Ivan, the fans know the deal, stop with the misleading rhetoric

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Sometimes I feel like the world of Arsenal is picking on me… I try and leave it alone, then bang, someone says something outrageous.

Ivan, right back at it, with the ‘honestly, that cash pile is an illusion’ chat.

Talking the NY Times:

“We can’t afford to outgun competitors that have far more money. We have to be very careful, very selective,”

Well, firstly, someone needs to remind him who our rivals were last season. Namely, Spurs and Leicester. We can outgun both of those sides. Then look at City, we already have a wage bill within an Abou Diaby of them. Then look to Europe. We should be able to compete with Juventus for money. We should be able to compete with Atletico, Dortmund and Bayern.

Maybe Barca, PSG, United, Chelsea and Madrid have more resource than us… but it’s a mighty huge market out there.

Ivan talks about needing to be selective. I mean, not sure what that means. But all teams need to be selective with their budgets. I don’t think there’s a manager out there saying, ‘hey, let’s just be dickheads about this’… Arsenal don’t need to be more selective, they need to be more affirmative. They actually need to make a decision. I know I harp on about it, but not going big for Suarez was nothing to do with being selective or not having the money. Refusing to pay £32m for Higuain was also not being too selective, it was being weak and unsure. Not pulling the trigger on Mikki this summer wasn’t about not having the resources, it was about not having the bottle.

… the bottle neck is all one man. Ivan knows this.

Anyway, we are where we normally are. Scrambling around for players in the mild hope something might happen.

Our planning is so bad. I mean, look at the centre back issue with Per. I told you about a week ago that was an impending issue, now we have like, one centre back available on tour.  If we were smart planners, we’d have had Chambers our on loan last season, so he’d not be flubbering around in our first team defence making errors when we need him this season. We’d also have had a replacement for Per lined up, because he’s older, injury prone and starting to struggle.

… but that is long term thinking. Jeez, it’s not even long term. It’s just planning 2 seasons ahead.

It was the same last season. If I could call that Cazorla had been brutalised in the first team / international games and he was due an injury last season / we should have had an able replacement ready, why couldn’t Wenger? If we could see that Coquelin wasn’t enough, why couldn’t Wenger?

It’s the same old, same old.

The only thing you can bank on this season is that if it goes wrong, he’s toast with the fans. It was horrible in the ground last year, because fans have had enough. If the season starts badly, it’ll turn sour quickly. Thing is, this time around, with the quality we have around us, I’m not sure he has the know-how to turn it around.

I’ve not predicted we’d drop out of the top 4 before, but I’m genuinely quite concerned that Wenger is running on fumes again. He’s injected zero excitement into the preseason, I very much doubt he’s brought anything dazzling to our inflexible tactical setup and I’m pretty sure the holes in our squad will be there or poorly patched up come the start of the season.

Can Wenger survive a fan onslaught after we watch managers from other clubs roll in the fresh players? Juve, Liverpool, Chelsea, United, City, Dortmund, Bayern… only manager having trouble here is our very own.

Can Wenger survive an Everton with a much better manager, along with Liverpool, City and United upgrading?

Only so long you can take the nonsense rhetoric from the CEO. Only so many times you can hear the manager talk about transfers not being like buying loaves of bread. Only so many times the fans can see the same mistoccurringuring time after time.

This ‘big summer for Wenger’ is about his 5th. Might be his last. Because he’s botching it hard…

Time will tell, but it’s not looking good, regardless of how hard Ivan tries to skew your thinking.

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  1. salparadisenyc


    That certainly makes the most sense but its such a silly argument to go with or to be setting up in event it ends in disappointment. All the info is available.

    After Wenger’s epic summer of 2015, they need to push the boat into the strong current for many obvious reasons. It will get very, very tense otherwise.

    I may have serious issues with how its all run but they aren’t stupid, stubborn sure. These are pretty intelligent people at the end of the day that have to see the bold writing on the wall. Literally every pundit or critic out there is pushing this story of need for certain types of players, desperate fans, club have the funds etc. etc. etc.

    Why sell it all so poorly, whats the motivating factor.

    After saying these are intelligent people I read Coq been playing at CB to fill gap.
    Just fucking do one Wenger and buy Mustafi.

