Project Scramble: How the new vision is shaping up for Arsene

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Happy good morning to you all!

I’ve been out the game travelling for the last couple of days, but things are looking a bit more interesting on the transfer front. It appears the targets we’re looking at are Lacazette, Mustafi and Mahrez. I think if we went into next year with those three, I’d be pretty pleased.

Not because I think those three make us Premier League winners, more because we’ll have scrambled a plan B this time.

The Mustafi signing is an interesting one if we pull it off. He’s famed for his interceptions, so he’s quick. He’s a bit short though, 6ft isn’t exactly towering. He won 73% of his aerial duels in La Liga, but that’s not exactly a fantastic litmus test compared to the Prem and it’s brutality. Still, he’s 24, he has German international pedigree and he’s certainly more appealing than Gabriel or Chambers right now.

Lacazette c0uld be a great signing, but he’s certainly got a lot to prove. He’s a sharp player, very mobile and can be a sharp finisher. He’s just not hugely consistent and I don’t think he’s going to find the Premier League easy. Still, his pace will allow us to play very differently to how we do with Giroud.

Mahrez still feels like a pipe dream, but if you bang his creativity out on the right, you have a pretty exciting front three heading into the next year.

Promising to see that Chamberlain is doing well. I still think he could be an incredible talent for us. Has all the ingredients you need to be a Premier League monster. At the moment, he lacks the mental tools to do a decent job. If he picks up a bit of confidence, I’m sure he can take the next step and become a beast for us.

I don’t want to comb through Wenger’s prezzers right now. Let’s just see if he can pull off some of these deals and rescue our summer!

Right, see you tomorrow!


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  1. STV

    I think everyone here agree Matuidi isca great player.(except maybe WE I think?) I would love to have him, we missed out on Kante, but Matuidi+Xhaka would make a great pair plus the possibility of relegating Ramsey Walcott Elneny Coquelin et.. Ato bench or loan..

  2. Wallace


    “It’s more his hatred of Jose. anything to try to discredit Jose.”

    I just think he’s a cock. not surprised at all that you’re a big fan 🙂

  3. STV

    Always had the idea of a solid midfield duo behind Ozil. Ozil is def not good enough to track back or defend or plays sell in a 4-3-3 system which current managers are adapting..

    Considering our defensive frailties, Xhaka alone wount solve any problems I reckon..

  4. Doublethink

    Double are you talking about Matuidi from last night? if so you said“Not being able shoot, dribble, having limited vision and passing are notable weaknessses for a centre midfielder in my opinion.”How many players that you think are quality would get the above type of assessment? You said he can’t shoot! not that he can sometimes or actually is quite good when he does, you said he can’t dribble! and limited vision!! and limited passing which I don’t even know where to start with! But you still think he’s quality? ha ha alright mate.
    Ha I think he’s quality defensively, to be fair you haven’t really disputed what I said about his passing other than saying its horseshit. He obviously can dribble and shoot he’s just not particularly good at either.