day closer to Wenger’s departure 🙂

  16. Mo

    I think it was against Deportivo that Kanu sold the whole ground a perfect dummy to score. Serious skills that guy had.

  17. Joe


    The problem is he doesn’t think it blew up in his face. The arrogant prick thinks it was a successful season finishing 2nd.


    The squad won’t be complete until we lose to Liverpool and drop points at Leicester

  18. Redtruth

    What sane person would want Arsenal to sign players.
    Wenger has not improved with age, in fact he’s getting worse so it’s futile to expect success from the team…

  19. gambon

    Kanu’s 40….

    Lol….no chance.

    Theres more chance that Wenger doesnt have a Scrooge McDuck like pool of money….and we all know thats almost a certainty.

  20. ADKB


    I think a possible scenario is like we get 1pt from the first 2 games and if we do, Wenger isn’t buying.

  21. Joe


    I rather he not touch a penny of the money and leave it for the new manager.

    He could sign Messi and Ronaldo pique Ramos busquets and we would still be fighting for 4th

  22. Joe


    I think if we only get 1 point you see wenger go on a bargain bin hunt ala after 8-2 loss

    And we will be out of title race as of week 2

  23. Wallace


    “I think it was against Deportivo that Kanu sold the whole ground a perfect dummy to score.”

    yeah, glorious….didn’t the keeper end up in row M or something?

  24. RawDeath

    Yeah i m pretty much sure half of the gooners have already lost hope (considering previous year transfers ) and half of them still pressing F5 (like me 😛 ) in hope of signing Lacazette/Riyadh/Mustafi and not to forget Griezmann (latest)

    I think we all should wait till the end of summer transfer , as dis is Wenger’s last year and i personally think Wenger wont waste this opportunity and he will try and fill all those gaps we currently are lacking behind

    Now as far as transfers are concerned besides these big names Wenger should also scout for atleast one or two more low price players (Epl experienced) as a replacement for any injuries keeping in mind the the injury record of AFC

    But if we sign Antoine Griezmann … Then all the European giants Wenger and his company are coming to kick of all ur arses

  25. Honest Bill

    vegas gooner.

    No players hand in transfer requests these days. It’s much better for them to just say they want to leave unofficially and make their position untenable while still collecting their loyalty bonuses.

  26. D,G

    Why would Greizman even contemplate joining us, step backwards for im, surely.
    He,s getting to Champions league finals regulary, competing with Barca and Real Madrid and has one of the best managers in the world, is on close to 120,000 a week. we wouldnt be paying him much more than that, and definitely cant offer him success like that. A nonsense story.

  27. Redtruth

    “remember 92/93?40 goals scored in 42 games….entertainment with a capital ‘E’, no?”

    And that was with Wright in the side which proves my theory that we were a one man team…

  28. N5

    I know this has been said a million times, but it really gets me down that the other top teams supporters are getting excited about 3rd or even 4th top quality signings that are coming in the seasons they have ahead of them and we are sitting wondering, churning ourselves up over whether Wenger might get one more player in like Jonny fucking Evans and the inevitable 4th place.

    It’s a chore being a Gooner at times.

  29. Honest Bill


    True, but i remember Utd fans getting wet over Schneiderlin and Shweinsteiger, and Falcao etc. But it didn’t work out the way they imagined it. New signings are exciting, but it’s pointless getting jealous about other team’s signings. The fact that we haven’t done what we need to yet is a separate issue.

  30. Redtruth


    Don’t forget we blitzed Liverpool 4-0 in 92 and from January-May of 1992 we were by far the best and most entertaining team in the Country..

  31. N5

    Bill, my point is more that others are addressing their issues and if a player doesn’t work out at least they tried. We however are once again sitting on our hands.

    In fact Wenger has been sitting on his hands for so long he could give a stranger handjob to every supporter before the feeling returned.

  32. Steveyg87

    Patiently waiting for wenger to come out and say we can compete for the title this year.. Its gona happen, you know it

  33. Arseology

    Our transfer business is done. we might sign a replacement for Mertesacker but there is always the ‘no value/quality’ excuse.

    Arteta – Xhaka
    Rosicky – Iwobi
    Flamini – ElNeny
    Welbeck – Chuba
    Mertesacker – Holding and Bielik also Nacho and Debuchy can play there.

    Interest in Mahrez was genuine – as a replacement for Alexis when Juve were sniffing around.

    In Wenger we rust.