  2. N5

    “Relax mate, he’s said we want to bring in a more experienced player. But surely having a viable option in the meantime is better than not planning for the opening game?”

    Charlie come on, you can’t sell this as Wenger being pro-active. He’s putting a square peg in a round hole due to his inability to fully prepare. How can you remain relaxed by Coq as a CB?

  3. Whitty

    Has the fuckin clown bought a WC striker yet?….defender,winger..rb?

    No then FUCK off

    Bald cunt can do one too (fuckin clown)

    Plus wig cunt and dick head law

    FUCK off

  4. Champagne charlie


    I don’t see the inability to prepare, two of his 3 Cb’s have just been struck down within a week. You’re never going to be handling that any other way than internal solutions until you buy.

    Guarantee coquelin doesn’t start there, I’m almost certain it was merely a drill or query from Wenger. Both monreal and deny by have deputised at CB, Wenger has said they’re trying to bring a Cb in. Over to them to do so.

  5. Snowman

    Kwik, too dark
    “…I would give big money to string Gazidis’s balls to the back of a 4 by 4 and drive through Finsbury park all guns blazing…”

  6. N5

    “So everybody getting the Coquelin in CB story off Snapchat? Hahaha.”

    No, got it from Bamford. I don’t have Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter.

  7. Wallace

    surely Coquelin’s playing at CB because we’re in the US on tour and we only took 3 centre backs along – Chambers, Holding & Bielik – right?

    would make for some one-sided practice games if one team could only field one CB.

  8. Snowman

    Maybe Wenger thinks Arsenal is his own personal venture. We the fans are just bystanders trying to interfere with his private business. Doesn’t matter if we miraculously win the treble. Wenger is dead to me and so is his Legacy.
    Blame Kroenke and that Muppet Gazidis all you want ,but Wenger is the Root of the Cancer.

  9. N5

    Ha ha Eagle I’m off the grid man!!

    No I’ve never seen the point in social media, it’s all pictures of peoples dinner and pointless updates!! I’ll stick to gaydar thanks! 😛

  10. Leedsgunner

    I ask again if we can’t compete or we are not willing to compete with the biggest clubs, what’s the point of:

    1. The modern stadium – I thought it was going to help us compete?!?

    2. Champion’s League football – we are continually told we need this competition to attract players… didn’t work for Vardy, Suarez or Higuain did it? What are we using the money for?

    Can’t attract players if we don’t bid for the best players with realistic bids.

    3. The highest season tickets in world football?

    I ask again what are we saving the money for?

    If we aren’t going to spend it to compete, maybe it’s time for the Club to stop ripping its fans off. The ticket prices we as fans pay should match the product and team on the field.

  11. WengerEagle


    Totally agree man was only trolling, vanity and narcissism is off the charts with the majority on social networking sites.

    Just on Facebook myself but I never use it.

    Should probably get on Tinder though, heard it’s good shit.

  12. Snowman

    Because of his stubbornness, he had us thrashed 8-2 by United. We have to live with that probably for the rest of our lives. I’d tie him up, pour gasoline and light the fucker up without flinching.

  13. Ashley

    Coq being tested at CB is nothing to worry about , surely our defensive minded players should be able to cover another defensive position ? A player should be able to help out where necessary, this is probably the only time I’m not going to moan about Wenger about something … And also it’s only a friendly , best time to try some mad shit out ay

  14. N5

    I’ve seen Wenger do crazier things Ashley. Remember when he put Almunia in goal! man I’d take Coq as a CB over that again!!

  15. N5

    Eagle don’t be silly, Wenger was never that mad. He played one game in goal due to illness and injury of every keeper in England so he took a peanut salesman from outside the ground and paid him £40 for 90 minutes work.

    After that match Wenger addressed the keeper position like he always does when a position needs addressing and Almunia went back to selling peanuts.

    Maybe learn your history man.

  16. Wallace


    “Literally forgot that Bielik existed, has he played well in the reserves?”

    he’s always mentioned as one of those most likely to make the step up. although a few seem to think the move back into defence has delayed his progress.

  17. Wallace

    I am looking forward to seeing if Reine-Adelaide’s progressed. looks at times an amazing combination of size and technique.

