New manager linked to Arsenal job

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I know, you’re excited right?

I landed, it rained, it was cold, I immediately regretted not bringing a warmer jacket.

It’s brilliant being back. Never really been able to frame why I love London so much, being away helps. Going to a proper pub (zero air con), drinking outside, the beautiful architecture, watching your mate take a leak on Boris Johnson’s car. Good times.

Anyway, right back into the news.

I’ve been manager perving again… like dating a monster and getting your kicks out of a Gratton catalogue. I was reading about Pep G and what he’s doing over at City. He’s talking about signing a ball playing centre back. He wants John Stones, a player we should have been all over this summer and he’s also tinkering with the idea of signing Bonnuci from Juve. If he can’t get his man, he’s considering Fernandinho at the back, continuing his rich tradition of taking ball playing midfielders and sticking them at the back.


TBF, if Wenger did that, I’d just moan.

I guess Pep is what Wenger once was. Remember him moving Lauren to right back. Thierry to striker. Every centre mid he signed out wide. Those were the good days. Things started to go wrong when he moved Eboue wide right… then capped off his meddling days with Nik B on the wing. What a nightmare.

Anyway, my sadness is that Pep is looking at what’s great in his squad and building in the bits that he’s missing. He’s going at the task agressively, he talks eloquently about relevant things in the press…

What’s our manager doing? Ignoring the glaring issues in the squad and talking about Brexit in full-page spreads… and some of fans clap that?

‘Isn’t it great to have a manager that knows things?’

It will be interesting to see what Wenger does with his players if he doesn’t sign anyone. He’ll likely do nothing because he’s the lord, but here are some things I think he needs to address.

What do you do with Theo Walcott? We can’t just bench him. How do we focus his limited game and get the most out of it? Can we deploy 2 up front against weaker opposition?

What do you do with Aaron Ramsey? Guy had a monster of a Euro’s, but we don’t know how to play to his strengths. He can’t play the Cazorla role, he can’t play the Ozil role… so what does Wenger have in store for him? It can’t be another year playing on the right?

What do you do with Jack Wilshere? He likes playing as a deep lying playmaker, but Wenger doesn’t see that vision for him. He can’t play ahead of Ozil. He can’t play out on the right. So what’s the plan for him?

We have so many pieces in our squad that look nice on paper, but they don’t paint a balanced picture. Well, they could if we were a bit more flexible with our approach.

We desperately need a quick, mobile forward (this is a great piece on Lacazette) who can finish on demand. I think we need a creative wide player who can work the flanks. We need a ball playing centre back with pace to burn. It’d also be good to have a bit of experience as back up.

Right now, it’s going to be a season starting with Chambers and Gabi. Two guys who ooze OH MY FUCKING GOD… I still have faith Gabi will come good. I think he needs a run in the team and some educating behind the scenes.

In other news, Eddie Howe, according to The Star, is top of the list to replace Arsene Wenger. I mentioned a few months ago that we should be looking at him. He’s done a fantastic job at Bournemouth and it wasn’t a fluke. He left them, it went to shit… he returned and it came good and he is where he is.

Can work to a budget (has already spent £30m this summer), is tactically astute and able to change things up in a game, can get the most out average players and he’s super young. Ivan would also be the king-maker. You’d also not have him coming in with an entourage of 500 people. One of the biggest mistakes United made was allowing Moyes to rip up a functioning backroom team. Mourinho does that wherever he goes. I hear Klopp is doing similar things over at Liverpool at the moment. AVB did it at Spurs before he was canned.

The manager cannot be the most important person at the club. He is an interchangeable piece of a jigsaw. Just like a director would be at any major company.

I’d quite like it if we were building to a Barcelona model. They hire from within. Managers or explayers that have come up through the ranks. They get the culture, understand the pressures and are immediately accepted by the players. Pep, Rijkaard, Tito, Enrique, Van Gaal, all successes… That Argentine guy? Massive fail.

Arsenal could have had Thierry coming up. Freddie looks like he wants in (is he a coach?). They should be considering Steve Bould. We should be incubating the best minds in the game, trying to foster them into something great. I mean, it looks like we’ve been half arsing that sort of approach, but the leader is Wenger. So you’re not really getting the most there.

Maybe an Eddie Howe would start the revolution? We could bring Thierry, Jens and Arteta back into the mix…

Interesting link. Far more interesting consideration than that disaster in waiting that’s plying his trade in Japan, or Remi Garde… or the oh-so-dull Ronald Koeman.

RIGHT, have a BLAST today. See you tomorrow.


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, maybe not surprised…though at the same time shocked, that’s the weird thing with us, you do say ‘yeah I’m not shocked’ but at the same time you are, I guess we’d all say, let me guess, he said it’s hard to find value, he has many options and that goals do not come only from the ST and we must look to other areas to provide as well and share the burden.

    I don’t expect much out of transfer windows anymore with Wenger and Kroenke in charge, but I am a bit shocked at just how poor we’ve been, I think you have to say poor we are at this point, because its not just one transfer window or the odd one we balls up…

  2. Emiratesstroller

    What is becoming increasingly clear when you look at transfer market is that
    most of the major clubs in Europe prefer to spend their money on players aged 25 and under.