  34. Redtruth

    Fans, ex-players, managers and pundits have lied to themselves and been so misguided regarding Wenger that i’ve come to rely solely on my own judgment and expertise…

  35. BillikenGooner

    Are we really going to hold onto Debuchy and Ospina? I like having quality depth, but these will seem like 2 very unhappy players to have on the squad for a season.

  36. STV

    Why Wallace disregard GG. He turned a team rooted in midtable team in to title challengers. Atleast he is the greatest manager in Arsenals mordern history.

    Wenger on the other hand, turned a title winning side in to one rooted in 4th place. An absolute joke of a manager.

    No one care abt “good pass” football. We are not a good passing side more like a creepy counterfeit version of Barca which no one gives a shit about( except AKBs).

    What matters is winning trophies. Can Wenger do that? honestly? No. He’s absolutely not capable for even challenging for top honours. He got humiliated by better managers and better teams year after year. The man got no shame, what a shame!!

    So if we aren’t in for winning trophies what’s the point? No point. We are not trying we are not Oxford We are supposed to be fighting for titles not fighting for profits..
    Wenger is the enemy of football.

    Wenger has to go. Ideally should be sacked at any random moment. He should be banned from club forever. The culture he brought in to this football club needs to be changed and condemned. And we all need to forget such an era existed.

  37. Champagne charlie


    “want Pedro to believe that Charlie actually knows that we are after griezmann hahahahahahaha”

    See, even when I play nice. Romford let the cat out the bag, I just confirmed what I was told.

  38. Champagne charlie


    “Wenger on the other hand, turned a title winning side in to one rooted in 4th place. An absolute joke of a manager.No one care abt “good pass” football. We are not a good passing side more like a creepy counterfeit version of Barca which no one gives a shit about( except AKBs).”

    Serious question, when did you start watching Arsenal? Also, do you attend?

  39. Up 4 grabs now

    Considering Wenger is meant to be the man when it comes to economics, you would think he would get by now transfer fees never go down.

    We’ve needed a striker for 4 years if he bought a top draw striker it’s value for money, because the following year chances are the prices have gone up and your striker value has increased.

    If we bought griezmann or aubaymang 2 years ago when we were linked with them, and they didn’t work out we probably would have got our money back or a small loss.
    If they work out we have a quality player that worse case we sell for a huge profit, or best case scenario, keep and get a great player for 5-6 seasons plus.

    2 years ago Sanchez was 33 million. Now he would be 50 million, in two more years he’s a 60-70 million player.

    All those years of hoarding money were pointless.

  40. WengerEagle

    Aston Villa have bid £12 million for Ross McCormack (30).

    Mental that a Championship CF has racked up £25 million in transfer fees between Fulham in 2014 and Villa this season.

  41. Redtruth

    “Doesn’t rate Henry, Messi, Zidane, or Ronaldo but rates Ospina, Sanchez and Coquelin, the lunatic.”

    Says the man who rates Gnabry lol lol

  42. Champagne charlie

    Rate him as a young project mate, think he’s very good as a fox in the box but don’t rate the rest of his game so much. For what he’d bring right this second? Hmm no thanks. Young chicharito if you will, but raw..

    As I figured. GG was a good coach, but Wenger is so much better it’s not even a a sensible comparison.

  43. Champagne charlie


    I know mate, was talking about yday when I said I won’t name names for others to use as ammunition.

  44. WengerEagle


    Yeah was thinking that, very good goal record for his age but tbh, I rate Icardi more as they are very similar types of CF and there’s only a year in the age difference.

    I remember Alcacer did score a great goal v Barcelona last season though, think Valencia were 2-0 down and came back to draw 2-2, could be wrong on that.

  45. Joe

    Griezmann. Someone wenger could have had for vela in exchange 3 years ago is all of a sudden going to pay 75-100m for now

    Yeah. I’m sure that’s in the works as we speak

    Because wenger is likely to spend that kind of cash. Not in a million years.

    That’s the biggest bollocks ever

    And you try to use it like you are some ITK hahaha

    So Charlie. You really really believe wenger is going after griezmann?

  46. STV

    “GG was a good coach, but Wenger is so much better it’s not even a a sensible comparison.”

    In terms of football we play, surely, but as I somewhat harshly put it our football doesn’t compare very well with other top clubs too.. especially for last 5-6 years.