  18. Snowman

    Champagne Charlie, I’ve read most of your comments and it seems you strive to be the sober mind but you end up sounding like you have Wengers nuts deep down your throat.
    Anyway, all I meant was Wenger has taken almost half of the joy from my life (supporting the Arsenal) and obviously I wouldn’t torch him, but i absolutely hate the guy. Nothing will change that. Even your little broken heart.

  19. WengerEagle


    That’s how it SHOULD have went down. :But instead the same twat that cost us the UCL 2006 Final (along with Theirry but we can forgive Henry as he was the main reason that we were even there in the first place) was inexplicably afforded the freedom of the Emirates for a 3 season reign of terror.

    Ronaldo’s 40 yard FK in the 2009 UCL SF at the Emirates that he let pass through his body somehow was a particular low-point.

    Peanuts Salesman, Postman, Wenger sure does love to help out those less fortunate.

  20. Jim Lahey

    At first I was really annoyed when I read it as to be honest it makes perfect sense that he would be a perfect choice to succeed Wenger, a small time manager for a small time club.

    It would be the perfect ending to the farce that has been Arsenal football club over the past 10 years. The punchline to the joke of a football club.

    The club has openly lied to the fans for the past decade and more, lies about why we left Highbury to make us more competitive when in fact we are now far less competitive, even financially, since we left in 2006.

  21. WengerEagle


    Thanks, thought that he was a combative CM though? Was compared to Vieira (aren’t they all) when we signed him.

    Adelaide looks good but Willock looks even better.

  22. N5

    Eagle, I really don’t like what you’re insinuating. It’s almost like you’re suggesting Wenger hasn’t got a plan…..ever! You sir are no longer welcome on Untold you AAA or whatever it is they say.

  23. Ozy

    I wonder why we don’t offer our players more in transfers. Lacazette? Here’s 42 million and Reine-Adelaide on loan for two seasons. Mahrez? 25 million and Oxlade. All yours. I’ll fly out to London and pack his bags for him, drive him the entire way.

  24. WengerEagle


    Haha, do you remember that remarkable day when Le-Grove infiltrated Untold?

    Think we were all banned within minutes.

    TYAG in particular didn’t stand a chance. 🙂

  25. vicky

    “I am looking forward to seeing if Reine-Adelaide’s progressed. looks at times an amazing combination of size and technique.”

    He will be part of our first team squad this year, expecting him to play in the League cup matches. Very impressed by him and Willock .Zelalem seems to have regressed, his game was one-dimensional anyway.

  26. Jim Lahey

    “Was just reading that madness”

    I’m sure its just tabloid rot, but it just struck a nerve. A chill ran down my spine as I read it. Out of all the managers that have been linked, it is the exact type the club would look to bring in.

  27. N5

    Ha ha Eagle, do you remember Holmes he named his favourite players from history and they spelt out PEDRO KNOWS BEST. It was fucking genius. I can just imagine Walters little beetroot face when he cottoned on.

  28. WengerEagle

    Zelalem always looked shite, was amazed with all of the hype surrounding him at the time.

    Like Vicky says totally one-dimensional, great vision for a youngster but he didn’t even have the ability to execute most of his ambitious passes.

    And he offered practically nothing else, the Ethiopian Fabregas my arse.

  29. N5

    Another good one I just thought of is when Le Grove went mad on the Arsenal.com player of the years comp and everyone kept voting Diaby who’d not featured for about 3 seasons. He was clearly winning before they suddenly just removed it from the site.


  30. Ashley


    It probably is just click bait but I swear , a little while back I just had a feeling that he would be linked with us at some point , as like you say , he is the perfect fit , a shoe string manager who would keep the board nice and wealthy …. If he was appointed I think a lot of Arsenal fans would literally spontaneously combust wherever they were sitting , work , home , the cinema , just pooooof , up in flames , after reading the sky sports notification on their phone ….

  31. N5

    Oh Eagle it was genius. I can’t remember the full list but he wrote it a bit like this.

    Hi Untold, I thought we should share our favourite ever players for Arsenal.

    Perry Grove
    Eddie McGoldrick
    David Rocastle
    Richard Wright
    Oleg Luzhny

    And so on until it spelt Pedro Knows Best and he even spaced it out so the words were seperate and Walter was like, Oh I wouldn’t consider Eddie McGoldrick an Arsenal great.