    The Higuain transfer to Juventus costing £70 million + is abnormal considering that the player will be shortly 29.

    What is also interesting is that despite all the media rhetoric about how much
    clubs are willing to spend in transfer market there is generally a correlation between what clubs buy and sell. You know for example that Juventus will
    recoup all their money from sale of Pogba.

    Another major club who have been active in transfer window this summer is
    Borussia Dortmund. They have spent £96.69 million in this transfer window on 8 players all aged 25 and under, but they have sold 3 players for £90.95 million. That is a Net Spend of £5.74 million.

    Arsenal have spent this summer according to Transfermarkt £44.20 million
    on 3 players and recouped £2.47 million on one [Hayden]. Our net spend sofar
    is £41.73 million.

  3. raptora

    @Jim Lahey
    “So if selling both Ox and Walcott was the price for bringing in Mahrez, its one I would gladly pay.”

    Yes. For me its a no-brainer too. For me Mahrez will be a transfer of similar magnitude as the one of Sanchez was. And will have the same effect. Now imagine Arsenal with BOTH left and right wing working – fast and dangerous. Would be a sublime pleasure to watch. Plus in that scenario we can keep Joel Campbell and with Iwobi and Ramsey we should have everything we need for the right wing including different options and the required quantity of players. Selling Walcott and AOC for a price lower than what we would normally would ask would help and would still be the right decision at this time. We can easily ask for 20 mil + 20 mil and get the money for Mahrez.

  4. Jim lahey

    @CA –

    I know what you mean! In a send i am not shocked about our inactivity but instead more dismayed, always thinking that this window we will put our wrongs right.

    But after we signed Xhaka i knew we were finished for another summer. At these times i always like to bring up my tinfoil hat theory that seems to have more validity with each passing season..

    Wenger knows exactly what he is doing, he knows where we are short but refuses to make the necessary changes as he does not want a team that is capable of winning the league. Ever since Mourinho beat him to the ground Wenger wants nothing to do with competing for the league. He will do just enough for us to remain in the CL places, but purposely hamstring the team so as not to be apart of the title challenge.

  5. Champagne charlie

    Xhaka, Mustafi, Mahrez would be a great window.

    I don’t care when it potentially happens, as long as we end the window with 3 first team additions it’s foolish to argue against it being a quality window.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    I do agree that I think there is something to the idea that Wenger will do just enough to ensure top four, if he spends massively and still only comes 4th or 3rd it doesn’t look as great in the eyes of Kroenke does it?

    Whereas right now, £30 Million spent on one player, you get £35 Million from the go for UCL football, plus now the extra £50 Million a year from the TV deals, it looks impressive to the owner…not the fans though. But as long as the finances are strong Wenger gets to keep his position of unparalleled power in world football.

    Maybe says something about his self confidence as well, maybe he does not believe that even with a £100 Million plus spend he could topple the other clubs?

    Simply though, any fan who tries to say Wenger is ambitious and wants to win more than anything needs to have a look at themselves, actions speak louder than words, and Wenger’s actions are of someone very happy and comfortable with Arsenal’s and more particularly his position in football.

  7. Carts

    LOL – Walcott could do his ACL getting off a plane and it wouldn’t impact our chances of success this season.

    Such a crap player. Wenger’s pride won’t let him bin Walcott.

    Awful drain on resources too.

  8. STV

    There is nothing called a great window for Arsenal as long as Wenger’s staying for the season follows..

    That being said you can still have car crash windows as Wenger delivered to us last season and with all possibility seems to be on course this season..

    ‘Bit short,Bit tired, bit that, bit this but not adding to the tiny bits of quality we possess. Talking his way out of his duties, Wenger style.. Tricking the expectant faithful with his customery fradulant ways..

    Fucking clown. Fucking clown backers

  9. qna

    Tunny. Yes. Its definitely Arsenal PLC. FC is just an after thought. It wont be any better after Wenger but its only then that the fans can unite and force some change. But the fans do need to act on mass. As long as the fans pay their season tickets for fear of the wait list the owners can take that as a mandate to continue on business as usual.

  10. Carts

    Serie A teams are renowned for buying player well into their prime.

    Like someone point out yesterday, with the pending sale of Pogba, Juve stand to be £12m better off.

    If they win the league, which I thoroughly expect them too, as well as being top 5 favourites for the CL, it’ll all be worth come what May 2017

  11. Dein betrayed by Arsene

    Here we go, Arsene used his chequebook size of other clubs excuse for the first time today and will continue to do so everyday for the rest of the season. You were the one who lost the league to Leceister, who spent near nothing, while all the major title contenders were in transition, a once in a century opportunity. Arsene LLAGSSS behind, Lazy, Lying, Arrogant, Greedy, Stupid, Stubborn, Shameless(about failure).

  12. steve H

    I do think Wenger will splash the cash even if it does go against Gazidis’ wishes. I had hoped that he would’ve handed the reins over to someone from within the club, but as he’s pis*ed off Henry and let Viera to go to City as well as Arteta we’ve got nobody to turn to. So yeah, I’d go for either Howe or maybe try and wrestle Koeman from Everton. Both of them are tactically sound and make good use of their resources available to them.