    GG won things, won 7 titles in 9 season, including the only European trophy compared to Wenger’s 9 in 20. How can someone say comparing both is not sensible!!

    Wenger was a great manager once, a decade ago! That was a different Wenger than one I usually talk about..

  47. salparadisenyc

    Think thats a two part question Red.
    Before and after.

    12 days, August 14.

    Slow start cost United Champions league footie finishing a point back, not that its hindered them in the market.

    Since Wenger mastered 4th with least amount of work done, curious what the ramifications of what will likely be a very weak start be.

  48. Joe


    He discovered vierA and Henry( both French internationals already)

    Converted Henry into a striker ( it was a totally Henry who wanted to play striker and was striker before wenger made him play wing when he first managed him)

    Wenger is a fraud. Only thing he has was a connection to the French market that no one else in the PL had

  49. WengerEagle


    I agree that getting off to a good start is extremely important, don’t buy the argument that the first few games aren’t crucial due to teams not finding their rhythm, every point on the board counts to get to that magic 85-90 point mark at the end of the season.

  50. Champagne charlie

    Totally agree, Icardi shits on him for me. Alcacer is the Coquelin of strikers, good in the box but fuck all else, which serves a purpose of sorts, but at Arsenal you can’t have such imbalance in starters.

    Read my comments and answer, or don’t bother. I’ve made my point and given my opinion.

  51. Joe

    WE, Sal

    If we drop the 5-6 points I think we will drop in the first 2 games of the season, our title hopes are gone.

    No way this season with pep , Jose, conte, klopp can we give anyone 5-6 point head start.

    The first 2 games are crucially important

    And we are not even close to being ready

  52. Joe

    What comment and point are you talking about CC

    Answer my question

    Can you really say in all honesty that you believe wenger is trying to sign griezmann for the 75-100m it would take?

  53. salparadisenyc

    This dude needs to go away, Emanuele Giulianelli.
    Last summer it was Benzema, now its Griezmann.
    Fuck me.

  54. WengerEagle

    Might slip under the radar but Koeman’s made an excellent CDM signing in Idrissa Gueye, was a small ray of Sunshine in an otherwise hopeless season for Villa, really good player.

    Bargain price at £7 million, that’s less than Villa paid for him last summer.

  55. Champagne charlie


    1. You have no idea what it would take, you’re using hyperbole to suggest unlikelihood.

    2. I know what’s being tried behind the scenes based on what I’ve been told.

    3. I’ve said what I know, and given my opinion on the info.

  56. Joe

    A man who waited 2 seasons to sign chamack on a free.

    Signed Sanago.

    Signed kallatrom

    Is going after griezmann.

    Yeah. I think not.

  57. Champagne charlie


    Did you read the headed comment? It was a rebuttal to those suggesting we’d never spend a sum of money because we never have. We have in relative terms, so if we can there’s every likelihood we will again.

  58. Joe

    He has a 100m buyout

    And he is one of the best strikers on the planet

    If higuain goes for 75. Griezmann goes for at least that much.

    2) what you’ve been told haha you ITK now CC?

    Wenger is not going for griezmann. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not in a million years.

    He had his chance to get him
    For vela and he turned it down

    It would be a slap
    His ego
    To sign him now for 75m plus

  59. Champagne charlie


    Oddly I doubt anyone cares about your abc logic anyway. Same guy you described spent 42 mil on Ozil, 35mil on Alexis, and 33mil on Xhaka, you’ve just chosen options to push an agenda. Let’s just see what you have to say come the end of the window. Probably change tact and criticise something else

  60. Redtruth

    “Might slip under the radar but Koeman’s made an excellent CDM signing in Idrissa Gueye, was a small ray of Sunshine in an otherwise hopeless season for Villa, really good player.”

    Is he as good as Gnabry…lol lol lol

  61. Joe




    let’s see what bollocks you come out with at the end of the window

    No matter what he does in the window CC I will always have how the season turns out

    Wenger will fail again miserably this season like he has the last 12

  62. STV

    Griezmann for 100m is a no brainier in a world where Pogba goes for 120m.

    The point is Arsenal will not spend big because they are cash poor, they don’t because their manager is not willing to.

  63. Champagne charlie


    Only one talking shit here is you mate, same as every other day frankly. You talk in absolutes, yet they’re all your opinions. No way we do this or that according to you, meanwhile we are doing exactly what you profess we’re not – crack on though.