    It was about 4 comments later he clicked and he went mental! it was priceless.

  32. N5

    Ha ha Eagle he probably used good players to mask it a bit but I’m tired and can’t really think straight so I’m doing the best for a man who lives off the grid in a hut in the woods.

  33. vicky

    Not that I support the idea of Wenger not signing a replacement for Mertersacker and putting Le Coq in there but I really love Le Coq’s attitude. He is not a great talent but has got tremendous level of determination and fight in him. Started off as a DM, put in an okayish shift imo . Later,Wenger moved him to right back position when Sagna got injured. Instead of moaning, he nicely deputized for Sagna for a few matches. Spent a couple seasons at a championship club, got a chance again at Arsenal due to an emergency, got so much recognition, injuries and Xhaka signing have reduced him to a back up player once again. But instead of moaning/leaving, he is ready to fight it out even as a potential CB option. I am pretty much certain if at all he gets played as a CB, he won’t do a bad job of it simply because he has got a great attitude.

  34. Leedsgunner

    N5/Wenger E

    Wasn’t the PKB incident accompanied by everyone putting Pedro’s picture as their gravatar pic? I think the whole slew of like pictures is what gave the game away… had we not done that, those knuckle draggers at Untold would not be any wiser.


  35. Redtruth

    All these gems Wenger signed and played in his first 6 years as manager:

    Remi Garde, Gilles Grimandi, Christopher Wreh, Luis Boa Morte, Paulo Vernazza, Alberto Mendez, Kaba Diawara, Omar Riza, Davin Grondin, Fabian Caballero, Davor Suker, Jermaine Pennant, Ryhs Weston, Julian Gray, Brian McGovern, Graham Barrett, Sylvain Wiltord, Lee Canoville, Stuart Taylor, Moritz Volz, Igors Stepanovs, Tomas Danilevicius, Giovani Van Bronkhorst, Francis Jeffers, Junichi Inamoto, Richard Wrighr, John Halls, Rohan Ricketts, Stathis Tavlaridis, Jeremie Aliadiere, Sebastian Svard, Pascal Cygan and Gliberto Silva.

    Top talent scouting by Wenger.
    Most bought in car boot sales ..lol lol

  36. Leedsgunner

    BBC now reporting that City has John Stones wrapped up for £50m…. and we are the club with the CB out remember?

    Not that this will bother Wenger one bit mind. Has he come out and heralded Rob Holdings as our £50m defender yet? He usually says unsubstantiated outrageous things when under pressure about transfers.

    I remember him saying something similar about Yaya ‘The Camel’ Sanogo. Someone remind me how did that work out again? (Can someone supply the link?)

  37. Leedsgunner

    Top talent scouting by Wenger.
    Most bought in car boot sales ..lol lol

    Car boot sales? As if. Try skips.

  38. Emiratesstroller

    Re: Zelalem/Reine-Adelaide

    Both are skilful players BUT they need too much time on ball and that is a luxury you cannot afford in EPL.

    Also Zelalem seems to tire quite quickly when I watched some of his performances for Rangers.

    Personally I think that both will be more suited to playing on Continent than EPL.

  39. STV

    Coq training at CB and we are still in transfer window and per is out for no less than 5 months..

    What a clown this Wenger is !

  40. STV

    “BBC now reporting that City has John Stones wrapped up for £50m…. and we are the club with the CB out remember?”

    No we are full of fucking AKBs who think we’ve bagged a better defender than Stones in Holding for 2m and Wenger pulled a masterstroke..

  41. Bamford10


    “Why is he afraid of spending?”

    He’s not “afraid” of spending; he dislikes it. Indeed he finds it distasteful, especially the kind of spending that Chelsea and City (and now United) brought to the EPL.

    Wenger is a frugal French economist. Always has been. He likes “old world” ways and believes the world has gone a bit mad, especially when it comes to valuations.

    No offense, Charlie, but it is beyond me how you have been observing Wenger this long and not picked up on what his principles are, two of which are most certainly frugality and value.