    You’re the type of person to for cast the worst in everything hoping you’re proven right by sheer volume of assertions. As I said, end of the window when we sign a couple of players you’ll talk about timing of transfers etc as another means to talk gash. Already started I see suggesting we can’t do anything even with all the pieces in place. Same old narrative from you, wonder why you both supporting the club with a view like that.

    Also, if you care to read for once, I never broke anything. I asked Romford a question and he named the guy in question. Explicitly said I don’t want to be that guy, but that doesn’t fit your bs so here I am acting ITK and such. Yawn

  64. Honest Bill

    I’ll know when Le-Grove really starts to believe the Griezmann rumours when i come on here and see several comments saying he’s not all that good, and is actually well overrated, one footed, has shit stats for aerial duels won % and is far too lightweight to play in the BPL.

  65. Champagne charlie


    See…. You didn’t read the table. Henry cost 22% of our revenue at the time, which is about 90mil currently so how won’t we pay big?

  66. Champagne charlie


    Thanks red, called an iPhone mate… Auto correct and all that mixed with fast typing. It’s why red usually gets changed to ‘cunt’.

  67. Honest Bill

    Even if we were to activate Griezmann’s release clause, it will obviously depend on whether he wants to come to us. If we’re willing to pay him wages that are in line with other top attacking players, then maybe he’d come but otherwise, i don’t see why he would want to,

  68. Joe

    Hey Charlie

    What exactly are we doing that I profess we are not?

    Does your man know of the “madness” being planned? Please say yes, just got word and I can’t believe that at all. Surely!?

    “Just got word”.

  69. Alexanderhenry


    It’s not lack of effort, it’s lack of money.

    The transfer budget was about £40 million. Unless wenger manages to offload a few players, there won’t be any more big signings.

  70. Champagne charlie


    Same guy who spent almost a quarter of our revenue on Henry? He won’t spend? Makes sense……………..

  71. Champagne charlie


    Speaking to a fellow poster, named nobody. Your point? Also notice the part I call it unbelievable… Keep up

  72. SUGA3


    We may have spent a huge chunk of revenue on players in the past, but this is not the case anymore. The difference is David Dein. We currently don’t have such a figure within the club, hence there is no vision and we are happy to just make up the numbers.

    It took Chelsea a few years to overtake us as a global brand, I would say City are close to that, if not done. We simply have failed to build upon the 2006 CL run. All we needed to do is not be penny wise pound foolish. Take Flamini for example: letting him go for the sake of a few thousand quid per week was just downright stupid. That team had good chemistry and had lost that for a good few years, during which we were subjected to watching completely inadequate players like Denilson getting exorbitant wages they would not get anywhere else and thus hanging around until their stupidly lucrative deals ran out. There were quite a few lemons like him, remember?

    Sooo, back on the subject: until we start acting like a big club, we won’t be one! For that we need visionaries, not a bunch of slick US yes men suits without a clue in Europe.

  73. Honest Bill

    He actually said that if you can afford it, then you can justify it. We can definitely afford it. But can Wenger justify it? I doubt it. And i doubt Wenger will be willing to offer him the wages that he would want.

  74. Emiratesstroller

    I am beginning to find it disturbing that with just 12 days to go before the first
    game against Liverpool we are so poorly prepared for the forthcoming season.

    First of all Wenger allows several keymembers of our squad extra time off so that they are unlikely to be playing in first game of season e.g. Giroud, Koscielny and Ozil. I am willing to bet that no other manager would allow this for such a key game.

    Then we learn that four members of our squad are likely to be unavailable.
    We knew that Welbeck would be out until 2017. This was followed after Lens
    game by Mertesacker also out until 2017. We seem to have lost also Wilshire
    and Cazorla after the US Trip. There is also uncertainty about fitness of Gabriel who is suffering from tonsalitis.

    Yet the activity of the Management in the Transfer Window shows absolutely no urgency. We operate in the market like a bunch of “snails”.

    I do not know of any other major club who would go into the new season so ill
    prepared. It is beginning to look reckless.

  75. Champagne charlie


    Pogba is an anomaly in this window, don’t get it twisted. His fee is ridiculous for one reason: United have put the price beyond Madrid so they get him, knowing full well they can’t compete if Madrid agree a fee with Juve.

    No other deal in Europe is on that scale bar…. You guessed it, the domino deal that come from the Pogba money, Higuain. Isolated madness. The fees around Europe are inflated, but not stupid. Griezmann wouldn’t cost near 100mil