  42. Bamford10

    It’s because of AKBs singing “one Arsene Wenger” after another fruitless, meaningless, pointless season that Gazidis can say the kind of bullshit he said in the interview in question today. He knows — and Wenger knows — that they have a stadium full of brainless fucking lemmings.

    Incredibly frustrating.

  43. AbdulDT

    Journalist Dave Woods claiming Eddie Howe top of shortlist to replace Wenger next year. Thoughts anyone?

  44. arsene's used sock

    arsene is so shy of making signings because he wants to do what fergie did and win the league with a bunch of kids he brought through.
    project youth never stopped, it was just rebranded to the English core, now it’s been rebranded to a lack of spending power while we hope that zelalem, crowley, malen, akpom, that kid that there were videos of and bielik to do an iwobi/bellerin and come good.

    should be said that i do rate zelalem, expecting him to make waves in the first team this season. can’t see any of the others coming through anytime soon if ever, aside from malen i guess.

  45. ADKB

    Someone who has Wenger’s number should text him this : “Pride goes before a fall”.

    He thinks he’s a genius who can win things with his warped philosophy. Unfortunately his time’s run out. We were extremely lucky to come 2nd last season. Sir Alex was a winner who changed with the times and won loads!

    Wenger thirsts for a legacy. Oh yes, he’s got one. He built and destroyed Arsenal single-handedly. He transformed the club from a football power (at least in EPL) to a money-making company.

    Well done, Sir Wenger of Emirates PLC!

  46. Leedsgunner

    A couple of days ago, I said Wenger and Gazidas were contradicting each other. With his latest gem, Gazidas has made it even more plain.

    Wenger says he’s not afraid to spend big for the right players.

    Gazidas now says the club cannot compete with its rivals on the biggest transfers.

    Even if we give Wenger the benefit of the doubt, on the face of what Gazidas has said yesterday the club is afraid to compete.

    What will Wenger do? If he’s truly interested in competing he should walk. I doubt he will though.

    He’ll probably complain about unfair it is.

    Perhaps before he does Wenger should ask Ivan

    1. What is the point of the stadium? Don’t we bring in £2m profit EVERY game? What are we saving the money for?

    2. What is the point of the ever growing huge cash pile? I’m not advocating headless reckless spending but why are we going into every season with key positions unaddressed year after year? What are we saving the money for?

    3. What happened to escalation of financial firepower? What are we saving the money for?

  47. Black Hei

    “Journalist Dave Woods claiming Eddie Howe top of shortlist to replace Wenger next year. Thoughts anyone?”

    My thoughts turn to the meaning of existence as an Arsenal fan…….

  48. Black Hei


    The most surprising thing for the entire scenario is that Wenger actually talked about spending money.

    For the first time, in a long while, the two are not in sync.

    Shockingly, Ivan actually, deliberately and purposefully went ahead and REITERATED his message of prudence.

    Oh well, it could all be horse dung.

    We sign Mahrez, Lacazette, Mustafari and all Arsenal fans turn into church going AKBs and the universe rights itself and tilts ISIS out of the universe.

  49. N5

    “Eddie Howe top of shortlist to replace Wenger next year. Thoughts anyone?”

    We underwhelm in every single department.

  50. Red&White4life

    Bournemouth manager to come after le senile one ??
    Pretty logic, considering the evolution of our club…

  51. Wallace

    maybe we really did go after Mkhitaryan and Utd just blew us away with their financial offer and that’s why Gazidis is so gloomy. according to Bild –

    “United will end up paying around £84m (€100m) in total for Mkhitaryan.

    The Premier League giants will pay Dortmund £35m (€42m) for the attacker, who will also pocket a staggering £6.7m (€8m) signing-on bonus.

    He has reportedly agreed an annual salary of £10m (€12.5m) on a four-year deal, which works out at around £200,000-a-week.”

    while the salary is okay, the transfer fee and signing on bonus are pretty eye-watering for a guy with 1yr left on his contract.

  52. STV

    Oh that’s why Mr Gazidis’ gloomy!!! I can only imagine we have some serious limitations that prevented us from paying 40m from Mkhitaryan unlike the unreasonable 32m we paid for Xhaka!!

  53. STV

    “Eddie Howe top of shortlist to replace Wenger next year. Thoughts anyone?”

    Of course they would hope the underwhelming choice could somewhat keep Wenger’s tainted legacy intact, but I think even Howe can do a better job than Wenger.

    That’d give us an idea what we were infected with for over a decade!!

  54. Unathanthium

    Does this “football club” still exist?

    Thought it would have gone into administration by now. Strange how a business that offers something that so very few want is still trading.

  55. ADKB


    I’m afraid that isn’t exactly true. There are still tens of thousands “real” fans who have prepared a new tune of their hit song: “There’s only one Arsene Wenger” to be released at the first home game of the season.

    Moreover Arsenal PLC is still a highly profitable business the last time I heard about the cash cow.

  56. Holmes

    Ha ha Eagle, do you remember Holmes he named his favourite players from history and they spelt out PEDRO KNOWS BEST. It was fucking genius. I can just imagine Walters little beetroot face when he cottoned on.

    N5: Holmes is still very much here my friend. Just more of a reader than a poster of Le-Grove these days, as I struggle to find the strength each day to think up a different way of saying Wenger Out. #pkb

  57. David Smith

    Ivans increasingly repeated words on this matter say a few things
    1/ be prepared for another disappointment on a big signing….perhaps losing Mahrez to Chelsea or something like that
    2/ We tried to shift Wenger to England but it didnt work, so get ready for 2-3 more years of what Wenger wants
    3/ Even when Wenger goes, Stan is going to want a Wenger clone, whatever Ivan does or does not want

    Conclusion…..at least Ivan is not sugarcoating things these days, he is telling us to like it or lump it

  58. Unathanthium

    ADKB, yeh there’s still loads of lemmings out there. Dip into Untold and you can see the deluded exploding in admiration every day Wenger extends his stay in the land of the living.

    Thing is most of these Untold types live in distant places and have never set foot in the Emirates. They contribute zilch financially. Last time I went was to see us play in the League Cup against Newcastle many years back. It was like watching wood rot.

  59. Unathanthium

    I post on Untold about twice a week. I was banned for winning an argument with that Belgian waffle Walter. I ran him ragged and then suddenly found the debate terminated.

    In fact I’ve been manhandled off their three times. I have to post at the library now and keep it restrained.

    Second time I was banned that self-righteous moron Attwood told me I couldn’t post under a different name ( the only reason I did was because I’d been banned under the other name). He told me, pompously, that a bank wouldn’t allow its customers to use two different names. What an arrogant twat, comparing his stupid blog to a bank.

  60. ADKB


    Un/Fortunately I try to cure my insanity (after hearing another of Wenger or Gazidis’ comments) by visiting Untold from time to time – like applying electric shocks to the system. Even the slightest disagreement incurs the wrath of Mr Attwood.

    It isn’t too surprising though because they employ the same tactics of Our Ever-Victorious, Iron-Willed Commander.

  61. Black Hei


    I am welcomed over at Untold, which means…….lol

    But to be fair, they do a very objective ref review, giving play-by-play review of matches! That is very hard work.

    Which is a shame as their uncompromising stance towards their support for Wenger actually undermines public perception of some of the good work they do.

  62. Unathanthium

    Black Hei …well I’m sure you’re most reasonable over there. The ref review is fine but I take issue with it because they’re judging decisions from totally different circumstances, that is they’re watching it from tv . How can you know what the ref is actually seeing?

    Also they go on about how many we should have had if one decision goes against us, prime example being Wilshire’s disallowed goal against Pool last season. That happened in about the twelfth minute and they claim we should have had three points. Er….how can they know that the game would have followed the same pattern as the actual game if that goal had stood. This crazy notion had them predicting Arsenal should have had over 100 pts. No team has ever done that and we certainly weren’t good enough to last year.

  63. steve H

    Who do we believe? Wenger says we’ve got money to spend and he’ll use it then tosser Gazidis says we haven’t. Why then, when we were told that our improved TV deal money will go on new players(remember when fans asked about similar clubs dropping ticket prices, AFC said no?) are we told that we’ve got limited funds? We’re also told by financial experts that AFC are pretty flush? All we do is fund Kroenke’s lavish lifestyle and his 200 acre ranch wherever it is in the US. He should take a look at Abramovich and the way he buys the players that his managers need. We have 2 big time billionaire owners so why do we struggle to find money?